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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  January 26, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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to get >> good evening. man on his evening run at the right place at the right time in. he saved another man's life in dramatic rescue on ocean beach in san francisco. that's where a boat capsized at about 5:30 tonight. some time later a guy on his job jog saw a woman waving
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frantically waving for help. >> i pick the gip and walked him in to shore and basically took his clothes off and because i was afraid of hypothermia and just put my clothes on him and hugged him and just started running his back to get his circulation and stuff going. and he wasn't really responsive i guess for about 5 minutes or so. >>reporter: but his quick thinking and clear head probably saved his life. that man was talking afterwards. 2 other people from the boat are also hospitalized. there are reports one needed cpr. details about why the boat capsized have not yet been released. dirty cop admits guilt. one of several police officers charged in the large law enforcement scandal in contra costa county. today he pleaded guilty to the all the charges against him. the story from laura anthony. >>reporter: will he testify now against welsh and butler? >> part of his agreement is to
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cooperate in whatever fashion the government requires. >>reporter: the attorney for former san ramone officer lewis lombardi says his client has accepted his own guilt and will testify against other key players in the scandal involving several cocoa police agency. the career cop is also headed to federal prison. >> to go in to an institution facility that houses people that he spent over 20 years putting in the facility is very difficult. >>reporter: shown here in a prior court appearance he pled guilty to 9 felony counts related to larger scandal involving the several contra costa county narcotics enforcement team. 39-year-old lombardi admitted stealing thousands of dollars in cash, jewelry, even a pair of sunglasses during c net searches and received and resold large quantities of marijuana and methamphetamine. stolen from evidence lockers. lombardi conspired with others to create a marijuana growing
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operation and admitted dealing in stolen guns. while making admission in court he named both former c net commander welsh and private investigators chris butler as co-conspirator to some charges. as part of the plea deal lombard i will likely testify against both me men. >> it invites that person to lessen their own of role and exaggerate the role of other people. >>reporter: michael cardoza represents welsh. cardoza doesn't think lombardi will necessarily hurt his client's case. >> if he gets on the stand and tells the truth i have no problem with that at all. but if he exaggerates believe me we will take him head on. >>reporter: lom bared has not been formally sentenced yet. that happens in april. on paper he faces a maximum of more than 60 years in federal prison. that is unlikely to happen given the plea agreement. it should be much less than that. his attorney asked the judge today to consider sending lombard toy
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federal institution in sherwoo sherwood, oregon. attorney explained they would like that so that lombardi could learn another trade while he is in federal prison. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> late word tonight milpitas school district employee has been arrested for stealing 38,000 dollars from a school safe. police had been tracking 60-year-old may gardena for months after they were notified of the theft last september. the money was stolen between april and june. gardena charged with grand theft today and booked into santa clare county jail. >> cal-trans technician fired for falsifying safety inspection records will be allowed to resign instead of terminated. under agreement with cal-trans 58-year-old duane wiles allowed to step down as long as he does not take legal action against the state. he was rae moved from his job after he violated procedures while testing support structure on the new bay bridge reported by the bee. safety of the bridge was never in question. cal-trans says
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the settlement avoids lengthy expensive trial. san francisco embattled sheriff goes to court to fight for his family today and takes a hit. judge said that ross will remain away from his wife and child while he fights domestic abuse allegations. vick lee more on the decision. >>reporter: the sheriff has been ordered bay judge to keep 100 yards away from his wife miss lopez and the 2-year-old son theo during the duration of the trial. today his new attorney lydia asked the judge to change the ruling to the a no harassment order which would allow the sheriff to see his wife but not harass her. also asked the judge to allow him to be reunited with his son whom she said has been devastated by the separation. the prosecution objected saying they still felt for the safety of the 2-year-old. prosecutor proud an old e-mail she said lopez sent madison the neighbor
