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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 21, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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of what they want. >> mare ri christmas. leaders head off for the holiday vacation 10 days to the fiscal cliff. stay with us. 7 news as i say is.
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>> raining all over the bay area as you know. here's one of the problems it caused. large tree crashing down on a carport in marin county. nobody was injured. >> trucker driving on highway 162 in mendocino county escaped giraffe huge chunk of the roadway gave way underneath his big rig. portion of the highway near cave is closed and traffic now rerouted.
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>> holiday tragedy in the sierra tonight. 71-year-old man died after hitting a tree on the west face of what is called k 22. he was wearing a helmet but it was not enough to save his life. >> good evening. right to sandhya with very latest on the weather. >> we are going to switch over from light rain to thunderstorms we check out live doppler 7 ht and is what develop off the coast that is most important part right now as we show you here. ill take you in and give you at bit of a closer look at the lightning strike. you see them off the coast here. not far away and they will be moving towards the bay area so this strike here is about 103 males away. i'm watching it for you. thunderstorms could develop in the next couple of hours. healdsburg as we take you in closer to street level here north fitch mountain road moderate heavy rain around highway 101 and we continue to
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see pockets of heavy rain accompanying the thunderstorms. right now lighter returns around the east bay. verylightn walnut creek out towards mount diablo. highway 24. show you the planes here and you will see that we do have spotty showers on the peninsula. heading out towards the santa cruz mountains. rainfall total varying quite a bit from place in san jose to more than 6 inches in the far northern end of sonoma county. i'll be back to give you a detailed look at your holiday weekend and it does feature some heavy rain. dan. >> thank you very much. >> so many consequences from the weather. very close call for marin county woman who is getting ready to leave her house this morning when she was nearly hit by falling tree. story tonight from wayne. >>reporter: near the edge of the continent western marin this is what happens when a typical winter storm gets mean in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> one step and crash. >> well i was probably 2 feet.
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i was underneath all this rubble. >>reporter: michelle and her husband ted on the wrong end of a douglas fir that crashed through the carport, cars and nearly them. they were inside when it fell. did you see it coming. >> no. >>reporter: did you hear it coming. >> no. >> no warning at all. came down from the direction over here. >>reporter: their story was the worst from wet day that brought in convenience mostly. and tough going on local freeways and roads maybe had you a chance to check out the white caps at the reservoir. or the new found streets here. you one have had to park in the rain or walk in it or wax poetic about it. >> it's okay. better than snow. i'm from massachusetts. could be worse. >>reporter: much worse as they already know so well. you want to talk about the mayan end of the world? >> for me today it almost was. >> got fire wood now. i do have fire wood. but would i
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rather get an easier way. >>reporter: especially when part of the house could qualify as fire wood. they are looking above at another tree that is leaning precariously in the wrong direction. from marin county, abc 7 news. and storm still causing problems for travelers. at san francisco international airpor airport. flights are cancelle cancelled. others are delayed for hours. and passengers are frustrated. >> decreasing my visit of a week by a day and that's unfortunate because i don't see my sister that often. >> i'm tired i have been wearing the same clothes for the past three days so -- >>reporter: well saichltd for up to the date information on flight cancellation te and delay just go to the flight tracker on the front page of the web site. this is flight trafficker at its peek today.
