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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 27, 2013 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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♪ for us to hold and i cut so ♪ far before i had to say can amount. >> ama: a fire kills hundreds at a night club in brazil. plus, the niners are now in new orleans. >> big foot is back. why sass scratch hunters
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>> ama: good evening. i'm ama daetz. at least 230 people died in a nightclub near brazil and at least 200 more were injured. for some it brings back memories to a similar tragedy here in the u.s. a decade ago. here's the latest. reporter: you're looking at the desperate effort to save lives as a saturday night party turned into a national tragedy at the club in southern brazil. young men swung axes axes and sledgehammers, trying to hack out escape outs with hundreds fighting for their lives. the club, was packed with college party-goers when members of the band on stage lit flares and set the ceiling on fire. flames and smoke outraced the terrified crowd which jammed the exits in a mad dash to escape. the club became a death trap. one survivor said it was complete panic.
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hundreds were killed. most reportedly from asphyxiation. firefighters and ambulance crews did what they could, treating some of the more than 200 injured at the scene. others were taken to the hospital. >> by daylight, grief-stricken crowds gathered outside the building and a local gymnasium became a makeshift morgue as bodies were gated for the haven't wrenching process of identifying the dead. brazil's president tried to console her stricken nation, in these times of sadness we are together, she said, and out of necessity we'll heal, but will do so remembering our sadness. this is the deadliest night cloib fire in more than a decades. there's an eerie resemblance to this one in rhode island in 2012 here also stage feectz involving fire were to blame in a performance by the band great white, started a blaze and panic at a nightclub. when it was over 100 people were dead. in brazil, the national mourning has just begun.
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abc news, new york. >> ama: berkeley firefighters kept a small fire from damaging anything inside a locallal ymca today, outside the head start fa sill. a neighbor displayed spade the flames with a garden hose until the fire department arrived. the build is used to train care gives. the fires won't affect the program. the fire started outside the shed the firefighters are not sure how it started. >> san rafael police hope someone recognizes a bank robber caught in the act by surveillance cameras. videos show what happened inside the west american bank on friday afternoon. the roche demanded money from one teller and then moved on to rob another teller. the man was in his 20s or 30s, 5'5", to 5'7". san rafael police want anyone who recognized him to call them immediately. >> the grace period is over for meet erred parking in san francisco. today parking control officers started issuing tickets.
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they had been giving out written and verbal warnings over the past throw sundays. 11,000 in total. people we talked to today weren't happy with the enforcement. >> wouldn't drive on saturdays but drove on sundays, and now i'm going to definitely think twice about that. >> it's unfortunate we have to pay on sundays, we have to paying for everything else. but i don't know. i guess it is what it is, the city want ms.~for everything. >> you come down in different places to spend money and then get another tax on that. unfortunately it's kind of what's going on. i can't say i'm happy about it. >> the ticket is $62 and $72 downtown. sunday enforcement is expected to generate $2 million a year. starting tomorrow, the doing bridge will begin its change to electric trop wreck tolling. toll collectors will still be in the fast track and cash booth. but wednesday the etoll system is validated. cash will no longer be accepted.
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they hope to have the etoll system up and rung by february. ear toll is expected to save $19 million over eight year. >> one week from tonight the niners have a chance to win their sixth super bowl title. tonight they arrived in new orleans, the host city. the niners left the bay area confident of their chances next sunday. reporter: a conton gent of more than 60 fans gathered at 49ers headquarters to see their team off. she's been born into a 49er family. that's my older brother right there taught me everything i know. >> one more niner generation in the house. we asked holders if they're making the trip to new orleans to see the game in person. >> we're hoping to. we're still working on details. >> what are the details? >> money, really. it's going to take about $7,000.
