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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  June 21, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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breaking news on the scene of a search of san francisco bay ai. van is in the water and rescue efforts now underway. >> tonight the gang murder of a 16-year-old boy and the police response getting underway now to suppress the growing violence. >> in sacramento governor brown denied parole to a baby killer but a court reversed it. now, a california family wants the governor to intervene. >> grass roots movements to stop a north coast highway bypass, you'll see demonstrators tonight.
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>> you can see sky 7 is over the scene right now. divers you can see them there. they're looking for survivors. >> let's show you where this is happening. it's taking place near marina green as you can see on the map. mark what can you tell us about what happened? >> it was a tan or gold minivan into the water about 45 minutes ago i'm told. a wilt says he saw a driver in the car and believes it's a woman but couldn't say for sure. he said it looked like she's going about 20 miles per hour. and there are a fire department boat out there, a red one, just in front of where you can see that rudder craft there are divers in the water. as far as the van was in the parking lot and then, the
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person driving was going maybe 20, 25 miles per hour and hit these bricks, launching the van into the water. he said it appeared the driver was up right had her seat belt on. he said he couldn't tell whether or not there is any consciousness on the part of the driver. but apparently now, divers are out there looking into the water for the van. that is about all we know. witnesses are -- civilians are the only ones with any information. police and fire department saying all they know is that a van went into the water ask they're doing their best to recover it. dan? >> mark, thank you very much. we'll update that and of course on twitter.
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>> in san jess yeah police will be sat rating neighborhoods or hot spots where shootings and stabbings have been happening. recent incident a gang related death of a 16-year-old boy. david? >> well, we're talking about 20 more patrol vehicles with two officers in each vehicle. that is what this neighborhood will see because police officers have been reduce ntd san jose, down 300 from a year ago. >> came to the realization the way we're doing things before could be done better. >> eight out of 25 homicides in san jose this year have been tied to gang activity. prevention and intervention coming in multiple steps, 40 more officers on patrol immediately especially on friday and saturday nights.
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and reassigned from other units. another 24 joining them in july. this map shows hot spots where officers will focus efforts and rez dentsz say they'll welcome more police. >> i think it's awesome. i need to protection around here. how bad has it been? >> pretty high. >> some have personal reasons foreseeing the crack down. >> i have had a family member die as a result so i know how it feels to get notifications. from law enforcement regarding the dechblg a loved one. >> he spent 19 years for drug sales and trafficking and says gang violence is rooted in a lack of jobs. >> adults have jobs at mcdonalds and taco bell what. used to belong to young people is no longer there.
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their parents don't have money to get them into sports. >> the pastor will try to get young people to realize a bet yefr path that it can be nard san jose. >> they live in neighborhoods where graffiti is up all day longful they don't have cars, mom says go to the store they have to walk. they get attacked. so they figure if i can't beat them, just join them. >> police say additional officers on the street will allow them to follow up on tips from the public about gang activity. police say they're going to be producing pod casts to urge young people not to join gangs or to leave them. um date on breaking news we brought you at 5:00. firefighters in the placer county city of roseville are on the scene of a 30 acre grass fire that burned five structures, three of them are homes.
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this fire is mostly under control at this point. all of this structures sustained serious damage but the flames, we're glad to say, are out. >> a convicted baby killer is about to be set free after a court reversed the governor's decision to deny parole. abc 7 news has the story tonight from sacramento. >> you just can't let crazy people on the streets to hurt others. >> marcy is outraged. the convicted killer of her nephew baby around in 1983 is about to be paroled after three decades in prison. in the small town of woodland near sacramento, the then 22-year-old shook his girlfriend aesz son violently, dropping him to the floor twice to stop his crying. a public cost cast aside a decision to clock fowler's parole and sided with the parole board to release him.
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>> i'm in the only disappointed but in fear for the public. you know? chris fowler is a baby murderer. >> in reviewing this case and denying parole governor brown believes fowler is a risk to society. but the court felt his prison record showing him a good prisoner participating in rehabilitation programs and evaluations that deemed him a low risk of reoffending weren't given weight. this professor hasn't reviewed this case intimately. >> one of the things is how horrible the crime was. there are people that committed violent crimes. who don't represent a continued risk owe to the public. >> crime victim groups are unset that an initiative is being weakened by the courts. >> we're hoping that we won't see much more of this.
