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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  January 6, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PST

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>> we will eliminate the budget deficit finally after years of kicking the can down the road. >> governor brown promising to end 4 years of the state budget crisis but just not yet. good evening. carolyn has the night off. >> one mr. year of painful cuts before it gets any better. that's the word from the governor tonight. he was forced to reveal the new budget after state workers mistakenly posted it on line 5 days early projecting 9.2 bill collar deficit and calls for 4.2 billion dollars in cuts f.voters reject a fall tax initiative to raise sales tax
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and raise income tax on the rich it also calls for cuts to education with 4.8 billion dollars. 3 week ofs school. lillian is here now with this new and what many hopeless round of cuts. >> the budget deficit projected for next year is smaller and more manageable than what we have seen in lease interest years. but the governor is still calling for deep cuts. critic say it's california poor who will be bearing most of the burden. >> i can't find a job. kind of hard. having no job skills. >>reporter: mark kelly has been out of work for a year. today he wept to the alameda county social services agency to apply for cal work. california welfare to work cash assistance program which he says should help him pay for basic expenses. >> mostly food transportation. so i can apply for jobs. >>reporter: but governor brown provides posing deep cuts to cal work and other social service also. under his plan cal work would be cut by nearly
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1 billion dollars. which means reducing the number of years people can stay in the program from 4 years to 2 and reducing monthly payments by 71 dollars. medi-cal would also be hard hit. with cuts of 8 42 million dollars. while child care subsidy slashed by 4 50 million dollars. the governor says president posed cuts are necessary to help close a 9.2 billion dollar does he have sit projected for 2012 to 2013. >> when you say we don't have enough money, you have to cut some of that goods and that's what we are doing. we have to bite the bullet. >>reporter: spokesperson with the alameda county social services agency says she and her colleagues will be fateing proposed cuts every step of the way. she says the need for cal work medi-cal and other progra programs is greater than ever. >> we is he family whose have who have more education who typically never thought they would be using public assistance. seeing two-parent family. >>reporter: cal work recipient
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miss williams has a different take. she says if her payments get reduced so be it. >> we need to learn to get up and get out there and make it happen. if this program is here to help you find a job then utilizes that. >>reporter: as for public education funding will remain steady as long as voters go along with the governor tax plan in november. it calls for half cent sales tax increase and one percent income tax surcharge on individuals making 250,000 dollars a year. if the measure fails, school spending would be cut by nearly 5 billion dollars. staichbility okay lillian thanks very much. governor also took a sharp ax to state jobs with his budget. 3000 state jobs will simply disappear most from the prison system. 50 state offices shut down or down sized at the very least including department of mental health and office of traffic safety. >> fire races through a home in oakland tonight. no people were injured but dozens of pet birds parish in the flames and
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smoke. we are on the scene live with what happened. >> i'm at the corner of harbor and lake shore right now within the neighborhood that there was a fire inside a home. you can't tell from the outside that there was a fire to take a look at the video when firefighters arrived this was around 7:30. that's when the call came in about the fire. family was home inside. started seeing smoke coming from the basement. and unfortunately they have a lot of pets. they had dog. rabbi rabbit. they had a lot of birds some of which died. as you. >> we had a small fir down in the pacement and unfortunately the homeowner here she has approximately 100 to 120 birds. 60 of them live down in the basement and unfortunately we lost a loft bird. >>reporter: as you can see they were able to mainly finchs. the daughter had saved one at one point and so it just kind of became a hobby for them to collect the bird. no firefighters were injured. no people were
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injured. family tells me there is not a lot of daniel inside the home so unfortunately, though, a lieutenant of the birds did die but fortunately everyone else is safe. in oakland, 7 news. >> okay thanks very much. >> protest norse oakland today were not able to occupy city hall as they hoped but they did manage to close it for a few hours. [ screaming] demonstrators were upset over last night arrest of 12 protestors and ongoing vigil at frank ogawa plaza. one protestor was arrested after authorities revoked a permit to protest in front of city hall. >> with we held in the back of a van for a couple hours. 2 people in the van had their handcuffs so tight that the hands started swelling up. as they swelled it was more and more painful. it was torture. >>reporter: protestors later read a list of 5 demands one of which as two stop what they call police harassment. attentive 12-year-old girl may have caught a thief on
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camera. man already convicted of robbing from open houses. -year-old l douglas john cal charged with burglary. they say he entered a house being shown by a real estate agent and was caught in the act by the girl's web cam who set up the did he vase because she wondered what potential buyers did when they toured her room. many he was convicted of the same crime quo two years ago. post mortem shows baby buffalo at golden gate park died of blunt force trauma. witnesses say the calf was spooked by 2 small unleashed dog that got that the pen. it ran in a pan nike a fence and suffered 3 broken ribs and gash on the left side. park ranger found the dog handler trying to coax them out of theen closure. >> the buffalo were scared of the dog the little dogs and the dog were his chasing him around and then the buffalo ran into the side of the railing and injured itself.
