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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 3, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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is. >> good evening i'm dan ashley. terror in the nation capitol. woman chased from the white house to the hill. car registered to 34-year-old miriam kerry and karen is live in washington with the latest. karen? >> good evening. for the second time in less than 3 weeks, panic and chaos here in the nation capitol. family members identified miriam perry as woman police suspect involved in today's incident.
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34-year-old from stanford, connecticut led police on high speed chase before shot and killed. dramatic high speed chase from the white house to the u.s. capitol. ended with law enforcement officials shot and killed a if he mail suspec suspect. 34-year-old from connecticut with a history of mental illness. chase began at 2:18 tm at the south east corner of the white house compound. rammed into a barricade. >> took off. >> driver takes off right up pennsylvania avenue taking secret service and capitol police officers on a wild chas chase. for mile and a half around dc iconic monument. 2:40 p.m. the driver stopped at the botanical garden surrounded by bliss guns drawn. patrol car tries to block her. but she puts it in reverse and speeds away. the first shots are fired. >> i heard the 51 shots and car tore out of the area back towards the direction.
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>> she finally stopped near the senate office building at 2:45 block from the supreme court. lawmakers at the capitol heard another round of gun fir and capitol complex on lock down. lawmakers shelter in place. >> heard pops. 3 to 5 pops probably. >>reporter: authorities trying to piece together a motive. no weapon was found in the suspect vehicle. but inside was a toddler who was unharmed. because of the government shut down the u.s. capitol police that were involved in today pursuit are not getting paid. they are considered essential but they won't see paycheck until the shut down ends. live from capitol hill, abc news. now back to you. >> all right karen thanks very much. there are some dramatic pictures of the shooting from the first people on the scene and you can see all of them on our web site. slid show right right therep 0our home page first thing you will see. other big story tonight extreme fire conditions in the bay area. win is up. weather
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anchor spencer is here with look at live doppler 7hd. >> here's live doppler 7hd. clear skies and breezy to gusty conditions across the bay area right now. we don't have a heat wave but still high fire danger. flow of dry gusty winds continue over the next couple days. red flag warning for high fire danger and wind advisory in effect in effect until saturday morning at 6:00 o'clock. now the hills above this area are including the bay area east bay hills rather and north bay mountains diablo range and santa cruz mountains. wednesday gust 35 to 45 miles per hour with stronger gust above 2500 feet. also wind advisory along with red flag warning high fire danger in effect over sacramento valley carquinez straits and delta in effect until 11:00 o'clock tomorrow night. right now we look at the winds near the coast and gusts strong inland 35 miles per hour in livermore and 43 in fairfield. another
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look in a few minutes. >> thanks very much. >> cal fire fully staffed ready to go. most of the state still in fire season obviously but if the sudden government shut down goes on for too long it could jeopardize response to major pwild fire. big concern at this point. wayne has more from cal fire based in santa rosa with 4 separate calls today. >> they knew it was coming. on red flag fire day it wasn't a matter of if but when. that is what the men women of cal fire sonoma airport telling us just moments before. >> about things can change in a minute. >> no different than firemen and fire station. wait to go slade down the pole. we just don't have one. >> red flag day the gust they take notice. these are the pilots who flew the planes to drop the retardant on california wildfires. they have had a busy, busy summer. and since the impasse in
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washington they have been going it on their own without help from the california national guard. which helps service firefightersing plane putting the large dc 10 tanker out of major air force base intersack to. for us to be stay in open rigs and support the fleet and have those aircraft ready to go at moment notice it's critical. >> lieutenant colonel tom took the rare stand of voicing his frustration half of the staff has gone home on furlough at the start of california most dangerous firefightersing mont month. >> logistical support, aircraft maintenance support and the back bone of our operational support will be missing. >> leaving cal fire on their own. red flag day like this they always keep planes at the ready no more than 20 minutes flying time from any point in the state. bill buckley has been flying for decades. as to his personal record. >> 6 hour period i drop 29 times. >> especially now in a 10 hour
