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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  June 7, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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ki mask on. we'll jack her in the driveway. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. we have felt so far this year and it should get hotter tomorrow. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. we have abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel and let's start with alan wang in a very warm walnut creek. alan? >> dan and carolyn, it was 92 degrees when we got here around 9:00 this evening. since then it was dropping and it just switched from 80 to 78 degrees. and now we are finally feeling a slight breeze out here. a huge difference from just a
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few hours ago. at 8:30 this evening it was still 90 degrees in pleasanton. about 2,000 people were here for the free concert at the park. >> what did you do to fight off the heat tonight? >> had some white wine. cooled down with wine. >> earlier at 6:00 in the evening it was a scorching 97 degrees when graduation ceremonies kicked off. it may have been hotter on the track where a nice donation put these people in vip seating. >> i am wondering why my brother said we got these good seats here and we are burning up in the shade. >> one person needed medical attention. many others gave up their view for the shade. >> i would rather stand here and not see anything than pass out. >> other people bailed out altogether. >> nicholas ferman. >> by 7:00 p.m., the
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temperature was still a steamy 97 degrees. 9 cheap seats never felt so good. and the polyester robes was giving the class of 2013 something to remember. >> by 7:30 it was 97 degrees when the concert began. a significant cool off considering their high today was 103 degrees. >> get ready because it is going to get even hotter tomorrow believe it or not. reporting live in downtown walnut creek, alan wang, abc7 news. >> thank you. the temperatures were high enough to break records in parts of the bay area and it is hot for some of us. sandhya patel is here with a look at live doppler 7hd. >> and the temperatures exceed exceed -- exceeded a hundred
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degrees. it wasn't along the coastline. that's where we have some fog. it is getting dense in pockets. the fog held it down at the coast, but inland spots like livermore, a record 102 degrees. record breaking in ukiah and 106 degrees and it was plenty hot in other parts, 97 concord and 94 in morgan hill and 104 in clear lake. comfortable secretary 8 in san francisco and 61 in half moon bay. a live look from the high definition rooftop camera and we do have a spare the air for your saturday. poor air quality east bay and moderate for the rest of the bay area. as alan mentioned, it is only going to get hotter. exactly how hot and when will you see some relief coming? that is coming up in the weekend forecast. >> thanks very much. >> because of the protected high temperatures they are increasing their staffing to
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protect against fire danger. it is tinder dry and with the low humidity and the winds, conditions are ripe for brushfires. a red flag warning for shasta lake and boutte counties as well. cal fire says this is the time to make sur have 100 feet of defensible space around our homes and try to find fire safe landscaping as well and get an emergency kit together. you can get details and find out more tips on click on prepare nor cal. >> authorities in santa monica now say the gunman acted alone. police are working nine active crime scenes. abc7 news reporter john alston is following this story from the newsroom. john? >> carolyn, first off the original death toll was seven including the gunman. that has been re-advised downward -- revised downward.
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they have no idea why a man dressed in black went on a shooting spree. this took place in santa monica west of los angeles and ending in gun fear at santa monica college. >> we have the corrected numbers. we have four deceased. including the suspect that makes five. >> the trail of death started to unfold before noon when police got a call of shots fired. what they found was santa monica home in flames. >> i heard about six or seven shots. >> we found multiple victims. it was clear they were fatalities. >> the l.a. times reports those victims may be the gunman's father and brother. it is unknown highway the fire started. police say the gunman than carjacked a woman forcing her to drive to the campus. >> when he left the house there was a car driving down the street where he did carjack the lady drivingment he had her drive a certain route and there were
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subsequent shootings. >> he injured three people on board. >> i seen the bullet holes. i started screaming. >> a red suv was peppered and crashed into a you wall on campus. the final victim was a woman who was shot and killed in front of the library. >> i heard bang, bang, bang. i knew what was going on so i ran. >> i seen people running. so i was in pan neck mode. a girl told me i had to get off campus because somebody was shooting. >> it ended when a gunman was in the college library. police are trying to confirm his identity. it is unknown what connection he may have had to the college. five people were hurt and one critically. tonight a person of interest who was taken into custody has been cleared and released. in the newsroom, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. >> the shooting was three miles away from a home where president obama was attending
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a fundraiser. more on the president's california visit in seven minutes. >> a fight in a sports authority store left one man dead and another in custody facing charges in the attack. this all happened just before 11:00 this morning at the great mall in mill pea dis. you can see the huge police presence from sky 7hd. while cops aren't revealing details, a witness tells abc7 news reporter that the weapons were baseball bats. >> reporter: crime scene investigators were clearing out nine hours after they got a call of what was a deadly fight inside. >> an officer arrived on scene in 13 was able to take the suspect in custody while he was still inside the store. >> police say there was one male suspect and one male victim. they have not released details about their i'd fees or what sparked the fight. you can see plenty of police on scene. >> cops everywhere, man. >> this whole thing had cops.