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look at this. see represents a plane. in the sk sky. incredible. >> on the subject of travel. president obama and the entire family left this evening to spend christmas holiday in hawaii. not clear when they will return. the president only saying that since a deal has not been reached to avert sought called fiscal cliff, he would be coming back to washington after christmas. >> so where did that leave things terms of the fiscal cliff? here's l jonathan karl. >> congress not a creature is stirring. no deal is in sight. with deadline looming and seemingly no hope anywhere, the president made one last appeal tonight before washington goes on vacation. >> as we leave town for a few days to be with our families, through the holidays, everybody can cool off. everybody can tl drink some egg nog. now is not the time for more self inflicted wounds. certainly not those coming from washington. >>reporter: but the 2 sides don't even seem to be trying
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any more. what are we going to do now. >> i'm interested in solving the major problems that face our country. and that means house leaders senate leaders and the president are going to continue to have to work together to address those concerns. >>reporter: speaker boehner says the only way out is a deal that cuts spending and reforms the tax code but even he seemed to suggest that is virtually impossible now. >> how we get there god only knows. >>reporter: boehner attempt add so-called plan b last nigh night. fwhail would have extended tax cut for everybody except millionaires. but his own plan was rejected by his own party. and face of opposition from conservative unwilling to see taxes go up on anybody at all. let me get straight you won't support raising the taxes on people that make over 1 million dollars year. >> not raising taxes on any american. >>reporter: 10 million. >> absolutely. >>reporter: that's jonathan karl reporting. federal appeals court has blocked california law banning gay
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conversion therapy. ninth circuit court of appeals issued emergency order putting the law on hold until it can hear full arguments on this issue. the law banning conversion therapy that aims to turn gay minor straight was to take effect on january 1st. counts lors who practice the therapy and 2 family who say the teenager son benefit from it saw it injunction after lower court refused their request. big oil making a big move out of the bay area. chevron announced today it's moving 800 workers out of its san ramone headquarters for greener pasture in texas. here's business technology reporter david. >> it's not something that you want to see losing 800 job. that's a big impact here in san ramone. >>reporter: 800 jobs is a fourth of the total work force at san ramone headquarters. chevron told affected work twors months ago but didn't make it public until it sent out an all employee e-mail yesterday. all 5 of these
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support 7 ron and all workers now work side by side in houston. chevron said the headquarters will remain in san ramone. stewart is president and ceo of the san ramone chamber of commerce. he calculates the impact to the local economy. >> millions of dollars. millions. when you take that consideration property values. all of the tax base for any reason if they were to lose any more jobs. tremendous impact. >>reporter: another concern is what alarm relocation of workers will do to the real estate market. barbara reid foster has been selling property hear for 34 years at golden hill broker. she points out that many chevron workers moved here from lower cost areas and may not be homeowner homeowners. >> ended up renting homes instead of purchasing them. so it has a broad spectrum. it's vacancy on rentals. or vacancy on homes but we have waiting list for rentals. and homes have multiple offers so i don't think we are going to have any
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issues. >> although it appears the transfer of the 800 job to texas is the end, they hope to the meet with company officials soon they hope they can prevent this from happening again. this is abc 7 news. more to bring enthusiastic friday coming up big parcel of land in the bay area is declared off limits to developers forever. we show where you come up. >> plus it is a very merry christmas indeed for local zoo. incredibly generous donation with no strings attached. >> school principal at team of big smile on boy's nasty smachlts wonderful story. owner of oakland a's makes a promise to the team fans. we back in the day, we didn't have the u-verse wireless receiver.
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many. 22-year-old alameda county woman has been arraigned on being an accessory to the murder of a man. raven dixon is being held on 1 million dollar bail now. she was arrested tuesday on prostitution charge. while in custody she was charged with being an accessory to homicide with gang enhancement. >> nervous wreck. this is new and she's, you know, to see her in chains like that come out. this is it's hard for her family. justin to pray for her but she's scared. like anyone
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would be. >>reporter: dixon is charged in connection with the murder of 66-year-old rob cool last movement her mother says she's a single mother college student and the arrest is out of the blue. >> scenic chunk of farm land on the san mateo county coast declared off limits to developers forever. planes open space trust has agreed to pay nearly 10 million dollars for 900 acres of land known as the farms near pest ka dare o. property has belonged to the diaz family since the 1800. according to the trust the acquisition will preserve the rural character of the area there and prevent developers from subdividing the land and building luxury homes on it. well the oakland zoo got an early christmas gift doesn't know who to thank for it. officials opened a leather week from the san francisco foundation and inside found a check for 1 million dollars. the zoo tried to find out who gave that generous gift but the foundation said that the donor wished to remain anonymous. money certainly will go a long
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way in helping the zoo day-to-day operation. it used to get 1.2 million dollars every year from the city now it gets less than half that amount so this donation will certainly come in handy. >> we want to share a wonderful story with you tonight about how some people in the south bay helped change a child's life and his smile in this season of giving. corrina on the very special gift for 14-year-old boy. >> unlike some patients sasha is exciting about going to the dentist and especially about this appointment. >> i woke up really early today so i woke up around 5ish and stayed up since. >>reporter: eighth grader at more land middle school in san jose anxious to get his brings off. almost as anxious as he was to get them on. >> i had this thing in my life people would make fun of me because of my teeth and how i looked. >>reporter: ukraine an family has no insurance so dr. randy
