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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 2, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> good evening. cal-trans come up with 1 million dollar solution to construction defect on the new bay bridge. it is a fix it plan for the busted bolt they have already installed and can't even get to any more of
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them. thomas explains the problem and the solution. >> professor has work on bridges worldwide. he says the if you problem with these seismic report rod should not be a major concern. >> this is not something that we should worry unduly at all. bridge is not in danger of any future seismic safety issue. that's not the case. >>reporter: he's approve of bridge and structural engineering at uc berkeley and often a critic of cal-trans2í t he says for every engineering problem there is a solution. he knows that engineers are already considering one of them. cal-trans spokesperson an true gordon showed a piece of one of the 2 88 rods or bolts that need to be replaced. he says replacing the rods some of which are 17 feet long and can be access from top and bottom is not the problem. but the one shown on the right of the cal-trans animation can't be removed. >> bolt are inside the column holding up the eastern end of the span so can't easily be pulled out.
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>>reporter: problem discovered few weak ago when third of 96 bolt failed or snapped since the bolt inside the create pillar can't be reached a fix has to be designed and fabricated. so far the cost is estimated 1 million dollars. >> 1 option is to put basically a collar around the seismic device called sheer key and collar will do the job of what the bolts were to do is hold these things in+ place. >>reporter: professor agree was cal-trans that fixing this problem will not cause a delay of the bridge labor day openin opening. >> this is in the dichlt while you are doing other things on the critical path and moving ahead with the opening on labor day youcan take care of the problem parallel on different track. >>reporter: now the one million dollar is just an estimate. that's where the collar solution cal-trans says the engineers don't know exactly how long it will take them to decide which way to go. but cal-trans does say that whichever way they go the bridge will be safe and open as scheduled on labor day. on treasure island, abc 7 news.
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>> video from sky 7 hd over palo alto shows where an suv crashed into a house late today injuring a furniture mover inside. police have arrested the driver who is in his 70's on suspicion of returning driving. they say he accidentally punched accelerator instead of the brake pulling into the drivewa driveway. injured mover to be okay. the moving fan there. ironically the damage home scheduled to be demolished next week. >> man caused of deliberately plowing his car in a crowded san jose wal-mart faced a judge today. but not for that crime. it turns out that he's had quite a few run-ins with police recently for surprisingly similar incidents. the story tonight from david louie. >> double glass doors have been replaced but you can still see damage to the frame. where police say the man drove a silver lexus into the gas station convenience store. car knocked down display counters and smashed into a refrig rated case on the far wall. >> the girls telling me about
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cashier that work here were telling me that they they just heard a crash and jumped over the counter. that's all this he did. frightened. >>reporter: lucky they weren't hurt. >> next thing the police were here and guy was taken out o&-; the restroom. and. >>reporter: hiding in the rest room. >> i guess so. >>reporter: police glad to catch up with him because minutes earlier the same car involved in hit-and-run accident 3 miles away. officers said he behaved as though upped the influence of drugs. month later san jose police were called to a house on laurel avenue where he lives with his girl friend. police had received a call from his cell phone that someone was burglarizing the house. instead of cooperating with police he took off leading them on foot chase. again police said he appeared to be under the influence of drugs. he admitted to police he had been smoking meth. neighbors said he had a history of erratic behavior. >> lacks like normal guy but many incidents where he has
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been running down the street. intoxicated or on some kind of drugs. >>reporter: 93 pages of court documents release today also indicate he threw a chair through wind 0in bar in san jose in october. all charges are being consolidated into one case. he appeared in superior court today but the case has been postponed for another wee week. >> david louie abc 7 news. >> there is a man hunt under way in oakland as police search for shooter tonight. just before noon on keller avenue witness say man in brown car opened fire on another driver. bullet hit the driver in the head. victim sped off slammed into a median and then went over a ravine. sky 7 hd shows you where it landed. police not sure what led to the shooting but as you can see, it had difficulty says ter and violent results. >> just released nip 11 recordings from a deadly northern california race way crash revealed confusion about where emergency crew should have responded in the moments
