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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 30, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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says they think it may be animal but again as i mentioned they are waiting for the analysis from the state lab. and inspector toomey told me that they have other leads that they are following which made kelly the prime suspect. vic lee, abc 7 news. now, kevin's family has been desperately waiting for answers ever since he first disappeared in 1984. his mother ann colins learned search yesterday afternoon. while it has not produced any clues about her son she says it has still been emotional. >> still that little thing just to actually find him is going to devastate me. and when jaycee was found i was thrown for a loop. i thought all of these years i desserted kevin and didn't think he was alive and maybe he is alive out there. i just really went through hell over that.
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>> ann does not know what sparked new interest in the case but is encouraged by any development that may finally after all of these years provide some answers. >> cal osha fin sherred its investigation into the massive fire at the chevron refinery last august and that report is slamming the company with the largest penalty in the agency history. heather ishimaru tonight with the full story. >> reporter: cal osha say says sheb ran had every opportunity to prevent the august pipe rupture and fire but ignored repeated warnings in its own inspectors, putting workers and community at risk of injury and death. >> we certainly hope that the citations, the seriousness of them, the classification of them is a wakeup call. >> there are a total of 25 citations including 11 in the most serious category or willful serious. those include not following its own policies to replace the corroded pipe, not implementing
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its own emergency procedures and per vasive violations in leak repair procedures. the fines total about a million dollars. the worse in cal osha history but you only pocket change to the oil giant. still, attorney john burris who represents more than 10,000 people who say they were hurt by the fire is pleased with the severity of the cal osha citations. >> that is terrific because the conduct that occurred here was outrageous. conduct that was entirely preventible. >> burris set up an november richmond the day of the fire. sherri edwards is one of his clients. she lives in the shadow of the refinery. her preexisting asthma is worse since the fire. she has been in the hospital 7 times since, each time for a four day stay. >> what do you think chevron should do for you? >> i think chevron should do not just for me but for the public in general. i think they should accommodate them in some kind of way because it wasn't 24 hours
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before they made all their money back. >> reporter: the company said although we acknowledge that we failed to live up to our own expectations in the incident we do not agree with several of the findings and some characteristickizations of the alleged violations as willful. the company will appeal. in richmond, heather ishimaru, abc 7 news. 49ers defensive back chris culliver is backing off from controversial statements he made in a radio interview. he said he did not want any gay players on the team. >> i don't do the gay guys, man. i don't do that? >> there are any on the 49ers. >> there are are no gay people on the team, they got to get up out of here. >> is that true? >> it's true. >> the 49ers immediately issued an apolllegy and said there is no room for discrimination in their organization. and late today, he issued his own statement "the derogatory comments were reflex of my
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thoughts in my head and they are not how i feel. it has taken me seeing them in print to realize they are hurtful and ugly. he says he will learn and grow from the experience. this is not the kind of headline that the 49ers wanted before the super bowl. the kind of headline they want is what happened today. the news conference in new orleans with jack and jackie harbaugh, the parents of the two coaches in the contest. they shared great stories and were entertaining and even at times quite touching. as larry beil explains from new orleans if super bowl xlvii is as much fun as the harbaugh parents were today we are in for a real treat. >> they are going to ask us how we feel on this historic event. jackie, who has the better -- nobody. >> with the family's signature saying, jack and jackie harbaugh conducted a hilarious news conference that included everything from why their kids names all start with the letter j. >> we are not very creative.
