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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 9, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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about his history of ripping off drivers and how easy it could be to stop him. and east bay man had a killed an intruder in his home learns from police he may have been a victim of a divorce plot by his cheating wife and her boyfriend. voting for the hall of fame and everyone strikes out. a referendum on legacy of steroids in baseball. >> i'm spencer christian with live doppler 7, showers around the bay area and we might see a snowflake or two.
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>> dan: good evening.
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we're going to start with a developing story. police say some bone fragments possibly believed to be those of a hayward girl missing since 1988 are not a match. that means the family of any kale lay garret are no closer in looking. it came from a well from a central valley alone den where people were buried. it came from a previously murdered victim. investigators are not revealing that victim's identity at this point. we'll have more tonight at 11:00 over on channel 7. meantime, a strange twist tonight in a pittsburg burglary that ends with a man being stabbed to death. police say it was all part of a plot by a cheating wife and her boyfriend. here is nick smith.
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>> reporter: the commotion he described started just before 11:00 a.m. in this apartment only feet where he lives. >> somebody was getting into a fight or something. punching out the wall. >> what sounded like extreme rough housing turned out to be much more. >> i was about to call 911 when i heard the police coming. >> according to police, what he heard was the homeowner confronting a man that was trying to get in his apartment. this man, 54-year-old man, robert lindsay was dead stabbed to death by the homeowner. >> pittsburg police arrested this woman. 28-year-old. they say it was she who orchestrated the break-in. this how investigators say how it played out. she and her boyfriend and one of his brothers and two friends conspired to break into the home
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after she gave her accomplices a key. the husband had learned she had been having an affair with matt parker. couple decided to separate and the husband had agreed to leave. police tell us that he didn't believe the husband was making an effort to leave the apartment fast enough. >> this angered the wife where she plotted a burglary with her current boyfriend in an effort to scare him and persuade him into actually leaving the residence. >> police are now looking for additional suspects. neither the husband nor the two children were injured in the struggle. >> dan: we have much better idea tonight of how much damage a tanker caused when it struck a tower of the bay bridge and the number may surprise you. new closeup images were released today by the metropolitan transportation committee. they say repairs will cost between $2-3 million and there
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was no structural damage to the bridge. that is just the bill to protect the protective bumper because it requires specialized equipment. a man who admits he has made a career out of ripping off drivers in san francisco spoke candidly how he has done it. tonight from jail he told his story exclusively to abc news reporter vic lee. this is story that vick has been following for more than a year. >> i walk in there and five minutes to make $200. >> george anderson is busiest criminals in san francisco, his specialty, coning drivers out of their money. he goes to unattended parking lots. he oppose as attendant and collects money from drivers as they pull in. the 50-year-old career criminal says most drivers don't read warning signs like this one. >> they don't know the machine is the way to pay, but if you know the machine is okay.
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>> you feel good about it, justified about it? >> not always. it's an easy way to make money. >> reporter: how much do you make? >> i make it through a day. it's a good deal and rent paid. >> is it lucrative? >> i can make up to thousand dollars a week. >> reporter: he says he has been arrested 30 times. this particular con job is considered a misdemeanor petty theft. he spends little time in jail. he knows he'll be out soon. >> anderson was last arrested saturday at a parking lot. he was in court where he was also charged with violating probation. for that offense, they order in
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order bail and anderson justifies his crimes saying its really the parking lot operators fault. >> i said you guys wanted to stop it. >> that is one thing that anderson and district attorney agree on. the d.a. says parking operators need to share the responsibility. >> you put attendants or gate and camera. simply posting signs is not enough. >> anderson says he feels sorry for his victims and returns their money. as strange as it seems, here is his logic. >> the person behind me is going to be the next victim. there is going to be somebody. >> reporter: anderson told me he has had trouble with substance abuse and in and out of jobs and he really wants legitimate work. he will face serious jail time this time because of his parole violation coupled with his priors.
