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tv   ABC7 News  KOFY  August 13, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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>> announcer: right now abc7 news begins with breaking news. sky 7 hd is over that breaking news two major wildfires burning near clear lake this one the wye fire the bigger of the two these flames are threatening homes you can see the smoke. firefighters are making some progress. weather conditions are not helping. hundreds of homes and power lines are threatened. there are a few injuries. good morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. the two fires are burning in lake county the wye fire and
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walker fire seven mights to the east near the lake and colusa county line. the wye fire has charred 3,000 acres threatening hundreds of homes in the spring valley area, 25% contained. the walker fire has burned 2,000 acres threatening the wilbur hot springs area, 30% contained. evacuation orders in place for several communites. >> mike is tracking weather conditions where the fires are burning. let's begin with amy hollyfield live in lake county with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. the views up here are beautiful, but not today. it is very hazy up here, there's a lot of smoke, these fires are still going strong. look at this video shot by sky 7 hd this morning many even though the weather cooperated overnight the fires burning near clearlake were still very active. firefighters called in extra resources to help today,
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evacuated residents waited for news. >> in the trucks, vans, that's why we look like we do. >> reporter: becky set up camp in the parking lot of the moose lodge on highway 20. she evacuated five horses and five dogs in 15 minutes yesterday. she says the horses usually fight getting in the trailer1x not this time. >> they were waiting at the gate before it got bad. they smelled the smoke or something. >> reporter: the lodge parking lot became a gathering spot for people trying to pass through on highway 20. firefighters unexpectedly shut it down this morning while they conducted a controlled burn. >> i had an appointment at 10:30 and 12:30 at work. i called and got service and -- [ inaudible ] >> the number one priority for firefighters and commanders that are leading the firefighters is to ensure public safety, try to get in and get resources in to fight
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the fire as safely as possible. any time we have road closures, there's going to be questions. we're working very hard to get a lot of accurate information out. >> reporter: firefighters say 5,000 acres have burned. no word on when people will be able to return to their homes. they say probably not going home today. there have been to injuries, one civilian, one firefighter, both minor, both expected to be okay. they think this fire started along the highway, they think it is accidental probably a car sparked a fire here where ae very hot and dry. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco to see how weather conditions are affecting the firefight. >> , in the negative, good morning. you -- good morning. in the negative, you saw amy there, 45 miles from the coast nowhere near getting that kind of weather love to see the
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marine layer push in but it is not going to happen. as we head down to clearlake, current conditions 93° with northeast wind now only four gusting to seven coming out of the northwest spilling to the southwest northeast to southwest if you live southwest of the lake you are going to get smoke humidity 17%. the problem is it is going to be 101 today south wind 10 to 15. >> stay with abc7 news for continuing updates later. you can follow abc7 news on facebooknd on twitter for developments any time of the day. police say two men who were racing each other crashed into two homes in saratoga early this morning. this happened about 4:30. authorities tell us two 19-year-olds driving at least 60 miles per hour on suburban streets couldn't maneuver a sharp curve on prospect avenue they banged often side home andp wedged in the wall of another. no residents were hurt.
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the drivers suffered minor injuries and were hospitalized they will be arrested. in marin county two women narrowly escaped being run down by an out of control garbage truck that ran into a business in novato 8:30 this morning. the driver of the garbage truck apparently lost his brakes, started careening down marin valley drive, slammed into a business called curves. two women inside were able to jump out of the way. truck driver had minor injuries and was taken to a local hospital. several businesses in that building clean is up underway now. the independent federal agency investigating the richmond chevron refinery fire is getting ready to inspect that site today. the u.s. chemical safety board is going in with structural and industrial safety experts to prepare for a safe entry by investigators. that fire sent hundreds of
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residents to local hospitals. katie marzullo joins us from richmond with more. >> reporter: no one is talking here this morning. chevron will only confirm through e-mail that the u.s. chemical safety board is onsite with other agencies and chevron is fully cooperating in that investigation. my calls to the chemical safety board have not been answered this morning. we know from the board's last comments on their website that investigators think a corroded pipe may be to blame for this fire. and workers barely escaped with their lives when what started as a small leak of hydrocarbons ballooned and ignited quickly. i talked on to the phone with an expert in refinery operations. he says corrosion is a reasonable for what happened. but not the only explanation. -- >> it could have also been a faulty weld,
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[ inaudible ] if it was a weld between two sections of pipe. there may have also been erosion involved [ inaudible ] corrosion chemical processor rochon mechanical or physical process. >> reporter: he says today primarily, he believes investigators will be looking to distinguish between the damage done by the fire and the original damage that allowed the fire to occur. also, likely at some point they will remove a section of the pipe in question and take it off site for a chemical test that might not be today. katie marzullo, abc7 news. the chevron refinery fire has contributed to something that affects almost all of us, rising gas prices. aaa says average price for regular in san francisco is $4.17. highest in the state.
