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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  January 6, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> good evening i'm dan ashley. sexual predator is under arrest tonight. police say he brutalized 3 women if san francisco. all were attacked on what is known as the 24th street corridor in the mission district. police spoke late
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this evening about the case and thomas is live at the hall of justice in the city with details. thomas? >>reporter: the 32-year-old san francisco resident police arrested today is being charged with a series of sexual assaults and robbery. one occurred on june sfaechbt. another on november 18th. most recent just this past december 8th. all occurred as you said along the 24th street corridor where police say residents can now breathe a little easier. members of the san francisco police special victim unit gathered this evening to announce the arrest of man wanted in a connection with 3 sexual assault robbery and kidnapping. you will of them occurred in the san francisco mission district. officers say that members of the special victim unit that include officers from 11 different discipline helped put this case together. dna and tip helped them make the arrest. >> he's responsible for 3 sexual assaults committed along the 24th street corridor. he
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will be booked into the san francisco county jail this evening on multiple felony sexual assaults, robbery and kidnapping charges. >> there was some characteristics on this case. they were a little bit unusual that narrowed down our suspect pool and it kind of made us focus on a certain type of a suspect. we were lucky to have the fbi in on this case. >> now police say he was arrested earlier today without incident. now his name is not being released. now police say that all 3 victims are recovering. they range in age from early 20's to 50 years ol old. all of describe as petite women. suspect whose name and photo has not been released will be formally charged later this evening. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> all right thank you. >> murder victim mother joins san francisco police in pleading to find her son's killer 5 years after he was gunned down by 2 men. the mother of 20-year-old alberto
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castillo helped distribute fliers at the same corner where her son was shot on january 7 2,000 z.2 men shot him at 13th and folsom street while he drove away from a night club called caliente. witness say the same 2 men had confronted him a short time earlier in the nature club. >> they can think with this every day and every night. it will haunt them. eventually many i hope i find out that they are apprehended. >>reporter: 250,000 dollar reward is also being offered to capture the killers. and east bay lawmaker pleads no contest to stealing nearly 2500 dollars in clothes from an up scale department store today. now we found out that a medical condition the may have impaired her judgment. democratic assembly woman mary was arrested after being caught shoplifting at neiman marcus. vick lee has the story. >>reporter: assembly woman
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mary hash walked in the courtroom at 1:30 this afternoon. declining to talk about her case. in october she had been arrested outside the neiman marcus ste in union square and charged with shoplifting leather pants and other clothing worth 2500 dollars. prosecutors say she took the nawms addressing room and stuffed them into an empty shopping bag before leaving the store. investigators say store security was tracking her after a sales woman told guards she thought the woman had stolen a dress the week before. after her arrest she hired a spokesman just to deal with the crisis. he said the woman was going to pay for the items but she was distracted by cell phone calls. >> stepped outside the door. realized something was wrong but before she had the opportunity to go back and correct her own mistake, security was there. >>reporter: in the courtroom today things changed rapidly. the prosecution reduced the charge from felony grand theft to a misdemeanor. mary changed
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her plea from not guilty to no contest. judge gave her three years probation. fine of 1 80 dollars and ordered mary to keep a distance of 50 greet neiman marcus. outside the courtroom l she still declined to talk. pwer but her lawyer threw a bomb shell and said it was a medical condition which experts say may have affected her judgment when she was caught. >> unfortunately she's been diagnosed with brain tumor. however fortunately for her it's benign and it can be taken care of and addressed with medication which is exactly what is happening. >>reporter: now here's what is confusing. her spokesman singer sent us an e-mail not long ago. he that's she does have a brain tumor but let me quote him. did it not play a role in her forgetfulness and distraction and accidentally walking out of neiman but this could all be academic because you heard district attorney
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george say that it was not a brain tumor that made his decision to change this into a misdemeanor. vick lee, 7 news. new sheriff in town may have a problem with the law. san francisco sheriff elect ross the former supervisor under investigation for possible domestic violence against his wife. they both deny anything happen keep in mind but the search warrant reveals a neighbor witnessed the incident last weekend and made a video record that go she says shows bruises on her wife. district attorney is aware of the investigation. >> we'll evaluate the case and do so as with any other case involving domestic violence. >> cushion comes days before the swearing in ceremony this sunday. the wife denied the accusation and she wrote quote i have absolutely no complaint against my husband, ross and i are committed to our marriage, our son and our family. >> ford is turning to silicon valley to develop new technology for the cars.
