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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  January 20, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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 >> storm has arrived. this is live look outside from emeryville right now and more rain is on the way. check out this video in fremont. see how hard it is really coming down tonight. just as predicted. good evening. thanks for tuning in here. we go straight outside now to live in san
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rafael. a.m. ma, looks messy out there. >> it is quite messy tonight, dan. i must say, you know, the rain was starting to ease up just a little bit here in san rafael but right on cue for the leif shot it's now pouring again as pretty much pouring all night. look at the video we shot earlier. just kind of roaming the streets of marin county trying to check things out. we heard branches down in some spots but really in the quite as much damage as we had expected. but again the rape is coming down so earlier today there were plenty of accidents as people were making their way home on this friday evening. i spoke to one gentlemen driving back from sacramento. trip that normally takes him only an hour and a half. >> because of the rain, flooded everywhere. so i got home 3 and a half hours. it's ridiculous. it's pouring. it's flooded. it's actually -- accidents everywhere. >>reporter: he says it's rchblingt i agree. but everybody says that we do need
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the rain so we know. that but kind of a wet soggy night that we have to dole with. for everybody at home cozy in front of their tv tonight, jealous. live in san rafael. 7 news. >> all right thanks very much. we appreciate that gentleman let's go straight to spencer now with a look at the forecast really coming down. >> it is. over wide area. not just confined to small segment of the bay area but the entire area is getting drenching right now. live doppler 7 hd heaviest rain is still concentrating mainly in the north bay and pockets of heavy rain in other locations. look at this. from offshore to the coast all the way through sonoma and marin county across napa county it is just pouring. let me give you a closer look here along highway 1 from fort ross downpour highway 1001 north of wind or and santa rosa down to petaluma, downpour. napa county highway 29 from
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saint helena to unitville to napa downpour and more. how about this. south word that's wide spread downpour in the north bay but between san jose and santa reduces in the south bay pockets of heavy rainfall now and pockets of heavy rainfall all the way up along the peninsula to san francisco sought rain is here. will continue for a while and winds will be strong as the rain is heavy and we have another storm coming in on sunday which i tell you about a little bit later. >> okay spencer thanks very much. see you shortly. snowing early today in the sierra but then turned to rain. look at the video from short time ago. rain drenching the streets but as we report, skiers are very optimistic. >> first of 3 storms to hit the sierra nevada. was a bit of a disappointment. from the lake tahoe baseen in the north to mammouth in the south just a few inches over 9. >> i have been working out my snow dance. >>reporter: we found amanda
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and brock working on the snow dance. they have been waiting for months for it to snow. last nettable snow fall was in early november. >> this year we have invest more money in skiing. we got a new suv. season passes. we got our ski cabin. >>reporter: no snow. >> no snow. >>reporter: second storm is supposed to pack a punch. for area businesses the new snow is just washington they were hoping for. they saw the hug hugely lucrative thanksgiving, christmas and new year holiday pass by. pain steakly slow. no snow meant no customers. leaving workers with little to do but pray. >> this year has been so dry. all the way around. pretty brutal. >>reporter: ski resort surviving on man made snow. boreal proud the most snow they have ever made in a season. 32 million gallon. to get the real stuff is moreen joychbility wasn't too if you please this has been the first like real real snow obviously
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but it's nice kind of slushy. >>reporter: now businesses wonder if the desperately needed storms might be too late to turn things around. >> so late in the season it's kind of a gray area whether more people will show up. word is out we have had a tough season already. hoping more people are coming. >>reporter: forecast predict high pressure could be coming back next week and could be sunny and dry again beginning tuesday. at boreal, abc 7 new news. storm blasted pacific northwest with snow ice and fierce wind has left a mess of fallen trees and downed power lines. crew working over time to try to restore the power in and around the seattle area but thousands office people across the region are still without electricity. and some of the hardest hit areas might not get the juice back on until next week. moving on to some other news around the bay tonight. occupy protestors are at it again staging day of action today in san francisco financial district and protest are still going on right now
