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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 23, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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breakthroughs in design... breakthroughs in safety... in engineering... and technology. and now our latest creation breaks one more barrier. introducing the cla. starting at $29,900. ♪ >> and the breaking news in so you were california near brush fire threatening structures. evacuation for 3 homes burning east toward the saint gabriel mountains 20 miles east of do
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you want los angeles frame of reference. blaze sent a column of smoke towering above the los angeles basin. look at this. it has burped at least 40 acres of dry brush. the los angeles county fire department is making some progress on this. officials say it's burning near the same spot where a fire burned just two weeks ago. >> good evening i'm dan ashley. east bay commuters mean time waiting in line at popular car pooling spot where victim outrageous armed robbery this morning. happened at the trendy rock ridge neighborhood. below highway 24 near clairemont avenue. first time that we have heard of this kind of robbery has happened targe targeting car poolers. vick lee has the story. >> now day no matter where you are at you can tl not know what's going to happen now days. really doesn't matter. car pool line or not. >> no one we spoke to ever heard of some one being robbed at a car pool line. but it did happen. in oakland. at about 8:45 this morning. >> when you have somebody stand
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tling with a gun, pulling a gun and threatening to what are you going to do. >> give them all the valuable. that's exactly what the she and the other 7 casual car pl ders this morning. after pick up stop here at hudson and clairemont at rock ridge. about we were told that 3 young men walked toward those standing in line. one of them pulled out a gun. >> in front of everybody and said it was a robbery. give them everything. >>reporter: she says the robbers hit the jack pot. >> they took backpack. wallet. they took i-phone. i-pad. people give them money including myself they took everything. >>reporter: recent week armed robbers have been preying on this well to do rock ridge neighborhood. several incidents where young black men armed with guns have been victimizing pedestrians and even offices. architect lee pwaim became a victim of strong arm robbery on friday. he was
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working at his office not far from the casual car pool stop when 2 robbers barged in. >> they stole my shoulder bag which contained my wallet. checkbook. >>reporter: lee and others we spoke with here blame the recent surge of brazen robbery on the short acknowledge of oakland police. >> having to focus their time and effort on much mr. dangerous parts of the city means that you know this parts of oakland are vulnerable to this kind of activity. >>reporter: police said they had detained 3 men in connection with this morning robbery. they gave no other details. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> fire tore through 90-year-old church in west oakland late this afternoon started just before 3 at the zion first church of god and christ at center and eighth street. fire crew tackle the flames from the ground and roof. sky 7 hd shows you the smoke billowing from inside. could be seen from block away. took firefighters about 20 minutes to get the fire under
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control. we talk with bishop from church one block away who said just devastating loss for this community. >> it has food distribution program and part of us because they do the food. twice a month. we do the other service family services. so they are at the at one end of the block we are at the other. missing link in here. >> witness reported hearing a transformer blowing up before the fire started. though there is no confirmed cause. >> in kenya tonight 62 people dead and dozens injured in 3 day stand off at up scale mall in nairobi. group connected with al qaeda claims responsibility. we have the latest. fichlt kenya officials say they are in charge of the westgate mall. >> about there noise room for them. >>reporter: all hostages released. earlier today fire
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explosion and billowing clouds of smoke and kenya military force battle with the militant who are holding hostages inside the mall. on saturday as many as 16 members of the somalia basal died affiliate storm the mall with grenade and automatic weapon. some dressed as women. american nick handler at the westgate mall with two-year-old daughter. 8 month pregnant wife on another floor. 3 hours after the first shots were fired they were finally reunite the. >> we ran toward each other and hugged. it was incredibly emotional moment. >>reporter: u.s. officials say it's one of the only al qaeda affiliates who recruit here in the u.s. they say there have been about 50 american recruits half of the minneapolis saint pall area. >> i think it certainly is surprising any time you find out middle america has become a hot bed for terrorist recruiting. >>reporter: president obama pledged full u.s. support for kenya. >> we have to stand together.
