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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  February 7, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PST

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>> first drops are falling as new storm blows in from the pacific. >> not a major system but since we need every drop better late than never. good evening. >> this storm will be wet and windy. >> let's start with sandy with a lack at radar tonight. >> i'm already getting reports from all around the bay area of very light rain falling. let's look at live doppler 7 hd. thank you to all of you to report for reporting san anselmo, castro valley hills all reporting rain as you look at live doppler 7 hd you see
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where the heaviest coming down writ now in the north bay we get some very heavy cell from fort ross to jenner and bodega bay and closer to petaluma and novato across 101 miller creek road, ignacio boulevard getting pretty wet pavement. san rafael, larkspur east bay and san pablo and he we get rain there and lighter rain falling out to the inland east bay. planes down to the south bay and the monterey bay. the heaviest rain and wind are still on the wayay. they will e coming during the morning commute. i'll let you know how long you need to hold on to umbrella and how much rain we 7. >> thanks very much. despite the lack of rain this winter most of the reservoir have water level from 43 percent of capacity i in santa clara to 84 percent in sonoma. now that is mostly because of the unusually wet winter we had last year. >> students at stanford on alert after 2 separate assaults
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on campus. woman was tackled to the ground at kennedy grove before she got await a minute short time later man crawled into a woman's bed in her dorm on campus drive. lillian is on campus tonight where students are being told to take precautions. lillian? >> stanford police say assaults by strangers are extremely rare on this campus. 2 back-to-back has everyone on edge. first attacked between the faculty club and humanity center on the stanford campus. police say a female stunt was walking back to her dorm at 1:45 sunday morning when a man came from behind and tackled her. luckily another man nearby saw the whole thing and yelled at the attacker. who then ran away. >> i was very surprised. campus is safe and do a good job of protecting us. >> you don't think about going on your own way. but it happens. >>reporter: 15 minutes later another attack. this time in the residential house on campus
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drive. police say a party here was winding down. man entered a female student room climbed into her bed and tried to take off her clothes. she then woke up and after verbal exchange the man left. police are now trying to determine if the same person is responsible for both attacks. >> the 2 locations are close in proximity to one another as are the times so it is possible. so other than that it's purely conjecture. descriptions are similar but not similar. >>reporter: they are of a man in his 20's about 5 feet 11 to 6 feet tall with an average build. but one victim describes her attacker as latino or pacific islander while the other victim describes her attacker as white. as for the students many say both incidents are a huge wake up call and as a result are taking precaution. >> it was a little alarming for all of us so i just remine the goyrls lock their door and we
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won't prop the door open any more. >> police are also encouraging students to walk in pair and use suggested travel routes at stanford, abc 7 news. >> okay lillian thanks very much. in los angeles unprecedented response after 2 teachers charged with molestation as a result of superintendent is replacing the entire staff at this school. mark burns charged last week with committing lewd acts on 23 children. then just days later another teacher martin springer arrested on suspicion of fondling 2 girls in his class ramp. now as amy powell reports an entirely different staff has been trained to take over. the dozens of parents and students march at the ask for tonight meeting with school district officials but many were stopped at the gate. unable to get into the packed room. superintendent john day announced to parents and later reporters that he's making unprecedented move. replace the entire staff at this 62.
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everyone from the janitor to the principal. >> i am outraged. disguingtd. >>reporter: move affects nearly 130 teachers and other staffer. they are feeling the stress. >> some people hurt. some people are worried. overwhelmingly the question i got was are our kids going to be okay. >>reporter: the decision comes as the investigation into the abuse scandal at the school continues. he says all students and staff are being interviewed. process he says is very disruptive. >> shouldn't have any more surprise at the school even though the police will do what they have to do and if there are no more thank god we deal with the horror and tragedy i have already and if there are more, then we will have to deal with that. >>reporter: 2 teachers 49-year-old martin springer and 61-year-old mark burns arrested last week accused of lewd acts against students. accusations against burns include blindfolding students and
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feeingd his sperm during a gam game. new teacher and staff member hired and screened and be in place when school back in session on thuvrments many parents aren't happy about the decision. >> they don't want all the teachers to be removed because there's some very good teachers. students are good. good grades with those teachers. >> they we want the teachers to be with our kids because they know our kid. >>reporter: current staff and teacher here are being relocated to school that is under construction and has no students yet. amy powell 7 news. >> there are clear signs tonight that the occupy oakland movement does not have the entire 99 percent behind it. group of residents business people taking a stand against the occupy protestors today and as allen wong reports some standing up against the demonstrators had been part of the movement. fichlt we are trying to stop from you wrecking this city. that lawn out there used to be beautiful. you turned it into a mud pie. >> about 40 people calling
