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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 28, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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a game with a 2-2 pitch. got him looking! and the giants have won it all! >> let the celebration begin. take a look at this. you are looking at san francisco live from sky7hd. 24th and mission, giants fans very happy as the game just ended moments ago. good evening. i'm ama daetz. i am so excited. >> everybody contributed and they won the title it is. how sweep it is. they captured their second world series trophy in three years. let's take a look at the highlights. it was 1-0 in the third when triple crown winner, miguel connects with a 2-1 shot. that gave the tigers first lead
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in the series. buster posse delivers a two run who homer. m scrutiny scrutiny he singles and one score if the second. giants take a 4-3 lead. romo came to dwelt the save and catches cabrera looking for the second out. let the celebration begin. we hope to have some of the players later on in the show. wasn't that a great, fourth straight. >> it really was. >> they really dominated. >> it was a little close. >> don't worry, i told you not no worry. >> thank you. the streets of san francisco packed tonight with giants fans. many of them at civic center watching the game on a jumbotron lilian kim joins us tonight.
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>> thousands are out here in san francisco civic center. this is the place to be. the city is going to celebrate, major league baseball. people from all over the bay area came here to share fun with giants fans. fortunately tonight they pulled it out in the tenth inning getting the run they needed. celebration has just begun. police officers are here to make sure things don't get out of the hand. most of the crowd is sober because alcohol was not allowed. we'll have more tonight at 11:00 >> people everywhere celebrating
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in the streets of san francisco, waving their flags. this is 22nd and mission. you are looking live 7 hd. they are so jubilant this evening. live at at&t park tonight. sergio quintana has joined the celebration there. >> reporter: we're crazy out here. probably about 20 minutes or so. in just the last few minutes, king street has been shut down there. are sea of people wandering over to at&t park. you can see this huge crowd of people here starting to make their way across king street. lots of police out here as well trying to keep a little bit of semblance of order. let me show you over here, at at&t park, this is where the big celebration going on. people are taking lots of pictures next to the bronze statues.
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people are celebrating with each other. this has been a pretty good game to watch. a nail-biter of a game, coming down to the tenth inning. people here have been shouting with every single play hoping this would be a four-game sweep. of course, it is. no doubt people here are going to be celebrating for quite some time throughout the evening. reporting live at at&t park, i'm sergio quintana, "abc 7 news." thank you so much. we will be keeping an eye of all the celebrations. hopefully everything is calm tonight and no problems with police. >> we want to get to leigh glaser right now and check on the forecast because we have a major storm headed towards the east coast. hurricane sandy is on her way. just look how wide she reaches. in fact, we'll show you the dance but let's go to live doppler 7-hd. winds are at 75 miles an hour. category 1 hurricane, 290 miles
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east of cape hat last. you can see just mid-atlantic states are getting slander by these rainbands, very strong winds. i can tell you virginia beach reporting wind gusts over 35 miles per hour. you can see the distance, the windows of this storm system. over 500 miles across and all of that expected to move inland by this time tomorrow evening. baltimore and new york, rainbands moving in. it looks like atlantic city, that is where the potential for land fall will be monday night early tuesday morning. we're calling this a super storm because we have the warm moist air wrapping around the coast and another system bringing cold air. that will generate a very strong area of low pressure. that is why we'll see rainfall close to a foot, foot and a half
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in some locations and very cold air as well as snowfall will wrap around behind the system. it is going to be tough going for at least the next three days there. >> and the storm is expected to effect around 50 million people. the floor of the new york stock exchange will be closed but electronic trading will continue. prep for the storm continued in to the night tonight. how the east coast is bracing so far. >> sandy is a monster. her sheer size and scope unprecedented. along the mid-atlantic, residents are bracing for hurricane-force winds, waves and storm surges. >> we are expecting a significant storm here that could lead to very significant flooding. >> tonight, transportation brought to a standstill throughout the region. more than 6,000 flights have been already been ground tluid tuesday leaving travelers
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scrambling. >> we're basically almost having a nervous breakdown. >> the storm surges heightened by a full moon, with fear of flooding and huamgt subways and trains even broadway. hundreds of thousands are being asked to evacuate. >> if you don't evacuate you putting your own life but also endangering lives of first responders. >> tens of millions will be impacted from the carolinas to canada and west to the great lakes. atlantic city is shut down in anticipation of a direct hit. >> i'm really worried, they just told a friend of mine, it's basically going to hit the bay. >> armies of utility workers are standing by to repair widespread power outages. >> it may take a long time to clear but to get the power companies back in. >> sandy is wreaking havoc in ocean city.
