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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  December 28, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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good evening. i'm dan ashley. here we go again. oakland occupiers reemerge only to be cleared out by police tonight. the new encampment set up overnight on a private piece of property at west grand and mandella parkway in west oakland. alan wang is live with the latest on this. alan? >> reporter: each time an occupy camp pops up, police
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appear to be more skilled at removing it without incident. and that is what we saw earlier this evening around 5:00 when about 15 police officers began handcuffing the occupiers who put up no resistance. they were cited for trespassing and police released them allowing them to gather belongings before escorting them out of the gated property. police arrested at least one occupier because they he couldn't identify him. the occupiers say they specifically targeted this triangle shaped lot in west oakland. >> if you look at the tax assessor's records shows that back taxes are owed on it. the other half of the area does not exist according to county records so there is no tax record that comes up at all. and that is the area that the tents were on. >> after police left they cut the lock on the gate and went back in to retrieve what
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appeared to be belongings that were still in there. police verified the land owner who asked them to remove the occupiers tonight. we spoke to an owner who says his property company does own the entire lot. another attempt to occupy oakland is thwarted but the protesters tell us they are not going away. reporting live in oakland, alan wang, abc 7 news. thank you. a former chairman of the california republican party got the go-ahead today for a petition drive to put an arizona-style immigration measure on the ballot here. abc 7's political reporter mark matthews tonight with the plan and reaction. >> reporter: the measure seeks to do away with so-called sanctuary cities like san francisco that don't require police to enforce immigration laws. it says they will be required to comply with direction from federal immigration authorities for holding and transferring undocumented immigrants and would deny driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants meaning
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proof of legal residency would be required to get a license and would set aside $700 million over 20 years to fight so-called transnational gangs. >> based on the text it is simple. i think it is a good deal. i think that we need to move in that direction here to fight the illegal immigration problem. steve camp of the golden gate minutemen says it is true, california's slowed economy particularly in the construction industry also slowed the flow of illegal immigrants into california but adds that is not really the sunshine just because we don't have any work in the construction trade, this is restaurants and hotels and a variety of industries that -- automotive where illegal aliens work regularly. >> democratic state senator suspects the timing of the initiative is tied more to next year's election. >> it is part of what i believe is wrong with the initiative system in california. it is leveraged for voter turnout from one side to the other. >> reporter: he believes the backers of the measure are ovember ballot a hot button
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that will drive kirts to the polls. >> one would ask the question what is the real focus of the law anyways other than the optics of getting people upset and getting them up to vote for something that really isn't very helpful for legal in the first place. >> might be a small part of it but that is not the main part. the main part is that we have to control illegal immigration in the state of california and not united states of america. >> reporter: today one of the authors is of the measure told me what is wrong with trying to get people to go to the polls? the question is which group will be more fired up, those that support the measure or those that oppose it? they have to collect 500,000 signatures to qualify for the ballot. a police dog helped officers nab a suspected car thief. they tried to pull over the driver this morning. he took off, crashed and then ran on foot on to campus which
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was closed for winter break. the driver surrendered after a police k-9 unit caught up with him. he is a 40-year-old parolee. his name has not yet been released. in alameda county police are looking for hundreds of people who have outstanding warrants for drunk driving. tomas was with officers as they went door to door throughout the county today serving those warrants. >> reporter: these two police officers are part of a huge d.u.i. warrant sweep throughout alameda county. >> people that had a previous drunk driving warrant and didn't take care of the paper work or go to the school that they are required to or didn't pay their fines. >> reporter: 50 officers from every police agency in alameda county attempted to serve 500 outstanding d.u.i. warrants today. many people weren't at home. police found this woman at work at safeway in liver more. >> don't take my picture.
