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tv   ABC7 News  KOFY  August 14, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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one is the connection with the dma and at&t and the other is between the dmv and verizon. they are starting to narrow down why but it dent help for the folks in line. the front of the -- front of the line a young man with blue sweater and ponytail we interviewed him more than an hour ago he was past the overhang that gives you an idea of how far this line -- how not far this line is moving. when i speak to people in line i hear two words, frustrated annoyed if you look at video you see the line was longer back then. it is shorter now due in part to some people going home. all dmv computers down throughout the entire state of california. the only thing employees at the office can do for people is reschedule their appointments to tomorrow. the only thing taking place at the dmv office is drivers' test.
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nice for young people looking to get their license and permits. others say they have important paperwork that needs to get done today. >> we have to take a day off from my work and the money we lose, taking a day off, nothing we can do, if we don't take care of it we get pulled over, more cost. >> everybody says the system is not working may take two hours, three hours. >> this is madness. how can the systems be down? especially today, they say it has been down an hour since it has been open. they said we have to wait up to two hours. >> reporter: another advantage point for you, this is in san francisco, the video you are looking at. people there have gone from frustrated to angry. again, just learning what might be the cause of this, two issues the dmv is dealing with connections it has with at&t and verizon. at this time, no estimated
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time as to when the computer system will be back up and running. helpful hint if you haven't left for the dmv yet and you want to avoid lines, you can go online or call the 100 -- 1-800 number. the spokesperson telling me you can do everything on the phone with an operator that you can do in person if the wait is too long on phone you can plan to have them call you back. katie marzullo, abc7 news. we'll continue to follow at breaking news. a man accused of breaking in the home of late apple phoner steve jobs is being held on a half million dollars bail. police say the 35-year-old kareem mcfarland of alameda broke the home july 17th, and stole $60,000 worth of computers and personal ups. he has a court date on august 20th. steve jobs died last october at the age of 56.
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his home was undergoing construction work when the break-in happened. another crime, antioch resident sent this video on ureport asking for help identifying two people who broke into a parked car. you can see from the video a man coming from a minivan checking out a car parked in a driveway. he smashes out the rear wind anr is in the back. moments later an accomplice from the minivan helps the man unload other items from the back of the car before they drive off. less than two hours from now san jose mayor and members of the u.s. department of justice will be at city hall discussing efforts to combat gang violence. the meeting comes after a violent 24 hours in the city. police are investigating three separate violent attacks including the fatal stabbing of a woman with a samurai sword. officers found her body last night near the walgreens store the victim was a homeless
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person in the area. the woman killed was san jose's 27th -- 26th homicide victim of the year. yesterday there was a fatal drive-by shooting on charles street another someone standing in front of a house. police are asking for witnesses to come forward. now the latest on those two wildfires burning in lake county. sky 7 hd is live over the fires. firefighters made some progress overnight. they have the wye and walker fires, 30% contained. evacuations have been lived. flames have scorched 7,000 acres. the two fires are close enough to be treated as one. they are on the east end of clearlake both sides of highway 20. we have live team coverage. mike will have the latest conditions facing firefighters. let's begin with amy hollyfield in lake county >> reporter: the terrain here is starting to look really black, air hazy, traffic is slow this is highway 20, it is
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only open in one lane in one direction is open between highway 53 and 16. you are facing an hour to an hour and a half delay if you want to get through here. looks like this fire won't be giving up any time soon. just as firefighters make a little progress, this fire does too. crews now have 30% of the fire contained, up fm 25%. the fire has burned 7,000 acres.çyr' up from 6,000. >> we are definitely making good progress, unfortunately, with the hot temperatures and dry conditions the fire is making a lot of active runs. >> reporter: throughout the night crews saw a lot of fire activity on the eastern side toward walker ridge. >> that area is not very populated, it is a lot of open brush that hasn't burned in decades, it is overgrown, thick and dry. >> that's what is allowing this fire to grow quickly. >> reporter: tough for firefighters but good news for people living in spring valley
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the fire no longer threatening their neighborhood they were allowed to return home last night >> i'm glad everybody is going to come home, hard part is over we'll go on from here. it happened three years ago, so it is something you live with up here itch >> reporter: today firefighters are bracing for hot weather and a windy afternoon. they expect this will be a long fight. >> we are still looking days out from now even though we are making progress there's still a lot of work that has to be done. >> reporter: now it appears this is a firefighter story. looks like people and property are going to be okay. it is worth remembering those who it did impact this fire destroyed two buildings. we stopped by one of the homes that is now gone. some family members were there, they are devastated. they did not want us to take pictures. they did not want to talk about it. they were very upset, it was a very sad situation. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. firefighters there not the only ones facing hot weather.
