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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 14, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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comes clean. tonight at 9:00 he admits to together to win the take your defranz. >> only on 7 news tonight. police put a big dent in the market for stolen electronic. thousands of things recovered from a massive fencing operation. >> get ready for another very cold night in the bay area with freeze warnings and frost advisory for much of the area. >> bomb shell from oakland police. department knows exactly who is terrorizing their city. now what they plan to do abo alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ faster than mandy can hang up on mr. monday. you hang up first. [ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, you've got snack-defying, satisfying totino's pizza rolls. [ ringing ] it's on. let's roll.
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>> he is setting himself up for even more trouble than he has already been in. he's in loads
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of trouble now. >>reporter: 2 years ago lance armstrong received a hero welcome on oprah. today he submitted to a much tough theer audience. >> lance main concern writ now is that he stops the him ra ranking to his name business brand and for that matter to his legacy. >> big time damage control. good evening i'm dan ashley. after more than a decade of fierce denial champion cyclist lance armstrong now back peddling. he reportedly confessed to oprah today that he used performance enhancing drug to win the tour de france testify times. here's brand i hit. >> lance armstrong come clean according to abc news sources and confessed to oprah he did in fact use performance enhancing drug to win the tour de france. oprah tweeted just left with lance armstrong more than 2 and a half hours. he came ready. and one source even said the interview was emotional at times. for years armstrong was in since he 97 used drugs.
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>> i have never doped. >>reporter: even upped oath. >> can't be any clearer that i have never taken drugs. >>reporter: hours before sitting down with oprah he went on an apology tour. sources tell us armstrong stood before live strong staff members. the charity he founded and took responsibility for the damage his actions have caused the foundation. >> i think he believes very earnestly that he has to move forward and that he is at a place where nowhere left to move other than to make this apology. >>reporter: and remember his team mates would broke their silence sparking the downfall of the former champion? >> i think the team become paranoia the police or somebody was watching the hotel rooms. >>reporter: sources say arm strong is also attempting to apologize to former friends. >> stunning he's even doing this but i think it shows it's a window into lance world right now and how desperate he is and how much he misses competing. >>reporter: high level sources tell us lance armstrong is also talking to authorities about giving up others involved in
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illegal doping which could result in a reduction of his life time ban. this is abc news los angeles. >> all right let's turn now to the weather. homeless man who tried to stay warm overnight in pleasanton now hospitalized with serious burns. man lit a candle in the tent. tent caught fire. overnight low was 28 degrees. driver beware. police in the oakland berkeley hills were busy warning drivers of large patch of black ice on the road. there it is. advice was too lit for many drivers. at least 7 vehicle crashed into each other on clairemont avenue. they skidded out of control after hitting a large patch of black ice which is right on a curve just worst possible place for it. damage to cars but good news there nobody injured. >> another frost freeze warning spencer is here now to show us how low temperatures dip this morning. spencer. >>reporter: all right dan. by the way there may well be other patches like that shown overnight tonight. live
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doppler 7 hd showing absence of clouds. temperatures will drop then. this morning low in the mid to upper 20's in many inland location. right now temperatures are already dropping that the 30's. as a matter of fact these readings from an hour ago. 9:00 o'clock readings not in yet. 35 at fairfield. 37 at novato and livermore and that means temperatures are going to be way way down into the 20's and coldest location tonight. here is what is going on with our cold snachlt freeze warning in effect overnight from 2:00 a.m. to 9 am for virtually all the north bay. east bay interior valley. santa clara vaechlt low pressure there in the 20s for the most part and we have frost advisory in effect for this area in the lighter shade around the bayshore line. low pressure there will be in the low 30's. very cold. almost dangerously cold overnight. give you a look at where it is how cold it is where you are in just a few minutes. >> okay spencer thank you see you shortly. >> cold making life tough for
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some literallyen danging life for many others. corrina with a look at how people are coping and how people are helping. h he. >> sun may shining and ice rink coming down but take a look at what people and even pets are wearing. >> i have about 4 layers on freezinging. and my dog goes and hide underneath the bed doesn't want to good for a walk. >>reporter: people face the freezinging temperatures with different concerns. lauren is worried about living in the motor home without enough heat. bill dwyer is busy protecting his plants and jennifer is trying to help those who captain help themselves. each one will tell you there is plenty of cold to go around. >> i have been here 21 years from new england and this is the worst cold snaich ever sean here. >>reporter: bill reacted to the cold snap by covering up his citrus tremendous and hibiscus plant. >> you can see this one here had a little dead under there so what was not covered was