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that these guys represent. >> terrorism experts say what happened in nairobi could be copied hear in the u.s. but senior law enforcement official tells us there is in heightened threat here after that attack. this iabc news washington. >> now you heard from survivor's father but now she is speaking for the first time from her hospital room in nairobi. 26-year-old dang from san diego and uc berkeley graduate. she suffered facial lacerations in this twitter photo. >> about i'm okay. i'm very grateful. to be alive. i'm also very grateful for like the keepia people. one was so helpful and supportive. >>reporter: she has injuries to her chest arm and leg. she is a general manager for the restaurant guide ken why and meing co-workers at the mall on saturday when this gun fire broke out. >> in san jose this man was brought to valley medical
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center today. he doesn't know his name. he didn't have an i.d. on him. hispanic b-5 feet 10 inches tall 154 pound and has gray hair and full beard. if you recognize this man you are asked to call the hospital at this number on the screen. doesn't seem to know his name. he needs some help. >> san francisco police are trying to find more of the people who took part in a vicious dog fighting ring. may find some video disturbing. you will see some in a movement investigators rae least video with 4 people at the fight. police said images from a video they discovered on one of the suspect cell phone. that man was initially arrested for another crime. now as we first reported here on 7 news on friday, police have now arrested 3 known gang members in connection with this dog fight back in march. police are also lacking for the dogs but they believe that one of them may have since been kille killed. >> 49ers face important come
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back game this thursday after 2 big losses but one player will be missing from the roster for the time being. l smith outside linebacker entering rehab following friday arrest in san jose for driving under the influence. david looks at forty-niner headquarters in santa clara now facing a bit of a crisis. >> sports psychologist say the 49ers as tome and organization have already taken the first step to help mr. smith. they close rank to give him support. head coach harbaugh made that clear at his monday news conference. >> we are very supportive of him as we are of all of our players. all of our coaches and personnel. >>reporter: but now faces the hard part. experts say he has to want help. sports psychologist adam has worked with many athletes with similar problems. rehab is examining the pavement in terms of his using his past experience and drive his current experience and see if maybe that can help
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him move forward and understand the responsibility that has not only to himself but to the team and organization so ultimately he can't make an impact later on. >>reporter: line back we are a hilton mansion and big paycheck may have it all but there was a shooting and stabbing at his house followed by friday arrest for drunk driving and possession of drug. >> as long as they are willing to work towards getting better and being better team mates, better members of the community and i believe that al wants to do that. >>reporter: forty-niner organization won't say whether smith will be back this season. rehab is a process harbaugh says. and he respects that process. being off the roster smith has created a problem for his team mates and coaches. while critic thought he shouldn't have played sunday smith had to know what fans were thi thinking in the stands and he apologized after the game. >> first off i want to apologize about to the the tea team. the organization. my family. everybody i let down. >>reporter: and those words could be an important first step in smith journey back.
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>> for the athlete to have the acceptance and understanding and awareness is the first step. >>reporter: this is abc 7 new news. >> one more note talking about the 49ers. next time the frainers play you can see them on abc 7. they will be in st. louis this thursday. our coverage begins at 4 p.also have special forty-niner day coverage at abc 7 on our facebook page and on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. frainers on 7 this coming thursday. labor leaders and part management back at the bargaining table today but with over two week before the cooling off period ordered by governor brown ends, neither side reports any real progress deal is reached employee could strike as early as october the 11th. and there are negotiating sessions scheduled almost every day through the end of this cooling off period. the next one is wednesday. this calendar show the dates with both union planning to meet with bart negotiators then some day when
