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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 8, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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it is a busy time for firefighters and.
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they are still mopping up this brush fire that grew to more than 100 acres this afternoon. 60 miles to the south students evacuated after a grass fire broke out. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. dan ashley has the night off. hot temperatures and fire danger. three grass fires broke out today and the concern of more wildfires heats up as the temperatures spike. abc 7 news reporter live in marin county near navado with the developing story anna. >> reporter: you can see pg&e crews still working on a power pole hit by a driver going northbound on 101 south of san antonio road. look what happened when the car hit the pole. the car burst into flames and then the blush caught fire. a very large fire. as you said, about 105 acres here burned. no evacuations fortunately. there weren't any structures in
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immediate danger and there were no injuries but this was a large fire that moved quickly thanks to the wind. >> that is what drove the majority of the fire was the wind. the fire started just off the freeway and it was wind driven until it h hit the slopes of the hill and then ran to the top of the hill. this has been a busier season for marin specifically. we have had a few fires a week and this being one of the largest ones this season. but it is busy across the state. >> reporter: certainly has been. and they used three air tankers, a helicopter helping to drop fire retardant on the fire to get it out. they did contain it maybe about 4:30 today. and again they are very busy. like they said, a few fires a week. they have upped staffing levels a bit. they usually just check on the fire conditions and when it is high like it is now with the hot weather coming our way they make sure they have extra equipment and extra staff on standby ready to go.
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again, i said no injuries. the person who was in the car i'm told the injuries were non-life-threatening. they are fortunate for that. a lot of people initially lost power. there are about 124 cus customs still without power. they will have about 50 restored by midnight but for the rest likely it won't be until the morning. to the peninsula. the fire burned five acres and stew you dents had to be evacuated from palo alto university as a precaution. check in with spencer christian with a look at these high temperatures. >> it has not been windy but it has been hot and dry. a sampling of today's high temperatures. 100 degrees at clover dale and ukiah. warm conditions, hot conditions in many inland locations and only getting to get hotter by a fu few degrees the next several
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days. tomorrow in addition to temperatures continuing to rise, we have air quality going down. spare the air day tomorrow. we expect poor are air quality in the inland east bay and moderate at best in the south bay and in the santa clara valley. good air quality expected in the north bay and a the is central coast and a the bay. temperatures continue to rise. a hot three days ahead with more triple digit weather ahead and the concern about fire risk continues. care. >> thank you, spencer. to the latest on the chevron refinery fire in richmond. there was a brief second fire are at the refinery today. a blew ball of flame erupted. the onsite fire department quickly extinguished the fire as well as the small controlled fire burning since monday's major eruption. >> at this time all fires have been extinguished. there still is the opportunity and the risk that an additional small fire could break out in some of these lines that have been damaged.
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>> chevron says a pipe damaged in the primary fire sparked today's smaller blaze. chevron set up a fund to compensate the victims of monday's refinery fire. caroline tyler has that part of the story. >> reporter: la shawna taylor wants to sue chevron. she is among the 2,000 who lined up at the offense of personal injury attorney nick hainy. he made it clear with signs in his offense window he will file claims against the refinery. >> i try to do what i can to make sure that they are all legitimate. if you ask me is there any one that came here that didn't feel the effects of the fire i cannot guarantee that. all i can do is do the best i can to weed them out. >> make sure you have your medical papers with you. >> reporter: frequent announcements about the need for medical documentation and many do have paper work from
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area hospitals that have been swamped. doctor's medical center in san pablo has seen 00 people so far even though the bay area air quality management district says there is no significant health concern. >> reporter: is your claim legitimate? >> yes. i suffer from bronchio asthma. >> attorneys have the right to solicit clients and the courts will decide if any lawsuits are frivolous. >> if chevron believes that illegitimate claims have been filed there are various procedural techniques that it can follow this order to get those claims thrown out-of-court. >> reporter: well, over 1,000 people have called to file claims against the refinery using the company's own hot line. no surprise given the heated community meeting chevron held
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last night. aft its 2007 refinery fire chevron was hit the with is similar lawsuits. the company had no figures today for how much it paid out back then but said in the latest incident chevron will compensate any appropriate and reasonable claims. >> medical, property damage, loss of income for businesses. >> and chevron's hot line number is 866-260-7881. they have operators standing by 24/7 and the company also plans to set up an offense some where in the -- an office in the community so that residents who want to file claims can simply walk in and deal with someone face to face. in richmond, caroline tyler, abc 7 news. >> you will find the hotline number on our website. go to and look under see it on tv. >> chevron will be paying out a lot of money for the accident but the company is valued in the billions.
