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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 7, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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and by corporate jets. the faa will step in and continue its investigation. in san carlos, david louie. abc 7 news. >> the matriarch of the san francisco zoo has died. she a. >> the zoo says she died from heart disease complications of cancer but you people describe her as funny and clever. there is an inspire -- the zoo is not confirming that. >> a marin county man went to court to fight a traffic violation. it could have national implications because as carolyn tyler explains, it is a controversial issue. >> it was just after 7:30 in the morning last october when they were heading south along 101 in the car pool lane.
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>> i'm always in the car pool lane because i know i have got another person in the car with me. >> what jonathan freeman had was the paperwork for his nonprofit corporation. the state vehicle code's definition of a person includes a corporation. that was the argument when the chp pulled him over. >> he said you need two persons in your vehicle and i showed him the papers and said yes, i do have two persons in the car. >> tried to explain. >> actually, the 59-year-old san raphael man is opposed to what is called corporate personhoodhood and is pleased the case is going to court. >> corporations areficational entities and -- fictional entities and to treat them as a real live human being is absurd. >> tore jonathan it has been a ten year crusade of riding in the car pool lane waiting for a citation to mount a legal challenge. traffic court judge called his
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argument novel but says the intent of the legislature in devising the lanes was to reduce the volume of traffic and pollution. >> common sense interpretation is that care rig a sheathe of paper in no way relieves traffic congestion. >> reporter: the judge found him guilty but he will continue the fight. >> he says he expected the judge's ruling and he will file an appeal within 30 days. in marin county at the superior courthouse, caroline tyler, abc 7 news. we are expecting quite a cooldown in our forecast. spencer christian is here now with more. >> and that is quite an understatement. >> yeah. >> it is really going to get cold here. even by winter standards for couple of days. tomorrow nice and mild. a live view from the high definition roof top camera along the embar kailey darrow. comfortably cool around the bay area. a look at live doppler 7 hd on
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satellite radar composite showing clouds at various levels of the atmosphere but not thick clouds yet. we do expect dense fog to develop overnight in some spots. temperature readings right now mainly in the upper 40s to low 50s for much of the bay area. although it is a little cooler in some of the inland valleys of the north bay. these are the forecast features. area of dense fog developing overnight. sunnier and milder tomorrow afternoon and then sharply colder midweek with even a chance of showers. overnight tonight a dense fog advisory in effect from midnight to 9 am. including the santa clara valley. visibility could drop to a quarter mile or less in the areas with the most dense patches of fog. meanwhile, along with the dense fog a spare the air advisory tomorrow that begins at midnight tonight. overnight low temperatures 38 at santa rosa. 39 napa. low to mid 30s for most of the remainder of the bay area. even as it warms up tomorrow
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the air quality is going to decline. satellite and radar composite shows high pressure still holding on for one more day. then the cold air mass from the gulf of alaska moves in and that is going to set up a cold pattern for us for a couple of days. start the forecast animation at 5:00 on wednesday morning. a cold front sweeping down during the day on wednesday. a few clouds continuing through thursday. we don't expect a lot o of moisture to accompany the frontal system but what moisture does accompany it could produce light scattered showers and maybe even a snow shower or two on thursday as the colder air settles in. but the big change with with the front will not be the chance of precipitation. that is modest. it it will be the drop in temperatures which we will all feel. tomorrow a rise in temperatures. highs will be in the low 60s in the south bay. up to 62 at san jose. low 60s on the peninsula. up to 62 palo alto and mountain view. upper 50s on the coast and pacifica and halfle moon bay and upper 50s in and around
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san francisco. a high of 59 downtown tomorrow. north bay highs mainly low 60. 61 sonoma. 62 napa. 62 santa rosa. east bay, 62 oakland, fremont and castro valley. inland east ba highs right around or just barely above 60 degrees and near monterey bay mainly mid 60s inland and low 60s near the bay. the accuweather seven-day forecast. temperatures drop on wednesday and there is a slight chance of showers on wednesday. and with the cold air on thursday not only a slight chance of showers but snow levels down to 1500 feet if there is enough moisture with the frontal system to produce any precipitation. then we dry out going into the weekend. pretty cool towards the end of the week. >> thanks, spence. coming up next, a tabletop computer your whole family can use at the same time. and a new smartphone app that
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lego unveiled a new robot. not only do you build it but you can also order it to move and follow you and strike on command all through a bluetooth wireless connection in your phone. the toy is set to go on sale later this year. well, if you are tired of seeing everyone in your household staring into their smartphones or tablets we may have the answer for you. take a look at this video provided by the consumer electronics show in las vegas that shows the thinkpad a size of a coffee table that works like a gigantic tablet for the whole family. it is made by lenovo and designed for four people to use at the same time. the ces has always been a show about gadgets but you you may find the biggest innovations in software as
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jonathan blum explains app developers have been hard at work trying to bring your existing gadgets one step closer to reading your lines. >> as crowds start networking some exchange business cards and others trade details using an app called bump. >> you can bump the phones together to connect and share information. >> now, a new app called flock. >> we thought it would be great to build an app you don't even have to use in order to use it. >> you can automatically share photos with the people you were with when you took them. >> you haven't thought about flock in a week and then it sends you a push notification saying you have five photos that you took with your friend neesa and john, do you want to share them with them. >> the results albums worth of photos you might never have seen. flock is about what your phone infers you might want to do.