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>> an embarrassing moment for her but one police say she he could have easily avoided. >> a no sight no bail which means she has to go to court. >> part of the avoid 21 campaign financialed by federal grant money. the most visible part is the d.u.i. check points that pop up over the bay area during the holiday season. d.u.i. arrests are already mounting. >> over the last 12 days we made over 500 arrests countywide. the enforcement and education is out there and public awareness is out there and warrant sweep is out there as well. >> they average more than 800 d.u.i. arrests county wide each year throughout the holidays. the net didn't catch a lot of the offends. they went all the way to tracy to serve a warrant on a woman who her husband told her is not home. >> she is not here. >> we will knock on 20 doors today. maybe find two or three people at home. we are leaving a message with the family member and leaving a note on the door and saying hey
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the cops were here. >> the warrants will be served throughout this week and all of next year. they chose today to serve the war rapts to give people a chance to take care of them by friday. if they are arrested on friday they will have to spend the holiday weekend in jail. meantime, california is offering a big incentive to folks who did not pay traffic tickets. a half off amnesty program for certain tickets. the state mandated a one-time amnesty pro-am that runs for 6 months from january 1 to june. you can get half off your ticket if you meet certain requirements. it does not apply to parking tickets, reckless driving or d.u.i.s. >> that is not fair that they forgot and took too long to take care of it. everyone is going to do that. >> i agree people don't pay the fee just give em discount and bring in the revenues. it is good for everyone. >> if you want to know if your ticket qualifies, go to
9:08 pm and click on see it on tv. >> a cautionary tale tonight about smart phone apps. apple has a half million iphone apps now. some you pay for and others are free. even the free have a pay for play business model that can lead to sky high charges. something that george warren explains the parents of one kid found out the hard way. >> just before thanksgiving five-year-old zachary beagle fell in love with a fee iphone app called my town 2. players try to build a personal fortune. >> it is all pretend money. >> they buy pretend money with real money using in this case his mother's debit card and you can probably see where this is head. >> it like asks you if you like want to buy money. >> his mom approved a single $1.99 purchase for a stack of virtual coins. how do you explain to a five-year-old the meaning of the word virtual?
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>> then the forecast in day i got my mom $500. >> he purchases one set of coins and he is playing away and he is happy and everything is great. the next day we start getting the bills. >> zachary iraq up nearly $500 in debit card charges in a single day. his parents say without any additional authorization. after a brief struggle with the apple app store the family did get their money back. for the record, rob beagle explained that he learns his living as an expert trial witness in cyber crime. >> brilliant marketing, it really is. unfortunately, it is taking advantage of a lot of people that either don't have the skillset or the tenacity to go after and really understand what the problem is. >> reporter: io except for the brief demonstration zachary is no longer allowed to play my town 2. >> i'm not supposed to. >> and for christmas santa claus delivered a thoughtful
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gift to the family. he got a gaming device with no online access. in el dorado county, george warren, abc 7 news. and now everybody is happy. well, a lot more to bring you tonight on the news at 9:00. coming up, rise and fall. newt gingrich plummets 20 points in 20 days as mitt romney surges. the founder of a local company pitches in, in a very big way to put a roof over the heads of bay area homeless families. >> i'm spencer christian in the accuweather forecast center. friday's rain now looking a little better and a little wetter. details in my accuweather forecast coming up. thank you, spencer. also breaking news. looking at live pictures from sky 7 hd in the berkeley hills war fire is raging. we understand perhaps some homes are involved. 
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let's go back now live to the breaking news in the berkeley hills sky 7 hd is above this terrible scene. multiple structures are involved but we know for certain that a multimillion dollars home is burning. the fire department is still trying to get us more information. the fire is burning on forest lane which is near marin avenue and grizzly peak if you know
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that area of the berkeley hills. the fire is burning completely out of control as you look live. absolutely devouring the inside of this very nice home in the berkeley hills. firefighters are pumping a lot of water on it trying to keep it from spreading any further and trying to minimize the damage. as you can see clearly in the pictures the damage is catastrophic for this home in the berkeley hills. we will get you more information as it develops. we still do not know whether any one was inside at the time. we will keep you up to date. real tragedy in the berkeley hills tonight. we will move on and get back to that as need be. an urgent call to help homeless families this holiday season. more families homeless than ever before. a san francisco company has stepped up to try to change that. david louie has the story. >> ray ney and her five-year-old daughter call this one room home for now. it is inside a shelter operated by hamilton family center.