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after that horrible accident. reporter george warren gives you the audio tonight first on abc 7 news. >> hello. >>t( marriesville race way park 2 ambulance and medic please please. >> in a series of frantic mobile 911 calls. spectators at marriesville race way park describe the horror of watching an out of control sprint car barrel in the pit area. >> it's bad. we have a young child hit by a race car. please get here as soon as you can. >> on war way rate now. >> initially some confusion among the dispatchers regarding exact location of the crash. they are not sure whether to send help to maryville race way or river front park 3 miles away. >> we need help please hurry r ri. >> ma'am i have to find out where you are at first. 3 location where is they race, okay. you are in the park correct. >> race way park. 1 mile east
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of town. >>reporter: sprint car driven by high school senior chase johnson seen here in an earlier race lost control in the first turn. standing in the pit area was 68-year-old dale of grass valley. and the young driver's cousin 14-year-old marcus johnson of petaluma. neither survived the crash. >> we have a kid that has been hit by race car. he's not breathing we need air lift here now. >> listen are you with the child. >> yes they are performing cpr rate now. >> perfect we are already on our way several calls. >> thank you thank you. >> george warren abc 7 news. >> moving on. smugglers trying to bring pot into the u.s. no match for the coast guard. sacramento helicopter crew spotted the boat off the coast of ventura county. people on boat threw bail of pot natural water as they try to speed off.i cutter recovered more than 3 tons of marijuana. smuggler got away. coast guard provided
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this video. >> proposal to set up planned parenthood clinic south san francisco is drawing a lot of fire from the neighbors. even though the clinic won't be providing abortions. proposed location on grand avenue near spruce avenue. now that's after redwood city officials shut down hitch for clinic on el camino real and oak wood drive. 2 years ago 7 news vick lee has more on the controvers controversy. >> planned parenthood wants to operate the clinic in this building. across the street from the city hall public library xlechblingts also within sight of the catholic church and school. planned parenthood say they won't perform abortion here. >> it's preventive health care here and in fact this health center in south san francisco we hope to provide primary care for community there. so i think, you know, and we are not going to provide abortion services there. >> nevertheless 32 s been
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plenty of opposition to the clinic. this binder contains lots of letters and petitions mostly from abortion opponent. carolyn is one of them. >> i'm opposed to the abortion even though they said there's not going to be any procedures. but i know it's just g just to get the foot in the door. >> business owners also worrie worried. most of the concern center on what they say is the lack of downtown parking. but the city has already approved a parking plan for the clinic saying there's plenty of space. lori owns the business next cure that says fireplaces. >> my customers need to park in front of my store. don't want them to have to walk miles just to get to me. >> also voices concern that some others have. the threat of protest. from abortion opponents. >> people who are going to be blocking my front door from my customers coming in and if they are preventing them then that's going to affect my business. >>reporter: some remember fight over park space redwood city two years ago. when
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planned parenthood wanted to start a clip ick on el camino. car rental agency withdrew the offer to share its parking lot with a clinic at the same time protestors threatened to picket their office as well. some opponent say they are considering appealing the city decision to approve the clinic parking plan. but they have to act fast. dead lane for the news. coming up next. we hear from the 911 call of some san francisco homeowners after a neighborhood water main break. situation has been going on for week and tonight done to fix the huge sink hole it caused. plus. bleep. bleep. [ yelling]. >> anger and outrage. college coach caught bullying his players and the assistant saw it all happen. >> in the accu-weather forecast center. warming up tomorrow but that is followed by rain. i have the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a