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heavy rain and wind has forced the governor to cancel early voting scheduled for monday. >> an expected 4,000 flights are expected to be cancelled. 53 flights out of airport were cancelled out of sfo. airlines are telling people it could be several days before they are able to get out. >> all right. coming up next, we have a lot more news for you. we'll have sports and giants have won the world series. we taking a live look from 7 hd. this is 24th and mission, so far things are looking good. nothing too crazy or out of hand nothing too crazy or out of hand but fans are v
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the celebrations spill into the streets of san francisco. 24th and mission. sky7hd above that intersection. you can see giants fans so happy they became world series champs again. lots of people out celebrating. we'll keep an eye on this and tonight at 11:00 on "abc 7 news". in other news tonight. two people are in the hospital after a tree branch fell on them at the golden gate park panhandle. it happened around 1:00 this afternoon. it appears one of the victims was riding on a mobility scooter when a branch crashed. both victims had minor injuries. city officials don't know what caused the branch to fall. >> a woman walking in yosemite national park is talking about the ordeal. jessica garcia was last seen heading for a hike on october 6th.
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three hours into her hike she fell off a cliff. she landed 35 feet below in a creek. she says it was supposed to be a casual walk she soe she didn't bring any gear. she lived on 0 a water bottle and found two days later with a broken back. >> just ahead. there may be a better option to pass out candy this halloween. how to hand out a free video game to all your trick-or-treaters. leigh glaser is up next with our forecast. >> i'm rick kwan. giants capture second world series title
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we are looking live at
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mission and 18th in san francisco. sky7hd smoke the scene that orange glow you see there, that is actually a mattress on fire that is pulled around. you see giants fans out in the streets celebrating. now, they have won the world series. they have swept the detroit tigers all over the streets this evening. if you are driving you will have a rough time. hopefully things will remain safe. i'm sure there are a lots of police officers trying to get a handle on the situation. >> let's get to leigh glaser. it's nice outside but the east coast in detroit is very cold. >> i tell you, the boys of summer back there with very light, his at this rain, wind chills of 46 degrees. they had their work qutd out for them. you can see live doppler locally we have a few high clouds drifting by. that is about quite a bit of fog
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develop. reduced visibility around the golden gate bridge. keep that in mind for the early monday morning commute. 57 in san francisco. still mild inland with 57 degrees right now. clear skies but 56 in livermore and 56 in san jose. forecast, coast coastal clouds overnight. high clouds increase tomorrow. it will be sunny and mild. enjoy it because rain returns for halloween by late wednesday afternoon. high pressure protected this weekend bringing us plenty of sunshine. temperatures in the 70s and 80s and it's going to start to relax a little bit. weak front tomorrow will allow high clouds to venture in and hazy sunshine. this will be the cold front that brings us the showers. here is a look at forecast,
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tuesday, we are dry and clouds will increase, by wednesday, that cold front starts to sag south. this is 5:00 wednesday afternoon you'll see when the trick or treaters start to go out. rain will pick up and spread from north bay to south bay wednesday night into material morning. >> mid to upper 40s in the north wnria bai. 54 in san francisco. 50 in palo alto. highs tomorrow will come down just a few degrees thanks to the high clouds moving in but still very mild with mid to upper 70s in the east bay. antioch, 78. brentwood, 80 tomorrow. 77 for livermore. 57 for san francisco. palo alto a nice afternoon for you, 72. watsonville, 76. 77 for livermore. big changes tuesday. increasing clouds, cooler temperatures wednesday. halloween we'll look for the rain to begin by wednesday afternoon and spread south.
