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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  October 12, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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>> big bang. 2 powerful blast rock the city of vallejo tonight. street shut down and neighborhood evacuated because of what police suspect was a bomb maker next door. good evening. >> the neighborhood around fern wood drive georgia street shut down tonight. lillian kim 30's with more. >>reporter: about 8 blocks or so have been cordoneed off but things finally winding down. investigators believe all the explosive did he advice from his this vallejo home accounted for. good news for residents who have been told it's now safe to return to their homes. vallejo police arrived at the 3700 block of georgia street after getting a tip that the person living here was
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manufacturing and detonating explosive did he advises. investigators aren't giving specifics. only that they found multiple did he advises but we have been told what they found were probably pipe bombs. vallejo police doesn't have a bomb squad of their own that's why they asked the fbi and napa county sheriff's department for help. they used robot to find the bomb in the house. they then placed them in the middle of the street, surrounded them with sand bags and detonated them. them. >> fire in the >> probably not going to bring a house down with it but certainly if it was around something that was flackable, if it had gone off and proximity of human being or some living creature sunshine has enough power to kill someone. or at least seriously maim they are dangerou dangerous. we are not going to find crate or in the middle of the street but could kill and maim people. >> the bomb squad detonated a second set of becomes but that
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took place in the back. and we were unable to see it. police not releasing the identity of the person they say was manufacturing these explosive did he advises. all they are saying is that he's a man in his 50's. he is under arrest and charged with felony. live in vallejo, abc 7 news. >> all right lil i don't know thank you. >> now to tonight vice-presidential debate and tough and testy exchange. >> joe bind and paul ryan head to head on wide range of issue issues. mark matthews is here tonight with some of the key moments. >>reporter: we expected vice president biden to be the aggressor. we expected ryan to try and reassure voters. both men delivered. debate began with questions about the attack on benghazi that killed ambassador chris stevens. >> we will find and bring to justice the men who did this. >>reporter: vice president biden askeding that whatever mistake were made will not be
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made again. congressman ryan quick to point one out. >> it took the president two two weeks to annual that this was a terrorist attack. this benghazi issue would be a tragedy in and of itself but unfortunately it's in addictive of a broader problem. that is what we are watching in our tv screen unraveling of the obama foreign policy. >>reporter: would he repeat the line several times during the debate but unlike the presidential debate biden faster to fire wac. >> with all due respect that's a bunch of malarkey. not a single thing he said is being rat. he appeared to be debating romney that 47 percent of the country pays no federal income tax. >> i have had it up to here with the notion that 47 percent it's about time they take some responsibility here. instead of signing pledges to grover norquist not to ask the wealthiest to contribute to bring back the middle class they should be signing a pledge saying to the middle class we
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are going to level the playing field. >> they come in and inherit that situation. absolutely. we are going if the wrong direction. look where we are. the economy is barely limping along. it's growing at 1.3 percent. that's slower than it grew last year and last year slower than the year before. with respect to that quote i think the vice president very well knows that sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way. always say what i mean. >> medicare biden turned to the camera spoke directly to seniors and here's what happened when he pushed ryan on how romney would pay for 20 percent tax cut. >> not mathematically possible. >> it is mathematically possible. it's been done before. it's precisely. >> it has never been didn't before. >> robbed reagan. >> now you are jack kennedy. >> ronald reagan. >> plenty of heat. biden showed more emotion tonight and personality but i think who you
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believe won the debate? probably depend on your political point of view unless you include abc martha. she was clearly the best moderator so far. fichlt thanks. social media came alive tonight as well as the two candidates duke it out. twitter says the debate generated 3 and half million tweet. biden now you are jack kennedy line generated 58,000. the minute it was by far the most tweeted remark. over all though the debate didn't create as much traffic as the presidential one 10.3 million tweet. >> president obama and mitt romney meet in their second doe bait next tuesday in new york this one will be town hall meeting format. we'll carry it live starting at 6:00 p.m. all right. you may know heart break in oakland tonight. unfortunately the a's incredible run in the play offs comes to an end. >> couldn't pull off a win in the game 5 of the series and larry is here now.
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>> kind of a bumper. especially after last night the thrilling 9th inning come back. down wins again tonight this time justin would not allow any green and gold magic. tiger ace who won the series opener striking out 11 toss a complete no hitter as the tigers beat oakland 6 nothing. final out. detroit advances to the meern league championship series and the wonderful season for the a's come to know a end. lisa joins us live now in oakld with unfortunately a bunch of dispointed fans. >>reporter: there really are a lot of sad people out here tonight in oakland. as you know they are known as the come back kids but the a's just couldn't do it tonight. very disappointed left the coliseum hoping for a different ending in the final game of the american league division series even after the game ended, though, fans still chanted let's go oakland. while waving the gold towels in the air.
