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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  October 7, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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somebody go. >> abc 7 news reporter nick smith is live in west lake village shopping center. nick? >>reporter: daly city have your saw the health alert and contacted the presidio and showed me the chicken she purchased. the chicken link to salmonella poisoning still found on many bay area store shelves. including this.
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>> i was listening to the news. >> this is the making of per dinner but she learned the it could serve up american she bargain for. >> what you think is harmless dinner for your husband and all of a sudden, you know, you could make us sick >> the chicken preparing is health alert issued by department of ago this afternoon. foster farms raw chicken product from 3 california plant may have sicken nearly 300 people in 18 states. >> these 3 plants will continue to operate. we did in the issue a enforcement action that would cause an immediate suspension what we would do if we believed there was imminent public health threat. we believe that the situation was one which could be corrected. >>reporter: fad inspectors can't zero in on the product
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and that's why no recall and it remaeps in the stores. this woman just left the safeway store at west lake shopping center with two packages of the chicken identified by inspectors. other 7 numbers are here on the screen. i tell that you chicken that you just purchased could be link to salmonella outbreak first thought is what. >> i have to go back and return it. and i don't want to get anybody sick. >>reporter: common symptom of salmonella infection diarrhea with those weak i man system it's threatening and they recommend you cook it thoroughly to 165 degrees. she decided on plan b. >> my husband is having bacon and egg for dinner. >>reporter: inspector say the investigation continues and prepared to take the extra steps if necessary. in daly city, abc 7 news. >> in case you missed those panel numbers we have them on our web site.
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>> also while u.s. department of ago is open during the government shut down it is operating with greatly reduced staff. >> democratic leaders believe the shut down could come to an end if the house votes on cle budget bill. democrat are enough republicans in the house to aproof a bill that does not affect the federal health care law obama care they mean by clean bill. republic cap house speaker boehner says there is not enough support and today the president which will ending the speak tore put this to a test. >> the if republicans and speaker boehner saying there are not enough votes then they should paragraph it. let the bill good to the floor and see what happens. just vote. >> another budget crisis arrives in 10 day when congress must raise the debt ceiling sought u.s. can pay the bills. if the debt cell is not raised the u.s. will default first time ever in its history possibly triggering another recession. >> federal aviation administration announced today recalling 600 furlough employee that work at the office of
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aviation safety more than 15,000 faa workers were taken off the job last week because of the shut down. with you nuclear regular willtory commission says it expects to furlough 3900 employee by nurse no deal is struck between the president and congress. those workers keep an eye on the newshawk power plants. 300 essential personnel will stay on. >> breaking news tonight. fire starts in home being illegally used in do you want san jose. firefighters arrive 8:45 tonight at the home on north 7th street. saw flames and smoke pouring out of the basement. firefighters had a difficult time getting to it because the window covered with bars and fir captain said the basement has illegal electrical wiring and activity inside was for illegal use. receipt now police are looking for evidence in that house. >> to the bart talk. 3 day until the cooling off period bdz and striking possible. but tonight glimmer of hope as management bends a bit and
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union tone down the striking threat. allen is live where negotiators wrapped up a little while ago. >> yes dan. both sides left her around then okay with promise to return tomorrow morning. the union decided no the to turn up the heat tonight by not issuing a 72 hour strike notice. that means the 2 sides have agreed to negotiate right down to the wire. they have also agreed not to comment directly about the negotiation negotiations. >> leave every opportunity open to get the deal done. we keep all options on the table. >> mediator asked us no the to say too much publicly and to continue to bargain at the bargaining table and not in the press. that's what we'll do. >>reporter: bay area council, public policy organization for business is preparing for the worst. >> this has devastating consequence to the bay area. >>reporter: since last striking during the first week of july cost bay area 73 million dollars a day in lost
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productivity. >> we think that was probably conservative at the time and could be much worse this time around because school is back in and pe are not on vacation. so we could have disaster consequence if his the strike occurs nishtion preparation the bay area council isen can you remembe remembering businesses to let employee work from home. use flex time or take vacationment but that won't walk for this woman if his track customer service rep. >> can't work from home. if bus is not app option. i have to get on this. this would be did it riment to go on streak. >> 25 dollars a day parking or more. i can't afford that. >> can't work at restaurant or clean hotel room remotely. but just why the bay area council believes strike would hurt service industry workers and low income community the worst. but still time and group and bart say they will meat again tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> if bart strike this month
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the crunch is expected to be much worse than it was back in july when the striking happened during hotel difficult week. bart manager training to operate limited train service and direct does plan to charter 200 buses but another commute concern is ac transit. rejected second account proposal. >> prospect of an ac transit striking alone of course is serious. prospect of bart strike alone is very serious. but the 2 teing and it's terrible. >> in the event of bart strike san francisco bay ferry service planning to increase its fleet. solana county and western contra costa county transit authority also expected to add service to accommodate more san francisco bound commuters. stay latest bart talk information and range of resources for you on our web site in case of strike including latest update from bay area transit agency on how they are planning to accommodate extra passengers.