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shift scramble first ask questions later. >> what does this say about the kind of flying you do? >> we bounce a round a lot. >> and often. from sonoma county, wayne, abc 7 news. >> man who saw his brother stab to death after giants game last week is telling the story from the victim perspective for the first time and only to abc 7 news. last week man arrested for the stabbing death of 24-year-old jonathan denver. but he was relessed when san francisco da said there wasn't enough evidence. denver lived worked in forth pwring in mendocino county. laura spoke with his brother and another witness to what happened. >> the kid that took my brother from me so soon should be behind pwaivrments he says he sdaided to tell his story new because he wants justice for
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his younger brother january thon denver. the dodger fan who was stabbed to death last week after a giants game. >> we are walking up the stree street. that's when group of guy came up from behind us. >> he says and john and family friends went to the gym to celebrate their father 49th birthday. not everyone in the group was a donor fan. if fact some wore giants gear. after the game after stop at local bar priest john and friend joe were walking near third and harrison when larger group of men came up behind them. that group included young man he identifies as montgomery. 21-year-old who was arrested for stabbing denver and later released. >> why would you carry a knife if you weren't p.m. into if what would happen or about if you guy wrepts going to do, looking for trouble. >> we were walking down the street to our car. >>reporter: joe didn't want his face shown says reports their group had encountered
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montgomery and his friends early in the night untrue. >> pandemonium broke out in the fighting. the we were 3 guys. they were 8. >>reporter: his father monty said his stop stabbed denver but nonl self-defense after jonathan denver hit montgomery with a chair. >> i was just protecting my brother. >>reporter: robert priest says he not john swung a chair at montgomery. >> what kind of chair are we talking about. >> just aluminum beach chair. it was a gift that my dad gave me from cominger stadium. >>reporter: bill montgomery released. the police continue to investigate his claim that he stabbed denver in self-defense. if. >> from the police department stand point you can't end a fight with a knife and you certainly can't kill somebody. >> took my brother too soon f.way too soon. the wasn't worth it. >>reporter: san francisco da
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says he won't charge montgomery until police provide independent witnesses or evidence that could lead to conviction. l in fort bragg, abc 7 news. >> happening now south bound interstate 5 is open once again at stockton tonight where firefighters continue to battle flames at recycling plant. old railroad tie feeding the flame flames. fir caused propane cylinder to explode and spark started 18 small grass fire quickly extinguished. 43 way lanes closed. fire crew expected to be there all night long. we get live update on the fire tonight on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> fire heavily damaged 12 unit apartment building in sunnyvale this afternoon. fire officials now say the building is no longer safe to occupy. city of fire break out on second floor already heavily involved when firefighters arrived on the
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scene. cause is being investigated. >> 3 high school students san jose taken to the hospital this afternoon after the school bus collided with a truck. we were there shortly after the accident happened on the corner of east julianne and north 28 street. the bus carrying students hate white pick up that turned in front of it then hit an suv. 3 students who complained of neck pain were taken off the bus wearing neck neck braces put on to stretcher and then taken to the hospital. the driver of the suv was also hospitalized. none of the other 47 students or bus driver was injured. >> felony charges have now been filed against east bay man and his son in what could turn out to be the largest security fraud case in california history. at stake more than 700 million dollars from about 2800 investors. many of them in the bay area. 7 news i team reporter dan noyes update on story he first broke more than two years ago.