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thursday morning showers and after that, back into the 70s for next weekend and plenty of sunshine. thank you so much. speaking of halloween with the forecast, if you want to keep your halloween sugar free this year, we have the perfect replacement. company behind hit video game is giving away the game for free. they have teamed up with the american dental association to provide an alternative for candy. print coupons. kids can take the printouts at home and receive it for free. we have the link on our website at and go to see it on tv. >> all right. rick kwan is here for sports. shu was out in detroit. we had to go to a tenth inning. >> they got it done. giants got on a roll. they would not be denied. for second time in three years,
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they are world champions. they completed a four-game sweep against detroit. let's go to comerica park. giants took the early lead and brandon brings home hunter pence with the first hit. an r.b.i. triple. tigers did something in the third they have not done all series, take the lead. with a man on, miguel cabrera takes cain deep. buster posey comes through with a two-run shot down the left field line. that makes it 3-2 giants. tigers answered in their half. young will send this cain pitch into the right field stands. it was tied at 3-all. cain struck out five. they would go to extra innings
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in the tenth m skroot scout scout, giants take the lead -- m scrutiny scrutiny and. >> here is the first out. next batter. don kelly swing and a miss. two outs. carrara would be at final out. romo gets him looking. 4-3 the final. san francisco giants are world champions again. pablo sandoval was named the series mvp. >> a lot of ignites are loose and relaxed. it just seemed like all the pieces fit totaling. a lost us kind of had the same mentality about the game. nobody stood out and wanted to steal the spotlight. i think that is what helped us. to be able to work together and guys stepped up big. that was helpful. >> obviously there was no doubt
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about it. they swept us. there was no bad breaks. no fluke. i tip my hat to them. they did better than we did. >> now to football, raiders got their first road win today and came at the expense of the chiefs. oakland got off a shaky start. carson palmer is by former raider. he overthrows his receiver and is intercepted by mat giodano. quinn was forced to leave with a head injury. here is a punted and they recover and raiders take over. on third and 8, palmer to a leaping moore in the end zone, it was 13-6 at the half. third quarter, palmer will hook up with fey, he gets by rally of
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and the point made it 23-9. kansas city tries to come back but this is intercepted by pat lee who makes a great wrap at the 1. raiders win, now 3-4. it's their sixth straight win at that stadium. >> peyton manning could not be stopped. he connects with eric decker. that put the broncos 14-7. manning completed for 305 yards and three touchdowns. this one to thomas. 34-14 the final. broncos lead the raiders by a game in the west. giants were at dallas. tony romo picked off four times. return for can kick for a touchdown. cowboys nearly came all the way back with seconds left. romo goes deep for bryant. he makes the catch what appears to be the go ahead score. but the replay joe's bryant out
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of bounds so the call was reversed. new york goes on to win, 2929-24. -- 29-24. >> andrew luck finds vick ballard and he will make a backspin into the end zone. colts improve to 4-3 with 19-13 victory. an exciting day in football, but giants win the world series, beating detroit. >> we are very proud of them. let's go ahead and take a look at more of the cell briagsz. we showed you this early. apparently it was mattress that was set on fire. i seen a garbage can, they are throwing more into those flames. this is mission district about 18th and mission. fans are celebrating the win in the streets. cars have been trying to get by but people are jumping in. i have seen police cruisers. they are trying to make
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coming up at 11:00, fan reaction on san francisco giants' world series win. we'll have a live team covage from detroit and right here in the bay area. and only on 7, "abc 7 news" i-team uncovers confession tapes from a serial killer that paralyzed the area almost 30 years ago. giants' fans are the win. there is bonfire there, trash is being thrown in. so far nothing else has happened but we'll keep this


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