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>> to the secret of their family success. >> jackie harbaugh, she is the foundation of this harbaugh family. she is the rock of our family. the one that moved us 17 times in a 43 year coaching career. >> jack coached college football for 43 years. so this is the family business. it didn't thrill mom when john decided to pass on a law career for football. >> i am embellishing this story a trifle to which jackie went face down into the mashed potatoes and said what, coaching? you got to reconsider this. >> the sons have not talked about football with their parents this week. in fact, getting any info out of jim can be challenging even for dad. two years ago, jim was reluctant to tell his father that the 49ers were drafting colin kaepernick. >> which was is going to be. dead silence. he said we are drafting colin
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kaepernick. do i not only think that he is the best quarterback in the draft, i think that he is the best football player in the draft and we are going with colin kaepernick and i thought to myself jim, wise decision. >> the harbaughs lived through the son versus son experience on thanksgiving of 2011. so they know that consoling the super bowl loser is more important than congratulating the winner. john and jim, they have one request for mom and dad. >> that both of them have shared this with us. mom and dad, please promise us that you will enjoy this. enjoy this experience. that is all we are asking. please, please enjoy this experience and we are trying. larry reporting from new orleans. be sure to follow our abc 7 news team in new orleans this week on twitter. sports director larry beil, sports anchor mike shumann and our reporters katy and wayne
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freedman tweeting all of the behind the scene updates around filing reports for the air. follow them at abc 7 news. they are doing all of them just terrific work from new orleans. much more to get to tonight on abc 7 news at 9:00. coming up, a california marshall plan for keeping your children safe at school by arming the staff. facebook beats the street with a new formula for are turning a profit from the people who are making friends with their mobile devices. and sandhya patel? >> i'll let you know if spring like warmth is going to carry over to tomorrow and possibly the weekend and when rain might return. thanks. also ahead, getting a lift from lift is now officially
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a woman broke her ankle after falling 50 feet off a cliff in san francisco today. sky 7 hd was over the scene. you can see how steep it is. a tare are feeing fall. the woman's dog went over first and she tried to scale the cliff to rescue the dog but fell to the beach below. she was flown to the hospital bay rescue chopper.
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republican california lawmakers have a proposal to make schools safer that could mean arming a lot of staff on campus. as you can imagine that is stirring up controversy. than nannette miranda has the torrey tonight from sacramento. >> invoking the name of vicky so it to, the teacher killed in the sandy hook elementary school massacre last month while using her body to shield students. a group of republican state lawmakers propose a school marshalls program to protect campuses from gunmen, modeled after federal air marshals who guard against terrorism. staffers from the janitor to the principal could be armed but no one would know who or how many are carrying a gun. >> we have a moral obligation that the next vicky soto who is faced with in ineck mickable cecil that she not be left
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defenseless. >> reporter: districts decide whether to participate. it would allow the use of education funds to pay for the program. the proposal illustrates the deep divide in the gun control debate in the post sandy hook times pitting proponents of tighter gun control regulations against gun supporters who want to protect children with more guns. >> we laid off thousands of teachers in the last couple of years. why would we use the few school personnel we have left to be armed guards when armed guards don't always prevent shootings. >> then there is the argument of stray bullets in a gun battle between a school worker and armed intruder. >> if you are trying to shoot at a shooter that could be dangerous for the kids. >> reporter: but chris tia marotti, mother of two with another on the way says she couldn't bear the thought of her kids in a school shooting. >> i'm here because if my children were put in a lockdown situation i want teachers armed to defend them. i don't want my children to be
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helpless victims. >> reporter: to keep the identities of armed staff secret it also exempts school marshalls from a provision in the california public records act requiring disclosure of all concealed weapons permit holders. nannette miranda, abc 7 news. a san francisco ride sharing company has struck a landmark deal with the state's public utilities commission. the company called lyft was fined and ordered to shut down for essentially operating a limb scene service out operation. two other companies were also cited. the deal removes the fines and allows lyft to continue operating while the cpuc draws up regulations for ride sharing services in the state. lyft said it would expand its is service to it los angeles first thing tomorrow morning. interesting. well, spencer christian off tonight. meteorologist sandhya patel is here. and delighted to be here because she has good news. just fantastic.