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the past three years have been particularly strong for chevron with average annual return of close to 20%. this year has been less sal layers. shares have seen a gain of just about 5%. in the most recent report profits fell by nearly 7% to $7.2 billion. revenue sherro is shrank 9%. chevron is one of the largest corporations ranked third after exxon mobil and wal-mart. >> a false alarm from the shell refinery in martinez. a worker mistakenly issued a level three alert. a shell spokesperson said it was a communication error between two employees and that automatically activated the contra costa county warning system. the emergency sirens sounded and residents feared the worse. >> sheer panic. especially after richmond two
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day a's go. we were really scared. >> 2,000 residents received the warning calls before authorities canceled the alert. a passenger jet made an emergency landing when a pilot reported a catastrophic electrical failure. it had to be diverted here to san jose and emergency crews were told to prepare for a full-scale disaster. sky 7 hd captured the images of the plane. abc 7 news reporter jim avila explains what happened. >> reporter: first clue of a problem for passengers onboard, alaska air 539 from ontario, california to seattle. a chorus of angry infants. ears popping as the 737 with 131 passengers and five crew momentarily loses enough cab bin pressurization to cause a painful alert that something is wrong. >> my ears about blew up on me.
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>> up in the cockpit pilots send an emergency call from that 25,000 feet asking tore priority landing at san jose airport telling controllers they are in the midst of catastrophic electrical failure with loss of flight controls and cab biin pressure. >> i felt like the plane was going down and sure enough it was. >> reporter: an immediate but controlled descent. pilots thinking the electrical system is malfunctioning but mechanics later find it is a simple control near the landing gear telling the plane it is on the ground, not flying, turning up pressurization and auto pilot. >> it will want to pull the throttles all the way back so there is no more thrust coming out of. >> the oxygen masks were are never deployed and the pilots took the flight controls. >> when systems are not working
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properly you need to know how you to manually fly the airplane and bring it back safely. >> reporter: jim avila, abc news, washington. a passenger looked out the window and saw what looked like a damaged area on the wing with a hand written know the saying we though about this. you can also see a cut in the wing flap. this incident happened july 28. the airline says everything was okay. a maintenance technician was writing to let the flight crew know that an improved trim remare was done to the corner trap on the right wing. the airline says the message was someone's good intentions but the not still did not follow company procedures. the wing will be permanently repaired in october. following the campaign of an east bay congressman and his cranky comments alien ated a backer who is now on the other side.
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after a report of tase are abuse, lawmakers investigate the police agency that watches over california's care homes. and it could be your lucky day at matrix casino.
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congressman pete stark is saying he was goated into a political fight that could hurt him in his election bid. he has turned a former political ally into an opponent. mark matthews with details another misstep by this long time east bay congressman. >> when alberto turico decided to endorse pete stark's oh opponent he felt he ohed the congressman a phone call and the former assembly majority leader says stark responded by threatening him. he says stark threatened his livelihood. >> he responded well, then i will talk to the trial attorney's association and make sure that they don't give you any work. >> he told turico someone should come to his house and talk to his children about christian values. >> which i found to be ironic since he is an atheist. >> he called smallwell and told him about the conversation and he passed it on to reporters.
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pete stark's gaffes have given smallwell ammunitions. he told reporters he wouldn't debate smallwell. >> why wouldn't you deba him? >> because you would only get stupid questions like you are asking. >> that hasn't helped stark's campaign and his headquarters in dublin, no comment from a the campaign but in the statement stark says he was goaded into it. it was clear from the conversation that he was itching for a fight says stark. he was trying to get under my skin and unfortunately i took the bait. >> i'm sorry that that is how he took it. >> alberto says he was just going to endorse is swallwell and leave it at that. >> second basemans when my livelihood is threat -- seems when my livelihood is threatened and beliefs are questioned and my kids are mention. >> now, it will be different. >> alberto has promised to do community events and do as many
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things in the community as bell. >> pete stark has the entire congressional delegation. that is standard. perhaps that explains why he took alberto turico's defection so hard. now, he has a guy with good name recognition and good campaign skills working for his opponent. mark matthews, abc 7 news. the california fish and game commission today stripped its president of his title over a hunting controversy. this is the photo that led to the down fall. he killed a mountain lion on an idaho hunting trip. it is legal there but not in california. he paid for his lodging after an ethics complaint was filed but has denied any wrong doing. he will remain on the commission until his term expires in six months. today is opening day for san jose's new card casino the metrexyl. locamatrix.
