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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 4, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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wind, wind and wildfire. we're wlif a fire that spread across hundreds of acres of north bay grassland. >> i can see hazy conditions due to smoke. latest on the smoke levels, wind gusts and weekend warmth, coming up. >> we're live with witness who's escaped the gunfire narrowly. >> trickle down from government shut down being felt. impact on home loans and home sales.
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>> you're looking at a small herd of cattle nearly surrounded by the flames in solano county tonight. good evening. >> if you smell smoke it may seem there is fire but it's probably around solano county. a pierce wind has been blowing the smoke throughout the bay area. lillian? >> so far the fire burned a thousand acres and still burning over the hills. you can see blackened hill sides. firefighters say they finally have the upper hand but it took a while. the huge plume of smoke could be seen miles away. firefighters say the fire started just outside of the area.
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june left her property she says has been in the family five generations. >> if it's gone, it's gone. what are you going to do? >> flames destroyed a structure with farmt equipment. about 100 firefighters were called in. >> weather contributing to our ability to control the fire. we have humidity bottoming out in single digits and wind gusting up to 40 miles per hour. >> someone let them out and the cows were able to roam away from flames. for containing the fire frkts have a plan. >> at some point we're not going to kacht fire. goitsing to run into natural barriers roads, marsh. then, it slows down and doesn't grow as rapidly, we can get containment. >> at this point the fire is 70% contained.
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they hope to have full condition tainment by night fall. >> thank you very much. because of the smoke from the fire bay area air quality agency issued a air quality advisery. people getting a big nose of it. you can smell it that far away. officials advising us to set your air conditioner to resirk you'll yait. sandhya patel is here with more on this smoke. >> live doppler 7 tracking clear skies. that fire smoke was spreading across the east bay down towards san francisco and peninsula. you can see the smoke people were tweeting bit, posting on
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facebook. levels in san francisco as you'll see here spiking at 4:00 p.m. and a drop off by 5:00 p.m. you'll notice red flag warnings still going for hills until 6:00 a.m. saturday. gusts 35 miles per hour. dropping off, humidity will be low. we're still looking at fire danger for the delta until 9:00 p.m. this evening, i'll be back with a look at temperatures and they're going to be on the warm side. dan? >> those winds created a mess across the bay area, maybe it's your place. a big tree fell over landing across a police officer who first heard it and saw it come down on the road. >> this is like watching a
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film in slow motion coming straight down. >> this is what one man found. another tree tore through a fence, another fallen tree knocked out power causing a small nir oakland hills. >> in southern california warm dry santa ana winds are blowing there. neighbors in fontana had to battle against wind gusts and residents say these are the strongest winds seen in years. >> goodness this is crazy. >> i can't believe it. last night was horrible. all of the rocks and sand. >> things were flying around my neighbor's chairs. lawn chairs coming into my yard. >> chp says winds are strong enough to tip over a truck and drivers are urged to use
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caution. and you can keep tab on conditions your swefl abc 7 news weather app. >> moving on, police looking for a gunman who robbed three businesses in oakland today, firing his weapon. first in fruit veil district then in, the diamond district. we're live with more on the story. outrageous. >> it is. all of theof the three businesses were compliant. someone could have been hurt or even killed. news of the robberies spread quickly. cally opened her cafe just four months ago. she says there has been a
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surge in crime here. >> i know a bunch of customers left the neighborhood because of the increase in crime. >> the first robbery took place at about 8:45 this morning here at this mexican restaurant on 1400 block of fruit veil avenue. the manager told us robber fired six rounds into the wall. then, demanded money. the only worker there said there was none in the register. so the robber took two bottles of tequila instead. >> did he not fire right waichl he asked for money. then, you know i just gave him the money. >> the robber then hit stephanie horn's beauty salon. a neighborhood of shops and restaurants. many small mom and pop businesses. warren just opened so she, too only had a small amount of money in the cash register. >> he requested more. soy said you know we just opened at 9:00. this is all we have.
