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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  September 5, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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[ both scoff ] -- captions by vitac -- captions paid for by abc, inc. and touchstone television >> new tonight at 11:00. abc 7 news i team obtained the crucial piece of evidence in a controversial case surrounding the death of this young cyclist killed in a traffic accident in san francisco. good evening everyone. >> survillains video really turned the case around. and dan is here with an investigation you will see only on sachl bc 7 news. >> this video is just 8 seconds long but i won't shoyt all out of respect for the family. enough to understand why the video had an impact on this case.-year-old-year-old headed
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to work at san francisco p.r. firm the morning of august 14 when fad delivery truck hit her. we are stopping the video out of respect for her family. but it captures the impact. hitting the ground and truck rolling over her. this video changed the direction of the investigation. at first officers blamed the rider. >> initial police report that we obtained indicated and concluded that the victim, miss emily, was at fault. >> early on police said they couldn't find any surveillance video of the incident at folsom and sixth but member of the bicycle coalition tracked it down from business across the street. it appears the truck had the blinker on but emily was right next to the cab and couldn't see it. her family lawyer says the driver 45-year-old if was driving too fast to safely make the turn. >> he also failed to get into the bike lane which is the proper procedure when there is a bike lane and making a right tivrnlt after my rd"ort tuesday
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about the family filing a wrongful death lawsuit the company that owns the truck daylight food e mailed a statement. they deeply regret one of the truck was involved in a fatal accident and we stepped our sincerest sympathy to the family and friends. we take traffic safety very seriously and deeply sad by the tragedy. from the beginning we have cooperated fully with the proper authorities and continue to do so. the district attorney office confirmed to me today that they have received the case from the sf pd reviewing to decide what further investigation is neede needed. the family is still reeling from their loss. they scattered some of her ashes under the golden gate. you can see ashes on the hand of her mother jessie. i spoke with her tuesday. >> did she know at the last machine she was going to die. did she experience pain. what was going through her mind? >>reporter: so many questions. now sources tell me there is tension between the
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investigators on the case who are having a hard time concluding the truck driver was at fault and higher up feeling the pressure to file charges from people like the bicycle coalition. i'll keep track of what happens and report back to you. >> either way a terrible tragedy. all around. >> another horrifying accident in san francisco this afternoon when woman enjoying day at the park with her young daughterxd and dog was run over by a park truck. city worker and arrest for hit-and-run. amma is live in the park where it all happened. amma? >>reporter: carolyn, the recreation and park depth department release add statement expressing condolence to the victim and family. also say they are cooperating fully with the police investigation which will include drug testing the driver l. the flowers mark the spot where she was killed just before 2:30 p.m. enjoying a day at holly park with her 11 month old daughter and dog when she was run over by a san
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francisco park kept maintenance truck. reverend riley saw the woman just before it ci#pened. >> laying on the blanket. and she had the 2 backpack pink 1 and a black one. >>reporter: the driver who hit the woman didn't stochlt police were able to track down the park employee in a matter of minutes thanks to witnesses. he was just few block away still in the green pick up. he has been arrested on suspicion of felony hit-and-run. people in the park like this man did everything they could to help the woman but she later died at the hospital. patricia leach has lived in the neighborhood since the 50's and says the maintenance vehicle are a problem. so she wasn't surprised to learn a woman had been killed. >> bound to happen i'm surprise that had we haven't had more dog run over because some people leave theirxd dog run loose. >>reporter: supervisor david says he wasn't aware of the concerns but promises a thorough investigation. >> at the end of the day we want to make sure our citizens are safe and that they can enjoy park and recreational space in a safe manner and it
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is really just sad tragic day for us here. >>reporter: woman child was unharmed and has been reunited with family. in san francisco, abc 7 news. i know you will be thinking about the woman but move on to other things. talk about the weather. heat wave moving into the bay area. sandhya is here with how hot it gets. triple digit. >> indeed dachbility you notice let me show you raid arrest and we have some patchy fog out there but it's very limited. i'll zoom in and show the area where we seat patchy fog. really not expected to make any more of a wide spread area of coverage so here's what we are going to sea tomorrow afternoo afternoon. warmer weather half moon bay 70 degrees. 74 downtown san francisco. oakland 82 head out to walnut creek. 90 and even warmer in antioch. 92 degrees so summer micro climate full play friday and preview of what is to come.