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sz police worried there's some kind of foul play. highway patrol is looking for these car, 2011 tan colored mercedes-benz 300 with license plate that reads as you see. 2 gold at the 1948 olympic games in london. he also coached olympic great including greg louganis. >> san francisco city officials are trying to stream line the process of rebuilding a westport neighborhood where water main broke in february. they have now established an office there. and for the first time we are hearing the 911 calls reporting that break. 7 news reporter heather has the story. [ tape played. >> what's the address? >> whether happened ma'am. >> car burst our house is flood snooing it's flooding >> i'm not kidding. literally like we
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can't get our kids out we are flooding. so much world trade center is that okay ma'am. >> bursting out of the street is that out of the street. >> yes. >> while the wait felt like an eternity to that caller, others felt there was no delay at all l. >> i came downstairs at 2:30 and the fire trucks were already at the top of 15th avenue and they were already at westportal and 15 avenue. >> still supervisor yee is concerned by the 8 minutes between the first call and the first engine arriving. >> which is kind of slow. that is slow. >>reporter: it was a 16 inch water main that broke and sent a geysernb of water exploding p through layers of soil and road and the result 3 homes are unsafe to live in and 20 more have varying degrees of damp. >> there was humongous break in the line. water line on february 27th. and that day we realize that this was not a one day issue. >>reporter: it will be months before the city repair are done
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and months before engineers know if the red tag home can be saved. and then possibly months more of repair and rebuilding for them. so today the city opened a field office virtually across the steet from the site of the break with staff from the p uc, city attorney, building inspector, and the contractor. >> being here to answer questions face-to-face is important. >>reporter: so to clarify on the response time 8 minutes from the first call but only 6 minutes from when fire was actually dispatched. so what happened to those other 2 minutes. 911 says that the call tear spent time trying to calm down the frantic caller. 6 minutes ago okay. fire department says not unreasonable. some resident not sure and want the mayor to follow-up. this is abc 7 news. there is no measurable rain on the immediate horizon. not a lot any way. spencer here with the forecast. you are watching some sprinkle. >> another storm our way.
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won't arrive until overnight tomorrow nature but once here we could have a good soaking. >> here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. skies mainly clear in the inland areas right now. low clouds along the coast throughout the day keeping temperatures down on the coast. we still have low clouds near the coast and some work their way across the bay inland tonight. fog already reduced visibility at half moon bay to mile and 3 quarters. while most other locations away from the coast are experiencing normal visibility but that may change as the fog pushes in overnight. high pressure today in the low 70's in many inland location. up to 75 down at gilroy. 60's to about 70 right around the bay so pretty mild day followed by another mild one tomorrow. right now live view from the high definition east bay camera west toward the city of san francisco. temperatures right now 50 degrees in san francisco. 55 in oakland and san jose. 59 at santa cruz. another live view from the south beach camera here san francisco looking along the bay bridge and temperature readings in other location 50 degrees at santa rosa and napa. 58 at livermor
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livermore. 57 at los gatos. forecast future fog from the coast locally out over the bay tonight. warm inland tomorrow high in the mid<  upper 70's bt then rainy cool on thursday. so more winter like and day after tomorrow here's satellite animation showing clouds moving in our drechblingts although high pressure still is controlling factor. will be through tomorrow but clouds will thicken late tomorrow and then this storm system arrives early thursday morning or over nature tomorrow night and the rain will fall. start our forecast animation 7:00 o'clock tomorrow evening at which point we see clouds thickening and just a little bit after midnight 2:00 a.m. or so thursday we see the first rain arriving by 5:00 o'clock thursday morning official beginning of the rush hour will see steady more wide spread rainfall. pockets of moderate to heavy rain could be falling at that hour as well. 9:00 o'clock thursday morning still wide spread area of rainfall and again moderate and maybe