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frozen. it works good. stuff in the front looks okay. so far we are okay. >> homeless are not okay sacred heart community service handing out 2000 pieces of clothing a day at the clothes closet. jennifer and her company ul collected and donated 150 coats for those less fortunate. >> this morning when i got in the car and said 29 greasy thought this is the perfect day to be dropping these off. >>reporter: people generosity does make a difference when you live outside. doesn't have to drop below freezing for the cold to cut right through you. >> i knew that 46 was the magic number. once you are 45, 44, down, it becomes it wakes you up constantly. >> tomorrow morning sacred heart handing out 100 backpack with toil try and blanket to homeless men and women. the non-profit says it is especially in need of warm blanket and coats. fwou like
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to help we have made it easy just two to our web site 7 new and click see it on tv. in san jose, corina rusk 7 news. >> lock at all the stuff. this is just some of what police found when they raid add huge stolen goods operation in san francisco and arrested suspected fence for second tim time. police recovered thousands of i phones and lap tops from the home in the district here of san francisco. vick lee tonight with story that you will see only on abc 7 news. >>reporter: this is what police recovered december 27th. lieutenants of smart phones. listen tops. it was one of the biggest hall of stolen electronic they have seen. second huge bust police made in a period of 2 most. the in november they recovered more than 1,000 items worth up to half million dollars from another fencing ring. again mostly cell phone and lap top as well as other expensive items. 3 people were arrested.
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lieutenant ed santos says it's a lock aretive business in the upped ground marketplace. >> so much money to be made off lap tops and cell phones. the market for them is really good and i-pad for example can go from 3 to 500 dollars, the new i-phone 5 are being resold for 500 dollars. >>reporter: in both cases the m o the same. most of the goods stole friend cars parked in garage along fisherman wharf. spotters waited until drivers newtown valuable in the trunk. when they left, the thieves would break into the cars. in the most recent case it was during a theft that the garage on stockton street where police got a big break. >> we were able to look at some video surveillance and during the process of the investigation we were able to determine that the property stolen from this location was taken to location on yale street this. >>reporter: house in the district here where police
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arrested this men. one had been busted before in october. police say the other helped send the items to mexico. santos tells us the suspected fences moved the hot electronic items quickly. >> ability to get these type of electronic equipment erase them or clean them as they would speak and then get them out and ready for the market. maybe a matter of an hour or 2. >>reporter: most end up in weekend flea market like this near the college. >> they will contact the owner at some pochbility they have been able to identify all of the stolen items. the problem is many of the electronic were erased making it hard if in the impossible to identify them. >> san jose promoting deputy chef to interim acting police chief. larry will fill the post while the city trays to find permanent replacement for
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chief moore who will retire this week. city reopened the search after passing on the first batch of finalist they want to take another look at it. >> after new outbreak of violence in oakland police make a stunning announcement. >> 90 percent of the worst crimes committed by 2 rival group. 15 shootings since just last friday. 4 people killed. in one 6 hour period. particularly bloody on the streets of oakland last friday. police today announce 4 arrest. this map showing you where the weekend veils occurred in 9 different locations. nick smith tonight with how officials plan to crack down on this out of control level of crime. >> not 2 or 3 people. multiple people. >>reporter: according to police chief 2 groups responsible for the violence plaguing the city over the past most. >>. shootings. >>reporter: and he says direct evidence taking those groups to at least one of the shootings over the weekend. since friday
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there have been 15 victims of gunfire in oakland. sky 7 hd over east 17th street and 23rd avenue when police responded and locate add 22-year-old 51 shot victim. it was later learned the man died from his injuries. less than half hour later a 30-year-old oakland man was found shot to death on canon avenue at wellton street next to diamond park. police believes he was killed somewhere else and body dumped at the site. the chief wouldn't release information about the size of the group behind the shoot little and wouldn't call them a gang but did say that he an his of are working with other agency to curve the veils as if writ a state of emergency but only one arrest has been made. >> we have to continue to gather intelligence to make sure we are focusing on the right people. >> october 2012. >>reporter: looking for the rate people can't come soon enough. bobby son robert was shot and killed last year. there have been no arrest in that crime giving him a reason to put city leaders for answers and change. >> i want to put an end to gun
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advise in the city of oak land. can't cure the world. can't cure the united states but i can make an imprint in our cit city. >>reporter: through request made to governor brown u.s. marshall office assisted oakland police with the only arrest of suspect connected to this weekend violence. actively looking for a second. >> this kind of fight between gangs didn't use to end with dozens murder. >> chief says he and the team will continue their axwres i have approach of going after illegal weapons and those who use them. at police headquarters, abc 7 news. >> busy monday still ahead at 9. frainer road trip. catching up with faithful plans who plan to follow the team to the championship in atlanta. and fingers crossed beyond tha that. >> plus forget about tebow. fans have their own tribute to honor quarterback collin. >> also tonight. oracle says widely used web plug in is fixed. but the department of homeland security maintenance there is a big problem.