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>> that one person's expenses. inside the gaits at the camp, vernon davis is taking loan an extra pair of neckers to new orleans, and colin kaepernick is keeping his head warm for the trip. they all seem in a good mood. the team got a big cheer as their buses left the camp. at at the airport in san jose, the team beard their chartered delta 747. here, too a few dozen die-hard fans waited by the fence to see them off. this eight-year-old says she is a big niners fan and is a young woman of few words. >> i want them to win. and, um, i hope kaepernick wins the game. >> the 49ers are expected to have a news conference tonight. we'll have more at 11:00. >> after arriving, coach jim hard dow did speak about two and a half hours ago. mike shumann will have his comments in sports. >> shu and his super bowl ring,
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which he won playing for the niners, are headed to the super bowl tomorrow. shu will join sports director larry beil and wayne freedman and katy mar jew low to bring you the best coverage. we'll be tweeting behind the scene updates. >> construction on california's high-speed rail project is expected to start this summer. however traction are few problems which could delay the project and bump up the cost. we'll look at the problems transportation officials face. >> how a san francisco company is taking a unique approach to weegd through its job candidates. the hunt for big foot continues with a new twist. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. after clear sky today, some parts of the bay area might see a few sprinkles by tomorrow morning. morning. plus, look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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>> ama: beginning today in most states shoppers could see an extra charge when the use their credit cards. mer chaptsz can pass on credit card fees to their customers. it would add 2 to 3% to credit card receipts. california is one of the states banning the surcharge so you don't pay them here. the surcharge is after a settlement after a long battle between merchants and credit card companies. customers must be notified before they're charged. >> the price of stamps is now one penny more. mailing a letter will cost you 46 cents. at the postal service introduced the global anytime stamp which allows you to mail anything anywhere in the world for 1.10. >> officials hope to begin working on the high-speed light
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rail in july. the problem is they haven'tve a single acre of land. they hope to be making offers, but a convoluted legal process could allow land owners leverage to delay the project and drive up the cost of the project. high-speed rail officials say it won't be easy but they can still acquire the property and begin the project on time. there's a new twist in the hunt for big foot. why sasquatch hunters have taken to the hills of oregon in search of the legendary beast. >> more signs that spring could be on the way. meteorologist leigh glaser is up next with the forecast. >> mike: the niners have landed in new orleans, setting foot in the big easy, but itíáf-
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>> ama: theirs a new lead in the hunt for big foot. it's not what people are seeing that has people interested but what they're hearing. john miller explains. >> he this elusive hairy giant of legend, the tabloid hero, punchline and news diversion, now big foot, back in the headlines but not for prints, grainy video or sightings, this time something brand new. audio. big foot speaks. listen. listen again. the high-pitched screech and base roar come from a swampy area in the blue mountains of oregon, big foot hot spot. the recording given to the oregonian newspaper. not impressed?
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people in the area are. they've been hearing strange cries in the night sense november. deb niece says she thinks whatever is in the swamp is calling out for another creature. some suggest it could be a young big foot lost. >> these are a type of people. >> don't tell these guys being foot is a bunch of craziness. they have spent plenty of time in oregon's blue mountains. >> it's more than one. it's not big foot, it's big foots, there's a misconception there's one thing. >> one alternate theory it could be the screams of local foxes or possibly big foot chasing the local foxes. >> big foots and not big feet? local authorities have received a half dozen calls about the screeches in the last month. a san francisco tech startup has a unique hiring process.
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a ceo of computer engineering firm had a version made of a video game using the company's offices as a backdrop. he says the game required problem solving skills. the custom game is down downloadable from the company's web site. >> leigh glaser has the weather. >> leigh: cool weekend, but thursday and friday, temperatures warming up close to 70 degrees. outside we go. we're getting reports of in clouds, and now starting to move into marin county. this is a live shot from the mt. tamalpais cam. camera kind of bobbing a bit as those northwest winds are whipping it. let's check out live doppler 7hd. you can see all is clear except for a few clouds here and there. but continue up along the north coast. we have another little upper air