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felt like spring out there today. >> i will be well liked for a change, dan. >> you are always well liked. >> thank you. >> when it is not raining. >> true. great looking weather. a lot of people enjoying near 70-degree temperatures in some area. really unbelievable. dan, since you loved it so much and i'm now popular again i will bring it to you again tomorrow. a live picture across the bay. it is so clear outside. we don't have clouds out there. no fog. visibility terrific. out live doppler 7hd.check skies are clear. things could be changing by the middle of next week. i will talk about what the latest computer models are indicating. temperatures right now, not the 40s and 50s. the coolest locations napa already down to 42 degrees. here are the highlights. clear and cool overnight. mild and spring like into next week. looking cooler unsettled
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weather by next week. the latest computer models starting to back off on the possibility of rain so we will have to wait and see. this is for wednesday. for now the area of republican controlling our weather going to keep us high and dry through the weekend. these are the fast moving upper level winds searing the storms well away from the bay area which is why we are going to remain dry. and on the subject of dry, january, san francisco will go down in the record books only 49/100-inch of rain so far in 2013. the third driest on record and record keeping started back in 1850. the driest was 26/100-inch of rain in 1920 and the second was 31-100-inch of rain in 1976. you are not imagining. we haven't had a whole lot of rain. we aren't expecting it. if you are traveling to the bigeyes for the super bowl and want to just soak up some sun you will get a chance to do that as well.
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mild. slight chance of a few showers on saturday. not a complete washout, though. and super sunday, super bowl sunday looking at mostly is sunny conditions for the game. of course, the game being played inside. temperatures tomorrow morning it will be chilly. and the coldest inland valleys we drop down to the mid 30s with the clear skies. good radiational cooling. i would bundle up if i were you. make sure is the kids have a jacket or are sweater near the bay and along the coast. tomorrow afternoon in the cbs, south bay. 66 san jose. sunshine in sunnyvale, 65 degrees. palo alto, menlo park, same things. downtown san francisco you are running warmer than average. 65. 64 in south san francisco. north bay communities all you hear is in clear lake. i know you always write to me. 67 degrees. 67 santa rosa, novato. oakland, castro valley, fremont, 67.
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inland areas in the low to mid 60s. 66 livermore. walnut creek. around the monterey bay going to be beautiful. 70 santa cruz. 72 degrees in salinas. accuweather seven-day forecast. the look and feel of spring the next couple of days as temperatures get close to 70 degrees around the bay and around the monterey bay up into the 70s. groundhog day a little cooler. still dry on super bowl sunday. nobody cares if it is dry or wet, people will be watching the game, right? partly cloudy. cooler. monday, tuesday. and then on wednesday dan ace mentioned we do have a chance of rain but computer models showing lower probability of precipitation is the best way i can put it. getting weaker and weaker. >> not going to be much of a -- >> earlier this afternoon it was painting this wet picture for wednesday and now like maybe, sort of. >> that is why your job is interesting. thanks very much. pay aring for the world's most popular video site.
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and lift-off of the atlas 5 rocket. >> nasa launched a new communications satellite from cape canaveral ral to help relay data and messages with the international space station and the hubble telescope. back here on earth, facebook turned in a healthy earnings report better than wall street expected in many resents but investors turned up their noses at facebook stock, down 3.5% in after hours
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trading. david louie explains why. >> reporter: facebook has been scrambling to catch up as its more than 1 billion users shift to mobile device but the screens are so much smaller. on desktop there was plenty of room for ads. the facebook c.e.o. is declaring success. >> today there is no argument, facebook is a global company. >> reporter: most mobile ads now contributing 23% of ad revenue, up 9% in just three months and the social network is pushing hard to make mobile use fast and appealing. according to tech analysts and blogger robert scobel. we talked to him via skype. >> the new app is faster again and has more of the desktop features. you can tell they are working at taking over the mobile business. >> reporter: advertisers make the shift even though they have less space to catch the eye of facebook users. >> by far and away the fastest growing segment of advertising.
9:28 pm
>> the prize is billions of dollars in ad spending expected to hit 11.4 billion touchdown year. randy vasso is executive vice president at a company that helps companies develop brand image across multiple platforms. >> i think this year will be the first year ever where the internet will be actually accessed by mobile devices more than any other devices. >> even early skeptics may change their tune if facebook's mobile ad revenue continues to grow. there are eye balls with two thirds of all facebook monthly users connecting via mobile devices. at facebook headquarters in menlo park, david louie. the long awaited debut of the blackberry smart phone is turning out to be kind of a letdown on quality lane, we proudly present the blackberry.
