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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 8, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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ood years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. good evening. we are following developing news, as a brushfire spread to 800 acres. it started at 1:30 this afternoon on the eastern side of mount diablo near clayton. the fire is 10% contained and 50 to 75 homes are in danger now. to be safe, there is a mandatory
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evacuation for homes own elk horn and curry cannon roads. the brush on the hillside could fuel the fire. >> we're lucky there's no wind but it's that manzanita up there because of the oil in it. once that stuff goes, it burns really hot. >> here is abc news reporter, showing the plume of smoke above 24. jason sent this pic showing a closer shot of the mount dee ia fire a brushfire in sonoma county destroyed six structures after starting at a palette factory. it reached a group of propane tanks. that caused and explosion 70 feet into the air. it destroyed six building he and ten recreational buildings and
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factory equipment. the chp says it started with a simple spark. >> following a tow truck, pulling the vek on the tow dolly. sparks were seen coming from the back of that tow dolly. the officers made contact with the vehicle, pulled it over by that time. sparks had gone into the dry brush close by and it took off from there. >> homes were evacuated but not damaged by the fire. reports say the fire was 60% contained. taking a live look from the mount tam cam, fires made for dangerous fire conditions. tonight the bay area is cooling off. let's get to meteorologist lee glasser. >> let's look at doppler 7 hd and you can see that the cool down is thanks to low clouds and fog moving close to the coast and of course that helped drop temperatures around the bay area as much as 12 degrees. let's take you in closer. can you see this is definitely going to be our marine influence
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for tonight. definitely tomorrow morning. and it will get heat relief. just a little bit tomorrow for inland locations. right near the fire, humidity low at 20%. it'll continue to increase overnight tonight and wind hasn't been a big factor with the fires around bay area this afternoon. winds out of the north at 11 miles per hour. i want to show you kquickly the highs for today. 9, san francisco, cools at 68 and we had numerous 90s from napa up towards santa rosa. still struggling with high heat inland with antioch, 83 and 82 in livermore. cool down is coming. we will look at the forecast coming up. >> so hot in southern california yesterday. eight high school students hospitalized after a track meet
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running three-mile course in 107 degree heat. when they started collapsing near the finish line. students treated for heat of exhaustion but should be okay. >> a teenage boy from sunnyvale is dead tonight and his two friends injured after their car went off the road, just before 11:00 when the boy's car went off high 35 year ward road for unknown reasons. the car hit a tree, overturned, then hit a second tree and burst into flames. the two passengers managed to escape with serious injuries. the 17-year-old driver died. contracosta county sheriff investigators are looking into the cause of a fight that led to a fatal shooting outside a skating rink. authorities were called to the paradise skate roller rink at 1:30 this morning. deputies fund 31-year-old woman and two men with gunshot wounds. the woman died at the hospital. the others are expected to survive. the rink was holding an adult skate jam when the accident happened. san francisco sheriff's department needs your help tonight to identify a man found
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unconscious in union square. he has brown hair and brown eyes. between 30 and 40 years old and about 155 pounds with no tattoos or distinguishing marks. the man was found early saturday morning with head injuries that suggest a fall. he is in critical condition. authorities are trying to locate his relatives. a man died today outside candlestick park just after the niners game began. police say a man in his 30s was walking on the pedestrian walk way above jamestown avenue when he fell. witnesses say the man appeared to be intoxicated. many fans had a safe and fun day cheering on the niners. though some fans told us it was a bitter sweet day. cornell bernard was the candlestick park for his final season opener with the niners. >> oh, touchdown! >> 49ers are back. playing and winning a close game against green bay. for the fans, emotions were running high. knowing it is the last season for the team at the stick.
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steven grew up here. >> my grandfather bought season tickets to stadium when they built it. he used go to the niners. it will be sad. >> candle still park opened in 1960 and cost $15 million to build. >> it'll be weird when they are not playing in candle stick. all my life growing up, i've been going to these games. >> hopefully i will be going to visit the new candlestick park or whatever it'll be called. >> levi stadium. >> oh, that's right, levi stadium. >> security screening is in effect. many items had to be left outside. these nfl approved clear bags are okay. >> you do what you have to do. it's fine. no big deal. >> while green bay fans savored their cheese, niner fans savored a rare sunny day at the historic and beloved stick. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> of course we will have all of the niners an raiders highlights coming up in sports.
