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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  January 25, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc good morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. several with its in are coming forward describing the road rage that lead to a deadly crash on highway 80. the driver of a minivan was killed this morning. >> reporter: he was definitely driving erratically, according to witnesses. it seemed like angry behavior, we'll never know for sure what
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he was thinking or how he was feeling, he died. take a look at what is left of his minivan. chp investigators believe this van rolled four times on i-80 in richmond 6:00 this morning. the driver was wearing a seat belt but died in the crash. according to witnesses, he was driving slowly, 50 miles per hour in the car pool lane. cars kept passing him. they say that he was brake checking, tapping his brakes, there was tailgating, a pick-up truck passed him, he got angry and irritated, he drove up next to the pick-up and then slammed into the side of the truck. >> what we are trying to determine is, if these parties knew each other? was it road rage? was it is unsafe lane change? there were reports about brake checking in the area between these vehicles. we have very good witness statements. the driver of the pick-up truck stayed behind gave us a
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good statement. for us it is the process of thorough collision investigation. >> reporter: after the driver flipped that minivan four times he landed on all four wheels in the middle of i-80. fortunately, no one else hit him. this was 6:00 in the morning. that could have helped the situation. chp officers are saying they are feeling lucky that more cars weren't involved it happened westbound, west of carlson boulevard, several lanes were blocked for a couple of hours traffic was backed up for miles all morning. officers don't plan on making arrests or issuing citations. they believe the driver mo was at fault, with was killed in the accident. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. the star witness in the san francisco triple murder trial is expected to take the stand today. prosecutors say he will testify against edwin ramos an
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alleged ms-13 gang member. he has been in protective custody since he identified ramos as the man who gunned down his father and two brothers 3 1/2 years ago. andrew was the only person to extremely tight in the courtroom to protect against any attempt at retaliation. residents of a san francisco apartment building threateninged by a crumbling hill be being allowed to go back to their homes after being evacuated for two days. the city advising them not to sleep there. crews were out removing the smaller rocks that fell. the bigger boulders will remain because they are helping protect the building. engineers state hillside on lombard and montgomery still unstable after monday's rockslide. public works still working on a plan to permanently secure that hillside. president obama is praising the navy seal team that rescued two kidnapped
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workers. the same unit that killed bin laden last year. 32-year-old american jessica buchanan and a danish man are on their way home. t.j. winick has more. >> reporter: seal team 6, the same unit that killed osama bin laden parachuted into somalia overnight to rescue to aid workers. they were targeting the compound where 32-year-old american jessica buchanan and > she hasw?:so)s this crisis. when we received proof of life our impression has been that she has done well. >> reporter: exchanging gunfire with pirates as they approached on foot, the seals made their way inside where they found the prisoners alive. u.s. helicopters swooped in. the hostages were placed onboard and flown an american base in djibouti. by the time it was over, nine
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with wed. vice president biden said buchanan's health was the reason the president authorize the rescue. >> they say jessica's health what was failing. they concluded they should go at this time. the president gave the go. >> reporter: the aid workers' convoy was attacked last october by criminals seeking random. -- ransom. their come bound was ripe with pirates and ban of did its. -- and bandits. there was an indication something was up when the president greeted defense second father net >> the president: good >> reporter: minutes after the address the president phoned jessica's father to tell him his daughter was safe. t.j. winick, abc news, new york. >> president of the college buchanan he attends says she is doing quell -- doing well. she attended a college in pennsylvania.
