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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 7, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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bay area transit and a bart strike. tonight the union and their walk out plan. >> the peninsula tonight underground gas line has been ordered closed by a judge. >> the question causing qilt a stir. should san francisco close parks at night? it's the only major city that doesn't. >> spreading impact of the government shut down more workers are temporarily without a job. >> countdown to the end of the cooling off.
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closer to a deal we have late word there may not be a strike on friday. good evening, everyone, i'm carolyn johnson. >> the 60 day cooling off ends on thursday night at midnight z the governor has no power to stop another walkout as before. fwhu just the past hour union leader as announced they're not giving 72 hour notice of a strike, not on friday. earlier bart management revealed it's made a first new offer on wages since august. and that if there is a strike it has no immediate plans to use replacement train operators. laura anthony is on the bart story for us tonight. first you, heather. how close to reaching a deal? >> you know, dan, it's reading tea leaves for the tret vet trans watching this for years. it could go down to the wire and past that. you know without a strike notice that doesn't mean they won't strike but there is no
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law requiring them to give a 72 hour notice or any notice for that matter they have indicate they had might do that today as a courtesy, then turn and about face. the atu president spoke for both unions when making this announcement. >> we do not want a strike. we do not want disruption of service. and that is why we're not giving the 72 hour notice at this time we want to leave every opportunity open to try to get this deal done. we're keeping all options on the table. >> bart and unions are crunching numbers making sure both sides agree on the math used. while the mediator asked all parties to stop talking about details, there is a tantalizing at this time bit from bart that increased its wage offer of 10% over four years. >> we had a 10% wage increase and increase that had. skm have provided an
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opportunity for thousands of dollars in what private industry would be called bonuses if ridership and economy need meet she sure autos there could be new numbers but bart says is there an $89 million gap. the unions think it's like $30 million. it's a lot of money to sort out by thursday night. >> hopefully get done by thursday at the latest. >> is the gap $89 million or $30 million? >> not positive about the gap. just trying to get this thing done. >> in that press release complaining unions made three moves toward bart during this last round of talks they feel bart has not made real significant moves towards the unions, she also compared the board to congress saying it's holding commuters hostage as
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members of congress are responsible for the government shut down. talks are going on now with no specific end time scheduled. >> heather, thank you. it's been set a bart strike in october would be much worse than one back in july. it came during a holiday week. laura anthony is live now with a look at the preparations this time around. laura? >> carolyn, planning for a possible bart strike began weeks, even months ago. managers, as report smd have been trained to operate skeleton service in case of a strike. bart planning to bring an extra buses but none that have can makeup for what bart provides bay area commuters. >> most importantly we're at the table now and focused on a deal.
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>> bart is getting 200 buses to san francisco. more than double the number used in july. >> this is different. a drop in the bucket to what barometer normally carries so we want to make sure buses are for those who need it most. >> bart paid $900,000 for first week of service. money reimbursed by fcc if there is no strike. beyond thark bart has 12 managers certified to operate a skeleton service if there is a strike but there are no immediate plans to do that. other managers were training on a set of cars in vallejo but that is now moved to classroom. like last time, san francisco bay ferry service is planning to temporarily increase its fleet. >> during last bart strike we're able to carry about 19,500 customers on a day. and for service normally
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carries about 6,000 that is quite a few. >> ferries will be there. ac transit may not. unions rejected a second proposal. >> the prospect of an ac transit strike alone of course is serious. prospect of a bart strike alone is very serious. but the two together... and it's terrible. >> casual carpooling is another fall back for both riders those not wanting to wing to it check out several ride share sites to coordinate. those include uber, side car, karma and lift. in lay fa yet, abc 7 news. >> now in, case there is a strike we have a wide range of resources for you. including the transit options mentioned as well as realtime maps and waze traffic app also be sure to follow us on twitter on abc 7 news bay area for breaking news in san
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carlos tonight pg&e washed pressure drop inside what the city records to be dangerous natural gas pipeline. pg&e disagrees and will go to make its case. the pipe is on britain near highway 101 that is where wayne freedman is live. >> it's not a ticking time bomb beneath the street here this, is 3.8 miles running from 280 to highway 101 behind me. it's underneath this street. it came about when an internal memo from an engineer questioned if the line is safe. san carlos declared a threatened state of emergency and went to court. yesterday pg&e crews obeyed an orderer to cap off the line pending further investigation. it's ever was a threat they can't be sure because pg&e has