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they hope this will bring in buckets of tax revenue. customers gave it a thumb up over the old garden city casino. >> outdoes it. it is like being in vegas without spending so much money. >> well done and the energy is positive and the people are wonderful. had a real great time. i think it will do really well. >> casino matrix employs 800 people, that is 300 more than garden city and it the is one of two card rooms allowed to operate in the city. bay 101 is the other. the matrix has the number 8 in the word there and that is the lucky number in the asian culture and one of the reasons the ribbon cutting took today on the 8th day of the month of the 8th day of the year. >> makes sense. >> hopefully it helped some of those who went in to try their hand. >> if only we could have kept temperatures in the 80s. >> it was up there.
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>> up in the triple digits. here is a live view from the east bay camera in emeryville. clear tonight. clear across the bay area reit now. very oft then time of the year we have not only fog at the coast but fog moving across the bay. not tonight. here is live doppler 7 hd and there is not even any fog near the coast at moment. clear skies and mild conditions right now. these are our current temperature readings. 58 degrees here in san francisco. 70 oakland. 78 san rafael. concord. still a couple of locations in the inland east bay in the 80s. 80 liver more and 84 antioch. the highlights. hot inland right on into the weekend. triple digits probably in some locations thursday through saturday. a cooler pattern moving in early next week. hot weather as you know has blanketed much of the nation all summer long. big high air mass sliding slowly westward which is one reason our temperatures are increasing here. while we are talking about hot weather across the nation. how about the month of july,
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2012 the hottest july on record for the 48 contiguous states. orange and red and the beige colors indicate temperatures above average for the month of july. hottest month of july. but there were exceptions. state of california almost 3 degrees below the july high in los angeles. nearly 1 degree lower than the average in san francisco. but that is about about to change. the forecast animation at 5:00 tomorrow morning a little fog around and it will burn back to the coast. sunny skies from the coast to the inland locations with our typical summer spread of high temperatures from 60s on the coast to 70s and 80s around the bay to 90s and 100s inland. almost a 40 degrees range between the highs on the coast and the hottest inland locations. mild tonight, a little coastal fog overnight. temperatures drop to the mid up toker 50s and then tomorrow they will rise again.
9:21 pm
in the south way, lots of 90s. 91 san jose and cupertino. on the peninsula, low to upper 80s. up to 87 palo alto and 88 mountaineer view. mid 60s on the coast at pacifica and half moon bay. 73 degrees the high downtown san francisco tomorrow. 67 in the sunset district. 90s over most of the north bay and 101 at clover dale and ukiah. 81 oakland. 82 san leandro. 83 union city. the inland east bay lots of triple digits. 101 liver more, antioch, danville. fairfield 100. 102 at brentwood. monterey bay 70s and 80s near the bay and upper 90s inland. the accuweather seven-day forecast. for the next three days we expect triple digit temperatures in the hottest inland locations. temperatures moderate just a bit on sunday and a much cooler and more comfortable a tern will settle in for -- pattern will setting in for next week.