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also find a list of park and ride lot and relevant time traffic map on our site. follow us on twitter at this tl breaking news update. >> search on tonight for the man santa clara county sheriff's investigators claim was running a major drug operation. here he is. name is jose jiminez all the and deputy said they took a small fortune drug wash cash out of his home but he's still on the loose. lillian is on the stor story. we are in east san jos jose. >> one container holds one pound of methamphetamine. street valley 45,000 dollars. santa clara county sheriff's investigators say they found 29 pound of the drug as well as 4 pounds of cocaine and pound of heroin in the home of jose. he's only 22 but investigators say he's master mind of the operation. >> he has ties in san jose area. family is hear. he has just very minor criminal history. in history of drug arrest. the so we don't know
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where he is. >>reporter: sheriff's department won't give the exact location of where the raid took place only that it was at the suspect home in east san jose neighborhood warehouses are haveed at around 1 million dollars. much of the drug worth one and a half million dollars and 8 25,000 dollar in cash were in plain sight. santa clara couldn't sheriff's investigators never seized this amount of money in any investigation. this one stack is worth 50,000 dollars. with so much money in the hand of authorities investigators believe jiminez is in beg trouble with mexican drug cartel that they believe supplied him the drug but sheriff investigators are hoping to find him first. in san jose, lillian kim abc 7 news. >> develop news tonight. farm opens cussed of luring woman to his property with offer of work and then attacking her. police say manuel tl alvarez sexually assaulted woman on secluded area of his farm interwatsonville. investigators say alvarez may have used job offer to lure
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victimize other women as well. >> the 5 month after oakland police chief jordan abruptly quit city launching formal search for permanent replace many. council member brook sent out a letter announcing nationwide search that will take months. managed by prvl recruitment team within put from the community. shawn has served as interim chef since last may. city hope to make permanent appointment by next february or march. >> driver through the tunnel seeing green starting tomorrow. mead why partner at mercury report new lights will turn on tuesday morning and stay green for 10 days during testing. consolidate transsays the lights will turn yellow or red to warn drivers about accidents stall or other traffic delay other which is those lights well remain green. >> encounter with ocean ultimate predator. next on 7 news. how northern california man l made it about a being to shore after being attacked by a great white.
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>> fan got out of hand during saturday a's game and witness capture the violent confrontation with officers on video. take a look. >> taze him. oh, >> you could hear people nearby encouraging officers ttaze the man and they did screws this after he resisted and began fight with security officers at the coliseum. this video posted on you tube unmostly clear what started commotion or if the fan is facing any charges. >> a's now just one win away from advancing to the american league champion series first time since 2 thousandths 6. we love seeing your a pride. look at this proud pooch. this is decked out for tomorrow game. e-mail your fan photo to us at
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you report and kg o and also share them with us on facebook or twitter at 7 news bay area. >> he's cute. this is pretty scary. man attacked by great white shark surfing in humboldt county came out of nowhere. shark attacked him yesterday morning at surf spot called the bunker near eureka a. jay was paddling waiting for a wave when 9 if the great white took a bite from the upper thigh and board. the friend medley started paddling in and calling on him to do the same thing. >> i remember swinging at the shark trying to punch and i missed. shark turned and swam away. my mind was diagnose strange things. i saw the shark and my mind was thinking wow! the shark is so healthy and beautiful. >>reporter: wow! jay friends wrapped the leg and kept it warm until crew arrived. it required 30 stitches but he's doing okay. >> benjamin make over. new 100
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dollar bill in circulation tomorrow and you can see this and more colorful than any previous kourn situation. also first time it includes wristed printing and number of add until security features. production problems delay the roll out by 2 and a half years but bank customers could start seeing these new 100 dollar bills by tomorrow afternoon. >> apple could be fined ago larger cen for the next i-phon i-phone. peter issued a note to investors today about the i-phone 6. he believes the screen will be 4.8 inches instead of the current 4. that will require a number of upgrade to the processor and graphic. he also believes this should be huge because 5 c sales sluggish. apple released 5 s and more bank account friendly 5 c last month. >> feeling hungry for cake but on a diet. look at picture of cake on license. new study find seeing picture on food