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>> over the past 35 years walter and his son kelly ran series of limited partnership. among them re loan. bar k ink. before 4 partner made loan to real estate developer. the charging document, if says they in effect looted the funds by micking repeated cash withdrawal. they are charged with structuring transactions inform the purpose of before evading reporting requirement. 20 counts for kelly and carries possible 10 years in prison and 500,000 dollar fine. heck of a long delay. >>reporter: union-year-old doctor is typical of the invest tovrments he met them through friend and lost more than 400,000 dollars. he's had to delay his retirement. he's relieved they have faipally been charged. >> i felt happy at last i'll be happier when they are sitting
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in jail and happier yet if they are able to extract anything pl but i think we may have lost everything. >>reporter: they also face civil case from the sec accusing them of lying to investor about the health of the fund and secretly using the assets of new real estate fund to rescue an older rapidly collapsing fund. attorney richard brown leading class action lawsuit. he thinks they and others involved in the funds may faced a national charges. >> will find that during this period when they were skimming the money that the people were supposed to be watching over them, the accountant, lawyers and bankers were not doing their job. >>reporter: they are set for arraignment in one month and i'll be there to cover it t.their attorney declined to comment today and kelly attorney didn't call me back. now that they have been charged irs l from the madoff case comes into mraichlt investors may deduct up to 95 percent of the losses. for the i team, dan noyes abc 7 news.
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>> free mont police lack for the bandit who robbed credit union. female suspect walked that the credit union here yesterday afternoon. she robbed teller of undisclosed amount of cash. there's the picture. police need your help to identify her. she's 5 fat 8. 170 pounds with dark brown hair pulled back and wearing red and white shoes. now she left the bank on foot in unknown direction. no one was hurt in the robbery but they got pretty good picture of the person they are looking for. >> a lot more to come this thursday night. coming up nex next. twitter i p o. a what we learn about the company this could be worth as much as 1 billion dollars. >> also exploratorium police got earful today from the bicycle riderser during hearing at city hall. >> and fortunate and myself fortunate. bit coin. internet currency linked to on line marketplace for illegal drugs. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at >> twitter unsealed paperwork revealing that it hopes to raise 1 billion dollars is in the public ovrmingt they disclosed solid numbers for the first time. it has 215 million assets monthly users. company still losing money. it had a
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net loss of 79 million dollars despite revenue that nearly tripled to 317 million. many twitter is most anticipated stock sale of the year. it proof twitter that many people miss in the early day as useless proving that people take it serious. don't dismiss it. it's proving that it is a global internet media power house. >> twitter will sell share upped twtr and expected to go public next month to much fan fare. >> san francisco police got earful today from bicycle bicycle ridersers during hearing in city hall. one person after another accused the department of being biased against bicyclist. they say officers often blame victims when car hit the bike error pedestrian. sentiment came to flash point between 24-year-old person was hit and killed by a truck and officer publicly
9:18 pm
blamed the bicyclist. >> there seams to be overwhelming blame the victim attitude among some officers within the police department. who assume that people biking and walking for some reason more likely at fault. what we want is simple fair equal treatment and thorough investigations. >> deputy police chef says instead of the hearing all traffic officers undergo accident training investigation and bike advocate say training needs to be more focused on bicyclist and pedestrians rights. >> weshltion it's that time of year again. time to get flu shot and health officials in the east bay were out making sure that seniors are covered. registered nurses from sutter here at home gave flu shot at the san leandro community center. first of 2 flu clinic. next thursday october tenth from 9:30 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon. shots given on first come first serve basis. it costs 5 dollars per person but if covered by medicare part b guess what, it is free. pvl consider to
