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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 20, 2013 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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good evening, i'm katie marzullo. the city of boston has had a long week. it's come to a welcome close. it begin a bombing at marathon and ends with the soul surviving bomber in the hospital and how the city is staying strong through it all. >> after a solemn moment at
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fenway park, the red cross and fans told the world they were finished living in fear. >> this is [ bleep ]. >> less than 24 hours ago it was much different feeling. the intense manhunt for dzhokar tsarnaev came to a close. hours after his older brother was killed in a shootout. they discovered him hiding and bleeding in a boat. >> we have a movement in the boat. >> in an exclusive interview with abc news, a neighbor of the boat owner described the chaos. >> had been yelling, joe, get out, get out. >> he is unable to communicate with a heavy police presence surrounding his hospital room. >> we have a million questions and those questions need to be answered. >> the brothers came to the u.s.
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and became athletes and attended top boston schools. then after spending several months in russia, tamerian urged jihad and dzhokar tsarnaev posted anti-american tweets. the people of boston are finally >> we're going to get right back up again. >> in a sign of unity today, the entire crowd at red sox game they sang the national anthem together. >> katie: we're learning more tonight about what it took to track down the suspect. five-day nightmare ended when dzhokar tsarnaev was found in a boat of a watertownhome. the 19-year-old you can see him hiding in the boat. when he was found he initially refused to come out. >> you could tell he was alive and moving. we begin the negotiations that
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way. over a long period of time we were able to finally get him to surrender. >> in an interview with abc news a neighbor of boat owner described the chaos. >> him yling, get out, get out! >> katie: the suspect was rushed to the hospital and watertown residents gathered in the streets to cheer for law enforcement. the younger brother remains in the hospital right now, 19-year-old dzhokar tsarnaev is in serious but stable condition. f.b.i. has updated hits wanted poster to say captured under his picture. a publi defender will represent him in court. he is expected to be charged under federal law and he could face the death penalty. he will be questioned without having his miranda rights read to him. they invoked a rare safety exception in order to do that. they are searching the apartment now that the two brothers shared in cambridge, however, dzhokar tsarnaev lived in a dormitory in
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dartmouth and he appeared wednesday night, that was two nights after the boston attack. >> the family of a 11-year-old victim is getting much needed help from friends and neighbors in martinez. a number of events to help pay expenses is going on as aaron recovers in a boston hospital. a family friend set up a fund-raiser through a photography business and several restaurants are donating proceed west side medical and travel costs. >> it's 30% of all the receipts. the community is really coming together. >> katie: other fund-raisers are being held this weekend. we have a full list at under see it on tv. >> north bay little league is resuming its schedule after suspending its games after a shooting.
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there was an rgt between t-ball parents led to shots being fired in the parking lot. league officials it's not the first incident of gunfire near the field and suspending games was necessary for everyone's safety. at a parents' meeting they decided games will continue as scheduled beginning on monday. tonight is the last night that alameda county sheriff's deputies will help patrol the streets of oakland. 11 deputies have been working in the city on weekends. tomas ramon explains why the sheriff's office did not renew its contracted. >> kind of depressed right now. >> long time oakland count member larry reid said sheriff's deputies will not help patrol streets saturday night. >> councilmember libby shaft, we were able to convince our colleagues to extend funds to retain those deputies that have been working on our streets.
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>> sheriff's deputies have been working on a contract sings february 1st that extended their hours through saturday and sunday night. the money ran out. alameda county sergeant says his department could not work out a new deal. >> it was a workers' comp costs that go into it. we have equipment damaged during our time in oakland. we have to front. we wanted oakland to absorb some of those costs. >> reporter: that is not all they would wouldn't pay for. when a sherriff's deputy tried to make a traffic stop. he was shot in the foot. oakland would not foot the bill for his care or time off the job. we reached oakland police chief howard jordan by phone. he told us, i want to thank the alameda county sheriff's department for work and support. it's unfortunate that because of not being able to work through legal issues we will not continue to have their support. we will ask the chp to take on a little more work.
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we will redeploy officers. >> the deputies will be missed. >> without them being on the street. >> there is more bad news, they were hoping that alameda would help in the next police academies but police recruits are welcome to go through the program. larry reid says he will try next week to get deputies back on the street. >> katie: small plane had to make an emergency landing today at a vineyard in sonoma county. emergency responders saying the pilot was the only person on board and was not injured. take a look at these pictures provided by the bennet valley fire department. you can see how the plane landed upside-down. it happened at jamison road which is east of santa rosa and ten miles from the gray wood ranch airport. >> still ahead, we'll show you the destruction left behind by a massive earthquake in china.
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>> katie: some residents are being allowed to return to their homes near a texas fertilizer explosion. the blast destroyed everything within a four-block radius and 14 people were killed. the plant should have been registered with the homeland security but it was not.
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fertilizer plants must report to the homeland security if they have at least 400 pounds of ammonium nitrate. homeland security did not know it existed after the blast. cause of the explosion is still under investigation. rescue workers in southwest china are digging through rubble after a massive earthquake this morning killed at least 179 people. that number keeps going up. almost 7,000 people were injured. officials now put the magnitude at 7.0 and say the quake shook the region for more than a minute. as buildings rocked in several cities, you go can see people running from their apartments and work places. the epicenter was more than a manipulate million people. coming up next at 9:00, we'll tell you why a judge has ordered the chemical bpa to be taken off a california list of
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>> katie: a judge has ordered bpa to be removed from california's list of reproductive toxicants. bpa was put on a list that causes cancer or birth defects but the industry says it doesn't cause birth defects. a lawsuit was filed and judge issued a preliminary injunction this week.
