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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  January 27, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> i bake sure the door is locked all the time because it's always a possibility that something could happen. >> and something did. 4 women groped in 4 separate dorm room overnight at san jose state university and tonight an arrest. >> we were able to yacht liz the surveillance video and interview our witnesses. >> good evening. man arrested
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is a student. 21-year-old michael escobar is a junior majoring in sociology. he is charged with if you are counts of burglary with the intent to commit a felony offense including sexual assault. more on the story from corrina rusk >> the suspect does not live at this dorm but the san jose student easily got into the building likely following someone else who did have access just like we did. >> not that hard to get in the building late at nature because tailgate somebody in. >> campus police say the suspect started roaming the floors. looking for unlocked bedroom doors. and groped 4 young women while they were sleeping. the attack were his first reported shortly after 3:30 this morning. >> kind of briefly talked to her. it was like she was lick oh, yes he came in my room and lick i couldn't see anything kind of happened. he just left. >>reporter: camera did see something. text alert went out to students. >> safety alert. male 20's. black clothing tried doors in
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joe west. entered room and grope victim. last seen third floor joe west. resident lock doors. police on scene. >>reporter: police used what the victim told them and matched that to video from several vantage points to identify the suspect. >> we did purchase an extensive camera system that tracks quite a bit of movement at the entrance exit and every floor and video quite clear. >>reporter: police arrested the suspect off campus and say while he is a student he disnot live on campus. as you might imagine the quick arrest was a big relief. >> yes. within the day. it was a few hours they did a great job. >> feels good that at least they have the guys that did it. so won't happen again. >>reporter: easy access to dorms that are supposed to be secure with key cards has raised security concerns. >> i'm scared but am i safe in my open room. people should lock their door. >>reporter: the university always encourage dorm students to lock the bedroom door especially at night but it also
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likes to foster a community like environment within the dorms so it will be meeting with students in small groups tonight and next week to determine what other security measures may put in place to help the students feel more secure but not restricted. in san jose, corrina abc 7 news. u.s. army used bow and arrow to kill 2 coyotes near dublin out of concern for public safety. the coyote population has grown more aggressive in the past year and a half. fish game department and u.s. department offal tour were both consulted on options for controlling the coyotes. man con vbingted in a mortgage rescue scheme in alameda coin free man tonight but how long he will be out of jail that's really the big question. michael first broke the story a year ago and tonight he has the latest developments.
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>>reporter: judge put it bluntly. >> he pled no contest to 2 counts of mortgage fraud late last year. he was held in the jail on 780,000 dollar bail after his arrest last year on 29 count grand jury indictment. defense says the defendant has learned his lesson. he will undo what he did to the 14 victims. >> he's trying to move forward. did plead to 2 counts so now it's his way of helping right any wrong from his actions. >>reporter: he agreed to relinquish control of any property he gained from 14 homeowners whale posing as a private banker 14 homeowners now eligible for restitution. but none of them have filed any claims against this man. >> i actually feel bad for the victims. feel bad for the homeowner because at this point they still believe there is some miracle some way that through this scam that he has
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perfect waited they can save their home. >>reporter: federal agent say in this request for search warrant the mortgage rescue scheme continue to operate while he was incarcerated and after his release. investigators accused him of operating out of this home in the contra costa county town of brentwood. they say he bilked 600 homeowners in california, nevada and beyond and defrauded mortgage holders and lenders of more than 2 01 million dollars. authorities serve a search warrant at the home in december and seized computers. feels. other records. an investigation is described as ongoing. >> he is cooperate with if i sort of investigation. he has been cooperating and i imagine that if they want to get more information he would still cooperate with them. >>reporter: also named suspect in the federal investigation are bruce blake and luis del and await trial in alameda
