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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 12, 2013 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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next another 9:00, highlights from the big game as the niners fight to stay live in the playoffs. we'll have team coverage. find
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>> terry: niners get it done. they defeated the green bay packers and one game away from the superbowl. i'm ama daetz. let's get right to the game. mike shumann is here with the highlights. >> shu: what a game. they were depending on colin
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kaepernick. he got off to a false start against the packers but what a comeback. a little nerves. his second pass is picked off by shields and 52-yard interception return. then kaepernick turns it around with a laser. it was record night for him. third quarter, keeps it also a 56-yard touchdown run. he set a record for running. 45-31 the final. >> we advance to the next level. we get a next shot. second year in a row, i mean it's a great feeling. >> sports reporter colin rush
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will join us more from the 49er locker room. >> ama: not just for the team but the fans were ready for the big game. john alston continues team coverage. he joined the tailgate party at candlestick park. john? >> the party has started. so as the traffic outside candlestick park. everybody is jammed up celebrating the victory. this is what it looked like a short time ago. loud fireworks shooting from the top of candlesticks and they move on towards a possible superbowl game. they figured it was going to beat the traffic and savor the victory for the 49ers. >> i'm happy we won.
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we need to get through next week. >> kind of touch and go. >> it was tough at beginning. but kaepernick came back. >> reporter: we're in the traffic mess. there were untold number of arrests. i think people are drinking here tonight. >> ama: i think you would be right, john. thousands of fans get around the bay area tonight. bart has delayed its track work in the transbay tube. it should have started at 8:00. delays up to ten minutes through sunday afternoon. >> not all niner fans had to travel far to watch the game. sergio quintana joins fans at
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kezar pub. >> if you could not get a ticket to candlestick park, kezar pub is second best place to watch the game. i'm going to show you inside what is going on, but i think not. instead i'll tell you about two fans that met here tonight because of mutual friends. >> my friends told me he had a surprise for me and he invited us. >> i'm going to keep my mouth shut and at the end of the day i'll be smiling. >> from the full moon, it did not exist this evening. inside the pub it was very crowded. the packers fan we talked to, he was one of five who was inside. he was swamped by hundreds of 49er fans and unfortunately for
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that packers' fan the game did not go the way he wanted. no incidents or anything. police officers were around for three seconds and took off. >> ama: fans fought through chilly temperatures at candlestick park. tonight the bay area will get colder. leigh glaser tells us how cold we'll get. >> lowest reading i could find was 46 degrees. that was quite cool for this evening. live doppler 7-hd, clear and we have some cloud cover moving through the south and few returns there. no moisture being reported. let's get to a cold snap for overnight. clear sky and calm winds will give way to more freezing. a freeze warning has been posted
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and north bay and santa clara valley. this is until 8:00 tomorrow morning. mid 20s to low 30s expected. we'll have a frost advisory. this is until 8:00 a.m. and purple shading. bayshore line, temperatures in the mid 30s and make sure your plants are covered and bring i your pets. forecasted lows for the night, mid upper 20s, frost likely and freeze light later. more on the forecast coming up. >> ama: oakland police tell us the four murders on friday were all gang-related. three young men and teenager were shot to death in a six hour span. authorities have just begun their investigation. 131 people were murdered in oakland last year. organizers of a gun show say it was fear that accounted for much
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of the huge crowd. hundreds of people lined up for the gun show. it was fear of restrictions not to dangerous society that drove some buyers. >> before they take them away. >> did you just find this? >> i have three at home. this the fourth. >> because obama wants to take everybody's guns away. so they are buying ammo and guns >> adding that not once in four years did a single gun restriction get introduced. coming up, it's snake hunting season. also why health officials believe a flu outbreak that killed 20 children believe a flu outbreak that killed 20 children um, hello.
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>> ama: co-founder of a social website has been found dead. he took his own life in his apartment in brooklyn. he was a hacker and free speech activist that thought to make online information to anyone. he was about to go on trial for 13 felonies next month. he was accused of stealing millions of articles in the hopes of offering them to the public for free. he faced up to 35 years in prison if if convicted. >> new york has declared ac heaa flu outbreak. the case. >> health experts say it's possible the outbreak has already peaked in some areas. >> in some of those southern states that got hit hardest and earliest, it's coming down.
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>>. >> a new supply of the flu vaccine is suspected to arrive in stores early next week. >> there is a mass hunted underway in florida. why snakes are being targeted by state wildlife officials. here is in the bay area, temperatures have dropped and it could get worse overnight. leigh glaser is up next with the accu-weather forecast. >> i'm mike shumann, superbowl holes were hanging
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limited confession to doping and offer an apology during a taping with oprah winfrey. last year the anti-doping agency stripped him of seven titles and banned him from cycling for life. charity he founded might be one reason to issue a confession. it faces an image problem because of the association with armstrong. it would allow him to return to competition. month long snake hunt underway in florida. hundreds of amateur hunters embarked on the python challenge. florida wildlife officials wanted to eliminate some of the 150,000 non-native pythons. such a drastic plan was necessary to keep the ecosystem from damaged too seriously. >> the hunter that captures the most will receive $1500 prize.