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i'll show you the area simmering in the heat this weekend. and where you can go to escape it. carolyn. >> all right thankñr you. >> year ago today chp officer lost his life nearal month when routine traffic stop turned deadly. today fellow officers honor youngster with memorial outside the chp office in martinez. allen was there. >>reporter: new memorial sits outside the chp station martinez where 37-year-old officer youngster worked and now remembered. 3 of youngster 4 children unveiled the memorial. >> it's one of those indelible moments that is going to live with everybody identifies. >>reporter: 7 year veteran encounte2 a driver on the shoulder of i 6 80 in alamo. driver pulled over for an obstructed license plate. that driver suddenly pulled out a gun and shot youngster in the neck and killed him. chp officer carlton was pulling up right behind the suspect car as
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it happened. he medley drew his weapon and killed 36-year-old christopher boone lacey. youngster died at the hospital leaving behind his wife karen, 2 sons and 2 daughters. youngster fellow officers made a promise to care for them. >> in fact their son who is attending college we have been in contact with that chp area and they have checked on him. >>reporter: youngster brother attended tonight's ceremony and became part of what the chp considers their extended famil family. memorial will eventually honor 4 other past chp officers who died in the line of cute n.martinez, allen wong abc 7 news. >> family members are still searching for death of san jose woman. 49-year-old figueroa found dead tuesday in her black minivan. 43-year-old oscar was arrested yesterday on suspicion of murder. he's expected to appear in kourtd tomorrow the at noon. police believe the suspect and victim knew each
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other. she was a popular school yard supervisor&jxfz at s elementary school in san jose. she worked there for the past 12 years. >> now to the crisis in sir yeah. resolution allowing the military strike against syria will be formally filed tomorrow in the senate. this as president tried to rally international support for the strike at the summit in russian now among u.s. lawmakers mixed. >> i can't immanuel anything that i have heard that will persuade me that the conduct of this insane maniac in syria is doing anything to place my country in danger or to violent our national security. >>reporter: abc news has learned the attack would be much larger than anticipated. president national security team is preparing for a two day aerial attack using b 52 bombers and tomahawk missile assault. >> there is silver alert tonight in santa clara county for missing 68-year-old man
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considered to be at risk. rafael alvarez last seen late tuesday night at his daughter's house in santa clara. he's 5 foot 8, 1 40 pounds brownize and was wearing at the time a green t-shirt with the words hawaii maui on the front. alvarez who frequent transit line suffers from dimension 8. contra costa county sheriff's office tonight warning against the telephone scheme. manxd identifying himself as lieutenant stevens has called residents in ea contra costa county and tells them there's a warrant out for their arrest and pay him through prepaid credit card to have it cleared. sheriff's office doesn't have a lieutenant stevens on the payroll. >> new at 11 tonight. truck driver was severely burned after his big rig caught fire on interstate 6 80 tonight just north of sheraton road. man suffered burns to hands face and legs. you can seat fire burned through the cab of the truck then spread to the grass on the side of the froychlt really bad damage here. man was air-lifted to the hospital with serious injuries.
