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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  April 10, 2013 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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get 5% cash back at restaurants when you use your chase freedom card this quarter. what? activate your 5% cash back at a stark reminder tonight that we are still at war in afghanistan. this time it is hitting close to home. we learned today specialist del son santos, junior died in an attack on his con joy -- convoy over the weekend. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. tonight family and friends are mourning a young man who died in the line of duty. a young soldier who joined the
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military as a teenager to honor his father, help his family and serve his country. john alston is live in santa clara. john, everyone said he was proud to serve. >> absolutely, dan. he was born in the fill teens, but he -- philippines, but he grew up this san jose, santa clara and that is where they are feeling the loss. >> they honor him as a soldier and as a brother. all of the other soldiers that have done this and sack fiesed -- sacrifice editor this country. >> she is heart broken over the death of her brother. del son santos, junior, he was one -- among five killed in afghanistan while helping deliver textbooks to school children. the suicide car bombing also killed 25-year-old diplomat anne smedinghoff. >> as a soldier first of all he is brave and always motivated. he's always willing to do anything. >> santos followed the lead of
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his father, a world war ii vet who survived the baton death march. delfino santos, senior died the day his son left for boot camp. >> he joined for my father and for the service of this country and that's what my father told him. >> reporter: in 2008, santos sent holiday greetings to his family. >> i would like to say hello to my family in california. mom, happy birthday and happy thanksgiving. i love you. see you later. >> reporter: madeline followed her brother into the military. they talked on friday, a day before he was killed. he was expecting a box of pistachios and laundry detergent she sent. >> he didn't fear. he just said i am going to be gone, that's it. this is my mission. this is what i have to do. i am accepting the fact that if it happens, it happens. >> reporter: she says her brother was expecting to return to santa clara in about two weeks while waiting for his next assignment. now the family is trying to
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make arrangements to have the body brought here for a viewing before it is buried in the philippines next to his father. in santa clara, john alston, abc news. >> thank you. the man who used to hold the top job at a marin county sanitation district is a fugitive. there is now a $1 million warrant out for his arrest for stealing taxpayer dollars. >> reporter: this is brett richards during an interview two years ago. last july he abruptly resigned as the ross valley sanitation district executive director and disappeared. now he is wanted on nine counts including money laundering and embezzling. and there is a $1 million warrant out for his arrest. >> we heard he was in florida in the late summer, early fall, but the board had no contact with him. >> they said a $350,000 loan was a perk to help richards
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with a home in 2008. >> it was laundered nd he never bought a home they said there was very little oversight. >> i questioned that. i said where is the security and are we holding a second deed of trust on the property? i found out we held no paper on the property. >> they should be held responsible for it. it will come out who signed off on the deal and they will have some explaining to do. >> to see a public speaker like that take the money and run is a huge travis stey. >> now the sanitation board is asking for an audit. they will figure out how to prevent this from happening again ?ie. developing news, san jose firefighters discovered a body while putting out a small fire. they found it in the bushes off highway 85. they have not identified the
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victim yet. investigators are there right now looking for evidence. abc news has learned north korea has a missal fueled and ready to launch. they say a midrange missal could be fired anytime. and there is word of a secret meeting between officials from the united states and north korea. the country has been preparing for a showdown between the u.s. and south korea for months. they urged companies in south korea to leave. this is a live picture that remains closed at this our. new at 11:00, we are hearing for the first time the emergency call from a couple bound in their condo by lapd police officer, christopher dorner. karen and jim reynolds found dorner in big bear. he took off in the so and that's when they managed to get free and call 9-1-1. the man was located across the street from that condo.
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it took officers about 15 minutes to respond to the call. >> how long ago did he tie you up? >> 15 minutes or 30 minutes. >> did this happen today? >> yes, yes. we are still tied up. >> are you still tied up? >> yes. >> investigators say dorner shot and killed himself a few hours later following a shootout with deputies. he was accused of killing four people during a rampage to avenge his firing from the lapd. warm today and could be warmer tomorrow. it heated up early. did we set any records? meteorologist sandhya patel is here with live doppler 7hd. sandhya? >> not record territory, but it was a warmer day. let's show you live doppler 7hd. the skies are clear and no fog. we don't have to worry about any rain right now. it got up to 80 degrees in santa rosa and 78 in oakland.