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despite the weather. we are live in san francisco with very latest on is what happening. >> tell you what. the rain didn't slow them down. made it from the financial district here to van ness and geary i show you flight across the street. there's a fire truck and the reason why is because inside of the cathedral or former cathedral hill hotel they keep fuling pull fire alarms. show you some pictures from what we saw a little bit earlier they made entry into this now vacated hotel and hung ban interout as part of the statement obviously. trying to make a statement about housing in the city. now the police actually had anticipated them making their way here and tried actually steering the crowd away but as they were doing that and some of the crowd dissipated, speed limit of the people in the demonstration crowd did make their way that the hotel. now as the
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demonstration was slightly dissipating actually going around some of the corners about a block away at a bentley dealership somebody knocked out several windows. glaad glass all over the street. that was pretty interesting as well. you mention dan that this is a demonstration that is ongoing. that is correct they are actually across the street. still demonstrating as we understand it there are still femur inside of the hotel coming up on 7 news at 11:00 we have the full details and the progress if they are still out here reporting live in san ancisco, abc 7 news. thanks very much. kidnapped 12-year-old girl is safe we are glad to tell you tonight. this afternoon police shot and killed this man who took the girl from her san jose home at gun point. david louie has the story on what happened. >>reporter: suspect again opened fire on the officer in the apartment. and one of our
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officers our s.w.a.t. team took a shot at the suspect and actually hit him and the suspect has been pronounced dead at the scene. >>reporter: gunshots were fired but the 12-year-old hospital stamping not hurt. she was taken to a nearby hospital to be sure. she was kidnapped from this house on tap court just before 1:30 in the morning by her mother's former boyfriend. relatives who were home at the time said from-year-old tree trunk lee confronted girl grandfather in the drive wait a minute saw someone walk up plant a gown in his head and ask where my sister was and took him in the house. my family then dad when he couldn't find what he was looking for he took my niece pwichltd the girl asleep in the upstairs pwevrment lee fired 2 shots inside the house. although police did not found any bullet holes. tree trunk lee had a police record for driving under the influence and domestic violence. a tip police led them to this drive 2 story up to house at the rear
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of the complex. >> suspect opened fire on the officer as they approached the apartment. fired several rounds from inside the apartment and at this time the officers believed that the victim was imminent danger. >>reporter: because shots had been fired with the 12-year-old kidnapped police considered him armed and dangerous but it was a mystery noble let hole found leading to speculation lee might have been shooting blank blanks. when lee fired shots again police closed in, officers said they had to shoot back. >> when officers become shot at they don't have the time to ask washington type of ammunition. you return fire when shot at. >>reporter: police issued amber alert but lack the lip plate because nobody caught the license plate and turned tonight to police when the kidnapping occurred. bottom line is a 12-year-old girl is safe tonight thanks to a tip to police. in san jose, david lou 7 news. >> police sunnyvale lock down elementary school in the south by for 4 hours today after someone made a threatening phone call to the school
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principal. many students at the school were held inside the class ramp all morning as precaution. but sunny veil police found nothing suspicious during search of entire campus. they lifted the lock down around 1:30 this afternoon and rae leased 400 students to their relieved parents. fire officials in reno now know the cause of that fire that destroyed 29 homes. elderly man in reno has admitted to accidentally starting the fire that burned 3200 acres and force as many as 10,000 people to evacuate. man told authorities he improperly discharged ash from his his -- discarded ashes from his fireplace. man is cooperating with authorities. it was a tragic mistake evidently. more to get to this friday here on the news at 9:00. just one day away from the all important south carolina primary an fight for the nomination still going very strong. historic event that could take place tomorrow the. >> coming home 16 months after that deadly san bruno pipeline
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explosion. first family moves back into the neighborhood. we take you there. and forty-niner fever head into this weekend championship game. it's almost time and it is exciting. stay with us.
