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tv   ABC7 News  KOFY  April 12, 2013 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, everyone, i am katie marzullo here for kristen sze this morning. we begin with developing news. chevron has released a report into the cause of the refinery fire. the company admits the august leak that led to the fire was caused by corrosion that damaged a steel pipe. they say the damage was not appropriately documented in
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inspections in 2002 and 2011. the report also says fire teams did not recognize the risk of rupture and ignition when the leak was first discovered. chevron is not implemented new procedures to prevent -- they now are, including enhancing inspection procedures, trentening communications, reviewing training programs and implemented new protocol for evaluating leaks. >> a somber morning at san lorenzo high school after a classmate was hit and killed by a train during an ill fated game of chicken. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is at the scene of the accident near the school. amy hollyfield? >> the principal is dealing with traumaized students saying they have placed decorations around his locker and they have asked it stay like that for the rest of the year not be reassigned. even the students who were here last night on the tracks went it
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happened came to school today because they wanted to see their friends and talk to grief counselors. >> devastated students gathered before school this morning to remember 14-year-old austin price who was killed last night when he was hit by a train right across the street from san lorenzo high school. >> austin if you and hear us guide us in the right way, we love you, and we miss you and you are in our hearts. >> he was on the tracks with two other teenagers around 6:40 playing a game of chicken. players stand on the track when a train is coming and those who jump off first are called chickens. >> yes, we do know that high school kids know better. we know that kids do things because they are kids. it is really unfortunate to lose austin in this way. we are saddened. >> students at the vigil say they have learned their lesson. >> we have to take this and learn from it and not play chicken or walk on the tracks.
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>> as they talked about safety, two girls headed to the memorial had to be sold by the administration not to walk loan the -- along the tracks. an officer told students they could not gather here to mourn. >> sorry to kick you out but it is not safe. >> the principal brought temperature to school and said a room was set aside for student whose needed to talk and grief counselors were available. he will be missed by not only students but the faculty, as well. >> austin was a delightful student. he was 10th grader. he will be missed, well loved here on campus. he was in our small learning community, law leadership and culture. >> i don't know why it had to be him. he was the sweetest guy ever. he didn't have a problem with anybody. >> the tracks run right by the high school. the principal says she does address railroad safety and play as video for the kids and says just a couple of weeks ago, she
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made an announce president, a reminder to tell kids to stay away from the tracks. >> thank you, amy hollyfield. >> developing news in santa cruz, scotts valley while is closed today following a threat posted on facebook. police say the anonymous threat talked about shooting up the school and stated and i quote, "if you go to school tomorrow you will die." all classes were canceled as a precaution while police investigate. other schools in the district are open today. >> strong reaction this morning from the saratoga community after police arrest three high school boys accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl who passed out at a party. the girl killed herself after pictures of the assault were posted on social media. the parents of audrie pott allowed to us share the photo so maybe another child might be saved. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live in saratoga.
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>> it is called cyber bullying worst. others fear the boys charged may have ready destroyed crucial evidence in the case. >> students returned to saratoga high school this morning a day after the arrest of three, 16-year-old boys. one was a former student here, charged with the sexual assault of 15-year-old audrie pott. a parent talked to his freshman daughter about the crime. >> i explaind to her and she said, good, i hope those boys get what they deserve. they should not have done that. >> the sheriff deputies hauled the student suspects out of class charging them with attacking her in september at a house party the she drank too much and passed." they took advantage by taking photos of the assault and posting them online. the pictures went viral. after the attack, she posted open her facebook page, they took pictures much me, my life
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is ruined, this is the way day ever. she took her life days later. >> what happened to her and the fact she felt she had no way out shows the gravity of the conduct of the boys. this is a very, very, very serious thing that happened and it is truly a tragedy. >> today her foundation posted this on facebook, the boys charged may have destroyed evidence in the case and they ask for information from the public. students wonder why it took so long to make an arrest. >> that it took that long is ridiculous, half a year? september? i find that disturbing. >> police say building a case took time. in a statement the superintendent of the school said that "we will work to maintain a positive climate at our high schools based on respect and open communication that discourages cyber bullying and inappropriate conduct." parents hope that audrie pott's family and the school can heal