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>> the city of san francisco has conditionally approved a $175,000 settlement in a racial bias lawsuit filed by a black firefighter. larry jacobs claims he was subjected to racial harassment. he was assigned to meanal tasks such as scrubbing floors with a toothbrush while senior staff called him house boy. benjamin jealous is resigning as president of naacp. 40-year-old cites the wear of constant travel and wanting to spend more time with his family as his reason for stepping down. he lived in alameda when he accepted the presidency five years ago. his resignation is effective at the end of the year. still ahead on abc 7 news at 9:00, the message for lawmakers still on the fence about a strike on syria. and what
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oracle team usa mabaged to win. oracle cup champions squeaked by the kiwis by an eye lash in sailing. new zealand by winning the first race has three victories. the team needs just six more to claim the cup. the oracle team needs ten more. full nelsons are back in the olympic games tonight as officials have decided to bring back wrestling. last february the olympic committee decided to not have the games due to uninteresting games and fierce rules. committee members admitted their
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mistake and restored greco roman and freestyle wrestling at least through 20920 games. >> how the white house plans to get lawmakers and americans behind an attack on syria this week. and, how hot is it going to get this week. meteorologist lee glasser is up next with your forecast. >> wrestling is back, that's great. week one of the nfl season in the books. here is what we know, raiders could be
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this is abc 7 news. >> president obama plans to take a sales pitch for attacking syria straight to the people this week. he will sit down about six
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different tv networks. the president will also speak to the nation directly during prime time address on tuesday. the goal is to convince skeptical americans that ba shir al-assad killed his own citizens with chemical weapons. he believes they need to send a message. >> that endangerous our national security. i just wish the president laid this out better. i wish co-quit backing away from his own red line and i wish he was more after commander-in-chief than a community organizer. >> some of president obama's critics believe there isn't yuf enough evidence to justify an attack by the u.s. >> activists played music outside the home of dianne feinstein in san francisco. veterans for peace organized the demonstration. they hope to convince dianne feinstein that the u.s. should stay out of syria. 80% of americans oppose u.s.
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involvement in syria. they marched from the her house through pro siddo to will golden gate bridge. >> they are hoping to raise humidity level is up to where they should be this time of year. unfortunately, it will take about another day for the high heat to start to relax. inland, live doppler 7 hd showing you low clouds and fog that help to bring a little bit of cooling to the coast as well as san francisco, and even the peninsula. but just wasn't strong enough to make it up and over the east bay hill. we'll be strong enough by monday night and definitely on tuesday. let's show you, this is really cool shot. you can see the marine layer. we have high pressure above it, just squashing the marine layer, closer to the surface. this is from our tower cam looking over san francisco. of course the bay bridge is there. low clouds and fog definitely, making their way towards the
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bay. oakland right now, 73. san francisco at 60. still mild in san jose. 88 and half moon bay. you can see the twinkly lights. antioch 82 degrees and still some warm to high heat there in livermore with 82 for this time of day. would you look that? i think it is because of the niners. yeah, definitely. here is a look at our forecast highlights. fog at the coast and bay overnight. we will see one more day of high head inland and then a cooler pattern will set up and we head into monday night and definitely tuesday. can you see the clouds. we have an eddie right here, that counter clockwise spin. and that's what definitely helps to push the low clouds and fall closer to the coast and really a stronger westerly wind component tonight and tomorrow, pushing that that further inland this evening. high pressure sliding a little
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bit towards the east. and that's just going to push that bubble of hot air a little further towards the east. cooling near the coast and bay tomorrow. we will keep that high heat one more day of it, inland locations out towards the central valley area. waking up tomorrow, 5:00 a.m. commute. you can definitely get a sense of low clouds and fog will be there. maybe some reduced visibility and perhaps even a few flight delays early tomorrow morning because of low sailing. so keep that in mind. but it should burn off the coast by around lunch time or so. and temperature wise, 60 at the coast and 100 out towards the delta. also towards livermore valley area. antioch 65. 60 overnight low in san francisco. here is a look at your highs for your monday. cool down a few degrees. 84 degrees. we look for the peninsula temperatures mid to low 80s in most spots. 64 perhaps in the bay. san francisco, 68 degrees. in the north bay, quite warm to
