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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 1, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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chase liquid. so you can. good evening, i'm nick smith in for ama daetz who has a well deserved night off. a free fell on several people in the park late this evening. three people were hurt. one woman had to be cut from underneath the tree. several cars were damaged. we'll have more at 11:00.
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>> three people were injured after a gunfight during a sideshow in oakland. tomas ramon talked with neighbors saying that sideshows are overtaking the neighborhood. >> they were talking about the gunshots he heard about 2:30 a.m.. this is where they came from. one unidentified man from walnut creek and another man was shot here early saturday morning. they are collecting evidence and mostly shell casings. police say the shooting happened during an event like this one captured on 880 captured at coliseum near january. this one was frightening, they said. >> there was a lot of loud noises. >> sideshows are regular occurrence on weekends.
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tire marks is evidence they perform here. this last show was different because of the woman that was shot. >> shot in the head. the people who she was with, whatever, they were just distraught. she is dead, she is dead. >> the three victims were just spectators standing on the corner of 106 avenue and all were brought to highland hospital. the woman is in critical condition. some residents did not want to be identified say this area is out of control. >> this is not a new thing. we have a lot of killings and all the kids of dead on macarthur for no reason. >> reporter: others know better to leave the house during the events. >> i have to stay in my house. it's not to be played with. >> oakland police would not comment about the shooting on camera, but did say they have a new strategy to deal with the side shows.
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they will announce it on monday. a man accused in the death of a prominent businessman is a free man tonight. charges against lucas anderson was dropped he went to the valley medical center being treated for alcohol poisoning. he was accused in the deaths during an invasion robbery during his home last november. his dna was found under his if you thinker nails but can't explain how it got there. >> san jose police are investigating their fifth homicide this week. police say a man was stabbed outside an apartment just south of santana road last night. they are still searching for a suspect. police don't believe the five homicides are related. dozens of extra officers or program because of the rise in violence. >> two men are expected to survive after being shot in the mission district. it happened around 8:00 this morning near 14th.
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police have not made any arrests. san jose police have detained a person in connection with a brush fire. it started just bef 3:00 near i-2080 and story road. it spread to five acres and no buildings were in danger and police have not said why the person was detained. hot and conditions are the main challenge for firefighters battling the powerhouse fire. it started thursday and grown to 3700 acres. power lines near the fire zone are posing concern and fire officials tell us if the flames move north which is expected, they could burn directly under those power lines. evacuation orders remain in effect for as many as 300 homes. fire is only 15% contained with full containment expected on wednesday. >> two bay area red cross volunteers are planning to leave tomorrow morning to help with relief efforts in oklahoma.
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nine people were killed when a massive tornado, hail and thunderstorms yesterday. here is a report from el reno, oklahoma. unbelievable deja-vu. cleanup underway today, aftermath of several tornadoes that tore through the oklahoma city area. >> it's pretty chaotic. there is a lot of destruction that happened. >> most of the damage was in el reno. tractor-trailers toppled, cars that were stuck in traffic as they tried to escape the giant storm slipped. several people were killed including a mother and her baby. >> they were traveling on the interstate and the car was sucked up into the tornado and they were sucked out of the vehicle. >> the terror on the roadways captured by storm
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chaseers. >> we're going to die! >> parts of a barn smashing into their windshield. storm chaser survived, more than a hundred other people were hurt. today the severe flooding left behind the storms gave a serious challenge. >> it continues to be most important thing going on here. there are power lines that are down. there are roads that have been affected by this. >> you can see more of the damage the brick walls smashed. airplanes thrown into buildings and while it's sunny here today, severe weather could be parts of texas, missouri and through the great lakes. >> the 787 dreamliner is once again serving passengers at mineta, it stopped service at tokyo after a hiatus because of problems with the battery system.
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renewed flights are in economic boost to silicon valley. >> it's expected to generate $78 million in economic impact within the first year. somewhere in the range of about 60 jobs that are created because of this. >> they are currently running the flights five times a week. >> 45 cats rescued from deplorable conditions along seaside home are up for adoption. some were dead or sick that the spca removed last july. kittens were held as evidence in the animal abuse case. now they are cleared for adoption. as you can see in spca they are doing well and not camera shy. if you are interested in adopting one of these cats, we have a link with the information on our website another under see it on tv. now, still ahead on "abc 7 news" at 9:00, we'll
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take you turkey where violent clash has erupted. what triggered that fight. >> and new rules for shipping that should save the lives of whales. a look at new bay area rollercoaster that is now open to the public. >> i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. talk about a rollercoaster, today we were in the mid to today we were in the mid to 90s. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for ann to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citi tablet apps. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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she died of natural causes in new york today. >> a protest to save a park in turkey escalated into a riot. protestors fought back. they threw rocks and bottles at police. officers fired tear gas at demonstrators. at least a thousand people were injured. they were trying to keep a popular park from being turnedoa mall. >> here in san francisco, supporters marched in solidarity. they say it's not just about the park but also about the oppressive policies being instituted by the current prime minister. >> coming up next at 9:00, a look at the new rules for for ships that should protect whales. >> leigh glaser tells us the cooldown is coming up. >> and giants and a's going in different directions.
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atm finals right here in abc7.