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detroit auto maker sits will open an office and lab in the valley this spring. many business technology reporter david louie has more from san jose and it's a significant development. >> today car has a lot in common with lap top and smart phones. it has become a platform for technology and that means a need for software and applications. ford will have 15 engineers working at the new lab some newly hired. others moving from world headquarters in detroit. it's a move of that excites dealers who want to see even more cutting edge technology in vehicles. >> before all you had to have was an engine and steering wheel. now really you have to have and a half gaichlingts you have to have many other technology to make life easy. >>reporter: ford already bringing sophisticated technology to the mass market. 26,000 dollar all new focus for 2012 offers touch screen navigation and voice command plus the ability to do parallel parking by itself. hands off
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the steering wheel. ford hopes the lab in the valley might lead the way for autonomous cars. cars that drive themselves. when we spoke to ford executive chairman few months ago bill ford indicated he had his eyes on silicon valley. >> i'm knot out in the valley all the time and i make a point of guest out and seeing companies finding out what the latest and greatest is. >>reporter: however ford is coming late to the valley. gm opened its advance technology lab in palo alto over 5 years ago. bmw moved to the valley in 1998. byron shaw is the engineer who launched both facilities. >> electronic content and software content in a vehicle has risen in the past few years the value add of the electronic is a third of the valley of a vehicle more of silicon valley technology even more important. >>reporter: calling this fwchl m facility a lab is a misnomer. empty desk indicate the engineers are out in the field and partnership with company large and small looking for wa
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ways to incorporate application ins cars. ford says it will open the new office and lab in the valley in the spring but it has not indicated exactly where it will be located. in san jose, david louie 7 news. as you well know a lot of people fly from all over the world to see san francisco but an influential newspaper says oakland is one of the best places that adventure seekers should visit in 2012. "new york times"came out with the list of 45 places to go this year. oakland finished fifth actually behind panama, hell sink i, finland london where the olympic take place. reviewers cited oakland growing night life and tensions calming down after recent clash involving the occupy movement. governor brown once mayor of oakland tweeted this evening that oakland should have been no. 1. >> much more to get to this first friday of the new year coming up we show you some of the big waves that have been lashing the bay area coast line and the plans for this year's
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contest at mavericks. san francisco 2 point o. technology start up are helping bring city government into the 21st century. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. mild unjanuary like weekend coming your way i have the accu-weather forecast in just a moment. >> and you have been to places maybe that say number shirt no shoe no service? how about the diner posting no politician no exception. what that's about
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fiber one. exciting suffering enthusiast at half moon bay and ceremony open the window for the favorite mavericks competition meaning it could be called any day now. not today. big waves attracted surfer but as wayne errors just not the right kind to hold the contest. >>reporter: on the county coast there were more shutter click than waves today but make no mistake. those waves are what drew people here. even from a safe distance. how far away do you think we are? >> i don't know. i would say maybe half mile. >>reporter: on this day when the maverick surf contest held opening ceremony bluffs above filled with lens camera die hard waiting for moment like this as 24 of the world best
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big wave riders gear up for competition. among them alex martin from brazil. >> big enough for sure but many just really lumpy. break all over. really sketch. >>reporter: today spectating guess as it get because officials plan to close the bluffs and beach on event day. too dangerous. they have short memory when it comes to this beach and those waves. this is the rogue wave that injured spectator that nearly washed away the contest for good in mitch of 2010. between this threat and more danger from those crumbling bluffs spectator must now watch on big scens in pillar point and princeton by the sea. at barber fish trap management says it he lures people here as much as their soup same for sim who says flowers and eects a big percentage bump for her
