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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 22, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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good evening, i'm ama daetz. new details in a deadly crash, nearly 18 hours after a minivan crashed into the water they pulled the vehicle out of the water. body of the driver was still inside. john alston has an update on the investigation tonight. >> it took most of the morning but crews finally were able to retrieve the
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dodge minivan that bolted in san francisco bay at marina green killing the woman who was driving. >> the vehicles was in the mud and made it difficult. dozens of people had followed the story after the van plunged in the bay. >> it's a horrible tragedy nor poor individual that lost her life. >> the minivan was going about 20 miles an hour when it jumped a curb and landed in the bay. as it begin to sink in 25 feet of water. members of a boating team at the yacht club jumped in a speedboat and tried to rescue the woman. this attempted to break the window with tools but their effort did not succeed. >> police and fire crews spent five hours trying to recover the vehicle. 11:00 this morning they were finally able to recover the body and lift
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the minivan out of bay. the victims neighbor she saw her in the vehicle just yesterday. >> she was a nice lady. i didn't know too much about her. i didn't have no problems with her. >> the woman was diabetic but police don't know if a medical condition or something else to caused her to steer into the bay. they are reaching out to witnesses. >> they may have seen the vehicle driving around or parked. >> the minivan will be inspent for mechanical problems and autopsy will be completed in the next few days which might help explain how this happened. >> ama: san jose police say a driver that they chased was only 14 years old. driver sped away after a traffic stop. he had hit two homes, slicing a gas line and started a fire.
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it turns out the car was stolen. the driver and three passengers were ages nine to 12. driver was arrested for autotheft and other were cited for joy riding and release today to their parents. >> right now san jose police are checking for drunk drivers at d.u.i. checkpoint at undisclosed location. it will go until 1:00 a.m. d.u.i. collisions have killed 30 people in the last three years and more than 500 people have been hurt. >> a man suspected of murder is in police custody. he was arrested early this morning in a parking lot of a san leandro walmart. police believe he shot and killed 26-year-old man in april outside a home in franklin avenue. he died the next day at the hospital. >> caltrain service is back on time after a bridge fire halted service. cellphone video shows what happened. it was around 2:00 this afternoon when firefighters responded to the call of a grass fire near paul avenue
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in the bay view district. fire had dropped from the bridge causing a danger to trains. >> it hadn't been called in, it's an old wooden trestle and once the boards burn they fall down and post a derailment has ard. -- hazard. >> ama: two trains got through whui the train was burning. they have begun making repairs. >> a pair of brush fires in the south bay have been extinguished. it started at one fire around 4:00 p.m. in san jose. fire jumped the road and went from there. it reached about eight to ten acres before firefighters put it out. fast moving winds helped spread the flames. >> it was definitely a warm day in the bay area, but things are changing as we head into sunday and workweek ahead. a drastic change as we head into the first actual weekend of summer.