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like instagram can decrease your hunger. researchers had several hundred people look at sweet and salty and those with salty pick lick sweet treaty and those who saw sweet wanted salty. they need to see the pictures many, many times to make it happen. >> come on who dupe stairs at a picture. >> i don't think i look at cake and want potato chips. >> lets talk about the weather forecast. >> looking at pictures over and over again does not satisfy the hunger. look at deposit done pretty clear tonight. we don't have any fog to worry about from our east bay hills camera. it is really just great visibility looking across the bay. temperatures 57 in san francisco. comfortable in oakland. 63. 62 san jose. 48 degrees half machine bay and feel the chill in the air. from exploring camera it's coyote towers 80 birthday
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tomorrow. so there will be a celebration out there. temperatures 51 in santa rosa. 54 novato. 60 in fairfield. 61 currently in cop cord and already more. and emeryville camera we look back towards san francisco eastern span of the bay bridge sparkle tonight cool breezy tomorrow. much cooler pat he were for midweek and expecting snow in the sierra nevada early of course. today high pressure we are in the 70's and 80's in many years although the cooing has started in some spots actually a little warmer in other 80's lick livermore, fairfield, close to 90 today. that's all changing. cold front is coming through. leading edge of colonel air coming through the bay area as we head into tuesday and wed. tonight high cloud moving out of the picture and we'll be seeing breezy conditions tomorrow afternoon. feel the breezy i should say and sierra nevada you will start to see some snow coming did you know by wednesday morning. believe it or not enough snow come being with gusty wednesday
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prompt winter weather advisory in the southern nevada. couple inches of snow 6000 gust 55 miles an hour so prepare for winter driving conditions. this could affect if heading to yosemite. stay tune. our live doppler 7hd will track the snow as it develops. tomorrow morning chilly. just want the the ems to warm. mid upper 40's on the coldest north bay valley and along the coast line. you will need a coat or jacket. temperatures around the baylow to mid 50's running cooler than this morning. south by mid 70's. los gatos san jose 74 milpitas, santa cudz peninsula and 75 if here and mount have you occasional high clouds. breezy at times in half machine bay. sunset district mid 60's. 68 downtown san francisco and temperatures trending lower. 75 santa rosa. still mild though san rafael vallejo 74 mostly clear lick east bay community 72 oakland
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and the temperatures running cool are than average this time of year. go from above normal the last couple days to dropping below ample. 77 livermore and walnut creek. lack at the accu-weather 7 day forecast much cooler weather. by wednesday it look like early november. mid 70's inland low mid 60's coast side temperatures rae bound in time for weekend plans but no head expected any time soon that means fire danger. >> that is great. >> really is. >> thanks very much. talk baseball now. >> yes. larry off tonight and a's won one more. >> one win away from moving on and close-out tigers in detroi detroit. former giant juan doing the damage tonight in doing the damage tonight in l.a. dodgers mav
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>> post season of late here and always heated match up. today in detroit. no definite. game 3 series tied at 1. a's broke out the heavy lumber finally. long ball second inning. solo off sanchez up 2 nothing. now tied at 3 in the fifth. brandon see you. 2 batter later. sex-3 gave up a career high 3 homer and 6 runs. temper nair tonight and some team fouled off. 6 teams word. no positive. nobody was ejected then things settled down. shut this down. gave omar to nye out. 2 1 series lead at 2 mom. after the 5th inning. >> comes become app heather a
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home run huge swinging momentum for us. feels like more than this to get the momentum back in the dug out. big swing then to continue to swing a bat well after that was huge for us e-also american league. red sox close-out boston up 3 nothing in the fifth. unloads one to left off clay here. 3 run shot. tied at 3 but the braves one more l sting in them. back up catcher. land in the life tank and win 5-4 boston ladies the series 2 games to 1. dodgers looking to clinch the series with a the's achls. love the bomb off carpenter dodgers up 4-3 and slam the door shut nice swinging him in the games.
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pirates cardinals series. game 4. makeal in hit interthe eighth. mop sister home run to right. tomorrow thing they had l cardinals even the series at 2 appease with a 2-1 victory. well raiders beat the chargers and 2 and 3 and of project going so well they cut quarterback lynn today guaranteed 64 million dollars and one expensive mistake. monday night football. 37 beyond all reasonable doubt tiny yv make the report or gun second with two 74. moments litter matt ryan. former sanford store. 2 minutes to go but the jets in field goal range. next ball. criminals the game winner. went 30 to 2 28. the they fall to 1 and 4. this is abc 7 sports report
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brought to you by winning stlaebing was right. in a 14 game series. game series. >> different times
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bundle up in the morning. chilly turning breezy. 40's and good is so you will feel the chill in the air. 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> thanks a lot. >> talk about a panda party. 14 newborn head out doors first time today in china. >> panda party. 4 sets are twins and panda low birth rate so having this many cubs is special treat. develop programs to raise population of the endangered species. >> that's thanks for joining us ev


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