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business. >> i would say like 30. 30 to 40 percent. >>reporter: surfer and photographers wait for the competition which will come on short notice. among them brian who is hoping for at least a couple more days. >> i just lost my second set of camera equipment. >>reporter: he was out there in the surf when one large wave rendered 6000 dollars worth of equipment worthless. . that stands for camp. >> camera got wet. >>reporter: those wet camera were not the first and will not be the last. mavericks break 7 news. >> many insane. like they are just so high and l just coming constantly. it's insane. >> big waves in southern california, too. one pier close officials warn beach goers to be very careful. in huntington beach people line up along the beach to take pictures of the towering as well as breaking over the
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rocks. spectacular site certainly and spencer christian is here and spencer will tell us i guess what the waves indicate. there is some active weather out there. >> that's right. >> pretty far away from us but big storm out over the pacific has built up these as well as as a result of the waves we have been seeing. here in the bay area our waves beginning to moderate in height a little bi bit. high surf advisory ex first at 6:00 p.m. we have pretty active waves. could be a little treacherous to get caught in the under tow there. east bay hills camera looking down at downtown oakland under clear sky and cool conditions i mate add all around the bay area. going to get even chillier over nature but already down in the upper 30's in napa. fairfield. santa rosa. 45 at livermore. 46 concord. 43 novato. 51 in oakland san francisco and these are our highlights. we'll see mostly clear skies. chilly conditions tonight. sunny mild this weekend and we are in a pattern that will have us
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remaining dry through next wee week. still no rain in sight. as the satellite image shows you here high pressure the commanding feature in our weather picture. big ridge of high pressure continue to go build in and as we follow the time line here starting at 11:00 o'clock tonight you see this one center of high pressure anchoring over the great basin by tomorrow and we have the flow around that high pressure bringing us an offshore flow of warm breezy conditions and that will bring our temperatures back up into the mid upper 60's tomorrow but overnight it will be cold in some spots. look for low in the low 30's at napa and mid 30's at santa rosa upper 30's at vallejo. 36 fairfield. 39 antioch. 36 at livermore. 37 at concord. 37 at morgan hill. we have lots of readings in the 30's in just a few 40's right around the bay and near the coast line so pretty chilly overnight but we warm-up nicely tomorrow. sunny skies. now today temperatures drop rather sharply with very warm weather early in the week including some record high tomorrow no
9:18 pm
record expected but we will have very warm unjanuary like day with breezy conditions in some spots. high in the mid 60's in the inland north bay. napa 65. santa rosa 66. 64 in clover dale. mid 60's inland east bay. antioch concord 64 degrees at least and down in the south bay san jose high of 64 and 60 on the coast half machine bay and just a little bit to our south monterey bay we see upper 60's, 68 at watso watsonville. 67 gilroy and salinas 66 at santa cruz morgan hill and hollister. accu-weather 7 day forecast it will be 7 days of dry weather. mildest weather will be tomorrow sunday monday. temperatures will crop off a few degrees on tuesday. that will be the coolest day tuesday and friday actually coolest day in the forecast period and although we see a few clouds in the sky an temperatures drop we'll not see rain drops. it will be a dry week and relatively mild one and we have to hope for heavy rain in mid january to make up for the
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deficit. >> we have a lot of ground to cover. >> we do. >> thanks. on line campaign commercial crosses the line. just ahead. ad that takes aim at candidate who adopt $2!tw daughter from his over seas. at candidate who adopt $2!tw daughter from his over seas. stay with us. news at 9 
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>> republican john huntsman satisfies new on line ad targeting his adopted daughter is out of line. ad sponsored by riffal ron paul show the 2 girls adopted from china and india and says he's unamerican for speak mandarin an shows a picture of him dressed as communist leader and whether he's a manchurian candidate. he calls the ad stupid. i speak chinese of course i
9:23 pm
do. somebody wants to poke fun at me for speaking chinese that's okay. what i would be to is bringing forward pictures and video of my adopted daughters. and suggesting there is some sinister motive there. >> the paul campaign says it doesn't know who is behind the ad but calls it utterly distasteful. they are behind romney. primary couple days away on tuesday. >> bacon and eggs hold the politician. with republican presidential hopeful new hampshire ahead of next tuesday critical primary one small eatery has had enough. it's declaring itself a campaign free zone. story from mike in new hampshire. >> this breakfast and luncheon busy daniel street since 2003. >> best pan cake this town. best breakfast this. >>reporter: week it's not the food but the sign generating
9:24 pm