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coin. his fiance and leah man who posted recruiting new client are also sues peg. probation report indicates he was convicted in minnesota in 2007 for receiving more than 2500 dollars in stolen propert property. report goes on to say he violated the terms and conditions of probation and warren for the arrest of this man was issued in july 2011. >> authorities in minnesota decline to extradite him because of bump it problems. for now he's a free man. this is 7 on your side. >> california public utilities commission late today slapped pg&e with a 16.8 million dollar fine. fine is for the utility failure to conduct pipe lane leak survey. pg&e reported the fill your to the commission last year in the aftermath of the san bruno explosion and has since performed the survey and fixed any leak utility has 10 day to be appealed or pay the
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fine. pg&e issued a statement that said in part to receive a penalty this extreme for being open, transparent and accountable is disappointing. in the past 6 years the number of cell phones making their way that california prisons has multiplied by 50 times. phones being used to commit ork state any way all sorts of crimes. well now dog are attacking that problem head on at folsom state prison. that's where john reports tonight. >>reporter: max is a new breed of police dog capable of sniffing out just about any drug. but this 2 app half-year-old german shephard specialize ins cell phone. >> where's it at show me. >>reporter: cell phone driving crime mostly gang activity from behind bars. assaults. drug deals. witness intimidation. even murder says sergeant jair michlt they call up many to gng members to family members getting word to find out what
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they are supposed to be doing. >>reporter: but pelican bay isn't just any prison. it houses california most dangerous criminals. last year almost 14,000 were confiscated from he have prison in the state. including those with the highest level of security. >> i haven't been the a prison yet where we haven't found a phone. >>reporter: 6 years ago it was less than 300 but smart phones drive a raise in i.d. credit card theft. >> some of the same crimes committed on computer can be used on a smart phone. i.d. theft or they can did back ground check on other people. >>reporter: in 2011 more than 850 of those cell phones were confiscated here at folsom prison. how they got here depends on who you ask but according to state senate testimony prison guards and prison employee most likely smuggler. deal are often broker on the outside by family friends and fellow gang members. smart phone can fetch as much as 1,000 dollars. minimum security lock up phones
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are sometimes just thrown over the fence. >> hochb do you see a cell phone here in the prison. >> i can't really comment on that. >>reporter: inmates won't reveal much including their identity. threat of retaliation too great. last year one badly beaten for talking publicly about cell phone stlichlt a concern for your safety. >> we are in prison. it's a political environment. we are only allowed to say so much. >>reporter: it's a high stake game with 8 doing like max to cover 33 prisons. technology may soon block cell phone call, text message and e-mail at state prisons. but for now guards know they have to rely on key sense of smell and realization this is likely a never ending fight. >> definitely new technology there is always something else. newer. faster. continuing to bed and continue to search for it. >>reporter: search for it. one dog at a team. from folsom prison, back to you.
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>> california supreme court today upheld the map drawn last year by an independent reapportion onment commission. state republican party challenged the map drawn for california 40 accept at districts claiming the democrat may nip natured what was to be a transparent process. g.o.p. asked the high court to order this fall election be conduct under the old map. arguing that november ballot measure could invalidate the new ones. but the republican initiative has yet to gulf for the about lot court threw out the party challenge. chairman tom called the decision incredible and said the supreme court had undermined the referendum process in california. republican are concerned that the new line favor the democrat contract who could get a two third majority in the legislature and approve higher taxes than at will. one more note about politic before we manufacture on majority of registered voters wants to give all of congress a pink slip. 56 percent told the wall street journal they would vote out every single member of
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the house and senate if there was a ballot measure to resentment is by part sap. 55 percent of liberal and 55 percent of moderate and 58 percent of conservative want to way the slate clean of current legislators. even their own. more to bring you here this friday on the news at 9:00. still ahead. follow-up on massive fire that gutted san francisco apartment building and the school next door that could now use your help. >> you can't assume that you will just jack up tuition every single year. >>reporter: president obama puts university on notice when tuition fee go up, federal puts university on notice when tuition fee go up, federal funding will go down. >> temperature will be going down tonight. numbers fall below freezing or near freezing i should say and when the mild spring like weather is coming to an end when rain returns. dan back with that. >> thank you very much. also tonight. the coach behind bay area native and super bowl bound tom brady and how they
