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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 23, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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coming up next. >> icap say the president is fine. i was just with him. >> in an extraordinary moment the white house reassure the country that the president is okay. that's after false news alert goes out about 2 explosions in the white house and the president being injure injured. >> it was a hoax and it sent the dow jones plummeting. drop
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looks like earthquake registered on seismic graph. financial shock. >> we fwip with the hacking of one of the world largest news organizations. someone managed to get that the twitter account of the associated press. while the stock market did recover quickly it underscores the growing concern of security breaches on social media sites. the story now from 7 news reporter vick lee. >> stock rebound at the end of trading but only after the fake tweet went out shortly after 1. to the a p two million twitter followers. hackers took control of the agency twitter account sending a tweet of 2 explosions in the white house. injuring president obama. sent u.s. market tumbling. dow jones dropped 143 points during the 3 minute plunge. white house spokesman quickly responded. >> the president is fine. i was just with him. >> president was in fact at an award ceremony at the white house. ed the twitter account following the
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hack and said it was working to correct the issue. it appeared to be a fishing attack. senior reporter for wired magazine says this. >> f.b.i. ing attack malicious e-mail sent generally like from a trusted source. >>reporter: futurist pall says it was an unsophisticated breach ichltd a p had the same problems that you or i have which is somebody got hold of the password on the twitter account. i wouldn't question a p news food this was a problem inside twitter. >> a p most recent victim of hack on twitter account. among others national public radio. bbc and cbs 60 minutes program. again turning the spotlight on twitter security protocol. he says twitter is working on better security program. >> you need 2 pieces of authentication in order to get into an account. pass woornd you need something else. >>reporter: dramatic impact on
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the stock market also focus once again on potential pitfall of computerize trading. >> computer don't have emotion. computers don't have intuitionment computers trade off one variable and one variable only. >> now group calling itself the syrian electronic army claimed credit for the a p hack. it's group that reportedly supports syria president assad. also claimed responsibilityp in the past for hacking the bbc and 60 minute. twitter spokesman said they don't comment on individual accounts for privilege situation and security reasons. vick lee abc 7 news. >>$x another company making nes tonight. apple wants to win back in investigator and they loose end the grip on hard of cash. apple stubborn trovl let go of the cash is the steep decline in the stock price blaim but as david explains, this decision now comes as apple reported its first decline in profit in a decade.
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>> one quarter doesn't make or brick a company especially when the post christmas period is the slowest of the year for electronic. 18 percent drop in profit does reflect the profit margin should returning as they make themselves smaller to entice over sea and bargain shoppers. tim cook told reporter very frustrated by declining stock price but apple remains strong. apple has loyal consumers. >> when you think of innovative tech company what company comes to mind. >> apple. >>reporter: however some consumer perception of apple may changing as it keeps nut product development highly secret. google has been very open about the about area in driving cars and google glasses giving out selectively to test. >> they seem to dip into everything and before you kind of think about apple but google kind of taking things to whole new level in terms of technology and they have kind of hit everything. >> i think google is definitely getting unjustifiably a lot of
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credit for being innovative. >>reporter: he tracks both company as mobile analyst for the research company and says google will drop idea as fast as it creates them you don't know what prom equity survive and which ones go away. they tend to pull the trigger on some products and some effort and some projects fairly quickly. >>reporter: ceo cook today said apple has amazing hardware coming out next year but didn't say anything about this year. >> owning apple product i do believe they are losing the edge because there's more technology that they say they have but they are making it come out the product very slowly. >>reporter: anticipation can be hard to bear but apple has record of delivering when it is ready. >> to suggest that amy days are over and they are not going to grow any more is probably bad perception. >>reporter: apple is a global company making more revenue pro over seas than from the u.s. bright spot was 11 percent increase in revenue from china.