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>> that is the president of black wherery in video the company handed out. stock began to sink as soon as he showed off t new phones designed to compete with the i^ phone. research in motion stock is down $1.04 or nearly 7% to $14.62 in afternoon trading. the selloff may reflect investor's ex-as per ration that the new phones won't be available until march. >> you tube could start charging users $5 a month to access some of the most popular channels. 25 premium channels will be introduced in the next two months and the site is considering charging you you for access to live event and content libraries as well. a lot more to bring you here are on abc 7 news at 9:00. coming up, you want to be careful driving this sunday. we'll explain why this is the super bowl of car accidents, too. plus -- >> i'm wayne freedman in new orleans. want to know if the 49ers are going to win the super bowl?
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and here's a treat. dreyer's ice cream is only $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. too many children are dying. too many children. we must do something. >> former congress woman and gun violence victim gabrielle giffords making an appeal to congress today to do something to curb gun violence across the country. the appeal is underscored by today's workplace shooting in
9:34 pm
phoenix just a couple of hours down the road from where she was shot in tucson. one person is dead in phoenix, four others hurt. the gunman is identified as a 70-year-old man who police say got into a dispute with someone in the building and then opened fire. he is still on the loose. in the meantime, members of congress met with city officials in san francisco today to talk about gun measures and abc 7 news political reporter mark matthews listened in on the meeting. >> reporter: democratic leader nancy pelosi began by saying it is time for members of congress to protect the american people. >> this is it. we have to measure up. measure up and we cannot the accept anything less than success. >> the head of the house task force on gun violence says there are measures that even gun advocates support. >> like universal background checks. like an end to the assault magazines with 30 o shots at a time. >> wendy was the first to ask a question of 9 panel.
9:35 pm
one of five people shot 13 years ago at a jewish center in los angeles. >> by a man who was ought on parole who is a self-proclaimed neonazi and able to get his guns through the gun show loophole. >> reporter: people who buy guns at gun sho shows are not subject to background checks. >> what happens if the law isn't changed? the law has to change. >> the congressman called the loophole ridiculous. >> the same thing assaying we will screen airline passengers in only 30 of the states. >> reporter: the head of the nra called the universal background check a waste of time and money. >> you are never going to get criminals to go through universal background checks. all of the law abiding people you will create an enormous federal bureaucracy. >> congress woman jackie spear who was shot five times says wayne la pierre doesn't represent the nra membership.
9:36 pm
>> the polls show that the vast majority of the nra members support the background checks. >> he will turn the recommendations over to nancy pelosi and we will see how you far they get in the republican-led house. in the newsroom, mark matthews, abc 7 news. let's go overseas to israel and the air strike raising the concern ooh even higher in the embattled part of the middle east. israeli war planes bombed a convoy near the syria border with lebanon and martha raddatz explains what the strike is all about. >> reporter: this is what we know. officials say truckloads of dangerous weapons were being loaded from a facility in syria and then were headed for lebanon. officials say inside the trucks were fa 17s. very capable mobile radar guided is surface to air missiles. israeli war planes were launched to destroy the trucks and stop them from entering lebanon before the militant
9:37 pm
group hezbollah could get their hands on them. the building where the trucks were loading or departing was also hit. hezbollah is a sworn enemy of israel. if hezbollah had gotten the missiles it would have significantly increased their capability in any future conflict with israel so this was not israel getting involved in the conflict in syria per se. it was very much israel making a preemptive strike to protect itself but you this will increase tension in the region. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. >> martha says that the air strikes also hit the buildings where the trucks were loading or departing. there are reports tonight that the building was in fact a sigh entivic research center. bus riders were stranded after the city labor department ran out of money to pay for
9:38 pm
gas. greece is undergoing deep austerity cuts as you probably know as part of its emergency loans from other european nations. just today the greek government proposed giving tax authorities the power to empty the bank accounts of accused tax evaders even if they had not been convicted. >> now, again in italy, bus riders stranded after the city transit company ran out of money to pay forages and they are not happy. the bus company blames the government for are cutting its funding by 40%. in england, the wind turbine collapsed after being hit by wind gusts of 50 miles an hour. the bolts on the base apparently just gave way under the pressure. as we continue tonight, who is going to win the super bowl. in welsh tonight wayne freedman turns to voodoo in hopes of predicting the championship. he has a great report coming he has a great report coming from the big eíáf- [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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we know the reason behind a wild hoax involving notre dame football star manti te'o and a made up girlfriend. the man behe hind the hoax tells dr. phil he fell deeply and romantically in love with manti te'o. dr. phil says when asked him if he is gay he said yes and then caught himself and said he is confused. he says he made up the hoax about linnae alone who tao regarded as his girlfriend even though they never met face to face. the first part of a two part interview airs tomorrow on the dr. phil show. manti te'o said he did not find out she wasn't real until december. you want to be careful driving this sunday. it is super bowl of drunk driving car accidents.
