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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  December 7, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PST

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. >> this is abc 7 news. >> we trusted him. >> they trusted him but instead this woman and many others are fuming tonight. consignment company they hired to sell their high end cars has suddenly disappeared. along with their vehicles. >> good evening. >> it's happening in the south bay where people hoping to sell their cars are realizing they may have been ripped off. a&m may is sunnyvale with story only on 7 news. amma. >> santa clara couple brought the car here to sell the car for them because they have busy
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life styles. the only problem is the car along with all the others, is gone. they haven't been paid. he owner a 2,000 5 gmc yukon only no idea where it is. she signed it over to sunnyvale motor car on el camino real. gave the car consignment center the title to sell it for her but on sunday her husband went by the lot to find it empty. >> i was hoping that this guy just moved the cars to some other area he would have give a call. but nothing. >> web site for sunnyvale motor cars says it's under maintenance and phone call gets awe message and voice mailbox that is full. the business does still have its you tube web site showing cars for sale but that is little comfort for this woman who is worried her car could be head you had out of the country. she and her husband filed a police report. >> they took the information. they told it is just a billing. nobody has come forward yet so they will be looking into this
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and let us know. >>reporter: when he they filed the report they found out other victims out there. just look at the long list of complaints on yelp. she and her husband contacted the dmv and filed a courtesy stop of the title transfer so if somebody tries to sell the yukon it won't go through. as of this afternoon she and her husband are still the registered owners. if they ever get the vehicle back, they said they will sell it themselves. >> no more trusting consignment stores. even if they are good people, no offense to got people but still, no. because this is one big lesson we don't want to forget in your life time. >>reporter: if you look in the be behind me you see a desk or 2. no notice up any.where a fedex sticker for delivery. i did speak with police today and all they will tell me is that they are aware of what's going on and looking into it n.sunnyvale, abc 7 news. >> frightening moment near the start of raiders game tonight
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as somebody fell from the third deck of the coliseum. oakland police say the man is in serious condition tonight.take a look you can see in the video taken this evening just how long the fall is. it's about 50 feet. deputy i the man may have jumped. police say they do not believe he appears to be an accident. terrifying. well meantime nfl commissioner was at tonight's raider game and talked about the possibility of the raiders sharing the new santa clara stadium with the 49ers. allen has the story tonight from the coliseum. >> nfl great madden, elway, lot and long talked about the memory and finer points of the game. but it was nfl commissioner roger who fielded questions about the possibility of the raiders and 49ers sharing a stadium. >> when we helped fund and put 200 million dollars into the 49ers new stadium it was a requirement that it was capable of hosting 2 teams.
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>>reporter: 49ers knew 1.2 billion dollars stadium project is under construction in santa clara and is scheduled to be ready by the 2014 season. rai raiders long complained about the old out dated coliseum in oakland. it's the only stadium still used for both football and baseball and the raiders have discussed leaving oakland if they can't get a new stadium built there. >> i couldn't immanuel what it would be like to share a stadium between 2 teams like that. there is somewhat of a rivalry there and too close to home. >>reporter: the only her shared nfl stadium is met life stadium in east rutherford, new jersey where the giants and jets play. roger says the biggest challenge there is switching the logo and colors each time the other team takes the field. >> it has its challenges because each team wants to play in the home stapled. when you show up for jets game it's green. giants game they don't want to see green. >>reporter: mixing raiders black and silver with nineers red and gold could be upsetting for some but wouldn't be the
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first time. both teams played their home games at san francisco key stadium in 1960. the teams discussed sharing a stadium because it makes financial sense. one team only uses it 8 times a year 2 team increase attendance and pay all the bills faster. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> stay here with us. a little later in the newscast katie will show you some of the rai raiders dedicated decked out fans she caught up with at tonight's game. >> nfl commissioner also dressed -- addressed the situation with 49ers quarterback smith. smith said the only thing did he to lose the starting job as quarterback was to get a concussion and sit out 2 games. roger was asked if he thought that situation might discourage other players from reporting head injuries. >> they don't report on that. >> you have to have the teammate next to him if he's not right. we have spotters