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lie and dr. joseph teamed up to provide his dental care for free. his overbite was so pronounced it was hard for him to even close his lips together and 2 molar needed to be removed. >> we had and/or al surge on extract and close the bite and made it to smile and enjoy his life. >>reporter: all the work 20 pwraebingt on sasha teeth and more than two years of treatment comes at a time when sasha's mother is battling brain cancer. family is finding comfort in the compassion of others. >> i knew that there are good people in the world i didn't know they lived so close to me. >>reporter: the story is all about recognizing the generosity of people who rally to help sasha and one person we can't over hook is a school principal who took the first step. karen allen hovered during the milestone occasion for good reason. she's the one who brought sasha's case to the dental practice and opened the door for his treatment to begin. >> i'll never forget sasha
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going back to school and him running down campus and saying i can't believe this is going to happen to me. it's really going happen. and those are the experiences and memory that i think i'll even remember forever. >> it's so weird. >>reporter: now with the brac braces off the smile and thank you come from the heart. >> it's a big present that i don't even have wards to explain it. >>reporter: what is easy to explains how this gift has given sasha new confidence. principal allen says he's on the honor roll at more land middle school and when he graduates in june his future looks as beautiful as his smil smile. in san jose, corrina abc 7 news. nice to see that young man smile. great story. >> experience is off. sandy is here and she has stuff to talk about tonight on live doppler 7 hd. >> radar on mt. st. helens that picking up lightning strike off the coast and so it may get intense in the next couple hours. certainly going into the early morning hours live look right now from high definition sutro camera. we
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have some rain out there. it's not everywhere. but the thing i'm concerned about is the lightning. let's check out live doppler 7 hd writ now and the last time i saw this happen where numerous lightning strike were showing up off the coast we saw many of those thunderstorms roll on shore so i'm just giving awe warning in the next couple hours. the strike here could result in thunderstorms overland and these strikes right here are just about 109 miles away from the coast line. i am watching them for you and you should be careful out there. now the rainfall at this point is moderate to heavy just northwest of healed burg in the hills there. east bay community we are getting some moderate rainfall right now heading out to north bask road and high land road lighter returns some lighter rainfall. also on the peninsula down towards the san m take 0county coast around pest ka darrow and santa cruz mountains. unstable air throughout so we are just not done with this weather just yet. here's look at the sierra
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nevada chain control still in place. traveling up to the high country several feet of snow with winter storm warnings going. temperatures that the hour in the 50's. antioch 49 degrees. here are the highlights. heavy rain after midnight tonight. scattered thunderstorm in the forecast so we have gone from a chance to pretty much elevating the possibility of thunderstorms. rain again on sunday as we look at the satellite and radar this is the storm that brought us wet windy conditions today. storm stalled out. falling apart. we still have some gusty winds but not quite as strong as earlier today. here is the system we are watching with the cold unstable air and this is what is going to bring us the thunderstorms potential. behind these areas of instability is another storm wet and windy storm for your sunday. so here's computer animation tonight at 11:00 p.m. . we will see some rain will intensify as the night goes on. thunderstorms enter the picture at 2:00 a.m. in the north bay. heart of the bay area at 5:00 a.m. so hopefully many are sleeping at this poin
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point. by 9:00 a.m. it's through and we get scattered showers for the rest of the saturday. get all the holiday shopping donor if you have any last minute plans. sunday morning 3:00 a.m. light showers. fast forward to go get you through the weekend. holiday weekend here. you will notice that moderate to heavy rain starts to move through ahead of the cold front. it will be moving. it will be progressive so the good thing with this front is it will get through. we will likely see urban flood advisory issued as we head into sunday as soggy ground combine with rainfall will add to the obviously ponding on the roadway and creek may go over the bank. sunday 7:00 p.m. we talk up to 4 inches of rain. santa cruz mountains north bay mountains inch and a half to three inches for the rest of the bay i can't remember. except the south bay 1 to 2 inches of rain there. and high surf advisory still going until saturday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. here are current wave height expecting northwest swell up to 19 feet. watch out for large breaking waves of washing on the briefly. winter storm warning for the sierra nevada travels there will be
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dicey. it's going until 10:00 p.m. sunday. 2 to 5 feet of snow before 4000. visibility less than a quarter of a mile with chain controls and travel difficulty prepare for winter driving conditions. winter is here. 3:12 this morning and certainly feeling like a change of pace. temperatures in the mid 40's to the low 50's tomorrow morning that's when th rain will fall. thunderstorms coming through and then for your high through saturday with scattered showers mainly 50's clear lake rain snow mix mid 40's. accu-weather 7 day forecast rain foryour sunday we are going dry. partly cloudy. christmas eve. much-needed break by then. if you have travel plans spas day morning is fine but by the afternoon for your holiday we are looking at more rain showers wednesday thursday and then friday a chance so dan here we go. it looks a lot like winter. accu-weather 7 day forecast. >> coming up next. how waiting until the last minute to shop for everybody on your christmas list. could really pay off. procrastination pays. stay procrastination pays. stay with us. back in a moment
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. >> watch this. here's why a home surveillance camera can come in handy. front door delivery is is in houston shows express worker dropping off aneurysm pad mini. another delivery to the same front door this time by a ups worker results in a crime caught on video. after dropping off his delivery watch this the ups worker returns a few minutes later and steals the box delivered earlier by fedex. the worker has been fired by ups and arrested for theft. bay area charity is put out the holiday wish list and it is in dire need of christmas ham. saint anthony foundation needs to collect 500 hamas before tuesday so it can serve the traditional christmas dinner.