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>> also. demonstration against san francisco new law on public nod ty. tonight a final chilly nod ty. tonight a final chilly chance for critic o o
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>> [ screaming]. >> just when america got over tebow forty-niner quarterback collin has created this. he ran wild in the forty-niner 4 45-31 win over 14 bay on is the night at the end of the touch down run he celebrates by flexing his right bizip and kissing it. well if the niners win on sunday they head to the superbowl and as carolyn explains, fans are getting ready to joy them. >>reporter: saturday game was a thing of beauty and fans ecstatic but as the 49ers take that next step on the road to the super bowl, are the faithful heading there too. >> game not played here. >>reporter: game is being played in atlanta. and stewart castleman known as mr. ticket says hasn't sold a single one. >> person wants to travel to
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atlanta so this is the difference. game if they would have played here or play 10 100,000 dollars worth of tickets i would have got right now nothing. >>reporter: he's not alone. stub hub shows more than 10,000 tickets for sale. there are lots of direct flights from sfo to atlanta. so what's the problem? it's a long way to go on short notice. >> i think we all are kind of somehow confident we thought seattle was going to beat atlanta. >> you have to work can't really travel there. will have to go if i could. >>reporter: we met the canadians couple here. disgruntled hockey fans who went to saturday forty-niner game and. >> independently wealthy. i have to get a second job when i get home but that's okay. >>reporter: josh knight flaunts the team spirit and as a life long forty-niner fan plans to get to the game any way he can. >> ride share ride share barely no money starting out. but
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it's like facing your team. >>reporter: those that captain make it all the washington i to atlanta sport bars will be pack on sichbilityd when any team is doing well it's extra fun to be in a place like this. >>reporter: customary you know for the mayor of the competing city to have a friendly wager so san francisco ed lee and atlanta reid have agreed to bet but they have not decided yet what is on the table. by the way the packers lost. we won. so cheese kurds on their way here. at san francisco city hall, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> don't know but. can't get enough of those cheese kurds. >> you can have mine is that i don't know if i recognize one if i saw it. you have the forecast. >> okay. getting cold outside. want melt for sure. here's the camera looking into the bay
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on this soon to be frosty night around the bay area. sky clear as you can see on live doppler 7 hd. no cloud cover around. no precipitation around and temperatures are plummeting. here's current temperature readings. 37 in fairfield. 34 in nap a.upper 30's at santa rosa and novato and concord and livermore and 36 at los gatos and 36 at half moon bay and 39 at redwood city. really cold overnight tonight. temperature change and location right around the bay agree or 2 up from this hour last tonight but look at those that are cooler. 5 grease cooler right now. cold internovato than this hour last night. napa 10 grease colder right now than last night. 9 degrees cold interfairfield, half man bay, 7 degrees cold interlivermore. all locations are very, very cold overnight as will the whole area basically. freezing warning frost advisory m effect for much of the bay area. milder pat he were begins midweek. so we are projecting
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low of 27 at santa rosa. 28 at nap a.27 at fairfield. upper 20's at life more concord morgan hill 32 at san jose very cold again. so what is happening with the cold air mass. satellite image shows the cold air mass beginning to shift inland to our east. will continue that he is ward shift tomorrow making room for another ridge of high pressure that will keep us dry but will bring us milder weather starting mid we can and continuing in the weekend. tomorrow not very mailed but sunny lovely again with comfortable cool temperature in the south bay mainly in the mid 50's. 55 at santa clara. 56 at cupertino san jose. peninsula high of 54. san mateo red wad city and menlo park on the coast 52 at pacifica. 54 at half moon bay. 54 degrees will be the high in downtown san francisco to our 52 in the sun set district up in the north bay we'll see some upper 50's. 58 at clover dale santa rosa 55 napa 56 and
