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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 19, 2013 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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next on abc news, murder at a bart station how police track down a suspect minutes after the shooting. rough water, why several surfers had to be rescued today. and we are 15 hours away from
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>> ama: police are looking for a shooter.
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26-year-old was in his car at about 5:30 p.m. when someone opened the fire. the bullet hit the man and crashed his car and died at the hospital. this was the city's second homicide this year. a deadly shooting shut down a bart station in san leandro today. it happened outside the bear fair bart station. all trains are stopping again at the station. police arrested one man and searching for three more suspects. tomas ramon tells us what happened. >> bart police closed off the bayfield bart station. a bart vendor said he panicked when he thought another mass killer was shooting people. he did not want to be identified. >> i thought somebody had a machine gun because i should her tack, tack, tack and i tried to run. everybody was running. >> bart deputy chief says bart officers stationed nearby discovered two victims.
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>> the victim that is doa a male black approximately 40 years old. >> the other victim was a woman, no age given but one man is in custody. a nearby cab driver told us he followed three men into nearby streets after hearing the shots. he was suspicious because they were the only one walking away from the scene while others ran in panic. he did not want to appear on camera. >> goes around the streets and i see where they go. >> he call a fellow cabbie that he saw sheriff's deputies question one on man. >> the sheriff and bart officers they walk and finally i think they got him. >> one man is in custody. the bear fair station was closed >> since the shooting happened
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near one of the ac transit buses bart investigators are reviewing video from the buses and also from the bart cameras to find out if anyone else was involved in the shooting. so far they don't have a motive. >> tomorrow a street in san leandro is back open after a water main break shut it down today. foothill boulevard between manchester road and carolyn street flooded. crews shut off the water and fixing break. no reports of property damage. hill boulevard northbound main is open again. >> michael crabtree have met with a police in a sexual assault investigation. he has not been detained or arrested. alleged incident happened last sunday morning at a san francisco hotel a few hours after the victory over the green bay packers. his attorney says the star player is fully cooperating with police. >> crabtree is with the team in atlanta. they are getting ready for tomorrow's n.f.l. championship
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game against the falcons. sports anchor mike shumann who made the trek east. go a niners! >> they have 60,000 people at the stick but fan base extends throughout the nation. >> washington, d.c. >> colombia, south carolina. >> there are millions of fans all over the nation. >> it's niner nation. >> you seem like you are ready to go right now. >> i'm ready right this minute. we're here and we're partying and taking over atlanta. we're on our way to the superbowl. we're ready to go. >> you are that confident the nine esers are going to win this game. >> i don't think atlanta is going to score. >> atlanta fans beg to differ. they stay falcons don't have a chance in this game. >> there is no way, it's impossible. i don't see that happening. >> i'm excited. second year in a row, last year
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was heartbreaker so we have a second cans around. >> the x factor will be kaepernick and his nerves. will his nerves hold out? >> i think they will. i think he'll do fine. >> home field vantage prove to be the difference? >> the noise, rookie quarterback doing hand signals, i prefer it. our chances are definitely great. >> who has got it better than us >> maybe 49ers are america's team. >> i think so. i got a cowboys fan but 49ers are definitely good team. >> 49er personnel were handing out these towels, who has it better than us hoping it will bring them to the big game. >> ama: surfers kept rescue
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crews but. fire and coastguard crews had to help six surfers. one managed to paddle back on his own. the bay area coastline is under a high surf advisory until 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. swells are expected to increase through the weekend posing dangers at the beach. its welcome sight for surfers that will compete in the mavericks tomorrow morning at the coast of half moon bay. we'll take you live tomorrow on "abc 7 news" at 5:00. >> dozens of dead after hostage standoff in algeria the what led to the violent conclusion and how the u.s. responded. and they mai need a name change. and look at strange object that washed up in the beach in scotland and one person said she would like to throw it in the pan and cook it up.
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>> ama: more than a 140 nations have agreed to drastically reduce mercury conclusion. it requires the countries to stop using mercury by 2020. that includes batteries and thermometers. it banned mercury exports and small amounts can be dangerous to humans especially infants and fetuses. >> the popular two dollar wine is going up. bottles of it will be settled on for 50 cents more. price varies but it stayed at two bucks since the debut since
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2002, trader joe's said they had no choice. >> several chunks of lard have washed up on a scottish beach. the pieces of pig fat were found and coated with huge barn cals but still retained their shape. his forians believe they were on a merchant ship that were bombed in world war ii. the great news is, ones it is cleaned off the lard is good to use. coming up, we'll look at what went wrong with a hostage standoff killed dozens in north africa. always political speech interrupted by gunman. a look what happened after this picture was taken. it was a beautiful day in the bay area. early spring perhaps and leigh glaser lets us know with the accu-weather forecast. >> the motivation for greg roman
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heading into the championship game
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>> tomorrow a hostage standoff in algeria is over tonight with heavy cost. algerian government says 32 militants and 23 captives were killed. one american is among the dead. here is the response from washington. algerian special forces carried out a final assault on this natural gas complex in the sahara desert ending a four-day hostage siege. this video taken by on freed hostage seems seem to show dead
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bodies lying in the sand. militants linked to al-qaeda attacked the facility. this video shows people kneeling in the sand and another group apparently being guarded by men in military style uniforms. >> their goal was foreign hostages was this man who escaped. they killed several right on the spot. algerian army moved in with tanks and helicopters but the terrorists held them off with resistance and hostages caught in the crossfire. one worker said he barely escaped with his life when algerian helicopters fired at a terrorist convoy making a run for it to safety. at least one american is known dead. he is 58-year-old fred bataccio.