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are teaming up now on fight for bound tom brady and how they are teaming up now on fight for survival. stay eople chatting] bound tom brady and how they are teaming up now on fight for survival. stay
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>> as we have been reporting the cost of college education has been soaring for years now and today the president stepped forward with a plan to put the brake on rising fees. and to reform how students get financial aid. wayne with
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reaction from uc berkeley where fee have gone up 2000 percent since the 1970's. >> as parents tell their kids, this is the best time of their lives. the college years. time without worry except for the problem of paying. how much in debt are you. >> i'd rather not say. >>reporter: which explains president obama popularity today when he came to the very public university of michigan and found a reaccepttive audience. >> we are putting colleges on notice. you can't keep. [applause] you can't assume that you will just jack up tuition every single year. if you can't stop few friction going up, then the funding you get from taxpayers each year will good down. we should push colleges to do better. we should hold them accountable if they don't. >> it is campaigning. it's not governing. >>reporter: san francisco state political science professor robert c smith knows a thing or two about tuition inflation. the agree he earned cost 7000 dollars some 40 years
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ago. >> the president spoke to one of his constituent. college students. he made an appeal to them on the basis of trying to gather support for the fall election. >>reporter: rising fee has certainly become a potent issue at uc berkeley where price increases and program cuts have followed in line with the state budget woe. >> 10 times what it was when my mom went to school which sounds ridiculous but it's ridiculous. >> especially in california. not even pulling federal is a threat our budget in california is so screwed up to begin wishing specific of the president plan remain vague. he wants 1 billion dollars to spread among states that refor their educational systems. for present college students who must already begin their working lives in debt, those reform would come too late. for frank luna way too late. >> i would like to, i hoped to get into the honor program that would extend me one more semester. and i would have to
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take out another loan but about it will probably help me get in graduate school. that's my goal then i guess i have to take out unhappily take out another loan. >>reporter: we trade all day to get reaction to this from local university college administrators. late today this comment came from the university of california president mark g that reads we are pleased that the president is lacking at ways to reward institutions that are graduating more low income students. we look forward to working with the obama administration and congress on these proposals as they move forward. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. higher education to public education san francisco school that was damaged by this fire in the western addition neighbor is still reeling from what happened one month later. fire happened at the days before christmas and destroyed several apartment buildings as well. concretive art charter school is collecting supply since then with the help of the community. education reporter
9:18 pm
lee ann tonight with what they still need. >> fire broke out at this apartment building on golden gate avenue in december. heat was so intensity danieled part of the creative arts charter school next door. thankfully school was not in session. >> in this building we have art studio. library. our main office and counselor office and 6 class rooms. >>reporter: inthis building there was extensive smoke and water damage teacher lost book and year worth of supply main be several feet away was spare spared. >> things got wet because of the sprinkler in there. >> years and years of curriculum materials and butterfly pa ville yochbility just totally like many it's been quite a challenge to l lose so much stuff. mid year. >>reporter: but the school community and western addition neighbor where the school is
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located rae responded. so did several san francisco schools. >> schools have given us do anything of supplies. furniture. book drive. >>reporter: among them ka they'd relevant school for boys in san francisco knob hill neighborhood. first grade class spent time recawting some of the older boys to help donate books and supplies. >> they were asking like what this means and i told them like papers. like pack of paper or a pack of pencils. >> foyxing on community. we talked a lot about our classroom community school community and local community in way kids work together and people of the community can help each other south this ace perfect tie in to what they are already learning in the class room. >> we are feeling very inspared and confident about what is transpired over the last month.