9:22 pm
sonoma east bay high 57 at oakland all the other locations most of them will be at 55 or 56 degrees. inland east bay will barely see mid 50's tomorrow. 53 at pittsburgh. 52 antioch. 54 at concord. livermore. pleasanton. and down near monterey bay we sea high in the upper this in some spots. 57 at santa cruz watsonville. 58 at salinas. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. starting on wednesday we is he some locations around the bay topping out at 60 degrees and as we get later into the weekend the weekend will see high pressure in the low to mid 60's even low 60's on the coast over the weekend. celebrate the warmth. may not last for long. >> thanks spencer. >> spring is just around the corner. >> yes. >> longer than that but you are a big baseball fan. good news. still to come how the a's rewarding manager melvin. >> caught on video. police officers lift a tax which their bare hands to save a trapped man. look at this. see more
9:23 pm
also here. >> biggest gathering on earth is now under way. stay with us. 7 news at 9:00
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>> well not only new york fin finest but may new york strongest. looking at amateur video of police officers lifting up a taxi that had just run of a man. officers apparently chasing the guy when he ran right in front of the cab. cops then literally lifted the taxi up and swung it away from the pinned man. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. huge redwood tree came crashing counsel today on home in marin county taking power and phone lines counsel with i it. woman inside the larkspur house not hurt but the tree cause significant damage to the roof and the second floor. see y.huge tree. fell across the
9:27 pm
road slamming into the top of the house. tree also knocked out power to 70 customers in the area. power has since been restored. >> visitors to san francisco city hall got quite a show this morning. protestors stripped down to birthday suit despite the chilly weather. they were demonstrating against the city new nudity ban pushed through by supervisor scott weiner one of the last times they can walk around naked in public before the ban takes effect in two weeks. >> if on february 1st it becomes a law i'm running against scott we hopeer for supervisor. i will be the first one. i will disrobe in define of the law in front of city hall and announce my candidacy. >>reporter: nudity ban faces big test this week. on thursday federal judge will decide whether to grant injunction against the ban because nudist claim it vital their right to free expression. >> well as we continue bold step for soft drink company.
9:28 pm
coke splits to get on the healthy side of the obesity debasement internet folk hero found dead just as about to go on trial from silicon valley. on trial from look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible.
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>> good evening again. start this half hour with a major offensive from the biggest drink company in the world. coca-cola a is under mounting pressure about its sugar soft drink and obesity epidemic in the country. as jim avila explains, coke ads are about to sing a new tune. >>reporter: coca-cola in 1961 advertising the original coke as diet bench. >> no waist line. >>reporter: now they say
9:32 pm
that's not true. so today a new ad from coke. claiming to be part of the obesity solution not the problem. >> more than 650 benches we now offer over 1 80 low and no calorie choices. >>reporter: coke buying a table at blitz tonight react to go full fledge assault on sugar soda that include school ban, proposed taxes, and often mocked new york city effort to eliminate large sizes. >> oh, no. i'm the run from. >>reporter: many feel it's no joke. after all the average american gets 45 gallons of sugar soft drink a year. that's 1 and half barrels of soda pop. >> in fact sugar soda are the single largely east source of calorie in the american diet. even the small can of soda has some 6 sugar cube in it. regular size 14 sugar cube. this super big gulp some 32 sugar cubes. >>reporter: critic argue they are not just ordinary calorie either. they are empty of nutrition and don't tell the body it is full.
