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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  August 25, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> good evening. the protest group anonymous that has been
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shutting down part stations isn't quite so anonymous tonight. today san francisco police went public with a list of names and charges facing 35 of the people they arrested monday for disrupting the commute. you can see they came from all over the bay area as well as los angeles, reno, even portland. lee ann has more. >>reporter: among those arrested monday night at civic center bart station was this woman. defense attorney in the 2002 diane whipple dog mauling trial. >> immediately accosted by a man in riot gear who said you are demonstrating. and i said i'm expressing my freedom of speech. i'm exercising my right to associate. make bart safe. i was immediately arrested. >>reporter: she says she was charged with trespassing on a railway. most of the protestors marched up and down market street for hours. and were eventually arrested for
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blocking the street. chief says police will not be so patient next time. in a statement he said while the demonstrators have the right to protest, we will continue to facilitate it to an accident where it does not infringe the wreaths of others. >> police say came from all angle. i was on a sidewalk. i was just watching. >>reporter: this man who wants to be identified only by his first name cameron says he was in the wrong place at the wrong time when he was arrested. don't expect to see him at the next protest. >> oh, man. no. i'm staying home. staying far away from all that. not even my battle. >>reporter: the internet hac hacker group anonymous criticized the shooting death of a homeless man by a bart police officer. and outraged over bart decision to shut down cell phone service during a protest. anonymous claims that violated their right to free speech. bart said the agency was acting to protect the safety of passengers. now anonymous has added new
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training for bart officers to the list of demands. jeffrey who was arrested agrees. >> the police need to have better training on how to conduct themselves towards a person with mental illness. >>reporter: he added he's sorry for making dispairnling remarks at police during monday protest. >> that is very wrong what i did. still apologize for that. >>reporter: still he says he will most certainly be at the next protest. many of those arrested including ruiz will be arraigned on monday morning. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. forecasters say south carolina is no longer under a hurricane warning. irene is now aiming its full fury at north carry lane. if it travels along the shore it could impact 65 million people along the eastern seaboard n.washington, d.c. barrier being put up around the airport quake damage washington
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national cathedral. no matter what path it takes analyst say the hurricane will impact gas prisons and refinery will shut down. john is in the town of pine knoll shore north carry lane where town leaders warn resident not to ride out this one. >> we are requesting to be one of the last unit out of here tomorrow. >>reporter: if senior chief heads up the station here in atlantic beach but today he wasn't out on the water. ironically he was batening down the hatches on land. >> we have him if people don't realize the strength of hurricane winds. light object becomes a missile. >>reporter: if it can't be tied down or put inside it has to go somewhere else. yes, that includes the boats. >> won't be anybody left. everything will be evacuated. safe haven, >>reporter: how seriously the coast guard takes irene. many resident are doing the same. >> are you worried about your property. >> very. >>reporter: lisa just finished
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tying down her son trampoline and boarding up her window. >> they are rated for i think 130 miles an hour. i hope. i hope these true. only one way to at this time. i don't want to find out. >>reporter: bennett says her home survived other hurricane without boarded up windows but she says this time just feels different. >> looks like it's a direct hit. lacks like it's coming straight for us. >>reporter: tomorrow night 8:00 p.m. big barricade up on the main land side of both bridges on the island we are on crystal coast. until the winds gets too heavy folks able to cross but nonl one direction heading away from irene. this is abc news in pine knoll shore north carolina. all right. spencer is tracking the storm very closely of course. he has the latest for us on what irene is doing and how strong it might get. >> all indications are right now this storm could be a big problem before the atlantic coast. hurricane irene is category 3 maximum winds 115
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miles per hour just now moving away from the northern bahamas back into the warm waters of the atlantic. i give you a radar image. suggest outer meterologist band of the storm hits parts of the atlantic coast of florida. not anything near hurricane force of course. the force right here in the center of the storm as it continues to move northward through the atlantic and by saturday late saturday it is expected to make lapped fall over cape hatteras, north carolina and continue back in the atlantic still as category 2 hurricane headed up to new york. new york city that is. now one of the big concerns apart from the other things that come with a hurricane is the storm surge that could hit long island with waves up to continue feet high that would be devastating. cause flooding. extensive property damage. beach erosion and of course there is the force of the storm itself. very unusual for a hurricane of this magnitude category 2 hurricane to hit new york city and surrounding area and possibly