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>> they circulated this letter to tenants and reassuring them that it is now safe. it reads, the suspect was taken into custody without incident. the remanetter of the mall -- the remainder of the mall is open for business. the sports authority was closed for the day prompting questions from -- f shoppers. >> the shop is probably closed for the rest of the night. >> a team that specializes cleaning up the crime scene left minutes after they left. there is no word when it will re-open. abc7 news. marin county sheriff officials identified a woman found yesterday off sir francis drake boulevard. authorities say 31-year-old tricia hoff has ties to the east bay. she was found by a hiker. her body was down an embankment near a turnout near a ravine. she suffered what was called
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suspicious injuries. there was some inned cation of foul play. and she could be the victim of a homicide. serial killer richard ramirez who terrorized san francisco and l.a. in the 80s is dead. he was known as "the night stalker." he left say tan nick symbols at the scene of the crime. he sexually assaulted and mutilated at least 13 victims. he killed two people in san francisco including a nine-year-old girl. he was on death row at quintin. he died at marin general hospital of liver failure. a parking lot mishap has shoppers running for help. a car hit a fire hydrant. look at this. it happened at the right aid in pleasant hill. no one was injured. coming up next, government snooping and some of the biggest names on the web, google, yahoo! and even your facebook page could be monitored. what facebook found of mark
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zuckerberg. >> and a big party at san francisco. it is all to celebrate a luncheon gauge meant with one very -- a lunch engagement with one famous man and his very generous gift. >> and a spectacular you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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enter now at news. breaking news in san jose. police are at a home on huff avenue south of 280 investigating the city's 23rd murder of the year. abc7 news reporter sergio is live with the latest on this breaking news. sergio? >> in the last couple hours, the homicide detail basically pulled in their command truck here. you can see this is going to be a long evening in this neighborhood as they put together the details ins investigation. this is the billing we are talking about. police tell us there was a family fight that happened after 5:00 this afternoon. in the process of the fight, a man was assaulted and he was teaken to the hospital and that's where he died. police have since made an arrest and another adult male has been arrested and he has been taken to the santa clara county jail where he is facing charges in connection to this investigation. at this point detectives are
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trying to piece together what happened. they have not released to us what may have sparked the fight. there is still lots of information they are trying to hammer down. reporting live in san jose, abc7 news. >> thank you. president obama is meeting with the president. he will talk about issues like north korea and cyber security. governor jerry brown is expected to meet with both leaders. night president started his day in san jose where he defended a secret program to track billions of phone calls. probably yours. president obama warned it will be harder to detect threats now that two top secret programs have been revealed. the president ponted out that america must balance civil liberties and stoping terrorists. >> we are going have to make some choices as a society.
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in evaluating the programs they make a difference in our capacity to anticipate and prevent possible terrorist activity. >> president obama tried to reassure critics saying they face strict oversight from congress and the courts. mark zuckerburg said his company never received a request for data and, quote, we will fight aggressively to keep your information safe and secure. >> it will now cost the more to finish building their new home in santa clara. this after they decided to add $100 million of tech features to levi stadium. it ups the cost to $1.3 billion. the decision to add these extras follows super bowl 50 being awarded to the bay area. our media partner, the mercury news reports that the team has told a billion dollars in seat licenses and naming rights. >> someone is about to have a special lunch guest. an anonymous bidder tonight
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with the investment banker and the investment expert warren buffet for $1 million and gave a huge boost to san francisco's glide foundation in the process. a big crowd gathered at restaurant loulou to watch the annual auction on ebay unfold. a big chunk comes from the auction. they fell in love with her service for the homeless. >> it saved my life. it was a miracle for me. i think the miracle is that it does that every day. it is for countless of people every day. that's the real miracle. since 2000 they raised $15 million. tonight's bid was less than a third of last year's however. when you trapped in a plane on the tarmac a little traveling music is just what you need.