9:26 pm
made a similar plea for turkey at thanksgiving and surpassed the goal. they serve thousands office meals a day and do great work. one-fifth of those seeking assist transmilitary veterans. donation dropped off at the dining room on golden gate avenue. would be most appreciated. >> well big retail remembers rolling out deals and extended shopping hours in the final remaining days until christmas. macy department store open at 7:00 a.m. and will stay open until midnight on sunday. more now from nick smith. >>reporter: with only 4 days to go before christmas retai retailers like macy are pulling out all the stops to get bargain hunters and shoppers through their doors. >> well today they have really good deals. >>reporter: on line coupon site retail me not shows more than 30 percent of holiday shop remembers waiting for last minute deals to make big purchases. the macy at may fair center opened at 7:00 a.m. and will stay open through sunday. meaning that holding baby sophia for the first
9:27 pm
christmas photo could be the easiest thing on santa's list. >> ho, ho, ho, merry christmas. >> it's about people having different schedules. >>reporter: spokesperson says that the last big shopping weekend has routinely appealed to retailers and shoppers and being open through the night sims lake a natural step. >> people on different work schedules busy lives kids family and this gives them the opportunity to come shop when they need to. >>reporter: an idea that is particularly appealing to marilyn martin. >> it is safer. safer at 3:00 o'clock in the morning than it is at 6:00 o'clock in the afternoon, evening. >> for location location location. >>reporter: for pop up vendor the sentenced hours makes a good dollar and cent. >> more traffic more people. people want to come out because of the hours are convenient for them. convenience is importan important. >>reporter: as an additional perk coming to the center, royal high school having a fundraiser where they wrap gifts through christmas eve. now other shopping centers throughout the bay area will
9:28 pm
also have extended hours meaning that many people could be shopping for long john and scarfs before they have had the fears cup of coffee. this is abc 7 news. >> coming up next. king of parody. look back at 2012. jib jab stichlt president obama makes a big announcement about an addition to his cabinet. that story. >> national rifle association reaction to the connecticut school tragedy. proposal for armed guards at schools. stay with us. another half hour of with us. another half hour of fuss s
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>> [ bell rippinging] bells toll in newtown, connecticut and across the nation today. exactly one week after the
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shady hook school massacre. bells followed a moment of silence at approximately 9:30 eastern time when the gunman adam lanza began his rampage that ended with 26 people dead. 20 of them as you know young children. national rifle association today broke its silence on the connecticut school tragedy by suggesting there should be more guns on campus not less. nra says there should be an armed officer, police officer at every school. comments generated as you can imagine quite a reaction today. here's political reporter mark matthe matthews. >>reporter: national rifle association sent a sharp message through its leader wayne la pierre. no retreat. >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >>reporter: leader said what is needed is armed police officer in every single school. and he accused washington of rank hypocracy protecting the president and congress with armed security but failing to do the same for school childre
9:33 pm
children. >> we as society leave them every day utterly defenseless. >>reporter: nrav p unloaded on the news media for the way it reports on mass murderer. he condemned producers of violent video games. san francisco police chief greg sur points out no mention of guns. >> to suggest that guns shouldn't be part of the conversation? i just think it's ridiculous. guns have to be part of the conversation. >>reporter: he calls it crazy to allow high capacity ammunition clip and weapons of war on our city strichlts i support the trite bear arms. i have guns myself. but you kno know, to have an assault rifle with high capacity magazine i just don't think there's any place for that on the streets of any city in america. >>reporter: house minority leader by lowes i called the nra proposal impractical. >> wait a minute. wait a minute man with the gun i have it locked up someplace. wait until i go get it. it just doesn't make sense.