9:33 pm
>> the benches drichling the calorie and then consume mr. food on top of those calorie. >>reporter: coke new commercial promotes exercise programs to work off what you drank but for the world largest soda make dear it's no coke and a smile. this is abc news washington. >> back here kaiser says the flu outbreak leading to some spot short annuals of flu vaccine at the clinic. they say they are moving reserve of max to pharmacy where the demand is greatest and they are ordering more from the manufacturers. tech web site posting eulogy for former bay area residents who has a strong, was strong proponent for on lean freedom. aaron schwartz committed suicide after investigated for illegal down load. more now from business and technology reporter david lou. >>reporter: aaron was out spoken advocate the people should have access to than through the internet. he gave this lecture last may in
9:34 pm
efforts to block sites that infringe on copyright. >> commune diet communicate over the ep net it would be a change bill of rights. freedom guaranteed in our constitution. >>reporter: he dropped out of stanford but maintained close close friendship with the person who caid the center at stanford law school. he spoke about him today on democracy >> he was an incredible soul. incredible soul who inspired millions. who now we hope as we have seep across the internet in outrage and devastation that he would have been driven to the cliff that he stepped over. >>reporter: cliff had to do with felony charges by the justice department and down loaded research papers at mit. cindy met him sex or seven years ago. bay area influenced him. >> i think aaron came here and found a bunch of kindred souls. certainly when he first hooked one larry, he was here when he
9:35 pm
first hooked one dr. cory was here. it's kind of a testment to the movement that it is now all over the country. >>reporter: now that he's gone the web site filled with testimonial calling him a here. the center for applied ethic at santa clara university. >> there's a whole group that says that they will do those kind of tvts in his name and honor and they want information to be free and there should be open access and they will fight to continue his struggle. >>reporter: he was facing up to 35 years in prison and 1 million dollar fine if convicted. trial is due to start later this year. in san jose, david lou abc 7 news. suicide in the military hit a record high in 2012. rose to 3 49 last year compared to 3 11 in 20 lechlt it's higher than the troops killed in afghanistan in fighting last year. mean time pentagon is preparing to offer france
9:36 pm
logistical support in its fight against islam he can ick militant in mali. they brought airstrike to push back the million and make sure al qaeda doesn't establish a base of operation in or the africa and mali. >> in china capitol the air apocalypse. air pollution that is literally off the chart. for 5 days the air is class fade as hazardous to human health. hundreds of millions of people are either wearing mask or just staying inside. here's gloria. >>reporter: sun was shining in beijing today but you wouldn't know it. just being outside can make eyes itch and throat burn. this could be my lung tweeted one can chinese resident. time lapse showed how clouds make window disappear. zero whipped freezing temperature and factory full tilt made this week a perfect storm for
9:37 pm
pollution. at its peek plugs hit 7 55 in beijing. making breathing extremely hazardous. by compare sont worst polluted city in the u.s. bakersfield, california, hit a high of 159 last year. super toxic air. >> particle pollution like that can cause heart attack and stroke that can kill people. it's lethal. >>reporter: this photo from green peace study shows what air filter looks like after 24 hours in beijing. wipe a thin layer accumulated on most cars. that is soot and grime. this is my own air purifier. watch this. that's what we are breathing bay jeng. it's like becoming an instant smoker, beijing did issued emergency warnings first time ever this year. seems of government can't avoid problems everyone can see. >> immanuel one third of the u.s. population 100 million people visiting san jose in the
9:38 pm
next two months. that gives awe sense of what began today in india city of about 1 million people. it is expected the host nearly 100 times its population for behind you festival that happens every 12 years. 14 temporary hospitals set up with two 43 doctors. more than 40,000 toilets built. 30,000 law enforcement are providing securities. >> still ahead on 7 news at 9:00. president obama draws new line in the sand on american debt ceiling. tonight what happens if the limit is not lifted and who feels it first. first. >> nissan íáf-
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>> treasury secretary geithner tell congressional leaders that
9:42 pm
