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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 11, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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you're being rude. >> we're going onto the next item unless i hear a point of order. i do not hear a point of order. >> for you to take the citizens of richmond -- >> this is not a point of order -- >> hold on did.
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>> that's an opinion. >> things get heated before a critical vote to seize hundreds of under water mortgages. good evening. i'm dan ashley. homeowners in richard are in dire straights. city leaders have a plan that calls for drastic action but some worry about the consequences. wayne freedman explains why. >> reporter: in richmond, neighborhood signs tell an on going story of poor closures, nearly half the homes are worth less than the owners paid for them. >> by the time it's like the last week of the month, we're stretched. >> reporter: patty and her husband paid $425,000 for this home eight years ago. it's now lost more than half of its value. tonight she has hope. >> if the banks on wall street got bailed out, how come we don't get bailed out? >> we call on the banks to really do the right thing. >> reporter: after months of discussion the richmond city
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counsel voted last night with possibly using imminent domain to buy under water mortgages in mass with an investment group forced banks to renegotiate. the councilman jl voted in favor. >> i think we sent letters to the different financial institutions and investors for each of these homes that are on the list and ask them to come back to us and, you know, if they don't like our offer, give us a counter offer, work with us. >> reporter: he and mayor fashion opposition. they worry about lawsuits and repir reprisals from banks. >> it lowers property values because lending institutions will not lend where you've taken and used imminent domain. >> reporter: the councilman nath baits worries the city investing partner targeted nicer homes. >> they are cherry picking.
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that's what they do. they cherry pick and pick out those obviously they can make the greatest degree on profit. >> reporter: councilman baits is under water in his mortgage but does not want help. the same cannot be said for patty who signed up for imminent domain, if it happens, anything to keep up her dream of homeownership. >> we would rather eat rice and beans and tortillas to have our home here. >> reporter: in richmond, wayne freedman. the california legislature passed a compromise prison deal. the bill requires the state to ask federal judges to extend the deadline for relosing almost 10,000 inmates from california prisons. if they don't get more time, the plan to lease cells in private prisons in county jails will kick in. a destructive wildfire claimed a life. crews found a body in the fire's perimeter today. today the coroner's office
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identified the man as a 56-year-old. they found henry's burned bodily while checking a home that fire destroyed 30 homes and 30 more have been damaged. it broke out monday afternoon, and has grown to more than 7,000 acres at this moment it is roughly 40% contained. in the meantime, the morgan fire is now 80% contained, full containment expected by the week end. firefighters are being sent home now. community members lined streets with messages of support for fire crews including several based at fire houses burglarize while they were out at the blaze. wedding rings and other personal belongings were stolen by whoever broke in. police are still investigating the thefts. this fire was burning on mt. diablo. a potential break in the case involving a little girl shot to death at a sleep over in oakland. police released this composite sketch today of the man who shot four people killing the youngest victim.
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abc 7 nick smith with more on today's developments. >> i was brushing my teeth and the window was open, and i heard just really, clearly gunshots. >> reporter: she's describing the shooting death of her 8-year-old neighbor killed at a friend's sleepover in july. today new information from the oakland police. homicide investigators released this sketch of the man believed to be the gunman described as an african american male 5'7", 160 pounds with a thin dark mustache. >> children have been the victims of very serious gun violence in the last several months. >> reporter: police say at least one gunman ring the doorbell of this apartment and started shooting when a child opened the front door. bullets went through the metal screen door and hit four of the five people inside, two children and one adult suffered non-life threatening injuries but one bullet struck and killed
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8-year-old alsasha. police hope someone knows or are recognize time. today wilson avenue is quiet. since the tragedy, the family moved and walls and doors repaired and a for rent sign is showing the availability of the crime scene. >> if we invest more of community programs, more police officers in the communities, we can start to get around issues before they occur. >> reporter: their mission is to stop the violence plaguing east oakland and witnesses coming forward to provide details included in this composite is a step in the right direction but more important, prevent violent crime before it happens. >> we'll all be safer if someone like this is not out on the streets. >> reporter: she would have been a third grader at fruitville elementary school this year. well, this is september 11th, and we want to focus now
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on the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. >> alan anthony bevon, mark bingham. >> they were among the 9/11 victims remembered today in shanksville pennsylvania where people recalled the heros of the passengers on flight 93 headed to san francisco when terrorist hijacked it and passengers overwhelmed them and the plane crashed in the pennsylvania field. david louie has more on the victims of united flight 93 from union city. >> jason m. doll. >> reporter: one by one the names of 40 individuals aboard flight 93 were read along with acknowledgement of an unborn child. the flight was bound for san francisco and crashed near