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the traveling music was classical thanks to a string quartet. the musicians were on board a plane in beijing earlier today. talk about a captive audience. >> how lucky to be there. let's get another check of our warming forecast. >> and sandhya patel is here to sing a few bar tunes. if you like steamy weather, are you in luck this weekend. saturday is definitely going to be hot. you will notice that the skies are clear except right around the monterey bay. we have patches of fog and as we look from our explore for yum camera to coit tower, the skies are pretty clear and here are your temperatures. 58 in san fransisco and 62 in oakland. it is still warm in san jose. 72 degrees. by contrast check out half moon bay. 52 degrees and the fog
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dropping visibility to 1 mile right now. it is going to be dense in the morning in pockets so watch ow. visibility could drop a quarter of a mile. it could qualify as dense fog. you can see toward the bay bridge back toward the to tower and here are your temperatures, 64 in santa rosa and 77 in fairfield and balmy in livermore. 77 as well. and from our high definition sue trough camera, downtown san francisco is under clear skies. more hundred degree heat and spare the air again. this will be the third of the season and this will be cooling down sharply on sunday. if you don't like the heat things will be changing for the second half of the weekend. you saw the fog around the coast and bay, and at 6:00 p.m. that fog layer is starting to get compressed. it is still being compressed with this area of sinking air it sinks and it squashes the
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fog layer down. right now it stands at 800 feet which is why we are expecting the fog to be dense first thing in the morning confined to the coast. in the afternoon it will start cooking inland. 67 for your saturday afternoon in half moon bay and 74 downtown san fransisco. 80 in oakland and get out toward walnut creek and 101 degrees. antioch, we will be coming close to records in some spots. as we look at the week ahead, san jose for example you go from 92 tomorrow really a shore drop in the temperatures on sunday. by monday, we are looking at almost a 20-degree drop from saturday. and then the temperatures will level off and come back up for the latter part of the workweek. temperatures are really mild. 60s and 70s. patches of dense fog for your morning plans. 92 san jose and 91 in santa
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clara and sunnyvale. 75 in santa cruz. a beautiful day on the peninsula. mountain view, 67 half moon bay and downtown san francisco 74 and 68 in daly city. 94 santa rosa and 98 in calistoga. ukiah, clear lake, 70 at stinson beach. oakland, hayward, 80 degrees. inland, plenty of triple digits. accu-weather seven-day forecast, cooler for your sunday, mid80sin the warmest spots by monday. upper 70s, well below normal and then we will warm it up tuesday through friday. we ale always let you know what the weather will be leak. >> thanks very much. larry beil is here now. >> talking about baseball. >> the a's in particular. some may remember the tv show "it takes a thief" or perhaps your grandparents told you about. it now it takes josh reddick it now it takes josh reddick at the wall. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad
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citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. josh donaldson continues to make his push for the allstar team. it is a 9th inning heroics and it added up to another a's win. outside the park good old-fashioned bags and jarod parker a room service fast ball for tyler flowers on the 0-2 pitch. 1-0 white sox. they go seven innings and got the run. they were down 3-0 in the 6th. his first career granny andly is hitting 3:29. 4-3a's. and connor gillespie. the former giant drills one. this is deep to right. have no fear.
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joked reddick is here. got it. the a's win it 4-3 and with a rangers loss oakland now with the most wins in the american league first place in the west. giants in arizona and facing the d-backs. matt cane walked three batters in the first inning, but got out of a jam. he grounded into a double play. pablo sandoval scores. in the eighth, it is gold member. the giant killer does it again. two outs and opposite field and the d-backs win it 3-1. the dodgers and braves and the legend continues to grow for tuig, t-uu-i-g if you are spelling at home. he has two in a week. the spurs were supposed to be
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old and tired and that was five years ago. they are up 1-0 against miami. tony parker has become one of the best point guards in the game. here on abc7. game two on dwyane wade says this isn't fun. it is a job. >> as a player in a playoff you have no joy. if you have no win you have no joy for awhile. it is the grind every day as a team of trying to win the series. >> game two is heat and spurs sunday here on abc7. pre game at 4:30. our guests are warriors forward carl landry. abc sports brought to you by
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news in the south bay. police just confirmed a baseball bat was the weapon used in the fatal beating in the store at the great mall. >> police just released this photo of the suspect. they say he got into a fight with another man in the sports authority and then took a baseball bat off a store shelf and beat the victim to death. >> the store has been closed since the attack and there is no word on when it will re-open. >> more for you on abc7 news on the morning news at 4:30. of course on twitter our reporting continues 24/7 at abc7 news bay area. >> let's get a check of the weather. >> dense fog and mild inland. the temperatures are 50 to 70 at 5:00 a.m. warming up quickly by 8:00 a.m.


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