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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  January 24, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PST

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>> senseless attack. college student headed to his night classes gunned down in the east bay. good evening everyone. >> we have some develop news in richmond tonight. it happened on nevin avenue at 22nd street in an area known as the iron tray angle. the 22-year-old college student and sister were preparing to head to class. laura is live tonight to explain what happened here. >>reporter: well, we are still waiting for more details here from richmond police. we are here at the headquarters what we know is that this young man a it was-year-old community college student is dead. apparent random victim of man walking down the street firing a gun. let's show you the scene it looks tonight short time ago. you see richmond
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police are out there. marking evidence. the car that we are she go you is the one that apparently this young student an his sister were sitting in there on avenue preparing to go to class just before 7:00 o'clock tonight when they heard scaeching tires and man come around the corner walking chasing or apparently trying to shoot at a car that was speeding away. the car got away. man apparently appeared to be frustrated. these are details we are getting tonight from our media partner could the could county times. gunman apparently frustrated. stopped and turned and then fired into this car where the sister and the student were just sitting. the sister who was behind the driver wheel tried to speed away. she did in fact speed around the block then returned parked the car in an apartment parking lot and that is where her brother this 22-year-old cocoa college community college student died there on the scen scene. tonight police are marking evidence. at this
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point not released any suspects descriptions and again we are waiting for more details. anybody with information is asked to call richmond police. the number is on our web site. abc 7 news under see it on tv. live in richmond, abc 7 news. >> thank you laura. city crew keeping watch on telegraph hill in san francisc francisco. chunk broke loose this morning crush ago car in the path. section that collapsed is almost directly below coyote tower near montgomery an lombard street. lillian joins us live tonight. lillian? >> carolyn there's a concern the hillside could slide again which is why the city has deemed 3 condo units unsafe for now. >> this rock here 7 cubic yard. >>reporter: san francisco department of public work spokesperson is trying to protect the public from more falling rock. heavy rain caused this section of the hill to give way this morning.
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boulder snramd a car parked to condo building. crew since working on installing a barrie barrier. >> if we have any further rock fall we are hoping at least we won't get past here and any loose rock will in the get through the safety net put here. >>reporter: only a temporary solution until tomorrow. that's when engineers hope to determine the stability of the hillside. until then resident at 3 units that are closest to the slide have been told to vacate. order doesn't affect done walker in a different section of the building and home at the time of the slichltd i didn't know it was a ridiculous slide. so you knowed lake an earthquake or something an everything was shaking in our apartment so it was scary. >>reporter: telegraph hill is prone to these types of slides. back in 2000 safe number of homes above broadway red tagged when a section of the hillside broke off. crew since drilled bolt an added net to go stabilize the hill. city says that may also be the listening term remedy at the site of today's slide. resident of the
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be seem to be taking off of this in stride. in fact some find all of this attention amusing. this section of telegraph hill is the same spwlot a burglar had been hiding on it for more than 24 hours 3 weeks ago. >> than san francisco. earthquake. rain. you have burglar that jump over cliffs. it's just part of living in the city. >>reporter: geotechnical engineers out here today but they hope to have a better look tomorrow when they could come up with a long-term plan on how to stabilize the hillside. live in san francisco, lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> thank you lillian. >> mud slide force the closure of several streets in the oak licensed hills on saturday and it could be spring before these roads reopen. 50 foot section of wild current way collapsed when tree fell over and ruptured water main causing a water soak street to crumble on the road. >> rain brought much needed snow to the sierra. just last week interstate 80 was dry as
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we showed you. there it is look at this. in late january. fast forward a few days and this is what it looks like now. snow coughing the area now. snow piling up and people getting the winter work without snow blowers and shovel. central sierra 2 to 3 feet of snow from the system or series of symptoms. good news for skiers but snow made road conditions dangerous and trick tricky. this morning a lane of truckers pulled over to chain up before proceeding. oakland city officials release their new budget prosecute pestal tonight including drs. particular cuts to make up for the loss of 28 million dollars in redevelopment agency funds. 105 full-time employees will lose their jobs. about 50 fewer than projected last weak. mayor kwan says officials manage to trim the number by reorganizes and consolidating several departments. >> we have less departments. we have more emergency department and less administrators. and in the end we did our best to make sure