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continue still as very powerful storm up in new england. continue to watch the storm for you of course and report on it during the evening. >> thanks very much. check in a little later on. fast manufacturing wildfire closed part of highway 140 one of the main roads into yosemite national park. blaze broke out this afternoon in the sierra national forest. officials say the 400 acre wildfire started when a motor home caught fire. enormous amounts of smoke as you can see. 250 firefighters are battling the fire with more on the way. california department of transportation is urging motorist to take alternate routes into and out of the park. well it is back to the front-lines for 49 laid off san jose firefighters. they get their jobs back thanks to temporary federal grant. the crew turned in their gear last year because of budget problems but now a 15 million dollar federal grant is enough to rehire them back on a temporary basis. staffing grant is good for two years. 22 firefighters
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returned to work tomorrow. rest in october. then in february. if. >> u.s. environmental protection agency found california pesticide regulators discriminated against latino school children when they approved a fume used near the schools. chemical is if here and stems from 1999 civil rights complaint. it says the department annual renewal of this fume registration had a disproportionate adverse impact on latino children. the schools were often closed to -- close to farm fields. unthe settlement the state will expand monitoring of the levels in watsonville, the area of highest risk. hundreds of activist have bombarded governor brown facebook twitter account over different pesticide linked to cancer. opponent want to immediately ban the use of this fume approved for use seven seven months ago by state officials who say it can be used safely under very strict guidelines. now we called
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governor brown for his reaction to all this. we have not yet heard back perhaps tomorrow. state legislature later plans to introduce bill he hopes will end violence in sporingt event. assemblyman of burbank believes longer prison sentence plus reward for witness who come forward will help stop mayhem at games. meanwhile the investigation continues into the beating and somewhat frtion last saturday forty-niner raider game at can stick park. authorities believe this man viciously beat a man into a coma during that game. fist fight like these in the stands from the game have some fans threatening to never go back to can stick. nfl man in charge of security told oakland police that the sf pd should look at them for advice. >> he has given us if on how we run our self alameda sheriff's run the football games and has suggested that san francisco take the model of oakland and address it along those lines. >>reporter: forty-niner next game is saturday. new alcohol
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restrictions and increase security are promised to be in place at can stick by then. third suspect in the deadly armored car heist now under arrest. police say william fuller was the get away driver. he was arrested last night in pinole. 2 men suspected of actually pulling off the heist have been identified as brothers. these guys. 25-year-old pierre daniel shot and killed by police. 24-year-old fred daniel was wounded arrested at nearby hospital. pinole police officer bryan hack remained hospitalized with a shoulder wound he suffered with a shoot out with the daniel brothers and unidentified loomis armored car guard also wounded hospitalized in serious but stable condition. about san francisco judge today delayed ruling on whether barry bonds obstructed justice during the grand jury testimony about performance enhancing drugs. bonds was in court for the 30 minute hearing today but did not speak. obstruction charge is the only count on which he was convicted after a
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3 week trial last spring. bonds gave rambling answers during his testimony but his attorney says that's not the same as being untruthful. more to bring you tonight. preparing for life without steve jobs. will apple plan be enough to keep some of the company best and brightest from leaving? >> plus the governor proposal to put california jobs first. hiring incentive he's offering for closing 1 billion dollar loop hole. and tt campbell. local county fights false advertising claims and campbell. local county fights false advertising claims and wins. news at 9:00 continues. so the jury has rendered its verdict --
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>> can apple continue to thrive without the core. with steve jobs leaving his post at ceo there is concern about the possibility of brain drain. top talent leaving the company. company stock price dropped another 2 and a half percent today finishing at 3 74 dollars a share. abc businessman technology reporter lacks at the fawch of the company. l. >>reporter: there's concern that some of apple brightest people might consider leaving because jobs is no longer at the helm. >> they like being around greatness. that was part of why they were there. they recognize that this experience wouldn't be rae peteed any time sooner their life time. they