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part plans to meet with just one of the 2 unions. 60 day cooling off period ends as i said october tenth. that's the last day talks are scheduled and they could, could strike on the 11th. no deal is reached. >> well we have more to get to on this monday night on abc 7 news at 9:00. why has this brand new library been forced to sit em. >> parents turn out in force to demand that it be allowed to open. we tell you what the problem is. >> also oracle team usa does it again. seemed impossible a weak achlingt incredible come back attempt happening on san francisco bay. >> sandhya is in with the weather. >>reporter: yes dan. the winds tomorrow could be problematic for americas cup. back with a detailed look at the windy cooler pattern setting upcoming up. >> thanks. remember the film snake on the plane few years ago. coming. real life experience that force add flight to make a quick landing. flight to make a quick landing. stay with us. 7 news
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goglossophobia, is the fear of public speaking. ♪ ♪ the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself. ♪
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♪ >> political money fight in the south bay is keeping santa clara newest library from opening. this is a picture of a banner that fits above the north side branch library. construction stopped when the redevelopment agency was dissolved and the state and the city began fighting over the money. well today parents went before santa clara oversight board and asked it to fight
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back. they want the city to pass resolution that would allow it to transfer the money back to santa clara so it can finish this building. >> maybe it will manage to get the library open before the third graders graduate and go to different schools and never manage to use the empty building that their parents have paid for. >>reporter: legislative proposal with the city used old redevelopment fund to finish library under construction when the agency disappeared. >> well america's cup racing today out on the bay. oracle team usa pulled off yet another win and come back that rival did not expect. this is the fifth straight win over team new zealand. only needs one trees take the america's cup home. wayne has today's actio action. l. >> in an event best known for long distance viewing this is as close as it gets. communicateal gathering artificial grass on san francisco pier. the race as far away as that hovering helicopter. the mood of the
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crowd elevating. >> i'm beyond excited. >>reporter: she admitted before the race she knew nothing about sailing but now she's hooked and after 5 straight wins by team oracle. >> we have a chance. i can't wait. >>reporter: fill imagine wearing l kiwi shoe watching the americans pull ahead confidently and stay there. today race not exactly a blow out but pl great just the same. >> week or so ago and they if it's fair enough. what the rules say you can do. he's done it and done well. >>reporter: translated the cup that new zealand thought it had in the bag last week has yet to make it to this stage. the hotel bills adding up. airline reservation keep changing and with every american win the momentum keeps shifting. >> one trees go. what are you
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going to doyshtion for new zealand it seems so simple. week ago. >> bugger choked. >>reporter: so 2 more races tomorrow. if oracle wins both of them and we are standing again hear tomorrow night we are on the brink of one of the biggest come back in sports history. in san francisco, wayne, abc 7 news. >> all right. well out on the bay today. pretty good sailing weather. sandhya is in for spencer here at 9 tonight. gone weather. you called this. i tweeted the next morning it rained you are on the money. >> i'm so glad he gave me credit. it came down pretty good. heavier than what we expected. but at least we told you it was going to be umbrella weather and soggy saturday. real rain. actually we had some daily rainfall records san francisco oakland mountain view for that day on saturday. there you have it >> distant memory. >> that's a distant memory. today it was gorgeous. lots of
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sunshine. 5 to 10 degrees warmer and really just a nice looking day to get out and enjoy. we still have some good weather coming but with some tweakd some changes from today's conditions. live doppler 7 hd receipt now showing you few clouds off the coast there. and here's a view from our emeryville camera we look to the eastern span of the bay bridge there. visibility good. 63 in san francisco. 64 in oakland. san jose at 67. and currently one of the cool spots half moon bay 57 degrees where they see some fog there. exploring camera you can see nice view of san francisco. ferry building. in the mid 60's around santa rosa. still hanging on to a little bit of the warm frvt early today. antioch near 70 agrees. 70 degrees exactly in livermore. and from our view the tower cam are we look to do you want san francisco where it is sparklin sparkling. you will be seeing some changes. breezy and cooler the fix few days. we look at slight chance of sprinkle on wednesday and warming up thursday through saturday. so let's check out
