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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  January 11, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> dan: police say it was a bad combination of booze and adults that may be hemmed her buy it. the driver 19-year-old was arrested for a indictment.
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two others are facing charges of furnishing alcohol to a minor. laura less youly brinkley. >> it's got confusing. >> state officials say this store behind me sold alcohol to a teenager who later the same night died in a fatal car crash on highway 101. the store owner says, no the alcohol was sold to an adult, not the teenager. >> she purchased three bottles of 40 ounce bottles of beer and one bottle of this pink wine cooler. >> this attorney represents the owner of the drive through market in south san francisco. on february 4th, 2011, a regular customer amelia chin came to teenager daughter's friend who was 17 years old. at 3:20 the next morning, she
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died in a high speed accident on highway 101. authorities say her friend, 19-year-old driver had been drinking heavily. the alcohol is at the center of the tragedy. >> store should have checked the identification of the minor. >> according to the beverage control, officials say they didn't. >> minor tried to purchase the alcohol with a debit card and transaction didn't go through and minor came in to get cash, purchased the alcohol. they left the store with the alcohol iniss chin's hands and furnished to it on her outside the store. >> my client sold to it an adult it put her purchase on her tab on the balance with the store. >> owner along with 51-year-old amelia chin both face charges of providing alcohol to a minor. they say it's part of a witch hunt.
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>> it's a witch hunt. to pick somebody out to make somebody take care of tragic or someone responsible for it. >> authorities say the 19-year-old driver had a blood-alcohol level of.15%. he pleaded guilty to felony drunk driving and could face up to four years in prison when he is sentenced on february 3rd about a year to date since the fatal crash. leslie, brinkley, "abc 7 news". >> dan: a teacher at granada high school is accused of having sex with a boy under the age of 15. they are charged with a serious sexual assault more than a year ago and continued through last may. police are not saying whether the victim was one of her students but they do say johnson used instant messaging and social media to stay in touch with him. >> tonight one family is devastated by the sexual assault
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of their child at the hands of a teacher. craig chandler is under arrest. he taught second and third-graders at waley elementary school in san jose. alleged victim is a student. karina rusk has more. >> reporter: the emotions at the elementary school are almost universal. school community is in a state of shock over the accusations over the popular teacher. >> we're kind of like stunned and shocked. oh, my god is it true. >> reporter: police have arrested 35-year-old craig chandler. he had been a teacher there for nine years and is charged with felony sexual assault of a child >> it's like your worst nightmare. you never ever want to believe that anybody you know could even be accused of something like this. >> reporter: police arrested at his home in san jose last night. his neighbor says channeled her two young children play with
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grandchildren and wife is pregnant with their third child. >> he loved his wife, he loved his children. he is a wonderful father. he is a really good family man. he is a good neighbor. >> they say he is accused of sexually assaulting the student on campus. they are not revealing the child's age. >> we have information at least once, but it could have kurd between august and october of last year. >> police are concerned about the possibility of more victims and parents are having unthinkable conversations with children who were in classes with chandler. >> my daughter isn't the type and doesn't keep anything secret but she says nothing happened. >> they are shocked and angry and confused. >> i went on a field trip with him. you would have never guessed. >> the neighbor says the crime is in complete conflict with the person she knows.