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>> they did excellent. they did exceptional this season and i'm so proud of them. i am still going to root for them no matter what. >> last 12 days, 12 home games it has been so emotional. but i haven't seen more emotion at this coliseum than maybe 2001. >> i have been coming since i was little little so i am amazed they got this far and i have nothing but happiness for them. >> i bought my season tickets last year and everybody said why? why. the guys selling those guys i bought them any way and lack at what happened. it's magical. >> i love this is the best season i have been a's fan for 20 plus years and best sony can ever be a part of. i'm proud to be a fan still. >> a lot of fans were hoping for a bay bridge series this year but that will not happen. once again there was no magic tonight for the a's who lost in
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the final game of the division series night. this does mean the season is over for the a's and they will be home for the winter. live in oakland tonight, back to you larry. >> thanks lisa. different story for the giants and their fans. champagne flowing after today historic win in cincinnati. giants won the division series after being down 2 games to none. buster the big blow. grand slam as giants move on to the league championship series with 6-4 victory. we'll have more highlights post game reaction coming up later in sports. >> great moment. >> that was fun. >> more scattered showers tonight. spencer is tracking live doppler 7 hd for us. >> okay. there has been a showering day and much evening as wechlt writ now you can see we have clouds but no showers at the moment. there's a batch of shower activity moving into the central valley now. i'll give you a little bit of a radar listen here. show what is happening last 3 hours.
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showers moving out of the sierra into the central valley not close to the bay area yet. show you rainfall total over the last 12 hours. $100 of an inch in san francisco. 2 hundredths of an inch in san jose. very small amounts of rainfall in most places. morgan hill big winner with over tenth of an inch. calm quiet dry now there are more showers on the way. 7 day forecast for new a moment. >> thanks spencer. >> shuttle he be daevr about to make its final move through the streets of los angeles. shuttle flew over the bay area last month and the trip to the final destination is just beginning. >> also here at popular coffee chain is facing bank situation. we have that story. >> came from the sea. large eyeball found on the beach. later on "nightline". >> coming up next on "nightline". the vice-presidential candidates face off as joe biden and republican paul ryan go head to
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>> new at 11:00. officers in santa clara killed armed man threatening his own father. they received 2911 calls about loud argument on monroe street late last night. officers arrived and helped calm the situation but as they were leaving the argument started up again. that's when they say the 41-year-old man cut himself with a knife and then made a threatening gesture toward his 66-year-old father. all 3 officers fired their guns. the son was killed. neighbor whose known the family for a decade says the father is distraught over his son's somewhating. >> i'm not surprised by the son being aggressive. i'm a little surprised that they shot and killed hill. couldn't they have shot him in the leg or something? >>reporter: officers are on paid administrative leave while the department investigates this shooting. >> also new. down vca line in
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san jose forced closure of some streets while repairs made. wire came down on light rail vehicle near the intersection of second and san carlos streets. wire is part of the overhead webbing that pull the power line. passengers were evacuated and placed on buses. nobody was hurt. crew expected to finish repair as we went on the air this evening. union city high school freshman faces possible expulsion after handing out pot laced rice chris pee to fellow classmates. she was arrested last week after she brought the marijuana lace treats to the school then handed them out to other students without telling anyone they contained pot. decision on whether to expel the student could come as early as next week. jolt tonight from actualy seattle base coffee chain filed for bankruptcy. more than 3 and half million dollars in debts. they are struggling with leases cost under performing store and long shadow of star buck. they have 175 location in 9 states
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including at least 10 in san francisco alone. the company will face a bankruptcy judge tomorrow. u.s. california foreclosure are now at the lowest level since 2007. 5-3 5-31,000 foreclosure in third quarter of this year. that's down 13 percent compared to last year. california saw 45 percent decline in foreclosure over the last year that's the biggest did he children in the nation. >> to southern california now where the space shuttle endeavor getting ready for the final trip this will take it 12 miles down the road to museum in los angeles. this is a live picture of a shuttle white is being held in los angeles. shuttle has sat there for 3 week at the los angeles international airport in this hangar. before dawn hits the shuttle again the very complicated and slow move through the streets. streets will be closed. whole bunch of tree cut did you know and power lines have been removed or raised in some cases. the trip is expected to take two days. what an operation that is.