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protect yourself entering flu season and we'll see not too long from now. meantime nice. >> very summer like. except for strong winds. which of course are pleasant they feel pleasant walk out. but increasing fire danger around the bay area. strong gusty wind. clear sky right now look at live doppler 7hd. no heat wave but warming up over the next few days. high fair danger. live view from the roof top camera over embarcadero on clear sky. temperatures are 63 degrees exploratorium and san jose. 68 over in san carlos and 60 at los gatos 64 at half man bay. high definition east bay hills camera. notice how shakey the picture look camera up high in the strong gusty winds but we can look out on clear sky and other location right now 66 santa rosa. 69 napa. novato, antioch concord and golden gate
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bridge view take a look at the forecast feature. feature gusty wind during overnight early morning hours. high fire danger in the hells. red flag warning in effect until saturday morning for bay area hills. warmer day ahead tomorrow saturday. not heat wave but rather summer like. here's satellite radar composite image showing use we have the strong gusty winds. tight pressure gradient with low pressure inland and high pressure offshore. this alignment generally produces strong gusty wind that's what we have writ now. wind animation at which point we have strong gust along the coasts and especially inland out in the fairfield area. during overnight hours into the early morning we see strongest gust chipping out to delta fairfield tomorrow morning 44 to 45 miles per hour and strong gust on the coast as well. during the daytime hours tomorrow in the afternoon we see the coastal gust and those around the bay beginning to weaken and still pretty breezy
9:21 pm
windy across much of the north bay out into the delta and carquinez straits. windy conditions at times. and slightly cool conditions with low generally in the low mid 50's and tomorrow sunny sky and turning warmer summer like south bay high in the low mid 80's up to 82 san jose. low mid 80's on the peninsula as well and low 70's on the coast. 72 rather at pacifica and 71 half moon bay. downtown san francisco see high of 75 to 76 degrees and south san francisco up to downtown. up in the north bay we see low mid 80's from santa rosa to sonoma to napa over in the east bay lack for high right around 80 degrees in most locations up to 81 at oakland and fremont and inland east bay high of yes and walnut creek livermore 80 antioch and fairfield. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. sunday warmest day in the forecast period within land high in the upper 80's. see mid 80's around the bay and low 70's on the coast. start cooling down on monday and
9:22 pm
tuesday partly cloudy and chance of some rain. we talk about late rain here. not downpour. heavy downpour. we get cholesterol to the rainy season. >> no gully washer. >> not yet >> but sprinkling. >> still to come at 9:00. bank customers who woke up to find trillions in their bank account. >> plus bay area company that ♪ nice car. sure is. make a deal with me, kid, and you can have the car and everything that goes along with it. [ thunder crashes, tires squeal ] ♪ ♪ so, what do you say? thanks... but i think i got this. ♪
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is. >> simple question really what would you do with 4 trillion dollars? that's the question several bank customers were asking themselves in mississippi. imagine this. finding all of that money in your bank accoun
9:26 pm
account. for short time yesterday that was reality for several customers at bank corp south. 4 trillion andon. bankl computer glitch and quickly corrected. for a moment the possibilities were endless. tl this company here in the bay area is offering a new service that can help you select what your next baby will lack like. mountain view base 23 an me has been granted a patent for new computer program that can predict the genetic traits your baby is likely to have from height. weight. hair color to future risk of disease. critic are concerned couple using fertility clinic will ordering up designer babies by picking sperm or egg donor based on dna. this company says they have in plans to use the new patent in that fashion. 23 and me was found bid google co-founder if and
9:27 pm
fichlt coming up follow-up on the arrest of suspected on line drug merchant. with look at the internet currency used in making the deal. what is this. >> government shut down turning communities into virtual ghost towns these days. how they fight back. >> possible bart strike a week away. new offer from the unio union. stay with us another [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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>> good evening again. we begin this half hour with follow-up. last night we told you about the arrest of reported mastermind of global on line black market 1 billion dollars in drug sales. that arrest went down to san francisco library. vick lehas
9:31 pm