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that there are no cuts or minimal cuts to core services. in addition to whole sale cuts to redevelopment including affordable housing there's less for public works the zoo app aquatic center. libraries though and services for the homeless and seniors will not face any cuts. the city council will have the final say on the budget. holding a special session wednesday night with final decision due next week. 2 leading republican candidates for president dominated tonight's first debate in the next ballots ground state florida. romney and gingrich in a dead heat but with momentum on gingrich side coming out of south carry listen romney went on the attack in tampa describing his rival as influence peddler whose open party asked him to resign as house speaker in 1987 because of ethic problem. >> republicans replaced him in the house. voted to reprimand him. >> i asked the republic conditions to vote yes because
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we had to get it behind us. >> romney also went after gingrich the freddie mac relation shichlt at very time when freddie mac was getting america in a position where we would have a ms. i have housing collapse you could have spoken out aggressively but instead paid by them were you making over 1 million dollars at the same time people in florida were being hurt by millions of dollars. >> the fact is i offered extra teenager ick advice largely based on my knowledge of historyism there is another debate thursday in jacksonvill jacksonville, florida. florida primary is january 31st. >> as promised, romney has released his tax returns. he's reporting income over 21 million dollars in 2010 and just over 20 million last year. virtually all the income comes from investments. he paid between 14 and 15 percent in taxes. romney gave away over 7 million dollars past 2 years most of it to the mormon church. president obama spent the
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nature fine-tuneing his state of the union address hoping his message will ease american economic anxiety. watch the state of the union address live here tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. former san francisco resident accused of murdering 4 women in northern california is being investigated tonight for possible link to unsolved murders. joseph was ordered today to stand trial for the 4 murder oldest which occurred 35 years ago. san francisco police investigate whether he was involved in any cold case homicide from that period. he lived at several bay area addresses during the 70's and 80's and was the manager for residential hotel in the tenderloin. he claims he's innocent of these murder charges. tonight 43 mont police say driver trying to avoid authorities cost him and his passengers lives. witnesses say the speeding driver ran a red lit at free mont boulevard delaware street. that car white monte carlo broadside and pushed no a flood control cana canal. another car also struc
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struck. man and wohl in the front seat of the monte carlo died. 2 passengers in the back seat suffered major injuries. officer said he noticed the car shortly before the crash this afternoon. he reported the driver made several turns to avoid him and then sped away. more to kilometer for you nitd. forty-niner threatened for fumble that cost the championship support from team mates tonight. >> let me know they got my bac back. >> kyle williams is handling death threats from fans the day after the big loss. >> san francisco sheriff is in court facing domestic violence charges as annex girlfriend emerges with charges of her ow own. that's just ahead. >> so already storm bombarding earth with radiation washington kind of problems that could cause. that's all coming up then on "nightline". >> coming up next on "nightline". just a classmate until he started threatening her life on twitter and you tube. the story of one woman stalking nightmare. >> plus we go wrangling with the real life horse
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0. >> new problem tonight for san francisco new sheriff. new accuser has come forward to
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make domestic violence claims against ross. carolyn tyler has the latest on the story. >> this morning the shave was granted a speedy trial. this afternoon annex girlfriend came forward telling us she's willing to testify against him. the woman whom we are not id faiing described ross as pit bull and bully during her year long relationship with him that began in 2007. the woman filed a police report yesterday and tells abc 7 that in one incident ross pushed me up against a wall. grabbing my arm and yelling. he caused a bruise that he poll jaysed for. incorporating to court documents the sheriff's wife lopez accused him of bruising her arm during a new years eve confrontation. the sheriff has pled not guilty to 3 miss demeanor charges. and he has support. >> they are trying to the down a good man who stands for the city and fought for the city passionately. >>reporter: his attorney says this is one of the most over
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blown cases he has ever seen. >> investigation. publicity. the amount of evidence. >>reporter: attorney wagner told us later he knows nothing about the new abuse complaint from the ex pwirl friend. but that could certainly put pressure on the sheriff to step down or be forced aside. the mayor says it's up to the share. i think it's appropriate for me to ask him to make that consideration on his own and l really because it's his responsibility to carry out the duty for the public. >>reporter: no comment about that from the sheriff today. shiver do you weren't to continue to serve? or are you considering taking a leave? as for the if you abuse complaint, the mayor spokesperson says it's simply underscores the distraction this is causing as the sheriff tries to do his job. he is due back in court on thursday to try to get the sdwrouj lift that restraining order keeping him away from his wife and son. in the newsroom, carolyn tyler abc 7 news.