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>> good for them. if you want to find out how to donate supplies or want to know what the school needs go to our web site and click on see it on tv. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> all right on to the wednesday weather forecast experience is off. sandy is here and kind of a mix bag. beautiful tomorrow for sure. >> absolutely dan. absolutely gorgeous tomorrow. something for everyone this weekend is how would i put it. quite a forecast. by sunday it's cooler and sunday night showers. live picture rate now dan and we show what it lacks like from the high definition camera here. it's shaking. higher elevation gusty wind writ now 30 to 40 miles an hou hour. wind gust coming out of the north northeast that has been drying out atmosphere today. that's also responsible for providing with us such mild weather by january standard look at the afternoon high. 70 degrees in napa. 73 in santa
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rosa. upper 60's range for oak land, san rafael, down to morgan hill. santa cruz. concord. 65 degrees san francisco and redwood city. san jose up to 66 degrees. it was sunny mild day after the murky conditions this morning. if you were out this morning you know that we had some very dense fog outside this morning but it's all cleared out. we are not expecting it again. temperatures writ now under clear skies in the 40's and 40's. falling and falling quickly at the lower elevation so going with colder night tonight. patchy fringt inland. sunny mild saturday afternoon with chance of showers by sunday night heading into the wee hours of monday morning. overnight readings will be coming down at or near freezing in many location ins the valle valley. 33 in fairfield. napa 32 degrees in santa rosa. head up to calistoga you may down below freezing short period of time. 36 concord. 34 livermore. upper 30's fremont san jose palo alto half moon bay so certainly you feel the winter chill in the air tonight but tomorrow afternoon sun screen and shade sunny day with
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the offshore flow remember this is a drying wind continuing for your saturday. not quite as warm as today but still pleasant tomorrow. pattern changes on sunday as this system here does not look terribly impressive but it will bring changes on sunday. first change will be in the form of clouds increasing by sunday afternoon. by sunday night we start to see some rain developing. at least between ukiah santa rosa a heading into the monday morning and few scattered showers are possible early monday morning but very light sort of like what we saw jaws few days ago so not expecting whole lot out of it just some lingering clouds for your monday morning. saturday afternoon high. mild. spring like. 65 in napa. 64 for richmond. san francisco. near 70 agrees palo alto and san jose. also santa rosa 65 in livermore. around the monterey bay blue sky. really unseasonably mild this time of year. low 70's from santa cruz salinas watsonville out to hollister. enjoy while here.
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here's the 7 day forecast. doesn't last forever. slight possibility of showers sunday night monday morning certainly cooler your sunday and monday and then temperatures start to slowly recover. back into a dry pattern on tuesday through friday. can't find any storms. i don't see any mainly storms coming. nothing on the horizo horizon. february is typically a wet month. it's usually the wettest. hoping we get wet weather soon. >> won't start that which. >> it's not. >> thanks very much gentleman still ahead tonight why a middle school banned the students from wearing a very popular boot that you see everywhere. >> how 35 pounds of cocaine ended up at the united nations. >> ho[ male announcer ]aine for andy, tracking his spending with citibank
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is as easy as... making breakfast. omelet? sure. scrambled eggs. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. citi financial tools. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> woman: don't forget the yard work! >> o.k. >> announcer: with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. >> nice job, ben. >> announcer: well played, dan. well played. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citiba
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>> inspectors started to examine ina badly damaged bridge south west kentucky
9:27 pm
after a cargo ship hit it. part of the bridge collapsed that kentucky lake after last night accident. no one was hurt but it sure was a huge mess as you can see here. look at this. it appears the water level might have been too high for the ship to clear the bridge. ship operator said it passed safely bay neevt the span for the last 10 years without incident. shipping traffic is blocked because the rest of the bridge might be unstable. united nation received 2 fake diplomatic pouches filled with cocaine last week. 35 pounds of the stuff. packages had no specific name on the address. originated in mexico city. authorities said un logo were probably forged to help get the shipment over the border. administrators at middle school in pennsylvania have banned ugg boots. why in they were tired of kids hiding cell phones in them. new rule aplays to out door open top boots in general but they say uggs are the biggest culprit. when we continues here
9:28 pm
tonight. government investigation in mortgage abuse and homeowner who has we finalle page in all these foreclosures. >> there are a lot of skeptical commuters in the south bay tonight. they are concern that some new toll lanes going in will just be a disaster. that story. >> it's official. state border increase in super clean cars. stay with us. another half increase in super clean cars. stay with us. another half hour of news begi
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>> good evening once. look at the headlines we are following for you tonight. police say this man is suspected of sexually assaulting 4 women in a dorm rooms at san jose sate university. michael escobar a student under arrest on
9:32 pm