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that are watching from upstairs that can spot when somebody has had an impact that may lead to concussion to be evaluated but you want to make sure they are all evaluated. >> roger says the competition committee is considering modifying the rules to stop the violent collision ins the game notch sipe of rain tonight but there is something else to worry about. of sandhya is here with live doppler 7 hd. >> for a change our live doppler 7 hd is sleeing clear conditions right now in terms of the rain and in terms of the moisture but in the exactly clear when we talk about fog. there's our radar on mount saint helena. no moisture right now but it's in the form of fog that we are concerned about. half mile advice nibility nap a.santa rosa down to a mile. concord livermore reporting fog 5 to 6 mile visibility. morning commute could be dicey dense patching
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of fog. i have rape in the forecast and let you know fit happens over the weekend or hold off until next week. >> thanks. >> we hear tonight how a missing woman survived in the sierra for 6 days. boyfriend lost his life in the ordeal. paula lane brother found her last night in alpine county. deputy say she and roderick clifton went off road after leaving sacramento on thursday to try out the new 4 wheel drive jeep then the storms hit and they got stuck in the snow. he left cart to find help when he didn't return after a few days paula set out on her own. officials search crew could not find them so her brother started looking on his own. >> last night when my brother called i took the call and to hear him say i found her i found her i can't explain it for you guys. >>reporter: paula survived by taking shelter in a hollow tree and eating snow and tomatoes she had in the car. deputy say clifton drove around a locked gate on closed dirt road off
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highway 89. >> john mcphee is out of a guatemala hospital and back in a detention center awaiting extradition back to belize. earlier guatemala denied mcfee request for asylum and hospitalized with chest pains. the hospital spokesperson told reporters he doesn't think he had a heart attack. mcphee scheduled to be returned to belize for questioning in the murder of american ex patriots greg foul. >> missing clothing in east bay laundry room argument ended in homicide. antioch police say these boys all in 20 confronted neighbor in the delta pines complex on sycamore drive. fight broke out and 32-year-old juan hernandez shot to death. police say he had nothing to do with the missing clothes. >> wild sight in san francisco car crashed into a fire hydrant this morning at second and folsom. look what happened.
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geyser shut down the on ramp to the bay bridge and may have compromised the stability of nearby stavlding. happened very early before the morning commute and driver arrested on suspicion of dui what an image. >> arizona tough on 0illegal immigration sheriff appears in immigrant friendly city. sheriff joe welcomed at local watering hole tonight. >> geared to giving information about sex toy. >> that spark outrage tonight but not for the reason you might think. >> also apple does something it hadn't done in almost 3 decade decades. old announcement from the cupertino company. >> later on "nightline". >> coming up next on "nightline". the chilling confession of a serial killer. the man linked to at least 8 murder across the country describes how and why he chose his victims. >> plus how in the world did >> plus how in the world did tiny camera capturing these
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>> we have developing news tonight. philippine authorities say 420 people have been killed by a typhoon and claim that number could easily double. more than 400 people are also missing from the storm that hit the southern province of the country. residents being roped to safety across fast moving streams as you can see here. tragedy happened in area wildly known to be highly susceptible to flooding. >> america mess controversial sheriff is in hostile territory tonight. arizona joe arpaio in san francisco as an invited guest december bright strong public sentiment against him. lillian spoke with the sheriff who has made a name for himself
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bio posing illegal immigration. >>reporter: infamous sheriff hit the town tonight receiving san francisco style welcome at johns grill. customers were shocked to see him. >> kudo to san francisco the fact that we show the example of what he should be following which is embracing everyone. >>reporter: arpaio is elected sheriff of arizona maricopa a county for 20 years best known for aggressive stand against illegal immigration. niece san francisco to speak at the california alarm association at the park 55 hotel. >> i'm a little disappointed because from new hampshire to california every time i travel to give a speech i have demonstrators. i don't see any here. >>reporter: yet despite the lack of demonstrations sentiment against sheriff arpaio position is strong in san francisco. and that includes the opinion of students here at this middle school in noe vaechlt they mailed him letters written in spanish can accusing him of
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racism and break up family. he wanted to meet the students face-to-face and scheduled something for friday but the school ultimately cancelled. the sheriff is disappointed. >> icap explain every one of those allegations and let them know it's not true and try to educate them that we should enforce the laws. >>reporter: ask children aren't the only ones he won't be meeting during the stay no. plans to meet with district attorney george cast again either to raise money for arpaio opponent in last month election. >> certainly we would love to send him a message that come enjoy the city. spend money here and go back and rethink the way you do police work. >>reporter: little chance of that. arpaio says america of america sides with him. while 80 years old he has no plans to slow down n.san francisco, abc 7 news. >> controversy on the campus of merced where student organization hosted a sex toy event. health group gets 6 66,000 dollars each year from student fee. when it sponsored