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themselves stand for oakland stood on the steps of city hall denoungs the violence and vandalism by occupy oakland protestors. one of the most violent demonstrations happened in the downtown area on january 28. more than 400 people were arrested after they tried to occupy an abandoned building and at one point broke into city hall. vandalize property and set the american flag on fire. >> occupiers now have become the 1%. as far as i'm concerned. and the 99 percent of us who live in oakland are being without city services including police. >> you stand for the chamber of corporate crime. that's what you people stand for. >>reporter: occupy oakland demonstrators say they were fighting against police 0prichlingts you need to be called out. the police department is brutal. it's on the door step of federal receive orship. >> trying to build our neighborhood up. you come here and you tear our city apart. >>reporter: not only oakland resident and business people who are upset. members of the
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occupy movement itself are splintering off into their own groups. >> it has been hijacked. there's group in oakland that has hijacked occupy. >>reporter: vivian retired doctor helped start the occupy bay area jewish contingent. one of several groups that decided marching is less effective than tapping legal political channel. >> we felt it was necessary for us to take the name oakland out of our official name. >>reporter: the splinter group are made up of 40 plus provls and retiree who are organizing foreign discussion instead of protest. sign the occupy movement is evolving in the fight for social justice. reporting in oakland, abc 7 news. police investigating a major accident tonight on san francisco geary boulevard at 12 avenue. 2 people were hospitalized after a jeep collided with the bmw sending it crashing into a liquor store. police say both victims were in the car. there is no word on the condition. police
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had to close geary eastbound for about an hour after that wreck. crew including helicopter team rescued a man who got stuck down a cliff at fort fun stop tonight. we were overhead during the rescue. san francisco fire crew say the man had leg injury and was unable to make it back up. pros cawtors announce today that no charges will be filed against the shark fan who knocked 16-year-old girl unconscious at game last december. she was at the shark tank rooting for hometown canuck when hit from behind. prosecutors though say they couldn't find any witnesses. the girl who had been treated in the past for brain tumor suffered a slight concussion. the woman accused of striking her said it happened accidentally while she was cheering for the sharks. >> federal appeals court in san francisco will announce the decision tomorrow on whether same sex marriage should be legal in california. at issue is whether proposition 8 voter approved measure that banned same sex marriage in 2008 violates the constitutional
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rights of gay and lesbian. >> yes on 8 people just doesn't, they don't have anything. they try their darnedest but they just don't have anything to stop this. >> win for us welcome back supreme court decision saying this is not something that judges should decide. this is something that the people and elected representatives should decide on a state by state basis. >>reporter: both opponent and supports of prop 8 say they will appeal to the u.s. supreme court if they lose in the intermediate court. ruling is expected to be released tomorrow morning before 10:00 a.m. now abc 7 news will break into programming to bring it to you live. it's an important decision of course. we'll also have coverage on line at abc 7 so stay here with us for that tomorrow. >> up next. mom united. what they are doing to get facebook to stop removing the breast feeding picture. >> bay area city poised to make you pay for the sack. >> tahoe ski resort a bum rap
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for the skiing condition. >> then later on "nightline". >> coming up next on "nightline". could anything have save the 2 little boy taken by their father in a fiery murder-suicide? tonight the latest on that family mystery and tragedy. meet the dooms day preparer ready for apoca
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(applause) (applause) >> republican presidential race continues tomorrow with caulk news minnesota colorado and non-binding primary in missour missouri. front runner romney attacked president obama today in colorado for his decision to require catholic hospital to provide free birth control or be fined. rival santorum running neck and neck with romney in colorado in an increasingly conservative minnesota. former california governor pete wilson endorsed romney today and became honorary chairman of the campaign in california. wilson called romney the most electable republican and attract cross-over voters. >> nursing mother held a nurse in today in front of facebook headquarters in menlo park. breast feeding activist claims
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facebook suspended her account twice both times after she posted a breast feeding image. she says the company has apologized but claims it can't prevent the account suspension from continuing. other nurse in were scheduled today at facebook office across the united states and in london, paris and australia. >> mayor he hadley in favor today of board of super to charge customers for all shopping bag not just the plastic ones used by san francisco retailers. the measure would require businesses to charge a kim for any bag they provide. mayor also says he wants to expand the city existing ban on plastic bag beyond supermarket and drugstore chain to include all retailers and restaurants. he says it's all about helping save the environment not punish being consumer. >> we want it to be much more of a deteevrnlt we hope that after one or 2 times people say i can use a recyclable bag as easily as making myself dependent upon plastic bag that
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are provided. >>reporter: the board of supervisors scheduled to vote on the proposal tomorrow. tahoe ski resort say they get a bum rap this season and ski cns better than most people think because of the dry conditions the resorts turning out a the lo of man made snow but last month storm i hope ceased the snow base and during the past week they received a few more inches of natural snow. skiers say they like the conditions less crowded. >> absolutely. as long as you don't tell anybody else in the bay area i would say this is a pretty safe bet. >> i would say it has been challenging to convince people we do have good condition. with the snow making and the natural snow fall we have a lot of terrain open. >>reporter: many ski area won't rae veal how bits is actually going but the california ski industry association says christmas season was down 40 percent state wide. conditions not ideal. but there's snow come ski. >> there's some rain here now for a change. >> snow up there. we are