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>> nobody is going to attack the united states of america and get away with it. >> and that means this man now has a target on his back. the u.s. says he masterminded the attack from a safe haven in the country of mali a thousand miles away. the u.s. will soon be sharing intelligence with france to help track him down. political event in bulgaria ended in violence after a gun was pulled on a speaker. he jumped on stage and pointed the gun right at his head. two struggled before more people came to the aid of the speaker. they kick and punched him on the ground. his gun was a gas gun used to fire tear gas cartridges. for the latest on the weather situation, leigh glaser is here. >> nice as you said. very mild, some locations near 70 degrees and as we take a live look from mount tam camera,
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looking down to richardson bay, you can see the city in the background. live doppler not picking up any moisture as we go live right now. we'll keep it dry tonight. oakland reached a high of 70 degrees. it was 73 in santa cruz. 53 in san francisco. north bay, mid to upper 60s. cloverdale as well as napa, 67 degrees. east bay we have a little bit of fog from the delta so numbers are a little cooler, all in the 60s for concord and antioch as well as livermore. it's already 35 degrees. temperature really dropping toward fairfield. 54 is san francisco. 50 mountain view. 40 livermore and san jose right now, 48 degrees. we're going to keep it cold overnight especially in the protected valley areas. we'll bring patchy valley fog in. don't forget high surf tomorrow. also we have the mavericks going
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on tomorrow and more mild days at least the next couple of days first part of the workweek. high surf advisory, tomorrow afternoon, 4:00, swells up to 20 feet and large rip currents and large breaking waves. these are some of the current wave heights, just in the seven-foot range but anticipating these to build overnight and by tomorrow morning, reaching about 10-15 as high as 20 feet in some locations. >> cold temperatures, below freezing in the north bay and interior valleys in the east bay otherwise around the rest of the bay, temperatures overnight into the 40s. high pressure positions itself off the coast keeping the storm trek to the north. it will stay like this nor the next several days. as we go through tuesday and wednesday. all of this will break down and push off o to the east and this will allow this cold front to sneak in and bring us return of
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showers by wednesday afternoon. so enjoy the dry, mild conditions for next couple of days. here is a look at highs. 63 in vallejo. 63 san rafael. mid 60s for oakland. 56 for san jose and here come the 70s. 71 salinas and 67 for monterey. accu-weather seven-day forecast, slight cooling as we get into monday and tuesday. still sunny and mild and wednesday morning leading to a chance of rain by wednesday afternoon. much colder day by mid-week in the upper 50s to low 60s, little bit of a break on thursday and better chance of seeing showers friday night into saturday. >> with shu in atlanta, colin is on the desk for us. >> i'm taking over. no more talk or practice. it comes to this, who wants it more. who can win the turnover battle
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and 49ers and falcons are ready for the championship game. on superbowl 47, niners enter as 4-point favorites. don't leave the georgia dome feeling like you did after last year's title game. >> our focus is on getting our guys the n.f.c. championship, randy most, vernon davis, jim harbaugh, that is where our talk lies. there is a lot of work that goes into that. everybody is dialed in. >> a.f.c. title game, rematch of last year. that game followed san francisco atlanta and niners coupled with raiders win and john and jim. >> i want to see the score and 49ers can't get emotionally wrapped up in that stuff.
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we need to focus on our game. i'm proud of jim, he a great competitor, toughest i've ever seen. i've had to deal with him since he was born. >> brotherly love. >> raiders have hired greg olson to be their new offensive coordinator. he spent the past season as jaguars assistant. >> here is good news, seth curry is returning tonight. ed bad. david lee sat out. a tweaked ankle. the calm before the storm, niners hope to be playing from the louisiana superdome tomorrow. and you are not welcome here says anthony davis but richard jefferson, he responds with this reverse flush and golden state, great third quarter. puts new orleans on top and tied at 104, clay thompson, a game
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high of 29 points. tied at 110, curry to jared jackson, 25 for jack. curry had 20. and here is the tie, no. and 116-112 road win. >> david court side. dwight powell with 17. watch this shot. hoof high off and just kin cobb, crab better and finished with 14 points. both teams shooting less than 36% less in the game, jason randle, two of his 16. cardinals prevail. a running 40 footer gave them an improbable win but no such luke l you can. this time less drama. look at that. kaput. where are you waldo? right now score is st. mary's
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leading 47-30 seconds half. >> usf, lions on the hill top, dons seeking their first conference win. second half, mark tollison, good dribble and usf up by nine. less than three minutes to go right here, usf, 62-53 the final. and i am going to be brutally honest, i don't think brian wilson will return. that is what the general manager brian sabin told them today. wilson, wants a long term deal with the giants but the giants is offering a one-year deal. he could be gone. >> kings and blackhawks, hockey is on. hoisting the stanley cup banner,
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patrick cain, 1-0 chicago. blackhawks three goals in the first. how about another to open up the second. slides to the rebound, blackhawks win it 5-2 and sharks drop the puck for the first time tomorrow. 3:00 start in calgary. busy day. >> we got mavericks going on. >> thank you so much. >> it featured items from studio 54. we'll look at few of the before cold & flu season, help prevent with lysol disinfectant spray. and use the lysol no touch hand soap for 10 times more protection with each wash. this season, a good offense is the best defense. lysol. mission for health.
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>> ama: coming up at 11:00, thousands turn out for gun rallies across the nation. several problems at gun shows and we'l


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