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leigh glaser tells us more. >> we had numerous 90s inland. live doppler 7-hd and you can clearly see that we are seeing some clouds right near the coast. what is more i more importantly, what is happening along the north coast. we were definitely seeing a few spots of rain especially up towards crescent city, a sign that things will definitely begin to change for the bay area the next 24 hours. speaking of how hot it was, 93 was in antioch. santa rosa, 92. 70 in san francisco. peninsula heated up as well with redwood city at 89. temperatures will be coming down as much as 10-15 degrees tomorrow. and yes, it looks like the bay area will see some rain. >> ama: new safety concerns about the bay bridge project. caltrans documents show there were quality control
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problems with hundreds of steel rods installed on the new span. documents were released friday and chronicle reports that the rods and bolts were improperly treated with brake cleaner and inapproved aerosol product. dozens cracked back in march. officials will decide next month if the bridge will still open labor day weekend. >> southwest airlines is back on schedule in the bay area and around the u.s. after system-wide computer failure. more than 250 flights were grounded for nearly three hours last night after an outage affected passengers. an 88-year-old vacaville man who was reported missing has been found safe in oregon. authorities say the man was trying to get to grove and got lost. they found him last night, found him with no gas and dead cellphone. the officer put him in a
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hotel. his family traveled to oregon to pick him up. >> the restaurant is ready to hospital. the front of the restaurant was damaged by a fire. it was closed for improvements and is ready for business again. they are sold out for dinner next week but they are taking reservations for next month. >> a group trying to keep a bookstore to move tests says the historic location is important for the contributions to the black community. it's played a key role in helping the african-american community for periods of what they say urban renewal. it's the latest african-american business to be either displaced. they want leaders to help get new property owners to accept the store's offer to buy. >> this is place where john
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coltrane and read about black music and history and about black culture. i think that is why people are invested in this particular location. >> supporters are sending emails and writing letters hoping to convince new owners to allow them to stay. still ahead at 9:00, a fiery crash caught on. what went wrong at an air show. how a woman survived a six-minute tiger attack. >> and rare ready? happy birthday! it's a painting easel! the tide's coming in! this is my favorite one. it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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shocked spectators as a plane crashed in ohio today killing a pilot and performer. we will warn you may find
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the following video disturbing. >> watch this, sitting on top of the world! >> witnesses captured the video moments before the crash and the plane burst into flames as it hit the ground. witnesses say it flipped over as veteran wing walker sat on top of the wing. the official says the aircraft was heavily used during world war ii. air show will continue tomorrow. this week the president is expected to unveil a plan for the u.s. to prepare for climate change. president obama says he'll outline steps tuesday. he didn't give any details of the plan but white house aides say it will include more support for renewable energy sources. >> coming up next on "abc 7 news" at 9:00. we'll show you wild encounter that police officers experienced during a traffic stop. and how long will this warm weather last. leigh glaser has the details next in the
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with u-verse high speed internet. faso you want to save on autoof insurance?. drive a hybrid. get good grades. lose the bling. go paperless. combine policies. make automatic payments. and of course, talk to farmers. hi ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum♪ >> tomorrow a woman is in serious condition after being attack by a tiger. 21-year-old was cleaning a cage in indiana on friday. authorities say she forgot to close the gate separating her from the tiger. it attacked. it had the entire head in its mouth. after six minutes of hosing the tying where water, it finally released her. girl is expected to live. authorities have not
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decided what to do with the tiger. a much less serious wildlife attack at a traffic stop, a monkey tries to bite at officer on the hand. he lungs and nips him on the hand. officer was not seriously hurt. it was more shocking than anything. he showed the wound to the sergeant he didn't get any sympathy. the monkey is pet and owner will not be charged. a big treat for astronomy this weekend, early tomorrow morning, you can catch amazing view of moon. it's called a super moon, biggest and brightest moon of year. it's 30% of brighter and best time will be able to see it very early in the morning at 4:32 that is quite early. >> it's starting rise out there. we'll show you a live shot.