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overnight prices in san jose rose one cent to $4:12 oakland up a pennye to $4.11. we are paying an average of 23 cents more a gallon compared to two weeks ago. richmond fire took a lot of oil out of production. chevron's claims office is still open at the nevin community center at an 98 nevin avenue. it is open monday through friday 9 to 7 and saturdays from 8 to noon. for more information call: we have both the number and the address of the claims center at under see it on tv. in san bruno construction work resumed after a contractor accidentally cut into a gasline this month causing a temporary neighborhood evacuation it happened at earl and glen view drive on august 2nd. the same intersection where eight people died and 38 home wrts destroyed in 2010.
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pg&e says the gasline was clearly marked but the contractor hired by the city to end stall new water lines began digging with a backhoe instead of by hand as recommended. the company has apologized and agreed to new oversight measures, including daily safety meetings. group anonymous is planning a protest against bart police today this is video from last year's protest. anonymous says it has been a year since weekly protests to drew attention to what it calls issues with the -- to draw attention to what it calls issues with the police force. members say they will join with the occupy movement for a demonstration at the fruitvale bart station at 5:00. still ahead, job cuts at google. why the company is slashing thousands of jobs and closing some of its motorola cell phone stores. mitt romney and his new pick for vp hit the campaign
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big changes are in store to better protect workers at napa state hospital. the state mental facility will begin giving employees device that track location. the devices will enable workers to reach one another in emergencies. some workers say alarms attached to lanyards pose a strangulation danger. the hospital has been the site
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of several high profile attacks including the strangulation death of one worker. google is cutting several thousand jobs. it is eliminating about 4,000 jobs at motorola business. about a third of 90 store locations. the company says changes will maybe the unit profitable but warned investors should expect business revenue to fluctuate over the next few quarters. mitt romney's new running mate paul ryan heads out on his own for the first time today in the battleground state of iowa, as mitt romney continues his bus tour in florida. medicare is the key issue for the state's many retired seniors. romney's selection of ryan has put the issue front and center by his proposal to limit the cost of health care by pushing future retirees into private plans. romney has tried to distance himself ryan budget plan. >> the president's idea for
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instance for medicare was to cut it by 700 billion dollars. we want to make sure we preserve and protect medicare. >> the obama campaign is on the attack releasing new web ad in florida where seniors blasted ryan's proposed medicare changes. saudi arabia is planning to build a new city exclusively for women. the goal to allow women greater financial independence while upholding the country's laws on the segregation of the sexes. the new city could create around 5,000 new jobs and everybody from factory work mayor will be a woman. right now about 80% of the unemployed female workforce are university grads. mike with the forecast, picture of cool in san francisco. >> san francisco and the coast love to be there if you are a firefighter or have that air come to you if you in lake county this isn't going to last long. heat inland and how that will subside. monday night football and game
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at a. and. park, i'll have the forecast for both. we are monitoring breaking news from lake county this is a live picture now where two wildfires continue to burn out of control. most unusual campaign to take back their costco store. the odd request from residents @
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another look from sky 7 hd
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in lake county where two wildfires continue to burn a few miles east of clearlake it looks like a towering inferno the wildfire is threatening 48 "homes -- 480 homes. the wye fire is 25% contained the walker fire has burned 2,000 acres it has forced evacuations at wilbur hot springs 35% contained they have a long way to go. tough roads, a lot of dirt roads which would lead to a little break also hard to get around the weather is not helping they are going to have a fight at least the winds aren't so fast 10 to 15 not gusting 30, 40 hopefully that will help a little. good morning. here people still enjoying some of the sunshine at the coast where temperatures are going to be in the 50s and 60s today, suz since always seems like -- santa cruz always seems like some family having
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some type of picnic burden during the:of hour. oakland from emeryville towards san francisco clouds hanging on at the -- hanging on at the coast. didn't have delays at sfo, oakland or san jose may be more of the case as the sea becomes more prominent later this week. right now most clouds at the coast. you can see coast pockets of sun the rest of us straight on sunshine even thunderstorms in the high country again today. 80 in fairfield, antioch, 70s concord, fremont, san jose the rest of us 60s, 58 half moon bay. monterey bay, santa cruz on the beach 58° direct sunlight feels warmer inland 71 salinas, 80 gilroy. today sunny around the bay and inland warm to hot temperatures. the coast and bay clouds like this morning, clear inland still in the 50s and 60s.