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>>reporter: handler has been cited for animal disturbance and failure to use a leash. park officials are investigating how the dog got into theen closure in the first place. the test confirmed the injuries were consistent with the calf running into post or perhaps a tree. 2 good samaritan saved elderly couple trapped by house fire in the east bay this morning. 25-year-old k.worker spotted black smoke coming from union city home at 10:30 in the morning. kevin rickett called 911 and went to investigate. they found the disoriented couple in the back and helped them to escape from the heavy smoke and flames big owing from their house. >> right after the situation done with and we were still at the scene i actually turned to john and said you know i think i might want to be a firefighters. pretty soon. >>reporter: firefighters brought the blaze under control within about 20 minutes and prevented it from spreading to adjoining properties. nobody was injured but the couple 2
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cats are still unaccounted for. more to get to here tonigh tonight. up next. maverick surf competition. window open and the wait begins. what organizers are doing to keep this from happening to spectators. >> also. 2 icon better known as spock and the other the waz in a conversation about the few. iowa caucus the man says there has been a miss count and romney is not the
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>> major changes coming to this year maverick surf competition if and when it happens. surfer from all over the world are invited to the competition and window now open. lisa is live now from princeton by the sea with what is changing. lisa and why. >> dan you know it is considered tradition to watch the maverick from area beaches and bluff and this year it's all off limits. people will be directed to this hotel parking lot. for a viewing party and if he goes value -- festival. >> this contest is completely changed. >>reporter: mavericks 2012 are will unlike any other. the big
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waves and big name surfer will still be there but thcrds that historically descend on the beach and on the bluffs will not. >> safety issue that we have. >>reporter: maverick organizers are trying to stop a repeat of this. >> oh, man. >>reporter: during the 2010 competition strong wave swept up on maverick beach. more than a dozen people were hurt. >> it wasn't a rogue wave. it was one of those things that needed to be planned for and they didn't have anybody to plan for it. that will never happen again. >>reporter: now that maverick founder clark is once again in charge of the event will is making changes. spectator alsoo normally line the klivts above mavericks and they will be banded. many have fallen and ruined ves vegetation. >> if you are going to good up there and try to view it from the bluff we'll ask you to leave. >> there will be events occupy there. hard and soft barricade and road kloshs. >>reporter: surf fans will be directed to princeton by the
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sea downtown to first of its kind festival. jump about tron with streaming video of the competition will be set up in the hotel and spa parking lot. local businesses couldn't be happier. especially since there was no maverick in 2011. >> it was not a particularly good season. it would have been very beneficial for all the businesses in the area. >>reporter: but not everyone is happy about the change in tradition. >> it is really a big bumper for the local people that like to just hang out and meet everybody and hang out on the bluff. >>reporter: cars with special permit will be allowed to drive through town on that day. otherwise everyone else will have to park at nearby airport and then walk here. live in princeton by the sea, lisa, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much lisa. >> turn to presidential politic a moment. 28-year-old iowa man is claiming that romney mistakenly got 20 more votes on tuesday caucus because of a typo. he posted his script el
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notes on his face book page showing romney got 2 votes in his precinct but reported total show romney got 22 votes. night endd with romney ahead by only 8 votes so this could change the outcome. iowa g.o.p. says it stands by the news. certified count won't be official for a week maybe 2. >> mean time republican presidential candidate santorum is finding out tonight that after a good showing in iowa, with more attention comes more scrutiny. he credit religious conservative for the near win in iowa debated same sex marriage with college students in new hampshire today. respond to go statement that 2 men should have the right to marry and be happy, santorum asked why not 3 men and was later booed off the stage. >> if it makes 3 people happy to get married what will based on what you just said what makes that wrong and what you said right? >> that's irrelevant and. >> it's not i are rethanks for your time and attention thanks.