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inland locations you will be able to see the super moon by tomorrow morning. you can definitely see live doppler 7-hd picking up clear skies inland but a bit of low cloudiness starting to move inland right near the coast. i want to take you up toward the north coast, this is what is going to be bring parts of the bay area some rain tomorrow. then we have a secondary storm system that will bring moisture to the entire bay area as we head into monday, possibly lingering into early tuesday morning. live shot, golden gate bridge cam, clear sky over the marin headlands. it's 69 degrees and mountain view 67. 55 half moon bay. san francisco, 58 degrees. here is a look at super moon right there in the sky over richardson bay. this is mount tam cam. santa rosa still mild at 74. we have 73 in fairfield and
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livermore, 67 degrees. big changes headed our way and we begin tomorrow. we'll look for partly cloudy conditions overnight tonight. increasing clouds tomorrow morning with a good shot of mainly the north bay seeing the few scattered showers late in the day and we'll all see the rain as we head into monday night and tuesday. satellite and radar composite showing you the first wave. this is the first cold front starting to bring a little bit of moisture up around the north coastguard. this frontal system will see us tomorrow, temperatures come down as much as ten degrees. rain will begin in the north bay first. this is very weak system. second system right here that that is much stronger. that will bring the entire bay area the likelihood of rain as we head into monday. here is a look at our timing by 11:00 sunday, we should see moisture develop to the north of santa rosa. then it looks like it will
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start to spread by 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. near vallejo, near the golden gate bridge. much of this will be very light. then by 11:00 tomorrow night it tapers off. secondary front starts to move in just in time for the noon hour, just about on monday. check out all the deep colored green on the map there showing moderate rain. then 5:00 evening commute on monday and then it keeps on going right on in through early tuesday morning. next several days, very unsettled around the bay area. one to two inches in the north bay between sunday in tuesday morning. lesser amounts in the central bay and south bay. lows tonight with the clouds moving in. we'll be in the 50s and as far as tomorrow is concerned. get ready for a chance of maybe a sprinkle or two if you are heading to sears point to the sonoma race
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way a possibility of a sprinkle or two and some of that moisture moves in. numbers tomorrow, we bring everyone down about ten degrees. 63 for san francisco. livermore, 7078. seven-day forecast -- 78. >> scattered showers on tuesday and temperatures by next friday could hit 100 degrees. >> ama: shu has sports. >> and giants at at&t park, marlins looking for a spot. zito first time on the hill since his father passed away. he is ready. allowed one run in 7 innings and rookie ed lucas, first career home run and first, 1-0 marlins. and a drive. it bounces off and fan
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reaches over the wall to catch it. zito is allowed to score. he disagrees and he ejected. 1-1 ballgame. bottom of the 11th, bases loaded for sanchez. giants win it 2-1 and afterwards, zito he tried to keep his heavy heart in check on the mound. >> i just try to make any distractions regardless of what it is. some things are heavier than others but just go out there and get yourself a win. >> a's facing the mariners. he got roughed up on the hill. see ya! his fifth of year, 1-0 and he allowed two runs on six hits. franklin driving in one hit. the a's will battle back. top five, bag full of a's.
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and chris young scores. 3-2 a's and that is your score right now in the sixth. complete highlights coming up at 11:00. >> stanley cup finals, series tied at 2 apiece with a pivotal game five. used to the pressures of stanley cup finals. up for first, shot breaks it and goes right past him and chicago will take it 1-0. then here a wrap around goes right to cane. then that is second goal of the game. blackhawks take a 3-2 series lead back to boston. and sonoma race way at high noon, two road courses and makes the race unique neek because of the oval track. different format instead of one car going one lap, there are groups of cars
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going five minutes at the court. damien mcmurray took the pole. his first pole of the year. danica patrick will be the first female driver in a nascar event at sonoma. she will start in the 31st spotted. >> when you look at this race. somebody wins you didn't feel like was good but he is good. this track has produced a lot of guys i think historically haven't well run on road races. so it's being in position. if it is your day it will work out. >> and in connecticut, mama doesn't want to get her babies get hit. not for bubba watson, a birdie off his first three, here a four-stroke lead.
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he has a three tie lead. low round of the day and charlie at ten undergoing into the sunday's round. to the pits, earthquakes facing d.c. who has one win this season. justin more oh takes him down and questionable call but a penalty kick. here is easy money. that is all the scoring. d.c. united 1-nil that was ugly. >> and coming up, dogs and surfer boards and a 91-year-old grandmother. >> at 9:00 a rock star revelation, concert and
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>> ama: coming up at 11:00, controversy at richmond city hall over a flag. plus, less than 24 hours after celebrity chef paula deen apologized, she is pulled off the air. what her fans are saying tonight at 11:00. >> mikhail gorbachev is helping to bring down the berlin wall along with ronald reagan but also bruce springsteen. he played a concert. 300,000 east germans saw the it. it spurred on the change that brought down the wall. interesting. all right. that is it for us at 9:00. i'm ama daetz, we will continue online, twitter and facebook with our news app. app. we'll see you at
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