9:34 pm
>>reporter: senator feinstein says it's a distraction. >> it's a distraction from the previous lens of large ammunition feeding device that allow shooters to expel 20, 30, 60, 100 and even more bullets. >>reporter: in richmond parents of elementary school children told abc 7 reporter the nra prosecute postal is not for them. >> i don't think this proposed escalation is going to get to the root of any of the problem problems. >>reporter: but los angeles rifle revolver club retired sheriff's deputy ed like the plan. >> the only way to fight fire which is fire so if you have somebody that is armed and you are not, you are part of the problem. you are not part of the solution. >>reporter: part of what the nra doing today was sending a message to washington lawmaker lawmakers. that clamping down on assault weapons or high capacity ammo magazines will draw fire from the nra. in the news ramp, abc 7 news. >> president obama announced his choice to rae place clinton
9:35 pm
as secretary of state and as expected it is massachusetts senator john kerry. the president praised kerry qualifications today at the white house saying his life has prepared him for this job. kerry has served as chairman of the senate foreign relation committee and decorated vietnam veteran and leading contender for the post after susan rice withdrew her name from consideration last week. >> well december 21 arrived and the world did not end this morning hundreds office people converged on any chen mayan site to witness dooms day just in indicates it happen. hundreds also gathered at stonehenge in england. fichlt lively group us a cap see. april khent mayan calendar end today. some believed the world would end but some mayan experts say the fact we are all sincere proves the calendar doesn't mark an ending because new beginning. all matter of
9:36 pm
interpretation. >> well the end of the world is part of jib jab 2012. they play off politic expanding the reach. here's a look at some of this year folly. ♪ it's the end of creation, the signs are every place. i smell the record pace. i do and lybian crisis and fiscal cliff is her and 2012 end is near. >> i blew my whole career. 2 2012 is here. we really i [ singing] we all got government style and master piece. >> pretty good stuff. look back. jib jab style the year that we are about toen. >> as we continue tonight. it is a bitter sweet goodbye.
9:37 pm
>> you know how i feel in about all of you. but i'm still here any way. >>reporter: up next. we look back at the remarkable if i year career of the legendary don sanchez as he retires from
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>> as our beloved colleague don sanchez is retiring. packing away his micro phone after 40 years on the job here. anchor cheryl jennings my colleague at 5 worked with don during a lieutenant of the remarkable career and has this look back. ♪ . >> good evening to you i'm don sanchez. >>reporter: from the anchor desk to the red carpet. >> in hollywood. >>reporter: to wherever the assignment takes him. >> live in petaluma. vallejo. this house on wisteria lane. >> brought don to scotland
9:41 pm
because i wanted you to experience what we experienced. >>reporter: don sanchez has spent 4 decade sharing the world with abc 7 viewers. >> improve with age that's the motto. >>reporter: he got the start at san luis obispo. fresh face kid with a big voice. >> decided the voters interested in law an order vietnam war and the cost of living. >>reporter: even back then don interviewed celebrity and like other small town reporters he did commercials. >> unbelievable but true ready to go to the beach and of course i'm going in my brand new barracuda a.color pack camera 2. >>reporter: after nine years it was suddenly over. >> one day they fired me all 5 of us. >>reporter: few days later don landed at kg o tv. >> this is channel 7 news. >> they said we'll maybe give you there he week worth of wor work. >>reporter: but once he put on the mandatory circle 7 sports coat he never looked back. >> march at noon to protest in front of the federal building.
9:42 pm
>>reporter: don loved the bay area and the bay area loved hi him. actor benjamin brat grew up watching doichbility you are a legend. you are a legend in my family. >> want to play me in your next film. >> l if i could grow that kind of mustache i certainly would. >>reporter: in the early 70's don trademark mustache almost disappeared for good. >> the in us dr. he cantor said we don't have mustaches here. you have to cut it off. so i shaved the mustache. 3 years later new news director said we want you to start doing sports. but you look too young. have you ever thought about agreeing a mustache. >>reporter: don made a dashing sports anchor. and he was willing to take risk is. his meeting with a sumo wrestler so captivating the station ran tonight slow motion and added music. don got hurt pretty badly but that didn't stop him from taking this white water rafting trip another adventure in terror set to music.