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across the state warm temperatures prompted another power flex alert. it went into effect at 11 a.m.. we are being asked to conserve energy until 6:00 tonight. state utility officials expect demand to soar while triple digit temperatures hit central valley and southern california. people are being asked to keep air conditioners above 78° and avoid using heavy appliances until after 6:00. another flex alert was issued last week but called off early due to cooler weekend temperatures. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco with the latest on the heat. we start with live doppler, cooling breezes stuck out at the coast as is most of the cloud cover that comes with that sea breeze. let's go to county line, temperatures 90 with a north wind at 7, near clearlake, 88, humidity down to 33% thankfully, winds are lighter farther west northeast three
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miles per hour now the sun has been up for a while winds start picking up this afternoon 105 in the shade. going to feel hotter in the sun and wearing all that gear the fires wear humidity 17%, winds pick up 10 to 15 miles per hour going to blow the smoke into the north and northeast going to get worse this afternoon for the firefighters. we'll get your full forecast later on. >> still ahead, the new words in the webster dictionary one is a cleaner version of one of the foulest swear words people can say. >> 35 students tore through the target store in san bruno. i'm sergio quintana with that story, coming up. the results of a new test that is now questioning the safety of luxury cars.
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a special back-to-school shopping trip for students thanks to the salvation army dan target. sergio quintana has the story. >> reporter: for josephine this is a last minute shopping trip to make sure she is ready for school. >> glue sticks, paper, backpack. regular stuff. >> reporter: when does school start? >> tomorrow. >> reporter: for her big
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sister this is the last dave what she says was a long summer. are you looking forward to school starting? >> yes. >> reporter: what happened to summer? >> it was boring. >> reporter: for her dad joseph, this shopping spree courtesy of the salvation army and target is welcome relief to what might have been a tough beginning to the school year. >> i need help this year and she said come over and helped me out and sent me a couple places, why not i'm like more help the merrier. >> reporter: right, single father. each year target donates within million dollars divided up among salvation army's 40 districts. the salvation army has had this program for four years they've been seeing an increased need thanks to a generous donation they were able to serve 10 more students this year than last year. >> our goal is to help as many as we can. they get $80 each and they come in and go shopping and get all the supplies they can with that $80. >> reporter: back-to-school
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clothes also allowed. to help parents like joseph who are not big fans of shopping, every family is assigned a volunteer to help. >> i got a young girl as a guide they is giving me big help especially with girls. >> reporter: sergio quintana, abc7 news. pg version of a swear word is now officially in the dictionary the phrase "f-bomb" will appear in print in the websters dix the word was traced back to 1988 in which a news story a -- other words making the new word list this year, sexting, energy drink and lifecoach. >> you mean the other seven words you are not supposed to say on tv are in there now? >> you have to look it up. >> you could coach us on maybe
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how to prepare for the weather today. definitely hot inland that's why we have that flex alert not only central valleys baking in 100s some of our valleys will too. what the clouds mean and potential for cooling on the way. take a look at this, largest burmese python ever found in the florida everglades. what doctors
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scientists are calling it the largest python ever found in the florida everglades. the burden he's python measured in at 17 feet and 7 inches weighing 164 pounds. a foot longer than the previous record holder. it was euthanized shortly after capture. a necropsy revealed it was carrying 87 eggs, also a record. pythons are not native to florida because they have no known predators in florida their numbers are soaring. some say there are hundreds of thousands of the big snakes in the everglades and scientists are working on ways to control the population. not all luxury vehicles are safe in certain crashes. the test developed by the insurance institute for highway safety was steined to replicate what happens when