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>> 48 hours from now the championship over at the stick and we know how it will turn
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out. first chance to get back into the sawp bowl in 17 years. don on the enthusiasim and parties and the anticipation. >>reporter: forty-niner flag raised at city hall frainer fever is back officially. team owner york got a gift from mayor lee u. >> blessed to host the championship game and expectation outside of the forty-niner headquarters wasn't we were going to host a championship game. we just tried to get better every single day. >>reporter: neighborhood watering hole here where experts peg the forty-niner success. >> to me it's the coach. mr. harbaugh did his stuff and he got everybody believing. >>reporter: this pub is in the shadow of the first stadium where the 49 ers play. filled with memory. last saturday packed. >> we had people in the window trying to look in and catch a glimpse of the game. >>reporter: in lower knob hill this is a giants bar filled with big apple l stuff. they
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flu in for the game. >> we go right to the superbow superbowl. >> giants kind of have that little extra pep in their step. they are a little bit more pl ready at the right time. i think they are peaking at the right time. >>reporter: retired san francisco officer pat works here. what does he think giants fans. >> they are great people. >>reporter: this hardware store around for more than 100 years but the 49 ers exhibit is new. >> people keep come if dropping off old stuff and they want to see it in the win oyshtion celebrate yes. but a warning from the mayor. >> while we celebrate we honor a very, very good tradition. be safe. do not abuse your celebration and our celebratio celebration. respect fans who wear the giants uniform out there because it's that reason they have to be here in order for us to have such an exciting game. >>reporter: he remind us we are on a national stage. no rae boat of what happened last saturday. one more game and on
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our way to the superbowl n.san francisco, abc 7 news. >> pretty exciting. if you are not near the television sunday the nfc championship is all over the radio. can't miss it. cumulus broader casting in san francisco said today it will take unprecedented step of carrying the game on all 6 radio stations it owner in the bay area. knb r 6 80 and 10 50. 107.7 the bone. kg o radio 810. k sfo 560 and k fog 104.5 as well as 97.7. all carrying the game. of course waicht on television as well. now we just love seeing the forty-niner spirit. check thought adorable guy. touch down. and this also guy wears the same jogging suit his mother used to wear during the glory day of the montana era. how cool is that? to shir your pride up load your video on this site or e-mail photo to you report at kg o dash just 2 years ago we won a world series. it
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would be so exciting wouldn't it. >> don't get ahead of ourselve ourselves. >> so much fun even if not a big football fan. so much fun. >> anticipation is great. can't wait for the game is that experience is here. rainy out there. >> looks like it's a wet day. certainly wet afternoon on sunday but that's okay. outcome that matters. not the playing conditions. right. live view from the high definition roof cam are her at abc along the embarcadero wet here in san francisco just as it is wet all over the bay area right now. i mean really wet. lack at live doppler 7 hd once again you can see the wider concentration of heavy rain up in the north bay but not tomorrow place the rain is heavy. i'll give you a closer look at the north bay writ now. we are getting drenching downpour on highway 1, 101, 29, all the way from northern part of sonoma county to napa county down through marin and points eastward and farther south rain spread. pockets of heavy rainfall down in the south bay right now and moderate rainfall and moderate to heavy in wide
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path from the planes all the way over to the east bay and out to the central valley. it's wet. eastward out to the sierra where it is snowing in tahoe right now. we have mixed precipitation around the general region of the central sierra but it is snowing around lake tahoe and snow more during overnight hours. highlights. rain an wind here in the bay area tonight. heavy at times. both will be. more snow for the sierra and next storm arrives on subpoenaed. state radar composite image shows approaching cold front add with the rainfall right now. sweep through and be our current storm next storm comes in on sunday. we get a little bit of a break tomorrow afternoon probably some sunshine few hours of dry weather. next storm ease ins on sunday and sunday afternoon whipping up rainfall that will continue in sunday night even over nature into early monday morning. start our forecast animation at 11:00 o'clock tonight at which point we still have downpour