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shanksville, pennsylvania. many had bay area ties. his sister and brother-in-law attended the memorial. >> it gives us a place here, you know, i have been to new york. i have been to shanksville, and it -- it is just so important that we have this spot here, too to honor the victims. >> reporter: flight attendants sharon caldwell and steven merzy were here, too. >> a very special day to us and we appreciate the fact this is here, there is somewhere for all of us to remember and keep reminding folks what that day means to us. >> reporter: the man behind the memorial is working on anot one at this site in downtown hayward. it will be a memorial to all 9/11 victims and the hayward's first responders. >> the design is approved. the location is approved. the memorial is ready to go. now it's collecting money from
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the local, you know, citizens d businesses to actually build it. >> reporter: the project will require $100,000 in fundraising. the grant has been donated. hayward originally turned down the flight 93 memorial while union city welcomed it. ♪ and the home of the brave >> reporter: in union city, david louie, abc 7 news. there is much more ahead this night on abc 7 news at 9:00. coming up, all that traffic ever since the new bay bridge opened. there might be more than we thought. we'll explain why. plus, fish kill, there is no oil involved, either. just ahead, the source of a deadly spill in the water off hawaii. spencer christian is here with the weather. after a couple days of cooling down, we have a little warming coming our way. i'll have the forecast coming up. >> thanks. two of silicon valley biggest names tackle tough questions on post 9/11 security. what they have done wrong and
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the fight against the fire at mount deablow. >> people have been allowed to
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return to the homes. when a nevada woman died last month her children submitted an obituary to the local paper but that included uncommon sentiments. the story. >> reporter: an obituary, a short and final message highlighting a person's life but in tuesday's edition of the journal, this three paragraph obituary for a 77-year-old was anything but kind and memorializing. >> she is survived by her six of eight children who she spent her lifetime torturing in every way possible. >> reporter: we showed it to people in sacramento. >> wow, criminal activity. >> reporter: these final words written on behalf of her children paint a vivid picture of being abused, tortured and exposed to an evil, violent life. >> how sad that they had to do this and live this life that
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they lived. >> definitely sends a message. he deserves this because people will know what those four children went through. >> reporter: others we spoke with say a public obituary is the wrong place for a message like this. >> i don't think you have to get that deep and personal and put that much hate into something. >> i think it's a proper obituary. >> reporter: journalist from around the world are reacting. >> i don't think i've ever read anything like it. >> reporter: tim writes obituaries in london. >> one moment it takes my breathe away and another moment takes this, the lady's death and her children finally speak up. >> reporter: the children write with their mother's death they will live the rest of their lives knowing the nightmare finally has a form of closure and want to stimulate a movement against child abuse in america. >> if this is the truth, it needs to come out.
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24 hours after a massive ma last sis spill, dead fish are popping up. it was owned by matson navigation. they are fixing the leak. 230,000 gallons may have entered the harbor. >> i've already seen tons and tons of the dead fish floating around. >> there may be thousands of fish that have died from this spill so far. >> it's sucking up all the oxygen. there is no oxygen, so the animals down there that need oxygen that would breathe it directly out of the water can't get it and are suffocated. >> who knew, right? it does not hurt people but the dead fish can cause an increase in sharks and barracuda and eels so people are adviseed to stay out of the water. back here, traffic in and out of san francisco the last couple weeks has been a nightmare. odds are you have been in it at
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one point. wanting to see the new bay bridge has been thought to be the reason but may not be entirely the case. here is caroline tyler. >> after work it's a little bit of craziness. >> reporter: he noticed a change in his commute so has raza. >> it's horrible. i work downtown. it takes me 45 minutes to get to this point here. >> reporter: this is the first on harrison street onramp to the bay bridge and wasn't even 3:00. he blames it on gawkers checking out the eastern span and backing out traffic. they were doing that last week but the municipal transportation agency thinks things are better now. >> we notice traffic has been lighter than last week. what we have done is put out officers to direct traffic manually and do whatever we can to help. >> reporter: he says they have been on the busiest street sinc
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don't believe it's the beauty of the bridge that's responsible for the mess. we asked the city's cabs for their best guess. >> a lot of people in the city, and convention in town with the 20,000 people, and a lot of action. what a beautiful city. >> you know, what is early morning traffic and afternoon traffic and construction, more construction every day. >> reporter: we asked our own abc 7 news traffic reporter layla what she thinks is behind this continuing bottleneck. >> aside from the allure of the bridge, i think there is just a lot of construction going around, going on around the city along the embarkadaro and ramp. i think that is adding to the pain of your normal commute time. >> reporter: could there be a future upside to this? >> maybe more people will go back to public transportation.