attention. >> it is mostly humorous. positive response this. >>reporter: no politician no exception sign was posted monday by a surverify here. >> it was more of a joke in my opinion but got a little big. >>reporter: it was born out of frustration and complaints from regular customers who had their space in this restaurant fewer than 30 feet intruded upon by multiple politicians on some 6 or 7 occasions since this summer. >> i think it's kind of nice. one place you can go and feel that there's to be will bother you while having breakfast. >>reporter: can you name names at all any of the politician one worse than the other. >> no they are all about the same. all the same game. >>reporter: part of the problem is politician and entourage take up space and slow business. >> they are good to us. they are. it's just table turn over essentially. >>reporter: and also the interruption. >> standing up walking around at tables like asking the whole
9:25 pm
kissing baby routine. >>reporter: and different view. >> interrupting people that don't agree with their stand. >>reporter: one person has called here turned off. >> they are very offended. they would never eat here again but if you are going to let politics get in the way of what you eat, you know, that's your decision. >>reporter: mike reporting. manager of the diner posted the sign after presidential con tender like bachmann and perry recently took over the entire restaurant for themselves and then advised the staff to just eat themselves. many consider the manager a hero. >> when 7 news at 9 continues tonight. iran owes the united states a thank you in the middle of a tense stand off with the united states the american navy rescues iran fishermen held hostage by somalia pirates. >> she shined a flashlight down into the hull then went all the way to the ground. >>reporter: swallow by a tree. coming up. story of girl. hole. and very tight spot. >> plus nod to the man who
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>> good evening once again thanks for joining us. >> with the state facing another year of bump it short fall everything from schools to courts stand to be cut even deeper if voters do not approve the governor proposed tax increases. that has some critic awfully worried. annette has the story tonight from sacramento. saishtion governor brown built another round of potential trigger cuts in the state budget this time nearly 5 and a half billion dollars if voters don't approve his sales tax hike and income tax surcharge on high wage
9:30 pm
easterners. it hits schools the hardest. 4.8 billion dollars less to shorten the school year by 3 weeks. >> student entering first grade this year by the time that student graduate was 3 fewer week each and every year in accumulation it would be the equivalent to one fewer year in that student's entire educational life. >>reporter: you see and see would be slashed another 200 million dollars. cal fire would have to cut back 10%. which means grounding some of the aircraft and closing some fire stations. all 600 seasonal lifeguards would lose their jobs and state park ran ranger would be laid off. anti-tax group call the governor proposal extortion. >> certainly is political extortion. because he's basically saying i'm going to really cut essential services unless you pass this taichblingts it really is. it's a gun to our head. >>reporter: park visitor johnson feels like she's being coerced. she will vote for the tax hike to avoid increasing california unemployment rate.
9:31 pm
>> i think it's just terrible. i would rather even though i'm disabled and not working right now would i rather pay taxes than to see people laid off. >>reporter: education community doesn't look at them as threats says the governor doesn't have choice to be but to be straight with voters. >> laying out very clear picture about what those choices are and what the consequences will be if that revenue doesn't come l to fruition is what they actually have to know. it's about being honest with voters really. >>reporter: governor brown campaign advisor expects to get approval from the attorney general office by the end of the month to begin gathering signatures and get the tax hike on the november ballot. in sacramento, abc 7 news. good news about the economy. nation unemployment rate is now at lowest level in three years. labor department says employers added more than 200,000 new jobs in december. that helped drop unemployment to 8.5 percent. president obama says the economy is moving in the right direction now with more private sector
9:32 pm
jobs created in 2011 than any year since 2005. . >> creating jobs on consistent basis. we are not going to let up. not until everybody who wants to find a good job can find one. >>reporter: local employment officials say they are starting to see a change in the job picture especially at employment fairs. >> one of the things that came is finding qualified canada cats one of the problems and then just being able to we wanted the opportunity for employers to meet face-to-face with broad base of qualified candidates. that's working out really well. >>reporter: despite the optimism they warn if potential dangers ahead including the crisis in europe. >> san francisco is hacking city government. tonight officials have a plan to bring the city aging computer system up to date. as jonathan reports they are going to do that by using the same silicon valley culture that google and facebook p.d. >> we are stuck if some of our
9:33 pm