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would reported the abuse new year's eve. lopez sent e-mail in october while she was in los angeles saying she was worried about theo because her husband had left him in the car as he was vomiting with his diapers wet. after the two hour hearing the judge did he klaipd to change her mind saying she had no authority to modify property techtive order. the judge said the sheriff should have petitioned the family court for supervised visits. afterwards the sheriff said he was terribly disappointed. >> this is enormously crushing the fact that i haven't been able to see my family. be with my wife or be with my son. this is disproportionately cruel and i will continue to commit to fight this. >>reporter: the sheriff says he will now petition the family court to change this protective order. by the way i did talk to abc 7 legal analyst dean johnson to see if today's ruling by the judge is a common
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ruling and he said yes it is. criminal court judges normally or very often defer these matters to family court because they have more resuess to deal with marital problems in children. by the way, miss lopez left the courthouse today without saying a word. oakland city clerk today approved the second petition to recall mayor kwan. advocate have 160 days until july the 2nd to gather valid signatures 20 thousands of them. >> california air resource board is considering a decision that could drastically change what the world dprps a car. it involves energy and emission. california air resource board met today and will do so again tomorrow in los angeles. on the agenda regulation requiring one of every 7 cars sold in california to be either hybrid or zero emission by 2025. >> with the amount that that we
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drive automobiles cleaning up that sector the of our economy will move us a huge way forward and we will set an example for the rest of the country and rest of the world. >> bill belongs to fron profit called sustainable san rafael and with his cary pay aspeny a mile. board is expected to approve the regulation which the industry estimates will eventually add roughly 1900 dollars to the cost of the car. politic. may seem hard to believe but tonight was the 19th debate of the republican presidential race. 4 candidate remain but for much of the debate it seemed like only 2 of them were actually in the room. fireworks kicked off right away with the issue of im abrasion. >> i want to control the board. i want english to be the official language of government. i want us to have a lot of changes. [applause] i am prepared to be very tough and very bold but i'm also prepared to be
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realistic because i have actually had to pass legislation in washington and i don't believe on realistic promise will get through but i do believe if there's some level of humanity for people here a long time we can pass legislation that will decisively reduce legality and control the board and once again mean the people who are in america here legally. >> i want to make sure i understand. is he still the most anti-immigrant candidate. >> i think 4 of us, yes. >> go ahead governor. >> that's simply inexcuse afternoon. inskawsable. actually senator rubio came to my defense and said the ad was in appropriateen flammable. m mr. speaker i'm not anti-immigrant. my father born in mexico. my wife's father born in wales. came to the country the idea is repulse i have. continue use the term like. that you can say we disagree on certain policies but to say that enforcing the u.s. law to protect our borders to welcome people here legally to expand legal immigration as i approve that
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that's somehow anti-immigrant is simply the kind of over the top rhetoric that characterized american politic too long. >> that was only the beginning. republican candidate for president met in florida for the last time before the big primary there next tuesday. te surging gingrich eaten away at romney once impressive lead. more now from karen many. >>reporter: under pressure from surging gingrich romney came out at tonight's debate with his gun blazing. >> wouldn't it be nice if people didn't make accusations somewhere else that they weren't willing to defend here. >>reporter: romney seen once massive lead in florida disappear. tonight romney was more aggressive. more confident and more prepared than he has been in recent debates. romney repeatedly slammed gingricho work as consultant for failed mortgage giant freddie mac. tonight he made it a local issue. >> he should have been anxiou anxiously telling the american
