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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 7, 2013 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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good evening, i'm ama daetz. two people were seriously injured after san francisco police opened fire on them. it happened at 2:00 this morning around the police station. >> reporter: the the store is where a police officer fired on a suspect that was pointed ago gun into a crowd of people. a fight broke out among two groups of people, some had left
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the elbow room earlier. >> one pulled a gun on the group. citizens ran into the parking lot at mission station calling the attention to the officers that someone had pulled a gun. >> two officers responded from mission police station which is just across the street. >> fearing the folks were going to be shot and killed fired upon the suspect, striking the suspect. we don't know the circumstances. another person was hit by gunfire. >> both men were taken to san francisco general hospital in critical condition. the numbers indicate where the shells were shot. they got the gun they found it was an air powered weapon. if there was to indication that any of his customers were having any issues. >> we had no incidents as far as any kind of altercations between customers. >> reporter: police are
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canvassing the area attempting to interview witnesses. david campos says the incident is taken very seriously. >> it's very important not to jump conclusions. any time there is an officer involved shoeing there are automatic investigation take place. >> police are testing the air powered weapon whether to see if it is lethal. they are investigating why the other individual was shot. both males are in san francisco general hospital room. >> people waving guns caused a panic but it was a false alarm. police were called to fifth and mission streets. they were making a rap video with replica guns. >> we were filming a music video. it looks like it was a bank robbery so they came in full force. >> you definitely need to get a permit from san francisco and
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the district that you will be working with when you shoot a video. >> ama: 15 police officers shoet showed up. 17 people were detained. police in concord made an arrest in the city's first homicide. 25-year-old man of brentwood was shot to death during a large party near monument boulevard last night. witnesses gave description of the gunman and they arrested a man at an apartment complex nearby and argument preceded the shooting. >> after a standoff in santa rosa, police arrested a wanted man. officers tracked down 22-year-old eric pinetta to a home in santa rosa last night. he surrendered about an hour later. there were three outstanding warrants out for his arrest. he was also wanted on ading and child endangerment charges
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leading police on a chase with his 15-month-old son in his car. >> a reward is being offered to help find someone who illegally shot a goose in napa with an arrow. the goose had an arrow through its next. it has the initials "k" "h" and $5,000 reward is to find the person who shot the goose who is recovering. landfill workers voted to strike this afternoon but they haven't revealed whether they will walk off the job in livermore. waste management workers who refused to go to work during a strike at the landfill last month. concerns over workplace safety triggered the strike, this time the landfill workers object to a new contract proposal, calling to cut pay by 50 cents an hour. >> this is another example with what is wrong with america. we have big companies that are
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supposed to be working in the public interest. they seem to be benefiting only the 1%. workers said that is wrong and they are going to do something about it. >> ama: waste management told "abc 7 news" that customers should get their garbage picked up as usual tomorrow. hiker stranded for three days in the southern california mountains admits he and fellow hiker made mistakes. he was hiking with a friend easter sunday in cleveland national forest. after six hours climbing, they got half bottle water left. >> they suffered a trauma. i guess maybe ourselves and they thought i was dead. maybe i was unconscious longer than she was. i honestly can't tell you. >> 18-year-old kendall jack was found on a ledge after one was
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found. more stranded hiker news, this time in san francisco, four juvenile hikers were rescued last night. they found the hikers with a search plane and used a helicopter to pick them up. the hikers were very fatigued. it's about 25 miles south of san jose. >> congress returns tomorrow from a two week spring recess with gun control on its agenda. they could start debating gun legislation and a deal to expand federal background checks to gun shows and online fire sales are reportedly already in the works. a democratic and republican senator are working through a compromise. also high on the agenda is immigration. bipartisan groups are expected to present legislation as early as this week in securing the u.s. border fixing legal immigration and granting legal
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status who are in the united states illegally. >> governor brown heads to china this week and hopes to bring back a lot of money. brown is going to a week long trade mission in the second largest economy to try to produce investments on both sides of pacific. china has piles of money to invest and governor says he is intent on bringing back a slice of the pie. brown who turns 75 today is building a project works project. researchers say 100,000 american lives can be saved each year with one change, we'll tell you what it is. >> also, a look at the new video that shows a baggage handler pocketing thousands of dollars in items. and on a woman shares her story after being locked in her car trunk for two days. >> scattered light rain showers have finally arrived in the bay area. gusty winds accompanying them. here is a look at high definition emeryville camera.
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>> ama: an airport baggage handler faces charges for allegedly stealing $84,000 worth of items in people's luggage. he stole electronics and jewelry and even guns dluirg an eight month period. this is major flaw in airport security. >> you can't secure bags because the sheer volume and movement of the bags and handler's ability where nobody is watching. >> ama: the baggage handler is charged ten felony accounts of stealing firearms and he is also
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facing other charges. >> two people are in custody for kidnapping an 89-year-old woman and leaving her in the car trunk for two days. it started on march 18th in delaware when margaret smith offered two teenage girls a ride across town. when the car stopped, they took her keys and forced her into the trunk of the car. with two days they kept her there. they only opened the trunk to rob her of cash. they dumped her at remote cemetery. >> i was crawling through the cemetery on hands and knees, no jacket, finally, somebody found me. >> ama: thank goodness they did. two teens were charged with kidnapping and carjacking. smith is expected to make a full recovery. new research on salt sheds lighted on how dangerous it can be. red meat has something in common
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with energy drinks. changes are coming to the bay area weather. >> i'm colin rush, a playoff berth put on hold thanks to the utah jazz and looked so utah jazz and looked so promising for well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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>> tomorrow a new study suggests 100,000 american lives can be saved each year by reducing salt intake by half. british researchers analyzed people that ale less salt.