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yet to provide information about the tlichblt afternoon san bruno mayor expressed frustrations. >> i'm not so much suspicious. i just think it's been shown since unfortunate situation in san bruno it has been shoddy and spotty. >> they just can't provide it. >> back live on britain avenue, tomorrow pg&e will go back to the judge ordering a pipeline depressurized. pg&e not telling whaus they intend to tell the judge tomorrow that. is the latest from san carlos wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> okay, thank you very much. a way hard police officer turned himself in today to face charges of extortion. the officer is accused of trying to coerce a forgery suspect into becoming a confidential informant. whether she could not come up with information for him, he
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demanded cash m exchange for dismissal of the forgery charge. today, police chief said she was shocked and disappointed when she heard of the alleged misconduct. >> any time you hire from human race there is going to be mistakes. a response is what defines our organization. and we have a zero intolerance. >> the officer resign today. >> detectives say they've dismanteled a major narcotics network. a two-year investigation led to a major drug seizure on friday. investigators recovered 29 pounds of crystal meth, four pounds of cocaine along with heroin. detectives now searching for thisman man and asking anyone
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with information to contact the santa clara county sheriff's office. >> an unidentified man is in critical condition tonight after being attacked near san francisco union square. it happened friday night just before mid night. police think he may have been robbed. the victim identified as 45 to 50 years old listed as john doe tonight. his injuries are described as life threatening. >> staying in the city for just a moment san francisco one of the few large sthaiz does not have consistent closing hours. with vandalism there is lengthy debate about whether a new law could help keep people, and property safer. carolyn? >> scott weiner says what we have now is a hodge poj of uneven forceable curfews. the proposal passed out of committee now heads to the board for a vote at the end of the month. san francisco
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spends over a million dollars dealing with illegal dumping, metal theft and vandalism. this bench smashed in mcclairen park. this tree saw knit dolores park. rec and park says most damage occurs overnight. supervisor scott weiner says closing city parks from midnight to 5:00 a.m. would help. >> police could tell people you need to step out of the park it's 3:00 in the morning. >> coalition on homelessness ogts saying parks offer safety from the streets. >> let's have a look. >> father paul joseph comes to golden gate park twice a week to help those in need. >> i get they're for the public and there are rules but from a humanitarian standpoint where will they go? >> san francisco park alliance
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supports the proposal and doesn't believe it targets the homeless. >> if they're bedded down they're not up and about causing damage. they're not the issue. it's people up and about, doing things we're concern b.d it's protecting our park autos teresa tells us she and her dog often stay overnight in golden gate park and would not obey a new law. >> you can't close parks like that. you know? people do sleep here. and live here. >> pro and conwith people poichbting out there are laws on the books against vandalism. police chief believes this new one would be another tool for law enforcement. >> in san francisco abc 7 news. >> still coming up tonight at 6:00 one man's gift to the san francisco school system and the promise of new technology it will bring to your child's classroom. >> i'm sandhya patel. cooler air mass is on the way.
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how much temperatures drop and where snow will fall coming up. >> have you planned a costume yet? i'm michael finney. later a fun, inexpensive way to choose your costume. >> and an oakland man blew out 115 candles today. could he be the oldest man in the world? [ female announcer ] now you can turn pillsbury crescents
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but press them flat, add sauce... and some pepperoni and cheese... and school nights turn into grands mini pizza nights. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop! middle schools in san francisco trying something new this year, ipads in the
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classroom. the cloud computing company sales force donated devices and teachers now integrating technology into their classrooms. >> using an ipad, these two students documented visits to martin luther king middle school. he came to see how they're being used. >> 750 ipads were distributed to all 12 middle schools in san francisco. that is about 62 per school. each school received additional $100,000 cash to invest in area that's would benefit students so the
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principal decided to purchase more ipad autos so throughout the day, everyone of my 500 students will have an ipad in science class. that is what i chose to do with the funds. >> san francisco mayor and school superintendent had approached to bring more technology into the classroom they say it's the right choice. >> discovering when we looked at schools we saw the dropoff, it was in middle schools that is where truancy gets r starts and gets embedded. >> students are not allowed to take them home, and the school district purchased an extended warranty plan. >> we're not there yet that. is one of the big visions, and goals. >> another big goal is to one
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day have one ipad for every student. in san francisco abc 7 news. >> former president carter working up a sweat from one of his favorite causes. he was right at home working power saw. they spent several hours helping to build 12 noms a neighborhood. the former president says congress could learn from habitat from humanity sites. >> if they can see what happened and use that same pattern in washington with everybody working together towards a goal that would be a wonderful development. >> country music star garth brooks and tricia yearwood worked alongside carter who's are still active, even in their 80s you better be working i'm hoping he does not walk by and see us standing here nobody works harder. >> mr. carter and his wife
