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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 18, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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jeans. >> good evening i'm dan ashley. breaking news is in cambridge, massachusetts. gunman is on the campus of mit university. these pictures just came in a few minutes ago. we understand that a campus police officer has been shot and reports say he is critically hurt.
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students are being told to stay away of course. when the situation broke a little over an hour ago the campus medley sent an alert to all students warning them of the danger. the school twitter account says the gun shots were reported at the computer sence building. it's on the north side of the campus of mit. now there is of course a huge police presence at the school. fbi is also there. the sues pest is-believed to be still on the loose and again armed. we'll continue to keep you updated on this situation and minutes away from mit in boston the fbi reless first images of 2 suspects in the marathon bom bombings. >> we consider them to be armed and extremely dangerous. >>reporter: wearing caps and carrying backpack the fbi says it need the public help now to identify these 2 men. >> somebody out there knows these individuals. the nation is counting on those with information to come forward and provide it to us. >>reporter: there are several new developments tonight in the
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boston bombing. new evidence rime scene reveals some of the components including battery and this circuit board. battery circuit board. they are parts of a toy remote control car similar to this scene in on line video. also one of the 2 suspects seen in another video making a cell phone call around the time of the explosions. authorities believe that cell phone call or cell phone was used to trigger one of the explosions. is that the call perhaps? massive effort now under way to can tour every cell phone call in the local area at the time of the bombings. to see if they can be traced become to the bomber. and fbi is already getting a lot of calls and record amount of traffic to its web site about the 2 men seen near the scene of the bombings. they have got pretty good photo from his surveillance camera of the 2 men. 7 news reporter is in boston tonight. amma? >>reporter: he dan i'm standing in front of the boyle ston street firehouse down the street from the blast site. as soon as the fbi released image
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of the suspects firefighters printed them out and on display for everyone to see. >> today we are enlisting the public help to identify the two suspects. >>reporter: fbi released these surveillance images of 2 men they now are publicly calling suspects in the boston marathon bombings. >> suspect one is wearing a dark hat. suspect 2 is wearing a white hat. suspect 2 set down a backpack at the site of the second explosion just in front of the forum restaurant. >>reporter: they believe the 2 are associated. they appear to be walking together through the mayor thon crowd. you can see one right behind the other. >> we consider them to be armed and extremely dangerous. no one should approach them. no one should attempt to apprehend them except law enforcement. >> makes me so mad. makes me furious. >>reporter: i showed the image to this woman with who came by the memorial to show her pport for her city. >> this breaks my heart. somebody would do this to the city. the city means so much
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to me and so much to everyone ee indeed broken. >> devastating day for the boston community and we are not a city. we are truly family. >>reporter: arlene added these 3 bloop to the memorial after remembering something she saw on tv. >> i caught the image of the 3 balloons from the bomb site. first thing i saw were 3 balloons going up in the sky. everybody was like there were 2 death. i said there were 3. >>reporter: her gesture in memory of lindsay lou, crystal campbell and martin richard. >> 3 angels. reaching up to the star. >>reporter: in boston, abc 7 news. is ♪ [ singling]. >> facing a packed audience president obama attended a memorial service in boston today. he delivered a message of resilience and recovery. >> they thought to intimidate us. terrorize us. it should be pretty clear by now that
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they picked the wrong city to do it. [applause] not here in boston. not here in boston. as you begin this long journey of recovery, we will all be with you as you learn to stand, and walk and yes, run again. of that i have no document you will run again we may momentarily knocked off our feet. we'll picower selves up. we'll keep going. we will finish the race. >>reporter: and anguish apparent on everyone from parishioners to the president as you cap see wiping tears from his eyes. hundreds of people line the street outside that church where the event was taking place. couldn't hear the president or anyone else speak. they simply stood silently in a she of support. >> also in boston first lady michelle obama dropped by the hospital today to visit 11-year-old erin little boy
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from martinez in the bay area had a deep thigh wound and other injuries while watching his mother finish the loss ton marathon. his mom tells us that her son is improving. he has been taken off oxygen and his neck brace and other tubes have been removed. aaron is doing relatively well. and as amma reported the fbi is still asking people to come forward with information particularly with release of these 2 suspects. if you think that -- if you were there perhaps or think that you know something, here's the tip line. . hers the number to call. go to the web site boston marathon tips.fbi.govern. and link to the tip form at our web site under see it on tv but a lot of people from the bay area were in would say ton for the marathon. now returning home and certainly like to hear from you if you have any informatio information. >> new to the up to of west in texas. it is 10:00 o'clock at night there cold and cloudy.