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parking lot operators we spoken with, more security won't do the job and that the real problem is ineffective prosecution. >> dan: let's turn toted weather. it is snowing in the sierra. these are pictures from caltrans cameras up at squaw valley really coming down up there. chain requirements are in effect and freeze snaps extend to the bay area. she spencer christian on the bill chill that is heading our way. >> it is going to be quite a bill chicago, following what is little scattering of showers. live doppler 7, most of the shower activity is actually offshore but there are some areas getting a little sprinkle here and there offshore off of fort ross and west of sea ranch and moving into marin county coastline and southern sonoma county line. down south, points southward, areas of very light precipitation, not much hitting
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the ground. much of that is upper atmosphere and not making it to the ground. we do have snow in the higher elevations, north of clearlake. snow levels are coming down even near the bay area. snow levels will be down to 2,000 feet. the question is will be there enough moisture to produce snow for us. >> dan: $12,000 reward is being offered to recover a valuable piece of california history stolen from the oakland museum. someone took a gold rush era quarts encrusted box monday morning. police say surveillance video indicates it's the same thief who broke into the museum last november. the big worry here is the item stolen this time could be destroyed. the box is seven by nine inches. it depicts images of early pioneer life. some estimates put the box at a value of more than $800,000. >> burglaries appear to be a growing trend. it was last february that $3
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million in gold was taken during a break-in at a courthouse. a glass case featuring the area's mining history and thieves took off with a large gold nuggets that were on display. in the meantime, a bronze plaque honoring 15 local war veterans has been stolen in petaluma. it was cut from the base at walnut park. moving on, a resounding statement on steroids and major league baseball. giants, barry bonds and two other players have been denied entry into baseball's hall of fame. this is the first year of eligibility for bonds as well as roger clemens and sammy sosa. on field achievements have been tainted by steroid use. this the second time in two decades they didn't elected any of the candidates into the hall.
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wayne freedman spoke with a couple of the people that voted. >> to be elected to the hall of fame, immortality to be cast into bronze. on a day when baseball traditionally honors its best, it's reopened an old wound exposing the worst. >> i think baseball has never figured out how to process the steroid era. it's awkward for the game and awkward for fans. this is more awkwardness. >> lance williams is not a baseball writer but on a day they elected no one into the hall of fame. barry bonds certainly influenced him. >> did not vote for barry bonds, i did not vote for clemens or sosa. i did not vote for mike piazza. >> they would have been shoo-ins without steroids.
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>> they asked us to vote in the election. but we were consider sportsmanship and integrity. if you cheated, that addresses those issues, but i still don't have enough information what the whole landscape looked like. >> to some writers it's about performance. art did vote for bonds. >> barry bonds with the most home runs deserves to be in the hall of fame. a man that won seven cy young deserves to be. >> so many great names, so many questions still unanswered, clearly baseball has a quandary. >> i suppose the way it ends, if they figure out a way to get these players or admitted it. then you could let them in, yes, they used steroids when they were rife in the game. what we were being asked this year is to say they never touched the stuff even though
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there is evidence that is not true. >> reporter: a controversial fine line between the elections of the hall of fame. tycobb, pete rose knows all about it and now we have barry bonds. >> dan: and another big sports story, sacramento kings could be moving to seattle. yahoo sports reports the owners of kings are in talks to sell the franchise. this deal could be an n.b.a. record $500 million, $50 million more than the warriors sold for. prospective buyer is going to build a new hockey stadium in downtown seattle. sacramento is fig kevin johnson says on none of this is over. larry beil will have more. a lot more to get to this wednesday night. coming up, mr. t -- no he is not
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friendly. what he was guarding when police checked up on his owner. >> i'm nannette miranda in sacramento. more and more patrolled sex offenders are cutting off their gps ankle bracelet. >> how bikes were stolen and then discovered. new generation of rovers new generation of rovers designed for nasa's next well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time.