practices i think in 1999. >>reporter: now board president david and mayor ed lee say time san francisco joined the 21st century. >> government 2.0if you will. >>reporter: smart phone have app to call taxicab. app to find out when the next bus is arriving and some say it's easier to find a bus with the phone than with muni own computer system. the city intend to change that. >> we are truly going to bring a hack culture to the city of san francisco and it's going to be very, very exciting. >>reporter: it's the culture that created the hack athon 48 sleepless hours writing code together to quickly solve a problem. some engineers do it for fun. >> it gets their mind off their day job and allows them to go build an app that they can put their name on that they invented in a weekend. >>reporter: angel investor conway know about his the hac hacking culture that created success stories like facebook. now non-profit code for america will help bring that culture to city government. >> we are really a peace corps
9:34 pm
for geek. >>reporter: asking engineers to volume up tier their time code for america holds hack a thon to build new cloud base app that solve the city problem. san francisco already has an app to find parking. soon taxi and buses will be tied in then what about an' for volunteers helping the homeless. >> do they have the best information at hand. about where the available shelters are medley when they encounter somebody on the street? can they get a wrap around service right away without having to make 3 or fore phone calls. >>reporter: these aren't the kind of idea that make people rich. they help everyone live better. >> most of the really big innovations have started from people who were dichb by passion and not by chasing the money. and it's in hacker culture that you find the purist of that. >> in san francisco, abc 7 new news. multiple tanker burned after 3 freight trains derailed in a collision in northwest indian a.county officials say
9:35 pm
one train rear ended another that derailed a third train on adjacent track. everyone is accounted for and no injuries have been reported. despite this enormous mess. truck driver in minnesota escaped serious injury today when the rig plunged no a frozen creek. there's a strange picture. for some reason he lost control and wound up in the water like this. driver managed to crawl across the ice to safety. he is okay. well over seas now to an extraordinary rescue at sale. at a time where there is a war of words and rising tension was iran the u.s. navy did something spectacular. days after the rattling from iran about the warship in the region one of those american ships saved 13 iran people held by pirates. here's martha. >>reporter: it was a rescue mission drenched in irony. the uss kid was steam go throughs water of the arabian an sea when it spotted pirates holding a fishing vessel hostage. the
9:36 pm
u.s. navy responded. sending an armed team on to the ship. the pirates didn't put up a fight. and that is when the uz sailors found 13 iran held on board against their will for nearly two months. i spoke to the commander of the u.s. kid. they knew the crew rescuing them were americans. >> they could see that we had our u.s. flag was flying. they were very cordial and thankful. >>reporter: u.s. kid is a group of ships that iran threatened days ago but today when the iran fishermen said goodbye, they were all wearing uss kidd baseball caps. this is abc news, washington. remark. >> this week 2 americans died in the war in afghanistan. army specialist died in hell mont province. 33-year-old from new mexico and petty officer first class chad and
9:37 pm
also died in afghanistan. officer first class chad and also died in afghanistan. we'll be right bac
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is in south san francisco firefighters rescued elderly woman who climbed out of a second story building to escape her burning house. fire inspectors not determined the cause of the blaze but most of the damage occurred in the downstairs area so that's where they focused their investigationth woman hospitalized with smoke inhalation injuries. well of course besides battling flames firefighters are known for rescuing kittens in trees but in one small texas town this time it was a child. trapped not just in a tree but inside a tree. firefighters in brier oak had never seen anything like it before. case norton has the story. >>reporter: children have
9:41 pm
climbed the trees hundreds office times. but they have never had a story like this. when a giant cotton wood tree swallowed little anna bean. >> i tried to climb back out of there but my feet slipped and i ended up going head first in about, about 30 feet into the ground. >>reporter: mom and dad tried their own ladder and rope but after 2 hours they had to call 911. brier oak volunteer fire department answered the call. >> opening of the tree is probably like this. certainly something not that any of us can go down into. we can't fit down the hole. >>reporter: the tree was unstable to chain saw and nobody knew they they would be and they lowered their own ropes only to come up just short. 5 hours into the ordeal they brought in a taller lad tore act as pulley and firefighters convinced anna to tie her own rescue an east -- harness. >> we were worried about that. we didn't know if she would go downhill and we would have to
9:42 pm
do more drastic and immediate to get her out of the tree. >>reporter: anna never panicked. knew she was safe when she saw the firefighters rope. >> i love to climb trees. i'm not going to listen to abby. >>reporter: she's glad her little sister is okay and hope they have shorter stories when they are climbing trees. this is channel 8 news. >> now to seize ill pond the man who didn't like mowing the lawn and made a career out of it. he developed the modern riding lawn mower and made millions in the post world wore 2 landscape in american suburb. he died at the age of 87. many still to come tonight. exclusive new app that can ge get, allow to us help you. as you make your way through bay area traffic. i'll explain how it works in a moment. stay