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and as the search for survivors continues after that powerful and deadly fertilizer plant explosion in texas, the work goes on. blast could be felt 45 miles away. damaged or destroyed buildings within a 1500 foot radius. the mayor of west, texas says there may as many as 40 dead because so many people are still missing. laura is there tonight. >>reporter: with the first height of day the scope of the devastation could be clearly seen. what used to be the west texas fertilizer plant. . i men it's jaws disaster. >>reporter: originally from sap may take oshtion long time west resident bill manilo was rushing to help with the initial fire at the plant when it exploded. >> car just kind of lifted up in the air and as soon as it did that, i got me and my girlfriend we got out of there. i dropped her off at home and
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ran over to the, over to the old folk home to see how many people we can get out of there. we had -- of the elementary, intermediate kid. >>reporter: 19-year-old anthony was lead ago youth group at local church. room filled with young children when the building literally shook. >> it was like panting and just crying and asking where their parents are. and just just to hear so many kids in that state is just devastating. >>reporter: officially the death toll holding steady along with the number of those injured. as bad as it is with whole neighborhood wiped out, it's clear it could have been much worse. >> if anybody had been in school. a lot of kid lives, they wouldn't be here. >>reporter: for investigators, local state federal, the work here is just beginning. >> we are still in the search and rescue phase. looking for
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individuals. officials from the state, county, local level are tirelessly working to try to locate individual. >>reporter: this home about half mile from the blast had itswindows broken out. others completely destroyed here. but even those who lost their homes are reaching out to those in need. trying to help 1 another recover and rebuild west texas. in west texas, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> one man in sacramento certainly feeling the stress and impact of the texas disaster. his mother lives there. she's okay. but his friends may not be. lee painter has the story. >> text went out several hours ago. and i haven't heard from anybody on any of them. >>reporter: the only thing darrell bed can do right now is text. from west, texas all of his family and friends are still there. he fell on hard times moving to northern california. his mother text
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through prepaid cell phone how he found out almost everyone in the hometown now homeless, time. back window of the house no notice to evacuation ate and all of a sudden the explosion just happened. she said it was like a bomb going off. she felt the house raise up and drop back down on to the groun ground. >>reporter: his mother lives jaws mile from the plant and survived unharmed. the text said that several of his friends had not. >> i can't give you the names but i do have the names of 7 people that are confirmed dead. and these are all friends of mine. >>reporter: on the list he says was an emf worker and several fivrments his guess is they were responding to the fire but fear the death toll is much higher since there were no evacuations before the blast. by memory he was able to draw a map of the area. the plant didn't sit far from a middle school nursing home and
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apartment complex that were all destroyed. >> i know a lot of people that lived in those apartments. >>reporter: he stayed away from the media coverage ovtd explosion and wait for text of those with survived. >> town is december stroychltd will take month to rebuild. >>reporter: he kountsd the blessings as immediate family is safe. word for the 30 detectives he sent out. this is abc 7 news. >> moving on. another arrest in the murder of san jose paramedic this time it's a 13-year-old boy. 5 othersq between the ages of 14 and 16 already face charges. we learn that one of the boys will be tried as an adult. more now from 7 news reporter nick smit smith. oechl. >> we lie heavily for help and able to help them. >> earlier this week that help led oakland police to the 6 teens responsible for the death of quinn boyer. >> officers able to identify address concerns as they see
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them. >> this is the security headquarters for the oakland unified school district. hundreds of camera used to zoo zoom, pan, monitor and surveil the area around each of the schools in the district. take day after boyer shot abandoned car found near elementary school in the east oakland one of sergeant best officers that noticed the car and helped identify the teen accused of driving it. >> having that type of quality that aid him in being able to give great assistance in instances such as this. >>reporter: sergeant wouldn't discuss the specific of the case but gave us exclusive access to the control room where camera monitor that police dwrou identify the suspect. christian and 5 other teens have been charged with multiple felony in connection to boyer death. youngest of the accused arrested just yesterday. only 13 years old. >> even though the crime is a felony 7 news will not identify the other teens because they are not being charged as adult