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even some locally heavy downpíe  but then after that it starts to brake up a little bit late in the day into the evening hours on thursday and 11:00 o'clock thursday night we look at rainfall total in the north bay between half inch and an inch. one quarter half inch through the central part of the bay area down in the south bay more like tenth of an inch to quarter inch so the lowest rainfall total will be in the south bay. over nature tonight mainly clear. farther inland but rate around the bay certainly on the coast we see pockets of fog. low pressure mainly in the upper 40's. tomorrow high starting in the south bay. mid 70's. 74 at santa clara and san jose. peninsula low to mid 70's up to 73 palo alto. upper 50's to low 60's on the coast. downtown san francisco high of 65 tomorrow. north bay high mainly low 70's. nearest bay right around 70 at oakland san leandro. inland east bay 76 at fairfield and livermore and here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast rain cool raw open thursday. partly cloudy and
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chance of more showers north bay on friday. dry on saturday. slight chance of rain again on sunday so we are moving into rather unsettled weather pattern continue through the weekend. >> rainy cool raw. >> yes. oh, my. >> that's it. coming up nextth thieves blow up atm but it's where they pulled off this heist that is creating such an uproar. we have that story. >> super sizing television. we team one consumer report to find out if ultra hd tv are really worth the price. michael has that. sta
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[ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. is is. >> if you follow college
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basketball you probably know that rutgers men coach mike rice has hot temper. well then out burst had him suspended fined last december. rutgers is in new jersey of course about half hour south of newark. well now there's new there is video of homophobe ick slur and physical abuse to players. espn has pictures and reporter john bar the story. >> rutgers head basketball coach mike rice fiery style has been on public display before. >> get tossed out. >>reporter: known for his coaching intensity rice was suspended by rutgers for 3 games last december. for his behavior at team practices. with few specific reasons cited by school officials at the tim time, as to why. this is why. this is just some of the video that led to rice suspension. obtain not only thexd roughly 30
9:25 pm
minute video reviewed by rutgers officials. [ yelling]. >>reporter: but also hundreds of hours of additional of the practice and prior to this year. shots of rice leaving balls at players. even at the head. is you can see better here when the tape is slowed down. >> the problem is, is that whenever he kim in the gym mike rice was on the best behavior. clapping. positive. as soon as he leaves, every bleep. every bleep. and that's how it was. >>reporter: eric murdoch was a first round draft pick and played 9 seasons in the nba. he was hired by rice whom he had never met in june 2010 to be rutgers director of player development. murdoch says he director as early as last summer to inform him of rice
9:26 pm
coaching tactic. >> to witness that video and to see your coach physically putting his hand on players. physically kicking players. firing balls at players from point blank range. the verbal abuse, the belittling, about i was like in total shock this guy wasn't fired. medley on the spot. >> people now shocked. that was john bar reporting. well we have a program note for you tonight before we good any further. there will be no abc 7 news tomorrow nature at 9:00 p.m. here on coffee tv 20. instead coffee will broader cast oakland a's game. third of the four game series against the mayor interin oakland game beginning tomorrow tonight at 7:05 rate here on coffee tv 20. channel 13 will be back as normal on thursdayñi night at 9 p.m. for abc 7 news at 9 on
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coffee tv 20 rate here. so enjoy the ball game tomorrow nature and join us again right here on thursday as usual. >> coming up here. danger zon zone. tension rash it up even higher on the borden between north south korea. u.s. commander talks tonight about the grit east fear. >> mapping the mind. bay area impact of spending millions of taxpayer dollars to research the human brain. >> and charging airline passengers by the pound. idea [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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. >> let me be perfectly clear here today. united states will defend and prosecute tbingt
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ourselves and our treaty ally the republic of korea. >> secretary of state john kerry responding to north korean threat to restart a long dormant nuclear reactor. good evening once again. that reactor could produce enough material for one atomicñr bomb every year. 28,000 u.s. troops there and 50 million people live in south korea. all waiting for the next move. martha spoke with u.s. commander on the korean border. >> we stood just yards from north korea red hot border. the soldiers watching our every move in this buffer zone between north and south with more than 1 million and a half land mines reinforcing the divide. >> there's another guard post. >> general james thurman commander of all u.s. forces here. his job? to help protect america ally south korea. and to prevent
9:32 pm