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growth market that apple is trying to cultivate. apple head quarter news, weather and sports cupertino david lou abc 7 news. >> map arrested for trying to break into the sacramento apartment of governor brown while he was away this week. johnson was arrested for prowling. governor says johnson got on the roof and jumped to the balcony and trying to break in when spotted by a neighbor who 10 called police. governor says he doesn't think johnson knew whose apartment it was. >> proposed law make it harder for confidential city to prevent homeless people from living on the streets and pan handling. tom of san francisco kailts the homeless bill of rights. if passed the bill would ban police from citing homeless people for variety of infractions unless the local government has provided enough support for the homeless. >> i'm brake into cars or committing crime. i panhandle and that's it.
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>> bothering people. need to be. >>reporter: many businesses and local governments oppose the law. worried it will lead to costly lawsuits. bill passed assembly judiciary committee today so it goes on from there. >> well as the dangerous fire season arrives one county is cutting back on fire protection here in the bay area. fires like this one obviously need quick attention but contra costa county fire department could be in trouble. 4 stations closed in january. 2 more are in jeopardy now because of dope budget cuts. the story from 7 news reporter laura anthony. >> barely three months after closing 4 stations the contra costa county fair department on the way to shuttering 2 more. including perhaps this one in pittsburgh. >> there will be station closure. there will be less people on the street and there will be some fatality. >> without new revenue sources
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cocoa supervisors announce the likely closure and layoffs of as many as 8 firefighters. >> we have to the live within our means. how do we do that in a safe sustainable way? we can get to sustainable. i share your concern that we are not going to be safe. >> firefighters claim any more reduction would say put the community in danger. several years ago there were 91 firefighters on duty at any one time. with new cut that number would drop to 66. >> this budget is like asking concord high school with just 2000 students to just have 4 teachers. >> matter of money. >>reporter: but chris hunt with the taxpayer association says the fair department wants to maintain its current level of service. current and former firefighters need to macon sessions. >> the cost risen 2 years ago for retire health, pension and paying off the pension obligation band which is debt related have gone up 5.6
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million. it's huge. so that's where the expenses lie. >>reporter: according to the proposed budget one station close july 1st. next on january 1st of next year. station 87 in pittsburgh has been on the closure list befor before. and would aichele be targeted again. >> we are at critical level rate now. we can't afford to shut down another fire station or take another firefighters off the streets. >>reporter: so far the station that might close have not been clearly identified. department will do what they have in the past. that is lack at service call data and the like to decide which station are candidate. final decision on all of this isn't expected until final budget vote next month. in antioch, laura anthony 7 news. >> let's bring you up to date on the boston bombings. u.s. investigators are in southern russia right now talking with the parents of the 2 suspects. surviving suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev fair condition after suffering gun shot wound with two shoot out with law
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enforcement. he may not have known about the plot week or so before the attack. and the 2 brothers never tested their bombs before putting them to use last week. >> now to the man who caught dzhokhar tsarnaev hiding in the boat. dave berry told reporter exclusively about what happened a week ago. here's the report. >> people say blood on the boa boat. saw blood and wept in. not true not true. >>reporter: word is you saw the boat. you pulled back the wrappings, you saw a body. it manufactured and you called 91 911. >> no. no. >>reporter: no. >> no. no. >>reporter: so he went to the garage and grabbed a step ladder. >> i got i think 3 steps up the ladder and i rolled it up any can sea through now the shrink wrap. didn't expect to see anything. and i look in the boat over here on the floor and i see blood.
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>>reporter: a lot of blood good. amount of blood. my eyes went to the other side of the engine box. engine box is in the middle. >>reporter: yes. >> there was a body. >>reporter: at that moment what did you do what? what were you thinking that the moment. >> oh, my god. >>reporter: he couldn't see suspect no. 2 face. he was glad he couldn't see his face. >> well i know i took 3 steps up the ladder. i don't remember stepping down. off the ladder. hit i you more afterward when you think my god. we probably slept last night. this guy could be, tha that, i don't know it's surrea surreal. >>reporter: in that instant police responded and he and his wife were taken away. >> people are calling awe natural hero. >> the people killed can get some. >> in many ways they do fichlt
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then i'm at peace with that. >>reporter: ed harding abc news water town, massachusetts. ♪ . >> vigil for the becoming victims was held in the cold and rain tonight in everett, massachusetts. woman who suffered a serious leg injury in the bombing is from that city. >> across the country people are opening the hearts and tr wallet for those who were hurt in the boston bombings. charity one fund boston raised 20 million dollars in just over a week. since this happened a week ago monday. most from individual donor. the other 15 million from bigger corporate donor. >> more ahead this tuesday night. coming up. bay area charter school that just earned natural recognition. big why is it at risk of closing? >> bond bandit. somebody run off with a piece of home run history. also sandhya here with the weather.