suspicion of burglary with intent to commit a felony including sexual assault. >> last slayings man who bilk bay area homeowner, mortgage holders and lenders out of more than 200 million dollars is a free man tonight. allen david teak find and sentenced to 16 months time served. prosecutors say he continued his scheme while in prison. >> and tonight the california state supreme court said the senate district map drawn by an independent commission are oka okay. republicans challenge the new map claiming democrat contract manipulated process in an effort to claim 2 third super majority in the legislature. some of the headlines. 3 years after more than melt down obama administration still promising justice for financial firms that broke the law. that is a promise the president has made before. mark matthew was more on today's announcement. >> when shirley filled out her home improvement loan documents her lender told her the adjustable rate was only temporary. >> do this. this noise
9:33 pm
problem. in a couple years we go back in. we'll refinance i it. at the 30 years rate and everything will be fine. well that wasn't what happened. >>reporter: that was 2007. she has been protesting her higher than market rate interest rate payments ever since. and she believes the only way the bank will budge is if the president makes them. >> i think that they all need to be held accountable for this. >>reporter: in tuesday state of the union address president obama made that promise. >> hold accountable those who broke the law. assistance to homeowner and help turn the page on an era of recklessness that hurt so many americans. >>reporter: today attorney general holder announced formation of fraud task force. >> this will im paragraph our ability to ensure justice for victims and help restore faith in our financial market and institutions and allow us to answer the call that president obama issued early this week. >>reporter: many americans remain disappointed with the fact that no major players responsible for the mortgage
9:34 pm
melt down criminally prosecute prosecuted. >> they put madoff in jail for what he did i think the bankers need to go to jail for what they addition she still has faith it could happen but analyst believes it may too late. >> washington mutual no longer with us so there's a lot of paperwork that has gotten lost in all the deals that were done in 2008 during the crisis and so i don't know that we are ever going to really know the full story of how much crime defraud and abuse occurred. >>reporter: this is not the first time the president has promised to rat out wrongdoing in the mortgage craze melt dow down. remember back in 2009 he formed another task force. stated goal hold those accountable for the financial crisis. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> state air regularlytor approve the tough new auto emission standard we told you about last night here on abc 7
9:35 pm
news at 9. rules require by 2 202515 percent of all new cars sold in california be electric. some other type of zero emission vehicle. they also require major reduction in smog green house gas emission. auto industry generally supports the new rules but dealers say it could add up to 3200 dollars to the price of new car. state officials however say the price increase would be less than 2000 dollars and that ultimately you will save 6000 dollars in fuel and maintenance cost. south by commuters skeptical about new toll lanes opening next month. run along 4 mile stretch of interstate 8 80 to first street one of the worst commutes in the bay area. so already drivers able to use the lanes for a fee that range from 30 cents to 3 dollars depending on congestion levels. officials are confident the lanes better received than those on 6 80 through pinole that many commute earth's call a disaster saying they were not informed about the change.
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>> there is a period of transition. sometimes only a couple days. staples as long as two weeks. i feel in very confident this will go smoothly but these are legitimate concerns and we don't have an answer until we have a real world application there. >>reporter: anyone using the lanes will need a fast track transponder. lanes should be ready for use by the end of february. the somali pirates kidnapped another american this time a man from southern california. he was taken days before the navy seals freed 2 other captives. martha has the latest on the developing story. >> at his family request we have blurred the writer face and will not use his name. since that may only increase his value with the kidnappers. seen here at book signing the writer was grabbed by heavily armed pirates last saturday. the kidnapping came just days before the daring raid that saved jessica buchanan who was
9:37 pm
at u.s. base in italy where her family has now joined her. but buchanan rescue appears to have put the american writer in greater danger. today spokesman for the pirates warned any would be rescuers if they try again, we will all die together. the pirates are also keeping on the move. changing locations at least three times. no one will talk about the likelihood of rescue attempt for the writer but it could be more difficult given what the pirates now know. >> alert and waiting ready. won't be slipping like they were before. so it's going to make it that much more difficult for our military special operation warriors to get in there and get him successfully. >> it's rare for pilts to kill their hostages since they are taken for one reason only ransom. but there are signs pirates may getting more trigger happy. last year off the coast of ama n 4 americans killed by pirates who had taken their yacht. even as the fbi
9:38 pm
was negotiating for their release. paul and rachel chandler were lucky. relesseded after undisclosed ransom paid 13 months after a terrifying kidnapping. >> f i was dragged on to my feet. as i stood up i look back to rachel and i could see he slammed the butt of the rifle into her head and drug her around the corner. >>reporter: there are negotiations to try to win the writer release. u.s. official says there is great concern for any american held hostage but there is still hope tonight. he will be released unharmed. this is of of washington news. >> 2 soldiers died this week in afghanistan. corporal christopher singer from temecula in southern california. 23-year-old died during combat open rigs. first lieutenant david johnson from wisconsin. he was on if the patrol when he died from improvised explosive device.
