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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  June 21, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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-- captions by vitac -- captions paid for by abc, inc. and touchstone television the breaking news is in san francisco. you are looking at the frantic moments where people were uh treatmenting to -- attempting to break open the back of a van to rescue the people inside. >> look just before they got to it sinking beneath the waters of the bay. i'm ama dates in for carolyn johnson. >> and i'm dan ashley. the van found tonight after several hours of searching the bay. sergio is there live tonight. sergio? >> dan, in the last half hour, rescuers have decided to call off the retrieval of the mini-van and unfortunately they did locate the body, but the body is still inside the van. i want to show you that this
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is the heavy rescue team the san francisco fire department september in -- sent in to try to retrieve the body and the van. unfortunately the treacherous waters in the bay just did not make that possible this evening. this afternoon i talked to a sailor, one of the three people in the video who are trying to rescue the person in the van. this is cell phone video of three men trying to bust open the back window of the mini-van that plunged into the bay. >> the roof was submerging before we got to it. three of our guys were in the water with tools. they were able to get on the car and start smashing the window. unfortunately they cooperate get the window to break come -- they couldn't get the window to break completely. >> he is five other team members raced into the bay in their motor boat. he shot this video from the deck as they tried to make a rescue. >> as you were trying to go
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under water did you notice there were people inside? >> yes. >> do you know how many? >> no. >> you can see rescue crews and spectators when this happened at 5:00 p.m. witnesses say the van careened through marina green and went into the water. >> after i heard the car swerve i turned and i saw it just as the car was hittingre. she skimmed over the block right there and skimmed off the asphalt and into the water. >> rescue crews and motor boats and jetskis tried to find the van in the murky waters off the green. >> we have a lot of current and it can be anywhere because of the tide. we can't dive on it until we find out where the vehicle is right now. >> after two and a half hours the van was found in the 20 to 25 foot waters. when the van was found crews pulled up a large semi-sized tow truck and brought it over
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to the van so they could attach it and pull the van out. it seems the van has sunken into the mud and it made it difficult to do that. it also made it impossible for the dive teams to retrieve the body. as we come out here live, you will see a blinking light and that is out on the water. that is the boom that has been attached to the car. it is going to stay attached throughout the evening and on into the morning. because that vehicle is stuck so deep into the mud they will call in a commercial salvaged team to pull it out, and of course that's when they will have to recover the body that's inside. reporting live in san francisco, sergio quintana, abc news. >> thank you. so how can you save yourself should the unthinkable happen and you find yourself trapped in your car underwater? an estimated 400 people die each year because their cars are trapped in water.
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most of the victims wait or call 9-1-1 expecting help. the safety experts say do not wait. unbuckle your seatbelt and get the window open and get out of the car before it sinks. because the back windows on some cars don't roll all the way down passengers should head through the front ones. an inexpensive window break tool like these can puncture the glass before water fills your car. the first 30 to 60 seconds are key to getting out of the car. and of course our reporting continues on twitter. follow us on abc7 news bay area. meantime more breaking news. it has been a travel nightmare for southwest airlines. the reservation system went down a few hours ago leaving departing flights grounded because they can't check in passengers. look at the southwest flights at l.a.x. that were not able to depart tonight. the computer problem is affecting 15 departures at san jose and oakland airports along with six flights out of sfo. these are photos september to
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you report by abc7 news reporter from the oakland airport. flights in the air are not affected by this glitch, and they are still cleared to land. a spokesperson at oakland airport says they are keeping concession stands open late in terminal 2 that southwest uses to accommodate the delayed passengers there. passengers who have printed boarding passes at home and before the come ut poohers wentdown are allowed to board the plane, but the planes are not take off. the airline is working to fix the problem as quickly as they can, but there is no estimate as to when that will happen. >> traffic came to a grinding halt in san francisco south of market area during the afternoon commute today because of a messy oil spill. four blocks of howard street from third to seventh were closed so public works crews could clean up the oil. it couldn't have happened during a more inopportune time, right before the peak of the rush hour and before the giants game at at&t park. they put down absorb bant to
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soak it up. it caused cars and bikes to slip and slide. >> it was slick. vehicles were losing traction. we notified our motorcycle officers and our bicycle officers to stay of on -- to stay off due to the hazardous road conditions. i decided to close the roadway down. >> the street finally opened up just in time for the fans leaving at&t park tonight. >> well, we are heading into the first weekend of summer with some big changes ahead in the weather. abc7 news anchor spencer christian is here with the live doppler 7hd. spencer? >> the day arrived with a bit of summer sizzle. here is live doppler 7hd. clear skies across the bay area and mild conditions. today's highs were just a couple degrees above average in some locations. upper 80s in fairfield and antioch and almost 90 in antioch. mid80sin many other locations. 70s and 80s around the bay. tomorrow, the second day of summer will be like today.