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>> just ahead, country music star randy travis lands in the slammer. the threats he made that got him in hot water. the reason research has the reason research has come to a complete stop [ male announcer ] if you think any battery will do,
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duralock power preserve. it locks in power for up to 10 years in storage. guaranteed. duralock. coming soon to every duracell battery. ♪ i'm gonna love you forever, forever and ever amen ♪ >> that, of course, is singer randy travis with his signature song but he is finding himself getting paragraphed for a different reason. the country singer is out on bail tonight after threatening to kill the state troopers who arrested him for drunk driving. he was take noon custody after troopers say they found him
9:26 pm
lying naked by the side of the road wreaking of a alcohol near his wrecked pontiac trans am. it happened on a north texas highway. he resisted arrest and threatened to shoot troopers. he was cited for public intoxication just last february it not far from where he was arrested last night. studies on a highly anticipated alzheimer's drug have been scrapped. some of the trials were conducted right here in the bay area. the company says the drug failed to stop the progression of alzheimer's in patients with mild to moderate symptoms. if it had succeeded the drug would have been the first fight the progression of the debilitating brain disease. researches say studies of the sub cutaneous version of the drug will proceed. clicking like on facebook should be an act of constitutionally protected free speech is the belief of
9:27 pm
attorneys for facebook. they claim it is the 21st century equivalent of putting a sign on the front lawn. they are appealing the case of an employee who they say was fired for clicking like on his boss' political opponent's facebook page. a home for developmentally disabled now under investigation after a series of taser attacks. general motors shows off the new features. like having an ipad right there on your dash board. a true science whiz. a bay area woman trying
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a state legislative committee has ordered a.b. audit of the in house police force of the department of developmental services following questionable virginia techs binvestigations by inclue tasering of patients. here is abc 7 news is reporter vic lee. >> laura. >> the joint legislative audit committee is calling for an investigation of the department of developmental services. in particular, its in house police force the ops or office of protective services. ops has been under fire for years for reportedly conducting lax investigations is into mysterious abuses and even deaths at is a know ma an sew d other developmental centers. the u.s. department review ended with troubling conclusion that the department's investigates failed to reconcile evidence, appropriately failed to include
9:32 pm
interviews of relevant staff and residents and failed to determine the cause of serious incidents. jim bell coauthored the bill. >> there is a series of repeated incidences shows they have a lack of integrity in terms of their investigative abilities. >> reporter: bell says the tasering of patients is another atrocious example of the police department's income pa tense. here is the ronology what have happened based on internal documents related to their investigation. last september the director of the center received a message on his answering machine. the anonymous caller said someone had a stun gun and was is using it on patients. the man was identified as psychiatric technician assistant archie malora. he worked at the center nearly 14 years. officer confronted him and found a taser in his car and a loaded pistol and a separate
9:33 pm
magazine with live rounds. nurses examined patients in his care and found suspicious abrasions on 12 people. a forensic pathologist concluded that the marks were most likely left by a taser. all of the victims have extreme difficulty communicating with you when questioned one mentioned the word stunned and malora's name. he was eventually fired but he was never arrested. in april he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor poe he section of a loaded firearm. he got probation and a $190 fine. but malora was never charged with the taser assaults which if convicted would have given him serious prison time. we learned that the office of protective services decided to handle the case as an administrative matter. state senator joel anderson is a cosponsor of the audit bill. >> this has to be second. investigated. we have people's lives in our
9:34 pm
hands and we have to ensure sure that they are being protected. >> the department of developmental services declined our are request for an interview and instead issued a statement which says in part we continue to take aggressive action to improve our internal law enforcement and we welcome the audit. vic lee, abc 7 news. well, hewlett packard is bracing for a bad earnings report. it will take a $9 billion loss most of it because of the reduced value of an outsourcing business it bought four years ago. they are planning to lay off 27,000 people. this will be only the second time the company has lost money in 15 years. social media is creeping into your car experience. facebook has its eye on taking a drive with you and cadillac decided to live up to its name and row deuce what it called the cadillac of in car infotainment systems. >> they are calling it cue for
9:35 pm
cadillac user experience. >> choose a digital speedout or switch that in a snippet. >> those are really just pictures on a full color screen you can customize. >> for the technically savvy customer the enhanced layout. >> and a vibrating see the warns you of obstacles. but if you are stopped feast your hands on this. >> the pinch and spread gestures like on your hand held device. >> and with apps like pandora it acts like those devices. most drivers were not -- most drivers were fiddling with devices while they drive. they wanted to change that. >> a lighted usb port so i can lock away my ipod and phone and keep it safely away in the bin. >> cadillac is not the first to