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welcome back. merchant ships are following new traffic rules. detours have been put in place for large vessels in part to have whales struck by their propellers. >> they the hope it's under tighter control. it's primarily to avoid collision between merchant ships and fishing vessels but whales could benefit from redirection of these
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lanes. >> it's also going to keep ships on a predictable path. >> they used to cruise right through the grounds, but now they have to travel in more narrow lanes about three miles wide. they were extended some 17 miles. >> by keeping them in that lane a little longer get vessels out of the highly congested areas and most environmentally sensitive areas. >> several shipping companies are agreeing to use this spotting guide. they will report their locations to the national, noaa. >> and in a few weeks, this noaa app will let smart phone users to join others in gathering of data. >> find where the whales are concentrated, we can suggest one of lanes be a
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slow speed lane. >> migrating whales are prone to ship strikes because they are lured close to the coast. now it is time to talk about the beautiful weather outside. >> it's fabulous today if you like 80s and 90s. things are going to cool down as we head into sunday. nice a little cooldown just in time to warm back up the latter half the week. live hd picking up high clouds, they will settle in this evening. we are seeing a little built of low cloudiness. and sea breeze will return tomorrow. that is going to mean the fog will return coastline, as well. check out these highs for today. santa rosa, 97.
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that is actually a record high for you guys. it broke an old record of 95 degrees. 73 was the high in san francisco. half moon bay, 65. we 92 in napa. 97 in antioch. livermore, morgan hill 92 degrees. a nice setting sun going down the horizon from high definition east bay camera looking over the bay. san francisco still mild at 65 and 76 in the city of oakland. 73 in san jose and transamerica pyramid with clear skies overhead. other readings around the area, 78 in santa rosa and livermore 82 degrees. we have 72 right now in los gatos. here is a look at forecast highlights. few high clouds unemployment. cool down tomorrow and cooling trend will be for all of us as we head into monday and tuesday. overnight temperatures will keep it warmest out toward the east bay.
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inland locations, mid to low 60s expected overnight. then we'll cool it down where the fog will move in right near the coast with overnight temperatures in the mid to low 50s. you can see the setup. high pressure that was over us pushing off to the east. that is going to allow this low to drop down, as it does, it will create more of an onshore wind flow and that will mean cooler temperatures for the bay area for your sunday. here is how it looks tonight. 11:00, we have clear skies but watch as the overnight hours continue through the morning. low clouds and stronger onshore winds will mean a strong sea breeze and low cloudiness and fog will move into the bay. half moon bay, 62 degrees. fog will be san francisco will go to 68. oakland only 75. walnut creek, 88 and it will still be warm to hot out in antioch. antioch, 93 degrees. san jose, cooler at 81.
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peninsula cools down into the mid to upper 70s. 82 for petaluma and oakland 75. interior east bay, not as hot has today but still quite warm, 94 for brentwood and 94coord. more cooling, monday and wednesday then those winds will shift back around and thursday and friday and saturday back up in the 90s. >> we weren't the only ones to enjoy that weather. i have to believe the a's enjoyed the weather, as well. >> they must have because they are on roll. took three out of four from the giants. 13 of their last 15. seven straight wins at home. you won't believe the ending today. they were fired up. two for five, double through the gap. lowery scoring from first base. a's goes up 1-0. and starting to swing the
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big stick and a's go up 3-1 and undercover look back. dan struck out eight but didn't get the win. in the seventh, now we're tied at 3. a's had 16 hits in the game. and josh reddick walked,, walk d reddick gets the pie in the face. a's win it 4-3 is the final. >> whether it's a walk -- just try to do something. >> and giants matt cain seems to have a hiccup every time he faces the cardinals. he allowed nine runs in one inning, hoping for better results in game one of a double-header in st. louis. he was perfect in every inning except the third. tony cruz, scores two, a 7 run third inning for matt.
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he allowed 7 runs on nine hits in six innings. cardinals take it 8-0 final. game two had the same pitcher and madison bumgarner gives up three runs. cardinals pitcher adam wain wright struck out ten, cards win game two, 7-1 that final. >> baseball regionals, facing south dakota state. 2-2 in the tenth. on a single, post-the tenth, he grounds to second. usf and the throw goes wild. we go to the 13th inning and no outs. here a sack fly and this time usf hangs on 4-3. >> detained pacers will not
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go away -- indiana pacers and they let them know they are in for a fight. pacer fans still believing, i think. paul george leading with 28 points. the heat led by 1 at the half. start in the third quarter, with a 14-2 run, pacers even the series and despite 29 from lebron. game 7 set for monday. >> to the ice, western conference finals, kings and blackhawks. kings scored first and patrick sharp, knocked in the rebound. we got a 1-1 game and dunking the shot and, and hawks take game one 2-1 your final. eastern conference finals, bruins and penguins, two goals in the game, right
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there, thomas, 1-0 bruins and doesn't miss it and that is six for the postseason. bruins shut them out 3-0. >> golf, number one cal and illinois. he was four down and made a comeback but he falls 3-2. same hole, brian campbell, defeated kim. he shifts in and went to extra holes where he needed this putt. he misses. he was three up at one point. illinois upsets top ranked cal and faces alabama in tomorrow's final. >> former jackson brown's head coach signing on with the 49ers as an offensive assistant even though he is a defensive minded coach. we'll confirm that in the next couple of days. >> thanks a lot, shu.
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>> up next, if you are go through for a philadelphia ride, want
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coming up at 11:00, bay area volunteers coming to the rescue in oklahoma. and new labels on alcohol that could affect the way you drink tonight on abc news at 11:00. there is a new addition to great america, the new rollercoaster is opened to the public. this video is of the new coaster from great america, it's all wood and features a 108 foot drop. it lasts more than two minutes. that is it for abc news at 9:00. next newscast is
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[music]wscast is >> welcome to swirl. your a. through z and everyone in between show. i'm michelle your host. may 22 was harvey milk day so throughout the show we'll honor harvey milk. the first out gay politician in the country and also served in san francisco as supervisor and murdered by dan white a fellow supervisor. coming up on the show tonight love life and sex makes an amazing shake you can bring into the bedroom. jack hits the gym and some of the inclusionists haou


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