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>> my goodness what a sight that will be. a lot of rain in southern california this morning. we had a little bit here as well. >> a little bit. spencer tracks it for us and here with the latest forecast. >> soggy day and evening in some spots. you look at live doppler 7 hd we have extensive cloud cover. no rainfall at the moment. some in the central valley. moved out of the sierra but not closing in on the bay area yet. at the moment we are dry but cloudy and trems in a rather narrow range. 55 her at san francisco and a half moon bay to 58 across the bay oak land. 57 antioch livermore so we have about a 3 degree spread there of current temperature readings. on to the forecast cloudy overnight into tomorrow morning. few sprechbing el lightly of night. could be wet spots in the early morning during the morning commute. partly sunny in the afternoon hours and sunny warm weekend coming our way. warm next wee week. upper level low triggered all the unstable active weather the last several
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days pushing across southern california at the moment. notice counterclockwise circulation that moisture is wrapping around that low pressure system and as it does so we get showers batches of showers coming at us from our east as opposed to usual pattern from the west. moisture wrapping around we could get few more showers tonight. forecast animation at 11:00 o'clock tonight. we are in a little bit of a break right now but xwp more showers to develop did your the overnight hours and by 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning official start of our morning rush hour will probably see a few wet spots but not wide spread rain fall then by afternoon we have partly to mostly sunny dry conditions by 5:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon but another system moving inland from the northwest that will probably stay mainly to the north so saturday morning it will pass to our north and we'll have mainly sunny skies saturday afternoon with much warmer conditions starting on saturday and continuing right into next week. overnight tonight wide spread low clouds. possibly some more showers
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sprinkle overnight. low pressure will be mainly in the low mid 50's. perhaps upper 40's in parts of north bay. south bay tomorrow under partly sunny skies afternoon. hay only in the mid 60's. well below the average level high for this time of year. mid 60's also on the pens l.upper 50's to 60 on the coast. downtown san francisco high of 62 many to. 59 in the sun set district. north bay high low to mid 60's in the east bay look for high of 64 at oakland. 65 union city. inland east bay will be a little bit milder high in the upper 60's up to about 69 at antioch 68 livermore 68 fairfield and near monterey bay look for high in the low to mid 60's near the bay and only mid 60's inland. not much of a range tomorrow. 7 day forecast a little warm-up on saturday then sunday inland high low 80's then mid upper 80's inland. mid 80's around the bay on wednesday and mid 70's on the coast. that is some phenomenal and summer like weather. now not too late to win 49,000 dollars want the
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chance to win. tl these people all entered the sweepstakes through the facebook page. winner announced right after the frirns game next thursday october 18. you can enter too go to their site and collect the win button take you to at the time on line forum where you enter the details for chance to win 49 grand. not so bad. >> excellent. exactly thanks spencer. >> all right. we have our eye on a weird story tonight. >> coming up next. take a peak at what washed up on a florida >>.ch
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>> 1260 miles of coast line in florida so you bet many odd things wash up from time to time. however this is pretty rare. >> oh, yes. >> an eyeball the size of a softball. lack at the thing. washed up north of fort lauderdale wednesday. wild life officials not sure what it could be from. the blue pigment is rare in nature. they are having it tested they suspect it belonged to giant squid whale or massive fish.
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>> just bizarre. >> touching moment during triathalon in florida. 11-year-old prosthetic leg break before the finish but he was in luck. there were a few very strong arms who helped him cross the finish line. >> 11-year-old ben had already completed the swimming biking portion of the race when his prosthetic leg broke. he tried to fix it but it was just beyond repair. so the group of marines hosting the race wasted no time. they picked him up then rode one marine back rate across the finish line. he lost the leg to cancer when he was 6 years old but it has never held him back. along with triathalon ben plays soccer and basketball. amazeings kid. >> wow! >> what an athlete. >> marine leaves no one hype. >> that's true. >> sprang into action. we had a disappointing day and thrilling day. >> larry here with that. >> a little of both. giants
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move on the a's heading home. manager bob said justin was like a runaway locomotive. like a runaway locomotive. couldn't deal with him. sports x@ñññ
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>> good evening. reason justin won the cy young award and mvp last year. a's had a fantastic come back as tonight but
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tonight pitcher wouldn't allow it. more fireworks. parker on the mound for oak land. top of the third. runner at second. jackson a rocket to the wall. omar scores 1 nothing tigers. jackson ended up scoring. parker this is ruled as wild pitch. gets past derek. struck out 6 in 6 innings but get the loss. justin nasty. struck out 11 in the series opener. 11 more tonight. you will all get nothing and like it. tigers pwraibingt open 4 runs in the seventh. a little bloop single with bases loaded a and 2 runs score to make it 6 nothing. detroit. the distance. no hits no runs. smith here. this is the final out of the season. 6 nothing detroit goes on to the al championship series and magical season comes to an end for the a's. >> when he gets on a roll like today and he's rolling along pretty good, tough to stop him. like a locomotive. >> he's always tough. you go
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out and battle it and today just had some of the best. >>


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