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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 15, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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good evening, i'm baited baits. new details about an attempted robbery broke up by two restaurant employed. it ended with the officer killing the suspect. why police believe the officer got there just in time. >> it's not recommended to attack a person with a firearm. >> that is what the sergeant says happened here
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on saturday night. restaurant is closed. a sign explains the tragic incident that occurred. according to one of three employees, a masked arm man came in when it was closing. he demanded money and emptied the cash register. that is when two 19-year-old employees jumped the robber. >> the employees took it upon themselves to attack the robber and had a pretty significant struggle with him. >> as the two men wrestled wi robr, they yelled at 16-year-old co-worker to get help. and alameda deputy was outside the restaurant issuing a traffic ticket and heard two gunshots. >> the deputy is telling him to drop the gun. >> all three men were locked close together in a fight for the weapon as the deputy drew his gun. >> deputy gets in there, he
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positions himself very well so that he won't fire hitting any of employees as he fires and hits the suspect. >> the unidentified suspect died at the scene. people foundhe restaurant closed. a sign explains the reason and hails the employees' brave ray. >> went out really fast and saw the people that were working, god bless them that they made it through this incident. >> no one was seriously injured. we spoke to the mother of the other 19-year-old by phone. she told us her son is still in shock. the gunshot fired before the deputy killed him. >> a scary moment? san francisco stopped traffic and shopping. someone through a small explosive through a resident window around 4:00 p.m. it looked like a quarter
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stick of dynamite. they brought in bomb-sniffing dogs to see if there were any explosives but did not find any. crews are getting the upper hand on colorado wild fire. the flames are blamed on two deaths. some of the 40,000 evacuees are returning home tonight. here is our report. >> some evacuees are making the anxious journey home. >> you don't realize how important it is until you have to give it up for a while. >> yesterday we found a house on the list that had been destroyed. >> carol anthony thought her dog had been killed. >> you learn what life really means. >> but this little friend was saved by an animal shelter. >> my husband, a grown man was crying because they
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found our dog. >> they got the upper hand. >> it's a long ways away but we are moving towards moving the corner. >> it's too late for many? >> it looks like a nuclear bomb went off and you can't recognize whether it was house or some other structure. >> it's turned 470 homes to ashes and hot zone for most evacuees to return. >> it's probably not going to change until it's hundred percent contained. >> there will be more feelings of guilt why did my house survive and my neighbor's did not. >> they tries to ease their feelings. >> when allowed to go home, are we going to be allowed to have electricity. >> meanwhile, hundreds have come to the assistance center to file claims and started rebuilding. >> we're trying to help them get back on their feet as quickly as possible. >> i need to get a second screen but what good is
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that going to do. >> state lawmakers passed a major piece of affordable care act to expand medicaid. they came up with enough votes to pass the measure. the republicans say they are concerned about whether california can afford the expansion over the long run. the vote came a day after the legislature passed a $96 billion budget plan. lawmakers spent today approving so-called trailer bills that implement certain parts of the budget. today is their deadline to send a balanced plan to the governor. >> anger over government spying in china has hundreds of protestors hit the streets of hong kong today. th are demanding protection for leaker edward snowden. he exposed a secret nsa program.
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he said washington had been hacking into chinese computers for years. they consider him a free speech hero. >> the whole truth is disclosed by the u.s. administration. he is hiding somewhere in hong kong. hel u.s. intelligence officials say the surveillance plan were stopping terrorists in 20 other countries. >> san francisco marathon will make its way through the city tomorrow with extra security. in response to the boston bombings there will be additional police. they expect 20,000 runners and urged them to arrive early. bags will be inspected te start. there is a stretch. embarcadero closed to traffic beginning midnight tonight until 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. full marathon finishes along the embarcadero near mission.
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as you can see on the map the race goes up to the north side of city and back through golden gate park and winds east. we have this map along with road closures at our website. navigating all those roadblocks, get waze. still ahead, why police and protestors clashed outside of a 2014 world cup stadium. also, how google plans to use these strange objects to get the world online. >> why protestors nearly bared it all outside a victoria secret today. >> temperatures took a tumble but what about father's day. take a look at the forecast and tell you when you can expect a warmup. >> traffic reporter, we've picked two big winners of
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faso you want to save on autoof. insurance?.ter. drive a hybrid. get good grades. lose the bling. go paperless. combine policies. make automatic payments. and of course, talk to farmers. hi ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum♪ demonstrators protested victoria secrets. they say the store portrays a body that is unrealistic. not everyone can be a size one with great curves. >> not everyone needs to be like that. we wanted to speak out against that whole thing. all the people here, really like the way they look.
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>> the protestors with a san francisco organization about-face. a media watchdog group how women are represented in the med. a popular clothing company that nearly went under because of see through yoga pants are coming back. some of the requirements for a ceo, be able to stan on your head for ten minutes. as for the problem pants they are restocking shifls with re-engineered version. >> how google plans to get the world connected to the internet. your fathers day forecast, leigh glaser is up next with the forecast. >> and michael is in position to do
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>> ama: police clashed with protestors who tried to block a soccer match today. a thousand protestors crowded outside one of built for the 2013 world cu police responded a fired tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowd. some fans inside the stadium had to be treated when tear gas seeped inside. protestors say the government is spending too much money on next year's world cup >> google is attempting to make the internet available in all parts of the world. preliminary test was successful. they released a heelium filled balloon in new zealand. >> for someone to use the
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service, a small antenna about the size of a softball on the side of their house and they plug their computer into their antenna andet internet from the sky. >> first thing he did was check the weather forecast because he wanted to find out if was good time. two-thirds of the population still don't have the internet. we have a new abc new smart phone app to keep you on track of the latest news and traffic and stories you might want to share on facebook and twitter. go to for details. if you have our current app will you need to download the new one. we can check our weather with leigh glaser. >> i have allergies right now.