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but this does undermine the governor's authority. he is supposed to be the final say. >> baby around's aunt wrote a letter and hopes he keeps fowler in presidenton. >> to intervene, block it. he's a danger to society. >> governor brown's office says it's still reviewing this case if the governor does want to step in he has to ask the california exert for a hearing and be granted one. police are looking for this man he jumped over a counter and held a teller at gun point while demanding money. police say a second man was waiting in a car. both got away. the fate of a caltrans project is now in the hands of a federal judge. today was the final hearing in the case against the willis
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bypass. while a judge thinks it over, opponents taking matters into their own hands. >> first phase is more than $200 million. road crossing sensitive wedlands. caltrans is required to do $60 million of improvements. opponents question if it's worth it. protests have been going on for years but this shows how they stepped up. stopping work on the pro jechblgt these photos show latest move a man placed himself and a banner 50 feet up in a piece of heavy equipment. >> this project is a relic from 1950s. >> highway 101 run runs threw the town of willis wh. entering the town it's just
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main street. in 1990s, caltrans predicted traffic increasing 60% over 20 years. so it turns out traffic is going down most locals agree a bypass is a good idea many people feel the project is too big. the first phase costing more than $210 million. cam trance says it would justify through an environmentally sensitive part of the valley. these photos taken north of town roughly indicate the amount of traffic that would use the bypass. >> there has been questions question asked about necessity of the bypass looking at traffic volumes and looked at the safety and operations through the city of willis and we believe that that bypass is to justified projects. >> we'd like a different bypass.
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but mainly would like an open, honest discussion about the need for the bypass. >> she other as approached the director after he spoke at san francisco common wealth club today and suckeeded to get him to agree to meet with them. >> you can contact my office. >> $136 million coming from prop 1 b money. the purpose congestion relief, opponents are asking if that money would be better used in, say, the bay area. rather than on the willis bypass. >> still to come tonight at 6:00 we continue to monitor the search right now at marina green.
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>> right you're looking at divers trying to get down and rescue people perhaps inside of the van. we don't know how many people may have been inside. >> stay with us. back in a mome
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we're following significant breaking news. a van plunged into the water at marina green. >> divers are trying to see if they can find survivors. mark matthews is live on the scene. mark, you've been talking to witnesses out there?
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>> and we're hearing from witness that's the van is a gold, or tan-colored minivan and it went into the bay at about 20 miles per hour. what happened is that it hit water maybe 20, 30 feet away from the walls. but then, gab to float and floated north to where you can see that boat. the van went down out that way. they've got divers in water. the witnesses say that the -- looks like it's just one bern in the van. they don't know if it was a man or woman saying he or she was sitting up right. and didn't appear to flinch. >> this i can't imagine they
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any anyone is going to find someone alive? >> i don't think so. the van apparently had air was floating some people tried to rescue the people inside. and tried to break glass to get inside. but the van sank. right now, that is why they're out there looking for it. we don't know anything more. it looks very bad at this point. >> about 58 degrees we hear in the water now? >> so very cold. mark, i think you said the van floated for a time because that might explain how if it's going only 20 miles per hour it ended this far out into the bay.
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that seems like a long way from shore. >> absolutely. witnesses said it's only 20-40 feet away but is now several dozens of yards out saying it floated north from where we're standing. and went n the witnesses said 20 miles per hour is a good clip people were walking their dog out on marina green stepped out of the way in time to see the van launch into the bay a. >> now, mark you mentioned witnesses any still around to maybe tell whaus they saw? >> we have. it's just a problem of trying to coordinate with other crews trying to talk to the same
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people. and meantime looking for people with pictures that we'll exmail to the station so that is our goal now. we'll be back to you just as soon as we can get more information. >> that is no doubt if anyone has that they can upload to you reports which would help us tell the story. you mention witnesses heard helicopters -- you've heard witnesses say they heard the engine roaring. and wonders if the person passed out for money reason? you see that sort of thing a lot. one wonders what happened here.