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highs will slowly cool key being slowly the next couple of days today not one of those days concord 93 like yesterday, fremont 82, santa cruz 88, san francisco at 66 san jose 84, four to three degrees warmer than yesterday. pacifica one of the cool spots, 59° head over to oakland we judgment top 74 east bay valleys will make a run at 100 in brentwood will stop about 98° most mid to upper 90s east bay valleys. don't be surprised if your car thermometer says 100. 67 richmond today mid to upper 70s most of the east bay shore. low to mid 80s in the south bay mainly mid to upper 70s peninsula. pacifica 59, everybody else in the low 60s mid to upper 60s downtown south san francisco,
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sausalito 73. low to upper 80s in your valleys, 66 monterey, most of the bay mid 70s inland low to mid 90s. tahoe 84, yosemite 102, 115 palm springs. monday night football raiders and cowboys sunny and mild 73 at 5:00 dropping to 62. across the bay at 7:15 nationals in town to take on the giants temperature at 7:1562 drop to 57°. you can -- some of the clouds will spill into the bay tonight, 50s and 60s around most of our neighborhoods. here's your seven day forecast keying on the bay inland where we drop one or two degrees everyday until we reach closer to average saturday and sunday. a most unusual border war is being fought over a costco
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store. a facebook page has gone up residents in bellingham, washington say they've had enough of their canadian neighbors crossing across the border and buying up everything at their local costco. some are demanding special shopping hours just for americans. complaints from lack of parking to milk running out to long lines for discounted costco gas. bellingham chamber of commerce is urging locals to be patient saying the money dropped by canadian shoppers is helping the local economy. >> it is every shopper for themselves at costco you got that get this early. next, back to those wildfires that burning out of control in lake county. two fires have burned 5,000 acres together. an update, straight ahead. here is a look at what is coming up on good afternoon america. monday. coming up, comedian jamie
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kennedy going toe-to-toe with the super nanny joe frost talking discipline should you reprimand other people's kids? i have a feeling jo has a few thoughts. >> also turning your old favorite play things into cold hard cash.
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do laws against junk food in schools help cut kids' obesity? the fountain of youth ouch! it could be found in a series of acupuncture needles. those stories and more today at 4 and 5. we wanted to take one more look at the fires burning now lake county. >> here's a live look from sky 7 hd at what is being called the wye fire burning a few miles from the walker fire. >> the two fires combine today to burn 5,000 an customers total. the wye fire threatens 480 homes and forced evacuations in spring valley that is the area that you are looking at now. firefighters are working hard to make sure these two fires don't merge they are seven miles apart. they are working hard to keep this in check. that walker fire has forced evacuations in wilbur hot springs. >> you want to stay with abc7 news and for the latest on the wildfires in
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lake county, including the acres burned, damage, injuries right now three people. meantime mike has been keeping an eye on the weather for that area. smoke was starting to move faster, unfortunately, those southerly winds are starting to kick in they are going to be 10 to 15 miles per hour anybody who lives north and east of there you are going to get smoke where it was moving southwest so be aware of that it is coming your way. temperatures they're going to be over 100 today, back at home we may get those in the east bay valleys, probably the last day. thanks for joining us today on abc7 news. >> who wants to be a >> who wants to be a millionaire next. captioned by closed capti from your tv service, now's a great time to get at&t u-verse tv. make the switch! [ megan ] call now to get at&t u-verse tv for only 29 a month for six months --
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