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>> that was not the answer he wanted. >> i was standing here. i don't know. you can see -- . >> the bullet? >> yes. the bullet. >> the woman was not hit by the gunfire. the robber ran out and entered this subway shop where he demanded money from a worker here. >> i heard three shots bam, bam, just like that. >> this pedestrian told me he saw the robber run out of the door after he heard the shots. >> this guy blazing out of subwa waving a gun. my friend just got out and passed him up. they jumped piled into the car took off and jumped on the freeway, they left. >> tomorrow, is the october fest celebration here. some are concerned they may put a damper on it police
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arrested one suspect for the murder of a young man and still looking for a second. the 23-year-old shot to death in december, 2011. butler just completed a training program. the surveillance video shows butter bumping another car as he parallel parked outside of a store. butler's father made a plea for witnesses to come forward. >> a lot of people called some just expressed their hangouts and others actually just tell tell whaus they know. >> police have arrested this man. a 21-year-old they say he was driving the car that approached butler but they're looking for another person. this guy. police say he pulled the trigger. if you have information place asked to call them, immediately. >> bart trains could stop running a week from today if a
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labor deal isn't reached by then. bart and unions are talking today. abc 7 news has the latest development autos the governor ordered cooling off ends thursday. it's with that deadline that negotiators continue to slog it out. >> we're at the able exchanging ideas and proposals. bad news is that we're $89 million apart from what the union is demanding and what bart is able to afford. >> unions made three proposals. they came down on wages asking for 11% over three years, bart held firm at about 10%. the union says bart gives their raise to all bart
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employees, not just those represented by the two unions. >> over all, it's unfortunate, maybe we can reach, and be closer to reaching an agreement its not clear but how much that would reduce the gap. >> do you know what the figure would be? >> i don't know what the figure would be. >> what about gap in contract lengths? there are four bart directors up for reelection in three years. can could help union autos if this is contract time, they would be held more to the fire. >> aefsh agrees we want to increase frequency of the drama we have. >> talks not currently scheduled but that could change. it's up to the mediator. >> still ahead here tonight,
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the hardly strictly blue grass festival happening now in golden gate park. we're there live that's music event gets underway. >> and oakland a's are moment as way for beginning a quest for a playoff pennant. >> how long will a's be playing in oakland? nefdz a case that could break baseball's grip on where they call home. >> michael finney shows how the government shut down is hurting your chances of buying
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golden gate park is in full party mode. why not? the 13th hardly districtly blue grass festival opened today. it's free, held in golden gate park hellman hollow named after a man whose gift makes this gather -- gathering possible. wayne, how is the music? >> music is... awesome. especially about now. i don't know if you can listen but 200 yards away, bonnie raitt is singing and has been for about a half hour. one of 90 acts theer weekend. all by the end of the weekend, 100,000 people will have attended this festival. it's time to exercise
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patience. if you're missing employees we know where some of them may have been. >> did you play hooky? >> no. i just pray all day. >> chances are he got plenty of exercise with the music being played in golden gate park. that dancing. he passed away two years ago but bequeathed enough money for the concert to go another decade. >> he said this is the selfish thing he can do. because he loved being here this, is his idea of being in heaven, i'm sure he's in heaven listening to everyone of the acts. >> beginning with mc hammer
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opening the show once again, bringing san francisco middle schoolers into his act. >> i think all of the words because of the parents. you know? music got passed down and an invite says the performer has arrived or will, soon. so did jesse d and his band. >> well, just got to be worth it. so, got to be a good set. >> was it?. >> for me, yes. >> good for everyone, just like the weather. >> in golden gate park abc 7 news. >> tens of thousands are packing the game tonight and among those fans our very own
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laura anthony. hi, laura. >> i'm ready. i have a towel and sign. these people are going to join me at the game. 48,000 strong. you folks are actually chancing and singing waiting to go through here. that means more than 48,000 fans will be inside tonight. i can tell you sporting green and gold. >> it's a picture of his grand soon, a oakland reliever happened to pitch for a little league a's which he was 10 years old. >> what about this chavez guy? >> one of the best relievers you got. >> go. >> a proud grandfather he will join 48,000 fans this to see
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the a's take on the tigers in game one. >> we're so enthusiastic, here when they clinched it. so excited for tonight. >> every day of my life. this is, today, you don't rock. >> these fans are bleeding confidence. >> you guys did it to us last year, we've got pay back coming to you today, baby! >> and you can see our first guest in 20 minutes they, gates here are open at noon. some people have been here more than five hours getting ready for the game. and tonight sold out. tomorrow night, sold out. i looked at some of those, the best seats selling for over $800. >> wow.