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>> reporter: in san francisco, caroline tyler, abc 7 news. all right. spencer christian is here, whether the weather is cool or warm, depends where you are but cooler overall. >> it is indeed. the last couple days rather sharp cooling from where we were with 100-degree temperatures but things are nice and cool now. we have high clouds and low clouds around the bay area tonight and some areas of clear skies, as well. let's move along and take a look at the golden gate bridge where things -- well at least traffic seems to be moving along nicely and no evidence right now of marine layer moving through the golden gate and look at today's highs in some locations compared with the average highs for this date. santa rosa today 69, 15 below the average high for this day. most locations cooler than average except san francisco one degree warmer. here is a nice look at the tower commemorating the 9/11 from 1
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years ago the terrorist attack as we look from the camera and current temperature readings are 64 in san francisco, oakland 67, 66 in redwood city, san jose 65 and the bay 61. another live fview from the high-definition roof looking across and current temperatures in other locations are 64 in san toe rosa and napa and concord 64 and 65 in liver more. one more live view from the east bay camera. showing some cloud the off in the distance, high clouds. we will see cloudy skies overnight with chance of some spotty drizzle. it won't be area wide. it will be milder tomorrow and a warmer pattern settles in by the end of the week. here is a look at the cloud pattern today and into this evening we had high clouds moving in from the east, low clouds from the southwest, the bay area sandwiched in between. we had clouds at different levels of the atmosphere today and this evening but as we look
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ahead, clouds pushed out by high pressure to bring us not only al warmwarmer weather prom the t southern ridge. overnight tonight, we'll see clouds at the coast, low clouds and high clouds and some of the inland areas and locally will push across the bay. temperatures will be mainly around 60, maybe a degree or two on either side of 60 and tomorrow mainly sunny in the afternoon and the south bay highs will range from upper 70s to low 80s and 79 san jose. on the peninsula, 79 red woot sit the and mountain view. on the coast 54 pacific and north highs below average but nice and pleasant and upper 70s there. on the east bay low 70s across the bored and in the end of the east bay low 80s.
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here is the acre queue weather forecast. 90 friday and saturday and inland temperatures drop off a couple degrees sunday and for the rest of the forecast period, upper 80s inland and 60s on the coast. nice and steady, no sharp variations. >> really pleasant. >> very nice. >> thanks very much. still to come on abc 7 news at 9:00.
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resumed hauling dirt to the project but they can only haul it at night through the town. demonstrators chained themselves to a truck for more than eight hours backing up trucks and stopping the work. three people were arrested. cal tran is building a 300 million dollar bypass to alleviate a bottleneck but building it through sensitive wetlands and traffic is actually declining. some question whether it's needed and critics want cal tran to scale it down from four lanes to two. well, a new view of an old event. last month space x as we showed you tested the ten-story reusable rocket that can fly sideways, weird to look at, i know, before returning to the launch pad. the test was considered a success except for these cows at the bottom of your screen nearby, startled by crazy and could not get away fast enough. you could see the panic running for their lives. well, here is a question,
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how much would you pay to hang out with christian stay weathew? a prince made $500,000 to talk with her for 15 minutes. the prince told harvey wine stein he would make a generous contribution to a relief fund for hurricane sanity victims would chat. wean stein convinced her and he gave him the money in cash. they should have call a mercy ruling in tonight's a's game. >> that one is ripped to right. and that baby is gone. i think the ball just left the building. >> coming up, the big night for the oakland bats in the land of a thousand lakes. plus, the at&t tweet that has the company apologizing tonight. and home grown terrorists, new
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video tonight shows americans
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♪ (woman) this place has got really good chocolate shakes. (growls) (man) that's a good look for you. (woman) that was fun. (man) yeah. (man) let me help you out with the.. (woman)...oh no, i got it.