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wanted to get the most of it with steve departing now it becomes time to look for something else. >>reporter: however apple invest the employee to be ready for post steve jobs era. they hired approve to run apple university. brilliant move according to stanford graduate school of because professor. >> the key to continued business success is to development of set of talented people who can help the company grow. and in order to do that you have to invest in training and development and sense apple has lots of money they have i hope vest entered their training and development as they should. >>reporter: what about consumer. will sales be impacted without jobs. michael is a long time apple analyst and we talked to him by skype. >> consumer aren't buying product because of steve. haven't seen steve or heard of steve. they buy it because it's good product. >>reporter: in china there's a
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certain steve jobs wow! acto factor. consumer there tell us jobs sold them on a el product even though they are expensive by chinese standards. he says there was a celebrity effect in apple products when steve jobs was the ceo. people went to buy his product for his name because they thought he was brilliant. now another guy becomes ceo. people will look at apple products in a more objective way. apple china stores are also highest ing stores in the world. so what people think in china as well as the u.s. will really help shape its future. in san jose, david lou abc 7 news. >> governor brown is detroit tiger to create jobs in california and today he introduced a plan he says would do just that. through changes in the corporate tax structure. his proposal closes tax loop hole passed 2 years agatha brown says encouraged some companys to expand outside california. brown wants to increase the hiring credit for small companies, provide businesses a tax brick for buying new equipment and
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eliminate that tax loop hole. but republicans say the governor's proposal reneglect on promise to businesses and they fight any attempt to change the 2009 business tax law. well in our ongoing evident to help people find work abc 7 and the job journal are co-sponsoring another job fair next month. september 20th. at the san francisco conference center on south airport boulevard. if south san francisco forgive me. we have all the details on our web site under see it on tv. again that's in south san francisco. check our web site to know more about the job fair on the 20th. >> let's talk about the forecast. >> take the a look at our local conditions now. things are lacking pretty good. warm-up tomorrow and even warmer through the weekend. so things looking summer lake. live view from the high definition sutro camera lacking towards at&t park. you see a little fog there on the shot but what the heck. that's one of the defining characteristic of a san francisco summer. certainly defined our weather
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picture this afternoon as satellite close-up image shows low clouds fog up against the coast line. cool seabreeze that dropped temperatures about 3 to 6 degrees below yesterday level but still plenty warm in many locations look at some of today's high pressure 90 degrees in clover dale. 93 in clear lake. 96 in ukiah. antioch 90. livermore 89. concord. 70's around the bay. 66 here in san francisco. right now we look at temperatures of 57 in both san francisco and oakland. 74 inland at concord. 77 at antioch. highlights areas of drizzle develop tonight near the coast. temperatures will raise tomorrow and see this warmer pattern continuing through the weekend. water vapor satellite image shows couple low pressure system that have served to reinforce the cooling that began last night and continue through today but low scoot out of here and this ridge of high pressure with warmer air will nose in and
9:19 pm
bring us warmer weather right through the weekend. low pressure tonight mainly in the mid upper 50's to about 60 at antioch. tomorrow will be warmer day in the south bay look for high pressure. sunny skies. high pressure from low 80's to mid 80's. 81 at santa clara. 82 at san jose. 84 saratoga. on the peninsula mainly mid to upper 70's. 75 san mateo o. 78 at redwood city and palo alto. on the coast pretty mild. 64 at half moon bay. downtown san francisco high of 66 degrees. 61 in the sun set district up in the north bay wider range of high as we often see. 68 at sausalito. 78 at san rafael. 85 at sonoma. 87 santa rosa. and 90's clover dale clear lake and ukiah. nearest bay see range from low 70's at richmond berkeley to mid upper 70's as you move south ward down to union city, new york and fremont and in the inland east bay mainly low 90's pretty uniform readings there near monterey bay look for high 66
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monterey. 73 watsonville. 76 santa cruz and then upper 80's inland to 91 at gilroy. accu-weather 7 day forecast. warmest weather over the weekend saturday sunday mid 90's inland. low 80's around the bay. and mid to upper 60's on the coast. we gradually cool down monday tuesday and then by midweek next week we have temperatures well below average for this time of the year but sunny skies and just lovely weather ahead. still no extreme even with the warm-up over the wean. not talking about a heat wave. just summer like. >> warm. almost out of the woods when we might get extreme heat. >> we are indeed. september can warm-up sometimes especially here in the city but usually hottest weather comes in august. >> thanks very much. >> next from michael. local county that took on campbell soup and won a big victory over salt. news continues in just a soup and won a big victory over salt. news continues in just a moment. stay with us.