the government will exhaust its borrowing limit as soon as mid february not march as expected. in the mean time president obama insists tonight that he will not negotiate with house republicans over the debt ceiling. mark matthews looks at the challenge the president is facing. >> president told reporters raising the debt ceiling is not a question of more spending. >> it's simply allows the country to pay for spending that congress has already committed to. >>reporter: then he repeated that. >> raising the debt ceiling does not authorize to us spend more. >>reporter: in the 40 minute press conference he said it half dozen times. >> this is about paying your bills. >>reporter: if the u.s. defaults on the debt. >> social security checks veteran benefit will be delaye delayed. might not be able to pay our troops. honor our contract with small business owners. >>reporter: house republicans say it is about spending. they want corresponding spending cuts for every dollar that the debt ceiling is raised. today speaker of the house boehner
9:43 pm
said the american people do not support raising the debt ceiling without reducing government spending at the same time. president said he will negotiate spending cuts but not with the economy hanging in the balance. >> full faith credit of the united states of america is not a bargaining chip. >>reporter: president challenge is a lot of people we talked to today had no real grasp of what it meant to raise the debt ceiling f.congress raises the debt cell what does it do. puts us more in debt. >> it allows him to borrow more money. >>reporter: half the people we talked to had no idea what the debt ceiling was. she blamed lawmakers. >> i believe honestly they make things purposely confuse to go do whatever they want. >>reporter: so if the president wants to turn up the heat on house republicans he has to make the issue clear and as bruce explains, republicans need to decide if they really want to stand their ground on this issue at the risk of economic down tivrnlt i think a lot has to do yes tea party you want to make a case is this the
9:44 pm
time to do it and right way to do it. that i think is boehner responsibility to explain that to his caucus members. my unitsing that's what he's planning to do over the next couple days. >>reporter: tea party express issued a statement saying it's completely irresponsible for the president of the united states to demagog this issue. the president will have big opportunity to speak to the nation on this if he chooses t to. inauguration speech and the state of the union coming up in the next couple weeks. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> oracle released fix for security flaw in the java software however the department of homeland security says it may not work. fix came after homeland security warned computer users to disable java software last week. flaw made some computers vulnerable to hacker attack. homeland security says this afternoon the vulnerability remains even after the fix. computer users are being asked now to disable java unless it is just absolutely necessary. nissan electric car the
9:45 pm
leaf is going to see a massive drop in price. because of slow sales nissan plans to sell the car starting at 28,000 dollars. that's 6000 dollars cheaperp it previously sold for. by xir son electric ford focus and chevy volt started at 39,000 dollars. all 3 electric cars have state federal tax incentive that bring the praise down thousands of dollars more. well giving award to the award show. coming up. golden globe who had the best lines. and who was the least amused. stay
9:46 pm
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>> cold enough for you? all right let's go back and update the forecast. spencer is here it's so chilly. >> it is. not a good night to get locked out of the car or house. time lapse view of this afternoon sunset. this is east bay hiry camera. sunset officially occurred at 5:14. beautiful colorful sky. right now clear sky as you can sea life doppler 7 hd. temperatures are plummeting tonight. we have freeze warning in effect for much of the bay area. frost advisory as well. tomorrow state wide will see sunny skies again but it will be pretty cool with high pressure in most places all across the state only in the 50's and here in the bay area that will be the rule as well. high in the low to mid 50's from many location. few upper 50's santa rosa. 58 oakland 57. that's about it. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. start to see some milder weather moving in by midweek. wed few location around the bay top out at 60 degrees. end of the week we head into the weekend we see low 60's to mid 60's so certainly milder pattern and
9:50 pm
extended one as well. continu continuing to next week but don't take it for granted. not going to last forever. >> thanks spencer very much is that oscars are coming up. we have the app for you. this app has a list of the nominee when you flog with facebook you can share your pick with your friends. you can see who wins gold on sunday february 24th when the oscars are announced live only on abc 7. big pre-dicktor of the academy awards. golden globe. a lot of people are weighing in on last night show including abc news reporter nick watt. [applause]. >> here is our list of the real winners for behavior during the long liquor filed sir money. >> lack how drunk globe close is. >> best audience participation. >> glen klochlts you. you get out of here. >> worst audience participatio participation. tommy lee jone jones. laughing open the inside?