war and increasingly difficult job with the alarming threats coming from the north new young leader. >> the situation is volatile. and it4h is damage russ. >>reporter: what is your greatest fear right now. >> miscalculation and impulsive decision that causes a kinetic provocation. there's 14,000 tubes of artillery just across the line beyond the far mountain range over there. if they decided to, you know, resume hostilities i think we have to be ready to good. >> and the threat of hostilities is far greater than artillery rounds. north korea so close to us today along this shared border that they appeared through window as we spoke. now vowing to ex pan the nuclear capability already believed to have enough material for more than half dozen bombs. even pledging to rebuild%/g nuclear reactor blown up in 2008 to show the world
9:33 pm
committed to peace. while they are not yet believed to have the ability to put a nuclear weapon missile that could reach the u.s, thurman is preparing for anything. >> those are not empty threats. >> no i don't think they are. we have to take every threat seriously. >> this is abc news, zole. >> in connecticut tonight more than three months after the newtown school shooting massacre lawmakers struck a deal for passage of the nation toughest gun law. they include back ground check for all gun sales. ban on all new gun magazine that hold 10 bullet or more. and people who already own high capacity magazine must now register them. parents who lost children at sandy hook elementary saylp this new law doesn't go far enough. >> we ask ourselves every take every minute if the magazine had held 10 rounds forcing the shooter to rae load at least 6
9:34 pm
more times would our children be alive today? >> national rifle association today unveiled its own proposa proposal. to train and arm at least one staff member at every school in america. >> presence of armed security in a school is a layer that just as important as mental health component. if you have a mental health component without other security it's inadequate. >> american federation of teachers says the nra prosecute postal cruel hoax not protect children. >> in the mean time a bill to make it harder for criminals to buy ammunition here in california passed assembly committee today. bill now moves on to the full assembly. >> president obama unveiled 100 million dollar initiative for researching the human brain today. both ahead of neurosurgery at ucsf and man whose wife has brain disease say the president proposal is a very big deal. more now from 7 news political reporter mark
9:35 pm
matthews. >> president obama says 100 million dollars will help researchers find new which to treat maybe even prevent ailment like alzheimer's and epilepsy. >> study particle smaller than an atom but haven't unlocked the mystery of the 3 pounds of matter that sits between our ears. >> ucsf the chairman of neurosurgery and says the president challenge to scientist and researchers lead to better understanding of how parts of the brain inner act. >> so that we know what areas work together say in the normal function and then when a disease like alzheimer's disease we can understand which piece of that puzzle is not firing. >> to illustrate brain connection the doctor shows me this picture of brain wired to show which areas activated on the subject asked to think about what you do with a ball. >> think about saying hit you then open up the mouth and you say hit and you hear the word
9:36 pm
hit. >> happens in a second or 2 when the brain is working righ right. when not, gentlemen can tell you about that. >> my wife has no discretion. she can't read amen you any more. she can't tell one noun from another. >> wife of 45 years has can i mention a. disease of the brain that is taking away her ability to understand. >> she can't find where to put things. she doesn't know the names of things any more. >> it's a heart break twoing and a half years and he understands that today's proposal from the president comes too late for his wife but he thinks 100 million dollars is a drop in the bucket. >> i don't know anybody i can't immanuel anybody who isn't touched either from parents, children who haven't been touched by brain disease of one sort of or another. that's why this research is so important. >> joe volunteers at the va on research project investigating
9:37 pm
traumatic brain injuries. when you think about the number of soldiers coming home with brain injuries the president proposal seems like pretty good deal. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> tonight one airline opening up new territory and extra fee charging for weight. not talking about your suitcase. but you the and me. 7 news reporter lindsay davis weighs that the controversy. >> you thought taking off the shoe and rae moving lap top a hassle. one airline mandating before boarding the plane you step on a scale. samoa air the world first airline with pay as you weigh praising. asking heavier passengers to fork over more money for their fare. look right here on the web site it read don't wor worry we weigh you again at the airport. but with more than 80 percent of the country of samoa considered over weight, the ceo of the airline defened the practice on australia radio.