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adults. christian burden is expected to enter a plea tomorrow. oakland police tell me the investigation istill open but they believe they have ose responsible. at superior court, nick smith, abc 7 news. >> we have update to the brak braking news at the top of the broad kachlingt i told you that there is a gunman on the campus of mit university in cambridge, massachusetts. we were told that police officer campus police officer was shot and critically wounded. just learned and confirmed from authorities there that sadly that police officer has died one person killed mit campus police officer after shooting on campus gunman apparently still on the loose. following the story closely but sadly the police officer lost his life. >> wreaths move on. drawing of buffer zone proposal to keep protestors away from controversial bay area clinic. >> plus from boston to big sur you hear from runners who escaped the boston bombings. they were there and concerns now about an upcoming marathon here. also sandhya here with
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the weather. >> yes. we turn up the heat just in time for your weekend plans. i'll let you know how warm it gets coming up. >> thank you. >> also boston given 3 million dollar bonus. so why are his dollar bonus. so why are his em
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>> reproductive rights clash with the right to free speech today at san francisco city hall. a safety committee is raeming 25 foot buffer zone at clinic on valencia street. here's allen wong on the plan to protect both abortion opponent d planned parenthood employees and clients. >> very last place that we are able or want to get information from is from some bureaucrat on the sidewalk telling us what they think we ought to know. >>reporter: during past demonstrations like this one, abortion rights supporters accuse abortion opponent of passing out medical misinformation while bullying potential planned parenthood clients. but 0abortion opponent describe their action as compassionate counseling. >> i have never intimidated anybody going into an abortion clinic. i offer them pamphlets with places where they can go get help. >>reporter: both side spoke to a board of supervisor safety committee which is recommending a 25 foot buffer zone in front
9:18 pm
of the entrance to the only planned parenthood clinic san francisco. >> if an ordinance like that had been in effect when these mother were his reached, these children may in paces cut up in a bucket at planned parenthood. >>reporter: buffer zone would prevent protestors from standing orr parking anywhere in front of the building and likely place them on the other side of valencia street this buffer zone will also protect staff from certainly intimidation and potential for acts of violence. >> 25 feet i think if anything it encourages yelling. i know that there are those who believe that yelling at the clinic is effective and i think they are just going to be yelling louder from 25 feet. >> other city have enactedmuch larger buffer zone of up to 300 feet. but san francisco has a history of protect thing the right to the free speech. the question is whether or not it infringes on person reproductive rights. the 25 foot buffer zone recommendation goes to the board of supervisors in the next few weeks. reporting in san
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francisco, i'm allen wong abc 7 news. >> let's move next to the weather forecast as we get a little closer to the weekend. experience is off. meteorologist is here and it is warming up considerably sounds like. >> it is. so we have had a little bit of a miniwarm-up last couple of days. today included. we crunch the heat as we head into sunday and monday. right now live doppler 7 hd giving you preview of what is to come tomorrow. looking really nice and clear right now but you will notice some changes by tomorrow evening heading into saturday. we talk about that in a moment. here's beautiful view from our high definition camera. you can see san francisco. just beautiful skies there. clear enough. no fog to speak of. that's why visibility is good exploratorium rate now 54 degrees. 59 in oakland. san jose 61. half man bay cool spots at 48 degrees. check thought view from the high definition emeryville camera. port of oakland tonight and clearly no fog or clouds around. 54 degrees right now
