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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  January 30, 2013 12:00am-12:30am PST

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vanished 29 years ago talked to the news as they search a home for new evidence. that home is not far from the
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last place he was seen alive. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. crime scene investigators removed possible evidence from the home. 10-year-old kevin collins disappeared february 10th, 1984. he was last seen at a bus stop. it is a block away from today's search. abc7 news broke this story this afternoon at 4:00 with details on the investigation that no one else has. john alston spoke with kevin's mother and brother. >> kevin, colin's mother said the family would have performed some form of closure -- preferred some form of closure. the bones indicate they were from an animal, but a final determination has to be made. police finally left the home after an all day search for the body of kevin collins. the boy's mother getting calls and e-mails of support. >> partly relief it is animal bones.
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partly sorry it is not closure. especially for my children and my grandchildren. >> only abc7 news was here this morning as san francisco police and the fbi began their search of the basement. a cadaver-sniffing dog detected something in the floor and city crews tore up a portion of the concrete discovering some bones. sources with knowledge of the investigation tell abc7 news they think a resident who once lived in the lower flat may have kidnapped the boy. homicide inspectors were eyeing the backyard of the home at least a month ago looking from an adjacent porch and taking pictures from a nearby bedroom according to the next door neighbor. >> they showed me their badges. they said we just need to see if you have a view into the -- into your neighbor's backyard. >> 10-year-old kevin collins vanish inked from the neighborhood in 1984. he disappeared after basketball practice at saint agnes school which was across the street from the home that was searched today. he was the focus of an intense
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city wide and national search. his photo was on news week magazine and one of the first pictures to be placed on milk cartons. a new cold case unit started reviewing the file. a man named kelly lived in the house back then but has since died. this neighbor knew kelly and his roommate. >> never thought they would do something like this, never. they never showed it. they were calm. >> police said the bones found today appear to be from an animal. >> it is a preliminary assessment made right there. they are still going to do an analysis on the bone. >> it has dredge -- dredged up memories for those who remember the search. >> i remember how this little boy looked in his school uniform and how i was shocked coming from europe and moving over here and a child disappeared in front of my door particularly. -- practice particularly. >> the current residents of the home have nothing to do
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with the home. i spoke with kevin's brother, steven and he said the family is cautious about getting their hopes up because they were let down so many times before. in san francisco, john alston, abc news. >> thank you. abc7 news reporter vic lee first broke this story this afternoon. it is also part of an investigation by the abc7 news eye team. we will bring you coverage of the collins investigation. you can also get updates on abc7 and twitter abc7 news bay area. now to the super bowl and it is media day. randy moss made headlines with a less than modest statements about his place in football history. >>abc7 news sports director is live at the superdome with that story and the rest of our super bowl coverage from the big easy. larry? >> hi, carolyn. you don't usually get any breaking news during super bowl media day. we actually had 2 significant stories today. one vai vens -- one ravens line backer saying he didn't
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take performance enhanced substances and the other was as you mentioned randy moss who said he is not happy at all with his role on the 49ers. i guess the surprise with moss was that he waited all season before discussing this, but he has not been pleased with a limited opportunity that he has had. moss also proclaimed himself to be the greatest receiver of all time. jerry rice on-line one for you randy. clearly frustrated and moss just 28 catches and three touchdowns. he doesn't speak to the media very often, but on the world stage moss was not holding back. >> i do think i am the greatest receiver to ever do it. i don't really live on numbers. i live on impact and what you are able to do on that field. so i do think i am the greatest receiver to ever play this game. >> throughout the whole season i have been healthy. i have come out of games where it felt like i didn't even do anything. i always can to compete and i
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always want to contribute to the team. for me to be here, it is like a dream. i would have never thought of this in a million years that this would happen. like you said you keep your fingers crossed. i always told myself i would want to win the championship on this level. so for having the super bowl ring, i think that my career will be complete. >> now randy wears number 84 and so does abc7's own mike shumann. his jersey still fits, snugly. shu suited up for media day today. >> you guys want to interview me? no? >> not right now. we are good. >> you look like randy moss, but different. you play before? shumann? you look as fast as randy moss. >> a big name will want to interview me, you watch. >> mike shumann, you talk about 9er receivers. the catch, the grab.