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>> yes. the weather is changing. temperatures down today. i'll let you know how long the cooling trend will continue coming up. >> thanks very much. plus the plane powered by the sun. test flight in the bay area and what it is preparing to do next. we have some spectacular pictures have some spectacular pictures of it in
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>> high school in oakland has been honored with national recognition for academic performance ranking 36 in the entire country. that's great. but there is a big problem. school american ind yan public charter high may shut down soon because of alleged financial mismanagement. 7 news education reporter on efforts to keep that school open. >> u.s. news world report rank american indian public charter school fifth in california and 36 in the nation among high schools. yet charter was revoked by the oakland unified school district last month. >> founder of this school was funneling money into the private interest. awarding business to own company with no big contract. there was form ri of attendance records. there was use of public credit cards for personal expenditure expenditures. >>reporter: founder ben is no longer affiliated with the
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school. he spoke to us from his home in north carolina. >> if i stole 3.8 million there's a lot of check floating around. a lot of honey in my account which i'm sorry not that much. >>reporter: but no on the building. >>reporter: the school says they leased the building become to the school at higher price than the district would charge any charter school. but claims the school district didn't have a building big enough to house them. assured us he charged american indian below the market rate. since departure of financial management team has been working on new plan to keep the high school and 2 other schools open. >> we have a new financial management team. they have been in place since july of 2 2012. >>reporter: that is the new director who was just hired a week ago. they are now appealing to the alameda county board of education hoping to convince the board the school is financially stable.
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american indian gained national attention for the unique model and focus on reading and math. >> the time they spent on math. they spent hour and a half of instruction each day open mathematic. and then they spent another hour and a half with tutoring or homework or with some type of support if they need it f.not they are spending time with it. never been charged with any wrongdoing. if i stole money request don't you put me in jail and not destroys the kid education. >>reporter: alameda county district attorneys of the would be the one charging him but i contacted them late this afternoon and they assured me no charges have been filed. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> this had to be tough to steal. massive plaque honoring barry bond at giants ballpark mission. used to sit just before the seat in lower right field. residue from the glue that held up the plaque is in place on the wall there you see
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it. stadium officials not sure where it went or when it was taken. they plan to review security video to find out exactly what happened to it. couldn't have been a one person job. just seems too big. we'll see. >> spencer is off. sandhya is here. noticeably carol out there. >> yes. especially near the coast dan where 10 degree drop in the temperatures this afternoon and with the breeze going, feels even cooler outside right now. >> show you live doppler 7hd and talk about the cool down continuing for your wechltdz you see the fog. it's up and down the entire coast line now and we are already seeing some of that fog making its way over the bay. view from the sutro camera. pretty dramatic have you as you look at the fog over downtown san francisco. temperatures rate now 50 degrees in san francisco. 58 currently in san jose. 55 in santa cruz. here's view from the high definition emeryville camera. lack carefully here there is some patchy fog around