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>> dan: an internet outage in the bay area tonight. service from t.w. telecom has been intermittent. technicians are having a hard time pinpointing the problem. those gps ankle bracelets that monitored some parolees are not as effective as they could be because some convicted sex offenders and gang members are cigt the devices off and getting away with it. nannette miranda explains now the effort to put that to an end. >> authorities say repeat sex
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offender cut off his ankle bracelet in november and days later he was charged with sexual battery of a fresno state student. >> what i care about we get the criminals back behind bars. i don't want somebody else's daughter to be molested in a library at a university. >> gps ankle bracelets are required on sex offenders and hard-core gang members in california. corrections have a high-tech system in place that automatically alerts parole agents when those monitors are cut off. but due to overcrowding and courted mandate to reduce the inmate population, disable the tracking device no longer sends offenders back to prison. it lands them for days or weeks there if they can be found at all. >> sex offenders need to be monitored and when they cut off the ankle bracelets they are violating law. we don't want them going after
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children. >> he has gotten around the street. the year before the policy changed, 173 parolees cut their straps. the year after, nearly 300 did, a 60% jump. senator lew and assemblyman patterson made it a felony again with more time in state prison bu governor brown mate made it clear this week, california needs to rein in prison costs. >> everybody wants to send people to prison. nobody wants to pay for it. there is only so much money. >> i don't accept the premise we don't have the money. we don't have the will. we don't have the political leadership. >> the corrections department points out when you look at the entire parolee population of roughly 7,500, the number that cut off was only 1.5%. some would argue that is not enough to justify more prison spending. >> dan: you've heard of drug
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dogs but a man is accused of having a guard gater to protect his marijuana stash. they went on a probation check at the home of him and they found this. a five-foot alligator in the bedroom. they also found 34 pounds of marijuana. they say the alligator more mr. teeth served as a deterrent to thieves. he was taken to zbrial and mr. teeth is now at the oakland zoo. i would rather run into any dog rather than mr. teeth. [ laughter ] >> it's getting cold outside. here is a live view, east bay hills camera, vollmer peak looking west across the bay what is now a partly to mostly cloudy night. scattered light showers around the bay area. very broken up and widely
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scattered. here is a look at live doppler 7-hd. most of the active weather is offshore. we'll get more showers and some beginning to move into marin county right now, just offshore as you go northward up to sonoma county. farther south, we've got a little bit of shower activity just off the peninsula coastline some beginning to move near santa cruz right now. we'll see more active weather during the overnight hours. active in the sierra and chains are required on all the major highways in and out of the central sierra. here in the bay area, temperatures are generally in the 40s, low 40s in fact. santa rosa, napa and fairfield where it's pretty chilly. so we'll see scattered showers through tomorrow. snow levels with the cold air will be down to about 1500 to 2,000 feet. the question is will there be enough moisture to produce snowflakes and freezing nights right into the weekend. satellite and radar a big mass
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of cold air coming behind the cold front that is bringing light showers through tonight and into tomorrow. start our animation. at that point we'll see more widespread areas of showers continuing overnight into the early morning hours. 3:00 in the morning we may see snow on top of mount hamilton. 5:00 tomorrow morning, start of rush hour, most of the action will be along the coastline. not much wet weather moving inland but probably be wet spots by the morning commute. showers will break up and once again, mixed precipitation or snow over in the mount hamilton area. later in the day, showers will be pretty much over. partly sunny skies at least and by 5:00 tomorrow afternoon, we'll be looking at rainfall totals that are not very impressive. perhaps up to .15 of an inch or less. in the sierra, winter weather advisory is in effect for the lake tahoe area and central sierra through 4:00 tomorrow
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morning. we're expecting 5-7 inches of new snow. winds gusting up to 50 miles an hour in the higher elevations and chain requirements and travel delays are likely. swells are causing beach hazard advisories. high tides above 7 feet at coyote creek, above ten feet thursday morning. lows dropping into the low 30s in the inland valleys in the north bay and east bay. by the way, we have a freeze warning in effect for the north bay and the santa clara valley friday morning, frost advisory in effect for the bayshore line for the same time period. high temperatures tomorrow, barely reaching 50 degrees under cool conditions. here is the seven-day forecast. freezing mornings on friday and saturday. temperatures won't moderated until early next week. get ready for a major winter
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chill. >> dan: up next on, a warning of getting rid of your pet fish. selling on ebay, a test that will make it so simple you barely have to do anything. stay with
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>> dan: bart police are looking for the owners of a slew of bicycles and bicycle parts. they found more ten bicycles, 21 seats and other various other bike parts inside a richmond home. they searched his home after arresting him for unknowingly trying to sell a stolen bike back to the owner at a bart station.
