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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 29, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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good evening. the bart strike watch continues. tonight it's largest employee union a strike is likely has talks have stalled for the night. union representatives walked away without a deal earlier this evening. so far they met with bart representatives for ten minutes in the last 36 hours. two sides still of meetings scheduled for tomorrow, first at 11:00 a.m. but they appear to be far off
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from agreement. >> we have an document, we will deliver that. we will also review the documents they gave us and respond to it. >> the district has waited for last 36 hours without a substantial proposal, we don't think it is fair for the public not knowing if there is going to be a strike or no strike. we will be out on the picket line on monday. >> the unions want a 5% pay raise. >> and a threatened strike by a.c. transit workers. union has called a special membership meeting tomorrow afternoon. bus drivers have authorized a potential strike on monday. to absorb riders that could be stranded, the transit is planning additional service
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on monday morning if a.c. transit bus drivers also walk off the job. we put together a resources for you at we have information on all your commute options on where to go for casual car-pooling and where you can park your car for free. we have realtime traffic maps and download the abc7 waze traffic map to help you navigate the freeways. in oakland, 1500 workers plan to walk off the job on monday unless a deal can be reached by tomorrow night. it's workers to ask another 10% pay cut. union workers to start picketing city hall at 6:00 monday morning barring a last minute agreement. they have filed four unfair labor practice charges saying the city hasn't bargained in good faith. the mayor says the city is doing everything it can to avert a strike.
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>> a heat wave hit the bay area today. temperatures higher than 100 degrees and record temperatures in others. meteorologist mike nicco joins us with how hot it got. >> doesn't that look inviting? here is a look at live doppler 7-hd, the sun has set on this record setting day. without any cloud cover out there right now. let's talk about today's highs. record high 102 in santa rosa. 85 in oakland, hayward at 90. mountain view at 92. warmest antioch 106 in fairfield. san francisco, 77. half moon bay 68. bayshore line and the coast, everywhere else you see the red from 101 split up in marin county, castro valley down to milpitas, across 237 and points towards the west up to 92, all that is going to be excessive heat
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warning continues until tuesday. i'll show you the cooling trend in the seven-day forecast. we'll let you know how hot it is going to be in your community. keep track of bay area weather on twitter. a man shot in antioch has died after being shot again today. police responded to a call of shots fired on stanos street. a 42-year-old man was found on his porch with a gunshot wound to the head. he died at the hospital. the same man was shot at the same location friday morning. he suffered wounds to his leg and his back. investigators say he was uncooperative. a man's body has been recovered from a creek in fremont. authorities say 25-year-old man jumped into the alameda creek from a railroad bridge this afternoon and never resurfaced. a dive team recovered the body from water 16 feet deep. it's not clear with he hit
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something underwater. opponents of same-sex marriage have filed an emergency motion with the supreme court to stop the weddings immediately. they say the court's decision is not official for three more weeks and despite the news many couples tied the knot today. >> reporter: dozens of same-sex couples came to san francisco city hall this weekend. ban on same-sex marriage is being lifted was a relief to norma and her new bride, her partner of 18 years. >> it's a dream come true. finally after all these years. >> that dream is being attacked again. a group alliance defending freedom wants the marriages stopped. jennifer and peggy were stunned by the news. >> he is marrying his partner of seven years. he is not surprised the supreme court is being
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asked to stop the marriages. >> it's the same for everybody else to be so frustrated back and forth. >> he is hoping this is the last time same-sex couples have to worry about a legal marriage. >> doesn't surprise me a bit. i'm hoping it's the end of the road for all the legal stuff. >> many were thrilled that same-sex marages whether allowed again. 55 couples were issued marriage licenses hours after the decision came down. lawyer who helped get proposition 80 the ballot, she shocked that the marriages are being allowed. >> it's really unbelievable. supreme court decision isn't even final for another three or four weeks. we haven't had an opportunity to see what other options are available to us, to uphold the will of the people. >> for steven and his partner a legal marriage means security finally. >> walk down the street like normal and accepted. >> san francisco is the
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only county performing these marriages over the weekend. san francisco city hall will be open again at 9:00 tomorrow morning to marry more couples. they will continue until 5:00 p.m. alameda is the only other bay area county to marry couples, four tied the knot in oakland yesterday. clerks in other bay area counties they will be ready to issue marriage licenses monday morning. to coincide with the pride celebration, san francisco will be cracking down on drunk drivers tonight. police will be held on a checkpoint from 7 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.. still to come, why a federal proposal could undermine a ban that begins on monday. and how californians cut the garbage they produce in half. apple is getting rid of sams
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facebook new advertising policy takes effect monday pulling ads that have violent or sexual content. they are expanding the list that cannot carry ads. more than a dozen sponsors after women called for action that encouraged violence against women. facebook says it will review advertising guidelines and retrain workers and hold groups more accountable for the material they post. >> apple has made a deal that will replace all samsung chips by next year. they have a toxic relationship with samsung. two had a serious court
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battle and apple sued samsungfor patent infringement. the cupertino based company signed a deal with taiwan ease company to mass produce chips in 2014. it's expected to increase battery life for iphones and i-pads. >> still ahead at 9:00, we tell you, japanese-americans were recognized today for their efforts in world war ii. >> and record temperatures in the bay area, meteorologist mike nicco is up next to tell us how the heat will turn up over the next few days. >> and giants in a freefall and losing six straight. a's found the loss column. park
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california's ban on buying and selling shark fins begin on monday but a proposed rule could undermine the ban. the state ban is an attempt to eliminate the large market for the fins in the u.s. a federal proposal being considered would plea empty the state ban because it would be inconsistent with plans and regulations. they could live the ban or reduce it's effectiveness. they are fighting that proposal, a representative of san francisco and sam farr of san francisco have signed a letter opposing the rule. californians are creating less garbage, last year was a record low. they said 2012 average citizen outlaw 4.3 pounds each pay did a.