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>> we think it will happen to most apps in the last few years. >> reporter: a handful of other apps try to guess your intention. apple passbook which pulls out movie tickets as you get to the theater or goggle now which tells you when the bus is coming. >> tech author shell israel says when google now was announced last summer it put going the at the forefront of contextual apps that make educated guesses based on things like where you are and who you are with. others emerging leak easily do which is a to do list that figures out what you need to do. >> they will become your personal manager and know more about you and your preferences than does your spouse today. >> it may be cool on your smartphone but he says it it will be even cooler with next generation wearable devices like google glass. >> the glasses will know whether you are sky diving, roller skating or riding the bus and will give you advice based on where you are.
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>> in san francisco, jonathan blum, abc 7 news. at&t unveiled a new video streaming is service as it tries to take on netflix and amle zone and others. it will cost $5 a month and will allow customers to watch movies and tour de france v shows on demand. they claim they will have new movies as early as a month before they become available on netflix. netflix today announced a deal with warner brothers television to carry series shows from previous seasons. netflix is looking to bolster its online streaming content by striking deals with hollywood studios. >> still ahead tonight as abc 7 news at 9:00 continues. panic and stampede in new jersey as an escalator reverses course and starts going down. why officials think that hurricane sandy could be to blame. state lawmakers begin the new session with a single focus, taking aim at stricter gun
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control. a judge orders
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[singing] hoveround takes me where i wanna go. call or log on to to find out where a hoveround can take you! nebraska republican senator chuck hagel is president obama's choice for secretary of defense. a vietnam vet, hagel tonight is facing fire of a different kind. abc 7's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz has more. >> reporter: president obama made clear today just how important this nomination is for the country. >> my most solemn obligation is the security of the american people. >> reporter: through decades of war and peace, the job of defense secretary has had profound implications. >> if force is to be used, saddam hussein would be removed from power.
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>> reporter: chuck hagel the horrors of war first hand. at 21, a poor kid from nebraska, he volunteered to go to vietnam, fighting side by side with his 19-year-old brother tom. he got two purple hearts. one when shrapnel ripped open his chest and his brother dragged him to safety and another a month later when hagel himself on fire from a landmine rescued his brother. >> i was on the left side when the major blast came up and i was burned up and down the left side of my body. i grabbed tom first and he was out and he had blood coming out of his ears and nose and you don't have time to think about is he dead or alive. >> reporter: but critics are not focusing on hagel's military service. while serving as a republican senator he angered some in his own party for not backing the troop surge in iraq. not supporting unilateral sanctions against iran on what some on the hill perceive as a lack of sutoff you por sutoff .
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>> reporter: hagel and the white house say these are misperceptions with hagel telling his hometown paper today he has unequivocal support for israel. google's chairman eric landed in north korea with a group looking to free an american being held by the isolate the communist nation. the group also plans to look at north korea's tech hand scape in a place where people have limited internet access. the state department has criticized this visit. it comes after north korea's military test fired a rocket last month. a judge ordered the archdiocese to release the names of catholic priests
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involved in abuse cases. part of the settlement required the archdiocese to publicly release documents and personnel files. in 2010, a judge said the names of higher ups in the documents could be blacked out but today a superior court judge overruled that decision. the documents are expected to be released this month. >> gun enthusiasts are concerned about their rights. today activities announced gun appreciation day. they are calling on supporters to visit gun stores, ranges and gun shows on january 19 in a show of unity. the same day that president obama will be sworn into offense for a second time. organizers say the date was deliberately chose ton highlight what they see as the administration's assault on gun rights. here in california a new gun control effort underway at the state capital where democrats hold a supermajority in the senate and assembly. nannette miranda reports from
9:37 pm
sacramento. and today we want to take a moment of silence -- >> reporter: state and local leaders held a moment of silence to pay respects to the 26 victims of the sandy hook shooting. >> it is easier in california to buy bullets than to buy alcohol, cigarettes, or sudafed cold medicine. >> reporter: the proposal seeks to require ammunition dealers to be licensed and buyers must present i.d. and all sales reported to the department of justice with local law enforcement notified when transactions involve large capacity and conversion kits involving high capacity magazines will be banned. >> none of these measures had they been in place would have done a single thing to prevent what happened. >> reporter: donnelley is readying a different proposal to have at least one anonymous person at each school armed. >> we haven't had a single hijacking since 9/11 and i think it is in large part due to the presentation of air marshals.