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>> adult takes advantage of child should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. but i don't feel that craig is capable of doing anything like this. i really do not. >> craig chandler is being held without bail. he is scheduled to appear in court on friday. san jose police say anyone with information about this case or any other possible victims should call them. we have that information available on our website just click see it on tv. in san jose, karina rusk, "abc 7 news." zbloostd a man and woman is wanted for seven robberies in san leandro. it first happened around christmas and latest was this past saturday. it happened near bancroft and joaquin avenue. woman approached the victim and demands the wallet or purse. anyone with information about the robberies is asked to call the san leandro police immediately. there has been at least seven of
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them. a decision is imminent over the domestic violence allegation facing san francisco's new sheriff. district attorney got the case on friday and he said today he'll decide whether to file charges before the week is out. >> reporter: it's a waiting game for the sheriff at san francisco city hall. just days after being sworn into office, ross mirkarimi is waiting to see if he will be charged with domestic violence. a source tells abc7 it's likely. the district attorney says he is close to to making a decision. >> we want to make a decision. the well-being of the alleged victim is number one concern. >> bob wagner is his attorney. >> i have spoken personally to mrs. mirkarimi. she is not afraid. she is not in danger. >> according to court documents. she suffered a bruising had arm at the hands of her husband on
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new year's eve. a video taken by a neighbor and shows them talking as well as text messages about the incident are in the hands of investigators. mirkarimi's attorney says he has not seen that evidence but instlisz was no domestic violence. >> i have an idea what happened here. i don't think a crime was committed. >> the couple has characterized whatever happened as personal. >> a private matter, a family matter. >> it's completely taken out of context. it's completely wrong. >> the case we obviously, we have a cooperative victim but so we evaluate all the other evidence that is coming our way. >> mayor ed lee was asked about the case on kgo radio and told me he is very concerned about the allegation but wants to let
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the process play out. >> strong feelings on many people's minds on what they hear and see but i have to deal with the facts how they come out and how they are confirmed by the district attorney's office. >> reporter: according to the district attorney there were more than 700 domestic violence cases in the city last year. from a legal standpoint he says this investigation is no different but, of course, it is much more high profile. in the newsroom, carolyn tyler, "abc 7 news." a marin county smoking ban is on hold while they consider weeding out marijuana. it would allow the smoking in apartments and included marijuana and other herbs as well as tobacco. it was sent back to the committee with supervisor said only tobacco should be banned. there is already a law covering pot. there is a lot of excitement in the central valley community of patterson about what could be
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a big economic boost. patterson is six square miles and sits right off of i-5. a new facility there that is apparently being built would bring much needed jobs and tax revenue. laura anthony has the story. we are beside ourselves with joy over the project. >> they are calling project "x" to bring a major company to their town. >> why all the secrecy? >> that is the request of the end user. they finalize their details and prefer to have privacy in the matter. >> reporter: they don't divulge the name of the company but wide speculation amazon is planning to put a million foot distribution center 120 acres on the west side of town. >> it's going to bring thousands of jobs to quasi. >> last september, the governor cut a deal with amazon to delay
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collecting sales tax if they created 10,000 new jobs in the state. it would bring in 15,000 jobs. a boon for a town with an unemployment rate approaching 21%. >> the agricultural base of our economy had as a lot of season and we have been working hard to diversify our economy. >> he is unemployed and excited about the prospect of all those new jobs. >> $14-18 an hour? >> i think it's great for the central valley. $14-18 is about the equivalent to $20-30 in the bay area. >> the new distribution area would join several others in patterson, like cvs. it would off settle job losses. 48-year-old patterson vegetable company announced it may close next month. >> the same week we are hearing about this, we are hearing four
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companies that are reducing employment. so it comes and goes. >> reporter: if this deal is finalized in the coming weeks, it's expected to move very quickly. we understand this company wants to have this distribution center off by december of this year in time for the holidays. if it's amazon, all i can tell you that company did not return our calls for comment today. >> dan: a lot more to get to. coming up. two oakland police officers in trouble over what happened at a protest and how the word got out. plus, new plastics and how local scientists are using the stuff to sniff out nuclear material. i'm spencer christian and winter weather we've been waiting for. i'll detail it in my accu-weather forecast. >> dan: later tonight, questions
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and finger pointing over
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nick smith has the story. these officers have rights. >> reporter: the sergeant is president of the police officers association and is not happy about the public disclosure of the punishment handed down to two of its officers. >> it's an absolute outrage from the perspective of the officers and members of the association and association itself. >> reporter: in the video that went viral, officer john hard graves has a name covered with black tape, a when the officer's super walks over to him, chats with him and ultimately convinces him to remove the tape. both men were punished. the officer for 30 days and lieutenant wong was demoted to sergeant for not properly reporting the incident. they say it's evidence of a systemic issue.