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>> interesting research. world wireless air wave being divided in lopsided manner it turns ou out. british research group says the top 1% of consumers use up to half the world wir wireless band width and top 10% of users even consume 90 percent of mobile air waves. most of the usage 40's lap top first and smart phone and fewer using i pad. >> on monday new technology debut exclusively from abc 7 news when we do our traffic reports. it's called waves and i aimed at helping you finding ways to avoid traffic jams. we explain how it works. >> left at middle field road. >>reporter: frank commutes every day from san carlos to palo alto. >> it's usually 30 minutes door to door with very little traffic. >>reporter: on a bad day. >> on a bad day it's been as o
9:47 pm
much as hour and 10 minutes. >>reporter: to cut down on it he uses an app where the traffic jams are and how to get around them and it gather real time gps data from the millions of users as they drive. >> we have a community of 10 million drivers that are responsible for helping us klengt all that information so it's all driven by the crowd and created by the crowd. >>reporter: she thinks of it as a win-win. drivers degree to share the gps coordinate with fellow users? exchange for free turn by turn navigation service for more accurate. >> it's one00 percent a community and people all they have to dies open the application and drive and they are contributing to the information that everybody else gets. >>reporter: it works on pretty much any newer smart phone or tablet with a gps receiver. any android device, newer black berry i-phone and 3 g model of the i pad. >> i can see there's a lot of
9:48 pm
traffic on university avenue ivshtion frank uses it on i-phone mounted in suction cup hold tore keep his hands on the wheel. it's dangerous and illegal but if you are parked or you are a passenger frank showed us how you can report traffic problems. >> moderate traffic and send and now it has put an alert. >>reporter: that helps other drivers and they help abc 7 news traffic give you the most accurate detailed report. >> they have heavy traffic as well. and this is telling you that it is on octavia street. >>reporter: city streets back roads have always been a challenge for traffic reporters. traditional traffic map rely on underground speed sensors usually only found on freeways. so traffic reporter francis is using ways to report the missing information. >> right new the thing i'm most excited about is just taking the driver down to the street level especially if there's an incident. >>reporter: incident reports on waves are up to the second. he can acknowledge he has seen
9:49 pm
it time. give it the thumb up. there you goyshtion if you join the 7 news traffic spotter group on waves we mention you on the air when the report helps us out. >> he's moving at less than 10 miles an hour so it verify the slow speed on the central freeway. >>reporter: down load the app going to our web site and i tune store or android marketplace and join our traffic spotter group. >> the more 7 news traffic spotters we have the mr. reliable the information will be. >>reporter: on the road in palo alto, abc 7 news. if you would like to become part of our exclusive traffic partnership with fv waves seen up at this web site. >> traffic down to street leve level. weather down to street level. we have it all. >> spencer back with the forecast. >> not only a mild dry pattern here in the bay area. entire state is experiencing mild dry weather and tomorrow from top to bottom dry and few clouds
9:50 pm
down south but still mainly sunny skies and pretty mild. 74 degrees in palm springs tomorrow. 63 in los angeles. no where near the record warmth that was in the southern part of the state jaws couple days ago but still pretty mild. 64 at big surand here in the bay area tomorrow sunny skies and once again mild unjanuary like with high in the low to mid 60's. mid 60's in the inland east bay and inland north bay and most of the south bay and here is the accu-weather 7 day forecast. 7 days of dry weather coming our way. mil mildest is next three days through mochbilityd cool down sharply on tuesday but no rain will fall. then we have sort of steady pat he were for the remainder of the week through friday with just a few clouds around lots of sun at very, very pleasant but dry conditions. >> can't argue that. >> larry is here with street level sports warriors tonight court side. >> court side warriors. right next to charlize. don't mind.
9:51 pm
that warriors visiting kobee and the lakers. could arrival of little nate robinson spark the upset? of little nate robinson spark the upset? sports next. with the "name your price" tool, you tell us what you want to pay, and we give you a range of coverages to choose from. who is she? that's flobot. she's this new robot we're trying out, mostly for, like, small stuff. wow! look at her go! she's pretty good. she's pretty good. hey, flobot, great job. oops. [ powers down ] uh-oh, flobot is broken. the "name your price" tool, only from progressive.