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the bay as well. santa rosa right now 51 degrees. still pretty mild well inland. you have to get out toward livermore where it's in the mid 60's and clear. here are the highlights we are looking at. basically fog and near the coast tonight. cooler days through thursday and milder pattern setting up for the wean. so let me show you the temperature trend for san jose and see is what coming here and tomorrow the temperatures fall even more. san jose wednesday 78 dipping thursday to 75 and then slow recovery as we head that the weekend so uses if time for the weekend. we bump up the temperatures before they come down again for the start of the work week. tomorrow morning upper 40's to the mid 50's across the bay year. you have to watch out for the fog not just near the coast but in over parts of the bay so oakland richmond you will be seeing that fog around san mateo. be careful first they think in the morning. might want to get extra time for the morning commute. look at the morning commute foggy first thing in the morning. away from the inland community. fog never
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clears the coast. temperatures in the 50's and 60's. get well inland. still manage to squeeze out few low 80's but most of the inland community will be in the 70's as opposed to today where we got up into the mid 80's. specific temperature for south bay. 75 in morgan hill. san jose 78 as i showed you few minutes ago. 75 sunnyvale. santa cruz foggy and 61 degrees. on the peninsula 70 degrees in san mateo o. 74 palo alto. mountain view. 75 look at the coast. just socked in. cool. sweater weather. temperature in the upper 50's. sunset district 59 degrees in downtown san francisco mid 60's. and in the north bay you will see the fog around for the afternoon as well so that keeps you in the 60's here along the coast. 72 novato. santa rosa north bay. 83 degrees in clear lake. 76 in nap a.beautiful day in the east bay. not as warm as it was today. 72 san leandro. 73 oakland. head inland and the temperatures like i said mostly
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in the 70's few low 80's around antioch brentwood 79 livermore. accu-weather 7 day forecast. considerably cooler on thursda thursday. the warmest inland location 72 degrees. that's dramatic dmrang what we have been seeing. mid 50's coast and temperatures will trend higher friday saturday sunday you will see the low 80's in time for the weekend inland mid 50's coast cool it off a little bit on monday. >> pretty mild. >> very mild. beautiful spring weather. >> thanks very much. >> costly set back tonight in east bay reservoir. coming. you see what they found hear that could leaf parts of the bay area high and dry. and if remain calm maybe but how do you stay calm when tiring is on the lasts. hear from woman face-to-face with it in the flook at them kids.t in the [ sigh ]
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. >> enrollment is up in one peninsula city but resident not happy at all about a new school on the way. this was today's ground breaking for burlingame first new school in 50 years. the district saw spike in students last year. so it decided to renovate hoover elementary that closed almost 4 decades ago. but some don't want it reopened. 20 neighbors are suing in fact to stop the development. they say the school is located on a dangerous road with too many curves. >> this is very narrow street. all the streets leading that it are very tight. >> i have been traversing this canyon with my kids for the last 15 years. and i end up with near misses every day. >>reporter: there are no sidewalk on the road around the school. district says it's lacked into all of this and
9:27 pm
found no safety issues so for now the project goes forward. >> speaking of going forward. group trying to save the dome theatre in pleasant hill demanding demolition permit be rae sippeded. dome scheduled to be torn down and replaced with sporting good store as part of major shopping center upgrade. but an attorney representing the group trying to save the dome sites the california environmental quality act that says demolition permit captain be issued while application to develop the same site is pending. as it stand now the theater could be torn down as soon as may 3rd. few days from now. city has scheduled appeals hearing for may the sixth. >> well if you saw something bright anything over the bay area this afternoon, could have been this thing. look at it closely. it's a so already powered plane. the plane was only 3000 feet up but can go keep in mind as high as 30,000 feet. high as jet liners. 1 12,000 solar cell on the 208 foot wing span. crator took it
9:28 pm
for a test flight today before making cross country trip next month. that's the plan. they say it is to show technology already exists for alternative i have a 80's fuels. it was very successful today. >> all right. as we continue. uncommon treatment for prevalent problems. still to come on 7 news at 9:00. how this video game could help millions of children see better. >> also ahead. how immigration reform will affect you and your neighbors. this woman wants to know why lawmakers now favor workers over family. >> man who was arrested for sending poison lace letter to the u.s. capitol he's a free the u.s. capitol he's a free man tonight. we explain wh