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people that these entity were causing a housing bubble that would cause a collapse we have seen in florida. >>reporter: gingrich fired rate back. >> governor romney owner shares of both fannie mae and freddie mac. tell us how much money he made off how many household foreclosed by his invest. >>reporter: ron paul and rick santorum are trailing badly in the poll. they just wanted to get back to policy. >> 11 that alone and focus on the issues. that subject really didn't interest me a whole lot. >>reporter: latino make up 1 13.1% of florida 11 million registered voters. contender jockey for their support. >> is he the still mess anti-immigrant candidate. >> of the 4 of us yes. >> that's simply inexcusable. >>reporter: there are no more debate before tuesday primary. now the candidates if he can us all their attention on the campaign trail and getting as many votes as they can. this is abc news washington. >> there is a lieutenant more to get to this thursday night
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for you. couple. war veteran bravery earned him 2 medal but cost him promotion. oversight that has been corrected after 60 years. >> life saving drugs not covered by insurance. what the state is doing to make sure patients get the treatment that they need. >> foggy in some spots tonight but sunny in all areas tomorrow. i'll be back with a milder forecast coming up. da dan. >> thanks. also ahead tonight. how south bay high schooler earned the honor of ringing the closing bell on wall street earned the honor of ringing the closing bell on wall street today. stay with
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>> bill proenza texting dignity of military funeral keeping protestors at least 500 feet away was approved today by the state senate in response to abusive demonstration by fringe religious group that claim american war death are punished by the country tolerance of homosexuality. a bill kept protestors 1,000 feet away from funeral and would probably be ruled unconstitutional. there is no word on whether compromise measure met with his approval. >> state assembly today passed a number of health care bills lawmakers approved measures to require insure tore cover the cost of oral chemotherapy and treatment of mental illness and substance abuse. they also passed legislation banning insurer from requiring people to try more than 2 lower price
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medication before accessing a doctor pre-described medicine. in the mean time committee today addressed the issue of expanding treatment cost for cancer. we have more on that from sacramento. >> i have had leukemia twice and it's very, very difficult to experience that. >> i know what it means to spend a day in a room with a loved one going through chemo. >> no political party is immune to cancer. so proposal to provide greater access to treatment won bipartisan support in the assembly. ab 1,000 forces health insurance company to cover anti-cancer pills like traditional chemotherapy. some plans don' don't. requiring patients to trek to the a hospital or pay out-of-pocket to stay home for treatment. >> they just couldn't afford it and in fact these costs could average up to continue,000 dollars per month. in order to
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take their medication. >>reporter: henry says expanding such access would benefit women because a number of anti-cancer pills are used for treating breast cancer. in all more than 3 dozen medication have fda approval for different types of cancer. central valley democrat just wants insurance company to catch up with science. >> we i hope cress the price of premium. >>reporter: opponent still put autopsy fight without knowing how much the federal health care reform act will affect medical cost critic say they would rather wait. >> if we continue to put mandate on insurance the people who are paying the premium are going to pay for it. >>reporter: she lost her husband to leukemia 18 months ago. she knows he would have rather taken oral chemo over endless trips to the hospital. >> he wanted to be at home. he knew it was not a very good diagnosis. although he was a fighter. he would have been able to spend more time with his children and me at home.
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>> the bill now heads to the senate. at least a dozen state including those headed by republican governor have similar law in place. in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> on to the weather. sandy is in for spencer tonight and we are almost at february and this warm weather continues. >> feels like spring really. in the middle of within the near 60's today. >> yes believe it or not. close to 70 degrees in some areas. yes. despite the clouds and the fog that lingered well that the afternoon. tomorrow we bring you mild weather gichbility okay. >> take you into the weekend with it. how disthis sound. >> sounds great. especially the weekend part. >> good you have no choice. well do you have a choice get out of town but sunday not looking so sunny and spring like. talk about that in a moment. here's a live picture from our high definition east bay hills camera. look careful 30 in the foreground. we have fog in some parts of the bay area. as we look across the bay snot foggy there so you have to watch out. it's murky in spots across the region.