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>> while we bundle up here in california on the east coast, it feelings like springtime. temperatures should reach the 60s. tomorrow 70-degree readings are expected for southern virginia and florida. these are temperatures more typical of late april than mid-january. in all, more than 40 cities could tie or break record high temperatures this weekend. forecasters expected winter weather to return next week. they are breaking records on the warm side. >> and we have freezing cold here. they will get colder next week, we'll warm up back in the 60s. outside we go, high definition vollmer peak cam, you can definitely see, clear sky, by live doppler picking up cloud
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cover. you can see it around the san mateo coast and getting a few returns near monterey bay but no moisture coming out of this cloud bay. everything there is starting to evaporate. we have clear skies, very light winds and definitely going to mean colder temperatures for us. 36 in santa rosa. novato. 46 in san francisco and 40 in concord. 39 in livermore as well as antioch and 43 in mountain view. here is a look at our forecast. freeze warnings in place for tonight. cold spell will continue through sunday and after that things will start to warm up. we will have dry conditions next week. freeze warnings, dark shaded purple. interior valley area, freeze warning in place until 8:00. temperatures there mid to low 30s.
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then we do have in the lighter shade of purple, a frost advisory near the bayshore line. this is in place until 8:00 a.m. sunday as well with lows anywhere from the low to mid-30s. so the entire bay area is being affected by this cold snap. overnight temperatures, we may need to adjust these, right now 27 for santa rosa and napa. 26 overnight and check out fairfield into the east bay and mid to upper 20s with livermore 26. then as we get close to the peninsula and the coastguard we'll go with temperatures in the 30s. 38 is for san francisco and 33 in oakland and one shy of freezing at 31. this is with some of those clouds migrating south. it is pushing to the south of us but you can clearly see the clear skies to the north of us. that is what is going to move in tonight. we will look for clearing and
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that will give way to much colder temperatures. high pressure builds in behind it and this will set the stage for much colder air mass to settle in tonight and sunday night. still a couple cold mornings and then after that, the high will migrate over the bay area moving to the east, cold air will push toward the east. we will actually started to warm up a little bit here. 53 for santa rosa. 50 for san francisco. east bay still cool. mid to upper 40s with antioch 48. 51 for san jose and 52 degrees in santa cruz. seven-day forecast, a couple freezing mornings as we head through sunday and monday and then we'll start to warm things up tuesday and wednesday. thursday and friday, we're talking about the 60s.
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we are going to documented how climate change is affecting weather here and effects of the microclimates. >> i would say that it is either feast or famine. you get a lot of rain or you get no rain. you have chaos or it could be just a terrific beautiful spring day. >> the special inside bay area weather airs tomorrow evening at 6:30. >> ama: and who better to describe our very own super cam. >> i feel like i just played in the game. i in my doubts about kaepernick. he started the game and battles back and sets an n.f.l. record in the process. i am now a believer. alex smith, fans were worried with their quarterback at the beginning as i mentioned.
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second pass picked off by sam shields. 7-0 packers. kid made up for his mistake. he keeps it himself, first postseason career touchdown. green bay 22 minutes of possession, harris gives him the lead. 14-7 packers. niners answered. two tds to michael crabtree. a huge game. two tds, niners led 21-14. rodgers answers with under three minutes in the half. 257 yards two tds and a pick. niners up at the half. kaepernick sets a record rushing yards, 181. this one 56 yards. frank gore puts them up in the
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final and anthony dixon put it through the packers heart. falcons seahawks game 41-35 is final. what a day for kaepernick and packers had just 22 minutes of possession. colin rush is live at candlestick. i don't think anyone expected this outcome. >> definitely not. 440 yards of total offense. he turned this field into a personal playground. after that first pick, none of his teammates were worried. >> he is going to be all right. he was ready to go. i knew he was going to have a great day. >> here we go. >> it's a lot easier on me when
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other people are making plays. offensive line came out and they dominated out front. that makes it easier on the quarterback. >> this is one of the most important games. we get another shot. we're back at it again. >> the locker room that we just came out of, these guys believe they were going to win this game. it wasn't as jubilant because this is the first step. they are going to play the winner of atlanta and seattle tomorrow morning. they said we don't care who we play. >> i'll have more from colin coming up. >> peyton manning was hoping to add a superbowl title and divisional playoffs and ravens were flying high early. opening kickoff tied at 21, 90-yard punted return and takes the kickoff return.
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first to score on a punt and kick return in a playoff game. 40 seconds to go and denver up a touchdown. one last chance for the ravens, throws it up, are you kidding me 70 yards for the td! 35 all and we head to overtime. petton manninging was picked off second time in the game. double overtime, rookie kicker lines it up for the second a.f.c. title overgame. here is the man of the hour justin packer. >> if you don't want that moment then you are playing the wrong game. >> nobody gave it's a shot. we knew that. we knew that. >> more from the niners coming up at 11:00. what a win.
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