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>> good evening again. if something like an earthquake cut off our water supply and that is a risk, the main back up would be reservoir in alameda county. but seismic upgrade there have hit a snag and the project will take two years longer and millions more than expected to complete he heather has the story. >> the reservoir has been filled only to about 40 percent of capacity since 2001. that's because the 88-year-old dam holding the water back is subject to the liquid if it fails the lower water level intended to limit damage downstream. >> there is some loose material in the base of the stem that could liquefy in a mats major earthquake. we are about 500 yards from the fault which has a maximum earthquake of 7 and quarter. >> heavy equipment called scrapers now do laps digging and hauling material out of the cap i don't know that will be filled out with water when the
9:33 pm
new dam is done. willis just down extreme of the old one and was supposed to be done in 201 2015. but ancient land slide found during excavation of one of the slochlts unstable geology means the project had to be redesigned. at cost of 2 more years and 163 million more dollars. but in the event of a drought or if the reservoir is unavailable we need this. it represents 50% of our storage capacity. >> actually is being used during construction and continuing to supply world trade center to customers. but we won't be able to have full use of the reservoir until the project complete sod extremely important for to us continue moving forward expeditiously. >> along with redesign and delay the ancient land slide yielded fossil from when this area was the beach. there's a pine cone. >> shark tooth. we think it's probably related to this same
9:34 pm
general family that grit white are in. >> project says they probably date from 20 million years ago. >> we have about these from a whale. >> still in the hillside white is not expected to the add to the delay. >> most of the additional cost and contingency come out of a sorority approved 2002 system improvement bond but another 55 million dollars will have to come out of a separate san francisco p uc maintenance fund and needs to be approved by the supervisors. in fremont, abc 7 news. >> high powered group of former lawmakers cabinet secretary and policy advisors was challenged on immigration today by a young woman from san francisco. she wanted to know why family like hers should take a back seat when it comes to deciding who gets to leif here. mark matthews has that story.
9:35 pm
>> bipartisan policy center task force on immigration is an impressive group. former secretary of state rice former governor barber, former cabinet secretary and hilda rice said they came to menlo park to hear from technology leders. >> in long to the tech leaders you recognize the importance of immigration reform to them. >> rice talk about the need to attract high skilled immigrant mississippi forker governor talk about the need for low skill labor. >> if you do chicken processing plenty we process 2 and half billion dollars worth of chicken, nobody speaks english. >> stepping into the discussion 23-year-old perez. whose parents came here on visa granted for family reasons. >> best example pel of what america stands for and what america is and what make this is nation so great have been my parents and family. >> wanted to know why some of the panel want to cut family unification visa in favor of work visa. people who come here work. my parent came to
9:36 pm
reunite with their family but obviously they needed to work as well so i don't think it has to be so separate. >> mississippi former governor says there has been too much emphasis on reuniting family. >> we should think in terms of people that help the american economy. people who work. >>reporter: former l.a. congressman about agreed with pez richlt certainly we have to maintain our family based immigration stirjs add that go foreign born college graduate shouldn't be sent packing. >> that is nuts for this country. >>reporter: former pens vin governor told perez there has to be compromise. >> has to be give-and-take. on all sides of the issue. >>reporter: perez foreign born college graduate in the country illegally until reese evenly when she got deferment. >> i'men trout aplay to law school in the fall. >>reporter: the argument is that the spirit that drives people to come to this country to strive for better life is at least as important as the skills they bring with them.