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here are the current temperatures. we have numbers visibility is poor where the fog is dense. santa rosa down to quarter mile. half moon bay down to a mile. 4 mile visibility you know likely more delay as we head in tomorrow. mountain view 6 miles oakland 5 and 8 to 9 between san jose hayward and livermore. here are the highlights we are looking at areas of fog tonight dense in spots. mild afternoon for your friday and saturday. cooler on sunday with increasing cloud cover and sound night you may need umbrella especially in the north bay. satellite and radar the cold front came through. it was weak but strong enough to produce a few light showers in the north bay. measurable drizzle in oakland, san jose, vacaville this morning. front going through. a lot of low level moisture that's why we see the fog right now. things will change. tomorrow. the ridge is rebuilding and as it starts to shift inland we are going to see a change in our
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weather pattern. the fog and clouds that are with us totally cleared away by tomorrow afternoon. dry and mild conditions are on tap for friday afternoon with plenty of sun out there. this is offshore flow. down sloping wind so it will get gusty over the hills at times with this ridge of high pressure building in overhead. by morning you will run into some slow areas where the fog is sitting so just give yourself more time. temperatures in the 40's to low 50's. yes. some location santa rosa, napa, you may need a jacket still cool outside. tomorrow afternoon it's short sleeve weather. 66 degrees in san jose. 66 vallejo. napa santa rosa the northeast wind very down sloping wind and those areas will likely see the warmest weather. 62 in san francisco. half moon bay, 65 in oakland concord. for the monterey bay 69 in watsonville up to 70 grease for new salina salinas. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast and starting tomorrow afternoon right through saturday it's
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sunny side up. not food. talking about the beautiful accu-weather we have. inter70 degrees for your saturday but by sunday it starts to cool off chance of some showers developing in the north bay. subpoenaed night into monday morning and the cooling trend continues on monday but then temperatures will start to recover early to middle part of next week and back in a mild patd pattern. >> thanks very much. >> still to come tonight. with quite a bit of fan fare a piece of san flan culture returns to town. we have that story. >> and mill valley firefighters rescue a dog 40 feet deep in trouble using a technique never tried like this before. stay trouble using a technique never tried like this before. stay with us. more
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>> firefighters had to use a technique he had never trade before to rescue an elderly dog. he was walked yesterday
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in mill valley when it slipped and fell down a 36 inch drainage pipe near 2 tank fire road. the dog named fear ended up 40 feet deep. firefighters ryan had been trained in confined space rescue but had never used it before wearing special breathing gear he crawled the entire 40 feet and was able to pull that dog out safely. >> bay area high school student played a key role today on wall street. [ bell ringing] angela was among the sigh he says competition winers who helped ring the closing bell today. whether a thrill. senior at cupertino mont vista high school has money to invest too. she won 100,000 dollar grand prize for her research on cancer stem cells of. >> now to business news. star buck first quarter profit increased 10% when they added stores, customers and new products over the holiday season. that includes alcohol, low calorie peppermint mocha and instant coffee.
9:26 pm
>> taco bell makes a run for the breakfast crowd. they introduced a breakfast menu and began serving brand name coffee at 800 of the 5600 restaurants. in san francisco tonight a food landmark is back and open for business. original joe reopened today in north beach. it's at the former site of joe dimaggio and before that an italy restaurant. original joe burned down 5 years ago at taylor street location where hit stood since 1937. >> this is a real san francisco neighborhood and the neighborhood and outpouring incredible. we feel so supported and lucky to be hivrment you are italian. >> we are italian. my father is irish. >> mean combination. >> mayor ed leon hand to cut the ribbon and proclaim today as original joe day. restaurant best known for the joe special combination of hamburger spinach and eggs. well when we continues here tonight. decorated bay area
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war hero finally gets his due. >> it was my honor and privilege to do that. >> promotion earned almost 60 years ago. and why it took so long to get it. about. >> gunfire at the pentagon. first picture and plea in court from the suspected gunman. and some call it a day of shame. prime minister of australia forced to flee a mob. stay with us. another half hour of news begins here in stay with us. another half hour of news begins here in just a moment sweetheart. we need to talk. i've seen your stunts online. i can explain... jumping a ramp in a shopping cart. so 2005. wait, what? and only 3 likes?