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as unemployment and foreclosures continue to force families out of their homes, san francisco is finding homeless families are growing challenge. >> the demand has increased over the past two years to a point where we are able to meet the need immediately so we can get someone into a shelter bed tonight but long-term sustainable type resources and help for folks takes a little bit longer. >> reporter: the biggest impact is on the children. >> kids who do not have stability and safety and security this their lives, it is hard for them to focus. it is hard for them to even just get up and get to school sometimes and definitely there is a charge impact on -- a large impact on children. >> 60 homeless families will get rent subsidies of $800 month to find new homes as a result of a $1.5 million dough he nation from the sales foundation. the mayor's homeless fund will match that grant. as one accomplice told us through a translator, young
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stephanie has been wondering how long they will be living in a shelter. >> she has also asked her parents when they will go back to having their own private space. >> their shelter space will be reassigned to another of the 239 families on the waiting list. joann reid is an expectant mother who will get help from the grant. >> it has been organized and product itch and helpful and i was able to get actually healthcare here, too. >> growth in the number of homeless families isn't just a fran problem. homeless advocates in san mateo county report there are 149 families in the same situation. the $1.5 million donation came from mark and lynn bennioff of the sales town expectation. homeless programs tell us they expect the number of homeless families will increase after the holidays. those that moved in with friends orel latives during the holidays often find they are no
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longer welcome. in san francisco, david louie, abc 7 news. move on. spencer christian is here with the forecast. warmer as you notice. not a lot wetter, however. >> not yet. it was milder. pretty mild today, as a matter of fact. much milder tonight than last night because the clouds that formed locked in the warmth from the day time but we are waiting for the wetness to arrive. the live view from the high definition sutro camera. no reports of any raindrops hitting the ground yet. hoping for some and expecting some overnight tomorrow night and into friday. live doppler 7 hd shows nothing in the way of rainfall on the screen right now. talk about today's warmth. high temperatures soared to today at santa rosa. 67 livermore. this was, indeed, a mild december 28. it was pretty mild in the sierra where reno set a record
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high for it date of 63 degrees and lake tahoe at 59 degrees a record high for this date and the third consecutive day at tahoe of record highs. the bay area, temperatures mainly in the 50s. although in a few locations temperatures have fall noon the 40s. upper 40s at napa and sonoma, mountain view and los gatos. and the 24 hour temperature change. it is five degrees warmer right now in san francisco than it was at this hour last night. 9 degrees warmer in navado. 8 degrees warmer in oakland. 10 degrees warmer in redwood city than at this hour last night and 12 degrees warmer in napa, take care of those grapes. a milder night than last night. sprinkles possible in the north bay tomorrow. a chance of rain on friday beyond the north bay now and dry and mild weather will settle in for new year's weekend. satellite and radar composite shows the system north at the moment producing rainfall up around seattle and portland and other parts of washington state and oregon reaching down into the northwestern corner of california but not quite
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approaching the bay area yet. this is an active vigorous storm track. lots of moisture here. most heading to the north but some coming our way and a chance of rain here on friday. starting the forecast animation at 11:00 tonight. overnight tonight into tomorrow moving into the northern part of the state. not quite into the bay area until early friday morning when we start to get drizzle beyond the golden gate on to the peninsula into a santa cruz mountains and later in the day on friday in the afternoon hours more widespread and better organized rainfall. don't expect this to be heavy rain. mainly light. it will reach now beyond the north bay to other parts of the bay area. lows on the mild side. mid to upper 40s. a low of only 50 in san francisco. tomorrow's highs mild, once again. maybe not quite so mild as today. low to mid 60s in most locations. highs of 65 livermore. 64 san jose and palo alto. 64 watsonville. 65 salinas and gilroy and 66
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holster. the accuweather seven-day forecast. after the bout of rainfall on friday. skies clearing for the weekend. nice and mild new year's weekend. the old year goes out and new year comes in on a mild note and those high temperatures in the mid 60s will stay in that range all the way through the middle of next week. amazinamazing start to january. nice and warm but still waiting for the rain. >> we are, indeed. it will come eventually. >> it will. >> thank you, spencer, very much. as we continue, a spectacular sight in the central valley. crazed flocks that help inspire alfred hitchcock's thriller "the birds." and this bizarre sight in the central valley that you have to see to believe. and sky 7 hd flying over the berkeley hills where there has been a devastating fire on a home in the berkeley hills and at least one home devoured by flames. we will update that for yo