9:38 pm
so now someone weighing 130 pounds would pay half the amount for the plane ticket as someone weighing 260 pounds. but is this way of calculating airfare, fair? one norwegian economist is leading the charge calling the payment method intuitive and logical. he says this could be the way of the future for major airlines. whoever thought we welcome back paying more for about acknowledge or be charged for food. even will you suits filed by over weight passengers forced to buy 2 seats. dr. dr. andrew says it's a money issue. >> as americans gained weight there is an extra cost to airlines to fly the extra pounds. >>reporter: with the average american gaining 15 pounds in the last 20 years if you think the airline aren't thinking about it, think again. lindsay davis abc news, new york. >> when 7 news at 9 returns. what motivated man to climb and what motivated man to climb and then did you know
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subpoena. >> police in britain arrested a man for the explosion of an at atm. blast was captured on government surveillance camera. watch now. authorities broadcast the video on local television and on you tube to demonstrate the danger of this kindf explosion. thieves used home made bomb to plo open the cash machine at gas station. authorities say the bomb was small or else it would have ignited the fuel in the pump and really catastrophic. nobody injured. authorities say flowing up atm is becoming more and more common, however. >> and look at this maniac. state television in china video of man who is very fortunate to be alive. man is dangling upside down on high voltage power cable and refs to come
9:43 pm
down. he held on for 15 minutes before falling to lower cable as you saw and then to the ground. luckily rescue team in northern china set up a net to catch him so he was not hurt. man told reporters that the he had had a lot to drink. i suppose so. wow! >> all right. lets talk some consumer news. buy hd television for hundreds of dollars these days but what about the super expensive ones. are they worth the extra money. consumer report partner exclusively with 7 on your side for report on the first test of mega expensive tv's here's michael with the story. >> this 84 inch ultra ht television from lg is the bi biggest flat screen tv that consumer reports has ever had in its test lab. the dwarf the 65 inch set next to it. but huge screen isn't all that the sets have to offer.
9:44 pm
>> most hd tv are new breed of higher resolution tv that promise more detail and sharper image than conventional set. >> consumer report testers lack at the lg as well as the first ultra hd sets from sony and samsung. when the sets are showing uhd condition tent the the picture is indeed breath taking with crisp images and more detail than testers have ever seen. however there isn't much uhd content. the sets can take regular hd content that has been converted. not surprisingly that looks great. testers also use test pattern to assess these new ultra hd sets and found some draw backs. all 3 had problems common to most lcd such as motion blur and black level that aren't quite black. biggest problem is not technical. tv so far cost around 20 to 25,000 dollars. that's going to be
9:45 pm
prohibitively expensive for most people. >> while uhd lacks great and huge screens are impressive, consumer reports says the technology far from ready for prime time. >> okay. so you don't have 20,000 dollars to spend on a new tv. consumer reports recommend 65 inch plasma tv from pansome sonic, sierra p c listed here that delivers excellent image detail and clear as well as deep black level. 3300 dollars it's not exactly cheap. unless of course you are comparing it to the cost of an ultra hd tv. >> 7 on your side. >> update developing news we have been following today and that is a man hunt in oakland for a shooter. we now know that the victim is paramedic. we believe from santa clara county. the victim after being shot sped off. slammed into a median and over a ravine. see the car there took a terrible
9:46 pm
fall. police not sure what led to the shooting but again we understand that the victim person shot is a paramedic. we are looking now police looking for the shooter involved. this happened uses before into at keller avenue. man in brown car open fire and then drive off. bullet hit the driver in off. bullet hit the driver in
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♪ connect out the sea lion bopping to earth wind fire to the have id why. they say he's the first non-human mammal convincingly shown to be able to keep a beat. they say his since of rhythm upped cut
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theory that it requires complex vocal learning. >> he's into it. he likes earth wind and fire. >> all right spencer is back with the forecast. >> okay. reason an has rivt im. look at live doppler 7hd clouds along the coast line. fog inland during the overnight hours but tomorrow we expect mainly sunny afternoon and warm inland with high pressure in the mid upper 70's. here's a building weather 7 day forecast things change dramatically on thursday comes cooler and it becomes rainy. rainy commute on thursday and showers continue that friday north bay. partly cloudy dry saturday unsettled weather for the weekend. >> thanks spencer very much. >> larry is here. lots to talk about of course. baseball giants. giants and a's. offense a little sluggish for both teams no. problem when you have the man known as mad mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! don't stress. we can figure this out. [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪