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+e ;se:b >> coming up at 11:00. gps technology some are called avoid the get o. mission to keep you away from areas considered unsafe. >> signs of spring. how to these warm days of january fooling the flora. more stories at 11:00 over on channel 7. hope you can join us for. that larry has all the sports. >> warriors trying to fool the lakers. out beat them in la. minus curry playing the lakers. golden state hoping the arrival of nate robinson could provide a spark. and charlize in the house tonight. court side. monty forced to pick up the slack. ellis. up 2 earlob.
9:55 pm
over wright. tied up 10 appease then the little man taking over. nate just signed making his warrior debut. in the lane. hits the deck and scores. more from nate here. the tear drop. he had 9 in the first half off the bench. golden state up 4 at half time. to the third quarter. could it continue? ellis in the lane. with authority. but the lakers close the quarter on a run. kobe capping it in style. 3 at the buzzer. yet 17 in the third period alochbility 37 at last khechblingt and minute to go and lakers lead 91-86. for years people in the nfl note there had were 32 teams in the leechlingt 31 operated pretty much the same and then there were the raiders. figure to change with the official hiring of general manager mackenzie. mewj black in late 80's and went in management. worked his way up throughout the green
9:56 pm
bay organization from 19 years. leave the packers medley to get started with the raiders. that's a bounce. don't wait until the end of the play offs. they used to take forever to get people hired. his son is taking over. swift decisive move things clearly changing for the raiders. fascinate to go see how jackson interfere acts with the new man in charge whether they can get on the same page. mackenzie introduced on tuesday. how about the 49 centers they are playing the waiting game. watching wild card weekend. saints most people figure they are going to be the most likely opponent for the 49 ers next saturday at candlestick park. tomorrow new orleans is hosting detroit. match up of 2 of the league most explosive offensive and saints beat the looens 31-17 less than 5 weeks ago in the superdome. >> do you remember how the game unfolded and type of talent that you are going up against. but then again lots happen in the last 4 weeks and feel like
9:57 pm
we are playing better football than we were there they are playing better football than they were thechbility it will be obviously a little bit different atmosphere. all nfl games are intense. only 16 of them over the course of regular season. so it's not like l cranking it up. i think the big difference is, you know, losing season is over. >> in college news stanford lost out to oklahoma state in the fiesta bowl. beat the cow boys in recruiting. sanders junior is expected to pick stanford over the team his dad played for. zappeders best to to heritage hall high in oklahoma city. his dad small electric running back. junior bigger. he can fly. runs a 4.340 choice official tomorrow in the bowl game in san antonio yochlt one factor in the decision it's interesting sanders will blend in at stanford. not bothered at all. not like a big celebrity thing on campus there. at oak will
9:58 pm
home state he will be like a celebrity wherever he goes and didn't want to be under the microscope every day at oklahoma state. callus also expected to get good fuss tomorrow. 2 big recruit tweeting today that they will formally announce they play for the bears. safety thompson from sacramento rated no. 2 player in the state over all third best safety in the nation. he's expected to be joined at cal by wide receiver jordan payton. payton a 4 star recruit from west lake village in southern california. to the cotton bowl. kansas state and arkansas in arling to be. raze arrest back come out firing. wilson airing it out to wright. nice. 45 yard. 19 nothing hog. kansas state cut it to'r 9 19-9 at the half. the keeper. k state within 3. but arkansas puts this thing away. wilson. to happen ill ton. razor back
9:59 pm
and hog take the cotton ball 29 to 16 i work on that in my spare time. whale watching off the coast of maui. pga season. opening up with the tournament of champion. bird 6 under 67 leads by one. shot of the day. bradley approach on 9 for eagle. him if snipping it bac back. he is 2 back of bird. heading to round 2. i don't believe anybody shreik l when he made that. >> sports with sound effects we like that. i'm trying to step up my game. trying to stipulate up friday night. >> good stuff thank you very much. >> that's it for this edition of news at 9 of. stay with all of us here, thanks so much for watching appreciate your time. of us here, thanks so much for watching appreciate your time. see you in an hour on the big


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