the story. >> there is bmr. black market reloaded. drug an even weapon sold anonymously. if you want pure cocaine there's sheep marketplace. web site atlanti atlantis. market drug called sour diesel or happy jack. but the biggest and most successful of all the on line black markets was closed by the feds. and they arrested the young man whom they say ran it. the 29-year-old entrepreneur looked clean cut and innocent but the fbi says he would secretly living the life of digital drug lord operating on line black market called the silk road on the so-called deep web where fictitious name used and. males are hard to track. his sued name was dread pirate robber. just by the movie princess bride. about court records show he sold 1.2 billion dollars worth of illegal drug in just under
9:32 pm
three years. generating tens of millions in commissions by being the middle man for those transactions. these documents say the secret site was used by several thousand drug dealers around the world. but now if he is in federal custody on charges related to money laundering drugs and computer hacking. he was arrested tuesday at the glen park branch of the san francisco library. >> they heard a crashing sound coming from the science fiction section. >>reporter: spokesperson said staff went out to find what was happening. >> they walked over to look and they saw the library user being pressed up against the window by several other plain clothes fbi agents. >>reporter: recent month the man lived at several addresses. apartment on this block of hickory street was one of them. just about 500 feet away this internet cafe on laguna which he frequented most likely operated his drug kingdom from the lab top. several patron we
9:33 pm
spoke to said they recognized the picture but never spoke to hill. all were surprised f.matt is a regular here. >> here in the cafe and somebody right next to you drinking coffee is selling heroin to someone on the other side of the world is a little crazy right. >> he has also been charged with trying to hire a hit man to kill a user who threatened to reveal the identity of thousands of other users. he was arape yesterday by he goes back to federal court tomorrow. this is 7 news. >> remarkable. fascinating the whole deep web concept. some argue that he was able to exist because instead of dealing in dollars it dealt in coin anonymous electronic currency that suddenly catching on. jonathan explains what it ainsd who is using it. >>reporter: in a little store front in san francisco the cup cake bakery world famous. but not for the deep dark chocolate
9:34 pm
or rich red velvet but this sticker. >> marketplace. bbc. if we are on all of them. >>reporter: most customers pay cash or credit. they accept another kind of payment. this coin. >> type in 36 dollars. that's the total. check out now. they scan the the code. >>reporter: happen digitally says brian. >> can't hold newspaper coin. can't get a coin or piece of paper that represents it's all done if digital cryptic account over the internet. >>reporter: bit coin is the own currency whose value changes by the minute like euro or yen. >> it's license trobing i hope like credit card but anonymous like cash. with this currency you operate far more out of the spotlight than you are with money and credit card that are being watched by hundreds of global entity. for the most pooes these cup cake one of the few things you can buy with the
9:35 pm
coin. hasn't stopped some people converting millions of dollars into bit coin. fichlt it's worthless this month. >>reporter: if alex showed us the have of bit coin fell off a cliff when word got out that the drug trading web seat had shut down. >> it was the only kept on this coin. trace the coin they wanted to trade on silk road. >> there will be another silk road or 10 more but in the men time jennifer hopes to keep showing got side by selling a different kind of addictive substance. >> i'm in the selling drugs. i'm selling cup cake. it's really easy for me to say like of this is it. >> in san francisco, abc 7 new news. >> well tonight 13 members of the hacker group anonymous are under indictment charged with cyberattack against government agency, law firm and financial institutions. it claims attack
9:36 pm
began in 2010 and members deliberately caused damage to protect computers during the group operation pay back. government says the hacker were going after groups critical of wikileak. government shut down continue and it has closed national park across the country. that is causing a huge problem for business ins one sierra community. about jessica has more on business owner that is have been devastated and now taking action. >> shut down shut down shut ou out. >>reporter: dennis owns the lodge in sequoia inn 3 rivers just outside king canyon national park. october one of the busiest months. his hotel were sold out this week. now they are barely third full. >> just yesterday alone we had somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 or 15 cancellations for total room of over 40 rooms. >>reporter: tallied the loss. 10,000 dollars in just one day.