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>> 7 on your side investigation has led to legal action against a giant soup company. michael's report reveals how campbell soup labels were potentially misleading. district attorneys in two counties saw our report and filed a civil lawsuit against campbell soup company and today campbell's celtsed the suit for 173,000 dollars. it all starred when 7 on your side found labels claiming soup have less sodium when they didn't. here's michael's report. >>reporter: last we saw her she was showing thus can of campbell tomato soup. she wanted to buy it because the green label says 25% less sodium. >> heart healthy or low sodium or is whatever it catches your eye. >>reporter: however she also compared the rest sodium soup
9:25 pm
with the regular campbell tomato soup and what she found was astonishing. >> that's when i found out they were 100 percent identical. >>reporter: here you see the label showing campbell regular tomato soup has 4 80 milligrams of sodium. and yet the soup with less sodium has 4 80 milligrams too. the only difference seemed to be the price. the soup labeled 25% less sodium cost about 50 cents more. >> i think this one would have less sodium. >>reporter: later we asked shop investigators compare the 2 cans. sfichlt sodium 4 80 milligram. they are the same. tl wonder why they are doing that. the exactly the same. >>reporter: district attorney in alameda and san diego county were surprised, too. they filed a civil lawsuit claiming the labels were misleading. the suit says less sodium soup did at one time actually have less sodium but rest pea were
9:26 pm
changed in 2009 giving both types of soup the same amount of sodium. representative from campbells today told us campbell denied the allegations in the case and asserted that the labels in advertising were accurate and in compliance with the law. we celtsed the case to avoid the expense and inconvenience associated with litigation. campbell agreed to new process for labeling and advertising claims in california to avoid inconsistent comparisons between the 2 varieties of sou soup. funds from the settlement will good to the consume procedure texas division in both alameda san diego county to be used to cover legal costs and pursue other cases. 7 on your side. >> when we continues hear tonight. big question in libya remains. where is mohammar gadhafi. ahead look inside some of his secret underground continual. >> military veteran difficult time feigneding work in this tough economy. just ahead the
9:27 pm
south bay event trying to even the odds. >> and the swanky cadillac escalade popular with thieves. so what is the least stolen car? another half hour of news
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>> good evening again. in libya tonight the rebels have announced they are moving the interim government that the capitol tripoli from its previous base in the eastern city of benghazi. the rebel are still searching everywhere for mohammar gadhafi who remains on the loose issuing radio messages. abc got an extraordinary look inside the former dictator's secret and open you lent world. >>reporter: for a few hours this afternoon they thought they had found gadhafi. they
9:31 pm
were in a building near the compound in search of the fugitive leader but he was nowhere to be seen. but yet again he surfaced on radio. calling on his supporters to rise up and cleans the capitol of rebels. if not very likely. so where is he? we know that he has built an he lab are the and expensive system of bunkers and tunnels not just under here in the compound but writ through the city. let's see what is down there. gadhafi angering millions on his and crazed obsession with security escapes. >> this part isn't very far underground. obviously electric lights here. gadhafi traveled through these tunnel in a golf cart. very mostly clear already that about it goes very, very stichbls under the whole compound. if gadhafi wanted to get anywhere undetect theed he could. come up to the
9:32 pm
surface and disappear just as quickly. >>reporter: there is a bedroom carpet included phone at the ready and office yet more phones and radio and desks. now we come up in what is clearly one of gadhafi houses. open lent mansion now just a burned out hull. we found men looking men lathing men venting their anger attica dav i. so far he has escaped capture and rebel scour the tunnel he has fawr places to hide. abc news, tripoli. there is developing news in japan where the nation unpopular prime minister has just resigned. his approval ratings tumbled after the march 11 earthquake tsunami and nuclear crisis. they say he had a lack of leadership. resignation clears the way for sixth prime minister in just 5 years. there has been rise in the number of people filing for unemployment but experts say it is mostly because of thousands
9:33 pm