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update you again on the breaking news in the east bay hills in forest lane. a large home presumably a multimillion dollar home caught fire tonight and the flames were furious for a time. as you can see now, most of the flames are out but the damage is quite severe. the good news, no injuries are reported so any one who was inside we believe got out without being injured. that is the good news. this again is on forest lane which is near marin avenue and grizzly peak, not far, maybe a half mile or so from the tilden park golf course. firefighters have it under control, most of the flames are out but the damage is
9:25 pm
extensive, no injuries. a southwest airlines jet was grounded this morning following a bird strike in sacramento. the second incident in less than 12 hours involving a southwest plane at the sacramento airport. this morning's flight had just taken off for ontario in southern, california, with 25 people onboard when it was h hit by a bird. the plane was escorted off the runway. travelers were booked on other flights. crews were scene inspecting the tail for damage. just a few hours before a southwest jet had to abort its takeoff because two of the tires blew as it was rolling down the runway in sacramento. a scientist with a passion for films says she has solved the mystery behind one of the most frightening movies of all time. >> reporter: what we have known all along about the psychotic winged killers with the
9:26 pm
malignant dive bombing in the movie the birds is that they were based on a real life event that happened in 1961 when thousands of deranged sea birds descended upon north monterey bay, california, hurling themselves into the sides of houses, making headlines and catching the attention of a guy named alfred hitchcock who had a mansion nearby. what has been a mystery all of the years is what caused the real life birds to freak out. enter a researcher at louisiana state university whose parents wouldn't let her watch the movie as a kid. >> i said when i grow up i'm going to watch this movie again and again and i did. recently she went back and examined samples of the plankton that the birds were eating in 1961 and found strong evidence ed of a naturally occurring toxin that creates confusion, disorientation and seen death among birds. >> it is for many of us not
9:27 pm
quite as sexy assay, demonic possession. >> when abc 7 news at 9:00 continues tonight, iran threatens to hurl a body blow at the u.s. economy, closing off a gateway to oil and gas. the u.s. sends a blunt warning to tehran. a new poll shakes up the iowa caucuses. with less than a week to go, surprises on the political leader board. boom brawl. why monks went at it at one of the world's holiest sites. and time travel to the future. why one country will never see friday decemb
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good evening. tonight the u.s. is engaged in
9:31 pm
a global showdown with iran. rye ran is threatening to shut down a key gateway for the world's oil supply. the u.s. navy says in any disruption of traffic will not be toll lated. it comes two days after iran's army held war games in the strait. how real is the threat and the potential harm to the american economy? >> reporter: any attempt by the iranians to shut down the strategic strait could send oil and gas prices skyrocketing in this country. an astounding 20% of the world's oil travels through that vital waterway just 20 miles wide and right in iran's backyard. their navy chief said on iranian tv today closing the strait will be easier than drinking a glass of water. and if they followle through on that threat, experts predict higher prices at the pump. >> depending on how long this goes on and how much is damaged or how much is really going to be affected by summer time we
9:32 pm
could be looking at upwards of $5. >> and that could have a profound effect on this nation's already fragile economy. if prices rose from the $3.26 a gallon average to $5 it could zap $21 billion in consumer spending -- $218 billion for consumer spending over a year and money would go straight toot gas tank. >> tay home more often and work from the phone. >> president obama is on vacation in hawaii, purposely keeping quiet on iran's provokations. the u.s. is responding forcefully. the navy vowing that any disruption will not be tolerated. this eased concerns in the oil market but with america and iran facing off in the troubled waters nothing is certain. >> if the iranians attempted to shut down the straights it would almost be like saying please attack me. it would be an act of war. >> reporter: even if the strait
9:33 pm
remains open, new u.s. sanctions are about to be up posed on countries that trade with iran and those sanctions will make it difficult for other countries to buy iranian oil, possibly increase gas prices around the world. while oil price dos not immediately rise, experts are telling us the throat alone could be enough to send gas prices skyrocketing by as much as 50 cents a gallon. north korea says the son of kim jong il is now their supreme leader. a military salute and heads bowed as kim jong un formally takes control. an incredible crowd gathered to watch the proceedings. it is already thursday morning there. party leaders say kim jong un inherits his father's ideology, character and revolutionary cause. in bethlehem, riot police called to the church of the nativity.