9:43 pm
triple-a says alcohol related car crashes are 75% greater in the state on super bowl sunday than on any other sunday this time of year. why? looking at accident conditions over ten years triple-a blames a vision increase in super bowl events from home parties to promotions at restaurants and bars, events war lot of alcohol is consumed and people get on the road with too much to drink. meantime, the san francisco fire chief is joining forces with mayor ed lee and police chief greg sur to help prevent problems after the super bowl on sunday. they teamed up today to make a public service announcement here at the abc 7 studios. >> no matter the outcome let's respect the city of san francisco. >> that means there will be no place for bad behavior when we win this thing. >> let's show the world how great we are. >> the goal is to prevent a repeat of the violence after the giants won the world series in october. that damage cost the city more than $1 million.
9:44 pm
all right now to the fun side of all of this. we know the niners are a sure thing this sunday in the super bowl, right? a little good mojo couldn't hurt. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman went to a voodoo shop today in new orleans and now he has a little foresight into what is going to happen sunday. >> as the super bowl approaches the streets of new orleans have begun to fill with amateur soothe sayers. >> i feel the ravens are going to win. >> niners. >> somebody going to win and somebody got to lose. >> clearly a serious fan needs a professional. thank goodness for dr. zombie's house of voodoo. a charming establishment that came highly recommended and positively yelped. for a mere swipe of 9 card and $40 an astute fan can catch a glimpse into the future. >> localize your energy and relax and tie into the game and what is going to happen? >> yes. >> we entered the physical and spiritual realm of a master of the mystic arts.
9:45 pm
a tarot card reader. i picked h him and he deciphered him. >> walking away from old feelings. >> the niners leaving frustration behind. but the ravens will not go easily. >> they are scoring some major points here. >> the game is going be close he says. difficult to make an accurate read when every football play involves 22 people with 22 destiny strings. then i pulled a card for coach harbaugh. >> he really has a hard time with his decision that he made. >> kaepernick. smith. how could a tarot card reader see all of that. >> dominating the first quarter. however, they are building momentum for the second quarter. >> do we have a clear winner? >> your regret is upside down and sorrow is sideways. if you add that numerically i can't real say but i can say that it looks -- you are looking pretty good. i would shore up the offense, though.
9:46 pm
>> and that, dear friends is why they pay card readers the big bucks. it was a visit worth every penny. and then some. >> and that parking ticket was the price we paid for the visit to the house of voodoo. you know, based on the prognosticate we heard you have to wonder why is baltimore even showing up to play the game? in new orleans, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> i think that is the question, right? why would they even bother. we know you will watch the game and should be a lot of fun and we hope it turns out our way. right after the game turn to abc 7 news. our abc 7 news team is in new orleans and in the bay area live on the air are with up to the minute looks at how the niners fans are reacting here and in the big easy. we have you you covered from now until the super bowl sunday. >> soft but deadly. coming up, you may not think of your cat as dangerous but in fact it is kind of a superpredator. i'll explain,
9:47 pm
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9:50 pm
a new study chins what house cats do when they are outside. reveals interesting but not necessarily pretty details. dan harris has the story. >> the age of you tube, they play patty cakes and even in the viral video i made with the ascca, fly. but do not be fooled by all of this alleged innocence. reality might be closer to this. >> behind the adorable exterior lurks lethal intent. the serial killer purr in your lap. you will never look at fluffy the same.