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the radar and stichlt here is the system that is going to bring us the changes, cool pool of air coming down in our direction. and we will also see the wind kicking up and first let's deal with the cooling effect. tomorrow we head into 5:00 a.m. during the morning commute high cloud coming through. pretty clear otherwise. what's cool start when you leave home. make sure you grab a jacket or sweatshir sweatshirt. hang on to that for the evening hours and see the winds pick up behind the cold front and the winds will be pretty much around for your wednesday and we add in a slight possibility of few sprinkles. doesn't lack like a big rain event but certainly something to watch out for. you may dodging a few drochlts win gust as you look at the noon time hour when you grab lunch tomorrow 29 miles an hour wind gust around paint raze notice around san francisco 16 but watch the winds pick upal the coast. we are looking at cooling wind as it's coming off the ocean 30 to 35 miles an hour near the coast line. 20
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to 25 bay side inland community. tomorrow morning like i said you want to bundle up. it will be cool. low to upper 50's when take you the kids off to school don't need strat layer. 74 in san jose for tuesday. 79 los gatos. 74 coop cupertino nice mild sunnyvale 72 on the peninsula low 70 red wad city mount view 69 in millbrae. 57 in half moon bay and feel thend 69 downtown san francisco windy at times. north bay community mid 70's santa rosa san rafael vallejo. in the east bay mild but not where you should be this time of year. 71 oakland. sunny sky here and inland will be in the 70's not the 80's so we are coming down. 78 fir field. 77 livermore. look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast hang on to a jacket or sweatshirt. hang on to the ha hat. it's going to be breezy wednesday as well. temperatures well below normal. they will rebound back closer to average for the weekend, da dan. mid 80's inland. mid to upper 60's coast side and this
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is really one of the nicest times of year. >> oh, yes we are coming up the next few weeks in october. >> that's when it gets really nice and warm around here especially san francisco. >> okay thanks very much. still to come on 7 news at 9:00. i-phone surprise. find 9:00. i-phone surprise. find out if anyone is buying the
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>> powerful reminder of strength of apple i-phone brand. apple said today it sold 9 million of the new phones. 5 s and c in three days since they went on the market. original i-phone 5 sold only 5 million. it helps the new model are on sale in china at the same time. apple
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stock up more than 23 points today. listen to this. apple store has sold for nearly 50 million dollars object stockton street. according to the san francisco business times that's a record 3000 dollars a square foot. that's most ever paid per square foot for group square property. previous record was 2300 for square foot property the new buyer owns several iconic property in the united states. real estate outfit. apple is manufacturing to the store and post nearly 50 million dollars. >> microsoft unveil the latest version of the surface tablet compute internew york including a professional model. used more lucky a lap top or desk top. mick soft says the surface pro 2 has 75 percent more battery life than previous model so significant upgrade. operational docking station makes it easier to use as lap
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top. if make soft began selling the surface tablet in october but sales have been slow. hoping might boost sale sales. >> biggest health care overhaul in half century about to take effect. come up next. what you can expect if you sign up for obama care next week. >> also mainly crack down on fake on line review. they are out there a.lot of what you see is pure fiction. but is there any way to actually stop it. "jimmy kimmel live"shutting down hollywood boulevard kick off the season. special guest on stage tonight. there are so many things that we do on a daily basis. we run errands. we run to the grocery store. in fact, the average american drives fewer than 29 miles a day. the 100% electric nissan leaf goes two-and-a-half times that on a single charge.
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it's a car. it just doesn't take gas. [ farrar ] so think about where you go in a day. do you really need gas to get there? [ male announcer ] the 100% electric nissan leaf. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a 2013 nissan leaf for $199 a month. ♪
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>> 2 contra costa county family in mourning tonight. one lost a child who was hit by a car. the other is a family of mother who hit that child who was ride to go school on his bike. happened just outside of middle school in byron. laura anthony has story that is tragedy on every side. it was horrible. h. >>reporter: chris moving van to middle school moments after an suv shit hit and killed a seventh grader classmate of his daughter. >> medley i could see the bike underneath the truck and could i barely have the also boy covered up and i could tell this he was not good. >>reporter: 12-year-old was riding against traffic on the byron highway on the shoulder of the road when mom who just dropped off her own kid made a right turn hitting him. >> she felt she had struck some sort of object and medley pulled over to the right shoulder. that's when she realized she struck a child also takened her children
9:31 pm