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the seminar promoted on facebook contradict argue it was a waste of money during a time when tuition has sky rocketed. the organizers said the event served an important purpose. >> things that students don't know about sex toy. safety measures they should take beforehand and we thought it was really vital important to know that. come to funding the uc asks for more when money spent on things like this it sound like maybe they are not really thinking. getting the party straight coming to spending. >> spokesperson says administrator oversee the group and can prevent any programs considered inappropriate. apple announced ill will bring computer manufacturing back to the u.s. beginning next year. the company has been criticized for the working conditions in some of the chinese plants that make i-phone and other devices. cook says apple is investing 100 million dollars to build some of the mack computers in u.s. city no. word yet on which one. >> san francisco base gaming site wants to create a real money gambling experience. on
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line company has filed an application for camp bling license with nevada regulator. experts say they needed a national revenue sources and many they lost almost 53 million dollars last quarter. well new here claims of great gas mileage for a new car from ford is being contradicted tonight by consumer reports vl the redesign 2013 ford fusion hybrid is to get 47 miles per hour gallon the highway city and combine. that's really good mile annual. consumer report says its testing of the fusion found the mileage much lower than that. >> 35 miles per gallon in city driving. 41 highway and 39 over all. that's good fuel economy. but far short of the 47 m p g that ford claims. >> ford contend it heard from some of the drives of fusion that they have gotten more than 47 miles per hour. and ford adds that driving styles another factor can cause mileage to vary.
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>> back to football now. festive raider fans have made their mark as most outlandish in football. raider nation truly in the league of its own. katie checked in with fans at raiderville before tonight's game. >> raider fans dedicated as they are decorated. most are outgoing. some are shy like she wouldn't tell me her age. >> she's young at heart. >>reporter: she and her son came up from l.a. >> this is our first raider game so this is exciting for u us. >>reporter: excitement and for some acceptance. >> that's right. it's all about having a good time. raiders broncos tonight matter all about having a good time.
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>>reporter: good time easy to find in raiderville and fans get to meet former players and snag an autograph but super fan james sorenson of hayward has all the ink he needs. >> al davis first trophy and i got the old school logo o. original raiders. got to pay homage. al davis built it and we live and die by it. >>reporter: this is abc 7 new news. >> a lot of fun there tonight. well the night did belong to the raiders but the 49ers made their own move today reaching new milestone at the santa clara stadium site. 49ers ceo york added his signature to a gold plated steel beam today. the beam has been placed at the highest point of the stadium. that means the stadium now topped out. it's scheduled to open for the 2014 season. right on track so far. >> we are seeing nicest stretch of dry weather. >> we are indeed. it's nice. we need it desperately. sandhya is here with the
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foreca. >> we do i hope deed have a dry stretch come but showers are in the forecast. show where you in just a minute. not for your weekend. looking good as you lack at live doppler 7 hd writ new no green or blue or any moisture on the screen for that matter. what we are watching is the fog. it has fox sports world in the central valley modest to, tour lock, it's thick and we see the fog right now in santa rosa, napa concor concord, temperatures falling. 41 in santa rosa. 44 in fairfield. napa is down to the mid 40's along with concord river more it's on the cold side. san rafael 46 degrees. where do we stand with rain. san francisco 167 percent of average. 179 in santa rosa. oakland well above where you should be at 162 of afternoon and even san jose of lag behind not the case. it's at 135 percent normal. sacramento and ukiah way above as well. but the rain is gone. put the
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umbrella away and enjoying sun sets like this this was posted by david p to my face book page. south san francisco stunning view of the sunset tonight. like i said you will be seeing more of those over the weekend to areas of fog overnight. dense in spots tomorrow morning so that could be problematic. mild and dry forth upcoming weekend. even head nag early next week. satellite radar this is the area of high pressure that is now diverting the jet stream and the stormtrack way up to the north so high pressure is expanding as it carts calling the shots. nice dry pattern and sunshine with us so overnight tonight the fog already starting to spill over into the north and east bay valley. tomorrow morning we start out with the valley fog and may dense in pockets sow might want to give you've self a little extra time especially about traveling through some of the northeast bay valley. 39 degrees in fairfield. getng chilly. 41 in vallejo. concord. down to 37 in napa.