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>> good evening once again. look at the headlines we are following tonight abrupt turn of events former san
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ramone police officer lom pwartd lombardi says he's guilty of crimes committed member of east bay narcotics force. he changed his plea to get to 9 felony. he's expected now to testify against 2 cerebral co-palsytors. >> san francisco sheriff ross lost another court battle to see his family today. judge refused to change a protective order that keeps him 100 yards away from his wife and son. he's facing trial on domestic abuse charges. >> i'm in the spirit of openness should tell us how much money he's made off how many household that is have been foreclosed by his investments. >> if you check your own investment? you also have investments of mupal funds. >> and aggressive romney attempted to rough up rival gingrich in the second g.o.p. presidential debate this week in florida. there have been 19 since the campaign started. republicans there in florida will vote on tuesday. >> man charged with series of shootings including targeting the pentagon pleaded guilty today and for the first time we
9:32 pm
saw video taken in the moments before he pulled the trigger. here's mr. thomas. >> homegrown radical in ski mask. preparing to terrorize the washington, d.c. area. recorded this chilling video as he drove to target the marin corps museum near quantico, virginia in the fall of 2010. >> military building the be i'll target a punching. >> 9mm. handgun with an stned clip start somewhating. flare of the muzzle. roughly 19 shots fired. today he pleaded guilty to a shooting spree that also included the pentagon and two million tear recruiting stations. he was one of 50 homegrown radical arrested in the last two years. no one was hurt but the haunting image make plain the threat from within is real. this is abc news washington. >> violent protest today against prime minister of
9:33 pm
australia. julia stumbled and was caught by a security guard at one point nearly hitting the ground as she forced a path through a crowd of rowdy protestors. she was attending a ceremony to mark australia national day nearby ab rij national activist started banging on window. she made to it her car with protestors banging on top of the car even. she's okay. she xhened police for their action to protect her. fewer soldiers more drone. obama administration is looking to slow the rate of u.s. defense spending. panetta announced administration wants to reduce u.s. ground forces by nearly 100,000. proposal calls for reducing the size of the army by 70,000 soldiers and marines by 20,000 over the next 5 years. joo. >> this plan maintenance as i said a very significant army andñi marine forps. both services are at larger levels than they were at prayer to
9:34 pm
9/11. >>reporter: plan would ex pan the use of drones, eliminate older aircraft, slow the buying of next generation fighter plane and limit some military pay raises. republicans quickly pounced on the proposal saying reducing the size of u.s. forces to pre-9/11 levels would put the country in grave danger. l unique honor tonight for bay area man receiving an honorary promotion 60 years after his medical retirement from the marine corps. we explain why the life long service is being recognized. >> he gnaw at age 5 he wanted to be a marine today at 81 he remembers that moment he saw the marine corps color guard marching in a parade. >> it wept by and i looked up at my mom and i said that's what i'm going to be. >>reporter: at age 19 he put on the union form and dreamed of a military career. his official service was cut short in 1953. he lost his leg in
9:35 pm
combat during the korean war rescuing a wounded marine during a fire fight. >> i put him on my back and started down the hill in a fireman carry. mortar shell hit between my feet an blew us up. >>reporter: he earned a purple heart and coveted navy cross for valor. >> l he's a hero and in so many ways it's impossible to describe them all. >>reporter: had he not been injured staff sergeant gerber would have been promoted to gunnery sergeant and now a rare honorary promotion will do just that. the ceremony is due in part to his extraordinary service in korea and perhaps even more so to his legendary service at home as volunteer instructor. >> 17 straight years not getting paid. he's teaching tactic. patrolling. l different combat technique. >> my honor and privilege to do that. it took away from me a
9:36 pm
lieutenant of the stigma, the hurt of having to be retired at the age of 23. >>reporter: this dedicated marine also served 3 terms as mayor of milpitas and has been married to the same woman for 63 years. she will be by his side when he accepts his honorary promotion saturday. >> i am absolutely overwhelmed and i know they are going to ask me to say a few word and i'll try to hold it together while i do it. but p.m. it's just exciting. >>reporter: the rank of gunnery sergeant well earned and long overdue. in milpitas, abc 7 news. >> well earned indeed what a story. >> well. fight to go keep off the pound but this time not people. talking about dog. coming. what happens when your pet get too chunky. well send coming. what happens when your pet get too chunky. well send it to campp. stay with us