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i'm going to turn the clicker over to you. i'll do my best. let's go ahead and head outside, today about two degrees cooler and you probably noticed that this afternoon. that is all thanks to a very strong onshore wind component. westerly winds moving at pretty good clip. you can see where some of the fog is already starting to bank upright near the coast. some parts of the bay area didn't see much in the way of clearing all day long. temperatures in the mid 50s. gusts in napa to 23. fairfield gusts to 33 miles an hour. sfo seeing pretty good wind gusts up to 18 miles an hour. this is from mount tamalpais camera and we are seeing low cloudiness making its way through the
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golden gate. 59 in san jose. 60 in santa cruz and here is another live look from the golden gate bridge. it's a little fuzzy because the fogs starting to move in this direction. it will invade the east bay as it continues. santa rosa, 61 and 62 in fairfield and 59 in union city. forecast highlights include low clouds and fog, mist and drizzle pushing inland tonight. a little cooler tomorrow for our father's day and then we will slowly begin to warm up as we head into wednesday, thursday and friday. temperatures overnight with the drizzle near the coast, temperatures in the upper 40s to 50s. napa, 51 and 57 for antioch. cold front for this really unseasonable cool down for this time of the year has been an area of low pressure here. it is continuing to push in our direction so pocket of
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cool air. it's going to migrate in across the bay area. it will be cooler tomorrow and probably going down as much as five degrees. strong westerly winds will put the chill in the air, as well. we'll see plenty of sunshine too by around midday. 11:00 tonight, this is our forecast animation by 3:00 a.m., you can see much of fog sitting near the coast. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, you can see the fog sitting right near san francisco just in time for the san francisco marathon to get started. 9:00, not too bad especially in the east bay for you. we'll keep the breezes near the coast and break out to plenty of sunshine. highs for sunday look like this, morgan hill, 77. 74 for san jose. peninsula in the upper 60s, palo alto 68 regrets. we'll look for 57, cool day for daly city. 52 downtown san francisco and north bay, santa rosa, 78.
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75 for sonoma. only tomorrow, you will warm to 68 degrees. it will be 70 in castro valley. actually very comfortable for this time of the year. antioch, 83 and 79 for concord. my seven-day forecast, monday, tuesday still below normal. temperatures only in the mid-70s inland and then we'll switch things around and warm things up friday and saturday back up close to 90 degrees. >> thank you. >> colin is in for shu. >> you just malfunctioned 9:00 a.m. tea time but i think a lot of them will be sitting on the couch. cal michael kim's won the award as the best college golfer. he won four tournaments and he wouldn't mind fifth, he is contention at the u.s. open. kim seeking to be the first amateur to win the tournament.
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he would save par. kim and team might michael weaver, his tee shot on 18, backs it upshot an eight over. he is 17 off the pace. luke donald seeking the first major. a long birdie putt. he finished plus one. masters champion charles schwartz was dialed in, birdie is set to move in the red. back to kim, a left break, four birdies and six hole stretch gets him to even par. phil mickelson, dropped a couple early. kept his composure and birdied 10 and 11. kim would bogey on 16, double on 17 light there. she plus 4, five shots off the lead. there is hunter and he is in the thick of it.
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he got a 69. tiger woods, seven bogeys with a six over 76. she ten shots back. he drains the birdie putt to get the two under. he would settle with an even par. kim is in tenth place right there. >> i can't -- the leaderboard but i wanted to know how i was doing. it's so cool to see my next, nightclub lick el son, donald, it's an incredible feeling. >> a.j. griffin was really good today except for one pitch to a 41-year-old journey man catcher. a's and mariners at the coliseum, this is just what he does. brandon moss in the fourth,
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seven scoreless and struck out 8. chris young and runner on third. andy chavez and you are out of there. zero in the sixth. 41-year-old henry blanco, and dave niehous said grand salami time. and chad making the third strait great starts. butts terrify posey, deep to center off of mike minor. off the top of the wall. 4-2 giants, leading 5-2 in the sixth. his second home run of the game. this is a two-run shot. 5-4 the score. same score in the ninth, sergio romo a slider, lee johnson trots home. runners in position and that is, single home and
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braves 6, giants 5. >> and stanley cup finals between chicago and boston have the making of a classic series. to get on the board first. mad scramble and patrick sharp shoots and scores. the game of inches here. 1-0 chicago. bruins tied in the second. he chips it past him. series open decided in three overtimes took one daniel snapped and bruins even the series at one, 2-1 victory. n.b.a. finals tomorrow night at 4:30 and warriors in the studio with larry beil for abc7's after the game. earthquakes, saber cats and inspirational story involving steve marriuchi.
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coming up at 11:00, excitement as the vice president makes an unscheduled stop in the south bay. plus, how much is that worth? on father's day the true value of dad tonight at 11:00. washington teen got the surprise of her life. >> oh, my god, oh, my god! >> she didn't realize it was a bear. she jumped in the car and it climbed over a fence. it climbed over a fence. they called animal control.
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