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it was 4.4 pounds back in 2011. in 1989 it was uer9d pounds. they say there are few reasons, curbside recycling is helping reduce the amount dumped into landfills. housing collapse helped and less construction means less waste. biggest contributor is organic such as food scraps and lawn trimmings. >> san francisco's de young museum honored japanese-americans who fought in world war ii. the occasion was the unveiling of the new congressional medal. it honors japanese units including a combat team known as 442nd fighting and motto go for broke. their families subject to internment. >> we knew we had to voluntary our lives to
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preserve the government would review and overthrow what they had done in 1942. members of the 442nd world were awarded 21 medals of honor and known is the purple heart battalion. >> we hold it was hot. here a random sampling. temperature reading of 105 in walnut creek today. it was a blistering day in the east bay and still hot along the coast. meteorologist mike nicco shows us with live doppler 7-hd. good evening everybody. here is a look at live doppler 7-hd. we'll search for some cooler weather which is going to take better part of three on to four days. it was breezy and everybody below 10 miles an hour except for oakland at 12. sfo at about 16. looks like we're going to see plenty of warm weather tomorrow. it's still holding on especially around antioch and brentwood, in the
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mid-90s. all these areas was over hundred. danville was down to 83 and pleasanton 83 degrees. santa rosa at 80. that was from 102 earlier. 59 at half moon bay, 70 in oakland. hayward, 69. 76 in san jose. check out the golden gate bridge as we say goodbye to the sun. we are also saying hello to dangerous heat sunday, monday, tuesday and possibly holding on in a few inland areas wednesday. mild to warm temperatures overnight. in the lower elevations we'll be in the 50s. you get above 500 feet, possibly in the 70s in the overnight hours. heat will recede which will take till thursday to get rid of it. cooling trend going through the great lakes that is blocking anything from really moving east to west. everything is moving north
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to south and bypassing us. one of the warmest spots in the lower elevations, 78 in antioch. few clouds will try to gather along the coast as we head towards the early morning hours but rest assured by 10:00 tomorrow, they will be gone and sunshine once again. triple-digits, morgan hill, gilroy and mid-90s with san jose about 96 degrees. temperatures are near 100 on the peninsula. redwood city, 86. half moon bay, mid 70s there. near 68 to 70 degrees for sunset in daly city and 80 in downtown san francisco. everybody else pretty close to hundred, 102 in santa rosa. mid to upper 70s at your beaches. away have 90s along the east bayshore, san leandro southward. we'll be in the mid-80s berkeley and 80 in richmond
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east bay valleys, well over hundred. coming into san francisco, staying around for pride tomorrow, it will start off at 72 degrees at 10.. parade will be up around 75 and 80 by 1:00 and temperatures will fall in the afternoon hours. then we'll be down to 72 by the time it ends. heading to the game, big u.v. index, wear some sunscreen, 105 down to 88. >> seven-day forecast, longest stretch of hot weather all year, as we could hit 100 for four to five, possibly six days. look at the cooling at the coast and move over all our neighborhoods by friday and saturday next week. >> thank goodness it is cooling down. thank you for that. shu joins us for sports. >> i will tell you who ist hot .
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with a loss of colorado, they have lost six straight. 11 of the last 14. matt cain was on the hill in colorado. he got no help. free t-shirt for the guys that will wear them. two outs and michael, base hit increasing franchise record to 26 games, 1-0 rockies. buster posey, and we got a 1-1 game. tying all 20 batters, faced eight innings and struck out four. jeremy starts the night and takes the loss of two outs. right up the middle, josh scores from second and walk off winner. giants lose their sixth straight, 2-1 the final. a's hosting the cardinals on coco crisp bobblehead day. five hits, struck out
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eight. 11th win of the year. the pitcher parker retired the first 8. tough loss for the a's, surrendered seven runs including a three-run bomb. we do have an a's highlight, got make great catches like that but the a's still fall 7-1 the final. >> first saturday at wimbledon, no major surprises, ladies first. 31-year-old serena williams wins her 31 the straight match. she only lost two games to 42-year-old. serena feeling young in this match. backhand winner, broke her five times including on match point. miss hit but she will take
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it. wins straight sets. >> i try to play better as each match goes on. i try to find out something i can improve from each match. all right on men's side. djokovic, he is good. novak on match point. he will find the net. djokovic wins in stimulate sets. >> and looking to win her third major of the year. birdie putt. downhill and break perfect. he does. 171 on the day, four-shot lead going into sunday's final round. players championship, kenny
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perry shot up the leaderboard. all right --, wasn't happy, got in a little trouble and gave him the finger. perry shot up the leader board. actually that is pga, we'll straighten that out later. the tour de france, here it is again. all right, now perry shot at the leaderboard, he is two back and fred couples birdie and he is leader. >> confused, let's go to tour de france. 12 miles to the finish, he gets to the finish line and he took a wrong turn and he
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finally backed out. several riders including the top three sprinters goes down that paves the way for a german and he will take first to wear the yellow jersey. >> earthquakes hosting stanford and we'll have that for you at 11:00 and we'll get that golf all straightened out
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coming up tonight at 11:00, a surprise tribute to a bay area soldier back from afghanistan and bart talks and why talks have stalled for now.xññ
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[music] >> welcome to swirl your a. through z covering everyone in between show here on kofy tv. i'm michelle your host. i want to say happy pride by the way. it's in seven days. by now i hope you know what you'll be wearing and where you'll be staying and what you're going to eat. you have to eat. see you at pride. tonight we have an amazing show for you. chris from oakland raiders and


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