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in napa. 57 santa rose. livermore still pretty mild at 61 degrees. here are the highlights clear sky cool night another mild day tomorrow and we see warmer weather come sunday and monday. for the time being we hold your temperature coast to today level for friday saturday. high pressure still pretty much in command of our weather so we go with dry pattern. warm day starting sunday continuing that monday when you see the accu-weather 7 day forecast you see what i'm talking about. i want to show you the temperature trend for the week ahead for san jose. tomorrow 78 degrees. you will start to notice those temperatures coming up. sunday monday tuesday 88 degrees and then leveling off wednesday into thursday. first they think tomorrow morning grab a light sweater or jacket. it will be a cool start especially in our inland valley. temperatures dropping as well as the low 40's. right around the coast and bay upper 40's to low 50's except for half moon bay and santa cruz that's where you see low mid 40's. for tomorrow afternoon occasional high clouds especially in the north
9:21 pm
bay. but harmless. 77 in santa rosa. napa it's nice day in san francisco. 65. 62 in half man bay. 72 san mateo o. oakland. out towards concord. and down towards san jose livermore. 78 degrees. 81 for morgan hill. here is what you will notice. over the weekend low clouds start to ruvrnlt it coulbe low clos maybe back as soon as tomorrow night. along the coast and that will hold the temperature in the low 60's. inland areas though bay side community will begin to warm sunday mid 80's by monday we talk low 90's. not a typo there. >> wow! >> temperatures will start to kilometer did you know a few degrees. >> thanks very much. >> coming up. as fans celebrate the play off bound oakland warriors the city mayor hints about something big over hints about something big over the team plan to move
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>> play off tickets for the golden state warriors on sale today in oakland they celebrated even as the team's owners are moving forward with plans to move across the bay to san francisco. carolyn tyler has the story. [ yelling]. >>reporter: pep rally at oakland city center sell brited the warriors on their way to the play offs. for the first time since 2 thousandths 7. mayor kwan sounding more like a cheer leader than the warriors girl. >> the only thing i want to know is if you win the championship ring has to be in oakland i think al can we work on that? >>reporter: oakland still reeling from the warriors decision to pull up stake and mav across the bay. team hopes to build a billion dollar arena
9:26 pm
on the san francisco waterfron waterfront. earlier this week backers gather on the steps of san francisco city hall. former player donald foil was there supporting that plan. and here today saying oakland is a great city. >> as long asym move out of california and san francisco bay area i think it's a good they think. >> kwan raising the warrior flag over the city hall with teen great al signaling she is not giving up. >> is this a way of saying to san francisco it ain't over ye yet. >> i always say it's never over but oakland has a lot of advantages in terms of our location and the reality is that the city here wants the team. >> she points to organized opposition in san francisco over the warrior waterfront plan. but in a statement today team management says as we announced last may, we intend to build a new state of the art venue on peer 30, 32 in san
9:27 pm
francisco in time for the next season. we have not deviate from those plans. mean time the warriors will take to the oakland arena for the play off and beyond until the lease expires. mayor kwan did not offer details today but said you will hear more later this year about effort to keep the warriors in town. in oakland, abc 7 news. there is much more ahead this thursday night on 7 news at 9:00 as we continue. you are going to see a car get swallowed up by a giant sink hole that opened up today in the midwest. unbelievable. >> with fire season around the corner look at what nasa is contributing to the fire fighting effort this summer throughout the west. >> hundreds of people who ran in boston are signed up to run in marathon here. you hear from several of them coming up. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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a subaru. >> from boston to big sur a link that ties monday boston marathon to the big sur marathon which take thes place in 10 daytime. along highway 1 between big sur and carmel organizers were in boston when the explosions happened. and as david explains, they are now preparing to beef up security. >>reporter: 400 runners in the boston marathon elite group that do back-to-back 22.6 mile races. week from sunday running the big sur international marathon. big sur race director thurston near the finish lane when the devic devices exploded. >> knowing where it was. w many people were there and how crowdeded the area was, it was kind of immediate gut check reaction that this is not good. >>reporter: the tragedy could have caused boston run investigators kaenls the big
9:32 pm