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(man) you sure? (woman) just pop the trunk. (man vo) i may not know where the road will lead, but... i'm sure my subaru will get me there. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. word tonight the cia has been delivering weapons to rebels in syria over the past two weeks. according to the washington post the obama administration is sending equipment and vehicles to boost the rebel fighters in the two-year civil war. john kerry is heading to geneva to talk with russian counter part on moscow's proposal for international inspections to seize and destroy syria's deadly stockpile. in an opinion piece in the new york times today, russian president vladimir putin says there is every reason to believe that it was the syrian rebels
9:31 pm
who not the syrian military who used poison gas on civilians. in new york city tonight, this is how the city skyline looks. twin beams of light. earlier today. ♪ ♪ >> bag pipes played for the victim's at ground zero in lower mat h manhattan. this is the 12th anniversary. good evening once again and even though it's been more than a decade. al qaeda is much alive and operating and the rise is fueled in part by more than 100 american citizens recruited from all over the world. >> reporter: they come from small towns and big cities, law enforcement officials tell abc news including they say a man who lived here on monta vista
9:32 pm
road in phoenix. this year he became one of a dozen americans who authorities say are fighting in syria with a group that has sworn alliance to al qaeda. >> you're going down in flames. >> reporter: his father says his son fell in with the wrong people. >> he's the furthest thing from a terrorist than he could be. >> reporter: he will soon stand trial on charges he helped al qaeda. >> i think the most disturbing thing to see americans switching sides and going over to the enemy. >> reporter: alleged american recruits are showing up in hot spots across the middle east. at least 50 young american men, many from minnesota have been tracked to the al qaeda group in somalia. >> to come here and join us. >> reporter: it's a place where a young man from the small town of alabama became a top commander, omar. >> our main objective, one of the things that we see.
9:33 pm
>> reporter: he is now one of five americans with huge rewards on their head because of their a alleged al qaeda leadership positions with men from wisconsin, brooklyn, new york, buffalo, new york and adam of orange county, california. he once tore up the u.s. passport on camera is now in al qaeda's ldership in pakistan regularly producing videos to urge americans to buy guns and kill their own. >> so what are you waiting for? >> reporter: he's first american since the 1950s to be charged with treason. u.s. officials don't want to disclose details of the 1100 or so under active surveillance. while there is not enough evidence to charge them, there is enough to keep them under active surveillance. brian ross, abc news new york. shocking. while so much has changed from
9:34 pm
9/11 from airport security to baseball games. ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilights last gleaming ♪ >> the san francisco giants took time before today's game against the colorado rookies to remember the attacks. police officers, firefighters and other first responders from the city appeared on the infield diamond as part of the ceremony. all ball clubs held similar remembrances. officials at boston logan are apologizing after believe it or not, holding a fire drill on the 12th anniversary of 9/11. the drill included heavy block smoke and flames coming from something resembling a plane on the air field. people were shocked by the timing. the two planes that crashed 12 years ago, took off from locken airport. at&t is apologizing after a 9/11 related tribute that many found to be in very poor taste. the twitter postaid
9:35 pm
never forget and featured this photo of the new york skyline with a smart phone showing the area where the twin towers stood. one post called it without a doubt the tackie memorial on the internet. well, apple's new iphones get panned again but wall street. the last lack of a wow factor in yesterday's announcement sent apple stock tumbling another 5.5% today. analysts are disappointed in the price of the iphone 5 c and the lack of dazzling new features in the 5 s. bloomberg is reporting mark zuckerberg plans to meet with john boehner and other top republicans next week, apartmently about immigration reform and internet policy. facebook meanwhile finished the day at an all-time high up at 3% to end at $45 and little change. marissa mayer says the internet company has about 800 million worldwide users, a 20 percent
9:36 pm
increase since myer was lured away from google 15 months ago to turn the company around and myer and facebook took the stage to answer tough questions. jonathan bloom has the final day of the tech crunch disrupt conference. >> reporter: yahoo ceo marissa mayer was the hot ticket, people packed the floors and isles to talk about the infamous photo shoot. >> articles about leadership in conventional forms. >> yeah. >> this isn't too conventional, would you please move upside down and i said sure. >> reporter: and of course. >> the logo, so what the [ bleep ] happened here right? >> well, i mean, i should say that i like the way the logo turned out and i like the way we did it. >> reporter: myers is most proud they didn't spend millions of dollars on it. she wants to invest on people and making yahoo big on smart
9:37 pm
phones. that's a vote facebook almost missed. >> your mobile product as year ago sucked. >> they did? >> so we took a year and it was painful and retooled it. >> reporter: and now mark zuckerberg says 40% of facebook's money comes from mobile devices and those chat heads have taken off. what are these companies doing when the federal government asks for private data? a short question with a long answer. >> frankly, i think the government blew it. >> reporter: zuckerberg started by sounding off. >> don't worry, basically, we're not spying on americans. he's like oh, wonderful, that's helpful to companies trying to serve people around the world and will inspire confidence. >> reporter: so facebook sued the government for the 9,000 requests for people's data, a number zuckerberg considers small but still bigger than he would like. for yahoo. >> we pushed back on the class in terms of the nsa.