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following it. >> they are going to get some snow up there. live picture right now from our heavenly camera. you will see that they are making some snow. they are getting ready for the storm that is coming in. snow pack 33 percent of normal. they are expecting a couple of inches of snow up in the sierra nevada fresh powder on the ground with the incoming system. live doppler 7 hd and rain falling right now in the bay area. the orange and yellow indicating some moderate to possibly pockets of heavy rainfall right now. primarily concentrated here in the north bay and parts of the east bay. so between santa rosa, petaluma down to no vat o. salinas area moderate heavy rainfall right now. lucas valley road across highway 101 getting some brief downpour heading down to or up toward the area here depending where you are. in the east bay they get wet as well. bay bridge and san rafael brim is wet. could be seeing wind advisory for those areas as we
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head to the morning hours just be aware of that. most of the rest of the east bay the peninsula down towards the south bay just seeing light rainfall right now and same thing around the monterey bay. i have been getting a lot of reports from our viewers on facebook and twitter. thank you very much. most of you reporting light rainfall and some breezy conditions out there. the winds will certainly be picking up as we head into the overnight hours. temperatures right now in the 50's and here are the highlights. rain and wind increase overnight. wet for your morning commute. this is where it is going to be sloppy. afternoon showers and dry and mild for the rest of the week. look at the satellite radar. this is the storm that is moving in now and we start to see the rainfall. rain will just increase in intensity so show you computer animation. pretty steady light rain right now. we start to sea some yellow beginning to show up around 5:00 a.m. in the north bay. also down towards the santa cruz mountains with indication that some heavy rain is moving in. winds certainly gusting with this showers for
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the afternoon and evening hours so the morning commute looks like it is going to be the sloppy one. afternoon evening commute turns in scattered showers. so when all is said and done rainfall will add up in inches in some areas. wind advisory until 10:00 a.m. tuesday for the north bay mountains santa cruz mountains and coast we also have gale warnings for the outer water. watch out for the south east winds. gusting to 35 to 45 miles an hour with strongest winds near the coasts. earlier near the coast we see wind gust 30 miles an hour at half moon bay. since just dropped off a little bit but they are expected to pick up a little bit later on. rainfall total up to 2 inches in the north bay mountain and inch and a half santa cruz mountains. east bay north bay locations 3 quarter investigators inch and a half and south bay we look at less than that. 2 to 6 tenth inch of rain. temperatures not falling much. going to be mild tonight. temperature in the mid 40's to low 50's. cooler tomorrow. we need the
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umbrella. most area in the 50's to few low 60's there and for the monterey bay certainly need umbrella tomorrow as well. 50's, 60's for your high. accu-weather 7 day forecast about one wet day for you. and then it's dry and warmer. near 70 degrees again by thursday. cool off a little bit heading that the weekend but still dry. so once again more spring like weather and we take what we can get. >> absolutely. thanks. >> coming up next. apology tonight from the nfl after this half time incident at the superbowl. >> and we are just week away from oscar sunday. you can down load our oscar app and predict the winner and exclusive live video from the red carpet and back stage. go to our web site and find the red carpet and back stage. go to our web site and find the link down load under see it on
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mortgage rate. it's really interesting and informative. go to our web site. >> the nfl has issued an apology for a superbowl half time bad act. madonna was on stage performing her new single give me all your loving when one of her guest the singer mia made an obscene gesture. she appeared to say a curse word as well as flashing her finger. nfl called it completely inappropriate and consist pointing. >> no need for that. come on. >> that was odd. >> all right larry is here. >> all right. giants celebrate the win. parade is tomorrow. but today the head coach talks about his about his quarterback but today the head coach talks about his about his quarterback putting the elite question
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jeans. >> good evening. few years ago giants coach coughlin was known as the tyrant who would fine players if they were 2 minutes early for a meeting because
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they should have been 5 minutes early. that's true. now he's 2 time superbowl champion. 65-year-old coughlin is the first to tell you he's medical lowed a bit. toll his players for the first time that he loved them. that never would have happened before. today coughlin talked about his mvp quarterback he laymaning. >> i congratulated hely and being eli he said to me after winning the mvp that all i want to do is help our team win. which is so consistent with the way he is with this business about elite quarterback. that question has come and gone. i don't think we'll hear much about that again. >>reporter: brady wife giselle incurring all kind of wrath after this comment was caught on tape after last night game. now what you didn't hear in that clip was the giants fan heckling her moments before she went off and yes the patriots
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did drop some passes. along with brady miss firingçó at times. raid versus a new defensive coordinator. from stanford. he was with the 4 49ers for a decade before joining the cardinal last season as co-defensive coordinator. new head coach he's young 37 and unlike most coaches he has a degree in biochemistry and molecular buy oly jichlt stanford linebacker arrested and jailed last weekend for driving under the influence. this is from the student newspaper that reported scope was pulled over in the parking lot of the dorm. he played 3 games this past season after injuring his knee. he is expected back senior season. the jeremy lynn era began in new york. former warrior suddenly the talk of new york. after the giants. lynn taking to it utah splitting the double team. flipping it up and in. fourth quarter. smack on the head. no stopping lynn. wrid of palo alto high and


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