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48 degrees in oakland. 46 for san jose. high friday nice but cool. 62 san jose. sunnyvale 62. 63 los gatos. peninsula you look at low 60's occasional sunshine and high clouds mixed in. 62 in palo alto. 61 san mateo o. upper 50's coast side downtown san francisco 60 degrees. sunset district 59 and you get up into the north bay temperatures will be about average. 61 in santa rosa. sonoma. head out to the east bay and it's nice day. oakland hayward newark low 60's. narrow range of temperatures in the inland east bay. brentwood 57. 61 in livermore and around the monterey bay. 63 in santa cruz. 65 for new salinas. accu-weather 7 day forecast morning fog giving way to sun again on saturday. milder day sunday and monday. check out monday near 70 degrees around the basement almost winter and going to be mild. chance of showers on wednesday accu-weather 7 day forecast
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much cooler weather. 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning jaws couple hours from now carolyn and dan watching the fog for you. >> after this last week we deserve this. >> we do. we need the dry out time. >> thank you very much. >> up next. building in anticipation for the new hobbit movie. >> called the hobbit the unexpected journey but some movie goers are guest an movie goers are guest an unexpected feeling in their
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>> breaking news tonight where fire broke out at this strip mall in san jose. it's a live picture. intersection of san philip road and yurba buena
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road. several restaurants are in the strip mall. we learned the restaurant there was evacuated but no word yet on the others. again fire breaking out at this strip maul that you are looking at live tonight. >> american jazz legend and concord native dave brubecker earned a nomination hours after he passed away yesterday at the age of 91. brubeck was nominated with his son chris for composition based on black and white photographer of ansel adams. jazz master won life time achievement grammy a but never won in the individual category. >> unbelievable. >> new hobbit movie has more than rave review. some viewers complained of motion sicknesses and nausea when watching the hobbit. unexpected journey. warner brother explained that that's because these experiences happened it was probably because of the speed at which the movie was filmed. you see the hobbit shot using
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48 frames per second. double the standard rate. it was also shot in 3d and makes images sharper and motion appeared faster. power presenting sports tonight. >> exactly. things coming fast and furious for the raiders tonight. >> motion sicknesses and nausea felt by raider fans watching the offense. raiders trying to stop the losing streak with the broncos. had other ideas about that. sports for over 60,000 california foster children, the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone. christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. what if santa can't find me?
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to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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>> raiders got a firsthand look at what they would like to become. manning in the first place broncos tonight. raider defense kept them in the game but couldn't do enough to prevent oakland 6 consecutive loss. raider legend john, long on hand for 50th anniversary hall of fame. watching manning
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throw for 310 yards and one touch down to jolie. first drive of the night. 7 nothing broncos. second quarter philip adams diving interception. great play there as the broncos threatening to blow this game open. raid goers on longest drive of the year. 14 play. 80 yard drive. palmer to mcfadden. bad news may have reinjured the bad ankle tonight. raiders down at the. n the third quarter. fumble. broncos recover. setting up a touch down run. he had a career high 119 yards. 23 7 raiders hayward bay on nice catch and run for 56 yards but the raiders drop the sixth in a row as denver wins the eighth consecutive game. 26 to 13. >> extremely frustrating. to wrack up this many losses in a row. in t


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