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>> all officers understand you can't arbitrarily decide. >> in a statement, opd says they recognize a policy violation occurred but this is part of an internal investigation and we do not comment on personal issues. opd has been under a microscope after two military veterans had serious injuries. scott olson and another one on november 24th. concerns over privacy were raised after a group hacked into the police website. now, they are using tools of their own, small cameras attached to their uniforms giving everyone a set extra set of eyes to bring the truth into focus. the oakland police department has an agreement in place since 2003 that required the opd to follow specific rules related to recording and investigation of misconduct. >> dan: pleasanton three high
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schools have a huge spike of suspensions because of drug and alcohol. so they will vote on a k-9 protection plan. drug sniffing dogs will be brought into the teacher parking lots and lockers on a regular basis looking for contraband. critics say it's a violation of privacy but proponents say they will make sure its drug free zone. on the weather forecast. spencer christian is here and another beautiful day. spectacular. >> gorgeous weather, i'm smiling because we have a hint of rain in the forecast. i'm so happy to see it. i hope we do. here is a live view, east bay hills camera, vollmer peak looking towards san francisco on this clear and crisp evening. we had a really mild day today. high temperatures got so close to 70 degrees, we had highs of 69 in cloverdale and santa rosa.
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68 in santa cruz. 69 in livermore and numerous mid to upper 60s in the bay area. followed by what will become a cold overnight. it's already chilly in novato where temperatures have dropped into the upper 30s and right around 40 at napa and santa rosa 52 in oakland and these are the highlights, clear and cold overnight tonight. tomorrow will be yet another spare-the-air day. 14th of season so far. cold nights and mild days will be with us through saturday and after that, we have pretty important changes coming up. focus on air quality, spare-the-air alert going through tomorrow. poor air quality in santa clara valley tomorrow and moderate for the remainder of the bay area. you probably noticed that haze if you were outside for any period of time. overnight, lows dropping to the upper 20s in napa and santa rosa. low 30s in many other inland
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locations, it will be chilly around the bay, lows in fremont, palo alto and san jose, low 38 degrees. winter like overnight period. satellite radar composite shows a huge massive ridge of high pressure building in to dominate our weather but much of the western half of the u.s. we have a dry pattern continuing for several more days but more coming in the jetstream. another mild day. mid to per 60s. 66 in san jose, 67 in campbell. mid-60s on the peninsula. 65 degrees in redwood city and palo alto. low to mid-60s at the coast. downtown san francisco, 65 will be height tomorrow. 63 in sun set district. mid to upper 60s in the north bay, up to 68 this santa rosa. 69 in cloverdale. mid-60s in the near east bay.
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68 in pleasanton. 69 in livermore and monterey bay upper 60s to 70. accu-weather seven-day forecast, dry and mild, mild through saturday. temperatures drop off sharply on sunday then monday and tuesday, cloudy and much cooler and wednesday, cloudy with a slight chance of rain in the north bay. doesn't look like a major storm but we are welcoming and cheering the rain. >> bring it on. >> thanks. >> chemical contamination in overseas orange juice, to make sure it doesn't wind up in your refrigerator and unexpected detours, airlines forced to take the stop out of
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>> dan: orange juice prices hit record highs after u.s. regulators banned i am ports over concerns over a fungus contamination. food and drug administration says initial test results found well below any safety concern. they alerted to possible contamination of a chemical that is banned in the u.s., but used in brazil and overcountries. experts say the scare highlights a bigger problem. >> only 2% of food that is imported in the united states is ever inspected by the fda. that is not acceptable. we have to ask for better. but we have to realize if we want a better system we're going to have to pay for it. >> no juices have been recalled but the fda said it will destroy any products that show unacceptable levels of chemical in question. consequent continental passengers that buy nonstop tickets are getting