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this is the grab right here. shu, good to see you at the super bowl. >> great to be back. i have about 10 reps left in me so use me wisely. >> you are my hero. blue suede shoe, one of the nicknames. >> everybody thinks this is an easy job and i want you to interest view me. this is your future. >> how are you doing? >> i have the privilege of interviewing -- gee, it is not that easy. >> what is it you can help current players understand in the super bowl. >> first of all the question was way too long. generally have fun. we appreciate your time. >> that's it? >> don't want to wear ourselves out talking to you. we have interesting guys over here. >> just win, baby. somebody told me just win, baby. >> i think that was the other side. this job is not as easy as it looks. >> piece of cake. i can scratch my underarm and
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do this at the same time. >> that's right. you went to nebraska. the n stand for knowledge. >> you better be nice to me. when i am gone nobody will ever know you played for the 49ers. >> that was great stuff. you know there is a big party tonight for the media, and we had the opportunity to take a few pictures. i tell you, it was like cirque de soleil in there. all kinds of acrobatics going on. we posted some of the photos on twitter. it was quite impressive. we are getting blown away by the inned with. at one point i was up on the rings and security told me, biel, get down. you can follow me at larry beil, abc7. i feel like i should do a weather report here right now. it is unbelievable. we will be back later in sports. alex smith's uncertain future.
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thases -- that's later on assuming we are not swept away. >> you have an uncertain future there. >> between hanging on to the hoops and blowing away. >> i would give a week's pay to see him hanging on the hoops. larry is not the only one tweeting live updates from new orleans. there are great behind the scenes updates and we are retweeting the highlights. >> as the excitement builds are to super bowl xlvii here in the bay area some are looking ahead to the next super bowl with the hopes it will be played right here. lisa amin gulezian joins us from the site of the new 49er stadium. lisa? >> carolyn, here in santa clara, the talk is already about super bowl 50. tonight the city leaders met to discuss what it would take to get the super bowl here in 2016. tonight the city council met in a closed door session to
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discuss the super bowl plan. the proposal is due in may, and in it santa clara has to prove it can handle a massive event like the super bowl. some members of the council supports the team in new orleans. >> we are excited about it. the buzz is around the super bowl right now because our team is in the super bowl. >> the san francisco bay area is already on the short list to host the 2016 super bowl. along with southern florida. >> live in santa clara tonight , abc7 news. jay be sure to turn to abc7 news on sunday. our team in new orleans and in the bay area, we will be live on the air with coverage of how 9er fans are reacting here and in the big easy. >> stick with us.
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we are having awfully nice weather. >> sandhya? >> right now, dan, live doppler 7hd is not tracking any rain, but we have a few high clouds around. it will be a mild pattern and right now it is cooling off. 38 in napa and 40 sick degrees in san jose and 41 in half moon bay. bundle up in the morning. you will feel the chill in the air. i will be back to let you know when you may need those umbrellas and when rain might be returning. carolyn and dan? >> thank you, cabbed -- sandhya. you heard about the oakland sideshow. >> one guy is burning rubber like he is going to catch his car on fire. >> you will hear more of the 9-1-1 calls to the chp and the tipster helping track down the drivers. >> and the chp is helping fight crime, but who is paying for it? >> and tonight from girls on
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narrowing in on a sideshow that took place in the middle of interstate 880. the stunt could have had deadly consequences. alan wang has the latest on the investigation and the 9-1-1 calls that came in during that incident. >> oh my gosh. >> the chp is getting an abundance of information leading to the drivers involved in this sideshow. it happened on saturday afternoon around 4:00 right in the middle of 880 in oakland. >> it is being shown on the internet and somebody posted
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it. i saw a comment saying they knew someone in the video. >> an anonymous caller who gave crucial information to the chp spoke exclusively to abc7 news. he says he saw postings on facebook implicating the drivers. the chp also released 9-1-1 calls from people witnessing the sideshow. jay even the people on the -- >> even the people on the other side of the freeway are stoping to see what they are doing. it is not safe. i have a baby in the car. it is not okay. >> they say it involved half a dozen vehicles near the coliseum. >> people are just piling up everywhere and walking on the freeway. they are doing all of the spinning out. >> i don't believe this. i have three kids in the car. it scares me. >> videos were plastered on youtube and making it easier for detectives to track down the drivers. and now the chp says it is only a matter of time until
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they enhance the video and read the license plates on the cars and make the arrests reporting in the east bay alan wang, abc7 news. new at 11:00, the chp wants to get paid to help police oakland's streets. chp officers are under a 90-day agreement to patrol streets for free. however, that agreement expires at the end of the week. the chp presidents what compensation to ex-- the chp wants compensation which is what oakland agreed to with alameda county. the mayor hopes state grants will pay for the chp officers at least until new cadets graduate from the police academy this summer. police are searching for three robbers robbers who pepper sprayed three robbers. they entered the store around 2:30 today. one person doused employees with pepper spray and another used a sledgehammer to smash in the display cabinet. they grabbed several rolex watches and took off in less than a minute. let's go back in and focus on what is a spectacular
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weather forecast. >> sandhya patel is here with that. >> carolyn and dan, enjoy this weather while it lasts. it is going to last for awhile, and then changes are coming. we will be talking about rain. from the east bay hills camera this is a time lapse. sunset at 5:30. and you can see the high, thin, whispy clouds. we are checking out doppler 7hd and our radar is not tracking any rain. we just have some high clouds moving into the south of us. here is where we stand in terms of rainfall percent of normal. we are starting to fall behind in some areas. san jose 101%. 112% santa rosa and 102 in san francisco. you can still see above average rainfall totals, ukiah, sacramento. the statewide sierra snowpack is 93% of where you should be for this time of year. clear and cool tonight. sunny and mild into the weekend, and we are looking at a chance of rain next tuesday. tomorrow morning you will need to know one thing.
