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tv   ABC7 News  KOFY  April 1, 2013 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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it's april 1st but no joke. a storm brought a lot of rain to the bay area and heavy downpours in some spot. >> take a quick look outside where you can see the gray skies from our various cameras. this is look from emeryville looking at san francisco. you can see a lot of thick clouds. and our camera on top of mount tamalpais where it's foggy and wet and lake tahoe with the changing situation there.
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mike nicco has been tracking the storm and joins us live. >> very impressive system for some areas. received as much rain in the last 24 hours for the first three months of this year. here is a look from the southeast back towards the east. oakland nearly an inch and same with santa rosa and san francisco. down in san jose right now the clouds are opening up. it's drier and least amount of rain at .7 and quarter in concord and castro valley about a third. it's considerably quieter than they were. we have a cell over novato. american canyon, 29, that area is seeing wet weather. that is about it. as you can see over the last three or four hours, drying trend but the air is so moist and small chunk of energy, stray
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shower is possible. worst of the wet weather is over. >> we definitely needed rain. how did it affect people in the bay area? here is a look. >> reporter: hi, cheryl. we're seeing a break in the rain. a little bit of blue sky and some sun. we're over interstate 880 where bu earlier it was treacherous commute. >> a soggy commute greeted monday morning drivers on 280 where the skyline was very visible. on king street umbrellas were popping up everywhere changing routines of people trying to get work. >> i take a muni but i usually walk. >> i don't like it. >> not much sun here. keeping the floor dry was a
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challenge. >> its hazard. probably the worst out here. >> he was on shopping cart retrieval duty, not easy on a day like this. >> customers throw them out there. they slide. you can't handle them. >> as shoppers went to the cars to keep dry, she left her umbrella in the car. >> i really do enjoy the rain because i think we need it even though they say there is a lot of snow, i think we need the rain. i grew up in the midwest. >> and just got off the phone with the chp. it was very busy day for them. one fatal accident on 780 in benicia this morning. the chp says the records are still slick and allow yourself plenty of room between you had
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an car in front of you. >> let's get more on the effect weather has had on drivers this morning. yes, in fact we had a fatality in benicia earlier this morning. that was going eastbound on 780 and santa cruz mountains, we saw plenty of rain. that could have been cause of this crash right at bear creek road. we have one lane blocking but the yellow is indicating plenty of volume. take you up to vallejo, an accident cleared, jackknifed big rig. that is now clear. oh, is a quick live look, peek at your drive through walnut creek, clear conditions down to 24. >> stay with abc news. you can track weather with live doppler 7-hd at and
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follow us on twitter for the very latest bay area weather conditions rain or shine. >> cheryl: new this morning, san jose police identified a man suspected in a wild attack in a south bay walmart store. they say this man, 33-year-old man crashed his car into the store and then assaulted customers inside. four people were hurt and one seriously. this is video taken moments after the car crashed in the store. he was speeding through the parking lot, hit two cars and tried to run several people over and crashing inside the store and he waved a club at people before he was taken into custody. he is being held without bail at santa clara jail. san francisco police are looking for a man that shot two people aboard a muni bus last night. it happened before 10:00.
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a woman was shot in the stomach and man was hit in the leg. it's not clear what promted the shooting. they are looking for any information a man with long curly hair wearing a black beanie. a highway patrol says a woman was using her cellphone when she crashed. it took place on highway 1 about 9:15 last night near carmet north of bodega. the car ran off the road and flipped into a drainage culvert. they told officers the woman was using the woman was using cellphone and alcohol may have been involved. meantime, a massive cellphone crackdown gets underway today. all month the chp will be ticketing drivers talking on handheld phones. last april they issued 57,000
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tickets. citation for talking on a cellphone in california is $159 plus court fees. >> cheryl: bay area young people mark the caesar chavez holiday this afternoon. they are asking for full citizenship for all immigrants. it starts an hour at noon and will go to downtown oakland. >> a san jose firefighter is back on duty after suffering a massive heart attack after fighting a fire last summer. he went into a cardiac arrest at least three timers on the way to the hospital. keira is live in san jose with more on ryan's return. >> reporter: good morning to you. it was such a joyous morning at fire station number one. they had a special breakfast and spoke to the media. his colleagues are ecstatic to
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have him back and he is looking forward to a return to normalcy. >> hugging dominated the crowd as he returns to duty in seven months. >> last couple months i've been getting healthier and easier to start thinking what happened. >> he suffered a massive heart attack while battling a fire at st. patrick's. he was at the right place at the right time. the care he received was critical to his survival. he was released from the hospital in three weeks. over the last seven months he was hen been doing rehab, anxious to return to fighting fires. >> doing this long and taking the normalcy out of your life it's a little awkward. >> he says he has had to change his diet a little but remains
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modest. the firefighters that saved him, he says he can't thank them enough. >> these guys don't take thank you very well. i don't think anybody in the profession very well. i think they know it. >> the next shift is wednesday and friday. i asked him if he thought about easing back into the demanding schedule. he said his that option. he wanted to get back to full time work immediately. still ahead, a major decision from prosecutors in colorado. find out if they plan to ask for the death penalty against james holmes. >> mounting tensions on the korean peninsula and
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>> eric: new this morning, prosecutors in colorado movie theater shooting they will ask the death bailout against james holmes. this is new video of the parents arriving in court. d.a. said he made the decision after speaking with more than 800 victims and family members. he is charged with killing 12 people and wounding 58 others during a midnight screening of a movie last summer. his attorneys are expected to argue he is insane at the time of the shooting. >> prosecutors are high alert
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after a district attorney and his wife were found shot to death. there is extra security outside the courthouse. the killers are still on the loose. sources tell abc news the killer used an assault style rifle to shoot the district attorney and his wife saturday night. this happened a deputy district attorney was also shot down. >> why here in are we getting a assistant d.a. getting killed and a d.a.? >> they are reviewing cases brought by the two murder cases. >> south korean says the military will respond immediately if the north launches an attack. they declared a state of war exist with the south.