9:51 pm
most emotional honest and open? jodie foster. >> i am single. coolest joke. i amarillo not following the controversy over the zero cashing 30 but when it comes torture i trust a lady who spent three years married to james cameron. >> best reference to meryl streep. >> she's not here tonight. she has the flu and i hear she's amazing in it. >>reporter: worst reference. >> what does it say? i beat meryl streep. >> daniel day lewis nominated bill clinton. >> what an exiting special guest. that was hilary clinton's husband. >> and best dress nomination clooney clooney and clooney and the withiner is clooney. most beautiful tina fay. best acceptance speech by new mom who let's face it doesn't get out much these days. adele.
9:52 pm
>> oh, my god. oh, my god. oh, my god. >> nick watt abc news los angeles. >> there were some pretty good moments on the show last night. all right. larry is here. >> i'll do sports as if tommy lee jones were doing it. is that humorless. >> angry. >> redefining the quarterback position. collin is part of the new trend. forty-niner quarterback using the rocket arm and tour would speed taking the 49ers to the championship. i'm going to grimace then i'm going to grimace then sports is well, well, well.
9:53 pm
growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only $29 a month for six months. rethink possible.
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. california chill is starting to have app effect on your salad but is it enough to force praises higher. >> iq and pot. what research remembers now saying about people who smoke marijuana as teenagers. thoughts stories and more coming up on 7 news at 1 11:00 over on channel 7. >> larry is here with collin
9:56 pm
capernic. this guy is. capernicing. >> tebow is out. capernicing is in. evolution going on at the quarterback position in the nfl. call it revolution. that might be more accurate. collin among those leading the way after running for record 181 yards in the forty-niner play off victory over green bay saturday night. be honest. when cap through the interception in the first series how many of you were thinking we need alex smith. this is a disaster? spencer nodding. no faith. come on. capernic responded he put up numbers astoundingment 181 rushing 263 in the air. rocket arm sprinter speed and ends one the niners 45-31 over green bay. that the championship game sunday in atlanta. capernic new breed of quarterback. wilson. rg 3. beat you with the arm or their legs. hers coach jim harbaugh on capital interest. >> quarterback have a talent for running the ball can be
9:57 pm
very, very effective. quarterback that can get out of the pocket run pick up first downs. that's a threat that the defense there's account fo for. there's some quarterback driven runs that have been added because our quarterbacks are very good at those. collin especially. >>reporter: that's for sure l. falcon last minute win to beat the seahawks earning the roo it to host the title game. atlanta first play off victory in 4 try under head coach mike smith and quarterback ryan they are not satisfied with this one victory. they know they have their hands full with nineers on sunday. >> you watch them on tape. defensively their numbers are just off the charts and what they are capable of doing. and watching them what they did offensively if the game on saturday night they will get your attention real quick. >> throw of capernic is amazin amazing. you couldn't hand the
9:58 pm
ball off lake. that a's manager said last season with the a's even more enjoyable than when he won the world series managing arizona. that's something. medical vip got a contract fact 2 more years attacked on the deal with the a's. he stay ins green gold for the 2016 season. it was amazing year guiding the a to the american league west. american league manager of the year. 51 years old. bay area native. grau up in menlo park. played at cal. a's agreeing to one year deal with back up catcher harris. shark financially open the new season on sunday january 20th. on the road in calgary first home game on the 24th against phoenix. getting the shark tank ready. crew prepping getting ice ready logo down. tickets on sale wednesday at 10:00 a.m. lock out means very also practice time for the sharks. players in ship or no not. >> in looking at the group most of the players have come back and are in very good condition.
9:59 pm
it's mr. timing. some athletes that didn't take care of themselves and it will show. a lot is about timing. it's about reacting. jumping in holes at the right time getting the feel back for the game. when that you have you look like in better condition and faster and we are trying to work on that as well throughout the week. >> no worries mate for defending champ djokovic in round one of the open. taking on the defending champ serving first set here. djokovic takes it sex-2. third set match point. rip the wish. forehand and becoming the first map in the opener a to win 3 consecutive australia open title. to the ladies third seat vane a williams. didn't come from her opponent. the scare. adina leading 4 love in the first se


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