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tonight forty-niner kyle williams says he will manufacture past his mistakes from sunday's game even as some people can't. williams made 2 crucial error ins the game including this fumble in overtime. threatening tweet made against him and his family saying they all deserve to die. williams won't let it get him down. >> just buns back and move through. >> one of the things you have to learn from and you have to take full responsibility for it which do i. something that i made a mistake on and i manufacture through it. promise you that. irritated with the way people are treating him absolutely. i think it's ridiculous. get a grip on what life is about. >>reporter: threatening tweet led to police guarding players at the niner training facility today. twitter had no comment referring abc 7 to the general guideline for bad behavior. >> this story has sparked quite a conversation on our facebook page. if you with like to join in go to slash abc 7 news security forces were hard at work during a niner
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game ejecting 110 people for unrulyy behavior. also twain were arrested. most were alcohol related. but several were for resisting arrest. one may be charged with felony or threatening an officer. he had his 2-year-old son with him so he was also charged with child endangerment. the sun is become barreding earth with radiation from the biggest so already storm in more than 6 years. blast of plasma spawing from the sun causing the storm. scientist say no risk to people but sought already radiation storm will impact the earth magnetic field tomorrow and wednesday and could affect navigation. cause problems with satellite close to earth. flight pattern over the north pole are expected to be rae routed as well. >> remarkable. after several days of rain we can sea now see the sun. >> sck around for quite awhile. >> we see lieutenants of sunshine and still lots of warmth but first let me give you a lack at some of the storm total since last thursday morning. nearly 7 inches of
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written at santa rosa. 7 inches at saint helena. nearly 8 and a half inches at kentfeld and over 10 inches at ben home a.nice soaking an helps a little bit closer to the normal level. state wide percentage of snow pack is at 33 percent of normal so there was some modest improvement with recent snow that still way behind other normal levels. become to the bay area tonight mainly mostly clear skies right now. few cloud around temperatures generally in the upper 40's and visibility is dropping now in some police no, sir vat 0half million because of dense fog. napa county airport 4 miles 4 miles santa rosa airport 4 in concord and see what the fog is doing. visibility in some locations right now. highlights are these partly cloudy tonight. patches of fog dry pat he were begins tomorro tomorrow. mailed afternoon through the remainder of this weak. satellite radar im am shows passage of the storm that ought us the rain last night and overnight into the morning hours. it's gone now. in its place high pressure is building in. deflecting jet stream
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north with no storms aiming directly area. so for the next 7 days we have dry weather. forecast animation starts at 11:00 o'clock tonigh tonight. see the rudolph guiliani of high pressure building in. there will be some rain in northern california tomorrow but will remain to our north. sunny sky was just a few thin high clouds tomorrow and mild relatively mild day coming our way. overnight tonight i mention patches of tips fog in some spots. also chilly in some location with low pressure dropping into the 30's in santa rosa and nap a.fairfield. life mir. morgan hill and santa cruz and low 40's in mess other locations and then tomorrow gloriously sunny sky was high pressure generally in the upper good is to low 60's so we see high of 61 at santa rosa livermore 62 palo alto at san jose and mainly right around 60 near the bay tomorrow. and a little bit to our south l monteray bay see sunny skies and high pressure in the low mid 60's up to 64 salinas and hollister and gilroy. take a