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74 degrees in san jose, and it was a warm 75 today in livermore. you can clearly see across the bay and it is absolutely a mild one right now. 57 in napa. losgatos 60 degrees. i will be back to let you know how warm it will be tomorrow. richmond police increased patrols after a daytime shooting in front of a group of people. one man was killed after 11:00 this morning at 28 and virginia street. police say he was targeted and a group of 20 people who were jogging is part of a vocational class. they do not have a suspect in custody. it was reported stolen this morning. a man who drove the wrong way on highway 4 during a high speed chase is in custody. it started in bay point when deputies tried to pull over the suspected it reckless driver. he took off driving into on
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coming traffic. officers arrested him after he went off the road. he had several warrants out for his arrest. the blue angels will be noticeably absent from this year's fleet week. the popular airshow has been grounded including san francisco. the navy made that announcement today. it came about because they made massive defense cuts. fleet week could see other cutbacks as well jie. that's a shame. well, coming up next, the story that has a lot of people talking. >> but i think this turned out to be a lot bigger than we expected it to be. >> the story that has touched a nerve on a bay area high school campus. you will find out why. >> and ovaries designed in a lab. the potential for millions of women. >> and the warriors do something that has happened in -- twice in the last 19
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years. >> and then on "jimmy kimmle live." >> nicole richie is with us and rosario dawson is is here. enough about the book, i want to hear about your date. well, he showed up in a van. [ women ] oh-awww.
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awareness month. and now students are taking a controversial look at rape. and now that story from palo alto. >> this month's issue has everyone at palo alto high school talking. the issue focuses on the topic of rape. >> this is something everybody who is in high school and who is going to college who ever drinks or who ever will have sex needs to know about. >> the student-run magazine dedicated six stories to rape. it focus owed two students who admitted they drink too much and were then raped.
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she interviewed the victims and wrote about campus reaction. >> if someone says they are raped they say oh they are just looking for uh -- attention and they got drunk and it is their fault. >> there is an on-line student poll. they found 57% agree that certain women are more likely to be raped due to per miss skew us with behavior. and 26% agree that if a woman gets drunk and is then raped she is responsible for what happened. >> we are a liberal community, but these statements were certainly if not ignorant, were not well thought ought. thought out. >> students find it eye opening. >> to know this is happening at our school. >> students picked up this issue of verde magazine today on campus, parents will get their copy in the mail on thursday. in palo alto, lisa amin
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gulezian, abc7 news. new at 11:00, two teenage girls may have saved their father's life after they pulled a 3,000-pound tractor off of him. it happened in rural oregon. the dad flipped the tractor in the mud and was being crushed underneath. with his breath running out he was gasping for help. his daughters ran over and grabbed the ton and a half truck and lifted it. the 14 andd girls can't explain how they lifted so much weight, but fear and adrenaline played a role. the medical helicopter that crashed in 2011, the pilot was texting while in flight. it killed four people including a patient near kansas city, missouri. the federal safety official said he was texting instead of a pre flight check and then texted as it went off. it ran ut on of fuel and crashed before the landing spot. >> he has enough things to do to just fly the air of --
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aircraft. >> they are considering a ban on tablets and phones for the nonflight related activity. scientists say they have a developed ovary. the artificial ovary can make the same progesterone and estrogen and it can have implications for fertility as well. the team may help women who are post menopausal and those whose ovaries have been removed. more testing is needed, but the bioengineered hormone can replace the hormone. the explore for yum will replace its new home on the embarcadero. tonight we have a sneak peek. it is a mirror that reflects back and reflects sound. it is really cool. the new building features 400 older exhibits including some that were not on display at the palace of fine arts, the
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old home and 150 new exhibits. this weekend you can get an extended preview when abc7 presents more to explore, the making of the new explore for yum. it is a half hour special i am hosting with an exclusive inside look at san francisco's newest prore -- treasure sunday at 6:30. i covered every inch of that place. >> we can't wait to see the rest of it. >> and we are expecting warm weather throughout the bay tomorrow. >> which is very nice. sand -- sandhya is here now. >> we will see a beautiful, warm day tomorrow. warmer than today. as you look at live doppler 7hd, we do have clear skies right now. as you look at the view from our high definition sutro camera toward san francisco we have clear skies and mild conditions. 62 this san francisco and it is 66 degrees at this hour in oakland. san jose 59 and half moon bay, one of our cooler locations. warm coast to inland tomorrow
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and the cooling begins on thursday for the entire bay area. i want to show you how much warmer it will get. as we look at the high temperatures, there is a sampling. santa rosa 83. the average is 69. 14 degrees warmer than where you should be. san francisco is 7 degrees higher than the average of 64 coming in at 71. oakland is 14 degrees warmer. san jose is 11 degrees warmer. 81 the high for tomorrow. it is going to be a warm one and well above average. the temperatures will hit their peak as this area of high pressure moves closer to the coastline. and then they will start to fall as we head into thursday and friday. tomorrow morning not going to fall much. clear skies, and we will keep it pretty mild. upper 40s to the mid50s. it is short sleeve weather as you head out the door. 82 in morgan hill in the south bay and 80 in santa clara, 77 this santa cruz and 79 in sunnyvale. we are looking at blue sky and a warmer day.