9:38 pm
we can't talk about -- >> reporter: why? >> because they are classified. >> reporter: why? >> they are classified information, releasing it is treason. it's in view of incarcerated. >> reporter: they want more transparency from the nsa. new tactic, coming up the united nations says american kids should have a different motivation for finishing what is on their plate. plus,
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the united nations says too much food is being wasted and that is helping destroy the atmosphere. u.n. scientists say a third is
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unnecessarily tossed out and creates a carbon footprint equivalent to 3 billion tons of co 2. much of the waste comes from consumers buying too much and throwing away what they do not eat. we certainly do our fair share of that here. in undeveloped countries, it's due to inefficient farming. surgeons are learning techniques here in the bay area that could save thousands of lives in the home country. it's part of a training program and the goal is to teach what could be described as cutting edge of practical. here is caroline johnson. >> did you deal with a lot of disorders. >> reporter: inside ucsf rich gozland is sharing techniques but this is no ivy tower lecture. he honed field techniques in hot spots around the world, at a
9:43 pm
refugee clinic outside of syria. >> i was fortunate to be there for the big battle. >> reporter: he says several patients were diagnosed by the red cross with lesionens consistent with chemical weapons, specifically sarin glass. the overwhelming challenge from a surgeon's point of view is trama from injuries and car accidents and worse left untreated until patients reached the border. >> resetting the bones that have healed crooked or not healed, chronic wounds draining for weeks. >> reporter: during the seminar held at san francisco general hospital, he and other surgeons teach techniques to draw in skin and close and it other methods that don't require surgical hardware. >> what we use for the injuries like nails, plates, screws and so forth are not available over there. >> here is a say ring -- >> reporter: engineers adapted
9:44 pm
devices to give them inexpensive alternatives in the field. there is a syringe and bags allow commercial drills to be use in bone repair. >> we're here to share ideas to get people thinking about what can be constructed locally in many of these environments that don't have access to high tech things. >> reporter: many of the students come from africa and southern asia bringing ideas they developed and those are shared with the curriculum. the goal is to empower doctors to teach what they learned to colleagues at home. >> they get a number of great to se procedures and techniques they can use as soon as they get back to their hospitals. >> caroline johnson reporting. cracking the web of office
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developing news in the fight against the fire in mount diablo. all right. the weather is taking a nice turn and spencer christian is here to update us on the forecast. >> dan, it has taken a nice turn. a time lapse view from the east bay camera looking at the western sky and you can see we have clouds at low levels and high levels and lots of blue sky. a lovely afternoon around the bay area and right now at live doppler 7 hd clear skies inland and over the bay although clouds at the coast and they will make a push inland and pull back to the coast tomorrow. statewide tomorrow, sunny and warm in the interior sections of
9:49 pm
the state and highs into the 90s and a few isolated thunderstorms. here in the bay area mostly sunny by afternoon, highs in the 60s at the coast, 70s around the bay and low 80s inland. warm friday and saturday with inland highs get up to about 90 degrees and then the inland highs will taper off a couple degrees on sunday but the coastal and bay highs will remain steady right after the forecast period. >> lovely. >> yeah. >> beautiful seven days ahead. well, now to what some people will do to get ahead at wo work. 25% of employees admit to baking sweet treats to make friends. they bring cupcakes and cookies at least once a month and one in five who say they brought sweets in and passed them off as their own. so others admit to lying about a
9:50 pm
colleague's baking skills saying the stuff is good to curry hvor. s ever come b nging ins daughte girl scout cookies. >> that's right. >> $4 a box. >> you, too, you're supposed to give them to us. >> enjoy them, not sell them. >> i'm sorry, dan. >> i'll bake for you, sometime soon. but, you know, girl scout. >> can't go wrong. >> double digit hits and double digit runs, the a's are up in minnesota. you don't want my cooking. the goals launched
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for over 60,000 california foster children, extra curricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team. getting help with math. going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal, when you can't do the normal things. to help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that, for most kids, are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child. happy birthday! it's a painting easel! the tide's coming in! this is my favorite one. it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru.