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the college president told cnn by phone that cuban none's family can hardly wait to -- that buchanan's family can hardly wait to see her again. >> the word is that she is strong, in good health, they are anticipating being able to be reunited soon. we don't know the timeline for that. but, they are very, very encouraged by the reports which they have had. >> he says they never gave up hope of her coming home and they held regular prayer vigils. >> president obama on the road today pushing the policies he outlined last night. he began his three-day tour in cedar rapids iowa this morning. he visited a small family owned company that builds conveyor belts. he's using that location to promote his flan to attract more manufacturing to american soil and rewarding 7:00s that keep -- companies that keep jobs here. president resident right now companies get all kinds of tax
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break -- >> the president: right now companies get all kind of tax breaks when they move jobs overseas. a company that chooses to stay in america gets hit with one of the highest tax rates in the world. that's wrong. >> tomorrow the president will highlight energy security in nevada and colorado. he will wrap up by pushing education and training proposals in michigan friday. >> con capitol hill it was an emotional morning. -- arizona congresswoman giffords officially handed in her resignation to speaker john boehner. [ applause ] >> giffords received a standing ovation from her colleagues. she is stepping down to spend more time focusing on her recovery. after she was shot in the head in january outside a tucson grocery store her mother and
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husband astronaut mark kelly watched from the gallery. lawmakers praised giffords for her dignity, courage and perseverance. >> all of us come to the floor today, colleagues of congresswoman gabby giffords to salute her as the greatest star among us. the brightest star star congress has ever seen. >> i'm so proud of my friend and it will always be one of the great treasures of my life to have met gabby giffords and to have served with her in this body. >> representatives debbie wasserman schultz choked back tears as she read the resignation letter and said giffords would return to public service one day her husband agreed. are they being poisoned? new study meant to determine if industry is posing a health
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angry opponents of a new
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stadium promise to fight back in spite of a rejection by the city council. last night the council voted to deny another vote. terry mcsweeney joins us from the site to explain. the ground breaking is supposed to start next week! >> reporter: that's right. the sign is up and site preparations begin monday. stadium opponents are hoping for two things to happen that would stop this project like patrick willis was tackling it. for the construction crews it is all systems go getting everything in place for monday's soft groundbreaking as they call it millions set aside for this phase. a group wants another vote on the plan. they need a judge to order that vote. that's because last night members voted 5-2 to deny an initiative from that group to let voters decide on the financing plan which the group says puts the city on the the hook for 850 million dollars. they say the measure approved by voters in june of 2010 said
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the team, nfl and the stadium would carry that burden. a city councilmember tells me they still do. >> we had a representative from goldman sachs and the banking consortium at our meeting in december he said emphatically that goldman sachs and lenders would never look to the city of santa clara or redevelopment agency to repay the loan, pure and simple. >> reporter: santa clara plays fair says the three to four million dollar cost for a vet in june pales in comparison to the 850 million dollars the city may have to pay. the city says the issue is not referendable. meaning you can put it on the ballot, both side agree on maybe one tng, a judge will decide if voters get one more say on this stadium issue. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. today the oakland city council begins discussing a new budget plan that includes laying off 105 fulltime
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employees. the budget includes draft tick funding cuts to make up for the loss of 28 million dollars in state redevelopment agency funds. city leaders say the current proposal includes fewer lay-offs than an nicheproposal. mayor quan says officials reduced the number of cuts by reorganizing and consolidating. a final decision on the budget and lay ofs are due next week. a meeting will be held tonight to talk about a new study that will test children who live near two big industrial fact stories for heff -- factories for heavy metal, children one to five who live within a mile of the custom alloy scrap metal. children who live near pacific steel casting on second street are also eligible for testing. researchers will compare exposure levels of children living in the study area with children who live in less industrial areas.
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meeting tonight 6:30 oakland children's hospital. as promised we are seeing sunshine. >> more sunshine you can see by this picture that the haze was looking ominous, no need to worry, just check the levels they are okay. you can see some -- [ inaudible ] but the ingredients are changing. the big differences your child will soon see in school lunches. another mile tone for apple. -- another milestone for apple.
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air carriers have new rules. ing this week -- starting this week all taxes and fees included in the prices of tickets. fewer $59 flights to new york. other new rules airlines must outline on your reservation how much each checked bag will cost. [ unintelligible ] good to know. >> never any misleading advertising here. mike gives you what you get.