9:34 pm
police broke up a scuffle between greek orthodox and priests. they went at each other with brooms and stones during the annual christmas cleaning. it is run by roman catholic, greek orthodox. any one encroaching on the other's turf can set off violent arguments as in this case broom quarterlie water ce. >> if you think the hour change of daylight saving time throws you off imagine losing and entire day. that is what will happen in is samoa. 119 years ago they agreed to align the time with nearby u.s. territories to assist trading with california. time in samoa leaps forward 24 hours to december 31. no december 30. under a government decree all those scheduled to work on the nonexistent friday will still go ahead paid.
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how odd is that. newt gingrich in a free fall in iowa. he dropped from first to fourth place in less than a month. jonathan karl explains what happened. >> reporter: newt gingrich visited a little chocolate factory in iowa today to poke fun at mitt romney who had compared his campaign to lucille balance' ball's failedn a chocolate production line. >> in the tradition of lucille ball we're here in the chocolate factory. >> gingrich trails not just romney in iowa but also ron paul and even rick santorum with perry and bachmann not far behind. gingrich is trying to get things back on track with the biggest advertising blitz of his campaign. two new ads in two days, all positive. >> we can create millions of jobs right now.
9:36 pm
>> the campaign has been down before. his decision to take a ten day greek cruise in the spring led to the mass resignation of his campaign staff. today, gingrich said that luxury cruise ship helped him understand the financial crisis. >> being in greece during the greek crisis was helpful and gave me a deep perspective of how hard this is going to be. >> he has been hit with a one-two punch of mistakes and blistering attacks by opponents. a new ad by ron paul hitting gingrich and romney. gingrich's fall has been rick santorum's gain. the former pennsylvania senator has been tirelessly campaigning in iowa for almost a year. he is in third place now but also the fastest rising candidate in the state. it has been a topsy-turvy campaign. at various times michele bachmann the frontrunner, rick perry, herman cain, newt gingrich and right now the man
9:37 pm
who may be peaking at just the right time is mitt romney. >> for gingrich in iowa it has been a spectacular collapse. he has lost nearly 20 points in the polls in just 20 days in a campaign of ups and downs he is in danger of being the shortest lived frontrunner of all. jonathan karl, abc news, new york. in the meantime, the occupy movement has set up camp where the republican presidential caucus is set next tuesday in iowa. occupiers say they want to turn the vote into a raw suspects they are moving the vote counting operation for the night to an undisclosed location trying to avoid the protesters. they say they want to ensure that things run smoothly in iowa. the answer to the question of what you do when you retire from congress is this -- perform standup comedy perhaps? case in point, former pennsylvania senator arlen specter.