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but taper off to showers by early tomorrow moing. pockets of light rain showers in the early morning hour giving way to clear in the afternoon hours so we get some sunshine and dry weather tomorrow. over nature tomorrow night the clouds come in. next stormy showed you starts to push in early sunday morning first in the north bay and by early afternoon it's spreading to all parts of the bay area so it is wet across the entire bay area on sunday afternoon of course that includes stick park where the game being played. rain taper off to just showers on monday morning. by 5:00 o'clock mopped morning we are lacking at very impressive rainfall total. 3 to 4 inches of rain in the north bay mountains. 2 to three inches generally in the north bay. up to 2 and a half inches in the peninsula and east bay and 2 to three inches of rain in the saa cruz mount. much-needed rape. is the sierra thunderstorm warning in effect until 4:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. 6 to continue inches of new snow. about 5000 feet. 1 to 2 feet of sfo before 7000' we have a high
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surf advisory here from 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning to testify okay sunday morning with swell expected to the reach heights of 14 to 18 feet. could be large breaking waves and dangerous rip kuvrnlts to conditions tomorrow. with the rain tapering off in the morning and partial clear in the afternoon we sea high mainly in the upper 50's and here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. sunday storm. tapering off to showers monday morning drying out on tuesday and warming up midweek to late week next week. high pressure back in the mid 60's and by wednesday thursday of next wee week. that will be the calm after the storms. you have. >> coming up. family hefty homeless by the san bruno explosion and invites to us take a rook around their newly rebuilt house. take you there. >> plus surfer trying to give back to make the earth a better >> plus surfer trying to give back [ male announcer ]a better citibank's new app for ipad
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easier banking. standard at citiba >> san bruno family returning home tomorrow. 16 months after that deadly pipeline explosion devastated the neighborhood. they are not returning to their old small house but to the brand new dream home. vick lee got an exclusive preview today. >> this is the family room. we are short a little bit of furniture. this is a little bit shawl but we are ready for the football game on sunday. >>reporter: bill calls tomorrow a milestone. in the healing process for his family. old one story home had extensive smoke and water damage. they decided to tear it down. and build their dream home. 5 bedroom house. one that is big enough to accommodate 4 growing chirp. the family add 900 square feet and second floor. >> we needed more space and this guess opportunity since the love to come off and wels whawls to come down. >>reporter: it has been a long and difficult 16 months since
9:25 pm
explosion forced them out. they have all gone through therapy. living out of suitcases has been difficult. >> moved into another house. kids lost all their toys all their clothes. lost all the things that kind of gave them their identity which made ate real challenge. >>reporter: they have watch the new home being built little by little. bill and betty took extra steps to make sure the kid would be comfortable. >> wanted to change the house dramatically so they weren't having old memory running from the house scary. all were here when it blue up and ran out bare foot screaming. >>reporter: this ace symbol of hope in a neighborhood that lost homes and lives. >> we want to be back here. we want to seat rest of the house goups and want to be a part of the neighborhood rebuilding. it's really important to our family to come back to make a statement to say we have surveyed this. we are okay. and we are going to move forward. we are going to move forward with this neighborhood. >>reporter: the family says they are excited to be back home. they are also angry at pg&e. one of many homeowners
9:26 pm
here suing the utility. vick lee, 7 news. >> when we continues here tonight. battle for first place in the race for the republican nomination as we head that the south carolina primary tomorrow. >> and uc san francisco try as new approach to get around the state budget deficit. >> plus new details about those uc davis students pepper sprayed by police last year. what is going to happen to
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>> thanks for tuning in. look at the head lines we are following for you in. storm is moving through the bay area right now and it's expected to get stronger as the night continues. third storm will move in later this weekend making for a soggy game at candlestick.
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>> rain didn't deter occupy protestors today as they took to the streets in downtown san francisco. hundreds have taken over empty hotel on van ness avenue. 18 people have been arrested. they are out there even as we speak. >> and 12-year-old girl kidnapped at gun point from home in sap jose is safe and man who abducted her is dead. san jose police officers shot and killed 42-year-old tree trung lee today at town home complex this afternoon not far from where the kidnapping happened. they say he was holding the girl hostage. again shot and killed. headlines. well, republicans in south carolina will vote in a visital primary tomorrow. certainly a tumultuous 24 hours with gingrich taking on opponent. abc news and a lot of others in the media. here's jonathan karl in south carolina. >> newt gingrich on fire. just lack at what happened last night when john king of cnn asked about the interview abc brian ross did gingrich ex-wif