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>> north korea saber rattling continues prompting a stern warning to its neighbor. they say if any provocation made by the north will be met by a strong military response. it follows a series of menacing threats made by kim jong un. >> as far as i see this is not a government. it's like an organized crime family. >> kim declared his nation at war with south korea. while urging calm the u.s. is showing military support for the seoul government. the pentagon deployed two fighter jets from japan to south korea as part of joint military drills, days after two nuclear capable b-2s ran a drill 50 miles from north korea border. >> we have a range of options we work with the south koreans to countered threats. >> so far there are no signs kim
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will soften his rhetoric. he said nuclear weapons are the nation's life and that would not be traded for billions of dollars. >> as north korea ratchets up the war of words they are taking moves to address reality apointing a new premiere to focus on economic development. >> cheryl: mike nicco returns with the accu-weather forecast. >> you can see a little clearing but dark clouds will that will drop a few showers. we have flight arrival delays at sfo. we have a warming trend on the way. so it is spring. forecast in a few minutes. >> eric: what experts are calling an alarming rise in american
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>> cheryl: foggy weather should not affect opening festivities for the a's and giants. they will host the seattle after taking two out of three from the giants and first pre-season bay bridge season. giants begin their road against the dodgers. they are opening party at giants ballpark. it will be shown on the jumbotron. first 5,000 will get free tickets for hot dogs.
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>> eric: what do we think the weather will be like that. >> we should be fine, dress for cool weather, temperatures in the 50s but we do see a drying trend. we'll start with live doppler 7-hd. i have it zoomed him n around vallejo down toward columbus parkway and all that area, a little sprinkle and heading over 680, if you driving north to fairfield it may get wet. if you cross 37, a little light rain. northern sections of novato, san marin drive and north of vineyard road, better returns. east bay hills emeryville you can see the clouds there. they are gray enough and have enough moisture and get higher in the air, they will get go of some of that water. notice our temperatures, from
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mill valley, 58 to walnut creek to san francisco, 59. san jose, 50. the sun is break go through the cloud cover here. looks pretty dry on 680 and santa rosa, 58 and 50 in napa and union city, fairfield and los gatos, 61 degrees. here is what is going to happen with this forecast. sunshine develop and pockets of it and isolated shower still possible. you definitely won't need it for tomorrow and wednesday but watch out for the pollen. it looks unsettled with the best chance of wet weather on thursday and nickel and dime stores for thursday through sunday. nothing to cancel plans on right now. there is the low that brought us the thunderstorms and heavier rain this morning. it has pulled away but the air is very moist out there with the sun creating enough energy and lift. chance of showers possible but
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tapering through the evening hours. noon to 5:00 you see it pulling off to the east and starting to fade away. during the overnight hours, it is gone. we're going to have a lot of fog for the morning commute. temperatures about 5-10 degrees cooler. by noon fog will start lifting and we're mostly sunny except for a few clouds hanging along the coast. temperatures are going to be about the same today as they were yesterday. low to mid-60s, mid to upper 60s inland and upper 50s along the coast. for the game tonight, opening, home opener, 58 with mostly cloudy conditions dropping down to 54. so dress accordingly. let's take a look what is going to happen tonight. fog filling in most of our neighborhoods. richmond, 51. seven-day forecast, you'll need
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the sunglasses tomorrow. maybe even short sleeves wednesday. temperatures will be upper 60s to low 70s. wednesday is warmest afternoon. that next system comes in thursday, maybe half an inch of rain out of that. friday, saturday and sunday a little more cloud cover and temperatures should be back where they should be but not a lot of rain. "abc 7 news" has another great weather resource four. follow us on twitter for the latest conditions and get spare the air alerts and power outage and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. >> eric: now one of the worst sports injuries ever seen on live television. they are call kevin ware to reset his bone a success. now his teammates will find out if he can cheer him on. he was attempting to block a shot during a game when his
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right leg snapped and broke in two places. doctors inserted a rod into his leg and he'll stay in the hospital for at least another day. they face off wichita state on saturday. >> cheryl: new report showing a number of children with adhd. 20% of high school boys and 11% have received a diagnosis of adhd. that is according to cdc. 6.4 million children have received an adhd diagnosis at some point in their lives. that is jump of 53% in the past ten years. rise could be a sign that the adhd diagnosis and medications are being overused. >> eric: still to come. >> cheryl: first family on a
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roll. >> eric: holiday tra dig is
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coming up at 3:00, dying to be beautiful and the white house pulls an april fool's joke. special message from the president that did not happen. at 5:00, state mammogram goes into effect today. it could improve conditions of
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women. >> an easter tradition this morning. >> how cool is that? and helping with their easter egg roll. they were on the south lawn. >> story telling by the president and dances and games a from the egg hunt they are chief but michelle obama was sticking to her campaign reminding the kids to eat veggies. >> eric: to wash it down. >> that is going to do it for us. >> who wants to be a millionaire next. next. see you later.
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