9:28 pm
>> a family that -- new report shows how much of a threat flushing living kreechts from your aquarium can be. u.c. davis study found 69% of species such as lion fish or culpara seaweed continue living once they are released. 13 invasive species have been found in california marine waters. the lion fish is particularly danger. few predators eat them so they can spread fairly quickly. >> news tonight about another water species, baby sharks. they can sense danger even in the womb unlike other sharks. embryos develop in eggs and vulnerable this to predators. its signal from natural hunters. bamboo stop moving the gills and held still. in short they froze.
9:29 pm
typical response when fright or flight is not possible. the behavior may help scientists develop more effective shark repellent. lot more to bring you. if you like selling stuff on ebay, stay tuned. >> there goes the ebay van but not making deliveries, it making pick-ups. i'm david louie. we'll explain why that you will only see on 7 coming up. >> dan: also ahead, lost dreams. a investment fraud in china is costing americans billions and the government there refuses to stop what is going on. >> the and importance of good handwriting. especially if you are the secretary of treasury of the united states.
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>> dan: are americans being cheated? abc news has a report on wave of alleged frauds bigger in scale than what bernie madoff pulled off. dozens of chinese companies that have gone belly-up. the story from chief correspondent brian ross. >> as one chinese company after another managed to get listed on nasdaq and new york stock exchange, al smith and his wife saw it as a safe way to get in on china's huge economic boom. >> you think there is some kind of stamp of approval when once they come on the exchanges. >> necessity ended up losing much of their retirement money, $60,000 when they invested in a chinese coal company. it turned out it had no coal mine. >> i'm not a big guy or rich guy. it's tough for us. >> u.s. authorities say his money and many other americans
9:34 pm
ended up in the pockets of coal company boss, a chinese version of bernie madoff. all part of what an investigation found is a wave of suspected fraud by some 70 chinese companies once listed on u.s. stock exchanges. >> many cases we have already filed is brazenness of fraud. >> including what happened to china integrated energy. according to a lawsuit, these surveillance photos taken at one plant supposedly operating at maximum capacity shows scant activity and no tanker trucks. >> four months in doing that, i found they produced essentially nothing. >> there was activity on one day the day american investors came for a tour. >> the first time in four months we see tanker trucks show up. >> once the investors are gone, so are the tanker trucks.
9:35 pm
>> just as dead at before. >> this is complete con job? >> exactly. >> company denies any fraud but later acknowledged there were problems at this factory. the exchanges say they have imposed more stringent rules but nasdaq official became unhappy when we pressed to know how so many of them can get listed in the first play. >> companies get on exchanges through -- this interview is over right now. i'm walking out the door. >> dan: labor secretary is leaving the obama administration. in a message to her colleague she says she submitted her resignation to president obama today. she says she made the decision to leave after discussing it with her family and close friends. meantime, ite house chief of staff jack lew is expected to lead the treasury department.