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>> enjoy the game, laura. >> there is a pair of fans rooting for a's tonight f you look you'll see one is plane. we'd love to see your photos too. >> and abc 7 news sports director will be handling his segment live tonight so stay tuned for that. >> it's going to be spectacular weather tonight. >> wind dying down a bit now? >> it is. and still warm there. into the 80s. it will cool down into upper 60s, i'll have the forecast tomorrow. live doppler 7 we'll talk about what it looks like now. clear skies across the bay area, well have a little bit of haze from smoke from the
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fire. winds have dropped off a bit. humidity running low. 15% mountain skpru livermore, down to 13% in san jose. notice above 42%. have you a lit bit of influence from the water. so that is why humidity is running higher, kgo roof camera, blue out there. 60 miles per hour in the east bay. and 50 miles per hour along calla various road. you can see haze from the smoke, san francisco, 78 now. oakland 81. san jess yeah, still warm. if getting ready to step out and enjoy dinner nice weather this evening. 87 santa cruz today. not a lot of -- i don't see
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anyone there. you might want to go to the beach this weekend. 77 novato, antioch. why isn't anyone there? you can see it's gorgeous. highlights zpri gusty this evening. fire danger going into morning. our warm weather with us this weekend. so if you enjoy the warmth, highs upper 70s to mid 08s in places like santa rosa. high pressure is bringing warmth to the coastline. wind continues to remain on the gusty side. fairfield 26 miles per hour tonight. notice winds starting to ease up as we head into tomorrow afternoon, lighter winds warm weather, temperatures upper 40s to mid-50s.
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so cooler morning. 83 fairfield. 84 santa rosa. warm san francisco, 77. 76 half moon bay. here is a look at the forecast. a's taking on tigers again, going to be warm. it's going to be warmer sunday, near 90 degrees inland, los close to 80s along the coast may bring in showers by wednesday. so big change autos thank you. >> coming up tonight a local elephant walk. >> focusing attention
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a come back at lockheed because of the government shut down lockheed martin says it will furlough 3,000 workers on monday. employees that work for government agencies who are closed. wall street steemz think congress will raise the debt ceiling by next week. facebook paid $1 billion for
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instagram. facebook said in a blog today it will be placing advertisements on instagram in the next couple months and a price war over apple iphone 5. best buy announced plans to sell older phones for $49 a piece. walmart says you can get one for 45s oodz officials gathered to take a first step on what will be a new 12-mile bike path. the first half mile segment of the green way being built to 85th avenue. mostist will run under bart tracks. >> this is part of oakland becoming one of the green cities. just last year we've move nootd top 10 of the percentage of people that ride to work.
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>> the project being paid for through federal, regional and county funds. >> still to come tonight at 6:00 democrats unveil a plan to end the government shut down what. they have in mind, whether it my work. >> looking into lou the shult down may hurt chances of taking out a new home loan. >> and the conditions in the >> and the conditions in the gulf tonight.
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soon, californians from to salinas to san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. those who need financial assistance will get it. and nobody will be denied because of a pre-existing condition. welcome to a new state of health. welcome to covered california. we are your health insurance marketplace. enroll today at
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good evening in, washington tonight house democrats have come up with a plan to end the government shut down. a petition drive which under house rules could force a vote on an amendment to reopen the government. miller says it's best they can do unless republican leadership gives in. that is something speaker boehner is not ready to do. >> this isn't some damn game. the american people don't want their government shut down.
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and neither do i. all we're skk for is have have a discussion, reopening the government and fairness to the american people under obama care. >> the president took vice president biden to lunch today in a cafe gaving a 10% discount to workers that are furloughed in the government. >> this shut down could be over today if speaker boehner will allow that vote to take place we can end this shut down i am happy to have discussions on a range of issues but can't do witness a gun held to the head of the american people. >> democrats think they have support to force a vote by attaching their petition to a bill. >> the shut down affecting many home buyers and sellers who face uncertainty about when for thes can be approved and sales, closed.