9:31 pm
ex-wife. >> would you like to take some time to respond to that. >> no but i will. i think the destructive, vicious, e nature of much of the news media makes it harder to govern this country, harder to attract decent people to run for public office and i am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate on a topic like that. >>reporter: ex waive talked about the affair that ended their marriage we know gingrich lashed out at us for telling the story. >> to take an ex-wife and make it two days before the primary a significant question in a presidential campaign is as close to despicable as anything i can imagine maws applause. >>reporter: judging from the reaction the crowd was clearly with gingrich. as for romney, his own aides are privately saying gingrich is likely to win here. romney himself seems to be bracing for a loss. i. >> i said from the very
9:32 pm
beginning south carolina is an uphill battle for guy from massachusetts. i knew. that we are battling hard. fact is that right now looks like neck and neck. that's a pretty good spot to be in. i'm pretty pleased and pretty proud of success of our effort. >>reporter: last night debate romney again got tangled up when asked whether would he release multiple years of tax returns. >> maybe. i don't know how many years i'll release. i'll take a look at what our documents are. [ yelling] i'll release multiple years. >>reporter: santorum the new found winner in iowa now picking a fight with gingrich and getting under his skin. >> newt i love him but at times he that is sort of worrisome moment that something is going to pop and we captain afford that in a nominee. >>reporter: jonathan karl reporting. gingrich victory in south carolina means 3 different candidate warm front won the first 3 states. something that has never happened before in a republican
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presidential primary. so it is fascinating. well see what happens tomorrow. >> jobless numbers out today offer glimmer of hope in what is happening out there california unemployment rate fell to 11.1% last month thanks to seasonal retail hiring and job growth in construction, information, services health and education even government. breakdown of the bay area shows unemployment remains lowest in marin, san francisco and san mateo county. 7. 3 percent. higher in the south bay 8.9 percent. highest of all in the east bay at 9.3 percent. >> well in the bay area and across the area recession certainly left the mark on just about everybody from the young to the old the rish to poor one group in particular is struggling talking about young men of color. that was the focus of state assembly hearing held today in oak land. one of the larger problems is the rate of incarceration and most agree it needs to be mr. money spent on education and support not on
9:34 pm
prison. >> then we can low rae pete rate. lower return rate and more money in education an less money in prisons. >> big discrepancy on what is real and what is published. what israelis the fact that our boys and men of color are not graduating at the same rate as some of the affluent counter part and we just need to close this gap. >> other suggests made today better have had for students mr. tutors a better alternative to expulsion. >> higher education now uc san francisco has begun exploring ways to change the relationship with the university of california but the school insist it's if the trying to and the uc system all together. the school says it needs to raise the revenue to avoid a deficit in the next three years and it would like more financial independence if the uc system to did this the goal is to form a governing board to express the needs of the uc f specifically that the chancellor says are different than the other 10 campuses. >> we don't have undergraduate.
9:35 pm
we are not a general campus. we are a health science campus and it's our hope that in having a board that focuses specifically on uc sf we could over achieve. >> uc sf wants to pay the uc system for only the services it needs. university of california spokesperson told abc 7 fuss the regent are actually intrigued by the idea. student protestors pepper sprayed by uc davis campus police will not face criminal charges this video of the officer dousing students directly if the face with pepper spray last november just went viral. sparking worldwide outrage and an investigation involving university officials. yolo county corn announced today that there is not enough evidence to pursue charges against the 10 students arrested for failing to disburse. investigation into how campus police handled the situation however is ongoing. l still ahead tonight. the about before quadruplet in 10
9:36 pm
years. hospital experiences a unique baby boom. >> new movie red tale in theater today. this big film >> new movie red tale in theater today. this big film that is out and tonight on the
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>> incredible story of the airmen of world war 2 comes to the big screen today. project that was a labor of love for george lucas. arts entertainment reporter don sanchez has his on the aisle review of red l tail. >> may day may day prepare to bailout. >> american bombers upped attack over italy world war ii. they need new fighter escort. maybe these xwis. l. >> we have to take it off. low. where the guns can't hit them. my decision lightning.