9:37 pm
she srm has plenty of spirit. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> indeed. federal government dropped all charges against mississippi man accused of sending ricin laced let investigators the president and others. pall curtis walked out of jail this afternoon. just dressed media earlier today saying he's looking forward to seeing his family. curtis calls the whole situation overwhelming and says he didn't even know what reece inwas. >> i respect prchl. >> love of love my country. with never do anything to pose a threat to him or any other u.s. official. >> curtis release comes day after investigators found no evidence of the poison in his home or car. curtis attorney praised the government handling of the case saying he was treated well. authorities search home today of another mississippi man in connection with the case. they are not saying what if anything was found. city of los angeles has
9:38 pm
forehead to pay more than 4 million dollars to would women who were hurt when police mistakenly opened fire on them during the man hunt for fugitive ex cop christopher dorner. woman an mother delivering newspapers when officers fired at least 100 round at the blue toyota take company. one shot in the back. the other was injured by brea breaken glass. the women also w truck. >> federal investigators cleared wild animal park near fresno today of any wrong doing stemming from intern death. lyon mauled a woman to death last month there. she was with one of the big cat. the cat haven did not violent any animal welfare cat policy. ly on attack her while cleaning the pen. she was attacked after going through a door that was accidentally left unlocked. deputy sheriff shot and killed the lion ultimately. >> now to condition says where
9:39 pm
you might expect to see a tiger if you go to the circus. one woman got more than she bargain for. here's the story from abc news reporter john mueller. >> janet was exited to see exotic animal on the family first trip to the circumstance circumstances. >> tiger show uses finished. i thought this is a good time the head out to the bathroom. back before the next show. insteadth surprise of her life from potentially on saturday nature tiger named leah scene in the video ran away from the trainers during a show that the she was there she left the circus ring heading down corridor before corner by security in the very same bathroom she was about to head into it. entered the rest room face-to-face within 2 to 3 feet of the furry fee lime. i need to be calm turn around walk out. you will be fine. that's
9:40 pm
what i did. >> if this sounds like something out of a hollywood movie you are on to something who could forget zack close encounter with mike tyson tiger in the hanover. >> there is a tiger in the bathroom. >> far outside the center of the ring. trip to the circus. she will never forget. john mueller abc news new york. >> coming. one device little kids so much they need therapy kids so much they need therapy when
9:41 pm
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9:43 pm
>> federal government issued new guide lines today to make it tougher for drivers to become distracted by navigation or other high tech systems in their new cars. the voluntary guidelines advice car makers against installing any system that lets drivers push button or otherwise manuallyen put
9:44 pm
data while driving. voice activate the systems fine. dot said drivers shouldn't have to take the eyes off the road for more than 2 second at a time. new research suggest it's just as unsafe to use a voice to text mobile app while driving as it is to text manually. texas officials found driver response times were slower no matter which method of texting was used. drivers also spent less time looking at the road under both texting method. seems to make sense distracked when we do them. >> researchers say they have come up with way to treat the condition of lazy eye by playing the video game. doctors in canada say the tile matching game that you may have seen can train both eyes to work together. study is small but doctors say it works better than the conventional approach which is a patch on the good eye to make the weak one work harder. systemed that one in 50 children have ladies eye if
9:45 pm
left untreated vision loss can become perhaps that video game will make a difference. >> well good news. this it seems toddler becoming so addicted to i-pad they require therapy when they couldn't play witness. one british expert says this kind of behavior is on the rise. dr. richard graham says 4-year-old girl was using her i-pad 4 ours a day and that she threw tantrum when taken away. graham says youngsters experience the same withdrawal system from technology as alcoholic or heroin addict do from drinking and drugs. if you can believe that. >> my 3 sons. come up next on 7 news at 9:00. great effort you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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>> it's a boy. actually it's 3
9:49 pm
of them. biologist want went to great length to determine the gender of san jose boulevard falcon chick. glen stewart look at him go. rappel off the roof of the 18 city hall that the nest of the family. parents made a lot of noise trying to scare the intruder away. can even see the bird dive bombing him trying to shoe him off but stewart able to check on the chick and here they are singing on the falcon cam on the city web site. contest now under way to name the baby falcon. all 3 boys. so get the entry in. let's go back up date the weather forecast. sandhya is here they are pretty cute. >> adorable. here's live doppler 7hd hopefully the weather will be kuwait cute tomorrow. kaling trend will continue fog along the coast and around the bay. first thing in the morning you need extra time for the morning commute. here's look at the game forecast if heading to the giants gale. at&t park. take on the dimmed backs again. 1