of striking verizon workers. labor department says jobless application rose by 5000 last week to 4 17,000. highest level in 5 weeks. but without the strikers the report suggest layoffs have stabilized. california had the biggest drop in new unemployment claims down nearly 11,000. draw down of the war in iraq and afghanistan sending more veteran into an especially tough job market. but they got help today in the south bay at job fair specifically for them. government agencies including the fbi, the irs and the cia were at park side hall san jose along with number of private companies that value veteran experience. >> i have been out for almost a decade. i have a college degree. reason i'm here i drove 3 hours from central california the looking to get back in the work force. >> we lick putting the ex military personnel back to work. we are really loyal to them. they have done a lot for us. >>reporter: there will be 61
9:34 pm
more of these events and 34 city this is year with similar schedule set for next year. obama administration is reportedly considering further action to help strengthen the struggling housing market. according to the "new york times"homeowner was government back mortgages could refinance them at current interest rate which are about 4 percent and home rental program would help stabilize prices by preventing foreclosed homes from flooding the market. in fact, the government said today that home values have fallen another 6 percent in the past 6 months. thanks to the number of foreclosure sales. new wave of refinancing could stimulate the economy by rusting your house payment allowing to you spend that money on something else. mountain view corporation is bursting at the seams these days that's according to the silicon valley business journal. security software company has signed leases to take over 2 new buildings. company growth is being fueled by increasing demand for security by private consumer
9:35 pm
and businesses. they now own or lease 14 buildings and florida ns to move its new into its new space by the end of the year. and group of silicon valley investors is urging state law make investigators offer tax credit on investment. technology angel investor of california group says the state is missing out on start ups lawrd away by other state tax incentive. 26 other states offer tax credit. 9 require no income tax. the more on those headlines in tomorrow print edition of the silicon valley business journal. >> house democratic leader pelosi hosted a women small business round table in san francisco today one day ahead of women equality day. she toured display booth including this chocolate stand and she heard firsthand from local business owners. >> if small businesses are where jobs are created. about women are in the lead in
9:36 pm
creation of small businesses in our country. >>reporter: pelosi also addressed job security and health care for women and their families. >> new study is revealing the vehicle most and least likely to be taken by thieves. at the top of the most stolen list the cadillac escalade. 6 times more likely to be hit by thieves than the average vehicle. experts say it is because the luxury suv is a popular status symbol. pickup truck are also a favorite of thieves. taking the next 4 spots in fact including the ford f 250. chevrolet silverado. ford f 4 50 and gmc sierra 1500. those are the one thieves want. least likely vehicle hit by thieves the audi a 6 apparently. >> just ahead on the news at 9:00. impressive out door classroom at bay area elementary school. how an entire community pitched in to create an amazing vantage point entire community pitched in to create an amazing vantage point for learning.i'll
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there will be another one back here in a second, just watch. what did i tell you -- there's another one. [ ding ]
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you. >> it cashingd into the pacific just 3 minutes into its mission but the pentagon says the falcon hyper sonic test vehicle still ended up collecting valuable data. this is defense department video of the falcon being launched two weeks ago from s traveling at remarkable 13,000 miles per hour. crash blamed on aerodynamic problems. falcon designed to fly from where it is based to any city in the world within just a few minutes. and diamond are apparently now an astronomer best friend. astronomer in australia have discovered a nearby planet that seems to be made mostly almost entirely of diamond. planet is 4000 light years away and direction of the milky way center. it is by far the most dense planet ever found and is
9:41 pm
5 times bigger than earth. experts believe it was formed when a massive star exploded. scientist say it is still a mystery what the diamond world would look like up close. but as you can i handling they are desperate to find out. >> pacifica school taking whale watching to new height. students at sunset ridge school can now watch whales, dolphins and birds atop their brand new deck. check this thing out. parents and volunteers pitched in to build this over the summer giving students the perfect vantage point for learning. students pitched in as well. fifth grader here got home depot to donate 9,000 dollars much to her surprise. >> first of all i stumbled and i couldn't stop smiling. i like how it turned out because i didn't really think it would turn out that nice. >>reporter: what a delightful kid. people who organized the effort say they were overwhelmed by the help they received from the community. crews finished the deck this week just in time for the start