9:38 pm
he took the stage at the helium club. he joked as having a second career as a comedian is a natural given his time in it congress. >> i have been in the senate for 30 years so i'm used to comedy. will rogers said when congress passes a law it becomes a joke and when congress tells a joke it becomes a law and i thought i would tell some of the stories about some of my colleagues, bill clinton and ed rendell and a herman cain and chris christy and other people. >> he said he thought he did well but is not sure he will be asked back on stage. new life in the ocean. as we continue, the creatures believed to have never been seen before. and -- the winter migration. thousands of birds headed south for the season find a popular rest stop along interstate 5,
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>> brian: a couple of really great science stories to share with you. researches believe that foot and from one of the most inhospitable spots on the planet may include the first sighting is of species new to science. waters in the west indian ridge in the indian ocean. it makes some parts super heated and rich in minerals that in turn drives eco systems extremely diverse. one example this yeti crab thought to have never been seen before. researchers also took pictures of this scaly foot snail. images from the depths of the indian ocean brand new to science. and then there is this. one of california's most dramatic wildlife spectacles is happening right now. millions of birds spending the winter in the central valley. and one of the best places to see them is the river preserve off interstate 5 near the town
9:43 pm
of gault. most of the historic habitat is gone but in tonight's assignment 7 report you are going to see that the preserve is a major success story. >> reporter: for millions of years, millions of birds flying north and south have counted on california's central valley for food and a place to rest. >> in the 1800s, the settlers talk about birds literally blotting out the sun and the noise weeing the same sound that we would hear like a freight train. >> reporter: these white fronted geese fly thousands of miles from the arctic to spend the winter here. show woman around looking for the perfect -- they swoop around looking for the perfect spot. >> the sound is fantastic and you are getting all of the smells of the wettelands too. sort of an all sensory birding experience. >> 95% of the wettelands the birds depend on are gone. >> now, it is up to us to make sure we preserve the best parts
9:44 pm
of what is left. >> one of the best parts is the river preserve, 46,000 acres of prime real estate for birds. >> we saw them coming across the sky in little groups. just absolutely beautiful. >> the preserve is a patch work of properties owned by government and nonprofit groups working together open to the public free for bird watching at its best and easiest. >> we have got as you can see great birds right by the parking lot. just show up and immediately you see nature. >> reporter: jesse is the director for one of the environmental groups that made this is a success. the ski a creative partnership with farms. farmsers. >> 80% of the preserve is agriculture. >> in the summer they grow rice, and other crops. in the winter they are flooded around turned into wet lands like nature used to do on its own. a perfect recipe for more than 200 kinds of birds.
9:45 pm
the most spectacular the huge sand hill cranes up to 4 feet tall with a wingspan up to 6 feet. known for elaborate courtship dances and a lot of talking. this couple drove here today from albany to see them. >> it it is like a wonderland. >> they are veteran bird watchers but even beginners should find it easy to spot the cranes. >> i had never seen them so close to the road. >> the figure finale at sunset. mount diablo in the background and cranes coming in to roost for the night. >> it is a wildlife viewing experience on par with going to the serengety or the galapagos and it is right here in our back yard. >> the drive it an hour, maybe two from the bay area depending on where you live. get directions and more details about what you will see at click on see it on tv.
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with every new year comes a set of new laws for california. here is a few to take note of. starting january 1 you will need to prove that you are over 18 to buy robitussin or nyquil and be 18 to use a tanning bed in california. ours is the first state too ban minors from using them and starting sunday children have to ride in a booster seat until age of 8 or until they are taller than 4'9". the site 24/7 wall street put out annual prediction of brands that will disappear in 2012.
9:50 pm
they last year predicted t-mobile and blockbuster but missed the mark and kia and bp and da this year's include sears, nokia and sony erickson. soap opera digest. movie studio sony pictures. saab. american apparel. a&w and myspace. and they predict the end of a well known but perhaps no longer popular cereal, corn pops. spencer christian. he was always cuckoo for corn pops. no, that is cocoa puffs. >> i didn't like either. too sweet for me. show you today's sunrise and sunset. sunrise in dublin this morning submitted by john. a beautiful sky there. a time lapse view of the post sunset sky this afternoon from the high definition east bay hills camera and that was a gorgeous view of the day, end of the day as well. tomorrow from almost top to
9:51 pm
bottom statewide, dry and mild ones. wet up around eureka. rain in the southern part of the state tomorrow high temperatures in the 70s. in the bay area another mild day tomorrow with highs mainly in the low to mid 60s. the accuweather seven-day forecast. light drizzle overnight tomorrow night and then rainfall. light rain during the day on friday. be then we clear out for the weekend. new year's weekend is going be delightfully lovely, dry, mild and the mild weather will last through the middle of next week with high temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. >> delightful and lovely. >> both. >> okay. larry beil is off. colin is here with all of the sports tonight. holiday bowl. >> not much to celebrate in this holiday bowl. cal, it was not pretty. only one way to classify zac maynard's night and that would be
9:52 pm
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♪ to make all of your gatherings just as merry as can be. ♪ only at safeway. ingredients for life. >> brian: coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00.