9:26 pm
shortchanged. carrier is increasingly relying on cheaper to run boeings but the headwinds are forcing those planes to burn more fuel and planes need to land in canada or iceland to refuel, not nonstop at all. according to the "wall street journal," out of 1100 flights on the 737s, 43 needed to stop for refueling. now, it not like continental has tried to solve the problem, they added devices to the wings to increase fuel efficiency and also necessity cut weight by 600 pounds and increased fuel they can carry. they are considering extra fuel tanks but that would cut into luggage space. continental is not the only one, both american and u.s. airways they have had to divert a few
9:27 pm
planes because of headwinds. when we continue, the murder of a nuclear scientist in iran. i want to categorically deny any united states involvement. >> a denial by the united states but iran is convinced that the u.s. is behind the assassination >> a very brave teenager help deputies catch a burglar in southern california. former mayor george moscone gets
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>> dan: good evening? >> we're going to begin this
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half-hour with a murder of a nuclear scientist in iran. they are ratcheting up tensions between iran and the united states. here is the latest on the story. >> the assassination targeting was so precise that the car the scientist was riding in was left almost intact, but the scientist had no chance of survival. two motorcyclists tracked the car through tehran's morning rush hour lobing a bomb. it's right you on out of a spy thriller. >> has the earmarks of a israeli operation. very sophisticated. >> the iranians accuse not just the israelis but americans, as well. >> i wanted to categorically deny any united states involvement. >> he was deputy director of the uranium enrichment facility. there is a speculation that iran
9:32 pm
killed the steists pin it on united states and israel but they say he was far too valuable. he is the fifth nuclear scientist targeted for assassination in the last two years. four died. today's attack is the newest in the increasingly dangerous tension between the u.s. and iran. in october the u.s. said the iranians were hatching a plot to assassinated the saudi ambassador in washington. just last month the iranians thnt to close down the strait of hormuz where one-quarter of the world's oil transits and they sentenced a former u.s. marine to death. today's assassination could increase the risk have execution and drive the iranians to take even more radical steps. >> if this had happened in the united states or in israel we would consider it an act of terrorism, an act of war. we would be seeking to retaliate. iran has a lot of experience with terrorist acts like this.
9:33 pm
this is not over. this is just beginning. >> reporter: officials believe the assassinations and other covert activity has slowed the iranian nuclear program but it certainly hasn't stopped it. >> dan: french cameraman is the first western journalist to be killed in the ten-month old uprising in syria. total of nine people were killed today and dozens more wounded. gunmen fired a barrage of grenades. they blame terrorists for the attack. they were invited to report on the crisis. he is the first journalist to die in the violence there. here in this country, since 1965, murder is not among the top 15 causes of death. cdc says almost 18,000 people were murdered in 2008 falling by more than thousand in 2009 and
9:34 pm
to just more than 16,000 in 2010 that is the lowest since 19623. the drop surprises criminologists. they expect crime to rise as economic conditions worsened and unemployment rose. on the top of the list, causes of death, no surprise, heart disease and cancer. some very terrifying moments for a 15-year-old boy in southern california. he found himself home alone when a man broke into his house but he had the presence of mind to videotape on cellphone and at the same time call 911. where s in the house are you? >> in my parents bedroom. >> a 911 call prowler just steps away. he is trying to track the moves of the inintruder. it all started when he heard noises outside.