school here. >>reporter: the accident happened just before 8:00 a.m. minutes before the first bell. school administrators medley notified students about what happened and brought in grief counselors. >> the children are very sad. whole school was brought together again extremely sad. the young boy was very popular and well known. >>reporter: we were told he an others would often see him riding his bike to school from his home in discovery bay. >> he ride the bike every day. everybody knows that child. a lot of traffic coming in and out of that school every morning so the not a place for boy to be riding bike i don't think but still cautious in watching for the children you know what i'm saying. >>reporter: chp investigate the accident school administrators say counselors back on campus tuesday to help students cope with the loss of a classmate. in byron, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> mane while governor brown today signed into law bill that required drivers to provide 3
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feet of space between their vehicle and bicyclist that they pass on the road. sometimes a tight squeeze. failing to do that will nrult fine of at least 35 dollars. law takes effect in september of next year. >> flight from san francisco to atlanta made unscheduled stop in wichita kansas late today. passengers reported smoke in the cabin and smell of burning plastic forcing delta flight 14 80 to make an emergency landing at wichita mid continent airport. plane landed safely at 175 people on board. delta officials say the plane was checked out but they were considering having to bring in another plane for the remain dear of the flight to atlanta. >> not quite the if movie snake on the plane but discovery of small snake on can't us airline jet delayed husband hundreds of packages over the weekend. happened in sydney, straight. cabin crew for the japan bound flight found the 8 inch long snake shortly before take off. they decided to cancel the
9:33 pm
flight. many passengers were not pleased. sfl passengers report to spend the night in hotel and took off on different flight early this morning without snake. >> beginning january 1st everyone in the country will be required to have health care coverage. it's the law. if you don't already have it you can sign up for it starting next week. we want to make sure you understand your choices there are significant decisions to be beginning tonight abc 7 news will see what you can expect from coverage california. here's carolyn johnson. >>reporter: president obama signed affordable care act back in 2010 but just now becoming a reality. it hasn't been without controversy. number of parties including the state of florida sued the federal government claiming the sweeping health care reformula was ill legal. but last year the supreme court decided the
9:34 pm
affordable care act is constitutional. paving the way for biggest overhaul since the creation of medicare and medicaid nearly 50 years ago. >> coverage california is how the aca was playing in and out california. >>reporter: cover california is a state wide agency createed to ensure california an uninsured get coverage. 5.3 million california ans currently do not have medical insurance. beginning october 1st california residents can choose between 4 different levels of coverage offered by local and national insurance companies. depending on which one you choose the plans cover 60 to 90 percent of your medical claims and you can not be denied coverage. >> today health insurance company can deny people if they have asthma, diabetes cancer. in the new world under the aca health insurance company have to take everybody. >> whether through employer or cover california you must sign up for health care coverage. if you don't, you will be fine
9:35 pm
fined. one percent of your income or 95 dollars whichever is greater. >> make 30,000 dollars you pay a penalty of 300 dollars. >> more than half of uninsured californians will qualify for financial assistance to help pay for this insurance coverage. for the first year the program will be paid for by federal grants. after that premium paid by insured california an will help keep the program afloat. >> the success of cover california is about getting all california apps enrolled. >> carolyn reporting. if you already have medical coverage, medical insurance from employer you will not have to choose from anyone of the state plans. but what you will have to get for those plans and what it will cost you will have more for you tomorrow night on 7 news at 6:00 o'clock and here again at 9:00 o'clock as well. >> pg&e shareholder filed civil suit against the utility claiming executives damaged the company by putting profit before safety. kim of millbrae filed a suit this names a
9:36 pm
number of past pg&e executives and board members and claims 100 million dollars that was to be used for pipeline assessment maintenance and record keeping was in steady spent to buy back stock and give bonuss to executives. both before and after the 2010 pipeline explosion in the county. >> after three years of hearing about pg&e paying millions of dollars to settle lawsuit to pay fines to account for missing documents, the shareholders are being left to carry the brunt of that. >>reporter: abc 7 news contacted pg&e for response to all this company spokesperson told us they are now carefully reviewing the suit. >> well, moving on. if you have a bunch of south west miles you might want to use them sooner rather than later. airline is sending out e-mails telling members of the rapid reward frequent flier programs some flights will cost more miles. cheapest reward flight will take more points to book.