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and somehow move forward. >> this is a good school with a lot of good kids. i don't like that type of thing to happen anywhere. >> the three boys will be charged next week and remain at juvenile hall. her family will hold a news conference to speak out to prevent this from happening others and would like to see stronger laws regarding cyber bullying. >> thank you, cornell. a man attack add woman on an elementary school campus while walking home from the gym around 8:30 last night and she cut across the elementary campus. she tells police that a man grabbed her from behind, ripped her shirt and tried to pull down her pants. she got away and called police. officers could not find the man. >> happening now, daly city police have just released this sketch of a suspected sexual predator, police believe this
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man attack add ten-year-old girl in the bathroom of an office building near the mall this week, the girl's attacker is described as a slender man between 18 and 25 with a mustache and several moles on his face. he walked with a limp and could be ventmentally disabled. >> investigators are looking into the death of a woman who was attack by a pitbull. investigators say the woman appears to have been mauled to death. the pit ball was taken away by animal control. the owner of the home where the woman was found is now being questioned. neighbors say the same dog has jumped the fence before and attacked other animals. >> in fremont, a two-alarm fire destroyed a house and now a family dog is missing. we were over the home on continental drive near york town road. the fire started after 7:00 a.m.^, two adults and five children and three dogs made it out safely but another dog is
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unaccounted for. homes on both sides of the home on fire were also damaged as well as a fence and a shed. no word yet on the cause of that fire. >> we have a windy weekend on tap so we will check with meteorologist mike nicco. we should enjoy today while we can? >> at least the calmness. good morning, everyone, you can see as we look from emeryville to san francisco, you can see how hazy it is. that is not the case tomorrow afternoon. you can see winds are light and blowing in from the ocean but as we head toward tomorrow we are going to see the winds pick up. during the overnight hours they will pick up over the ocean and moving inland at 20 to 30-miles-per-hour gusts overnight the neighbors in the afternoon. in the evening they up to 25 or 35 and sunday morning, 20 to 30 miles per hour and maybe 10 to 15 around the bay shore and they crank up on sunday afternoon at 30 to 35-miles-per-hour gusts and possibly up to 45 over the ocean. i will show you how far they
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will drop the temperatures through the weekend. >> thank you, mike. we have breaking news in the east bay. this is a possible hazardous material situation at a lumber company in newark. this is near the cedar boulevard and israel avenue. crews from alameda fire department are on the scene. at least one worker at the company has been taken to the hospital. other workers have been evacuate ed. we will monitor the news and bring updates as soon as new information is available. >> still ahead, some sad news in morning regarding a legend of the comedy world, the second day of destructive tornadoes with deadly consequences. we will show you the devastation. the surprising new study that the surprising new study that upends conventional wisdom about [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news.
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>> look at this, heavy black smoke billowing from the water in the houston ship channel in texas. it is a shrimp boat that caught fire near galveston. media is reporting a man on a boat had to save three people from the flames and the coast guard responded and what was left on the shrimp boat landed on the rocks. >> in mississippi, a twister
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landed and left three people dead in mississippi, missouri, and nebraska. know they are cleaning undamage. there were downed trees and freezing rain in northern new york. >> sad news to report, jonathan winters has died. a family friend says the ohio native died last night of natural causes at his home. he was a pioneer in the art of sandup comedy and known for his energy and gift bore mimicking. he inspired robin williams and jim cary. he was 87 years old. >> fight between the dodgers and padres left a high-priced dodgers player with a broken collar bone. san diego slugger charged the pitcher's mound after being hit by a pitch from the dodger and
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players from both teams jumped in. he signed $14 million, six-year contract with los angeles last winter and it still is unknown how long he will be sidelined. >> that is what you get for fighting. >> that guy is hit all time because he leans into the plate. come on! >> he said-he said. the forecast? >> what i say, we know it will be windy with temperatures dropping dramatically to sunday and monday, 10- to 15-degrees cooler and the spring warmth returns and i will look and see if we have any rain. the big story today is highs compared to average, two to nine degrees but not that way later this weekend. >> this question is for the ladies, could wearing a bra harm your breasts? the results of a new study that has people talking. an adorable baby tiger makes the