9:43 pm
>> gallons of water hit us with the force and magnitude i have never experienced. >>reporter: he got sucked under water but scramble to safety and lived to report another day and the day after that too. >> one major goal to defeat of ronald railing in november. >>reporter: later he host add live morning show. [applause] and for 7 years he and i were paired as anchor team. >> no. 1 in northern californi california. >>reporter: we worked together during some of the bay area bi biggest news events. don office is packed with momento of the story good and bad. >> 1989 world series. tl we were. >>reporter: earthquake we were anchoring. >>reporter: for the earthquake our crew first on the scene at the hardest hit locations. we set up a make shift student row in the newsroom and got back on the air quickly with critical information for viewers and non-stop reporting that earned a peabody award. >> that has always been my
9:44 pm
proudest moment here. but what everybody here working with. it was extraordinary. >>reporter: he eventually became abc 7 news arts entertainment reporter. he's done hundreds office celebrity interview. made up like young frankenstein. even done a cameo on general hospital. >> there has been a shooting. >>reporter: through it all don is true to his risk taking roo root. in scott lapped tried sword fighting an he was one of the very first to visit disney california adventure park cars land. >> come on faster. >>reporter: he still races out to cover news stories when needed and every week he cost a movie review with bucket of popcorn to rate the show. >> full bucket. half bucket. if you take it seriously pishltion don your friends and fans have loved you for 40 years so we'll give you a really full bucket and we'll see you on the aisle. cheryl
9:45 pm
jennings, abc 7 news. bonnie invoice acknowledge don and congratulations what a terrific guy. he truly is. >> king of entertainment report to go different kind of lights camera action. >> every light is doing its own thing. they are all choreographed. >> really cool. >> it is bother some. >> what is fun for some is nuisance for others. up next. highlights of the holiday season. stay with us. 7 news at 9:00 continues here in just at 9:00 continues here in just a moment.
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>> rain hang around awhile let's go back to sandhya to update the forecast with live doppler 7hd. >> good idea to happening on to the umbrella and watch out for possibility of thunder. as you look at live doppler 7hd i show you the numerous light new england strike off the coast line. none of thoughts strike have made land at least over
9:49 pm
the bay area yet. lack at the strikes they get closer to highway 1 not far away from ukiah so i am watching this intense line of thunderstorms activity and some heavy rape. right now moderate rain showing up in the north bay around highway 101. lit springs road watch out for pockets of heavy rain. it is light to moderate around fairfield suisun city walter road is he meant hill road out to the vac aville area and spotty lighter showers out towards the east bay castro valley here. 7 hills road. redwood road. norris canyon road very light returns. pacifica you get moderate rain. brisbane south san from a by the way sfo is reporting delays still on arriving flights of over 3 and a half hours. so if picking someone up doesn't look good. storm warnings up in the sierra nevada to the northern california mountains and it will be snowing pretty good. so 39 in yosemite. 31 in taho tahoe. watch out for the snow heading towards interstate 5.