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paparrazi [ boo]. >> new hampshire primary is tuesday. front runner romney spent the day in south carolin carolina. another key primary state. >> under dog got attention tonight. john hunts map former utah governor trailing badly in the poll received hay profile endorsement of the boston globe. that is romney hometown newspaper. latest poll show romney with a 30 point lead with paul in new hampshire. meeting of the tech minds tonight at temple night club in san francisco. steve and leonard on hand for demo enterprise disruption and evening of change and innovation as the event was called. it was an opportunity for steve's company fusion i o and student company to show off the product to potential investors. spock took to the stage to trade personal stories including meeting for the first time in moscow. >> group of people passed us.
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after they passed us the people which was said to me i think that was steve would say any alaska. i said really? >> i think my people said that's leonard. >> fusion i o demo showed a storage data hybrid you process 1 billion i o per second. that's basically a product that can process very large quantity of today a -- data very, very quickly. >> high surf advisory is in effect for the coast along the viewing area tonight. this is what it looks like at half man bay on highway 1. expect as well as of up to 16 feet with large breaking waves. high surf will affect beaches stretching from sonoma county through to monteray county. rip current and local beach erosion likely here. advisory runs until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. question you may decision does this perhaps signal some kind of a change in the bone dry weather parent wee had. sandy is here with a forecast. sandy. >> it sure doesn't signal any change in our bone dry weather
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pattern but i'll tell enthusiastic much. as you look at the pacific satellite picture these storms are pretty impressive. these are the storms in the pa pacific just basically passing us by but they are generating the large as well as we just saw some pictures there of the waves building. high surf advisory is going until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow night here are the current wave heights. see the buoy reporting 15 foot wave height. 12 feet san francisco. as well as expected to come out of the northwest so northwest facing beaches at greatest risk. 13 to 16 feet and large breaking we was and strong rip current so watch out for those waves if you do decide to check them out. today if you were out and about you know it was unseasonably warm. warm enough to set some records. 67 degrees in oakland that was new record for today. moffitt field 67. santa rosa sfichlt these 2 were pwovlt ti ties. it was 70 degrees in livermore. it's january. temperatures running anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees above normal for this time of year.