9:37 pm
federal law maker at standstill and no budget to fund the national park they have been ordered shut down. tl tourists traveling from europe are calling him asking for refund and making plans to go elsewhere. >> devastated our business. devastated our flame. our employees. we have had to send folk home early. we are in the process of laying people off. >> about near by gateway restaurant popular stop for tourists heading in and out of the national park and every table is empty. >> it's nuts. if it's the small community. >>reporter: complete loss has prompted people at 3 rivers to organize a rally to express their frustration with federal law makers. at this national park 280 employees have been furloughed until the government reopens. visitors staying in the park had until today to get out. >> our main phone line are not active because we don't have someone who can staff them all
9:38 pm
day. however we do have people at different park entrances to notify the public. >>reporter: tomorrow business opens and people who work and life in 3 rivers will all be driving up to the national park to if ban the shut down. if this rally starts tomorrow at 12 noon. at sequoia national park, abc 7 news. >> just 7 days remain before possible bart strike and in a hopeful sign both sides are still talking tonight in oakland. management studying the latest offer by the union. workers lowered the base pay proposal to increase below 15 percent over three years. >> they should have no problem agreeing the to our proposal that was presented last we are expecting an agreement. >>reporter: observers say that may bit operate miss taking. union and bart were 100 million dollars a part. bart never made counteroffer since the
9:39 pm
talk gaichbility we appreciate that the offer is that has been mead by the union. we have been working hard since we received the offer to look at the cost of it. we are still the split on year contract versus 3 year contract. it's very important to us. >>reporter: both sides reached agreement on part of pension contribution questions. don't expect governor brown to step in and save the day he's not legally allowed to order another cooling off period as he did before. >> bart negotiations calendar. sessions scheduled every day except sunday through the end of the cooling off period which is on thursday. if no deal is reached strike could happen right after that. >> engine of small plane will be taken apart to find out what emergency landing on to san jose street. we were above the site on capitol expressway this morning. look at the picture. airplane lacked lick it was making a right turn on to quint drive. pilot passenger while on training flight from nearby
9:40 pm
regional view airport explain experience some kind of mechanical problem. we are not injured. plane that caused traffic problems as you can see was towed away. but odd picture indeed. >> coming up next. lost and found. message to the beadle ♪ [ engine revs, tires squeal ] [ male announcer ] since we began, mercedes-benz has pioneered many breakthroughs. ♪ breakthroughs in design... breakthroughs in safety... in engineering... and technology. and now our latest creation breaks one more barrier. introducing the cla. starting at $29,900. ♪
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>> 50 years ago 2 best friends sent a fan message to the rock and roll idol. they never heard back. the friends drifted apart over the years and then the truly unexpected. surprise reunion and that rock star now a bona fide icon finally sent his reply. is john explains not everything fade with time.
9:44 pm
>>reporter: december 1963. they were 4 guy whose had just broken out over the ocean. first no. 1 hit in the uk please, please, me. they were 2 british teenagers trying to figure out how to meet the boy boys. pt they decidedto reach o high tech. reel to reel recording. message they sat down and taped after 50 years ago this is the original. >> hi boys. we are your fans second you the tape. i'm 19 years of able. our dream is to come see you. >>reporter: then at the put tonight a box which looked something like this but here it is. it's the original. tracyed to where the boy were his playing next. near the
9:45 pm
town born they casted upon the postal system white floated for 50 years while the music change from yellow submarine. to long winding road. on and on one day landed in a flea market. bbc show notified by the guy who happened to buy the tape and listen to it. they set up a lovely sweet moment. barbara and lynn lost touch 40 years ago. he the reporter also got through to pall who did the right thing. and answered his 50-year-old fan mail with a letter to them. thanks very much for your lovely tape. it finally got through. better late than never. great to hear you found each other after all these years. keep enjoying the music love pall. well as said we can only hope. nice ending now. 50 years back for the pair of them. the originals. john, abc news washington. >> great story. >> come up next on 7 news
9:46 pm
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yeah, our birthday entertainment was a mathemagician. because if there's anything that improves magic, it's math. the only thing he taught us was how to subtract kids from a party. ♪ let's get some cake in you. i could go for some cake. [ male announcer ] switch and add a wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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>> one last check on the weather. fire danger out ther there. spencer is monitoring. >> we have strong gusty wind. red flag warning. high dire danger. although clear skies you can see. weather is pleasant but threatening fire conditions. state wide tomorrow sunny warm did you know to central valley. high in the mid 80's there. high of 87 in l.a. 72 on the could he go at monterey and here in the bay area we have mild coastal weather also with high in the low 70's on the coast. upper 70's to low 80's around the ba bay. low mid 80's inland but it will be windy in some spots. look at conditions tomorrow evening at the colonel see number oakland. a take on tigers in game one of the my off series. accu-weather 7 day
9:50 pm
forecast. we'll have warm weather through the weekend. warmest day of the forecast sunday within land hay close to 90 degrees. fatal cool down next week with chance of rain on tuesday. >> thanks very much. >> get weather alert and live radar throughout the red flag warning period by down loading abc news weather app. we want to show you a picture of enthusiasim. a's fan sent this picture of their little guy enjoying a game at the coliseu coliseum. they are in the may offs as you know. next game tomorrow. send us your fan photo. e-mail them to this site or share them on the 7 news facebook page or twitter if at this site. larry there tomorrow night at the coliseum. >> i have a hat just like that. wear it tomorrow. >> i'll be rocking it. preview game one of the series with detroit. show you game 1 highlights tonight from the
9:51 pm
highlights tonight from the season opener. i
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>> come up tonight open 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. dramatic video. now you hear from a woman in the suv involved in violent confrontation with group of motorcyclist. plus what the bikers say about the whole thing tonight. >> big let down for kite surfer on the bay. why they kept coast guard and fire crew busy. those stories and more coming up at 11 over on channel 7. hope to see you then but larry hear with sports night. >> excited about the a but we have hockey. >> it's back. the trying to eliminate fighting in hockey. shark drop the puck. i know. shocking. new season begins tonight. shark host pacific division rival from vancouver.