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>> i asked witnesses and he said maybe it's a medical emergency saying the person in the driver's seat is sitting up right with no expression. and he said no reaction. very difficult to tell what happened. we just don't know. >> yes we're going to give you time to get that interview in. and we'll back back thank you, thank you again. a man launch nootd san francisco bay near north end of marina green. >> this is an unknown reason. we're staying on top of the story as you look live at the search and rescue efforts.
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our reporting will continue on abc 7 news bay area. >> it's chilly around the bay. fairly mild. >> great day of summer and so we've got sunny skies from coast to inland. low clouds tonight looking at this stunningly beautiful evening, temperatures now 60 degrees in san francisco. mountain view, 69. and temperature readings from mount tam towards ocean beach, sunny skies cooling down inland. looking from our camera eastward across the bay these features we'll see sunny, warm conditions and perhaps a
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couple degrees warmer than today but cooler sunday with a chance of rain that is likely mochblt high pressure still controlling factor bringing us a sun eye, warm day. we have usually warm rain track at 11:00 sunday morning at some point there may be light rain in the north bay. later in the day and overnight, rain becoming more wide spread. by 5:00 in the morning the beginning of the rush hour, rain will be better and more wide spread. looks like a wet day if this holds up.
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clear skies temperatures near the coast and on the north bay cooler than that. tomorrow, sunny skies. on the pin anyone slarks 84 redwood city. downtown san francisco a high of 72 tomorrow. upper 70s to around 80 in fremont. inland east bay upper 80s to 92 in antioch and here is the accu-weather forecast. sunday, very cool, cloudy and potentially rainy. >> thank you. >> coming up, updating breaking news van in the water in marina green. driver still missing. >> the latest coming up right
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after the break as we take a look. >> time announce the winner of the big shell gas card give away. matthew c you would won from shell. thanks to everyone that entered and don't forget check
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we continue our breaking news coverage this is sky 7 live over the scene scene of the north end of marina green. apparently a van has driven off the road and into the bay there. >> the van went by at 20 miles per hour or so into the water. it apparently was floating for a time before sinking. these are live pictures as drivers continued to look for the person in that van. this happened about an hour and 25 minutes ago. so not a very good sign. vins from red bull racing team was on the water and is on the phone. are you there? >> yes. >> take us through what happened. >> okay. so we're at the golden gate yacht club get being ready for
7:27 pm
a party tonight. and we heard some yelling from the sea wall here on marina green. and we sought van starting to float away from shore and at some point my team got into the boat to see what we can do. three guys jumped into the water and tried to break windows. but couldn't get the glass to braechblgt they were on the van as it sank. >> where they able to see a person inside? the diver? >> windors tinted in the back. >> so back of the ran? >> it was -- the engine was running the front of the van down. >> how long did it take to sink? do you van idea?
7:28 pm
>> took a very long time. it was probably four to five minutes. between whit went into the water and when it went under. >> were you there actually on scene? >> before the police and before fire. >> and this is an obvious question but did you asee attempts to get out of the van? >> we couldn't see it was just tinted windows were available. we couldn't see in. >> you saw no sign of a strug. >> no. >> since, thank you very much. we appreciate you giving us information. >> and they're to be commended. >> yes. >> and did the best they could to try to rescue whoever was inside. mark what do you have?
7:29 pm
>> mark, are you there? >> yes. yes. i am. >> tell whaus you got. >> now a picture. we've just received a picture of the van floating in the water, we'll e mail that to you. live with the latest we have is that talking with a fellow from sacramento witnessing this accident. they, he says it happened at 5:00. the van went into the water at 20 miles per hour. police are here just waiting for some wortd divers have located something here in the water they're looking for this tan to gold minivan. at 20 miles per hour raced from parking lot over this walkway ask out into the water floating to where you can see the boat.