9:38 pm
why don't we have a school marshalls program. >> as lawmakers hammer out how to improve school safety in california, state nor yee has been getting taunting messages for his proposal to close a loophole that enables shooters to reload faster. >> rather than resorting to racist innuendo suggestions and it is just really unfortunate. >> reporter: according to campaign finance watch dog group common cause unlike washington, d.c. the gun lobly is not particularly strong here in california so gun control proposals have a good chance of passage. sacramento, nannette miranda, abc 7 news. the oakland city council has a new look tonight. [ applause ] >> three new council members were sworn in to offense today. two of them -- into office today. two have never held elected offense before.
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dan caldwell and lynette gibson mcilhaney. nasa says make us an offer. coming up, the space agency's going out
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here is an extreme form of intervention. a chinese father was worried that his son was spending too much time online so a dad hired down virtual hitmen to hunt down and kill his son in the games. the 23-year-old son is unemployed. his dad says he wants him to get a job. five people were injured in new jersey when a packed escalator kicked into reverse. it was going up and suddenly stopped and sped back ward. cell phone video shows people
9:43 pm
piling up at the bottom of the escalator. others tried to jump over the side to escape the growing pile. the station saw extensive from superstorm sandy in october and they believe the malfunction may have been an electrical fault that lingered after the storm. now, to what would make the most epic craigslist ad ever. nasa is selling on leasing out facilities used by its space program. >> america is not going to stop exploring. >> the last shuttle flight was in july 2011 when atlantis made its final touchdown. maintenance costs are just too high, among them, launch pad 39 a where the shuttles took off. space in the vehicle assembly building. the 526 tall structure used to assemble saturn five apollo rockets and huge garages where the shuttles were maintained.
9:44 pm
a landing strip and hangar and various other buildings and chunks of undeveloped property. on the subject of space travel, future astronauts to mars could have a lot of trouble sleep. you may recall the six men in the simulated round trip to mars. they are were in a pretend spaceship. new research found that the men either slept too much, had erratic sleeping habits, became lethargic and had problems with tasks. they spent nearly 700 hours longer in bed than they did on the outward journey. we have scientific proof tonight that you are what you you eat and now there is new you eat andyou can't movenew the tv there.
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the university of oregon is bringing in generators to restore power after a series of explosions in an underground utility tunnel. dorms are dark and stew kepts are walking around with flash lights. a bay area startup asking for a some what unusual consideration from the public your organisms. the idea is to peek inside your body and the results may surprise you. >> for jessica, microbes are a window into the human body and she thinks you ought to be looking at them at well. >> everything in your gut is eating what you eat. >> the thousands of biological hitchhikers that live in our stomachs and around our bodies. earlier this year, researchers at the gladstone institutes at ucsf helped unveil a detailed genetic happen that helped identify and catalog all of the bacteria present in the human digestive system and they believe knowing which organisms
9:49 pm
are there and what they are are doing can show us what is going on in our bodys. >> studies connected to a wide range of diseases from obesity to diabetes. >> richmond and her team are launching a startup becaused you byum. a gut level variation on gene sequencing companies like 23 and me. it is head quartered at an incubator lab at ucsf. they believe the project could pay multiple dividends. >> they are turning science into impact. >> clients will receive a kit and send back swab samples taken from different area of the body. hundreds it is sequenced the company hopes to provide valuable clues about an individual's health and lifestyle. >> looks like you are eating more carbohydrates than you think you are or drinking a lot of caffeine. >> it could eventually be compared to other databases as research advances benefiting both individuals and the
9:50 pm
scientific community and unlocking the mysteries in our own bodies. >> the test concept isn't the only innovation of this project. it is being funded by crowd sourcing. they have signed up more than 350 people in two weeks. prices start at around $70 for a single test. we have more information at the man who has a thousand viral videos is about to make things tougher. jimmy kimle live is moving to 11:30. his biggest challenge remains the same, coming up with fresh material. >> when we hire new writers as the years go on they will pitch things and i will cross them off and say we did this 8 years ago. you try to keep doing new things and it becomes harder as the years go on. it also makes you work harder and ultimately you come up with