sur plans but that hasn't happened. >> more determination than ever because there are many people who are part of this special group of people, 400 entrant part of the boston to beg sur challenge. more determination than ever to come to big sur and finish the race. >> securoñ will be wristed. high level meetings under way today involving local state federal agencies. 76-year-old monterey runner judy holloway still back in the pack when the explosion happened in boston. but that's not going to deter her plans to run next weekend. >> i can see where you would be much more concerned about the security as participant i'm not worried. >>reporter: same holds true for pacific grove high school principal mat bell reviewing video of the arrival at the finish line. >> running so much of a part of me that i couldn't imagine not running. and in a funny sort of way of i want to run in spite of what happened. you have to retn to nivrment successful running of the big
9:33 pm
sur international marathon psychological impact and economic one. participant of last year marathon pumped 18 million dollars in the local economy. along the race route just south of carmel david louie abc 7 news. >> as we saw in boston this week so many people rushed in to help when disaster happen what explains the courage that some people have to turn tragedy into triumph. incredible acts of bravery. dan harris went lacking for some answers. >> in boston this week america bore witness to college student who after running 26 miles literally gave the shirt off his open back to treat a victim wound. grieving father who come to hand out flag in honor of his dead son who went in the fray and off duty further who gave aid to badly injured boy. >> why did you do it. >> you just do it. you you are really glad that you are there occupied can do your part to make a difference. >>reporter: in west texas overnight similar tale of
9:34 pm
heroism. william birch pulled injured out of demonthly issued nursing home. >> you have to reach out and help the ones that are not able to help themselves. >>reporter: what causes somebody to run toward dange when others are running away. scientist say having a connection to the victims lick the boyfriend who shelleded their girlfriend in the aurora movie theater massacre or to a place nasa boston and in texas can make a difference. but ultimately says this the harvard professor it's a rare mysterious quality that is nearly impossible to predict. >> none of us know whether we have a hero inside. >>reporter: until we are faced with a crisis situation that puts extraordinary demands on ordinary people. >>reporter: traditionally mankind viewed as essentially selfish. survival of the fi fittest and all that but in fact the willingness to risk our own lives to help strangers may what has allowed us to survive as species. and certainly to endure disaster leak we have seen this week. dan harris abc news boston.
9:35 pm
>>jf amaze what people can did. >> the annual celebration of the great san franciscoert quake of 19 06 disrupted by security scare. somebody spotted a suspicious panel near the famous fountain in market and o'farrell street where the commemoration is held each year. turned out to be a bag of clothes. no danger. celebration was moved to union square 2 block away and fr the first time this year no survivors takened the event. there are only 3 of them left. and they decided to skip it this year. >> well the red cross is taking a advantage of the earthquake anniversary to remind people to prepare for the big one. it's good information and we can all use it. heather has that stor story. >> 1989. 9/11. boston bombin bombing. horrifying events whose silver linings are lessons for the rest of us exploratorium department of emergency management w created nearly 20 years ago after the 101 california shooting. and now where
9:36 pm
representatives from every imaginable agency would gather and analog fine mean the only phone service working in a disaster. >> can we prevent a disaster from happening and no death and the answer is no. nobodyan do that. ever. but if you are asking me if we are ready to manage the consequence of those incidents, absolutely. >>reporter: emergency services deputy director rob dutch says the one area he's not so confident about is public preparedness. that was the tashingt audience of an event honoring the red cross and pg&e for their work preparing communities. where former forty-niner rice and olympic gold medalist christy part of the line up. ♪ first aid survival kits important but the most important thing to have is a family plan. >> letting loved ones know you
9:37 pm
are okay whether going to pre-arranged meeting place or calling somebody out of the area sending a text message that's the most important thing that you can do. >>reporter: ifour family includes young children, know the school plan. >> chances are the kid won't stay in the place that you left them. they will probably evacuation ate to someplace. where is the safe place they are gchlingt this is 7 news. >>reporter: torrential rain overnight creating a disaster for people living in illinois. governor pat quinn declared state of emergency as floodwater rise to dangerous levels throughout the state. up to 7 inches of rainko fell in the past 24 hours causing scattered evacuation of homes, mobile home park and at least wu one hospital. school closed and freeway not passable during today morning commute. more than 1,000 flights have been affected at chicago airport. with hundreds of cancellations so far. >> then this. firefighters in one chicago neighborhood were keeping people away from a huge