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bpa is mostly used in plastics and food containers. they say its temporary setback. >> bay area communities are joining others to celebrate earth day by giving the environment a little tlc. they worked on cleanup and restoration projects and great day to take the family to pacific beach. work parties and community volunteers checking it out could be seen working in golden gate park and cleaning up lake merritt in oakland. >> the dmv wants your input now how to regulate driverless cars. google has been testing the cars for years. state regulators need to determine several things. for instance, who would be at fault in a crash, the driver or the manufacturer. same question with failure to stop at a stop sign, failing to recognized stopped traffic because of bad weather or
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getting off a freeway ramp too fast. i think all the drivers would be pointing at the car. >> you mentioned folks cleaning up. it was fabulous out there. 70s and 80s. as we work our way into monday and tuesday, we're talking about temperatures especially inland climbing close to 90 degrees. yes, get ready for a nice little mini heat wave in store for the bay area. hi, there, live doppler not picking up any moisture at all as we are sitting live right now. here is a look from high definition sutro cam looking down on the beautiful city of san francisco with clear skies. here is a look at highs today. it was mild to warm, just how you like it. santa rosa, 81. redwood city, 81. san jose, 79 degrees. live look towards coit tower,
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san francisco checking in at 54. 58 in oakland. san jose, 61. 48, half moon bay. santa cruz, 57. another live look from mount tamalpais looking down on richardson bay, santa rosa, 56. fairfield, 63. los gatos, 63 degrees right now. here is a look at the forecast highlights. we'll keep it clear overnight. still breezy in some spots. get ready for a nice warmup. temperatures near record highs as we head into monday and tuesday. lows tonight with clear skies, 50s near the coast. exception would be half moon bay 45. we'll go 50 for san francisco, richmond, oakland, 51. antioch will hold the heat today at 51. it will be a bit cooler in the north bay. those valley areas, down to 44 degrees by early tomorrow morning. this will be the setup for the next four to five days. high pressure building in.
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today relatively clear, clear sky right now. as this high continues to build over us, the next several days temperatures will quickly begin to increase. it look like the warmest days when the temperature will peak will be on monday and tuesday. that is when interior east bay highs could possibly reach the 90-degree regulate. for tomorrow, heading into monday, tuesday and wednesday. here is a look, forecast for oakland tomorrow. tomorrow we are focusing 79 degrees and then turn things down by thursday and friday and saturday. winds will shift and cooler air mass will start to move in. livermore valley, close to 90 as we approach monday. here is monday. 89 degrees. holding that heat for tuesday. then onshore winds, will affect inland locations as we get into thursday, friday and saturday. get ready for a warming trend as we head through the next several days. tomorrow, temperatures warm up
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more so. the coast will be near 70. half moon bay tomorrow, 80 in menlo park. north bay, 83 santa rosa. oakland, 75. union city, 78 and mid-80s as you head out to brentwood and accu-weather forecast, there is possible record as we head into monday, lingering into tuesday with inland temperatures near 90 coast around 70 and clouds and fog on thursday and friday. >> katie: thank you. mike shumann with a look at sports. >> i know the warriors is your favorite team. haven't been to the playoffs in 2007. this is young team that found out it's lot more physical postseason and may get tougher as david lee was injured and his return is questionable.
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lee played 3577 games without a playoff appearance. here a double, double, 14 boards home state up by 4. seth curry, missed his first nine shots. wakes up in the second. warriors were up by 5 but nuggets get a run. fourth quarter. bad news for golden state, david lee injuries his right hip flex or. mri on sunday. they battle back. andre miller, huge game off the bench, nuggets up by 5, now they are up by three, curry ties the game. too much time left on the clock, miller including the first game winner of his entire career, one
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second left, nuggets take game one 97-95. >> i don't think anybody came in here to sweep the denver nuggets. it's not over. so take the blow and be ready to make juaysd and respond. first playoff appearance, had a better result against the bills. here is two of his 21. nets shot 56% from the field. reverse slam, brooklyn takes first game. >> during the game a different story, knick's player, smith, 15 boards off the bench. leading scorer, that would be anthony, top dog, 36 points. brandon with this jumper, knicks tame game one. >> the giants got a decent outing from tim lincecum.
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this guy in the black suit is alive for the party. there is a problem. tim lincecum is dealing. he improves two for the year. giving up only four hits. giants had three hits of the game, pablo sandoval needed one off of andrew, two-run shot in the fourth, 2-0 giants. runners on the corners. garcia gets him to ground into the inning ending double play. two house and sergio romo gets the eighth save of the season, giants go on to win it, 2-0. a's and tampa and mother knows best. his nearly shaved beard and hair. see ya! and parker struggled all year, falling 0-3. he pops up in foul territory and
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people are scrambling. an over the shoulder catch, longoria goes, he caught that? what a catch. 1-0 your final. >> and inaugural game for the san francisco team, frisbee team. long pass to matt taylor. nice grab, 2-0 dog fish. he finds drew kim, only needs one hand. dog fish win their first ever game, 14-11 and what kind are they? >> fish shark. >> coming up an extremely=dj3q
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>> katie: coming up at 11:00, breaking news has hundreds of people are forced out of their homes because of a wildfire in southern california. latest on how the fire started and how much is under control. vandals targeted a pg&e substation. what the company now doing to prevent more damage. that is tonight at 11:00. professional animater gave her husband a unique and creative gift. here is a look what she made for him. ♪ ♪ >> katie: she re-created the opening segment of his favorite tv show. the pieces include mad men and 30 rock and youtube and others.


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