9:51 pm
better stuff. >> he has a special goodbye to midnight shd for tonight. he takes over the new time slot tomorrow night. nightline moves to 12:37. one last check now on the forecast. let's go to spencer christian. >> okay. we will start with the time lapse view of this high definition east bay camera in emeryville. is sunset at 5:07 p.m. and a beautiful and colorful sky it was. right now live doppler 7hd shows a few clouds around. partly cloudy skies at the moment. tomorrow statewide, mostly is sunny but there will be lots of areas that will have dense fog overnight and that includes the bay area. by afternoon, sunny skies. statewide, high temperatures in the 60s at chico and sacramento. is 70s down south. in the bay area highs in the afternoon in the 60s after a foggy overnight and morning period. the accuweather seven-day forecast. cooling down on wednesday and even more on thursday. it will be a very cold day with high temperatures around
9:52 pm
50 degrees and slight chance of showers with the cold air coming in at 1500 feet or above. even a slight chance of a snow shower. that is very slight. >> here in the bay area. >> here in the bay area. >> that would be something. >> it would be. >> thanks, spencer. what wasn't really something was today's national championship. i mean so many people were excited to watch what was supposed to be a great game this evening. >> and most of those people left wondering why they paid thousands of dollars to go watch this thing. the national championship turns into a national embarrassment. alabama demolished notre dame.
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coming up tonight, new details about the bar pilot who on board when the shape rammed into the bay bridge this morning. the giants world series trophy goes on tour. we will let you know when it is coming to your town tonight at 11:00. right now larry beil here with a sports and a look at the national championship game.
9:56 pm
>> ish. >> a short look. [ laughter ] >> well, the highlights are compacted so you don't have three and a half hour os. alabama and notre dame squared off in the national championship. this game was really voter moment. the crimson tide stepped off the bus. complete domination and humiliation of the fighting irish. alabama showed no love to notre dame. crimson tide waste nothing time. opening drive. right up the middle. gashes him. bama up 7-0 in a flash. everett sacked by adrian hubbard. under a minute left in the first half. a little dumpoff o lacy here. this guy is about 230-pounds. look at spin move. the nimbleness 28-0 bama at the half. fighting irish trying to get onboard. a diving interception. mccarron becomes the first quarterback to win back to back bcs crowns.
9:57 pm
the crimson tide roll to their third bcs championship in four years. 42-14 the final for nick saban. >> they controlled the whole offense of the game by the way we moved the ball. i'm really happy with the team win that we have. >> it was never close. the 49ers beat the packers in green bay an eternity ago. they will immediate again this saturday night at candlestick. more on the line. the nfc divisional mayoffs. so much changed since then. alex smith is not the starter any more. randy moss caught his first touchdown as a niner in that game but not targeted all that much throughout the course of the season. vernon davis a t.d. catch. he has been almost a foregotten man on the offense the last month. the niners were able to control aaron rodgers in this particular contest and jim harbaugh knows doing it again
9:58 pm
will be a huge task. >> a great challenge. great task. i think more than our players and coach -- one that our players and coaches are looking forward to in and that competition is as good as it gets in the national football league. their quarterback, their receivers, you know, so a big task and one we look forward to. >> the goal all along was to win our division and then get in the playoffs and go from there and now we are are at that point and now the whole entire locker room is amped out for the week and have a great week of preparation. the kansas city chiefs introduced andy reid as their new h head coach. taking over for romeo. the chiefs finished with the league worst record 2-14. they get the number one pick in the draft. reid says he likes what he has to work with. >> i have looked at the roster
9:59 pm
and there is good football players on this football team. and i look to add to this. i think that is important that you continue to grow. i'm ready to go, man. i'm ready to go. this is what i do. so i'm ready to go. >> he is ready. >> to go. >> to go. >> the nhl they are ready to go. they have to figure out the scheduled number of games but the nhl is coming back and soon in fact. after a lockout that lasted 113 days and ate up half of the regular season a tentative agreement on a new contract reach between the players and owners. the sharks were on the ice this morning. the shortened season expected to begin sometime next week. everybody just relieved that the impasse is over. >> very exciting time to get the players back in the locker room, first of all, and then finally assemble a team and put together a game plan for a shortened season.


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