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disturbance. here it is right herele the light blue shading is moisture that is very, very light. probably not even reaching the ground. we're picking up nice returns here, just to the south of eureka. there is a possibility that across the bay area -- parts of the bay area might see a few sprinkles as this impulse pulls down near the coast tonight and tomorrow morning, here's a look at the highs tonight. very cool. generally in the 50s across many reporting locations. san rafael, 55, 55 san francisco. san jose, sunshine today, cool, 54. 60 in antioch. right now already in the 40s across most locations. fairfield, 40. so it is really getting chilly out there. 48 in san francisco. 44 in los gatos. here's a look at our forecast. cold overnight. the forecast includes a chance of a few isolated sprinkles, mainly near the coast. cool, breezy day for monday, and then after that, dry week ahead,
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and get ready for a warmer week ahead, especially as we head in toward the laster part of the work week. cold temperatures overnight, 35. santa rosa, 40s the closer to the coast and as well as the peninsula. east bay interior valley areas, overnight temperatures, such as livermore, near the freezing mark at 33 degrees. this is the impulse right here. some of this moisture is going to slide south. that's why we'll keep a slight chance of a few sprinkles in the forecast overnight. otherwise get ready for a cool monday. this system will push out by monday afternoon, high pressure will build in and that's going to warm us up and keep us dry. here's a look at our forecast animation. this is monday morning. 5:00. and you can see just a little bit of moisture pushing down the coast there, and then by 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, it's out of here. sunshine will we with us. a cool day, temperatures in the
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50s. very brisk north to northwest winds, up to about 15 miles-per-hour. here you go. 56 tomorrow san rafael, 59, napa. sunshine, san francisco but cooler with 56 degrees there. santa cruz tomorrow, only up to 58 degrees, and hollister, 57. so, here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. slightly warmer tuesday, but the wind shift on wednesday, the high buildness, that's going to help warm us up. check out thursday and friday. temperatures, upper 60s to low 70s. saturday, ground hog day, we'll check out punxsutawney phil's shadow. how many more weeks until spring, and our eyes will be on the super bowl on sunday. go niners. >> the niners are in new orleans. >> mike: there's an advantage for them getting there early. superbowl 47 -- super bowl xlvii
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seven days away. players arrived around 5:00 p.m. pacific time with the 49er flag waving from the plane. the players were taken the hotel and met briefly with the media. the 49ers have not been the super bowl in 18 years, and only five players have been to the big dance. this week is a learningers anden for -- experience for most of this team. >> uncharted waters for a rookie super bowl coach. so that's exciting, too. we have a great thrill and great desire to be in uncharted waters. our coaches and our players. always relish that drive in that kind of environment. >> head down, keep working. this isn't a time to relax and get out of your routine and stop working hard. this is when you should be working your hardest. >> mike: can we lower the microphone? those not in the super bowl in the pro bowl in hawai'i. eli manning starting the game, not so good. picked off by derrick johnson. goes 42 yards.
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afc took the 14-10 lead. manning made up for his mistake. fines victor cruz. breaks a tackle and scores. and breaks out with a little salsa dance. manning had two td passes. kyle rudolph had five catches 1, 22 yards. the game's mvp. despite the afc getting blown out, andrew luck had a good pro bowl debut. two, longest 49-yarder to green, but the nfc wins it 6 35. >> how about some sharks. with the win over vancouver, the best start in franchise history at 5- 0. to the dank, before the puck drops, going at it. because of the scuffle teams started the game 4-4, and joe thornton capitalized, 1-0 sharks. then headland passes it to the wrong team, pavelski shoots and scores, just like that, 2-0, marleau, two goals in
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every game. 3-1 san jose. sharks' power play cannot be stopped. at least two power play goals in every game. pavelski slaps on the second goal of the game. sharks now 5-0 with the 4-1 win, and john mcclellan's 200th 200th victory as head coach. >> the australian open came to a close down under. andy measure have i trying to end djokovic's unprecedented run at a third straight title. these two faced off last year with mr.ry winning his first major. first set, djokovic slipped. djokovic never gives up and drops it in, but loses the set in a tiebreaker. novak wins the second in a tiebreaker. in the third, novak takes advantage of murray's missed forehand. match point. after a short rally, murray fines the net and novak djokovic wins his six until major in four sets, the first map to win three
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straight australian opens in the modern era. he is jacked up and is now back ai top the rankings at number one. >> what a joy it is incredible feeling win this trophy ones more and my favorite and most successful grand slam. i love this court. >> mike: college hoops, cal men facing the colorado buffaloes. game wag ugly. kouz up 34-18 at the half. allen crabbe, four in the first half but gets the bears' first three in the second. booker, a career high 20 points. cal falls to 34 in pac-12 play with the loss. at 11:00, sports direct yorl, the real deal, larry beil is in new orleans with player reaction to they're arrival at super bowl xlvii. hope to see you then. >> ama: it's award season for the movie, and that means
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