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one fourth of a car's front end hits another car, tree or utility pole at 40 miles per hour. of the 11 cars tested from the 12 year only three earned good or acceptable ratings acura, infiniti g. to read all the results go to click on see it on tv. something to think about before you plunk down all that money for a car. you want -- [ unintelligible ] >> a little mist this morning, visibility down to half a mile at times this morning trying to get that move inland is the key. like to get a break-in land from the heat maybe for a few days, a lot of us like it. looking from emeryville back across san francisco to that big bank of clouds hanging out along the coast. that's what is keeping nut 50s
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now. -- keeping you in the 50s. vollmer peak towards mount diablo blow off from the thunderstorms that developed in the sierra yesterday rotated towards us, they will be and for another couple of hours a lot of sun later during the afternoon. you can see clouds showing up well and you can see they are not dropping anything for the radar to see. how about dry conditions right now? clouds rotating up from the sierra those are going to continue on their northwesterly path and low clouds, a few pockets of sun along the coast over the next couple of hours. temperatures from 59 at half moon bay and san francisco, 60s out there 70s fremont, san jose, not as many 80s as yesterday, 80 in fairfield right now. 74 gilroy, 60s for salinas and the rest of the monterey bay low to mid 60s big summer spread this afternoon.
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clouds at the coast and around the bay cheer inland tonight partly cloudy this weekend with temperatures dropping closer to average for today, 24 hour temperature change shows a few degrees warmer fremont, 84 oakland, 75, most of these temperatures from a couple to 14° above average like concord. 59 pacifica oakland 75, once you head inland brentwood 102, a 43° spread today. let's start east bay valleys, mid 90s to near 100 in most neighborhoods. east bay shore, spread here microclimates have microclimates, richmond 71, 84 fremont. 90 los gatos, peninsula mid 70s to mid 80s. 59 pacifica, daly city mid to upper 60s downtown and south
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san francisco mid 80s to low 90s north bay clearlake 105. bodega bay 60. 68 monterey. mid 90s to near 100 inland. wealth of 100s through the central valley, 114 palm springs, 88 los angeles, that's why there is is up a demand for. cool at at&t park. 7:15 first pitch, 63 depositing to 57. watching one to two degrees drop everyday through the weekend, also watching moisture down to the south will move in saturday and sunday more cloud cover don't think we'll get rain yet, but something we are keeping an eye on. local first responders began practicing this morning how they will communicate with state and federal agencies if a major disaster ever cripples san francisco. today's grill includes several large mobile communication centers. the department of emergency
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management wants to simulate what would happen a few days after a major disaster hike a quake when military and state agencies -- would bring in heavy equipment to deal with damaged buildings and roads and the agencies to talk with each other in the field. >> ia we want to thank people who helped us raise thousands for bay area foster kids, susan f of petaluma, barbara of san jose and laura j of sunnyvale. for every new like we get one dollar is donated to the sleep train dream campaign. your like will make a difference to bay area foster kids. next, it is enough stress to plan one wedding. how about five in one day. the mega wedding one
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today at 4:00, michael finney shows gadgets that can turn your smartphone into a camera with high quality zooming and wide angle lens. then at 5, the state genesse in hot water for failing to make changes to the water supply years after erin brockovich brought dangerous chemicals to light. those stories and more at 4 and 5. this morning, five lidges from one family said i dos in what is -- five lidges from one family said their i dos in one wedding. five of the eight siblings got
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engaged within one month. their father started thinking how is he going to afford all the weddings? after months of planning the mega wedding day arrived and went on without a hitch. there were five individual ceremonies followed by joint reception and five separate cakes. all the couples are now enjoying their honeymoons thankfully in separate vacation spots. for all of us here thank you for joining us before we go within final look at the lake county fires and it is still hot up there. hot up there. jump six degrees in the
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