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marking their 30th annual work project for habitat for humanity. they do more home construction tomorrow in east san jose. >> one of the oldest people in the world celebrated his birthday today. andrew frank hatch turned 115 today. it's believed interest tl is only one other person in the world as old as match. just months older. a woman in japan born march 5th, 1898. he says he's, quote, still a youngster. >> looking g can you believe he's 115? >> happy birthday, many more, we hope. >> yes. >> let's turn our attention to weather. >> yes. great weather today. temperatures 70s and 80s. live doppler 7 right now if you take a ferry to work or
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walking or biking to work you'll need extra layers. live doppler 7 just watching high clouds. 62 san francisco. 77 oakland. half moon bay, 59 degrees. mid-70s now in santa rosa. 71, nappa. it's mild in antioch and livermore into low 80s, looking at the sfru our camera, this belongs on a postcard. looking at coit tower here temperatures will be cooler and breezier torjs we have snow coming to the sierra nevada. it's early winter storm for
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southern sierra. leading edge will start to dive down towards us and we'll start to notice the change. goitsing to get breezier once that cold front goes through. it's a dry front. cooler weather for us in sierra nevada. we're looking at snow levels dropping down to 6,000 feet. so rain mixing in around the southern sierra nevada. wednesday moshing 5:00 a.m. two to five inches of snow with gusty winds if you're heading to yosemite area stay tuned. tomorrow morning you'll want to bundle up.
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74 santa cruz. sun will be shining. you'll notice mid 70s in redwood city and palo alto. sea breeze kicks in. downtown going from 76 today to 68 tomorrow. and east bay communities low 70s for all of you. inland spots upper 70s. accu-weather forecast cooling down down midz 70s into warmest valleys now that is a big drop on wednesday. slight upward trend in temperatures. >> thank you. >> coming up here next fans of the green and gold get an early call. >> that is because a's are in detroit.
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stock markets closes at its lower level in a month. the downtown fell 136 points s and p fell 14, but apple went up $4 when an analyst looked at profit marg wrin for the new iphone 5s and upgraded stock. san francisco based twitter several week as way from going
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public but at least one analyst is rating it a bye. twitter ipo may start at 28ses today $30 a share. analyst says it could reach $50 within a year. >> chrysler hired ron burgundy to star in its new television cheshls. the actor will ferrell will play the bart skpart was given free reign to write and produce three to six ads. he came back with 70. >> fans hit the bars to watch game three against tigers many of them draft in green and gold. that early start time meant fans were drinking more coffee than beer. >> heart wrenching i believe we're going to go all the way.
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>> a shouting match between tigers batter got so intense both benches cleared. the a's went on to win the game. it's exciting. >> how do you like to wind up sitting next to this guy on bart? here is a fan who knows how to show off pride. >> you can e mail your photos to us and share them on facebook and on twitter on abc 7 news bay area. >> well there is more still to come tonight. spreading impact of the government shut down more bay area workers are losing their jobs temporary lie this evening an interview with former governor gray davis now 10 years since his recall. the state of the state then and now. >> and you're going to hear
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from the two bay area scientists. stay with us. another half hour of for over 60,000 california foster children, extra curricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team. getting help with math. going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal, when you can't do the normal things.
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to help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that, for most kids, are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child.
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federal government shut down entering its second week and it's triggering more furloughs among contractors here in the bay area. abc 7 news is live at u.s. geological survey. all seismologists remain off the job. >> the only vehicles in the parking lots bore government license plates there. is no one to drive them to do research. the offices remain closed. >> that means there is no one monitoring the seismographs, not here. the shut down shift that had work to its partners at uc berkeley and caltech. seismologist says it's a wonderful solution for now sh but not the long term. both usgs and cal operates separate networks but both needed to pin.of location of an earthquake. >> it's they're out longer,
7:32 pm
who knows whether the computer systems will continue to run f they're system for collecting data goes down then we're probably in big trouble because berkeley has many fewer spaces than usgs does. >> furloughs spreading to contractors. lockheed martin said ill it will send home 3,000 employees. lockheed martin separates under tight security. it has smaller offices throughout the area. next to be impacted will be lawrence livermore lab with 6,000 contract explom eyes. a decision may come mid week about furloughs. their jobs safe until friday. however, unlike federal employees lab contract workers will not get retroactive pay when shut down ends. david louie abc 7 news. >> and in washington democrats believe the shut down would be soon offer.