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>> the first member of congress to voluntary announce he's gay is getting married. 71-year-old damp contract retiring from the house at the end of the term will marry his partner in a massachusetts ceremony. no date scheduled. they legalize same sex marriage in 2004. well academy awards getting in step with the times. starting next year members voting for both nominee and the winners through electronic voting system. e ballot results tabulate the much faster than paper and could it allow the academy to move the annual oscar cast to an earlier date. maybe late january instead of late february. that is something that has been long
9:41 pm
favored by academy members to prevent the long drawn out oscar campaigns. >> get in on all the oscar action this year at predict the winner and go back stage during the academy award show itself. it airs on abc 7 on sunday february 26. we manufacture next to the ballots of the bull good. if dog. in race interest survey more than half of our pets are over weight. john on getting them to shed some pounds. so charming but so chubby. so adorable but so obese. so furry. so friendly. but so fat. 10 dog at month long dog fat camp. who is the biggest loser? is it chase, 90 pound black lab who used to run around a farm but now. >> golf cart is the way we get around our farm. he dwroud chase us. now he sits on the
9:42 pm
golf cart. >>reporter: house mate sugar and awesome. >> 46.6. >>reporter: how much does she need to lose. >> vet recommends 30 pounds. >>reporter: you may have the furtherest to good. >>reporter: is it lucky the 84 pound lab mix. >> he is over weight and has been for quite some time. >>reporter: is it oliver the 10-year-old beagle weighing in at 38 pounds. >> a little bit of a belly hanging. >> you have a belly. >> yes. >>reporter: it might not be boot camp but it is a sort of paw camp at the animal inn in morris town, new jersey dog put through fit needs regem like they have never seen. >> pool. play and seems like they sit around like fat lump. even the dog tread mill. now this might all look a bit over the top but obesity problem
9:43 pm
with pet. >> this equals 93 million dog and cat are over weight. >>reporter: extra fit needs. >> dog kept at lean fit weight it lives 2 and half years longer. >>reporter: we talk about dog years but what about dog pound pounds? about the lab began camp at 90 pound. >> 90 pound lab that's like me weighing 100 extra pound. 230 pound on me. >>reporter: big. but maybe getting smaller. as sugar hits the stairs, chase swims a lap and they enjoy the tread mill. it is worth noting this is jaws day camp which is a problem because at home. >> it gives you they beg and i feel in sorry for them but i'm killing them with kindness. >>reporter: these camp cost 200 dollars. it's not activity they do here might look different than what you do at home vets say an active life
9:44 pm
smart diet can achieve the same goal. 4 weak that the camp we have seep it all. dogma sanjay gupta and stretches. dog yoga. and jumping. but at last it's time. time for the final weigh in. first up. it's chase. >> 27 and a half. 84.2. >>reporter: he dropped nearly 6 pound. 2 and a half inches off the waste. his owner thrilled. >> i saw him in the door over there and i was look who is that. >>reporter: chunky pug. half pound and pound respectively but both couple inches off the waist. now mom is promising to do her paivrment i started giving them vegetables. they lick string bean. >>reporter: what about the hefty lab mix lucky. he lost close to 4 pounds. >> meters active. running instead of trotting along. >>reporter: finally oliver. >> about 24 and a half. 35.6.
9:45 pm
>>reporter: almost 3 pounds gone. 7% of his body weight. and you lost three inches on your waist oliver. you can fit into a whole new pair of pants. hopefully the human who take care of them will be winners too. this is abc news morris care of them will be winners too. this is abc news morris town, new jersey >> all right. as we continue here tonight. superbowl pick. will a camel prediction put the giants over the hump that story will a camel prediction put the giants over the hump that story when we come
9:46 pm
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9:48 pm
>> bay area company debut as first high tech i p o on the new york stock exchange according to silicon valley business journal. the guide wire stock soared 37 points on the first day of trading. the 11-year-old insurance soft
9:49 pm
which are company raised 115 million dollars in the debut. officials in san jose looking to raise the local business tax in order to boost revenue. tax is one of the smallest in the region and has not changed since 1986. city council set to discuss that hike on february 13. >> plus more space being added to the new development at mountain have you san antonio shopping center. see it here on the map. developer purchased an additional 3.6 acres attached to the 16 acre parcel. the 1 80 million dollar project kl includes safeway. 330 apartment units and variety of retailers. more on the headlines in tomorrow print edition of the silicon valley business journal. >> update the forecast as we inch a little closer to the weekend. sandy is here. hi. >> hi daniel. we have assign weekend ahead especially if making plans for tomorrow. get away for the we hope. los ang 77 degrees. pretty mild in palm springs. 81 there. san diego 71 degrees. high surf advisory for the southern california coast. also have a wind advisory. sunshine up to