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>> tonight drivers appear to be getting used=ñ to commuting across the new bay bridge. >> after couple days they are getting used to it. live look at the san francisco sky way where you can see traffic is moving along smartly. along just unlike last night when traffic backed up until about then:30 or so. traffic on the bridge itself writ now. live look from our yurba buena island camera. highway patrol put at least part of the blame for two days of congestion on curious drivers likely slowing down to admire the new span and the new view. . it is something. >> hopefully everyone is getting used to it now. >> gratuity. some see them as gift and others take them for graptd. should we do away with newer trend popping up in some bay area restaurants. >> plus the east bay shake up that has hundreds of health care workers lacking for new jobs. >> apple looking to take abate out of the competition. big change that may
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>> bay area has some of the highest minimum wages in the country why some are asking whether tipping especially in restaurants is really necessary. abc 7 news south bay reporter lisa is live at san jose with that story. you have been asking people about this all night. what are they telling you? >>reporter: dan, let me tell you they had a lot to say that's for sure especially since some restaurants in new york, chicago and even here in the bay area are already doing
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awayxd with tipping you. service at original joe in san jose is known to be impeccable. diners expect it when they are paying 30 dollars a plate. but what if tipping was eliminated. >> people would feel awkward. if it disappeared entirely. >>reporter: but it has at this restaurant in san francisco and in berkeley. instead diners pay a flat service charge to the entire staff. >> they would put in something like a 10% service charge or gratuity. i think most people tip more than 10%. >>reporter: steven silver is a professor of consumer behavior at san jose state. he doesn't think no tipping idea is something americans would go for. even though in europe tipping is minimal. and in parts of asia no one does it. tourists insist tipping is part of our cull tivrment it wouldn't happen here because we would have to raise our prices. 2, it might affect my wait
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staff not giving the rate service. >>reporter: what would you do if you didn't have tips? >> wouldn't be a server. >>reporter: consumer had mixed reaction to the thought of having a set service charge. >> confusing. different server where the money is going or what you are doing. one in the rate would be great. i tip either9/$ way. always tip my server. >>reporter: most americans who took a survey agreed. 63 percent said they tip even when service is bad. in san jose, lisa, abc 7 news. >> major shake up in the bay area health care industry that could drive hundreds of people out of work. john muir health has announced selling off muir lab to lab corps. they have about 5 40 employees in lab serving cocoa, alameda and solana county. muir lab 26 patient service centers will stay open under new ownerñiship lab corps plans to keep about 150 of those workers.
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>> uncertainty and everything up until this point has been pretty hard on them. but now that we have an official announcement people may have an opportunity to get on with things. >> spokesperson for john mawr health told us that muir lab could no longer make it in this increasingly competitive marketplace. >> firefighters say they now know what caused that massive fire still burning in the sierra. officials blaming a hunter for setting illegal campfire that got completely out of control. fire near yosemite burned more than 370 square miles and destroyed 111 buildings including 11 homes. the cost to fight it so far, 72 million dollars and the fire is still only 80 percent containe contained. so more work to do. >> the new version of the i-phone that will debut next tuesday expected to come in different colors but looks relatively the same as previous model. talking about the 5 c. there may be a big change did you know the road. "wall street journal"reports apple is considering a bigger screen on
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future i fochlt right now they have a 4.8 inch screen that could be bumped up to 6 inches. that size would put the i-phone in the tablet category in between phones and tablet computers. >> you see the fab let a lot lately. they are big. >>ñi weather forecast. >> sandhya is here with the news. >> baking in the heat heading that the weekend. pretty clear skies except right near the coast. we have a few patches of fog along the san mateo county coast from sutro tower cam are, san francisco downtown sparkling visibility is good. 62 in san francisco. 61 in oakland. it's still very mild mid 60's redwood city down to san jose. los gatos. half moon bay 59 degrees in check out the beautiful view of the eastern span of the bay bridge from our emeryville camera and here things are looking good as well. it's close to 70 degrees right now in santa rosa. e1 the wind direction down sloping wind keeping the temperature up 61 in novato. antioch 70