9:51 pm
>> ben johnson voices trailers for movies. turns out it is all tree. we all know cats eat birds what stunned the scientists is that when you do thorough absoluting on cats it turns out they are four times more vicious than previously imagined. every year they kill 12.3 billion mammals like chipmunks and 2.4 billion birds. a freeing frenzy even endangering rare birds. the number of stray cats exploded and felines are much deadlier than we knew. >> he is the cutest serial killer you will ever meet. >> annie watts thought they knew her cat but when scientists put a camera on the kitty they captured carnage. i never thought my wife and i were harboring cold blooded killers in our hone ohm. i went back where we adopted the cats. >> on a scale of 1-10 how worried should i be that one of my cats is going to kill me in
9:52 pm
my sleep? >> not likely. >> but it as real problem. a human problem. experts say we are the reason the cat pop labs has exploded and we all have to do a better job of keeping them inside. >> you willle never look at your cat the same. >> maybe not. thanks, ben. dan harris are, abc news, new york. the secret world of cats. wow. not quite as cuddly as we were led to believe. sandhya patel is back with the forecast. >> and the forecast is looking good, dan. keep it dry right on through the weekend. if you have outdoor plans other than the super bowl it is going to be mild. temperatures in the is 60s. even close to 70 degrees thursday and friday and the the bay. cooling off early next week. slight possibility of rain on wednesday. not too exciting but tracking it with liv live doppler 7hd ie rain does alive. larry beil is stuffing him isself with benittes.
9:53 pm
>> coming up in sports, the 49ers hold the first official practice today in new orleans. and a big wcc game tonight as and a big wcc game tonight as look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off.
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all of the bay area this is abc 7 news. coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, friends and family of eileen refusing to give up hope after 24 years since she was last seen. we will talk to her parents and police about the continuing and ongoing investigation. plus you saw what giants fans did after the world series. san francisco police are planning to keep it from happening again on super bowl sunday. those is stories and more coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. home you can tune in for that. rick kwan here with all of the sports. super bowl? >> more about randy moss. people still shaking their heads over randy moss' comments he should be considered the greatest receiver of all time. saying that not only distracts from the team preparation for the super bowl but also
9:57 pm
disrespects the career of hall of famer jerry rice. when asked about the controversial comment today moss didn't back off. >> what i said was what i felt and like i said, i don't want to get into a shouting match with jerry rice or anybody. i mean that is my own personal opinion. i mean there is people think that just because he has the number that he is the greatest. but i don't believe in numbers i really don't. so this is just your personal opinion of what you think that is what you think. you know, what i think is what i think that i am the greatest to do it. >> while moss remains defiant so does linebacker ray lewis. this week's sports illustrated has a story which claims lewis used banned substances to try and recover from his torn tricep muscle. he questioned the credibility of the writers. >> it is foolish and the guy has no credibility. he has been sued four or five times over the same b.s. and
9:58 pm
just entapement. i can't, i won't and i truly believe he doesn't have the privilege for me to speak about it ever again. >> lewis by the way, got his first career sack against 49ers head coach jim harbaugh who was then playing for the colts. harbaugh says he doesn't remember the play but lewis sure does. >> i do remember i did get up and do a little dance after it. i was just excited about getting my first sack in the nfl. so i did get up and do a little dance with my shoulders. >> high winds caused the 49ers to move the first full practice of the week indoors. linebackers ail done smith and brooks saw limited action because of shoulder injuries. as for the rest of the team it was nice to get back ton the field and away from the media. mark matthews, though, did speak to some of the players. >> very good to get back to practice. we haven't been on the practice field for about three days and i'm ready to get back to football and play the game.
9:59 pm
>> reporter: feel maybe a little out of rhythm as a result? >> no, football is played. if you know how to play it yolks you can play it. if you can't you can't. we have been playing it all year. one game to go, four ware quarters and we want to leave there with a bang. >> it seems like it has been a little while because we have been doing so much as far as the media and things like that. i'm excited to get back to work and gut the game plan in. >> nice to get out there and run around and just do what we are comfortable doing. i know we got the to get up here and do the media stuff. we weren't bred to get up here and answer a million questions. we were bred to play football. >> feel like you are out of rhythm after all of the time off? >> not at all. everywhere are you walk you see super bowl and 49ers helmets. always in a rhythm when you see that. >> kind of like disneyland, fun the first day but you after awhile getting old. >> getting tired of talking to you guys.


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