9:36 pm
try that but wired transportation editor says their approach is different. >> they took the touch screen technology and embraced it and you are lacking that muscle memory where you can reach out and touch something very quickly based on feel and you know what you are touching. >> facebook is working to integrate with ford cars. the ceo say. >> we can imagine a day where you buy a new car and logging into the car computer with facebook you can have it light up with music, addresses, restaurants, stores and other destinations targeted for you you based on friends and your interests. >> will that happen with a cadillac style touch screen. >> easily the most advanced system. whether or not it is the best system remains to be seen. >> interest car talk
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nasa is releasing more images of mars. the distant hills are part of the rim of gale crater and you can see two dark circular patch there's. there are the marks left by the curiosity rocket powered descent crane. this came after it lifted the 7-foot tall mast for the first time. curiosity landed on mars on monday and eventually the robot will go to the base of the gale crater and is expected to find rocks billions of years old that could show the existences of water. many scientists will tell you we are learning so much so fast that we entered a golden age of knowledge but many among us are scientifically illiterate. even basic sigh sens science ie
9:41 pm
forget or maybe never even learned. wayne freedman has the story of a woman who hopes to change that. >> they are making stadium inside this building. it is is aassembley line. test tubes. alligator clips. >> red is for plus and black is for ground or minus. >> dr. penny norman is the mastermind of her face. if her name sounds vaguely familiar you have seen it on every box they ship out of here. she is the brain behind science whiz. >> did you envision this bying your career? >> no, absolutely not. >> she always planned on being a scientist and earned a phd in biophysics and led her to developing this company that teaches science instead through games. it is a full-time job split between designing and manufacturing. here she is skypeing with her husband who is in chin china wg
9:42 pm
out the kinks on a new project called circuits. >> triggering a positive range. ♪ >> penny published her first kit back in 1995. this is it, electricity. it has sold millions of copies. she will tell you that making money was never her primary goal. >> you are covering stuff on here that most of us have foregotten or never learned. >> kind of sad, isn't it? >> each kit comes with a book and links to a website that any one can use whether they buy or not. kid friendly videos are just part of it. >> a load is anything that slows down the current between the two ends of the battery. >> this approachability does not come about by accident. it begins in her living room with a friend and albert einstein. they met years ago are ann ran a preschool where dr. norman enrolled her daughter. she said are you doing enough
9:43 pm
science here. i said when you get science things they never work. >> they work now in the hands on kits that show kids how to use batteries to power electric motors or drop pulp miss into water to see one kind of rock that can float. or drop alka-seltzer tablets into water. >> the oceanic plates are more dense and go beneath the continental plates. >> you lost me and i'm 58 years old. >> you should read the book. >> maybe so. because when it comes to science man kind has learned quite a lot. well, some of mankind anyway. as for the rest of us, don't blame dr. penny norman. from richmond, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. in just three days after curiosity landed another astrommic first. scientists released the largest
9:44 pm
3d map ever created. to most of us this looks like snowflakes falling but we are seeing a fly through of the universe. you can seagal laxies and even black holes. it was produced by the sloan digital sky survey and will include new data to enable scientists to measure positions of million of galaxies over the past 7 years of cosmic time. >> if you say the phrase a galaxy far, far away everyone knows it is the opening line of star wars. today, bob woodruff tells us about the legendary bay area filmmaker helping a returning soldier achieve his hollywood dream. >> captain hank hughes served twice in afghanistan as a decorate the platoon leader but now has left his military career to find a new one. >> what has it been look to get back here to the civilian world of the u.s. you return hometime machine where everyone else has moved on and you all of a
9:45 pm
sudden arrived. >> reporter: since he was a kid he dream of becoming a filmmaker. among his favorites back then star wars and indiana jones. in college he majored in film but put his dreams on hold for his country. now, he is back. >> reporter: what is your goal? >> to make movies. >> reporter: for the rest of your life? >> i would love to. absolutely. >> reporter: we got to work finding a mentor for hank to guide him along his new path and we found a film legend. >> these guys are here are rows around we need to h help him. >> the man who created the movies hank always loved, george lucas. >> hi, how are you? >> i have some questions for you if you you don't mind. >> movie making 101. >> your training in the military is exactly the training you. >> a face to face encounter with film history. r 2 d 2 hans solo and darth veteran's stadium. it was done as one movie.
9:46 pm
the script was like 350 pages. >> while george lucas taught him how to write it his team at lucas film taught him how to make it. >> amazeing that george lucas would take the time out of his day to talk to me just because i was a veteran. it was fantastic. >> hank one of hundreds of thousands of veterans coming home is getting chance to learn from a master and just like in the movies. >> the force will be with you always. >> the relationship will go on. >> a pleasure to meet you. just ahead, temperatures are expected to hit triple digits. spencer back with an update on the forecast.