9:35 pm
he is all alone. he wanted to let his parents know what happened and he is recording on his cellphone. even the sound of shattering glass. >> they opened the window. >> i think someone is trying to come in. >> how old are you? >> i'm only 15. >> scared? >> actually. i didn't know if he had a gun or a knife or something. >> scarier still, the footsteps get closer. >> are they there now. >> how are you certain? >> i can hear him. >> he is stepping in the kitchen. >> please come he said, now where to hide. >> is there a bed you can go under. >> we are on our way. we are huarg h you are going. >> inside the house the suspect now so close the teen can see the intruder's shoes. >> when he was right next to me, i had mixed thoughts, should i
9:36 pm
trip him or should i just stay still. >> then comes another knock on the door, deputies. he says he is the residents but the law men know better and arrest him. the video you, it will be a compelling bit of evidence in court. a couple of items about religion. in you a unanimous decision, they say religious workers cannot sue for job discrimination. churches and not courts are the best judges of whether employees should be hired or fired. they did not give details of what counties institutes a religious employee. religious groups applaud the decision says it supports their first amendment rights. and a survey just released a short time ago finds most mormons feel they are misunderstood and not accepted in mainstream society. a majority says plays like the
9:37 pm
book of mormon and tv shows are at fault about misconceptions about their faith. overwhelming 90% of mormons describe themselves as christian. in fact a number are distinct from christian tradition including that jesus christ and god are separate beings. the president of their church is a prophet. politically mormons are more conservative than most. mitt romney and some are more liberal and support democratic politicians, including harry reid who is a democratic but also as you may know a mormon. a new play opens tonight in berkeley recipe terry theater called ghost like. it's about george mosconeh it's directed by his son jonathan. he talked about it with don sahez. >> mayor moscone and supervisor
9:38 pm
harvey milk have been shot and killed. >> those chilling words we still remember. jonathan moscone was 14 years old. the day has haunted him for more than 40 years. >> to investigate a moment in history that changed my life. >> the artistic director is directing ghost like. he turns an imagined history of his father's life. it's been written by artistic director of berkeley rep. >> he was so compelling and personally moving to me that he was wanting to share a story with me. a line from the play but that is not why he wanted to tell the story. >> the play is about how memory sheriff's us and how the loss of somebody can create a mythology.
9:39 pm
>> reporter: john as a child dreaming of his father's funeral. it happened in real life. he the directing hamlet. his relationship with his ghost, his father. >> he wanted to investigate just what had happened to him and the nature of his experience. >> reporter: he says, words paper were terrifying. >> the actual journey of leaving those words took a while for them to sit inside of me and could find my search in the play. >> easier now but still feels zblebl at the end of the day he was my fathered and he is gone. so he is gone. and he lives only through me and my family. >> ghost like will run through
9:40 pm
february 19. the threat of nuclear terrorism is a bit easier to condition tend with. coming up tonight, a new detection device that uses cheap plastic to sniff out nuclear weapons. stay with us. i want a baby. a baby? but we were gonna see the northern lights in alaska.
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>> dan: lawrence livermore laboratories have announced they have developed a new material to sniffing out a nuclear bomb. it amounts to a cheap piece of plastic. this is the future of nuclear detecters.
9:44 pm
it can tell the difference between neutron radiation and gamma radiation. that is important for people in charge of protecting borders. it indicates material to make a bomb. >> neutrons will indicate there is something amiss and the inspector should look at this person or vehicle more carefully. >> most current devices can't separate it from less hazardous gamma radiation. from that it needs expensive equipment that glow in the presence of radiation. >> those chris kals. >> crystals are the specialty of material scientist. she and her team recently developed a new recipe that vastly improves the performance of crystals. but she was inspired to try it
9:45 pm
with plastic something believed to be impossible for more than 50 years. new formula worked. today, that is plastic far cheaper producible in large volumes and in sheets the side of a truck or your palm. >> you can see a detector you can hold in one hand. it's not just about size and cost and availability. >> it's the first material that can be made very large and safely, in this way improve the detect built for neutrons. >> we will get better as we do it. >> the next step is partnership with a private company to commercialize the new material. >> dan: coming up here next, if you want to get in on the niners playoff action it may be more affordable than you thought.
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>> dan: quick business item. consumers love their clocks and the company that is crossed $1 billion in sales. crocks have been on the market for ten years. let's update the forecast, spencer christian is watching it closely. >> sunny and mild. things are about to change. this afternoon was another stunner, time lapse view for east bay hills camera. watching the setting sun, at 5:00 10 p.m. very mild tomorrow, highs in 70 in palm springs, 74 in los angeles. here in the bay area, another mild day as well with high temperatures almost up at the
9:50 pm
70-degree mark. 78 in santa rosa. 65 in palo alto. 67 in santa cruz. it's going to be another lovely day around the bay. here the accu-weather seven-day forecast. three or four more mild diasdz and start to cool down. tomorrow is spare the air of day. 14th of season so far. much cooler on tuesday and wednesday and slight chance of rain. >> and we are rooting for the 49ers because we are pumped up about this. buying a ticket at the stuck is a lot like playing the market. timing is everything. ticket prices are down 20% since monday with the cheapest seat going for $157. they said the game between the niners and saints is the hottest selling playoff game on its site. you might get lucky and get a reasonably priced ticket.