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debut. where you will be able
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>> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a surprising new study from france claiming bras are false necessity and women should stop wearing them. that is according to the male researcher would led the study. he says they provide no benefit to women and may actually be harmful to breasts. initial findings suggest that
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bras prevent the growth of breast tissue which can lead to sagging. so, women don't need to wear bras? that depends who you ask. >> in younger women, it seems like it would work to help increase the elasticness and decrease the sagging of a developing breast. gravity pulls everything down. there is no way you can walk around day after day and not wear a bra and have your breasts perky. >> she made be right, the study did not involve women over the age of 35 says women who have worn bras for decade would not benefit from take them off new. >> happening now, a dancer with the boston ballet is back home if the bay area if a special celebration performing at the marin ballet's 50th anniversary celebration giving back to the program that made his dreams come true. he grew up in the low-income canal district of san rafael and
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was involved with the marin ballet because of a scholarship opportunity. he is now a role model and is honored by performing stars marin, and cheryl jennings is hosting the ceremony which is why she is not here. >> this eight week old tiger will officially go on exhibit today. the zoo keepers say at 14 pounds she is strong enough to meet her fans. early this week, the unnamed cub and her mom explored the outdoor tiger penn. the pair can be seen outside the lion house from 2:00 to 4:00 and will be named by the winner of a zoo fundraiser. if you want more information on that go to abc7 news and click on "see it on tv."
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>> okay, good morning, everyone, we are coming up on 11:21 and live doppler 7 hd, it is dry. we are picking up gusty winds. you can see the area along the coast and now in the southeast a small craft advisory from until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon with choppy seas. the haze shows all hanging around but right now we have brighter and calmer continues so the haze will hang around. it will not be here this weekend because it will be windy with temperatures above average today to below average on sunday and above average next week, spring seesaw and roller coaster. looking from south beach, you cannot see far because of the
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haze and temperature in san francisco and oakland and san jose is low-to-mid 60's and palo alto in the mid-60's. mill valley is 68. walnut creek is at 74. walnut creek, you can see it is not so hazy inland east bay valley with temperatures in the low to mid-60's around santa rosa, napa, and live more. hayward is only 59 but 68 at fairfield and los gatos at 67 degrees. another cold front is coming our way but not until tomorrow. high pressure will take over again today and this will be a dry cold front like early this week. we will have breezes, cool weather but not any rain. it won't get rid of all the pollen and we have a high amount tree pollen that will continue with the winds. mid-to-upper 70's in the south bay and throw mid-70's on the planes and upper 50's to low 60's along the coast and mid-to-upper 60's in downtown south san francisco and sausalito and north bay is in the low-to-mid 60's at the beaches but mid-to-upper 70's and calmer in the valley and along the east bay, hayward is at 69 and everyone else is in
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the low-to-mid 70's and the warmest weather is at 75 in san ramon to nearly 80 in antioch. headed to the game, about 62 degrees at first pitch and tigers are here to take on the a's but we will drop down to 52. tonight the temperatures are cool with mid-40's inland to near 50 around oakland and san francisco. if you travel around in the sierra we will have in the 60's as we look at that beautiful live shot from the lak we will drop to 55 with a few flurries possible sunday evening. the 15 citizen shows texts will drop about four to six degrees saturday, sunday, and monday, and temperatures are well below average on monday and warmer temperatures back wednesday and thursday. >> next we will see mike nation with
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>> hi there, fanta. tell us about fanta. >> she is a couple years old. she came to us and don't know about her a stray dog. we thing she was on the street. she came to us pretty skinny. we are trying to get a little bit of weight on her. she will settle wonderfully with the family. she is very comfortable. but it will do well with a dog training class. >> you offer those? >> absolutely. we have a great behavior and training department. >> would you put her together with any age kids or does it matter? >> she is smaller so they have to respect her size. >> okay. so, give them a call if you are interested. or any of the many small dogs you have, 415-506-6225.
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>> stop shaking! please. >> such a noble creature. we have a traffic reminder, so take a look outside, from sky 7 h.d. -- the san mateo-hayward bridge intermittent lane closings starting
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[ man ] we have a go for auto sequence start. t-minus 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... ignition.


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