9:50 pm
the north. tahoe 46. area eek a 53 aftemoing fog. end up with a sunny day as well. we see our share of fog in the morning but tomorrow afternoon clears out. it's a sunny and mild day with temperatures in the upper 60's in the north bay. places like napa, santa rosa, low 60's for richmond, san francisco, half man bay. 65 oakland fremont livermore 64. san jose 66 degrees. here's your mild accu-weather 7 day forecast. at least for the first couple days. temperatures approaching 70 degrees there cool off sunday. may need umbrella in the north bay sunday night into early monday and then it dries back out again. i really can't find any major storms out there. we need them though. >> yes thanks very much. >> well, who do you think will win the superbowl. somebody with a pretty good track record for picking winning football teams signal who is going to win the big game. this is princess. popcorn park zoo in fort river, new jersey. she correctly picked the winner of the 5 last 6 superbowl. how does she do it. annualizing
9:51 pm
statistics and injury reports that sort of thing. no. zoo general manager puts a gram cracker with the name of competing team in each hand. whichever one she nibble is her pick. so this year she's going for the new york giants. >> i like that simple. >> she's from new jersey thoug though. it's obviously. >> i go with paul the octopus. he picked world kuchlt other animal are imposter. >> tough to work with. >> that's for sure. absolutely. >> all right. >> in sports. whether has the best college happen team in the bay area. maybe princess knows. could it be a team from new jersey or perhaps the gails knows. could it be a team from new jersey or perhaps the gails of
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>> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11. figure skating championship return to san jos jose. tonight big opening celebration and the money that event is bringing in the bay area. >> plus quarterback brady is lending a hand to a former mentor. tonight what he is doing to help out. those
9:55 pm
stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. now more sports. larry here. college happens tonight. >> yes. tm? scary thoughts. >> yes. i'll proceed. best college basketball in the bay area. could reside in moraga. gales of st. mary's going for the 20th win. didn't throw me off. 20th whip of the season at loyola and lmu the school that proud our own. jones we are tied at 29 hereth saint marries took the lead less than a minute later. page from way downtown. part of 11 fog gales run. up 4. steven holt. from downtown. had a game high 19. gails up 11. 4 players in double digit one brad with 10 here. st. mary's wins and 2
9:56 pm
over all 9 and o in the west coast conference. usf. looking for the fourth win in the last 5 games. going to the rack. ran away with the game. the toss to green. winless in conference play. 90-77. still no official word from the rai raiders but various reports indicate the deal is done. dennis allen i promise you the new head coach of the raiders. 4 year contract. terms not disclosed much one of the things kind of made this transition a little bit awkward is that allen senior bowl in alabama and the new gm mackenzie so news conference has to wait presumably until after the senior bowl. never too early to start talking superbowl. rematch 4 years ago now start of this season. manning insisted he is elite quarterback. i like brady and
9:57 pm
brother payton and aaron rodgers. eli has brady respect. >> he does everything in a quarterback. i can see first hand what he does in the fourth quarter. great job bringing the team back. great leader. always hear that coming out of new york. guy have respect for him and so do i. >> federer is tennis version of ali frasier. this is cool. watch the ball boy. nice catc catch. i hope you have tonight wide screen. federer top of the screen. blasting away won the first set. all nadal after that. this is impossible shot. way off the course. drop fired up nadal passing shot takes the third. mental just owns federer. 18 and 9 is the
9:58 pm
record head to head and the final against the winner of the murray match coming up later tonight. or this morning or tomorrow -- tomorrow morning in australia. you know what i mean. man. >> another time zone. >> this is not a show to save i tell thank you. tiger woods in abu dhabi. mcel roy 5 under and tied with carlson. one of the 7 birdie on the day. gar say won over 71. hole in 1 on 12. garcia. flexing. tebow not quite. >> you are going to love this now. little johnny 49 ers fan who was in tears after the loss of new york giants. this video was sent by twitter. now blown up on the webb and it's adorable. >> you thought the 49 ers would be in the superbowl. maybe
9:59 pm
next year they will be in the superbowl. [ crying] we can still watch the sawp bowl. >> how? >> 49ers just won't be in it. we'll watch the patriots and the giants. >> okay. >> it will be fichbility okay. >> all right. still love you. you still love me. who has it better than us. >> nobody. >> oh, he's so cute. >> unbelievably cute. >> thanks. >> about we do that to you. >> i know. >> that's our report nightline up next. from all of us here, thanks so much for sticking with us. we'll see you again in an hour on


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