9:39 pm
he was 24 years old. improvised explosive device. he was 24 years old. 
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can. >> twitter is tee if he saiding the new country by country censorship policy. they can now sensor messages country by country where before if a tweet was he raised it would be erased worldwide. critic say it's a way for 20th tore pan dear to country that violate 43 speech and make money in the countries. >> huge huge backlash against twitter. it was seen as welcome back of the few platform free of any kind of censorship heavily used by users during the arab spring for instance and even in russia lately over the process over the elections. >>reporter: but twitter sees the tool as which toen shawr
9:43 pm
tweet remain visible to as many l people as possible. they will post a censorship notice whenever a tweet is removed. tom brady arguably most successful quarterback in the nfl and while he prepares for the superbowl in a week time he's trying to save the life of man who taught him almost everything he knows. here's josh elliott. >> tom brady is a 3 time superbowl champ i don't know. 2 time most valuable player and by most any measure one of the greatest quarterback in football history. all thanks in part to the effort of life long throwing coach tom martinez whom he owes so much and who in quickly failing health new needs so much himself. >> we have a couple of celebrity tom brady. >>reporter: this was the tom pwred who martinez first met. wispy unrae marketable northern california teen with the expertise of martinez then a local junior college coach but
9:44 pm
martinez would soon become much more than mentor. very first time when tommy got stage fright before the first game tom martinez we know out and worked with him and within 2 minutes had him fully confident again. >>reporter: 2 also remain in near constant contact by text message and results well known. all the triumph and accolade but the man pwred has become that is martinez greatest work. and now hope. for several years ago martinez was diagnosed with diabetes. host of mall difficult threatening the coach's life. without a kidney transplant martinez doctor now give him no more than a few months to live. >> my body in the last 4 years tl has been brutalized. i probably had 7 operations. i probably get stuck with a needle 25 times a week. stm
9:45 pm
i'm trying to stay alive. if i don't weren't to immortal but i want to live a little bit longer. >>reporter: martinez didn't teach tom pwred to slink from a challenge. so it was that brady took to facebook and to media new and old in search of donor who might help save the life of a man who has meant so much. >> been a great friend of mine and for a long time and taught me oh, to you throw a football at very young age so he has been lacking for a kidney for quite a while. >> what do you say when people come forward and try to, after you hit that down spot where you feel like quitting and everybody else is telling you no this isn't good to work. >> tom is, you know, not giving up on his coach. >> can't express in words. my gratitude. the.
9:46 pm
>>reporter: new job has opened in the bay. actually on the bay. we have that story when we come back. >> oscars a month away for the best video blog and buzz about the whole thing just log on to our exclusive site
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>> but lack for work and don't mind being on your own a good bit. there's a new job on the bay quite late real. state is lacking for somebody to maintain the east brother lit station located on an island off point richmond. couple would currently maintain the lit house operate the island bed and breakfast are living for new careers. job requires a coast guard license for 6 passenger boat. needs to be filled by june if you want to get your application in. all right let's go back and update the forecast. sandy is here.
9:50 pm
>> whoever takes the job probably has some grit view of the weather that is developing. this afternoon it was mild. tomorrow afternoon it's going to be mild again.not just here in the bay area but around the state. 70 agrees in big sur traveling up the tahoe tomorrow 47. by sunday tonight could be seeing some snow showers there but not a big deal. down in southern california pretty mild 78 los angeles 74 san diego. red flag warning going for southern california coast license for the gusty wind and low humidit humidity. also high wind warnings there. 55 in eureka up to the north and here in the bay area good with another round of some mild spring lake weather. temperature up 70 agrees in santa cruz. most other area in the 60's. it's comfortable day for your saturday. cool off a little bit on sunday and monday as we see some more cloud cover and wind reversal slit chance of showers late sunday night into monday and dry again tuesday through friday. >> we need the rain. we are hurting. >> enjoy this.