9:38 pm
sink hole that swallowed 2 cars this morning. then the third. one person had to be rescued from the hole when it took his car down while he tried to drive around the hole. the driver is in the hospital with minor head injuries. he's going to be okay. back with fire season set to begin the u.s. forest service is arming itself with a high tech tool born in a nasa laboratory. of jonathan climbed aboard a one of a kind airplane helping to save homes and lives. >>reporter: u.s. forest service has a lot of airplanes but only one jet and view from this jet is something spectacular. you won't see these multi-colored mountains out the window of the airplane. you will see them through this nasa designed infrared sensor on the bottom when looking at this. >> we play of the larger fires and give a perimeter map so they have eyes on it in the morning so they can plan for the day. >>reporter: dan johnson one of the pilots who fly in the dead of night taking thermal image
9:39 pm
of the biggest wildfires in the west. it's die naij. we don't know where we are every nature because of the nature of the fire. typically fly at 4 states in one night. >>reporter: not long ago the best map they could hope for was accurate perimeter. lean around the fire. but now nasa technology gives them a detailed heat map. prediction of where the fire might two or stall out. >>reporter: before the partnership the u.s. forest service gathered fe image but had trouble getting it to the fivrments they with putting the map on thumb drive and dropping them out of the airplane. >> you can see we used the actually drop the imagery on either a thumb drive or print it off in the air plane and put it in a tube and drop it down to the runway. >>reporter: the also hole in the plane replaced by antenna. instead of waiting hours firefighters know where to go in mutes. >> if some of the portions out in harm way it allows them to get communication out to them to move or to deploy to different area. >> forest service says only one
9:40 pm
problem with the technology. there's not enough of it. but nasa has answer for that too. sensor is the first that can scan fires during the daytime as well as at night so it can work around the clock. for the pilots the bags are packed. >> ready to go it looks like next week down in new mexico coy. jonathan bloom abc 7 new news. >> effective with. >> let them eat cheese. just ahead. company that says cheddar as good as money. we explain why. >> new work incentive more company are giving out instead ♪ [ male announcer ] a car that can actually see like a human, using stereoscopic cameras. ♪ and even stop itself if it has to. ♪
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>> in a tough economy rank file workers may not be getting the the races or bonus that is they would like. perhaps this is happening where you work but
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more and more they are getting gift cards. incentive research foundation says about two-thirds of companies now use gift cards to give their employee as pat on the back. researche1 shows almost half the company say they use gift cards as holiday bonuses. buying in bulk saves the company money with most gift cards valued at 25 and 150 dollars. ceo of next store gave entire 3.9 million dollar bonus, no gift card there, to his 19,000 employees. as best anyone can remember no other ceo in the you united states or britain ever democrat stated this generosity in. england pension problems are so bad for one cheese maker that the company is using its khod arrest as security for retirement fund. they transfer 40 million pound of maturing cheese roughly half the company stock to the pension fund and fund runs that financial trouble the block of
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cheddar sold to make up any short fall. >> all right 2 quick tech know. yahoo has new app for mail that read it like an e book allowing to you flick through the e-mail page by page. twitter announce new service today. app that lets you share music by tweeting it. you can search for the songs favorite musician and the songs favorite musician listen to too. called hash tag music. now available for the i-phone and each pad with android version apparently coming out soon. well more to get to here tonight at 9:00 when circus stunt go wrong. acrobat talk stunt go wrong. acrobat talk for first time
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a trapeze artist talks about falling 90 feet in a stunt. 23-year-old carol was performing at the moscow circus last month. this is cell phone video. preparing for this event for 3 years. when he started the risky complicated act look at this. oh. he lost control fell to the ground. safety net ripped and he slipped to the ground all the way down. broke his back and was rushed to the hospital. >> the carried me to the hospital. and i think they saved my love. after recover everything is okay. >> work like normal artist he says. as for flying again, he says it's unlikely but will make a final decision some time in the future. wow! that is scary. the he's okay. >> one last check on the weather. let's go back to sandhya.