9:51 pm
>> so if we keep waiting eventually it will be zero. >> incorrect. >> monday -- who is the most popular athlete in america right now. the answer might surprise you. and the task that is facing the 49er defensesesese it's the perfect time to find great deals on the 4g lte devices you love.
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research shows normal people like the jumbo deal. your classic jumbo jack made with 100% beef, two tacos, fries and a drink for just $4.29. it's all their favorites in one meal. they killed my jumbaco idea? i tried. >> dan: coming up 11:00, foreclosure crisis in slow motion, the number of bank foreclosures is way down but there is a reason and new science why booze gives you a buzz and it's a little different than you might think. those stories coming up at 11:00 over on channel 7. there is a lot of talk about drew brees and offense but we're not worried. >> but i'm worried. >> i'm more than a little worried. i worry about a lot of things. so does tim harbaugh.
9:55 pm
there are so many story lines. niners must start by stopping the new orleans offense. mike shumann with a preview from the 49ers defensive perspective. brees, touchdown. >> when you have one of the top offenses in the league, something has to give. >> they have a great quarterback who has great weapons to throw to. the guy has only been sacked 24 times in regular season. that is off of 700 times they've thrown the ball. >> it starts with their drew brees. i threw for over 5400 yards. completed 74% of his passes. >> he is unbelievable. you have to come with everything you got. we expect him to do that. >> drew brees is the first guy
9:56 pm
you have to worry about. >> one thing is the run. their passes are set up because they can run the ball. it's a big challenge will be stopping the run. >> namely, to aaron. >> he is a talented player. he is extremely quick and fast. he has a great working knowledge with brees that goes back with their san diego days. he is a weapon. that is the most glaring thing when you look at the offense is to have weapons everywhere. >> they say defense wins championships but this game will test that theory. and went from a guy desperate to make the giants roster to an all-star last year and he is being rerded. vogel got two-year deal worth $8 million. proving to be one of giants most
9:57 pm
reliable starteders. >> warriors scored their biggest and most surprising win knocking off miami in overtime. nice birthday present for the owner. warriors came back from 17-point deficit. nate robinson, what a griak pickup. 24 points off the bench and durrel wright scored 20 points. and dwyane wade says you need to be more aggressive. they help each other out. it turns out to be the demise of the heat and curry, warriors were able to be arguably the best team in the league. >> we played together and we are picking them up. look to the guy next to us. >> we beat the knicks, we beat the bulls, we beat the heat. so we can beat very good team.
9:58 pm
>> we play with different intensity. you watch the game, someone play somebody else, but when they play a good team, they are up for it. >> lebron and company in l.a. griffin saying hello to the clipper family. and lebron james with authority! look at billy crystal, wow! and chris, 25 points through three-quarters, nine assists. miami leaked 77-76. when mike montgomery sits down with the media it looks like he is going through a c.i.a. interrogation but not as much fun. the coach is not thrilled with the pac-12 which does not have a dominant theme. tomorrow night, they will host the colorado and bucks perfect 3-0 and game back in the
9:59 pm
conference standing at 3-1. >> i am looking at it every day. everybody crabs about our league but i think we have seven teams that have double figure wins at this stage. so obviously people are doing a good job. >> that was mike happy face. >> how big is tebow mania? the favorite pro sports athlete. according to a poll, he finished ahead of kobe bryant and tom brady. this is amazing when you consider that tebow started the year as denver's third string quarterback and they were reluctant to play him. now, he is america's sweetheart. >> he's had a good year. >> it's been fantastic and clean living and good values. >> dan: that is this edition. for all of us. thank you for watching. we appreciate your time. hoo


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