9:40 pm
stay information nishtion a film where dialogue not the driving force he doesn't and he cost this. the the. >> gotcha. spirjs they are the air men black squad respect would become legend but it wasn't easy going. racism was rampant. >> we have a right to fight for our country. same as every other american. >>reporter: terence howard lobbying to let them join the battle while cuba going junior inspirit troops on the ground. the fliers proof their worth and overcome prejudice. >> you thought what. sign up and be the end of 100 years of bigotry. get your head up sochbility you are a fighter pilot. >>reporter: george lucas $finance the film on his own. big studio was not i wanted. gives us a chance to cheer and thank the veterans. fv [
9:41 pm
playing film]. >>reporter: george luck as called this a live action comic book. old fashion oned and corny seams like filmed in 1944. it's like "star wars"except world war ii planes replace the space fighter. really soar in the aerial action. dialogue brings it back down to earth. but you have to give lucas credit for bringing this story to a new generation. i will give red tail an half a bucket. abc 7 news and we'll see you on the aisle. >> well more to come tonight. surfer doing their part to give back to the environment. new program to get the surf industry to go greechbility program to get the surf industry to go greechbility i'll be back
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>>? a estimated that a quarter of the space in u.s. advertise postal sites is taken up by desires 0foam. one fourth. stuff last just about forever as you know and it's difficult to recycle and cost effective way. but a pilot program started by surfers could actually change that. watch. like everyone else surfer enjoy and depend on a clean healthy ocean. but a lot of beaches are littered with trash. one of the biggest problems is styrofoam. >> oil in a different form sitting on the beach. >> breakdown into smaller smaller pieces an gets consumed by animals and sea life and winds up actually in the food stream that winds up on our plates. >>reporter: michael stewart is one of the founder of sustai sustainable surf. new organization trying to get surfer and the surf industry to go green. one of the first projects focuses on styrofoam
9:46 pm
the kind of used to pack electronic. >> the technical name for the foam is e p s or expanded polly exact same material in one of the surf blank. >>reporter: blank are the core of a surfboard. experts called shafer carefully carve them to get the performance they want on different type wave. most blank made of new stirm foam but company called marco in southern california uses recycle foam for the blank. they gave thus video that shows the process. shafer mitchell in san francisco says it's a great product. >> if it didn't have this skin on it and e blank on it i wouldn't know the difference which to me is what i want. >> it sounds great but there's a serious problem. it cost a lot of money to collect styrofoam and get it to a recycle facility. it's light weight but it takes up a lot of room. >> 90 percent air so basically trucking around air. >>reporter: that's where sustainable surf comes n.they
9:47 pm
have organized a pilot program with business partners and volunteers to move the styrofoam cheaply. starting in november they put collection box at surf shops and few other locations in san francisco and santa cruz. sponsors paid for the materials and customers started bringing in foam. right away. >> the bin is full now and we have a few more bags ready to go as well. so the response is really, really good. >>reporter: volunteer pick up the phone and store it at office in the proceed situated yochlt the last step of the process is made possible by the owner of action sports express. michael shot this video of the truck loading up. >> business that transports surfboard and kayak from so-cal up to northern california. >>reporter: the truck used to good home empty now it carries styrofoam to the marco factory to be recycle. program such a success sustainable surf hopes to expand with more collection sites and more companies using recycle styrofoam. >> people conscience about
9:48 pm
refind recycle product so to have that option is good. >>reporter: now at our site upped see it on tv there's a link to places in san francisco and santa cruz where you can drop-off styrofoam. they don't take styrofoam used for the foododod or peanut packingeria material. >> well 4 times the fun for one sacramento couple after mom gives birth to quadruplet. 3 girls one boy all born november 28 in sacramento. this is the tenth set of quads born to sutter in 10 years. locals are calling it sacramento's baby hospital. but doctors say multiple birth are more common than ever. >> natural 0concerns of quadruplet is quite rare. 1 in probably 20 to 30,000. we see more and more quadruplet as more people have the technique to become pregnant. could they be cuter. mom says they are
9:49 pm
not identical sibling. dad says he thinks he's going to lose some weight. they will be busy around the house no question. >> officials have nixed a student vote to call themselves cougar at new high school slateed to open in salt lake city next fall. board of education that's kind of mascot is too offense i have to women. cougar most popular choice among students but with the charmers for the mascot. district officials say they did not weren't to offend anyone. cougar is a popular term for older women would date younger men. spencer is back with a forecast. seems that in this context it's the animal they are referring to. big cat. >> exactly. let's talk about live doppler 7 hd that shows why area of heavy rainfall still pwlaechingting much of the bay area specialally up in the north bay. downpour going on for hours from the coast across marin and sonoma counties and napa county. eastward out towards what is
9:50 pm
that? 505 out there. we have a lot of heavy rain. not just north bay. pushed south ward past golden gate through san francisco to the planes into the santa cruz mountains and reaching natural east bay as well so wet weather has arrived and going to be with us during the overnight hours then taper off tomorrow morning. high pressure tomorrow once the showers end we have a little bit of sunshine. high climb up into the upper 50's at mildest up to 58 degrees in free mont and oakland 56. 57 palo alto san jose and this is the accu-weather 7 day forecast. we have another storm on sunday. first rain starts to fall in the morning hours in the north bay by afternoon it's blanketing the bay area. wet conspiracy for the big game at candlestick sunday afternoon rain continue noose sunday night tapers off monday and mild weather the middle of next week. >> this will put us obviously still which behind but this helps. >> one storm would not have been that much difference but with 3 storms we start to catch
9:51 pm
a little bit. >> thanks spencer very much. >> larry here with all the sports and as there's nothing really to talk about he's going to focus on bad news. >> talk about cougar. harbaugh will not be unprepared. so what time do you think he was in the office this morning? getting read
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look! here she comes! ♪ she'll be comin' 'round the mountain when she comes... ♪ ♪ when she comes. ♪ it'll be spinning new chrome wheels when it comes. ♪ ♪ when it comes. ♪ custom spoiler, race grade pistons, ♪ ♪ gt35 turbo charger.