7:33 pm
>> people don't think we're being affected by the shut down. before a loan can be closed a loan needs to have a transcript of your federal taxes. with 91% of the irs employees furloughed now, it's all but impossible to get. >> alex says he's ticked off about the government shut down. >> every single move on their part, i think is a farce and shameful. it's a -- it's a shameful way to behalf. >> alex buys and selz hopes for a living, he's who what is knowns a flipper, buying distressed homes rehabilitates them then sem sels for a profit. he made a sale last week but now the shut down has put nut doubt. >> it puts it in uncertainty. it's serious because that is my source of income. >> here is why. before the loan can close, the buyer's social security number
7:34 pm
must be verified but the social security administration is under partial shut down with 29% of the worthers furloughed. a transcript is needed for income verification. >> we need to get past the social security check and the irs check in order for the veterans administration to invest the time. >> one lender estimates one out of four loans in california are government backed by the va or federal housing administration. other lenders have the same requirements some and with
7:35 pm
each day, alex is feed feeling more pressure. >> we need the sale to go through quickly. we want to roll into the next project. >> now we've been going through this today, receiving word cal bet home loans are not affected so there is some good news there. >> thank you. >> a mandatory evacuation now in place on grand aisle louisiana ahead of tropical storm karen moving through the gulf of mexico. alabama, mississippi, florida and louisiana declared states of emergency. >> we're going to make sure that we have the try to
7:36 pm
protect ourselves as much as possible we have stuff put up for this to get in. >> karen forecast to drop rain through sunday night. 10 inches possible in what has been a quiet hurricane season. >> efforts to move a's to san jose moved to a courtroom today, major league baseball trying to get a lawsuit dismissed. >> a's focused on the playoffs, the legal team headed to a federal courtroom to convince a judge not to dismiss this case. the lawsuit targets the antitrust exemption. the strategy is that if there is a chance it might be lost a deal might be made to allow a's to move to san jose. a move opposed over a claim of rights. >> i am convinced that you
7:37 pm
can't hide behind antitrust laws. football couldn't owe do it. hockey couldn't do it. there is no sport this this nation that has an exemption from antitrust law autos the judge will review past challenges before making a zmigs about a month. no matter which way, the case expected to be appealed by the losing side. a's not part of the lawsuit. however, we broke news first on twitter that a's sent a $25,000 check to san jose tochl tend the option on land for a san jess yeah baseball stadium. check marked void because it's a copy. >> that option agreement is alive and well. and we're trying to bring them to the south bay. >> major league baseball's attorney declined interviews after the nearly two-hour hearing. a request for comment by the baseball commissioner was not
7:38 pm
returned. >> we're going to dig in and keep pushing. recognizing this may not be soon we may have to push this to the supreme court. >> in san jose, abc 7 news. >> larry beil with a's tonight and he's coming up. >> first hands on demonstrations about everything from making [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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a next generation baby monitor work was your smart phone. >> let's check, make sure it's tight. >> katera is bundling up her young son for a nap. this is a high tech monitor. >> you go ahead to hit that. it will, first thing you pop up is temperature. >> next room, readings from the booty are being streamed to a smart phone. the system known as owlette provides sensor autos the device here, what is doing is
7:42 pm
sending my oxygen levels and heart rate to the smart phone. >> saying it allows firnts monitor heart rate, oxygen level, skin temperature and sleeping position include ang alert if the child rolls over in the crib. >> it's target goal to keep the child safe. >> this is the latest device to take advantage of emerging technologies miniaturized into a hand held unit. he agrees technology is powerful but worries about how parents might interpret data. >> heart rate is a huge variation with newborns from a slow heart rate to high heart rate. so if parents see these trends now does that become worry some? it's normal. >> including normal for the
7:43 pm
readings. they're hoping parents will be able to share collected data with pediatricians. so informate seeing is tracked over time you have access to see your child's heart rate for quite sometime. >> meantime parents believe develop krel phone monitors could add added piece of mind. >> it's meaning more to me. just have a cell phone with you. >> the company plans to ship an amount next month. he they should be available just under $200. >> coming up next, the maker. >> and a weather update for ♪
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a big crowd turned out in a call to action for elephants. this is international march for elephants day an effort to focus attention on the illegal ivory trade. one trust says 16,000 african
7:47 pm
elephants in the wild are killed each year. other groups say there are more than that. biggest consumer of ivory is china. >> you probably heard about the maker movement. it's all about building things yourself this, weekend taking over san francisco fort mason. >> yes. abc 7 news explains this is not a typical tech crowd. >> in this pavilion, stephanie is making a sign out of lego autos we've got 385 pounds of them. >> did someone bring that in the car? >> it came in from denmark from the lego company. >> lego, it turns out is a sponsor of remake. a conference on the month of maker movement.