9:36 pm
he is choosing him because of wide variety of experience. if confirmed he would replace tim geithner. because of the possible nomination, lew is taking fire for messy signature. that is what you seeing believe it or not. that says jack lew. they call it the world's worst significant. the signature is generating so much interest it would appear on all dollar bills if he is confirmed. he would try to improve his pen manship if he gets the job. >> it turns out that 90% of filers will pay a tax preparer or use a computer software service. tax code is ten times longer than the bible. complicated tax laws even have irs driag until january 30th so it can catch up with the new laws that are out there.
9:37 pm
>> there is no sort aj of things you can buy on ebay. the san jose auction website has always wondered if it could streamline the process of selling on the site. business and technology reporter david louie explains the pilot project that ebay is now testing. >> they have six advance making the round in the south bay, new initiative to help people sell goods on the popular website. >> margaret, i'm here to pick up your items. >> ebay does pick-ups. second month of a pilot project who provided advice with a items are likely to sell. first step is doing an inventory of the goods. >> what i do is take a photo, a group photo of all the items as a record. >> margaret has purchased items on i-tell but never sold anything before today. >> time is money. i'm willing -- there is a commission but it's well worth me not spending the time to do
9:38 pm
it. there is a learning curve i can't be bothered because i'm so busy. >> the commission is 25%. she is putting up for auction toys her children have out grown and some skis. altogether she hopes to make about $200 to $300. when the items arrive there, they will be posted for n three days. they will be posted for 14 days. vans making pick-ups have sparked many sellers to use the service. his team are amazed by the interest. >> people love it. people are just amazed we would come to their house and gather the things they want to sell. we do everything for them and money shows up in their account. >> pick-ups are limited to portions of san jose plus los gatos, cupertino and saratoga and campbell. they are testing the service in topeka, kansas. there is no limit to the number of items. if an item doesn't sell there is an option to donate to it charity or to have it returned.
9:39 pm
pilot program will continue until the end of the month and then ebay will decide whether to roll it out nationally. >> dan: extreme weight loss. the new personal stomach pump that sucks food straight out of youríáf-
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murdered or be in car accidents. that is despite spending $86700 a year per person on health consider, more than twice what is spent in britain, france and sweden. the creator of the segway is among a group of investors that have decided a stomach pumping machine that makes calorie disappear. it works by sucking the food right out of the stomach so only a third of the calories are actually absorbed. it connects to another device on the outside of the stomach. there you see it in action. one year trial of 24 obese patients people lost about 45 pounds. scientists say it could help unlock the secrets of the universe but we have to get there first. phobos is the larger of two moons orbiting mars.
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we drew to engineers at stanford that are hard at work of o a new kind of rover. >> its popping and tumbling motion. >> this is an early simulation of a robot in ten years could look like this. a titanium soccer ball covered in spikes. they call it a hedge hog and could one day explore mars biggest moon, a moon that is about the size of san francisco bay and has almost no gravity. >> nasa's mars rovers have wheels. >> you could flip it over. you could completely loose control of it. >> so the students are making it tumble and hop using spinning motors. they have started with a two dimensional model of how it would work in low gravity. >> it slowly comes down and this
9:45 pm
was the ground. >> the next prototype will be in three dimensions. essentially a small model of the shipping cranes of the port of oakland to simulate microgravity >> applying a force i can move this system. >> their partners at nasa or working on full scale model. >> to study something on different surfaces. we look at doing that on concrete surfaces on sandy surfaces and rocky surfaces. >> they could carry cameras and microscopes. send finding to learn where the moon came from and whether humans could land there. >> it could be key to proving or disproving theories how the universe begin. >> dan: still ahead, a giant
9:46 pm
interactive iphone goes up in russia. and big changes are coming to the game of monopoly and you
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>> dan: st. petersburg russia may have unveiled the best monument for steve jobs. six foot tall shaped like an iphone 5. it displays photos from key moments in jobs' life as well as speeches. just like the real iphone monument display is a touch screen that can be manipulated to select different parts of his biography. russians like apple products but can't afford most of them. >> one last check on the weather forecast.