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palo alto, up to 80 degrees. half moon bay, 68. downtown san francisco 72 degrees. south san francisco, 71. daly city up to 66. as you look at the north bay, plenty of 80s showing up. 83 in santa rosa, 82 clear lake, 78 degrees in san rafael and say the in vallejo. head out toward the east bay and it is up to 80 degrees. oakland, union city, san leandro, newark, 78. this is where you will feel the heat. the inland valley is protected from the wind. 85 livermore and 86 degrees in fairfield. if you are heading to tomorrow night -- tomorrow afternoon's game, the giants will take on the rockies at 12:45. check out these temperatures. that's going to be warm. low 70s for the game. i would say you can leave your jacket behind. here is a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. it is a little cooler on thursday and more cloud cover. cooling continues over the weekend with the winds kicking up on sunday and monday. no rain in the forecast.
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abc7 news has another great weather resource for you to follow. live doppler 7hd for the latest bay area weather conditions. rain and shine. dan and carolyn? >> thanks very much. >> a big night for the warriors. >> larry beil is here. >> fans have been waiting for awhile. lock it up. next stop, the playoffs. golden state will enjoy post season play for the first time since the we believe squad.@ %"ç
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[ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, you can't get more italian. it's on. let's roll. the warriors took care of business securing their second playoff appearance in 19 seasons. it was a victory over minnesota. it was phac the klay thompson -- it was a klay thompson show. he finished with 30. the warriors were up 1 at half time. they pulled away in the third quarter. curry behind the back and losing ricky rubio and takes the bump and hits the jumper. the warriors knew the jazz had lost so a layoff bid was one
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victory away. the warriors take it. 105-89. they reached the playoffs for the first time since 2007. >> well deserved by this group of guys. this oil group and this incredible fan base. it is a blessing. >>- q. i it is a dream come true -- >> it is a dream come true. and the reason being not only for making the playoffs, but we have had a group this year that has gotten on so well. >> rough outing tonight for timmy lynn succumb. the -- tim lincecum. they bailed him out on snow globe night at at&t park. timmy's control way off. second inning after he walked the pitcher, they make him pay. rockies were up. then tht fifth and here it comes and there it goes. gone and a solo homer by the south bay native. timmy allowed 6 runs and 6 innings. this is a three-run blast to the opposite field.
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giants down 6-5 and tie it 6-6 and pagan rips a single up the middle and here comes torres as the giants get three in the frame and come back from a four-run deficit to win it 9-6. a's in anaheim and starting a three-game series with the angels. oakland jumps on cj wilson. a's up stlee-0 -- 3-0 in a flash. cocoa crisp, whatever he is eating i want some. going back to the wall, but this is gone. cocoa homered in eight straight games. angels take the lead, but have no fear, john jasso is here. a three-run bomb and the a's win their 6th straight and spoil the angel's home opener 9-5. a little hockey here. the sharks and blue jackets and they came out with much more energy and hustle. he sends the rebound and it is
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1-0 columbus lead. third period and 2 on 1 break. just acquired from the rangers and a backhand and he was pulled after that goal. the sharks are blanked on the road 4-0. women's ncaa championship, uconn and louisville and the mascots having some fun on bourbon street. i do know that particular establishment. that was from super bowl week, what i can remember, anyway. game high 23 for uconn. they crushed louisville 93-60. a perfect 8-0 in championship games. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> i noticed you didn't tweet those photos. >> some tweets are best left unsaid. >> thank you, larry. coming up exin, the seal pup
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and now a developing story. firefighters discovered a body while putting out a fire on the on-ramp to 85. arson investigators are on the scene right now. they have not identified the victim, but they say it happened near a homeless encampment and they say the person was sleeping there. >> before we leave real quick, look at the forecast. >> sandhya patel is here. >> it is looking great, carolyn and dan. we are looking at clear skies first thing in the morning when you wake up. a gentle breeze. upper 40s to


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