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>> hopefully it is what want. good morning ladies. talk about there's that hazy was talking about i did check the pollution levels, we are doing fine if anything happens to stagnate enough that these levels will rise tomorrow, we'll tell you about it either through twitter, facebook or if it happens before the show we'll do that they usually tell us 2:30 in the afternoon. you can see the storm track to the north, low clouds underneath that's what we were dealing with the early part of the morning. we'll call it hazy sunshine definitely we'll see more and you can see what it is doing to our temperatures, 60 santa rosa, half moon bay 61, everybody else in the mid to upper 50s. mid 60s watsonville and monterey mid to upper 50s santa cruz gilroy and salinas some of us already at average highs for the day some above. couple more hours of warming
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today it will be warmer. i think the clouds will return tonight and we'll have fog, patchy, could get warm they are weekend with temperatures as they get near 70 we get close to setting records. today san francisco 61. livermore 66, 10 degrees warmer than you are supposed to be. sunset 5:25. we are gaining a minute and 45 seconds of sunshine today. low to mid 60s today with the high clouds and the hazy sun. slightly more sunshine around monterey bay and inland temperatures warmer down here and will continue to be warm they are afternoon with mid to upper 60s. storms up to the north eureka getting rain, a lot of rain to the north everybody else no just fog fresno 58, l.a. and palm springs 80 today, 75 in san diego, big sur 70 and sunshine, gorgeous there.
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back home, clouds tonight upper 30s clear lake, cloverdale, santa rosa, low to mid 40s for the rest of us. two areas of high pressure dominating. storm track couple hundred miles up to the north the best rains are falling now on the oregon/california border where it ising about to stay. we'll get sideswiped by some clouds, -- the pink is ice and the white that is snow. that's all going to pound oregon more than anybody else the next 24 to 72 hours. by the time we get to the weekend, more sunshine, low 60s along the coast near 70 around the bay mid 60s inland. more cloud cover and slightly cooler monday and tuesday dry all seven days of your forecast. first lady michelle obama has introduced a makeover of school lunches, not an extreme one. mrs. obama has just unveiled the first overhaul of school meals in 15 years, less sodium
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more whole grains and more fruits and vegetables. pizzas will still be allowed but with healthier ingreed s. the changes don't go as far as the administration wanted due to conflicts with congress this morning mrs. obama introduced the new rules at a virginia school with rachel ray. jc penney ing rid of pricing strategy -- getting rid of pricing strategy. [ inaudible ] the goal is to operate more like wal-mart which focuses more on everyday low prices and less on sales and clearance events. as part of the new strategy all retailer's merchandise will be marked down by at least 40%. apple has surpassed oil giant exxon as the most valuable u.s. company with an estimated market cap of 415 billion dollars. the company's stock gained more than 6% in morning
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trading. yes reported they sold -- -- apple says the iphone accounts for more than half of the company's sales. intel released a list of finalist for its science talent search, three of the 40 are from bay area high schools. they will get an all expense paid trip to washington, d.c. to compete for awards worth more than a million dollars. good luck. >> congratulations. still ahead, young giant pandas celebrating the chinese new year in a giant way. video of them showing off their new tricks.w'o
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coming up at 4:00, the mayor is apologizing today for what he said about his city's latino population. the stunning comment drew nationwide criticism. at 5:00 one plan get people out of their cars by making the sidewalks wider. will it promote a healthier lifestyle? those stories and more at 4:00 and 5:00. how do you sell bait the year of the dragon? crawl, climb and sleep. if you have black and white fur and cute. a dozen six-month-old giant
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pandas in china showed off new skills such as playing with balls, clutching tree branches and fighting for domain. >> this may look anti-social not for pandas they are solitary animals this horse play is encouraged by researchers and delightful to visitors. >> they are just toddlers at six months and weigh about 30 pounds. going to pack on more. for all of us here thanks for joining us. >>ho wants to be a millionaire is next. >> get our new oscar app. >> we have a link at under see it on tv. tv. have a great da
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