7:30 pm
and fire department boat. >> i don't know. perhaps we can take the camera there on the ground. could you give us a look at where that lot is? how the car got into the water? just so we can have a reverence? >> absolutely. see the truck behind it? our witness from sacramento was out with his dog, his girlfriend and daughter. and says about 5:00 he heard a noise that sounded like a car reving and he stepped out of the way for fear he might nbt path. he says the van ran across this lot at 20 miles per hour and do you see this sfwlik. >> yes. >> he says the car came
7:31 pm
airborne and landed in the water and floated to where boats are now. several people as we've heard tried to rescue the person inside. our witness says he couldn't tell fit was a man or woman. just there is no reaction when the person went into the water they were sitting up right with a seelt seat belt on. >> you wonder and we just don't know. we're going to take a break. and again, ama heard from the witness. at this point you can't imagine it's a rescue. it's a salvage. >> right. they did everything they could. it just won't happen.
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this is a live picture from sky 7 hd. you're looking at the marina green. the boat searching for the person inside of a van that went into the water one hour and about 33 minutes ago. >> and mark tell whaus they've been saying. >> i want to show you a live picture of the dire divers in the back. police boat there. they're up, out of the water there is a long pole they've been dipping in looking for the van. and they are having trouble locating this minivan. we had been speaking with a heavy equipment operator from sacramento a guy who saw the
7:36 pm
van lits hear what he has to say. >> the noise you can hear before there is impact. you know? and i look skpitd was a vehicle. what i saw is that i saw just as the car is hitting the grass right here she skimmed over the blocks right there. and into the water, i was yelling to call 911. i ran to the edge. people were coming and we stood there and we just were waiting for police that. is it. >> and we're looking at a picture of the van. out into the bay. apparently above the water partially for some moneys. he saw a 40 foot sail boat
7:37 pm
swing around and circle the van. we heard from people talking about people jumping on top of the van they were not successful. the van sank and we thought we had a better beat on it but now you can see boat and divers in the back they're continuing to dip this pole searching for this and they seem unable to locate. >> great taking a look at the picture. you can see how the van was in the water but not submerged people at the golden gate yacht club tried to redskin break windows and they couldn't tell and couldn't see anyone because of the windows.
7:38 pm
>> and when he's watching he was afraid the van would fill and sank and so they watched because they felt if they tried to do anything they might make it worse. they called 911 to get police teams out here quickly but by the time they arrived the van submerged. >> again this, thing looking at this picture on the right side of the screen of the van sticking out of the water with the front of the van tipped forward it took four, or five minutes brit sunk so there was air for a time. but after an hour and almost 40 minutes now cannot look good. >> no. while floating it moved out
7:39 pm
into presumably deeper waters. again, you can see the divers. they're out of the water now. i think because they think it's better to probe but visibility has got to be poor. >> it's cold, murky water. we don't know how deep it is. so hard to tell. let's take another live picture just to set the scene one more time. one hour 37 minutes ago the van hit the water landing maybe 20 feet into -- into the water but then floated out several dozen yards. >> no word on anyone trying to get out.
7:40 pm
look at 'em.
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continuing breaking news of a van that went into the water off marina green in san francisco. taking a look from sky 7 hd. >> one person, the driver was the only person in that vehicle but that is not confirmed. mark matthews has been gathering information for us on the ground. >> assistant chief is here with the latest. >> what we had was a vehicle that came at 20 miles per hour, jumped the curve into the bay area. left the bay started drifting north and east. three civilians jumped into the water. we don't nope what the situation was. three civilian as tempted to get the driver out and our
7:44 pm
fire department swimmers brought the civilians to shore we have two dive teams into the water right now. and bedove on a mark with a sonar that came up negative. we have a rescue boat, fire department guardian and a police boat conducting a search. the problem is that we have a lot of current and the vehicle owe could be anywhere because of the tide. >> can you describe what they're doing now? behind me? >> police dote boet we have two dive teams standing by right now. when they add last known location they set the anchor over that location. our divers went off and used that as a platt form.