9:50 pm
57 in big sur and rain 57 in fresno with rain. los angeles you get it last 64 degrees here in the bay area scattered showers for your saturday. heaviest rain and thunderstorms in the early morning showers tomorrow afternoon you get a chance to do some last minute holiday shopping if you haven't done so yet. not giving anybody hints. temperatures in the 50's mid 40's around lake county accu-weather 7 day forecast wet windy sunday dry monday. christmas eve part of tuesday and then christmas day afternoon we bring in more rain with scattered showers wednesday, thursday a chance and friday. >> new roller skate hope it rains. >> i hope on monday you might get a preview of the roller skates. >> thanks very much. >> federal judge says louisiana woman has the right to display holiday lights on her roof even though they are in the form of an extended middle finger. ye yes. police threatened to arrest her if she did not take it down. aclu sued saying it was a matter of free speech. woman erected the light as part
9:51 pm
of dispute with her neighbors. >> on the subject of what might be offensive light display one person holiday spirit goes a little too far. >> 'tis the season to love think neighbor when when the neighbor puts up this. for years this show of more than 200,000 lights in el paso, texas has drawn the ire of neighbors. every christmas they complain to the cops about the spotlights. traffic. parking. >> basically turned our neighborhood into a side show. >> the traffic. our whole neighborhood is being held hostage during christmas time. >>reporter: near atlanta neighbors are so mad about this display of inflatable characters around the mansion they whipped out the cell phones to record traffic accidents. >> cars always stop here. kind of traffic nightmare. >>reporter: the only hearing the neighbor voice because he didn't want to appear on camer
9:52 pm
camera. so no one would accuse him of being, well, you know. in southern california they may able to escape the snow but they can't get away from these lights. more than 60 thousands of them. plus music laser and fog machine. all in the middle of an orange county neighborhood. >> every light is doing its own they think. they are all choreographed to do different things. i'm sorry they don't like. >> i guess they are not into the christmas spirit. >>reporter: that take as lot of work. you have to spend half the year setting that up. like the gris wald in relevant life. >> now you know why the woman across the street with the middle finger. that would make sense. the only way that made sense. in sports warriors look to get back on track against one of the worst teams in the league. facing charlotte tonight with kobe and lakers looming tomorrow night. challenge make sure
9:53 pm
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. amazing rescue. toddler caught in run away shopping cart and officer in the right place at the right time. that story. >> neighborhood intersection
9:56 pm
that is a danger to kids walking to school. tonight the 7 news i team and dan look into this problem and possible solution to it. those stories and more for you coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. sports director larry is here with some holiday basketball. >> yes. warriors in action after losing to sacramento back home tonight against another team they really should beat handedly. bobcats riding 13 game losing streak. yankees pitcher pride of virginia hay oh. he loves the hoops. warriors pass and lee hyped the back. the acrobatic lay up. like to see it again? you are going see it again. very nice. curry. penetratio penetration. dish to lee. with authority. curry had a contrary high with 8, 3 pointers. another behind the back pass here from david lee. the only thing he will do tonight is behind the back passes. curry with 27. warriors up 13 after 3. triple double for david lee. that assist right there on the hoop. lee with 23 points. 11 board.
9:57 pm
11 assist that was the tenth assist. warriors hand charlotte the 14th consecutive loss. the lakers coming to oakland tomorrow night. frainers will have to stop lynch in the beast mode probably without the own beast up front. more and more like they maybe without all pro defensive tackle smith sunday night in seattle. listed as questionable for this sunday game at this point streak of 185 consecutive starts will b beening. ricky will start in smith place. 10 tackle and sack this season says he's ready. >> first i saw tampa bay from washington to new york. everybody knows one of the best line man. they going to try to come if but that's the best part about it t.they have to come by me. >> stanford defense just took a hit 11 days before the rose bowl. defensive line man
9:58 pm
stevens ineligible because he vailted ncaa rules with off campus housing. not major offense but something they discovered. he anchor the third best rush defense in the country that has the task of stopping wisconsin running back ball january 1 in pasadena. good news for a's fans in oakland. owner wolf pledge to go keep the team at the coliseum for the next 5 years. wolf sent a letter to oakland mayor kwan asking for 5 year extension of the team lease which expires after the 2013 season. wolf says to be clear the a apartments still want to build the new downtown ballpark in san jose. major league baseball not approved them. to have play somewhere next to 5 years it might be oakland. hunger bowl 8 days away at at&t park. navy against arizona state. couple teams with very different styles. >> question mark for navy and giant exclamation point for for mike mcintire an spartan of san jose statement our mantra find way to get san francisco.
9:59 pm
>> shut out by san jose state on september 29. navy found themselves at 1 and 3. sure spot on the craft fight hunger bowl fading. that's when head coach made a change at the most important position on the fiel field. >> keenan has been quarterback since that time. but that was a good football team. but kind of a turning point for us. we are at the low blow so we had to find our self quickly and fortunately we did big part is no. 19. >>reporter: keenan reynold the right call. finish at 8 and 4. arizona state also had the up and down. after starting the season 5 and 1 they dropped 4 in a row to pack 12 rival all rank in the top 10 at 1 point in the season. sun devil able to right the ship with back-to-back victory to finish at 7 and 5. this is a match up of conflicting styles. asu. high octane pass run attack opposing the midship man and triple option offense. >> basically the 12 gauge we


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