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degrees. 66 in concord and from our exploring camera looking at coyote tower on telegraph here and here's a lack at the forecast. warm-up again tomorrow. hot inland for your weekend with triple digit. sunday and monday. so we hang on to the heat for a new days. you look at the satellite radar that low pressure system is pretty strong producing showers thunderstorms pacific northwes northwest. that's what is really kept our weather pretty mild. today high pressure low 60's to the mid 80's. that's pushing on out of here that will allow much warmer weather to move in for tomorrow and even beyondxd tomorrow as high pressure really startsd to build in and nose over the pacific northwest we notice the wind direction switching sizzling september weather for your weekend as the winds come down from the land towards the coast we call this a down sloping wind and you do get heating due to compression so look for some real hot days as you head towards the inland valley. week ahead for livermore triple digit in the
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weekend and the temperatures start to tairp going in tuesday wednesday and thursday. tomorrow morning mild start temperatures in the upper 50's low 60's. a little bit of fog right along the coast line not expecting whole lot with quick clearing temperatures will good up. high for your friday 84 in san jose. 89 gilroy and south bay 88 los gatos. 82 for santa cruz. on the peninsula you are looking at warmer day as wechlt 91 in palo alto. 78 in san mateo o. look at this. half man bay beach weather. 70 degrees. 70 in the sun set district. mid 70's for downtown san francisco. south city north bay community 70 stinson beach 90 in novato. 90 in nap a.east bay communities warmer day as well. low 80's for oakland. union city. newark. inland spots? this is where you are going to feel the summer warmth. 91 in condition cord. san are mowow 2 92. 7 day forecast all important weekend will feature hot weather upper 90's inland
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saturday mid 70's coast triple digit sunday monday. low 90's around the bay mid 70's at the beaches. you will see those temperatures starting to back off. tuesday through thursday. >> excellent thanks very much. >> larry is here now with some baseball. >> baseball. some good football. >> nfl season kicked off and manning great. the a's blew a golden opportunity while ma manning makes the most of his. record setting night to open new season. we tell you the numbers
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>> good evening. a's given a weekend gift in the play off chase 4 games with the worst team in baseball. the astros. so all they have to do is go out and win them, right? rangers take sole control of first play. jose with base hi
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hit. oh, no. 2 run score on the error. 3 nothing astros. a's they traded pitcher peacock in the laury deal struck out 9 in 7 innings. alberto slow roller. and steven slides in. called safe. very close. manager ejected outraged in the end doesn't matter a's lose>2 3 3-2. now half game back of texas. giants back home against the d backs. here comes the bride. bachelorette night. sandoval homer three times last nature really should have had another fv off look him chugging. 1 nothing giant giants. next batter sanchez fly ball to right. lack out people. we have panda incomin incoming. miguel gets wiped out. panda dives and tagged. i think he was out. giants up
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2 nothing. arizona score 4 in the fifth off ryanç and 2 outs the double d backs the lead. buster may have a hair line fracture on top this d backs win 4-2. nfl season kicked off with broncos defending the ravens. no lewis. reid. baltimore that equaled a happy manning. game delayed by 34 minutes because of lightning. then it was peyton who struck early and often. he has new weapons. thomas played college hoop at portland state. fantasy sleerp. 2 touch downs tonight. third quarter manning 28 yards. andre juggling holding on. also connecting twice with newly acquired well kevrmentxd 4 62 yards nfl record tying 7 touch downs. most td in a single game by qb as broncos roll it up 49-27. niners open theunday against green bay. with crab tremendous out dave its could
11:56 pm
be using more in the pasting game now last year when caber -- capper neck stepped in he had 1 touch down and connected for 2 54 and vernon feels they are only going to get better. >> me and collin we are on a different life than where we were last season. it takes some time to really learn, it's on timing but we have been through minicamp, o ta as well as training camp. we have had more than enough time to really build on what we started. >> going to be fun. new season upon us. 7 sports brought to you by is river rock casino oychlt happy for for manning to see him. >> 100 percent healthy. last year neck injury into still ahead story only on 7 news. >> very cool. bay area man >> very cool. bay area man building wheels
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>> here's the wake up weather. mostly clear other than patchy fog along the coast. mild morning temperatures in the mid
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50's to mid 60's climbing quickly at 8:00 a.m. low to upper 60's. mike at 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. tracking upcoming heat. >> okay sandhya thanks. >> stroller fit for a king made right here in the bay area. >> very cool. future king of england going for a royal ride in a custom made stroller built by livermorexd man. >> joe tells us he received a call for an order for prince george. you can see the stroller painted racing green with no. 2 on the side. >> he sold it for 4500 dollars to the royal family and turns into a try single. >> i like the yellow very nice. >> thanks for joining us everyone. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time. thanks appreciate your time. thanks so much


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