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look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. warming trend coming your way. midweek high pressure in the mid to upper 60's. around the bay thursday, wednesday thursday and friday. saturday sunday upper 60's to near 70 in some location around the bay. mid 60's inland and low 60's on the coast. this is not the typical january weathe weather. soon pleasant and enjoyable. >> looks like we are pushing 70's. >> just about 70 degrees. in location lick palo alto and redwood city and mountain view. over the weekend. see just about 70 degrees. >> almost february. >> it's odd. >> crazy. >> thanks. >> as we continue. canada has announced its candidate. >> presidential campaign causing controversy on both side of the border. >> and most of us don't consider the airport a good place to relax but san francisco international has plan to change that. that francisco international has plan to change that. that story coming up next
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until 2 just past security. exercise physiologist say doing yoga or stretching at the airport is a great idea because sitting for hours on a plane tends to shorten muscles that can lead to all sorts of problems. including back problems this may shake you out of that moment of zip. another candidate rest for president can. canada the country. >> we have seen your candidate. frankly they scare the bleep out of us so we are volunteering our country to led your country. >> 2 men in canada launch political video gone viral that suggest this something they suggest something has to say about all our presidential candidate in the race. >> why do we want to be your president? 2 words. these guys. mr. obama we are canada. even we think you are too polite. >> even have a campaign slogan. yes we can ada. >> that has a ring to it. >> larry here now. >> steven colbert. that's
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funny actually. 49 ers. smith up late last tonight replaying every possibility in his head. plus what do the giants know about kyle williams that may have led directly to his 2 turn overs. interesting stuff. have led directly to his 2 turn overs. interesting stuff. next in sports
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is as easy as... making breakfast. omelet? sure. scrambled eggs. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. citi financial tools. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> good evening. jackson called the warriors no excuse basketball team the and he's right. there is no excuse for tonight's loss when you blow a 20 point lead against memphis at hole. frainers running back gore talking about no excuses. doesn't want this time off rate now. rush 39-23 warriors through 3 quarters. just on fire. david lee stealing the pass. look at wright. getting control here. spinning up and warriors up 18. then rush alone under the hoop. it's a 20 point lead. fourth quarter here comes gay and he's a bad man. had 23. pick and roll.
12:28 am
chris within 3. the griz good on a 27-7 run in the fourth. conley off the turn the overlays it up and in and gay off balance. fade. fire. hit. griz come all the way back to win this game. 7 straight over all 91-90. no excuses. oh. shark ins edmonton. hall wicked black, "he suffered last news a pre-game skate when player skate hit hit him in the face. third period. oh. hit by alex. we get a 5 minute mainl mainly. giving san jose a power my opportunity. shark take advantage. logan l the redirect in front and that is his 21st of the year. to of time. and then the shoot out. guy with the black eye. taylor hall bays thom price with back hand then many he's depended.
12:29 am
and the sharks get a point but fall to the last place oilers 2-1. one of the giants 2010 my off hero ross reportedly sign with the red sox. ross coming off a down year. hit 240 last season with 14 home runs. ross is expected to be part of out field platoon in boston. l it hurts will hurt for awhile. 49 hers a great opportunity but they needed somebody to make one more play to beat new york. giants made the play. that ended the niners season in the title game. instead of planning a trip to the superbowl they clean out locker today. some giants were quoted as saying they knew kyle williams had a history of concussions and were trying to drill him thinking emit turn the ball over at some point if he got realitiesed. apparently it worked. coach harbaugh today ever the historian quoted a famous sailor from scotland who live in the 15 century. >> as sir an drew bart open said fight on me.


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