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♪ and they'll all know that it's kevin's awesome car. ♪ bought em! ( clears throat ) sorry. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay. >> coming up tonight at 11. police beginning now to move in on occupied protestors in san francisco who have taken over a vacant hotel. live update for you. >> impact from wednesday's internet blackout. will the users force congress to rethink the webb buyersy bill. that's on channel 7 at 11:00 o'clock. let's move over to larry and all the spoyvrments niners counting down. i have to tell you, you have to stick around -- you have to stick around. warrior the end of the warrior. stan doesn't have a choice. he wants the check coming in.
9:55 pm
he will be here until theen of the show. we are less than 48 hours away from sunday nfc titles game between the niners and the giants. thank you. you stay there. wide receiver ted and tight end walker both currently listed as questionable. coach harbaugh said he and the staff will be game planning up to the an hour before kick off. harbaugh in the office this morning well before sunrise. >> pretty early. sear dark 100. >> the only thing jim harbaugh seams to fear heading into sunday game is being unprepared. >> especially important against team like the giants. really never done. i think that that the hay is in the barn philosophy is not one that we subscribe to. >> offensively the niners know they need to be ready for all out pass rushing assault on smith. >> any time defense can give pressure from the front 4 that
9:56 pm
makes things difficult very difficult. 7 guys back there that can focus on coverage and l as good as it gets for a coordinator right. >> they dominate up front. >> how relengthless is smith. >>reporter: line backing 4 rarely let the back get in the in the secondary. >> we don't have to play to run or worry about the play action because our front 7 has been so good this year and best in the national football league. >> rare occasion they get by they make them pay. >> we play physical when you play physical people get hurt. >> too 2 fast physical defense and one win 1 goes home. >> play from the heart. intensity you have. mentality you have to have. >> they know what we are going to do we know what they are going to do. just a matter of who executes the best. i don't think -- could be a few trick plays but i think it's an old would is better.
9:57 pm
>> get one shot and plan on giving it our best. >> now the raiders search for new head coach continues. new gm reportedly interviewed if morning. he went 5 and 27 and head cope of the lions decade ago. afc titles game to test the theory that defense webs championship. patriots hosting ravens. new england lives and dies with the pride of san mateo. brady flinging all of the field while ravens had a better defense led by law is the past decade. baltimore head coach harbaugh says the team is also brought out a weapon this week. >> talked last night. he had some ideas and even couple motivation ideas and he's the master jack harbaugh he's in the middle of it off. it's been good and fun. >> yes. >> where did dan go. starting
9:58 pm
line up for the warriors tonight. curry sat out for pan in his ankle. good to go against indiana. 6 game home stand longest of the season. first quarter. ellis here. fade and fire off glass. curry ankle? holding up pretty well. cross-over. buries the jumper. tied at 43 at the break. indiana pretty good. came in 9 and 4 the record this year. monty. lee. were yours up two robinson. look at dominic tip it in at the end of 3. to the fourth. i know of a minute. runner and we are tied at 91. this is unbelievable now. last chance. hill picks him clean. actually he kicked the ball. should have been a turn over and no basket and 3 point play. last chance. curry for the tie. no good. warriors drop hard breaker indy 94-91. baseball news. ramos leaving
9:59 pm
tim as arbitration case. giants agree to one year deal with set up man. giants best reliever last season. 3 and 1 record. 1.5 era struck out 70 in just 48 innings l. very inentered signing ramirez. this according to espn. 39-year-old ramirez was great in his prima decade ago. coming out of retirement after getting caught twice for banned substances. wlv he signs manny has got to sit out 50 game suspension and down under maria and gerber round 3 off the ope open. top of the screen. easily done here she won the first set 6-1. not close. she wins it. about thanks for staying. >> stuck it out. >> morale support. >> not glad we dichlt questionable decision. >> that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00 here


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