7:48 pm
>> i love this this men's rest room is empty. >> brit moren is the maker. >> this generation grew up with no working parents, and we're just so overwhelmed with digital we need a break. it's a human need. >> they are urged to build things with legos. >> and there is a different kind of building toy. building out of the imagination. next generation of the diners and former editor in chief insists now is the time to give kids a 3 d printer.
7:49 pm
and then, out it comes a 3 d printer used to make gear. >> being able to print things that move is incredible. it's what you can do with one of these. >> and remake runs through saturday, it's free, open to the public n san francisco, abc 7 news. >> let's get a check on the forecast now. >> there is no fog on live doppler 7 as you can see now it's going to remain fog free for the coming weekend. tropical storm karen expecting to work north and northeast. 65 miles per hour gusts veering out towards panama city, biggest concern going to
7:50 pm
be a storm surge flooding. also, looking at several inches of rain rain towards charleston area weakening to a tropical depression. here in the bay area, great weekend to hit the beach or pool. 70s, 80s tomorrow, look at the accu-weather forecast. warmer for the second half of the weekend. cooling down by mid week and brings in a chance of rain. >> you can follow the progress with abc 7 news radar app. >> you can down load it free. >> right now moving to sports. a's game just underway. hi, larry. >> how are you doing dan, carolyn? yes here for a's and tigers game one just getting underway. i'll tell thu. a's are very, very
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good evening, everybody, larry beil live. game one of the playoff series. and unfortunately 3-0 tigers in the first, colon struggling at the outset. i spent time with the players before the game. i can tell you they are competent. difference is that last year a's just thrilled to make the playoffs. this year, they believe they have a chance to really do damage, maybe go all the way despite what happened in the first inning tonight. as mentioned tarps have come up through most of the upper decks. and a's haven't played since sunday. needless to say his club is more than ready to go. >> yesterday was seemed like too long.
7:55 pm
let's get going. you deal with it off day or two. but when you're on the verge of a playoff series like this, you start to get answers, and answers. it goes along. soit come yesterday everybody was ready for this day to come. so it's an exciting day for us, obviously with you know our place going to be sold out. you know? we wanted the day to come sooner. >> game one, red sox, rays tampa bay led 2-0. johnny gome sw. a -- goms a double off the roster. seven boston players had one rbi in this game. two coming off this double in the 5th. despite leading reds to their best success with johnny bench
7:56 pm
and pete rose, dusty is a favorite of many fans, was a skipper many years but reds failed to get out of the first round for the third year in a row. they ended regular season with six losses. and dusty admitted today that maybe it was just time to move on. game two dodgers braves. making it 2-1 atlanta. that series down heading to l.a.. game two cardinals returning the favor today, pitcher helping his own cause rbi single to a lead. taking a 2-run homer, game two, 7-1 is the final series heads
7:57 pm
to field city. now stanford plays host to washington tomorrow. it's a huge game because both teams come in with 4-0 records. cal back home and will play host to washington state. it won't be raining to the delight of the quarterback benched last week. in a monsoon in eugene, oregon goff gets the start and knows it's a new day, a new opportunity to try to win a game. >> now we're going to hit league play. and see what we can do. and so that will do it. a's down 3-0 early.
7:58 pm
we'll see if they have come back in them. dan, carolyn, back to you. >> join me tonight at 9:00, this is no alley cat. it's a robot inspired by a cheata. what would you use it for? >> then at 11:00 twitter's initial public offering. the stock went up 1400% today all in the name of twitter. >> prime time tonight last man standing followed by neighbors, shark tank and 2020. then join us for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> our breaking news continues >> our breaking news continues now on twitter.
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