9:42 pm
of school yesterday. that is neat. if. >> just ahead. unique approach to treating kid with a troublesome condition. t.about coming up next on the news at 9:00. trip to summer camp help kids cope with their asthma. back in a
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what's your story? citi can help you write it. sz. >> the no. 1 diagnosis that sends children to the hospital in the bay area is asthma. chronic inflammatory disease of the lungs and many kids who suffer with asthma are learning to cope with it better thanks to the lesson they learn at camp roy near livermore. here's cheryl jennings. >>reporter: these kids fell lick they can do anything at
9:46 pm
camp roy in spite of the fact that every one of them has asthma. what's the best part of camp for you? >> swimming. swimming and all the activities and stuff. it's not good you can't do this because you have asthma. but here you can. you can do anything. >>reporter: no limit here. >> nope. >>reporter: the counselor here are doctors and nurse whose treaty the kids at oakland children hospital. >> asthma is really two things. it's basically l the constriction of muscles around the breathing tubes. >> feels like my chest is being like stepped on or something and feels really tight and then i have to take like my inhaler to relief the muscles in my chest. >>reporter: kids are all from the east bay and leif near the 8 80 freeway corridor. >> when we look at the hospital sayings data from children
9:47 pm
admitted to the hospital and we plot the zip code along a map we see again it's all along the 8 80 corridor. also related to housing stock in oakland which seems to be a high level of mold. mold is a big asthma trigger. >>reporter: studies indicate genetic may play a role in asthma. the causes don't matter to the kids for this one week because here their lives are transformed how do you keep app eye on these kids to make sure they don't have an mass attack. >> we teach themself management skill and that's part of any chronic illness. >> first time i came to camp it helped me because i learned about what was going on. like what my lungs were doing and how to like take my medicine correctly to make sure that everything would like be okay. >>reporter: the camp provides the sessions for free thanks to the taylor family heard about t0 corridor report and reached out to oakland children hospital to
9:48 pm
help kids with asthma. >> i knew it was an issue but i didn't know it was life threatening. >>reporter: they have sponsored asthma camp for 8 years in addition to other camps for children with life threatening illnesses. they have learned to be creative and and finding money to keep the camp going in spite of a down economy. >> we do really goofy things from beak sale to lemonade stands coin drive i go to solicit for food, natural food so that cut the cost what goes on in the kitchen with better quality food. >>reporter: fun food and friendship also help kid overcome the loss of self-esteem caused by as may. >> they feel lake they can't play the way other kid play. they feel different. they feel isolated. >> get to meet other kids going through the same things. you get lick tips on what to do and stuff. so it's really cool. it's fun. >>reporter: cheryl jennings abc 7 news. smiling faces. taylor family foundation annual day in
9:49 pm
the park fundraiser is this sunday and if you want to attend there's ticket information and directions to camp roy at abc 7 under see it on tv. please check it out. more health related news. childhood vaccine cleared once again to link to autism. another panel of federal scientist found the vaccine does not cause autism. if institute of medicine scientist said the evidence overwhelmin overwhelmingly supports this conclusion. they looked at the 8 vaccine that make up most of the claims for federal injury compensation program. panel did find there are risk is from the chicken pox vaccine that can surface years after vaccination but these risk lead to pneumonia, hepatitis, not autism. >> and at least one researcher believes the over use of antibiotics may be fueling the rise of diabetes, allergy, asthma and obesity. dock dr. dr. martin blazer says antibiotics destroy useful bacteria that helps digest foo
9:50 pm
food. me tabize nutrient and ward off path again. in jawrnl of nature he urges doctors to dial back on using antibiotics in pregnant womenñçç as well as children. all right. let's go back up date the forecast. spencer is here with the latest. >> all right. our temperatures dialed back a little bit today. this afternoon as you can see from our mount tam camera. marine layer moving through the golden gate and locally out over the bay. brought temperatures down but bounce back tomorrow bay area and state wide high of 94 chico tomorrow. 95 sacramento 99 at fresno. over to yosemite 98. 112 her and 90 in los angeles. bay area warm-up a few degrees tomorrow. look for high in the low 90's and inland east bay and way up north clover dale and clear lake mainly upper 80's in the other inland location 70's around the bay. 66 here in san francisco. here's our accu-weather 7 day forecast. a nice warm weekend