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 a clock ripped up yards and riled up residents. whether is causing this landscapes nightmare in the east
9:54 pm
bay and why it has some homeowners call income professional help. plus a new meaning to the phrase carry on luggage. why columbian authorities have a problem with what this seamingly pregnant woman packed. not so fast, right? that's coming up at 11:00 on channel 7. busted, i think. >> interesting. >> contra band. that's no baby. [ laughter ] can we just get started here? the a's had one of those nights and there goes floor director jerry. he can't watch any more. just walk, just go. one of the nights the manager wishes he could bottle to pour out the magic. i wish i had one myself. 18 and 22 hits on minnesota and jerry is done. twins' fans looking like sparkty here get up and say wow all night long. coco crisp down the right field line and the ninth homer in his
9:55 pm
past 20 games. josh donaldson, wow, sounded bad and looked bad. he was drilled by a fast ball from mike on the wrist. that was his throwing hand. he stayed in the game and came back and a's with seven straight hits at one point, a total of ten runs on ten hits in the fourth alone. drives in a pair for a 10-1 lead. steven, i vote for this. this is a titanic blast off ryan presley shook up and goes over the fence and out of the park entirely at target field. 13-1 a's in the fifth. three more on the board. jet lowry, aloha, two-run blast. final score of 18-3, a's with the win and a texas loss in pittsburgh, oakland has a three-game lead in the al west with just 17 to play. as you know, it's been a long season for the giants, a long
9:56 pm
game last night over four hours, highlighted by one moment that brought smiles to everybody. great grandmother virginia smith snags a foul ball in the ninth off the bat of todd of the rockies. from santa rosa, she has been playing softball for 39 years and he always brings her glove to the park but this is the first time that she ever caught a foul ball and did a dance and got hugs. became an instant fan favorite with that catch. nice. matinee today at at&t. petite, he was one out away from history, and a perfect game last week but today three runs on six hits and five and 2/3rds for a 3-1 lead. the didn'ts rally and knocks in brandon to tie at three and with the bases loaded brandon with the opposite field single, scoring for what would be the game winning run, giants take it 4-3. on at the nfl, the niners will
9:57 pm
visit seattle. you got so many great story lines there, the on going battle jim harbaugh versus carol and the seahawks trying to set a guinness world record. these two great teams, on the line in the second week this season. jim harbaugh was asked about the hugeness of this game on a scale of one to ten, where does the game rank in importance? the red and gold offers this. >> ten out of ten, i mean, your next game is the most important game of the season. so in -- i don't know if we can make it 11 out of 10. it's 10 out of 10 every time you play the next game, that's the way we look at it. >> like a spinal tap moment. anyway, after barely squeaking past portland state the football team steps up hosting fourth-ranked ohio state, jared
9:58 pm
has been great for cal in the first two games. he's passed for 930 yards and four touchdowns in the offense. the defense, though, plagued by injuries and the catcher buckeyes qb broxton miller has a brained knee. unclear if he can play saturday. >> he's handled it well up to this point and really has made very few bad decisions and i think -- i don't think he feels he has to go out and win the game for us. >> if he's healthy to play and play like braxton plays, which he's not your pocket quarterback but does a lot for us. those are decisions but if he's healthy to go, he'll go. we're not saving anything or holding back. this will be everything we got to win. raider the quarterback prior went to ohio state and asked if he'll go to the cal game on saturday. >> ohio state is in town, do you have any plans to watch the game? >> i wish. can you get me some tickets?
9:59 pm
i'm kicked out of there. >> terrell's exit from ohio state was not smooth. we hope this will be smoother, after the game, saturday night right around 8:30 on abc 7 after the notre dame perdue game and new san jose state coach will join us. >> should be fun. >> he may not bring us baked goods, but he's funny. >> terrell? that was an endorsement. >> whole hearted. >> that's our report. thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. see you on the big seven at see you on the big seven at 11:00. -- captions by vitac --
10:00 pm
oh, you better have a good reason for getting us out of bed this early, jerk. i got a great reason for getting you out of bed. this bar is hemorrhaging money. you gotta spend money to make money: economics 101, dude. you're bleeding us to death,


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