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l. >> all right breaking news from napa where there is an officer
9:54 pm
involved shooting. according to the napa recommend sister happened short time ago. police tried to arrest 3 people tonight near the home depot off kansas avenue. there was a struggle. one shot was fired. hitting a male suspect. he's been taken to local hospital. no word on his condition at this point. other 2 suspects were taken into custody. we are running it down and we'll bring you more at 11:00. also coming up 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. hero comes fore. person who held down the man accused in south bay store attack tells 7 news what happened after car smashed through the front doors. also on abc 7 news aneurysm team investigation. doctor fired for telling the truth gets a little justice tonight. they got a big settlement but what happened tonight was the icing on the cake. >> those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. but larry is here and he has all the sports tonight. >> search for runs. remember. >> right. >> got shut out. after both being blanked in the season opener giants they went lacking
9:55 pm
for some runs. tonight in los angeles. pandemonium everywhere dodger stadium. took the giants 13 innings. first run of the season. 1 nothing giants. in the seventh they catch a break. madison here with chopper to short. with two men on. justin throws high and wide. the score. and torres on the error and giants up 3 nothing. outstanding. 8 innings. scoreless baseball. allowed just 2 hits and struck out 6 right now the giants leading 3 nothing in the 9th. romo on to close it out. a's lack for first run of the season against the mariners. got it. courtesy of this. 2nd inning. facing and this means goodbye. solo bomb to dead center. a lead. thus far only run of the night. parker in the third. michael moore the
9:56 pm
opposite way. josh lack out. make a great effort but crashes in the wall. that ball gone for 3 run homer then in the fifth. kendra with base hit up the middle. to score kyle. allowed 4 runs and right now seattle leading 5-1 in the eighth. on this day 2 of the season we almost had a per gam game. texas starter perfect into the 9th against the astro astros. blowing away 14 guys came down to this. one out away from the per game and gonzalez base hit. clean right up the middle. that guy. almost saw history. fantastic performance and rangers we know 7 nothing. on to the nfl. jackson needed quarterback in the middle of the 2011 season he gambled and gave up first rounder and second round draft pick to get palm frer the bengals. well jackson long gone. today palmer traded arizona. raiders get
9:57 pm
conditional 7 round pick and what set this in motion about revving to restructure the contract and take 8 million a year with the cardinals and avoid figure to be a lengthy rebuilding process for the silver and black. better chance to win in arizona. rai raiders new quarterback flynn who met the media today. acquired from the seahawks where he was displaced up there as starter by will so that. flynn is something of a myster mystery. he backed up russell at lsu. before ultimately leading the tigers to national title. he doesn't follow in terms of the raider performanc performance. he was a back newspaper green bay. couple good games off the bench. mop up roll now lands in oakland hoping to prove he can start and win. >> they get a smart one pointer that is that doesn't like to lose. doesn't accept losing. i have always been competitive no matter what it is and what i'm playing. looking forward
9:58 pm
to effect the thing going and start winning games. >> familiar face coming back to the bay area. former cal rai raiders star signed with the 49ers. 31-year-old disbursed 8 seasons with the raiders. pro bowl one of the three times. went to the eagles for big money. released after 2 disappointing seasons there niners desperately need help in the secondary. one year deal believed to be worth about 3 million dollars. nhl trade deadline tomorrow. shark big move. dealt forward ryan to the rangers in return the sharks will get 3 draft pick. able 30 spent entire career with the men in teal. 101 total goal. tough physical presence but hasn't worked this season. struggle mightily. not scored a single goal for the sharks this year. high school star can he play? yes. he will be playing college ball at the university of arizona. average almost 22 points per game leading to the
9:59 pm
title one of the top 5 recut in the country. he will be awildcat and shocking video from rutgers university in new jersey where basketball coach mike rice seen abusing his players routinely shoving players throwing basketballs at them and tawpting them with gay slur. for all this rice was sues pen add mare 3 games. rutgers administration now under all kinds of pressure for going too lightly. the fact he still has a job is somewhat amazing see what happens now that this has come out publicly. >> a lot of videotape apparently. >> a ton of situations and incidents and the heat really on at rutgers. >> it's shocking. >> we haven't seen sense knight years ago with reid and chokin choking. this is repeated ton of it. >> all right thanks very much. >> that is this edition of 7 news on tv 20 for all of us here, i'm dan ashley thanks for watching. we areciate your time next newscast at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. stay connected. 7 any time


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