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tv   ABC7 News  KOFY  January 7, 2013 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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wine tasting adventure in santa barbara. she's already indicated she loves wine tasting. we'll see you next time. congratulations. >> well, i'm glad you didn't say bye-bye.
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>> abc7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> we begin with breaking news on the peninsula. an accident near the san carlos airport. can you see this small plane took off from the general aviation airport about an hour ago. these are live pictures over the scene. we are pulling out for a wider sense of the relationship between where the plane ended up and the airport. something happened shortly after the plane took off. maybe it never got that high off the ground because you can see that is at the end of the
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runway. the aircraft crashed into the levee. it is not deep water but mud flats right there. two were on board, a pilot and passenger. they got out of the plane on their own. no one was hurt. we will continue to follow that story for you and bring you new information. >> now our other top story. the search for a man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire in san francisco. police want to find 22-year-old dexter oliver after a young woman was found with severe burns. amy hollyfield joins from the burn center. how is she doing? >> i spoke with two sisters. the family hasn't been in to see her yet this morning but are waiting for more relatives to arrive from sacramento and trying to brace themselves for an afternoon visit here at the hospital. they have been told she can expect to be in the hospital for four to five months. >> we kept talking about it all
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night. it was hard to go to sleep. >> this has been so tough to deal with she hasn't even been able to bring herself to visit her sister, starr lamare. she was set on fire yesterday and is in the hospital with burns do her face. witnesses, relatives and police believe her boyfriend, dexter oliver, is to blame. this morning, her family was shocked when oliver's grandmother called her mother. >> my mother thought she trusted him and let him survey in -- sty in the house and fed him, why would he do something like that to her baby. she tried to, the grandmother, she tried to defend her grandson and my mother wasn't hearing it. >> they think the grandmother is trying to get an update on the investigation and they called police. >> officers say there are no new developments but the family feels confident he will be found
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and hope he is taken alive the. >> death is too easy. you burned my sister alive. you stood there and poured gasoline on her and you set her on fire. death is too good. he needs to it is and jail and think about what he did. >> i spoke with police. they are still looking for him. if and when they find minimum they plan to charge him with arson and attempted murder. starr lamare has three young children. her relatives are worried her five-year-old son may have seen her when she was on fire. they say if he did see it he isn't talking about it. he hasn't said anything. >> amy, thank you. police remain at the scene in hayward where a man and his dog were struck and killed while walking on train tracks. we were over the tracks follow the accident at 7:45. the man described as being to his 20's or 30's was walking his dog and pushing a bicycle across the tracks when a track
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southbound hit them. the man's identity has not been released. in san jose, thieves stole a van belonging to a dog difficult spa operation and ran it into a head shop called "up in smoke." the place was demolished and witnesses saw sevel men running from the scene. while the damage is assessed the owner reports the thieves took off with a water pipe from the store. >> the f.b.i. is planning to excavate a well in central california where bone fragments connected to a northern california disappearance were found. this is in linden, an investigation scene since two convicted killers told the sheriff deputies where victims were disposed. the so-called speed freak killers convicted of serial murders from the 80's and in knew's, and nine-year-old michaela disappeared from a gracery store in 1998 and the family is waiting to see if d.n.a. recovered from the bone
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fragments could solve their case. >> oakland lawmaker take steps to tighten sales of ammunition in the state. assembly woman of the state joined a host others to introduce state bill ab48, that regulates all ammunition sales and require those who buy it to show identification. it would also ban conversion kits. >> the kits that allow you to convert a weapon to be able to shoot bullets fast without reloading. that's another thing that this bill does, eliminates that. >> oakland mayor also spoke to the ground. the bill requires ammunition dealers to be licensed and they be required to report those sales to the justice department. >> happening now the oakland city council is getting a brand new look, free new city council members are sworn into office at this hour and two them have never held elected office before. environmental advocate and an
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affordable housing advocate who will replace a council veteran from west oakland. the third new member will replace a veteran councilmen from another district. the california legislature begin as new session in sacramento with a new advantage for democrats. for the first time in 130 years democrat lawmakers have supermajorities in both the senate and the state in the assembly. they will work with the governor of the same party. the combination means they could unilaterally increase taxes, pass emergency legislation, and put constitutional amendments before voters. >> playoff fever is gripping the bay fever with 49 playoff tickets online attic it master and told out in three minutes. they play on saturday at candlestick park at 5:00. fans have been encouraged to
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visit the nfl ticket exchange or another resale site to go to the game. it it is possible more tickets could be made available through ticket master. the sharks are preparing for hockey season that many thought would never happen now that owners and players have a deal to end a bitter dispute. and our news reporter is live in san jose. you are not the only one happy to have hockey back. >> team owners, players, local business owners, the fans and people who are not fans, but take civic pride when they take the ice. everyone is happy, it is a win-win-win-win situation. take a look. it is hard to say who is more happy to have the sharks headed back to the pavilion. the players? >> finally it is over. >> the business owners near the shark tank? >> exciting on both ends. >> or the fans. >> i like to see them on the
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ice. >> to some shark players the 113-delay lockout was tough. >> it has been dragging on too long but it is over and try to put it behind us and have some fun. >> business owners this downtown san jose have been suffering, too, back in october, the san jose silicon valley chamber of commerce feared the financial hit from the strike could put the economic recovery on ice. >> you put an average, a dollar per person, for us, we are talking $10,000 and above. per game. >> and the nationally noun and respected sharks fans, who have filled the pavilion better than 90 percent of capacity for sharks games since they got to town. >> we do not have sports in san jose unless the sharks are playing so it is great to have them back on ice. >> i am excited to see them play. we missed hockey season. it means a lot to the city. >> after the waiting shark fans
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you have to wait a little bit longer. the first regular season game is a week from tomorrow. it is in calgary, five road games before they come home to the tank, first game against boston january 31. >> they waited this long, thank you. still ahead a big announcement about president obama's cabinet. >> the leadership changes that could spark a
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