9:51 pm
inland high mid 90's. low 80's around the bay. mid to upper 60's on the coast and gradually cool down as we get into midweek next week and temperatures will be about 10 degrees cooler then than this weekend. >> still be please aichbility thanks spencer very much. nasty baseball weather over a at the park tonight. larry is here with sports. >> yes. flt weather. the game is not that hot but the weather is fine. >> good day to lose. >> if you like losing. great weather day. >> giants try to eek out another one with the offense again missing in action. no shortage of offense in new york where the a's made grand history today. the wrong kind. where the a's made grand history today. the wrong kind. sports
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are also the most available cars. >> coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00. new video tonight from a fire burning just outside yosemite. details on the fight now to keep it from reaching the park. >> plus the newest americans and long wait to reach this important moment. those
9:55 pm
stories more coming up at 11:00 over on channel 7. but larry is here now with the route report. >> this one wasn't a route. it was frustrate with the giants. we'll get to the route. yes. carnage station. giants open 4 game series with huh stop tonight as in the worst team in baseball huh stop. they may be lousy but they give the giants fits. never too early to start scoreboard watching. giants need add win to stay 2 back. 1st inning martinez double did you know ratefeld line. shaeffer scores 1 nothing had you stop. 2 nothing astros in the third. cabrera giants offense. ground ball. get him at first. white side. felder choice. giants trail 2-1. in the fourth ross swing and myself. sandoval was running. gunned down. striking him out throw him out. 6 innings. 1 run. about shaper take him
9:56 pm
over the wall. 3-1 astros. look out. he almost put himself on the disabled list. that's how it guess for the jints these days. huh stop wins 3-1. giants drop 3 back in the west. now the a's were going for swept of the yankees. found themselves leading by a comfortable 6 runs. what could go wrong? everythingf- a's found themselves on the wrong he said of history. sat through rain delay of 90 minutes before the contest. and then the a's came out swinging. cliff penningto pennington. deep to right off wade. high deep and goodbye. 3 run homer. 7-1 a's to the fifth. that's when things went wrong. pl bases loaded unloads grand slam. l still leading 7-6. if in the sixth here it comes. there it goes. adios
9:57 pm
russell martin another grand slam. the theme i think you are sensing. 10-7 and the bombers built a 9 run cushion on in the 8. curtis makes history. this is the third grand slam of the gill. first time in the major that ever happened. 22 to 9 is your final. most runs allowed by the a's since they moved to oakland that was 1968. on to football. jim harbaugh not afraid of unconventional. doing things differently. most teams use the third pre-season game as dress rehearsal for the season opener. however the new niners head coach says he will my starting qb smith sparingly against texas on saturday. couple series. maybe bring him become for 2 minute drill. wants to see what collin can do getting pl it in the right situation. >> rather have collin ready and
9:58 pm
experience football with the starters against the starters and national football league setting before we have to. >>reporter: supplemental draft pick pryor expected to sipe with the raiders tonight and join the team. he gets a 4 year deal. he arrives just as rateders about to end training camp in nap practice tomorrow morning. not sure if pryor takes part. play in the pre-season then has to sit out a 5 game suspension. day before she set to greet the media at the race way for this weekend grand pre-of sonoma she made it official she manufactures to nascar full-time starting next year. run a full nationwide schedule then partial sprint cup schedule. she joins stewart haas racing teammate of tony stewart. rate time for this mav she says. >> it was about money i would have gonna long time ago. i would have gone long time ago but i always go where my heart tells me to go. where my gut tells me to good. where i amen jig my life the most and where
9:59 pm
i feel in like i can have the most success. >>reporter: about fred couple adding tiger woods to his president cup squad as one of 2 captain pick. top 10 u.s. players automatically in. tearing is 28th on the current points list for that reason alicense this is a somewhat controversial decision. >> giants legend harding park today will clarken jig himself. joined select group of former giant players and always great to see simmons lives in hawaii full-time. part of the golf class toybing raise funds for the junior giants. >> we are striking it very well shall we say. >>reporter: the score. >> i'm not in charge of that because if i was in charge of that we would win. >> at least he's honest. if will extremelyen jig the momen moment. by the way one stat from the a's they walked 13 guess. when you do that and give up ho


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