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but this is all going to change. i'll show you why in a moment. temperatures right now in the 30's and 40's. we have a couple of 50's here half moon bay and oakland. highlights will indicate the change. low cloud. fog. coast and bay tonight and into tomorrow we already see gray skies out there. breezy and cooler tomorrow. sunny and milder weather coming this wean. so as we look at the pacific satellite picture this cold front didn't do much other than bring us a few high cloud. higher pressure is rebuilding. what we are going to see tomorrow is more of an on shore flow. wind coming off the ocean. we are going to start out with a little more gray than what we have been used to in the morning so certainly is going to be breezy northwest 10 to 20 miles an hour and as a result of this on shore flow cooler ocean air coming in. temperatures are going to come down tomorrow so certainly will be a nice looking day but just not quite as warm as today. so we will see the changes first in the form of the wind direction dropping our numbers. speaking of dropping it's going to get chilly in the
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valley tonight. mid electricity for santa rosa napa fairfield upper police concord livermore down to morgan hill in the morning watch out for areas of fog and some cloud as well. high pressure tomorrow afternoon. noticeably different than today. livermore going from 70 to 59 degrees. 59 in palo alto. san jose fremont 58, 57 san francisco, half moon bay, some lingering cloud here near half moon basement low 60's santa rosa napa ant and out towards antioch. occasional high clouds for your friday. monterey bay mid 50's to low 60's. here's look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. breezy and cooler tomorrow sunny and mailed for the weekend. really into early next week and as we head to tuesday dan that's when we may possibly see the first signs of real change here cooler there partly cloudy p.m. one computer model wants to bring in the possibility of few showers on tuesday but keeps flip flopping change its mind so we hold off on the rain there. other computer model going tout
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january 15th. could see big change perhaps some real wet weather coming here. >> all so thanks very much. >> coming up next. new challenge to the america cup. why the sierra club has concerns now about the impact of the big event on the bay. concerns now about the impact of the big event on the bay. stay with us ring, ring. hello, progresso. it fits! fantastic! ring, ring. progresso. they fit! awesome. thank you. [ man ] ring, ring. pro-gresso. they fit! okay-y... okay? you don't understand. i've been eating progresso because there's... 40 flavors 100 calories or less and now my favorite old okay. is there a woman i can talk to? [ female announcer ] tell your story at for the chance to win an ultimate makeover in hollywood.
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>> sierra club in san francisco filed a second appeal to block the america's cup. opponent of the cup waited until wednesday deadline to challenge the yacht race. they are concerned about possible diesel leak from a giant floating tv screen to be installed in aquatic park. they say the project environmental impact report doesn't address traffic jam and helicopter noise. fundraisers reached a crucial 12 million dollar goal that cover basic services during the event such as security and transportation. as big tech company grow some smaller companies are getting pushed out. that's according to the silicon valley business journal. when sony agreed to lease 4 50,000 square neat san mateo the smaller tenant had to search for new home. with the demand for space growing now, vacancy are disappearing and rental rates are rising.
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>> the college football stadium here getting major upgrade. college will use 5 million dollars in bond revenue to make a more disabled friendly facility. track and soccer fields will also get upgrade. more on these headlines in tomorrow print edition of the silicon valley business journa journal. >> all right stay with us on to sports next. larry is here with football basketball. >> the raiders making a move here. they have decided on a new general manager and he's a man who played for the silver and black years ago sports is man who played for the silver and black years ago sports is next.
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>> good evening. not official yet but the raiders apparently decided to hire packer executive mackenzie as the new general manager. he played linebacker for the silver and black in the late 80's. now of course there's avoid at the top organization since passing of davis. he apparently comes with the blessing of john maend. the role and responsibilities according to espn still being ironed out. ron wolf says mackenzie is an excellent evaluator of talent. first task might be to find a new defensive coordinator because chuck is not going to be back. raiders don't call this a firing but not renewing his contract which runs out january the 15th. also outline backer coach decker and secondary coach woodson and ross. leaders allowed 27
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points per game this season among the nfl worst. hoops. wide open. pack 12 this year. stanford would like to think that they are the team to beat and just what oregon did tonight. out in full norse you jeep. great effort here. l to the rack one handed plus this. not all good for him tonight. he gets flattened right here then dunking on by owens. 19 for him. cardinals down 2 at the break. second half. cardinal on a 10-2 run. ron left alone buries the 3. stanford up 1 inside 11 minutes. last lead of the night. to jovs lit it up. contrary high 30. joseph shot one for 13 in the atlanta game made up for. that stanford falls and drop 2-1 in the pack 12. cal losses at other again state. 2-1 in league play. trying good to 14 and 2 tonight


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