7:33 pm
they want to see a vote in the house for a budget bill to delay or dismantle obama care. the president believes there are many more if republicans and speaker boehner say thairg not enough votes they should prove it. my suspicion, my strong suspicion is that there are enough votes and the reason that speaker boehner hasn't called a vote is because he doesn't want to seat government shut down end at the moment. >> the house speaker insists there is no republican sup export said the only way to shut down ends is if democrats accept a change to the health care law. >> american people when leaders have differences and we're not time of crisis we'll sit down to have a conversation chls mr. president, it's time to have that conver taigs before our committee kme is put further at risk. >> in 10 days another crisis
7:34 pm
arrives. the government could default for the first time in history. >> two bay ar professors won the world's top prize in medicine. they are honored for cracking do you howe cells transport information. he says the award is an overwhelming honor. >> first reaction is oh mirks god. i didn't havething more to say because my heart was racing. >> he is the 23 faculty member at cal to win the nobel prize. the 29th recipient we spoke to on the phone from germany. >> the most wonderful professional recognition i've ever received and i will ever
7:35 pm
receive. so i am ecstatic. >> the researchers will be splitting 1 tth $2 million with a third professor from yale. >> that lifetime parking permit is more valuable than that. nobel peace prize will be awarded on friday. abc news obtained an exclusive interview with one of the nominees. the 16-year-old from pakistan shot in the head for speaking out in support of educating girls. she's made a remarkable recover skpri has become the youngest peace prize nominee ever. malala spoke to diane sawyer about the day she was shot on the way home from school one year ago this week. >> from the date i was shot all of my friends faces were covered except mine. >> was that wise? it was brave but was it with wise? >> i wanted to live my life as i want.
7:36 pm
>> she tells diane she thought words, books and pens have more power than guns you'll see more of this courageous little girl on a special friday night here on abc 7. >> 10 years ago today gray davis became the first governor in california history to be recalled from office. john myers spoke with davis today about the conclusions he's drawn from the political fire storm that ended with his youvter. >> fate plays a huge factor in politics. >> gray davis's faith was a political exblogs a long fuse. it began much earlier. the dot-com collapse hit on california's economy and electricity crisis secret kretly beginned up by energy companies. critics say he should have done more. he was politically week announcing a record $38 billion budget did he have site they were talking about a recall like two weeks after i
7:37 pm
was reelected this was a second bite of the apple. >> but nothing park -- sparked more voter anger than a decision to restore and triple the car tax alousy nickname. >> every cent goes local fire, police, sheriffs, d a.. not one penny stays in sacramento. i knew if we didn't provide that money we'd put local public snaift a terrible place. >> state government paid for a cut in the car tax for four years by subsidizing local subpick lik safety but in the hands of arnold schwartzeneggar... the tax increase was a crushing blow. >> i felt in year five people didn't understand if i had to raise it one year, because i put so much money in their pocket they did not see that it way. they said hasta la vista baby,
7:38 pm
once you give it to us, it's our money. >> no going back for davis, his career was over. the final push from political muscles of a newcomer. >> i don't blame arnold schwartzeneggar for the recall d he take advantage of it? yes. in my judgment, he didn't start it. >> davis won praise for graciously handing over to schwartzeneggar, then stop stepped off stage. >> it's not too bad. i'm enjoying it more than i thought. >> the man once called boring, reveled in time for travel with former first lady sharon davis, also says he worries about california's short comings and aging infrom a structure and rules and regulation that's unnecessarily slow down progress. he has praise for the man he once served as chive of staff jerry brown. >> i spoke -- high speed rail, big water project those are big issues if he can pull him off, i think history will judge him well. >> interesting to hear from him. >> it is. >> just ahead tonight firefighters taking a step to
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save a family home it ruined their pool but at least they're safe. stay with us. too big.