9:51 pm
>> while you can exactly? thank you very much. larry is here. did you ever go the weather update manage many called. they would lick you to apply for that. >> well, i'm an isolationist at heart. i could be good in the middle of the bay. people like me there. i condition did the sports from totalize lags. >> you have slight. >> we have technology. all over the place. >> we condition skype. can the warriors take down the best team in the nba you know the answer to. that kevin in oklahoma city. rolling thunde answer to. that kevin in oklahoma city. rolling thunde thunder. invading oakland
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>> come up tonight at 11:00. victim of hate crime in san jose takes the stand. tonight what he says about the suspect and how police are handling the case. >> plus new details about that navy seal assault on osama bin laden compound and one person now facing tracy on charges for his involvement. those stories and more coming up in an hour on 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. >> larry here with all the sports and warriors had a fest.
9:55 pm
>> lakers and heat and celtics and big names. oklahoma city is really good. warriors welcome them best temperature in the nba fit. kevin and thunder coming in with record of 15 and 3. golden state celebrating the chinese new year. last seconds of the fears quarter robinson from mid court. yes. war yrs did you know by 5. ellis quiet on offense. spin and finishes with a left. down fifty half. third quarter. kevin. 2 hand thunder there. plus the foul. check out robinson rate here. jackson lingerie on the floor there. did the splits. were yours did you know 3. fourth quarter. curry no. up the court to tl kevin. he has 33. 2 minutes left. and the thunder leading 111-96. nearly 5 hours long. intense gut wrenching that was just for
9:56 pm
spectators novak and andy battle it in and out a marathon in the semi-finals at the australia open this was an instant classic. third straight. grand slam crown took the first set but murray in control in the second. cross court winner. wow! murray takes the second set. then the were of attrition sets in. murray the overhead slam. limping arun trying to catch his breath. jokevich coming back here. murray doesn't even attempt to mav to get that. both men crampping up. final set jokevich with every ounce of energy he pumped up match point after 4 hours and 50 minutes murray can't quite get there. jokevich tacit 7-5 in the fifth. yes, lay down and breathe. he meets nadal on sunday in the finals. second round in ab do you know. rough day for yesterday leader mcel roy. even par 72. fourth
9:57 pm
place. tiger lurking on 11. 3 under 69 2 shots become of the leader. it thely player 7 under 65 here. birdie putt on 15. they are chasing denmark player here shot 67. he's 7 under and leads by one. it has been several weeks since radar nation packed up and left the coliseum. tomorrow night much different noise will ring through the black hole. sfichltz just a taste of what is to come in the championship championships. off road motorcycle competition starting tomorrow night at 7:00. expected to draw more than 5 50,000 fans. converting the coliseum to fully loaded race track since tuesday. concrete atmosphere unlike any other. >> hollering and sceeling for gay ins the lead and on the
9:58 pm
track and having a great time. yes should be a good weekend. weather is awesome. >> track looks really good so it should be good. very exciting tonight. i don't think any type of sport gets close to this excitement. definitely come out. >>reporter: if you have ever been out to it it is exist. parade of vallejo larger than life figure in hometown back home for ceremony in his honor at the baseball field at vallejo high. patterson park. his charity organization helped rebuild that park. brand new field. score beard. concession stand everything. he says east by will be home. he was asked what it is like to visit the coliseum as the 0upon the. >> it's a little weird being in the coliseum where i watched so many raider games. driving to the stadium with so many were your games. a little part of me is a fan going to so many games as a kid. pretty cool to be a part of it. >>reporter: cc was talking a.
9:59 pm
there's wolf fan fest sunday oracle arena. answer question from his fans that should be interesting. i hope there is security this because they are not big on lou at this point. i think it's better if they set up a lou wolf dunk tank i'm pushing this. 3 throw for 5 dollars. you will have a lane of fans. may have 1,000 there for this and they can use the cash that they don't have. >> get more than 5 dollars. >> maybe lick 10, 20 dollars. >> sure. >> i know. >> will ask you lou. >> i might be in line several times. >> thanks larry very much. see if it kchs on. >> that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00. thanks so much for watching. for all of us here, we appreciate your time as always. hope to see you again in an hour on the big 7. as always. hope to see you again in an hour on the big 7. goodbye for now


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