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starting animation at 5:00 in the morning. clear skies, no fog to burn away. mid60s on the coast and low 90s inland. but after that, after the peak of warming the temperatures will plummet on sunday and we may even get some rain. the forecast a little later. >> thank you. tonight san jose police are lawfning an attack to -- launching an attack to deal with the rising street gang problem. eight homicides have been attributed to gangs. 40 extra officers are on patrol tonight saturating the gang-plagued neighborhoods where there are known to be problems. that will be followed by an increase in regular gang patrols and patrols and the reformation of the anti-gang unit. >> the man who admits leaking surveillance programs has been charged with espionage and theft. contractor edward snowden is believed to be in hong kong. he revealed the nsa's massive internet and phone surveillance. the charges were unsealed, but
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filed a week ago. facebook admits the phone numbers and the addresses of six million people, maybe you, were exposed to unauthorized viewers. the menlo park-based social media company blames the problem on a technical flaw. facebook says the data leaks were only nexted last week after they were identified. if you have been involved in this, you will be notified by e-mail. up next on abc news at 11:00, nascar nation. the fans have arrived in sonoma and it is not just racers who will be the winners this weekend. >> i want to apologize to everybody. >> and paula dean, the famous chef was all apologies. will it be enough to get her out of some big trouble. >> and the owners know their pets are ugly. that's why they show up. look at 'em.
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room or a dinner reservation this weekend. there is no room at the ip or just about anywhere else. nascar is in town and the business of racing is good for business. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live in sonoma. cornell, should be a great weekend there. >> absolutely, dan.
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sonoma race way is pretty quiet tonight, but this weekend it all changes. nascar racers will be screeching around this track. the real winner of the race could actually be the local economy that is gearing up to welcome a lot of fans. >> good afternoon. thank you for calling. how may i help you? >> if you are looking for a room in novato, don't bother calling here. rooms have been booked for months by fans with a need for speed. nascar weekend is huge for north bay hotels. robert marshall says he starts planning in january. >> nascar brings 100,000 people with that. there are not 100,000 rooms in marin county. it fills up all of marin county and most of sonoma county and even into vallejo. >> next door ricky's bar and grill stopped taking reservations for this weekend last month. this nascar driver made a pitstop here before the big race on sunday. >> without the fans we wouldn't be doing this. we really uh proash yait the
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fans coming out to watch. it is special to come out to the sonoma rase way. >> this is like christmas in june. people travel and they have this date on their calendar all year long. >> fans who want to be close to the action have camped out across from the race way in this virtual city known as 50 acres. they have made the trip from oregon to sonoma for 13 years straight. >> there is lots of big fans out here and lots of partying for nascar. lots of fans. >> does that include you guys partying? >> absolutely. >> if you are heading to the races, plan ahead. expect lots of traffic getting here. cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> lots of traffic, but lots of fun when you do. if you need help navigating around traffic problems, get ways on your smart phone. go to to download ways for free from the app store or from google
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play. extreme flooding in the province of alberta has claimed the lives of two people. the bodies of two men were recovered from the river near calgary. the city's mayor ordered his downtown area evacuated and warned that the worst flooding is yet to come. the royal canadian mounted police say searches are underway for those missing and feared drowned in the floodwaters. celebrity cook paula dean took to the inker is net -- to the internet 3wice offering apologies for her racial slurs, but it was not enough to keep her job. the food network is letting her go. dean is being sued by one of the managers at her georgia restaurant. the woman says dean's brother racially and sexually harassed employees and dean knew and didn't do anything. dean disputes the charges. during a deposition she was asked if she ever used the n-word and she said she had. >> hurtful language that is totally, totally
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unacceptable. i want to apologize to everybody for the wrong i have done. >> that was her apology she issued on-line. dean has written 14 best selling cook books and runs a nearly $16 billion empire. her contract with the food network expires at the end of the month. it was a celebration of ugly canine style. the world's ugliest dog contest was held at the sonoma-marin fair. 30 of the ugliest dogs on the planet vied for the crown. it was not just for kibble. the winner gets $1500 and several network tv appearances. the best in show is -- >> the dog going head to head with rue for the big prize. it is his first time on this stage. ladies and gentlemen, worley. >> paws up for wallly. wallly is a mix of beagle, boxer and basset hound from chino.