9:50 pm
12:45 mid 60's going to be breezy by the afternoon. temperature dropping to the low 60's and we will see fog right around the bay as you look at the high pressure for tomorrow. 65 if san francisco. foggy 58 half machine bay but you get away from the coast. warm you up that the mid 70's. oakland palo alto, free mont, inland area electric antiochia degree degrees. san jose 78. napa 76 degrees. certainly cooler day and temperatures will come down some more by thursday they bottom out then we start to see a warming trend at least slightly warm intertime for the weekend. mild weather inland. comfortable at the coast. >> looks fantastic. can't beat it. >> larry is here. warriors play off basketball. >> talking warm. i'm talking sizzling. >> oh, wow! >> how could the warrior possibly win play off game without all star forward david lee? the seth curry lighting it up the seth curry lighting it up in denver. sports is next
9:51 pm
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>> coming up tonight's at 1
9:54 pm
11:00. appeal for protection. why little league teams are taking their case to city leaders tonight to get help from police. >> plus water shortage alert. first by area city to the order mandatory restriction. join us for 7 news at 11 over on channel 7. but larry is here. off full bushel basket of sports tonight. >> we had to do away with the evening sports nap that's how busy it was. situation. that's commitment. without david lee the warriors took the play book. game 2 of the play offs series. this is a great game. lee joining brandon rush if street clothes on the warrior bench. andre with authority. 12 in the first half. second quarter warriors take the lead. seth to green. knocking down the jumper. curry sizzling in the first half. crossing over. animal. and then i'll just turn around and shah the jumper. pick and
9:55 pm
roll lack at the finish with the right hand. that is so sweet. 17 in the first half. were yours up 8. then andrew rejecting lawson. warriors running the other way. barns cleaning up. warriors by 8 and then the crushing pick by bogus and barns knocking down the 3. late third quarter almost out of bound and hits. warriors up 87-74. then late third quarter the ankle. this time the left ankle. he hobble off. they check on him. he ends upcoming back. and knocking did you know more jumper. hobbling as somewhating. but still hitting and rate now they are midway through the fourth and warriors are leading 107-97. check out other games. p.diddy court side for game 2 of the knicks celtics series. hoping with
9:56 pm
green. celts up. anthony advertise like seth in the torch mode. 87-71. knicks take a series lead on the celtics. wid and heat up 2 h of on milwaukee. jim's off the jump ball. make that. miami pulling away. wade hello. had 21. ray allen all heat all the time 98-86. heat in command of that series. to the ice. and sparky. i like the costume. sharks and stars san jose needing one point to clinch a play off spot. power play opportunity scott gomez and torrez this great one lately. 2 minutes later. rae bound. and 1-1. sharks down 2-1 late third. stewart fires on the redirect. joe little joe ties
9:57 pm
its it up and 30 seconds later. that is your game winner with 5:07 left in regular litigation. shark hold on 3-2 and that win locks up a play off spot for todd and men in teal. after 4 starts. matt still lacking for first win of the seasons. is a on the mound hogging arizona tonight. era over 7 to start the 2013 season and struggling once again. here's pall giant killer owns at&t park. 1st inning. fair ball. scores 1 nothing. 2 nothing in the third and gold member again. way out. left field stand off. 4 going lead and contain is frustrated. arizona pitcher in the eighth. crawford with run scoring triple. torrez scored from first. fast forward to the 9th inning. 1 on for bran didn't. hear it colonels comes. there
9:58 pm
it goes again for the baby giraffe. game winning hit last nature. he tie this is game with a 2 run homer. the they are in the 9th now. now they are in the tenth. it's 4-4 extras at at&t. a's in boston. and steady rain cold and wine. temp in the 40's i believe. never mind. the 6 runs in the third. the sand why gets upset when i did the weather. >> there was the a's. smith. i always do it bad limit you mess up my a's highlights. settle down over there. i come over and give you the forecast tl here. john 3 hits. it was 12 nothing. and this game was called after 7 innings. shut out boston 13 nothing. if oracle lost new 72 foot catamaran that race in the
9:59 pm
america cup this morning it's massive. beautiful. mast 40 meters call over 131 feet. think about climbing 13 story building that's how high you g go. yacht cost somewhere between 6 and 8 million dollars and it goes fast. >> we go fast. probably faster than a car on the golden gate bridge. we do speed of 20 kno knot. downwind speed over 40 knot. so it's in incredibly fast. >> 40 knot is 46 miles per hou hour. scott played 11 seasons in the nfl. former cal star signed official retirement papers top this mountain in peru. what better place to the reach 10,000 feet above sea level. great. >> for guy who missed his sports you are pretty haichlt hi more energy is that thanks larry that's this 7 news for


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