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public regarding chicken that may be contaminated with salmonela. 278 people in 18 states are sick as a result. u.s. department of agriculture has not linked illnesses to specific products. officials say the chicken in question is marked with these numbers. those numbers are also posted on our web site under see it on tv if you zront a pen scanneddy. now it's been difficult getting fwhfgs this because of the government shut down. >> firefighters saved the home of one couple with quick thinking. flames were fast approaching the home, moving so quickly the family could not leave. firefighters told them to shelter inside of the home then turned they're tension to the family pool. >> they cut it and it caused a
7:43 pm
water to flow out and save the house. it's what saved the house. >> about 3500 gallons of water came gushing out dousing flames as you just heard her explain. the starks say that saved their home and lives. >> if you're facing unemployment you might consider a seasonal job at a ski resort. from instructors to ticket sellers cooks, and retail sells sales people. a lot of jobs they set up several job fairs. we have dates and times on abc 7 and some companies will be represented at abc 7 job journal hire event. 500 jobs are available by the way. taking place on powell street
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between noon and 4:00. that is tomorrow. >> just ahead michael finney helping you find the perfect costume at a great price. >> and spread good will. stay with us. [ wind howling ]
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there is a way to get decked out for halloween. >> it's also very popular. >> yes. it is. it's environmentally friendly and for a good kauchls you see, we went shopping with three san francisco state students in search of the perfect costume. budget is spending first halloween in the united states. the student from france scouring aisles of goodwill. >> i like this color. >> tracy is on a mission and can't decide if she wants to spend halloween as little red riding hood or librarian. >> i think this is perfect. >> and like others here, it's
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not only about the look it's about the price, too. >> prices are reasonable. you can even walk off with brand names for maybe $50 you're getting it here, for $10. >> her goal to spend less than $20 just one of the reasons it is its biggest season of the year. bigger than christmas. >> we have many products you can put together incredible costume autos goodwill has accessories with donated costumes and an idea book to help you put it together. >> we have outfits we tut putt together. >> andrea likes being green. >> coming to a thrift store is sustainable. >> there is a lot of choice.
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it's hard to find, like. with so many great pieces. >> what did our three trick or treaters decide? >> hello. >> so i am a 1950s lie brair yin this vintage outfit cost under $40. >> i love it. stylish space kad yes. i'm excited and this is great. >> they put together their costumes under $20. >> so best selection get there early. expect it to be swamped. >> yes. >> thank you. >> sure. >> let's get another check on the forecast now. >> yes.
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>> temperatures going fall tomorrow, here is an indication of high clouds coming in. as we look towards ocean beach area just a beautiful shot right now if you step outside you'll see a gorgeous sunset because of the high clouds as you see here on live doppler 7. 61 in tahoe. los angeles, san diego, sun will be shining. here in the bay area numbers coming down tomorrow. 68 san francisco. and breezy half moon bay. mid-70s in santa rosa. and temperatures dropping into mid-70s for wednesday, thursday, friday. and the weekend cooler but pleasant. >> thank you very much. >> how about those a's?
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>> this is fantastic. >> a's and tigers game three and got heated today in detroit.
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a's and tigers had heelted match ups and today was no different. game three, a's broke out. the team lives and dies by home runs. brandon moss, gone. two batters letter, two run homer. tempers flare in the ninth. they have words, benches clear, typical baseball fight. things settled down. balancefour shuts them down. and a's can close it out tomorrow.
7:55 pm
>> moss comes back skb hits a home run. that is a huge swing in momentum for to us get the lead again to try to get the momentum back so big swing for us. they continue to swing the bat well after that. >> game four, st. louis starter had a no hitter on the 8th. that is the only he hit they had. 49ers defense sets a tone with four turnovers. fking first quarterback to throw a quick pick in four straight games. today coach harbaugh likened it to an olive jar?
7:56 pm
>> open it up and turn it over no, olives come out. they're packed in there so darn tight. one comes out therefore then, they want to come to you. they're flying out of the jar. >> now abc 7, every week special access to 49ers star after each game on the match up. i talked to vernon after yesterday's win ask asked if he plays fantasy football. >> don't have time to get involved with that. you know? so i just leave to it fans they love it. you know? i'm for it. if they love it. you know? it's all about them. >> oh, man. get it all the time. hilarious and crazy. people more concerned about fantasy football than reality. >> i know.
7:57 pm
>> it's funny. >> yes. >> it's cool. they love it. i'm for it. >> another dedecision with larry beil. vernon's view on abc 7 news. raiders improving a two, and three. that is an expensive mistake. pryor for 223 yards two, touchdowns. leading raider was no turnovers and 135 quarterback ratings last night. defense with 13 defensive turnovers and a pick. >> i'm proud of those guys in that locker room. and they came out fighting and swinging. we were able to get it done.
7:58 pm
>> this sports report brought to you by orchard supply and hardware. i'm going to go buy an olive jar. >> yes. >> king after nalgs. >> nice to see raiders last night, too. >> with 8:30 start. >> i know. >> and they're kind of turning it around. >> new underwater device may be creating an unexpected side affect. >> then at 11:00 a new study finds you might want to limit how much you use sites like instagram and pinterest. >> and tonight dancing with the stars and castle and join us for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. too big.
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