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as i mentioned earlier, crews are battling a fire in the berkeley hills. at least one firefighter was injured. we are live as they continue to deal with the flames. most are out but you one home has been utterly destroyed. also ahead, a massive solar eruption and headed right for us. find out what to expect when it hits. those stories and more coming up in one hour on abc 7 news at 11:00. before the solar eruption reaches us, take time out for sports. >> whatever you do, get the sports cast. >> absolutely. >> thank you, good advise. if you like execution third down efficiency and protecting the football, then tonight's holiday ball was not for you. both cal and texas struggled in all three of the categories. both teams 7-5 and both finished under 500 in the conferences. zac maynard had issues. turned it over twice in the first half. second quarter, texas the reverse. shipley back to david ash.
9:56 pm
touchdown. 7-3 horns at the half. a real barnburner. bears with a 10-7 lead. texas a quick response. less than two minutes later, wide open, 47-yards. 14-10, texas. more maynard misery. sacked and stripped. texas recovers. cal turned it over five times tonight. i'm no genius but i know that is not good. horns capitalized. johnson, four yards up the middle. no sugar coating this game. it was not pretty. 21-10 the final. cal killed themselves all night. >> you can't go into a football game like that and expect to turn the football over and win a football game. we had our chances. comes down to what wins and loses football games and turnovers are a big key that that and we were on the wrong end of that today with five them. >> an understatement. simple formula for the raiders on sunday.
9:57 pm
hang your hat on this, raiders fans. carson palmer owned the chargers. if four career meetings, tossed 11 touchdown passes and completed more than 70% of his passs. >> that is why we made the trade to have the opportunity just as you are saying. if not, why do it. it is about winning and so we got a chance to win a huge football game this sunday and we need to go play well. >> no pressure on the niners. they are in but you a win would assure a first round bye. players and coaches still on cloud nine with 8 named to the nfc probowl quad yesterday. >> i think i was more excited than some of the players. i think those guys that were voted to the probowl you know accept it in a very humble way. understanding that it is a team effort and a rising tide lifts >> no tide high enough to lift the a's sinking ship. dropping like flies, that was the tweet from a's pitcher
9:58 pm
bret anderson today. like a's fans he sounds equally frustrated in the mass exodus at former all-star pitcher bailey and sweeney to the list. they were sent to boston in exchange for three players. only the most hardcore of fans would have heard of. a good closer in bailey for boston. sweeney never lived up to high expectations. 64-point, 225. hit just 13 homers in four seasons. raul ail contrare a. to nba action. warriors playing a man down against the kty curry sitting r tweaking his ankle again monday night. curry relegated to the role of cheer leader. the warriors tried to land chandler. signed with new york. leaves it for lee. warriors a 25-23 lead. montae ellis one of 10 shooting
9:59 pm
before this steal and breakaway dunk. warriors down four. nice guy helping out david lee and then abused by stodemire and the foul. 6-point lead for the knicks. brandon rush a spark off the warriors bench. 17 at that point. tied at 64. two man game. montae to david lee. backing to montae. 15-4 warriors run made it 74-68. they pulled away 89-70 late in the fourth quarter. northwest and pacific division leaders squaring off at the tanks. wraparound pass. 1-0 game. vancouver leading 2-0 halfway through the second. logan couture beats roberto. pass or shoot. i like it when shoots. game tied at two, late in the third period. >> thanks very much. that is our report. for spencer


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