9:50 pm
cold a little rainy. spencer christian is back. >> a little bit rainy right now. scattered showers as you can see on live doppler 7. most of the shower activity is offshore. some of it just beginning to touch coastal areas down here on the coast line of the peninsula we see south and north of ben lomond. more showers developing in the overnight hours. speaking of overnight showers lingering by midday, partial clearing. showers winding down, high temperatures barely making it up to 50 degrees. 49ers taking on the green bay packers in playoff football game. cold and dry, temperatures only in the 40s during the game. here is accu-weather seven-day forecast, very cold mornings coming our way friday and saturday. temperatures well below freezing in many locations and then temperatures will start to moderate early next week. >> dan: monopoly is retiring one
9:51 pm
of iconic tokens and it's up to the players which takes its place. odds makers the wheelbarrow is likely to be lost. replacement is robot, diamond ring, a cat, helicopter and a guitar. if you want to vote we've got information on our website at you can let us know what piece you think should be eliminated. we posted a poll on our facebook page. so weigh in and let us know what you think. >> the robot, that is the one i like. >> robot or helicopter. >> helicopter is good. >> monopoly people. >> how handle the licensing on that more monopoly. parker whoever it is. how do you call it the hall of fame when they aren't allowed
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in? in? you can't move the tv there.
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>> dan: coming up tonight at 11:00, fuel leak and fire and brake problems. is boeing's new dream liner safe? and lion on the loose? that is what 911 callers record but what they saw was entirely different. join us for the news at 11:00. isn't that wild. >> big plans for our dog, molly. >> bonds is the all time home run king. roger clemens, seven time cy young award snubbed by voters today. odd year. nobody deemed worthy. bonds hit a record number of homers. you could make the argument that he had a hall of fame career
9:56 pm
before he started juicing. either clean or not, long time agent released a statement it's unimaginable for the bets player to play the game would not than the unanimous first ballot. craig biggio got the closest with 67% of the voting. bonds was below 40%. he received less than half of the required 75% so he has long way to go. mike shumann spoke with writer who happens to be the new president of the baseball writers association of america. >> to vote for him? >> i did not. i'm one of those that think the integrity and sportsmanship and instructions of the hall of fame ballot is things we should consider carefully. with clemens and bonds the evidence was pretty strong there was steroid use.
9:57 pm
i'm not at a point where i'm ready to vote for anyone of the steroid user. >> former red sox pitcher curt schilling received 39%. his pick on the voters snubbing everybody. >> you either suspected user or you are somebody that didn't actively doing nothing to stop it. if you were a player of this generation and i didn't do anything to stop it. this is the part of the price that will be paid. >> first anaheim and virginia beach and sacramento kings could be moving to seattle. they lost their franchise do oklahoma city. they report that investor chris hanson have deemed up microsoft ininvestor. they offered to $500 million to move the kings to seattle.
9:58 pm
they would build new arena and kings could relocate by next season but the mayor of sacramento is fight to go keep them in sacramento. >> we know how close they were going to move to anaheim. we have been there for virginia beach. now there is one in seattle. we have said all along we should be in control of our own destiny. it gives us a tremendous opportunity to do that. >> if it is true, ain't it cool? >> warriors hosting memphis, bobblehead night. pre-game work out. barnes s too much. strong inside over gassol. nice pass to maurice. they were up nine in the first quarter. that is with authority! gasol down low and acrobatic,
9:59 pm
look at the english on this. 270 pounds. warriors down as many as 14. look at jack, he is in. free-point play, i own this! key play under two minutes left, he stuffs it the other way. mike connelly with the finish. >> welcome to dwight powell's block party. go get some against washington state. he had four rejections. cardinals begin pac-12 play, broke modem but spelled differently. 57-54 powell, 11 boards. aaron bright, clever shot. he had a game high 21. stanford wins. in berkeley, best shooter was not this one, rick bar


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