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you will need an extra layer. 39 vallejo and concord 37 for you in fairfield. antioch mid40s. 37 in livermore. the high clouds will keep you insulated. 41 for palo alto and low 40s oakland and san rafael, 37 in santa rosa. as you look at the satellite and radar, you will see what is blocking the storms from getting here. it is a strong ridge of high pressure. the storm track is getting diverted by the jet stream well to the north of us and well to the east of us. thin, high clouds is all we are going to get spilling over the top of the ridge of high pressure and filtering our sunshine from time to time. speaking of sun, look at these numbers for your wednesday. 64 degrees in the south bay in campbell and 63 in san jose and cupertino and los gatos mid60s. on the peninsula, a mix of sun and high clouds. millbrae 59 and 62 redwood city. half moon bay, up to 60 degrees. 57 in daly city. south san francisco, the sunset district in the upper
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50s. downtown san francisco, 60 degrees. get you up to the north bay, yes it will start out on the chilly side, but by the afternoon nice and mild. 64 napa and santa rosa. 61 in san rafael. head out to the east bay and 63 oakland, union city. inland communities, 63 concord and 603 for liver -- 63 for rmore. 66 degrees in santa cruz. here is is your accu-weather seven-day forecast, we are warming it up tomorrow and thursday. low to mid60s by thursday. above average for your friday. saturday is groundhog day and a little cooler. and then super bowl sunday when many of you will be watching the game and don't care about what is going on outside, it is going to be gorgeous, low to mid60s for you. we will keep it mild on monday only to see the temperatures drop on tuesday and a chance of rain by tuesday. until 10 wash your cars. until then wash your cars. we know it is gusty in new orleans. let's go there where the 9ers
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are five days from the big game. >> larry beil is live in new orleans with our coverage. larry, when we saw you last you were about to blow away. >> i need a sandhya patel weather forecast for new orleans. let's focus on wind gusts please. it is unbelievable here tonight. anyway, we will get to the media day activities. and alex smith, what about his future? not a happy camper when he not a happy camper when he wants to be starting and not [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were g going on vacation,
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orleans. on super bowl media day the stars get preferential treatment. they get their own podium and their back ups are on the field with us, the reporters. that's where alex smith was in the superdome trying to put a happy face on. well not that happy. if not for a midseason concussion it may be smith starting, but instead he is backing up colin kaepernick. smith will almost certainly play for another team. he has been talking about this
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frustrating situation. >> how bittersweet is this for you, alex? >> this is great. i mean it is an amazing thing. as a team you work so hard and put in so much time. this has been our goal all along since last year. did i envision myself as a starter? yes, but it has been a great thing. >> where do you want to be next year? >> i haven't given that any thought, honestly. after sunday there will be plenty of time to think about that. >> like alex smith david akres have caused his confidence to be shaken. he said if it is so easy to kick a field goal, guess again. >> there is a lot that goes into it. it is not like you are in your backyard and you put a little ball in the ground and you are trying to kick it over the fence. there is a lot that goes into it. there is a lot of technique. people go 35 yarder, oh a chip shot. i would like to see a lot of
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people come out here and make a chip shot. to. >> to the nba the warriors are short. harrison barnes and carl landry are out against the cavaliers. this game in cleavland where everybody is kaepernicking. the warriors, david lee to klay thompson and he is up at the half. the warriors shorthanded. the warriors are red-hot and 11 of 16 and jarod jack right there and thompson had a career high 32 points as the warriors roll 108-95 and they finish their road trip at 2-2. to the ice where the sharks just refuse to lose. a perfect record on the line against the ducks and anaheim is up 2-1. he ties it at two apiece. in a shootout and the top shelf and one last chance for the ducks.
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it hits the cross bar and game over. the sharks with a perfect 6 and 0 with a 3-2 shootout victory. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. and a big shoutout to the abc7 staffer. she has a light like this and a monster like this and they are blowing away in the wind. i got a picture on twitter. you are amazing. >> live from the big breezy. >> hang in there. >> that's good stuff.
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