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clear lake 100 but 86 for sonoma. oakland tomorrow, 78 degrees. 82 for castro valley and still one more hot day inland. the seven-day forecast, heat relief on the way tuesday, wednesday and thursday. clouds gather. temperatures, 80s inland. 70s around the bay and 60s at the coast where we kind of like it this time of year. >> absolutely. thank you so much. all right, collin is in doing sports. and starting the season with a win. >> the nfl is back. we love this time of year. >> we do. >> a dirty hit, a sideline melee, and the farewell season to candle stick begines with all of the above. niners, packers, rival renewed. pregame, jim harbaugh in o deep conversation with the officiales. probably about protecting kaepernick. 20 yards, for 7-0 lead. clay matthews broke all week
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about hitting the signal call early enough. this one was out of bounds and out of line. second quarter, airborne lunge and clothes line. off-setting penalties should have given niners third down. next play, 14-7 san francisco. bolden, huge day. first and gold, kaepernick, vernon, connecting again. catches. aaron rodgers, usual self. 333 yards. jordy nelson, 130 of them. pack take the lead. first nfl touchdown. answering with a drive train, in from a yard. 31-28, 49ers. niners driving again. jim harbaugh goes for it and packers 36. kap, gain of 15. led to a field gold. kaepernick, career high of 412
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yards passing. >> you never know when your number will get called up. you never know when you will have that big day so you just have to be reprepared. i know every game won't be like this. you just have to be prepared when your number's called. >> certainly was. seahawks opening again the panthers. russell wilson, 43 yards. what a catch. touchdown, fourth down. 320 yards, hawks hang on for 12-7 win in charlotte. pryor, starting in indianapolis. a one-man wrecking crew. andrew luck on fire in first half. 11 of first 11. 12 yards there to reggie wayne. hesitant in the pocket. off and running a lot today. 29 yards on this carry. he had a team-leading 112 yards on the ground. set up for mcfadden one yard pryor afterwards going for the chest of dennis. whoa man, going to take me out.
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fourth quarter, 11th play. raiders lead 17-14. colts rally from behind. they do it again, 19 yards. colts lead it 21-17. 31 seconds left. third and goal of indy 25. pryor, picked by antwoine. 329 total yards for pryor. colts get the win, 21-17. >> alex smith making his kansas city chiefs debut. five yards there to avery. smith, 21 of 34. 173 yards. two touch downs, second one here to junior hemingway. no picks for smith. efficient adds usual. chiefs destroy jacksonville 28-2. bartolo colon winless. he was ready to move on against houston, third inning, jonathan have r. colon the first pitcher to win 15 games for four different teams. bottom of the third.
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three-run shot, oakland, seven runs in the frame. didn't score again. didn't matter. a's win 7-2. oakland remains one and a half up in the west. yoda, piggyback, from laya. love it. keep it up. bumgarner against arizona. extra inning affair. 2-2 in the 11th. pagan singles. scoring as pinch runner for sanchez. giants win 3-2. serena williams, yet to lose a set in the open. today's final, straight it match point. back in, win was a big factor today. serena handled it much bet are. wins in three. fifth open title. much more on the niners big win over green bay. that's tonight. mike shoeman going one on one with tight end vernon davis who add very big day. >> that will be great to see. thank you so much. >> yeah. >> next on abc 7 news at 6:00,
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coming up night at 11:00, a brushfire threatening homes. we will find out if fire crews are making any progress. and the new smart phone case that could help prevent you from becoming a crime victim. even if you don't have time to dial. tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel. the weekend after labor day is usually the slowest of the year and studios rarely release new movies. this weekend though, universal studios took a chance on kwod "riddic" and it paid off. "pitch black" topped the box
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office. vin diesel found independent financing for it. cost about $38 million to make and it is well on its way it making that back, earning 18.7 million this weekend. edged out "the butler" which topped the box office for three straight weeks. "instructions not included" came in third. "we're the millers" and "planes" rounded out the top five. thank you so much for joining us. our next newscast is at 11:00 on abc 7. see you then.
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