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researchers say the food industry should cut the amount of sodium it puts in food that makes up 80% of america's sodium intake. >> there a link of heart disease and compound found in red meat and energy drinks. once carnitine lands in the intestines that microkreobs produce metabolite that speeds up hardening of the arteries. it can be found in red meat and added ingredient in energy drinks. the fact that there are such high levels in carnitine in some energy drinks or supplements that people can take over the counter and self-medicate with carnitine supplements is a cause for concern. our data really suggests that this is a risk factor for accelerated heart disease.
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>> ama: the study is published in the journal of nature medicine. we have quite a mixed bag of weather this weekend, some fog, a little rain, drizzle, everything. >> wind. >> more changes coming. we have snow in the sierra. finally the rain has arrived. we have been talking about it for days. live doppler shows a smattering of rain showers from the east bay to san francisco the we had a light rain shower at the airport. on the peninsula heavier rain up to the north. it's not going to amount to too much. over on 580 and 680 through fremont and milpitas, light rain back west towards pescadelo add mist and drizzle along the coast. north of guerneville, around holidaysberg, accompanying the rain, gusty winds. higher elevations are looking at
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snow. winter weather advisory in the sierra. winds out of west gusting to over 20 miles an hour. up by the delta and livermore valley. elsewhere a little lighter but these will continue to increase and switch around to the northwest tomorrow as we get behind this weak trough. 57 degrees in oakland. 54 in half moon bay. light showers and temperatures are cool in the low 50s from napa. 55 union city. 54 in los gatos. for the evening hours, scattered light rain showers not going to amount too much. we are looking at the wind advisory through the coastal hills, san mateo coast, north and east bay hills as the winds could gust in excess of 40 miles an hour but it will be a windy day. much less wind tuesday and wednesday. we talk about the snow. here it is, 2-6 inches above
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5,000 feet with gusts over 60 miles an hour. it is still spring break for some folks. kind of slick in the sierra nevada. overnight tonight, a little cooler, mid to upper 40s, 47 in san jose. mid 40s up to the north and sonoma county. there is the low. it's going to slide into the sierra, nevada. upper level trough, we are on the breezy conditions and as the low slides to the east it's the high that builds in. that is going to create a tight pressure gradient and gusty winds. 10:00, noticed the rains mainly up in the north bay. midnight going to the south bay and advancing through the santa cruz mountains. then by the wee hours of the morning, it's out of here and look for clear conditions. it will be quite windy out there. temperatures tomorrow, pretty similar but gusty winds, 68 in concord. upper 60s in san jose.
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62, san francisco. 61, half moon bay. warm up as much as 8-10 degrees on tuesday. wednesday, 80s. thursday the sea breeze returns. even with the cooler weather it's going to be nice right into next weekend. >> ama: thank you, lisa. >> colin rush is in for shu. really the cal ladies they should be proud of what they did. >> i think they are very proud. a lot of people didn't think they would get this far. stanford was number one seed and they made it. it was a tale of two halves for cal. controlling the first 20 minutes but heartbreak in the final 20. cal came ready to play and unfazed by louisville. cal a 14-2 run. louisville was pretty good. behind the back pass and cal going into half time up ten after shooting 58%.
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coast to coast she had 17. bears up by 8. 19 turnovers and minute and a half left. tied at 57. sara pick and roll, cardinals up 3. michela and louisville holds them, cal's magical run comes to an end. our team in the locker room, we can be disappointed about basketball and think about that for two minutes and next 10,000 minutes i'm going to think about what this group did for the university of california. >> louisville's win locked up a title game. uconn handled notre dame, 38-65.
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the chance to clinch a playoff berth, warriors missed an opportunity against utah. a good first quarter, clay thompson to carl landry with the lead. jazz cut develop all night. williams a three for a 10-point lead. williams the runner, 88-78, utah. warriors within five, david lee, inbound pass, 3-point game. they need a stop. william over green, he buries a 3. they fall 97-90. next night comes tuesday night against minnesota. >> they received their rings and giants received an old-fashioned butt killinging from the cardinals. rings arrived by a cable car trolley and white gloves tiffany
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and people. and certain lay proud moment for players and franchise, second time they did it in three years. this is batting practice for the cards. seven hits, worst appearance sings april 2008. that was against the cardinals. gave up nine runs and 3 2/3 and matt cain, about his out go. >> for the rest of the guys, i wish i had done better. to keep the excitement going. its long season. we'll have a lot more games. if everyone has a twin, josh reddick, a three run home game and coco crisp, chris young in the fifth got oakland to 8-0 lead. reddick hiting is not an issue.
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right risk chasing foul ball in the fifth. x-rays are negative. he is day to day. a's have won five straight games. >> you will go in my mouth, chocolate ice cream. >> look at this shot. backhand top shelf, precision, third goal of the year. san jose went up by 2, twice. they came back and ties it at four. game goes to a shootout. scores the only goal. sharks settle for a point. 5-4 the final. 7 game win streak. outside the a's, rough day day for local teams, cal is just one in four. >> ama: thank you so much. a classic rebooted kicks off the
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>> ama: coming up at 11:00, remembering the victims of the holocaust. plus, on hollywood, film being used as propaganda to turn one country against americans. big red ball moving across the bay area. it will improve your fortune. the remake of a cult horror movie. evil dead is an update version of the 1979 classic. it made $26 million. family film, the croods, g.i. joe, jurassic park and olympus has


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