9:50 pm
>> look at live doppler 7hd skies clear not expecting rain any time soochbility friday forecast. mostly sunny to the north. high clouds. upper 70's warmest location like santa rosa, nap a-fairfield, 72 oakland. mild in san mateo o. 72 degrees. sunshine san francisco. 65 we get you up to the upper 70's around santa rosa, livermore, 80 degrees in antioch. tomorrow evening you notice some low clouds coming back to the coast. and low clouds will be around for the upcoming weekend so coastal areas you are not getting too hot. low 60's. we get you up into the mid upper 70's around the bay. low to mid 80's inland for the weekend and then down right hot as we see 90 degree temperature inland on monday. >> summertime almost. >> yes summertime absolutely. >> thanks very much. sports director larry is here. tv road trip are triumphant, systems not so much. >> this is not hot. talk about long flight home. giants trudging back after being swept in milwaukee. what is going on
9:51 pm
with matt cain. allowed 18 run in the past 3 games. not is a in the past 3 games. not is a like. sports is next.
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>> come up tonight on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. former fbi agent explains what likely led to the release of these pictures of the boston bombing suspects. >> and pg&e crew work to prepare damage caused by vandal. why the company now feels the need for increased security. this is stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. hope you can join us for. that larry is here with all the sports. you have a lieutenant to talk about. >> even if i don't i'm going to talk. the just personal preference. >> i don't know about your ofs i have a feeling but i'll push on. 5 games left in the regular season. shark would love to move up to fourth
9:55 pm
in the west and get home ice advantage in the round one of the play offs. tonight against minisociety he loves playing against the former team trying to pass in the former teammate deflects the pass rate into his own nest. hockey call that an own goal 1 to nothing sharks. second period. logan coach jump up by the glass. steal snevring pass to logan now 2 goals and shark open up a 6-1 lead over the wild in the third. matt didn't expect this this season. giants is a shelled once agai again. giants were swept in milwaukee. we start with the sausage race. money on all american hot dog and your weiner. 1st inning. brian brawn. this ball is up to the club goodwill section there. and brewer coming down the slide 2 nothing milwaukee. pitcher in the midst of
9:56 pm
controversy. drunk driving arrest tuesday. pitching thursday. homeers off cain. whosaid no matter what he thw the ball ke going over the middle of t pla and ve hitabllike that. in the third nathan the t.stomping right away. he goes 6 innings. really, somebody, allow 7 runs 3 homeers. o and 4 cain starts the season. giants back home tomorrow to face the padres in the a's day off. fun. orioles and rays tied at 6 in the tent tenth. bases loaded. hi and deep and goodbye. game winning grand slam. taking the a's pie celebration to a new level. look out. of getting hit with everything there. orioles win 10-6. warriors open the play off this saturday in denver. that will be game 1 and 2 best of 7 opening round play off series. golden state first home play off game will be
9:57 pm
friday at oracle the 26. nugget regular season series from the warriors 3 games to 1. deep team athletic but hampered by injury problem. denver up and down the court. led the league in skovrmingt 106 points per game 38 and 3 home record. hard to beat them at altitude. warriors believe they can win this series, though. >> match up well against them even though they won against us in a regular season. we feel lake our game really, really matches up well with theirs and good shot to take care of it. >> pressure stndz on them that we are the under dog. go and be agrivs on the road. that's what we are going to do. go out and try to hit first, strike first. >>reporter: nfl release the 2013 schedule today. 49ers are going to be tested early in the season. open with 3 play off teams. packers sea hawk and
9:58 pm
colt to start the year this year the niners will host rodgers in the packers in the opener. last year to lambeau. week 3 luck returns to the bay area to face har pwawchlt october 27 against the jaguar. i am urging management to send me to london. yes. likely. december 23rd monday nature game with atlanta. it will be the last regular season game at candlestick park. raiders will open at indy and colts with luck. week 4 rg 3 to town assuming healt for redskins. thanksving day raiders onhe road. turkey day in dallas. silver and blackened the season at home against manning and broncos. moving moment boston. sell out crowd gather for first bruins hockey game on monday. everybody jumped in to sing the national anthem. fv ♪ ♪ [ singing] jose does that
9:59 pm
star spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ for the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ . [applause]. >>reporter: 17,000 united in boston. moment that nobody will forget. gives you chills. really does. >> thanks larry very much. >> on that note, that is our report here on coffee tv 20 thanks for watching for larry, spencer, sandhya, all of us here we appreciate your time as always. next newscast is in 1 hour over on channel 7


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