9:37 pm
currently takes 60 points per dollar increase to 70 points. 7 on your side michael says the program though is still a great deal. keep in mind rest of the program is the same with no blackout dates and points that never expire. >> there is a major crack down on new advertisement. fake on line review. millions of them consult before choosing a restaurant or service of some kichltd even doctor i have done that. but skyping new investigation found a higher number of them are total fake written by people who were never customers. the rebecca take as lichblingt we are using them for everything. from planning dream vacation to choosing which doctor to visit but according to regulators a huge number of on line review are complete phoney. do you feel any sense of guilt or anything. >> no because i feel in like there's people are going to pay
9:38 pm
somebody to write this any way so might as well be me. >>reporter: katie is 17 years old. she's written hundreds office xwloing review for 4 dollars a pop. she actually markets herself in the on line video. >> i will write a positive review of your product web site blog or anything else you like. >>reporter: how long does it take to you write a typical review? >> about 30 minutes to write a review. >>reporter: by some estimate as many as 30 percent of the review you see on line are complete fake. from restaurant to hotel to toys. new york attorney general is fighting back. >> we are paying or just ordering the employee and friends family to write phoney review to inflate the profile. >>reporter: but getting a nod from the customers can seriously boost the bottom line. >> we have seen studies that for instance one star increase can increase the restaurant revenue by almost 10%. >>reporter: even sites like yelp about will keep the con out say it's still a difficult
9:39 pm
pwaichlingts they are telling us that they will pay us 50 dollars to write a review. >> yes. if the company keep popping up and going after them but it's something has to be dealt with in coordinated way. >>reporter: do you have any rae view nearby you could read to us? >> the i made appointment over the phone and the next day they were working on my bathroom. >>reporter: have you ever renovate add bathroom. >> no i'm 17. >>reporter: rebecca says one way to spot a fake review is when the poster says they are planning to use the product. interesting. we should beware. >> coming up next. skunk. camera rolling as rescuers camera rolling as rescuers brave the famous smell
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>> have you ever wondered what it takes to rescue a skunk. we will show this was reported stuck in a fence few days ago. wild life emergency service sent a crew out to rescue the animal. deck in and out suits gloves and respirator the crew grabbed it very carefully at the base of the skull while cutting the fence away. the spokeswoman for wild life emergency services who provided this video tells us the skunk about is famous for the smell and nursed back to health and doing fine. you love the breathing did he advice on the guy just in case. >> well this is great story. two years ago google launch on line science competition for high school students around the world. company received application from his 120 country and finalist flown to google head quarter daers to show off the experiment. if lee ann found very few that were quite handy. if.
9:44 pm
>>reporter: this 18-year-old inventor from greece wanted to help his grand mother who has arthritis. he created the movement enhancing glove. >> mother moves the finger. >>reporter: he has since come up with a new prototype smaller and not as bulky. he's among the 18 finalist participating in a the google science fair. 2 bay area students are competing one came up with better understanding of tumor and the second did research on how to protect endangered species during large infrastructure projects. >> i'm giving them an easement of land to be protected in natural habitat. >>reporter: here's a clever experiment. this student from turkey created bioplastic from banana peel by boiling and puree them and adding chemical. she calls it going banana a.her creation would be used for instance oscillating cable. >> plastic could be used for
9:45 pm
until i have a demo here. doesn't good through the plastic so could be used in installation of cable. >>reporter: winner gets 50,000 dollar scholarship. >> look at the impact. look at the passion. the problem and how innovative and creative they are. i don't know but but i'm always curious to know what win versus done with their experiment and how their lives have been changed. pl 2011 we we knower for her research on drug resistant ovarian cancer. >> i'm now at harvard. sophomore this year and i'm working in new lab and working with the same field with me tabism and energy and cancer. >>reporter: most of this year finalist will end up working with mentor to help develop their product n.mountain view, this is abc 7 news. >> smart kids. come up next on 7 news at 9. biggest stars in
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music shut down hotel wad music shut down hotel wad boulevard
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goglossophobia, is the fear of public speaking. ♪ ♪ the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself.
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>> about greatest superstar hit the stage tonight for concert in the middle of hollywood boulevard. pall mccartney performed first of 2 street side cop certificates for "jimmy kimmel live"live. thousands of fans crowd the street tonight and you can watch the show tonight over on abc 7 starting at 11:35 right after our late news. >> sir pall. very cool. >> one last check on the weather. sandhya is here. >> hi dan let me show you live doppler 7hd we have a few low cloud off the coast by morning you will see few high clouds but it is going to be a cool start. by the afternoon it is going to be breezy and temperatures will be running lower than today. 69 san
9:50 pm
francisco. 76 santa rosa. 71 oakland. san mateo o. san jose 74 degrees up to the upper 70's around antioch fairfield mainly sunny skies but happening on time. it is going to be a breezy 1 and breezy cooler pattern continues wednesday before we see recovery. temperatures mid upper 60's coast side low to mid 80's inland as we head towards the back end of the week and into the weekend. we'll be back up to autumn average sichbility thanks very much. >> mike is here with all the sports news. 49ers tough game yesterday and raiders got fooled. >> yes they other which to put it. 49ers camp today and update and raiders retooled offense and revamp pd defense offense and revamp pd defense mopped unbelievable.