9:55 pm
shark knock canuck out of the play offs last year. high expectation for the men in teal this season. daniel feeding jays open one time ferry 1 nothing canuck. san jose 19-year-old hurdle nhl debut first points here. assistant burns top shelf and tied at 102 to play. brawn will snap her. hit the pipe there you can hear it. marlo and the sharks win opener by 4-one. bring back the video. it was so funny. patrick won the first game out burst after the abduct contest. the the exchanging word with coach. put him through the glass tough guy here's my glas glass. cameraman right there. pwhbingd out by the glass. he was fined 10,000 dollars for that out burst. only 81 groo
9:56 pm
glimpse to go patrick. tigers square off tomorrow in game one of the division play off series everybody pumped but injuries a factor in the series. if tendonitis in the shoulder here and tiger slugger my greater a has hip groin and abdominal issue. game 1 comes down to 2 of the best pictures of the league. 21 wins with second strike out. second best era in the al. a's won 4-3 but numbers and last year play off victory over all all that stuff is miningless rate now e-2 good teams. both have respect for each other. certainly we do for them. feels like we have en them quite a bit from last year up to this point. >> i'm excited. this is what you work hard for. this is what you put on the extra hours
9:57 pm
to do, to be in this spot. >> game 1 tl dodgers and brief briefs. the chop. oh. adrian gonzalez. we have listen to that all throughout the post season. we'll see fame. give plates to 4 nothing lead and game over. u.s. 7 innings struck out 12 dodger division series record. l.a. takes the game opener. in saint louis, adam good pitching beats good hitings. cards would explode to 7 runs in the third here it comes there it goes. carlos beltran towering blast. this puts him in good company. ties babe ruth for 8 on the all time list. the 9-1 in that series. niners and texans this sunday night with couple things in
9:58 pm
county and both lost to the seahawks including last week 20 for 20 over time loss to seattle with matt throwing a pick 6. if they had been ther there. desperate for win niners know they have to take this. >> let's say that is a team you can base it on the simple fact that they lost a couple games. >> same team learn the division if. >> we have to really plan for these because. >> thursday night football browns and pills. second quarter tied at 10. benjamin. this guy is dangerous. show me the benjamin. weaving across the valley little piourette. spin mood. 79 yard touch down. 17-10 browns. if brian left
9:59 pm
the game with serious knee injury. back comes others who was benched and hits gordon on juggling spectacular. 37 yard hook up and 37-24. they started the season o and twochl and whoever runs and they are now in first place in the afc north. >> good for them. >> who would have picked fichlts they are working open it. it's a story. >> still tentative. >> that's this edition of 7 news i'm dan ashley all of us news i'm dan ashley all of us here.
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narrator: "between two groups of people "who want to make inconsistent kinds of worlds, i see no remedy but force." oliver wendell holmes.


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