7:45 pm
tlees police did a search. we found a second point that was negative for the vehicle. so now, it's a wild goose chase without more information on where the information is there is not much we can do. >> was anyone able to get a plate number? >> we don't have information about a plate number or type of vehicle. >> thank you very much for talking with us. is we can see police boat, divers have got poles in the water that is what they're doing. we've got a fire department boat here out beyond that is a coast guard boat we've got a larger boat to the east.
7:46 pm
and a helicopter you've got dozens of firefighters and about a dozen police officers here doing the best we can to search for the vehicle with plenty of witnesses that saw it boating several minutes. but they've been unable to locate i i can tell you currents are notorious. water is shell shallow here, you can see race boats in danger of running aground now they're trying to find the vehicle to put divers into the water. >> thank you very much. great work, thank you. the search continues what we have just learned is that they sflot been able to locate the van.
7:47 pm
because as we've talked about here, currents that van is going drift so that is very, very tricky out there. stay with us and follow us on twitter. >> and the rush hour shut down in a san francisco street there is a slick substance causing accidents. the westbound lanes of howard at 6th street are closed. cars were losing traction making it dangerous. authorities do not know what the substance is but sit shut down. >> how strange. >> there is breaking news, the van in the water. sky 7 is live overhead.
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a gain of 11,000 jobs last month just in this state. 3700 in the south bay alone. about 200 job seekers lined up to apply for work. >> very tedious, you know? >> they're looking for older people. i just rn turned 18. >> anything to get back into the work force. >> tough, still for a lot of people. great america plans to hire 300 people this summer. >> celebrity cook paula deen took to the internet twice offering apollings for her use of racial slurs but it wasn't enough to keep her job. the food network said they're letting her go.
7:52 pm
she's being sued by a former manager of one of her georgia restaurants. the woman says her brother racially and sexually harassed employee that's deen knew and didn't do anything bit. she was asked if she ever used the "n" word, deen said she had. >> inappropriate language is totally unacceptable. i want to apologize to everybody. for the wrong i've done she runs a nearly $16 million food empire. >> let's update weather forecast hitting the weekend. >> that is right. >> we still have sunny skies after a nice warm day. tomorrow will be like today. maybe warmer but we do expect rain moving into the picture by sunday and monday.
7:53 pm
so june has one and a half days of rainfall and june, 2011 was the second wettest in the city. here is the forecast. sunny skies around the bay area, high temperatures up to low 90s into warmest locations. sunny skies, high uv tomorrow, here is the accu-weather forecast. wet weather sunday, monday, tuesday and drying out warming up next week. >> interesting start to summer. >> it is very interesting. >> thank y
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sky 7 live over the bay near marina dwreechblt a van went into the water. >> yes. just about two hours ago, now. mark matthews has been on the ground since after it happened. mark? >> we've got a picture of the van. the van inside of the bay and jumped over this wall behind me and out into the water
7:57 pm
floating north for several minutes. apparently drifted out somewhere in this area. they've got fire department and coast guard boats dropping drag lines now. one person inside it appears witnesses say the person hit the water going with about 20 miles per hour and from there, it sank. >> thank you and reporting continues now on abc 7 bay area. >> let's move on. >> good evening. a boreage of injuries and now, this. during a rehab assignment with
7:58 pm
the giants this is last night had to be taken away on a cart. pagan hit a ground ball and this is the result here aggravating that hamstring injury. he had ab an mri today. if needing surgery he can miss another six to eight weeks. >> thank you so much. >> join me tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 13 coming up getting in shape and competing against others. one race men over 40 should think twice about doing and we'll be back at 11:00. >> and here is a line up on abc 7 in that is this edition of abc 7 news.
7:59 pm
>> from all of us here, we appreciate your time. we're following this breaking news for you. the car in the water. the car in the water. you see the "mini" ion my chest? funny, yes? no. there's nothing mini about me. i'm huge. ahem. any hoo. even my wrapper has a wrapper. flavor? i'm bursting with it. creamy? i ooze it. quality like this... (muffled):...doesn't come everyday. well technically it does because i'm in the grocery but... ooh, how you doin'? rich. creamy. and 100% natural cheese. mini babybel.
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