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shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter. we had to count sheep to fall asleep. and i always worried that i was creating an overcrowded sheep farm. in my head... never looked like that farmer took proper care of those sheep. too much? a little. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible.
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you. >> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. beaten into
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a coma. hear from wife of man broughtally attacked his pleasanton home and why police who they think is responsible for this. hundreds gather inform remember a youngest bay boy who was hit and killed right in front of his school. why some parents say they are not surprised something like this could have happened. >> those stories and more coming up tonight. but first, the season premier of castle. what will beckett say to castle proposal? that starts at 10:00. right after the news pall mccartney concert i mention on the streets of los angeles on "jimmy kimmel live"live, 11:35 all on 7 or smart phone tablet or computer with watch abc. tune in tonight. >> fvl if you didn't tune in to the football game on espn mick is here it was tough. you do see improvement no question but peyton manning. >> raiders proving every week high hope mile high stadium tonight hosted by manning and
9:55 pm
broncos on the league biggest show case monday night footbal football. if starting first montd night game but peyton ma manning nice. he picked apart the raider defense. decker the fears quarter. broncos up 7 nothing. second quarter plenty of time. over the middle to wes. broncos rolling 17 nothing. trying to keep the raiders in the game. stepped up. finds moore. break free. 73 yard touch down. the 2 81 passing 36 yard rushing raiders down 17-7. another td pass. thomas 12 yards number 27-7 at the break. third quarter. if pulling out the trickery. prior. about to mcfadden. duck one tackle then tosses it 16 yard score. later 30-14. raiders didn't quit. pass
9:56 pm
again. done into the end zone for touch down but wasn't enough. 3 and o raiders if a you will to 1 and 2. 37-21 your final. the fall behind in a team like that l you know it's tough to come back. good football team we played p.their offense well rounded. they have got outstanding offense. outstanding defense. play well on special teams. but i think we cap n do it bet. >> frainer fans don't panic ye yet. still early but a lot going on today. they the the place smith on reserve non-football injury list. he's out indefinitely for us. gros gross. patrick rolling out the with ankle problem. all are in the game against the ram. forty-niner offense. 10 points past 2 games. got the run game going in the first half. moore busted oh, s for 22 yard run
9:57 pm
with only score but can only touch the ball three times in the second half. kaepernick in the pocket pechlt is struggling. 150 yards and this race. no help from his receiver today we asked what is up korb. >> we are working on precision. that's the area that if needs improvement and we all come under that. not going to hang our head. keep working and try tl try again. >> it's tough. if you don't want to lose. look that up. don't give up. >>reporter: all right. joan us 4:30 thursday pre-game show. also be with us for after the game as soon as the the game ends. >> switch gaivrments a's second
9:58 pm
straight american league west now taking home field advantage after the final big game. honor i'm. this kept smile on his face. i love this. larry doesn't freeze him. up 5-1. ankle respond. bottom 3 bases loaded for kendrick. deep to right center. just misses grand slam but clear the bag. pl 5-4. to moss towering shot to right 28th home run. ahead 5:9 and highlights coming up at 11:00. america's cup got in one race today zealand lead down to 2. 16 race was each team winning 8 but was peopleize he just rovrd back from his death winning 5 straight. 7 of the 39 of the
9:59 pm
dealing has been bad this past weekend. now they get a little light with every lay. longest in cup history. 17 and 18 that is sports. as i mention earlier 1991 superbowl fan start the season 1 and 2 not about be there. >> standby. the thanks that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00. don't panic. let you know when it's coming. >> all of us here i'm dan ashley thanks for watching we appreciate your time see you over on channel 7 in an hour over on channel 7 in an hour connected with this about. [♪]
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damn it! put the teethy wrench on the square thing and jiggle it left. [dishwasher whirring]


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