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he is kind of cute. the victory was an upset because nearly hairless chiuauas have dominated in the recent years. >> you are right. wallly is kind of cute. >> he is kind of adorable. >> congratulations to the winner. now to the weekend weather forecast. summer is here. >> it certainly is. spencer christian has a look. >> it was certainly a nice one. live doppler 7hd shows we have clear skies across the bay area. as we look at current temperatures readings looking westward toward san francisco and we have readings at 55 degrees in san francisco and 56 in oakland and another live view of our city hall here in san francisco from our sutro tower camera. we have 61 right now in santa rosa and napa and livermore. 56 in fairfield and 58 in los gatos. as we look from the rooftop camera across the embarcadero we are seeing a little of the center there. sunny and warm tomorrow and even warmer than today in many spots. cooler on sunday and a lot
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cooler with a chance of rain late sunday and rain is likely on monday. our pattern is going to change dramatically. as we look at the satellite image, you can see the high pressure holding on for one more sunny and warm day tomorrow. but we do have an active storm track with lots of disturbances riding the storm track and moving generally in our direction. starting the forecast animation and 11:00 on sunday morning at which point it will be cloudy. later in the day and into the evening there will be rain in the north bay first and then spreading southward during the overnight hours sunday night into monday morning. spreading of the rainfall to other parts of the bay area and the south bay and the east bay and wet spots on the morning commute and it looks like a wet day for most of the bay area. that's before things start to settle down on tuesday. mild conditions and the low temperatures mainly in the mid50s. cooler on the coast and in the north bay where the lows drop down to about 50. tomorrow in the south bay sunny and warmer with highs in the midto upper 80s. 84 in san jose and 88 in los
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gatos. on the peninsula, we will see lots of lows. up to 84 in redwood city. mild, but breezy on the coast. highs of 62 at pacifica and 65 at half moon bay. 72 degrees will be the high in downtown san francisco tomorrow. 64 in the sunset district. mid80s across the north bay. 86 in santa rosa and 84 sonoma. on the east bay, 77 will be the high at oakland, 77 in newark. 80 in fremont and castro valley. the inland east bay will be warmer than today with low 90s at fairfield, antioch and brentwood. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast after the peak of our warming tomorrow, the temperatures drop sharply 10 to 15 dries in some spots on -- 10 to 15 degrees in some spots. monday it looks like it will be a wet day. the showers may linger into tuesday and we start to dry out and warm up again next thursday and friday. >> we have more on the breaking news we brought you on the major computer glitch delaying southwest airlines
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departure. >> alan wang is live at oakland international airport and more than a dozen flights were delayed there. >> around 10:15 we understand we were boarding flights and we now understand that some southwest airplanes are taking off from here. the reservation system crashed around 8:00 which means the passengers couldn't check in or print their boarding passes. there were six flights at sfo that were delayed. planes already in the air were not affected, but the airline is not sure how many of the 3400 daily flights were impacted by this. the southwest computer melt down is taking place on the west coast, the mountain states and some in the midwest. so far three dozen southwest flights have been delayed. the crews are only allowed to work a limited amount of time. if they don't start taking these planes off right now, they may have to can sell a
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few of them. reporting live from oakland international airport, alan wang, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. >> the airport just let us know about 250 flights were actually affected. >> a big impact. we will stay on top of that story. our reporting continues on twitter, but how about sports? >> let's get to larry beil and at&t park. >> baseball and throwing smoke. it was not timmy. it was kap. ♪ [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your driving range. no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in. that's american ingenuity to find new roads. ♪ the 2013 volt. charge ahead of the rest in the hov lane.
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tim lincecum took the mound against the marlins. but the man with the truly wicked stuff was the guy throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. colin kaepernick, remember he was a pitcher in high school
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so he knows how to bring it. 87 miles an hour. good thing sergio romo caught that or the photographer would have been in trouble. timmy was solid. one mistake early. logan morrison and high, deep and aloha. 1-0 marlins. timmy goes 7 and striking out stanton with a swing and a miss. shear why miami is in last place. flyball and two outs in the fifth. i got it, i got it, i apt got it. i ain't got it. 3-1 giants, but the marlins come back. timmy kick saving a beauty, but safe at first and morris scores and it is tied at three. here comes the bull pen and here comes trouble. ozuna with the r.b.i single and the marlins, the worst record in the league who beat the giants two in a row now 6-3 the final. a's and mariners in seattle. he is not my ennis, he is yoenis. 2-0a's and colon went eight
11:55 pm
innings and this pitch came to nick franklin. a's in the fourth and lowry has not homered in 62 games. that ties the streak. cocoa crisp here it comes and there it goes. all of them solo strokes. they are working on their dance. in the 9th, and yo hienness, i bow to you. number 15 of the year and the a's win it 6-3. after winning the nba title, the heat hit south beach and supposedly the story served up $100,000 of complementary champagne for lebron james and friends. that is like dan's last beret day party. -- birthday party. what do the heat do for an encore? they want to go for a threepete of course. >> to be in the championship two years in row is unbelievable. we are excited about the
11:56 pm
future of this organization. this organization doesn't rest on trying to make sure we can put otherwises in a position to have a trophy like this. we will be back next year again and looking to do it again. >> and congrats to cal golf coach named coach of the year who helped the bears to a 12-2 record. last time he was named coach of the year was 2004. abc sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> quite an hon [ male announcer ] so you used the wrong flea killer.
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weather. sunrise is 5:48 and a few coastal clouds around. the temperatures will range at 66 about 8:00 a.m. warm in the afternoon. >> spencer, thank you. >> updating the two breaking stories we have been following all evening. divers have called off the recovery effort for a van that drove into san francisco bay
12:00 am
this afternoon at the marina green. a body is in the vehicle, but the van is too deep in the mud. the recovery effort will resume in the morning. >> and the other breaking news, a glitch with southwest airlines reservation system delayed 250 flights tonight including three dozen at bay area airports. some flights are taking off again and others have been canceled. we will update that on our website and twitter, abc7 news bay area. >> i'm ama dates. thank you for joining us. >> and i'm dan ashley. for carolyn johnson, bury beale, spencer, sand -- sandhya, thank you for being here. it continues with our abc7 news app. the next newscast is 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. have a great weekend.


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