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a utah sheriff sergeant had a day he won't forget. he was called in to help a moose struggling in a swing set. before he approached with a air of bolt cutters he gave the home owner h his cell phone to record this in case anything happened. what a sight. it took a few tries with you everything did work out. you can see the moose wandering away here. afterwards the moose actually laid down just completely exhausted from the ordeal. one last check of the weather. spence spencspencer christian h that. >> weather conditions, temperatures rising but air quality is declining. tomorrow a spare the air day and we expect poor air quality especially in the inland east bay. moderate at best in the south bay and parts of the santa clara valley. should be good in the north bay and around the coast and the central bay area. temperatures continue to rise as i mentioned. we will have the summer time spread high of 64 at pacifica on the coast up to 81 at
9:51 pm
oakland on the near east bay up to 102 degrees at brentwood. a 38 degrees spread between the coastal highs and one of the hottest inland highs. here is how things will look area.lly around the bay eric triple digits in the hottest inland spots the next three days through saturday and then start to cool down early next week and it will be welcome relief. >> it will be by then, huh? >> absolutely. >> thank you, spencer. a huge night for the giants. >> hot as the temperature. >> willth you go. >> the giants not in triple digits. must be nice, cheering on team usa from the shallow end.
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9:55 pm
mohawk in nasa's mission control and why is he now getting so many marriage proposals? join us tore those stories and more on abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. >> larry is still baffled by that. >> i look at that story with particular interest to see what is going on there. >> and might be sporting a mohawk. >> no, not soon. what started out as a close game turned into a franchise record bludgeoning as the giants crushed the cardinals tonight. the recently acquired marco scudero. honey, for putting up with me this foul ball is for you and i don't even need a mohawk. two hits and two rbis. 1-0 giants in the second. moved to third. the show beginning. base hit to right. still only 2-0. ryan vogelsong, 7 innings three hits no runs allowed.
9:56 pm
huge play in the sixth. ryan with what was a double play ball. two runs in and 5-0. the flood gates open. 8-0 in the eighth. scudero doubled with the bases loaded. four, five, six and seven come in. scudero with his third career grand slam. 15-0 the final. biggest shutout by the giants ever over st. louis and the second largest shutout in giants franchise history. a slugfest as well in the series finale between the a's and angels this afternoon. the angels clubbed five homers and lost. started out strong. struck out the side in the first inning. innings two through five where he really struggled. morales hugging the line and that is gone. 1-0 angels. bottom half of the second. high deep and aloha off of zac grenk whom he caught in
9:57 pm
milwaukee so had local knowledge there if you will. oakland leading 4-3 in the fifth. allowed four bombs. angels on top 5-4. the home plate ump hit in the head by a pitch so he was woozy. later in the game strike two on brandon inge but called it a strikeout. he had to leave the game as a precautionary measure. still not feeling well. a two-run single to right. a's up 7-5 and cris carter connects! that is way out! he's got power. that was his 10th of the year. a's win 9-8 and now a game and a half up on l.a. in the wildcard standings. the football field has long been shane's sanctuariry. when it was taken away from him, off the fieldish shus followed. he says he has learned his lesson and more mature and attempting to regain his middle
9:58 pm
linebacker are position at stanford. >> it has been shoot, ten, 11 months. it is a game that i love and i have an extreme passion for. i'm just ecstatic to be coming back. >> terrell owens is back. took the field for the first time as a see hawk. the 38-year-old seems to have drama that follows him everywhere and t.o. has been out of the league since late 2010. had a knee injury. has come back. he knows he is running out of chances insisting he is a changed man. >> all about being part of something rather than being the center of something. i understand the media is here because of me and i have changed in a lot of ways and a lot of things occurred in the last two years. >> best way for adam scott to forget about his meltdown at
9:59 pm
the british open. follow is with a win at the about p.g.a. championship. blue a four-shot lead with four holes left. scott says south carolina is set up for a similar dramatic ending. >> going to be some drama here sunday and somebody who plays a great nine holes could possibly make up a lot of shots on a leader or completely run away with the tournament with a good nine holes. >> time for your olympic spoiler if you do in the want to know today's results look away until the music fades out. ♪ china leading this gold but team u is sa more total medals. >> thank you, larry. and we will be back here in an hour over on abc 7 news. we'll see


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